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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  October 18, 2013 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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at 7:00 the traffic is getting worse and there are no bart trains rolling this morning. commuters are left in a mess. take a look at
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the bay bridge. you can also see the other bay bridges with increased volume. the san mateo bridge actually looks pretty good at this moment. golden gate has not been very effective. the big problem is getting from the east bay and to san francisco. talks broke down. the union blames management sandy are forcing them to strike. kron4's will tran as a live at 20th and broadway and oakland with one of the ways people are trying to get around which is a.c. transit. >>will: long lines. last time there is nothing to
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brace the impact. it could these people waiting airline. >>will: what time did you get up to be here. >>: police for five minutes earlier than i normally would. it's frustrating of course but what can you do. >>will: let's see if we can talk to some more people. excuse me are you normally a bart rider? >>: and yes. it >>will: what time the normally catch a bart train? >>: 730.
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>>will: what time did you go to sleep last night? >>: i didn't sleep. >>mark: why not? >>: personal reasons. >>justine: the shares that city-just a sheriff's deputy is here to pay make sure people are paying attention and obeying the rules. you consider a signs here that says the shuttle. there will bring the shuttle's whenever necessary but for now at six is scheduled every 30 minutes. if the allies along the shuttles will come if kron4's terisa estacio has been standing by jack
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london and scorekeeping eye on the situation there at the series. last time we have checked those lines were incredible. >>darya: the thing gets buses are writing every 45 minutes. right now you just missed one of the boats. at the same time you are happy warrior? >>: happy i'm here as assured as it is yes >>darya: how is the strike affecting you. >>: i will are really wished the grown-ups will come to the table. there should be some reasonable less on both sides. us call it a day and move on. there's a lot of money on the table for a lot of folks so let's get it done. >>terisa: a lot of people just trying to get to work for it
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>>: sometimes i take a bart. i usually take ac transit with this mess i might use some that just lose some loyalty to bart after desperate >>terisa: if you share with me there is a car stuck on the tracks. my guess what they're trying to drop somebody off and got stuck on the tracks over there. it looks like it to a truck is going to be needed to get them out of there. >>darya: it seems like people are kind of panicky had tried to get to their destination. >>: i don't think it's much of a panic but it's very stressful for everybody. everyone is trying to do the right thing. >>darya: you can see behind me that the line is starting to build here at the ferry terminal. basically as i
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was mentioning the line gets along. we have another boat that has just showed up here. the boats are run every 45 minutes. they're going to try to move 20,000 people through the ferry system all day long. and there are plans to go into a weekend service. they have enhanced service as well. reporting live at jack london and square terisa estacio kron4 knows. the dow muff was check-in with george raft. something that you said you've never seen on 880. a >>george: let's start with our live camera view of the toll plaza. it is interesting because there is a lot of space opening up at the center. they say most of
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the people are not regular commuters. this year are just out there driving because of the are jamming up the approaches let's take a look at the approach to the bay bridge here is the e shore freeway 24 backing up now and to the caldecott tunnel for the westbound ride. and north bound 880 jams appear from well before 980 trying to get up to the e shore freeway and try to get up to the westbound bay bridge. drive times are over half an hour something else is going on here there was an accident on the approach to the bridge so that traffic on this band is moving pretty well but here you can see south 880 leading to
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westbound 92. hayward traffic heavy. and remember we are still on the talking about seven minutes after 7 so we are very much an hour ahead of schedule and we should be looking at friday like conditions. so the ride on 680 southbound heavy from to 42. to 8085 lighter than usual >>james: the 7 08 we will take a quick break with our continuing coverage in the meantime one to show off some pictures that were sent by you our viewers out there showing us pictures of the
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lines they are standing and this morning for the ferries and for the buses. we are going to continue our coverage here. with your help keep those pictures coming. whatoes at first spooul tte le?
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we would encourage you to share your pitchers and york commuter travails for a
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sprint will share them with others. maybe it will help somebody. send your pictures to us at the kron4 dot com. we have breaking news at kron4 for the mobile apple why your checking the traffic if you hit submit button you can send pictures that way. festival can live here at the big traffic jam of the approach to the bay bridge.
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bart workers are on strike this morning. the announcement was made yesterday evening. we have team coverage all morning providing you with the latest drive times and the best ways for you to get around the bay. and the traffic is severely impacted. your address is same updated with of the best way to get around if there is the best way permit
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>>george: look at this 880 ride. jammed solidly through high street. the e shore freeway is backed up all the way along the lower e shore. here's a look at the toll plaza. and fulton a little bit but it in notice period goals are fasttrack lanes at what we've observed is there aren't enough fasttrack car is getting through to be able to fill and to the center of the toll plaza. that's indicative of the fact that you have a lot of people here that normally don't commute. that are clogging it up paying cash. not one of the things caltrans was going to do have all the lanes fully staffed as early as 4:00 this morning. but
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fasttrack plans to take longer are. that's one of the reasons why it backed up. that 880 back up is really bad. >>darya: sometimes i like asking what would you do george. >>j.r.: it's really nothing i can say other than what go to the bay bridge. but if i had to drive and from say even berkeley i wouldn't go anywhere near. you couldn't pay me to go to the pay the bay bridge this morning for it to the san mateo bridge not doing as badly. now continuing with a look at the ride through the rest of the bay area it's having on 8680 here's where we thought we would see extra heavy traffic and indeed we do permit its on district of
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580 have air-traffic here try to get to 580. try to get to 880 and try to get to the san mateo bridge. south bay freeway is not that bad. that's the light friday ride and so is the commute. let's get a look of how you can get around now was check-in with erica and the weather center. >>erica: well sfo will be running free shuttle service. there's another stop for real at the s f ferry dock installed city. it will be running into the airport. sam trans will also be running some buses for you. and you can catch that at the nsf. for those of you
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who generally take care bart ac transit stepping up. they will be offering a connection kron4's jackie cecil is live at the nelson riddle del norte station were bart riders are having to take shuttles and looks like bar protesters are also there. i wonder how have the riders been reacting. j >>stanley: this is a good news and bad news situation the good news is that there's no lines. and fact there's a parking lot basically a third full right now. there hasn't been any lines. there's been more
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protesters there riders treat the bad news is that those uc right there is the second to of last obamas you will see. the last bus that will run out of this and after this they will shut down the service completely. they've rented buses are ready this morning for people who needed to get into san francisco. these were direct route buses for it after that not sure exactly what. after that they say people are going to have to find another way to get to the city because these. ida's ones and how people were feeling. >>: tired >>: san >>: frustrated >>: ridiculous. >>darya: that pretty much sums up how people are
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feeling out here. this is the second to last bus. about two-thirds full. it can see they are actually waiting for more people to show up this is going to be a great location for people but it ought to understand because they're all running tam buses it took time for buses to go over to san francisco and give back right now it's pretty quiet. >>: our team coverage continues at its kron4's mike pelton is at the walnut creek bart station with a more on the charter buses that are available there. >>: the second to last a
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bus is just pulling and. i'm told bart management they did to care what additional bus on now there are two more buses that will take you into san francisco. they can only accommodate just over 100 additional people here's a scene from earlier as hundreds of commuter's lined up. commuter's tell me what one man i spoke to is frustrated. >>: it's awful. i have to
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get up at 4:00 in the morning to find out if i have to going to work and it's awful. >>: it is important to note that all these aboard shuttles are taking directly into san francisco. there will not make a stop. it has caused them some confusion. if you are considering taking a shuttle officials and you better get out the door. but can only two buses left and when you combine all the buses that they are running this morning. their only able to serve about 6000 people. that's just a drop in the bucket when bart normally serves 400,000 people. we will be back with
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more coverage on the bart strike and the impact on more coverage on the bart strike and the impact on your 7olooo
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writing and to kron4 this morning sharing their drive times and more important to their comments on the situation. monterey says " maybe i should walk out of my classroom and stop teaching today. i haven't had a raise in seven years. bathetic. fire them and hire people who work for a decent wage. " on the other hand stella says hire all the workers. -test fire all the workers. higher those who want to work. " stephanie also contributes by saying " i am completely frustrated and fed up by a bart. " shame on parts for holding the bay area hostage for their greedy benefits. " a lot of people have been writing and. if you want to share your comments or your drive times a visit our facebook fan page.
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>>darya: the talks continue. the union workers say they blame bart and they said they are being forced to strike. bart says they walked out and either way, they walked out on you. i mean are right. you the commuters are left in this mess. like erica said continue to share your story. it could be very helpful to others. we'll be back with more of our team coverage in just a few minutes.
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what time do you normally catch a bart? >>: 745 a. >>will: its 730. are you going to be late for work? >>: no not really. >>justine: your bosses are ok they are pretty flexible? >>: yes. >>will: what's going through your mind this morning?
7:33 am
>>: frustrated. >>will: what about you? i can see a stair from a mile away. >>: i'm just hoping everything goes out. >>will: the know how to use ac transit to get around? >>: no i don't. on have to switch and figure it out.
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>>will: you have to be patient because the buses are so full. they're trying their best to get the people on the bus. if it's too crowded it's a safety issue which means you are going to have to wait. kron4's terisa
7:35 am
estacio has banking and a live and not on at jack london. let's get an update from her. >>terisa: you can see for yourself. the line here at the ferry terminal at jack london and square stretches all the way down here and then we will. throughout the day not so bad. they're moving them quickly. every 45 minutes and there's a ferry terminal for its they have enhanced service able to instead of the normal six boats. people here are not happy. people say that they've had enough. they just want to get to work. >>james: with the following the buses with the following the ferries. people have to
7:36 am
pack their patients and abundance of this morning. >>: the first ferry has already taken off at the alameda main stream up terminal. amex capacity 300 passengers got up early to make for sure they were on the first ferry. they're doing by the numbers as ferry operators are catching each passenger on line to make sure they don't go over that 300 passenger limits. in lieu of the bart strike instead of leaving every hour on the our fear is well and depart every 45 minutes. that is until 1145 of this morning. how's it madyun on the kron4 nose. in >>darya: 736 is the time and we've been looking at a lot of people who started their commute at 435 this morning. a lot of them are stuck at the bay bridge approach.
7:37 am
>>george: this tells the whole story what you're looking at is a crush of cars that are not normally at the bay bridge and the morning. these are people that would have otherwise. >>darya: hey george. why don't you just tell people
7:38 am
to go through the fasttrack. more people. even if they don't have fasttrack. can you do that? >>: tucana but if you don't pay and don't sign up you'll risk not that-year risk of getting a fine. at the golden gate bridge you don't have to stop and there is no penalty even if you don't have fasttrack. here at the bay bridge if you drive through with out fasttrack you are subject to a fine or violation unless you sign up with a certain specified period of time. and if you normally don't drive your car. i can understand why you might not want to have fasttrack because you do have to pay in advance for your fares. and they do hold your money. now which you want to do with this morning. might be a good reason. but that's what will happen. if you don't have fasttrack and drive for one of the fasttrack only lanes.
7:39 am
the ticket snapshot of your license plate sending you a notice to pay a toll. >>george: up with these backups now. this is the interstate 80 approach. this is the 24 approach to the bridge street with this nimitz freeway. backed up through downtown oakland. i don't remember seen this before. this is quite unusual to see it this traffic print to the san mateo bridge well we've passed the tipping point. this is not the result of an accident not the result of a stall this is too many cars and not enough lanes as alternate to the bay bridge this morning. it was bound happen and it has. let's
7:40 am
look at some more east bay traffic quickly. 580 still a lighter than usual ride here. heavier than usual. south bay freeways are a little heavy but nothing to compare with what's going on on the east bay and the north bay ride is still very light under 30 man's. from a bottle to the bridge. >>james: thanks a lot george. stay with us. we will be back with continuing coverage in just a couple of will be back with continuing coverag[ female announcer ]f come to jcpney for our lowest ices of the seas. get doorbusters this frid at 3pm to saturday m. like, $14.9jcp and a.n.a sweaters for r, $17.99 allasic guys arizonaeans 50% off all samsonite lugga,
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news as we continue to cover the bart strike out one to quickly of state to on the other stories we are following. and redwood city fire officials believe it was the absence of a sprinkler system and the apartment complex going up in flames. the fire started just after 58 am here at the terrace apartments on woodside road. for residents
7:44 am
were hospitalized but they are expected to be ok. most of the damage on the fourth floor. the 75 unit building. the sprinklers--the fire cost three and half a million in damage. oakland police have arrested this man ran the holon as a prime suspect in the disappearance and death of a federal investigator sandra coke. about have been booked on suspicion of murder. he was jailed two days after sandra coke was reported missing. her body was found in vacaville two days ago. -two months ago. he will be arraigned later today print a quick look at what street the dow off 18 points. google stock breaking the 1000 mark for the first time ever is
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at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive. welcome back to the kron4 morning news as a we ought look at all your alternate routes during the bart strike. there are nine bart stations that are offering the buses. rob fladeboe is on the phone right now with an update. >>rob: >>: it looks like we just lost him. we have seen a lot of the last buses starting to leave the station this
7:48 am
morning. a lot of people started look lining up to 4:00 this morning. darya has more on the coverage. >>darya: will they turn out to be smart. because there are only so many buses. kron4's mike pelton has an update. mckenzie now much of a line that i can even
7:49 am
believe it's actually illegal to do this. . -i can't believe it's legal to do this. thank you bart.
7:50 am
last time we talk to you jack deal said there was a much in demand out there. how is it looking out for it >>: well most of this morning over here has been up protesters verses riders. not very busy out there but unfortunately the buses you see sitting right there at
7:51 am
some point this morning it has slowed down a bit because it took so long for people to get back on those buses. unfortunately this is all last one. i have had a chance to talk with riders this morning and i think this first lady it pretty much sums it all up. >>: this off. this is what the second third time. that's-pissed off. i will let i would like for them to get this resolved at 3:00
7:52 am
tonight more bus as a wave and more people waiting. >>james: speaking of lines of the bay bridge holy cow.
7:53 am
>>darya: this just an but if you don't have fasttrack and your stock and cash when you really could go through and just pay the $25 fine. is it worth to you for it is an option. >>george: we backed up not all the way to send paul block all the way to the richmond parkway off ramp. with a 24 back up to the caldecott tunnel into the macarthur maze. highway 580 backed up here. . look at the nimitz. it started here
7:54 am
and then here and then here and now there had been no accidents to account for those backups on 880 in the northbound direction. the san mateo bridge. as growing. it's been creeping along. we saw some stop and go conditions and a very early morning hours. but this didn't. drive times are running 18 to 20 minutes for the san mateo bridge. let's go back to the traffic maps. the rest of your ride here. have they been not as bad as usual. definitely like conditions for the all to my past for the single great. south the freeways are happy but not as bad as other days of the week and the north bound 101 ride a southbound looks pretty good care still with an under
7:55 am
>>james: thanks we will take a break. here's your 7 day around the bay forecast. we will look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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come back to the kron4 morning news. i have two words for you bart strike. a lot of our viewers seem to be enjoying their other options for its looks like rebecca weill says she took the ferry from jack london nsf. the ferry workers were friendly and helpful they serve cocktails on the afternoon of ride back. we have another comment from mark murphy. they should have the servers all the time for it much more comfortable and clean it. something bart isn't. you can visit our facebook fan page to china man. we will be tracking your commute when the kron4 morning news
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hour by hour its sam's the back of its worst. you concede that jamming up as people are trying to find another way to get to work because of the bart strike. but also take a look at the san mateo bridge which is also jam packed with commuters this morning and so are the ac transit riders. but a kron4's will tran and oakland with an update. >>will: over the past three months this is the second- over the past three minutes this is the second bus this is why you don't see so much congestion. you can see people are hopping on these lines are gone for now but i can tell you they quickly fell up. let's show you video that we shopped around 530. there were long lines. at the time as well. i was back here in july and
8:02 am
it looks like playing lines were long. unlike back in july they were leaving we didn't see that until around 8830 back in july. you can see. this bus is ready to pull out of here at the downtown bus depot and here is another bus. ac transit lot of people still coming down here. looks like there during their bus. grow quickly a man are you a bart rider? >>: asked her if debbie about what time do usually catch ride--bart. about around six. >>: what's going to your
8:03 am
mind this morning. obamas hectic and stress. forget about the time deal got here. think about the timing had to be up. just to be here. we are tracking the passengers. we have asked several passengers as soon as they get to san francisco to give us a picture and let us know how long the journey is from oakland to san francisco. many people told us this is the easy part. the harper could be coming and the afternoon. >>darya: guess the right coming home is going to be a tough one kron4's terisa estacio joining us live now from jeff london square with more there. >>terisa: the lines are building as we speak. you can see behind me this is
8:04 am
what it looks like at this hour here at the jack london square. the ferry terminal print wasting an extremely long lines. you can see right over here we have a bold this is one of a boat from six normally. i can understand that people are cranky and grumpy. i think that is the moved-moved of the day. people are getting up hours early. earlier than normal. just to get to work. they are san this is frustrating to deal with. there is parking but they also tell me to be patient.
8:05 am
there are long lines tried to get into a spots. certainly frustrating for everybody. >>j.r.: people who are and their cars that would otherwise be using bart. are not fasttrack users. they are not professional commuters. that's why we see this opening here i would
8:06 am
say at the san mateo bridge is your normal commute route you should consider heading south to the dunbar and save yourself some trouble for it but have back to the traffic maps for a quick survey of your weather. a little sluggish share on six '80s out. that's still lighter than in normal commute day. as is the ride through the san ramon valley. heavier traffic traffic westbound into castro valley. the nimitz freeway very apparent
8:07 am
8:08 am
from the onions. both sides still pointing the finger at the other. blaming each side for rare-touch blaming each other for the circumstances this morning. ready?
8:09 am
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this is my favorite one. it's upside down. oh, sorry. (woman vo) it takes him places he's always wanted to go. that's why we bought a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. age 11 and are developing story we continue to follow your commute as friday morning with no bart trains running. . some bart riders took advantage of of their cars of changing the delay car pool routes. looking for someone to jump band and that demand more cars waiting for passengers. i'm just having now. there are usually more people at this time today waiting for the casual car pool. people have to figure out what they've wanted to print sometimes
8:12 am
that means don't you know about others. >>james: we will follow the latest of casual car pull as well as dow's garrido. as we go to break here. what i show you in your 7 day forecast for at no rain in sight for the next several days during will have an update from the cherries on to ken.
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8:15 am
how are you feeling? >>: they need to get their act together. this is ridiculous. >>: i'm not to happy about the strike. i'm a lifelong democrat . >>: you hear of the frustration from bart riders. talks broke down very quickly and the bart unions calling for a strike leaving riders with another way to try and find a way to
8:16 am
get around. >>george: what i've heard is there isn't a lot of sympathy for the transit workers. that seems to be the feeling that i'm getting and certainly they've taken a lot hostage's this morning. the backup is are really getting any better. what we have this morning as a lot of commuter's that are paying cash. the backups of
8:17 am
all they have approved considerably 580 is still have the e shore is still have a a 80 in the northbound direction is still have a. by this time on a normal friday we would have likely send a note back appear. we might catch a break and be back like we will see some improvement here. a quick survey of
8:18 am
every traffic. will show you the 680 ride. it looks a great spirit highway 4 looks great. the rest of the south bay freeway still look good and the north bay ride is essentially a problem free care for the southbound 101. thus check-in with erica. jassem alternate for real >>: the good thing is we have a couple of alternate for it as a fall will be providing free shuttle bus service. you can catch them from the phnom greg caltran.
8:19 am
let's go kron4's jackie saw at the also rid of del norte station. sa kron4's mike
8:20 am
8:21 am
pelton is over at the walnut
8:22 am
creek a bart station where they have the service. what's going on there now mike. >>: tired and frustrated sums up how people feel here at walnut creek. management even had a hard time filling up the final bus as it seems like the biggest crowds came very early this morning. here's the scene as hundreds of commuter's lined up to get a guaranteed seat on one of 14 charter buses here in walnut creek. as you might imagine these commuters are not having a good morning. these early
8:23 am
morning east bay shuttle buses will take you directly into san francisco and that's caused some confusion for commuters. some of them thought they could get dropped off at berkeley are less oakland but that is not the case which created quite a bit of inconvenience for some commuter's this morning. as frustrated as they are they do hope that somehow this is all resolved by monday. >>: we will be right back with our continuing coverage. temperatures do it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet.
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>>erica: welcome back to the kron4 morning news. we are gathering your reaction to the bart strike. commuter's all across the bay area same outrage take a look. rowland tweets to us a bart strike. a bart to let them all go and hire new people who want
8:27 am
to work. unions are a thing of the past. claiborne also traded at us, the only think i could say about the bart strike is that it's shaking up our day-to-day routine we had a tweet from stephanie earlier bart strike affects people who don't even use bart. they're lucky they still have a pension. stingy. and did it done and follow nike's advice. it just to do it. >>darya: we will continue our team coverage. the great american novel.
8:28 am
so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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>>george: will come back to the kron4 morning knows
8:30 am
three adult the bart strike- and its impact around the bay area. let's take a look at your ride to the bay bridge pripet it does appear that things aren't is starting to break up for the westbound a ride. we are saying this opening with sustained. they a adr program is moving slightly better and as we check the traffic maps to look at the backups uc we no longer have a solid red from san apollo a way down to emeryville. the 24 ride has been out for it no longer backed up through the caldecott tunnel and evene bridges is no longer a solid red. 580 is still slow coming up from highway 13 march for it we may have
8:31 am
seen the worst of it here. nimitz freeway breaking up a bit. west live 80 looks fine and the south bay 1 all one has even approached a bit but the drive time is still more like 42 minutes. to aid the worst is from 17 how to cupertino print than north bay ride back under 30 minutes now from their trip to nevada to the golden gate
8:32 am
bridge. and speaking of the golden gate bridge and a little foggy >>darya: will has been at 20 of them broadway sense the we hours of early this morning you can see across the board. just to get to the spot. >>will: you notice that the allies are not as long as we saw. and don't be fooled. i think there are more people
8:33 am
out now. let's talk to some a.c. transit riders who normally would ride a bart trains. what's your name? william more. the about how sure morning bin. >>: it kind of hectic. normally i would be sleep as i was heading downtown. the lines more on the corner of people were arguing and passion that out just to get to work trips the last time there was a strike i'm not going to say it was as a worse. it was about the same i'm upset. i have to take alternate routes just to get home. >>will: have you seen pushing and shoving on the buses. that ought not relate but i've seen a lot of people cursing a frustrated that they can get to their
8:34 am
destination on time for it >>will: will lead to go for it and you can see darya a.c. transit supervisors out here just to make for sure things run smoothly. they have a deputy out here as well for it was check-in
8:35 am
with kron4's terisa estacio front with an update from the ferry service at jack london and square. >>terisa: people have certainly planned. we've been out here since 4:00 this morning and continued are going right and. hundreds of people have raised down here to make sure they get a spot on the ferry. they say it's been up and down and kind of a yo-yo ride all week long as they awaited to find out if there was a strike. now there is a strike and that are simply serious about it all. as far
8:36 am
as the plant here with a free service that have enhanced service. eight boats that are circulating every 45 minutes leaving here from jack london and square print there will be more service of this weekend is the bart strike continues. that's the latest terror from jack london and square back to you. let's go to kron4's rob fladeboe who reports from the fremont bart station. >>:, about a block west from the bart station here in fremont where a handful of a striking bart workers around the corner are calling that- honking some and support. many folks are telling me they too are frustrated. they're saying this was a surprise for them. meantime
8:37 am
so they're trying to lobby some of the bart riders that are making their way to the bus. mini bus riders are frustrated and disappointed that the workers walked off of the job for the second time. that's the very latest here. we've been talking to riders. we will see it what goes from there to read >>: we want to show you some of the pictures. you have been a vital part of our coverage this morning for it you can see a lot of seats available. a lot of leg room for its this shot is of a
8:38 am
the bart workers that are on strike picketing in front of the riders were shuffling on today's buses. very similar to what we saw rob fladeboe peace out in fremont. and depending on the mode there are either giving those riders a thumbs up or another side to express their displeasure. we'll have more coverage. keep these pictures coming and to breaking news at kron4 dot com or easier yet to
8:39 am
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avo: sales event is "sback.hen drive" which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends october 31st. for details, visit today. >> welcome back. kron4 mike pelton is live in walnut creek bart station and with
8:42 am
more. in >> a lot of people were here early this morning. they're not have a good morning and many of them had to set their alarm clocks early to get here on time. here is the scene just after 5:00 a.m.. there are hundreds of people who were waiting to get on these buses. this is one of the nine bart stations that are offering shuttles. among the crowd by found tired, cranky, fed up people. >> it is just ridiculous. this is affecting the whole bay area. >> how much earlier did you have to give up? >> about 4 1/2 hours earlier. thank you bart. >> this is just one example,
8:43 am
one commuter told me that it took an hour and 50 minutes just to get to san francisco.a half to get to san francisco. i gave him my cell phone number so of the cut tax maker ithat he could te >> we will talk more about the bart strike and what is happening might go yaki after the break.
8:44 am
look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
8:45 am
8:46 am
back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> they use have just hit a wall. we will try to get inside scoop with michael
8:47 am
yaki. what is the political side to this? there's also the negotiation site. >> it seems to have come down to a work rule issues. the terms and conditions. how often do you said that it desk. those type of things. the problem is we're not sure what is the cost this break down. all of work rules are no and void and they stated that will start again. the question is this is all the public cares about is why did they go on strike? did they really have to push their buttons. i spoke with eight lot of people in the union that are close to people and i wanted to know if there really needed to go this far or if
8:48 am
other steps could have been taken. >> one of the things that have really shook me is that if this goes into next week it will be a while and it may be awhile before things get better. >> is seems to have been a breakdown in communications. bart management counselling stated that they have a contract out and the u.s. state said they do not. the union stated that we want to have your last proposal. >> the union last night stated that they made concessions and they agreed and then the president aboard stated debate did not. the union press release stated that it is all about the work rules. regardless of all this, they're people who need to step up to the plate and not
8:49 am
just the bart board there are er members on board that need to roll in. there's also the people will have leverage over the situation. the state legislators and gov.--if you want to try to change the game, you want to try to say that you need to replace collective bargaining, and you can do that if the state legislator or the governor is willing to do that. >> this is what we did when we negotiated the charter reform for muni some years ago. we had the union on one side and management of the other side. we brought them together and basically we stated that we will try find-sedgwick and work
8:50 am
together to make this work. >> so all these people that are stranded, are you saying that they should be putting pressure on lawmakers? >> absolutely. bishop put upon them and the bart board members that they elect every year. they need to set something to the governor for him to take leadership. now is a time and if this goes into next week it will go on to a basically the yen just has to say they have money. >> they're spending a lot of money for negotiating a zero sides have been up 24 hours and they have very short tempers. they have a very large contract to deal with. >> i do not know what is going on but i do think they do have other options that could have made this clear. the public has to make
8:51 am
their voices heard. >> if you want to connect with michael, you can do so on twitter at yaki-blog. >> i thought we would see some type of improvements by now. the mere red lights are slow down and the toll plaza is completely filled up. we no longer see this as a gap in the center. look at the 880 approach. it is still backed up over the eastbound lane. take a look at the traffic map you will see that once again in this solid red. this is a lease from on golden gate. it is no longer backed up to san papillote. 580 is still backed up beyond highway 24 and the only good nils is
8:52 am
that 24 is itself is not backed up. 880 is also still backed up. in fact, i'd think we have a shot of the commute on interstate 80. this is what it looks like. >> we saw conditions here and they're not that bad but is when you get lower vegas floor. a lot slower. the san mateo bridge has improved. the drive time has dropped to about 15 minutes but it is still much smolder with less congestion heading to foster city. a quick check for the rest of the bay, 680 and ceremony are looking okay. the ride from alta mott is problem free. 1 01 is heavy through the south bay is about 40 minutes. the north bay ride is almost completely down.
8:53 am
>> when you've stayed nasa, you think our spacter space. but some of their latest projects efforts are a bit more down-to-earth. rich demuro explains in today's tech report. >> it has been two years since the day scrap of the shuttle program. they have a new set of plans. they want to mainstream some things. >> most people associate nasa with space. >> recently they showed off of various models from the droid to the largest.
8:54 am
today, they use is for research to fly into places that are too dangerous for pilots. >> we can track the hot spots. we can transmit is down to the fire commanders and they can better deploy their firefighters creek >> we are all looking at the zero when and the precipitation in a storm. we have instruments that study hurricanes. >> now, they want to make this a part of our everyday lives. >> most people hear about the military and-- >> e imagine getting one of these drop in a package of to your house. this is what i call although pilots. >> with more research nasa
8:55 am
believes that there is lot more that they can do. >> they stated that this will not be rectified until >> they stated that this will not be rectified until 2020. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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8:58 am
>> wellcome back. we have several crew members out checking on the traffic. he has posted eight picture of him and other writeriders on on the ferry.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> i am tired. >> i am sad. >> i am frustrated >> i will like to get to work on time. >> these are some of the are
9:01 am
reactions from the commuters. union workers are on strike today leaving thousands of commuters angry and frustrated for the second time this year. >> ac transit is not on strike but they're on hold. here is said a live look from 2011 broadway would will tran. >> you can see the buses pulling up and before that this line was wrapped around the corner this is a lot longer the and what we saw in july. the lines are lasting longer and happening sooner than before. the buses are starting to fill up now. ac transit supervisor is out here and i tried to talk with him and he stated that he did not know how long this will last. >> do you did you will make
9:02 am
it? >> yes. >> what is going to remind this morning? >> i am just confused. i do not want these people to get to and from me what you are interviewing me. mike hunt works for ac transit. this is a sad and interview them going to. >> she is trying to get to a antivirus is trying to do our best.and do her best to arrn time. >> this is a no-no because you cannot stop to do carpel year. will swing by, looking at this truck, even though a bus pulled up this line is
9:03 am
always to the corporate >> here is the mother combust. they're trying to put do their best to keep the lines short. sometime they cannot pick up just a few people in there on the web. >> these people are so anxious to hop a bus. the supervisor told them they had to step back. there is a lot going on and we're not sure how this will last. >> after you spend hours trying to get where you have to go the and you still have to get home. >> pigboat last time in july set a this is people last time y stated that this was easier. i have seen people be patient but some of them lose their patients when they talk about who is at
9:04 am
fault. they say that they are caught in the middle. this is from a lack of negotiations >> with saw a lot of clients for the series also. this was a another option for commuters to get around. kron4 and terisa estacio joins us live from jack london square. >> if you look at this line about timing. these people are trying to take one of these nefarious.ferries. you c't just see all these people that have been embracing, we have seen them run to try to get on a ferry. they have been doing this all morning long. some people stated
9:05 am
that they are just trying to get to work and that they told me that were first-rate career tried to get some reaction suffered some of frustrated and i tried to get their reactions. the >> the traffic on of road is not going well either current >> i hope for an early end to this but it has occurred. we have acquired a second problem. the metering lights are slow down and this is pushing the cars quickly. 880 is still backed up and ride heading west to the bay bridge from the east shore freeway and the macarthur mayes is also backed up.
9:06 am
westbound 580 is backed up beyond highway 24 and it only change is in the westbound 24 ride which is no longer backed up. the nimitz north is a slow initial look pepper rest of this, here there has definitely been some improvements and the conditions are almost back to normal for the san mateo bridge. >> getting back to the traffic maps and your ride on 580 west is looking good. the commute to the small grave and the south bay freeway we have paid of slowing. 101 remains slow. the north bay ride once again is very light though, since we have seen more traffic on 580 it is a little bit heavy. sir
9:07 am
francis drake is sluggish. >> we're still following the latest in your feedback. we are getting a lot ofur pictures on the bart strike this morning. >> we want to show you a few pictures of people waiting for the bus. early people got up and more people are now standing on line in oakland. here's a shot from jack london square. some people opted to bring their best-we want to see more of your pictures. you can send them via e-mail at breaking-
9:08 am
news-at will also post some of them on the web site as well as the facebook and twitter pages. >> we continue our team coverage. here's a live look outside at the albany kerf i-80. george is saying that we will not catch a break.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
line welcome back >> welcome back. we have with us on the phone mike pelton who was live and walnut creek. he hopped in the car and made the drive. >> i love walnut creek about 15 minutes ago. i am one of the 580. i am done about 65 mi. per hour. this is much better than what i had anticipated. traffic was a lot worse earlier but it seems like it is thinning out. a lot of people might have stayed home or thankfully they have already bypassed the commute. i am
9:12 am
heading towards the bay bridge. >> and i am looking at a live shot from the bay bridge and the fast track lanes are relatively free. here is a live look at on the creek from 680 which is not going to bed. this update is from the situation. >> we will not get a another update. we will be right back. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> welcome back. we have a developing story concerning the bart strike spreads >> the commute is not over yet to the we are looking at a big holder in the center of the toll plaza. this is where fasttrack users go. you does it we do not have that many of this morning because most of them are pained by cash.uyiaying by casht the people who just ordinarily drive, that might have been expecting a short
9:16 am
trip but that is not the case. >> everybody is going to be deal with this. >> the 880 approach is still heavy. this opening in the center toll plaza, we might start to see the back up collapse. looking at the maps you concede that we still have dense traffic. and part what we have not searched is that things have been approved and the backup has been diminished. a another way is heads and this seems to be the case but not hear the san mateo bridge to ride is looking good. the commute is fairly easy across the span. getting to the bridge may still be an ordeal. 24 has no delays in 680 is looking good. the nimitz freeway is
9:17 am
still jammed but 880 south is not bad at all. south bay freeway it started to break up a bit since this is a friday. the more ran ride has no delays. here is the golden gate bridge, look at how light the traffic is. they will be adding a third lane. >> we are following the traffic center. we will b taken a look at other ways
9:18 am
to get around during the bart strike. the bart is running free, limited first- come first-served chartered buses from bart stations. ac transit will increase must service as needed. if you are the driving, carpool lanes will be extended on interstate 80, 880, and 680. plus all bay area toll bridges from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.. >> casual car pulls will offer several east bay pick up location spirit the afternoon pickup spot is on spear street in san francisco. the san francisco-based. will run extra boats from oakland, alameda, an vallejo. for a full list of other transit
9:19 am
options, go to our website, >> this morning, we heard from peter castelli with seiu he addressed a public about the impasse. >> we want to have them complete an agreement. we realize that the economics is done. the union is to
9:20 am
move on pension and health care. the union is to lower wage proposals. we did it, at the last minute they changed it up. that will immediately enter or agreed to do out arbitration. we will be willing to take this package back to have been voted on. we will stop the strike and go back to work. >> we will keeformer house spear tom foley has died. that is according to house democratic aides. he was 84
9:21 am
years old. foley was a washington state lawmaker who became the first speaker since the civil war who failed to win reelection in his home district. police served in the house of representatives for 30 years, and was speaker from 1989 to 1995. >> we will be right back. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
9:22 am
back in our day, we couldn't just move the tv wherever we wanted. yeah, our birthday entertainment was a mathemagician. because if there's anything that improves magic, it's math. the only thing he taught us was how to subtract kids from a party. ♪ let's get some cake in you. i could go for some cake. [ male announcer ] switch and add a wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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9:24 am
with qualifying bundles. soon, californians from to salinas to san diego will have equal access to quality health insurance. those who need financial assistance will get it. and nobody will be denied because of a pre-existing condition. welcome to a new state of health. welcome to covered california. we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at or call 1-800-300-1506. line the time is mined at 20 4:00 a.m.. >> the time is 9:24 a.m.. our developing story, bart workers are on strike this morning. in the east bay, commuters have been packing
9:25 am
the buses trying to get around without a board. kron4 rob fladeboe reports. maligne >> one official said that he cannot talk on camera but that date ran out of buses. i can tell you that these two people are hoping to get on this bus. >>last time they read every 28 minutes. >> what is your plan now? >> i would just have to hang out here and see what happens. the >> i think i got here about 15 minutes and apparently, the plants must have change without notice. >> i am trying to figure out another way and hopefully i wanted hitchhiker something.
9:26 am
>> are you taking sides? >> no, no sides. i just want them to get it done. i do not care who is right or wrong. >> that is the latest from a fremont. >> i am following the social media. this is what some of you have to say. >> monte martella access maybe i should just walk out of my classroom stopped teaching. i have not had a race and seventh years, this is pathetic fire for the. pathed hire people that will work for a decent wage.
9:27 am
>> stella bowman-pal fire all the workers and hire people who want to work for less money and work for what they get and not sit on their butts and make over $100,000 a year. >> stephanie bores completely frustrated and fed up with bart! going to try to take the ferry at tell me the to san francisco. if i like it i will not go back to bart! shame on bart for holding the bay hostage for there to greet benefits! >> we will be right back.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>> welcome back. the time is 9:29 a.m.. talks broke down yesterday between the union and management. commuters are looking for a plan b
9:30 am
period we want to start with kron4 will tran who is live from twentieth and broadway in oakland. >> it just keeps going, going, and going. he looks like a greyhound bus that is full of people. i talked to ac transit supervisors and stated they are not sure how long this will continue. unfortunately, they learned from what happened then july. i have seen thus, must, bus polenta. bus, bus, af >> are you running late this morning? >> no, not really. >> she seems to be less
9:31 am
opinionated. but when i talk with people earlier they were just frustrated and disgusted. , to pull up a picture. i pulled up this pitchei interviewed martin and i asked him to send us a picture to let us know when you're ride. from the time he left here, it took him about 90 minutes. he told us that he had also wake up early just to get here. altogether about 2 1/2 hours from the beginning to the end. a lot of people out stated that this was the easy as part of his day. >> i remember martin. >> a lot of people are getting a crash course. they told me that day had gone on long bus and they had to get off. this is making people
9:32 am
frustrated and a lot of people come here and realized that the bus doesn't even have a a bike rack so they just have to wait. they're so confused. there's a lot of competition. >> my morning has been good. i cannot complain. >> what about the the riders are they complaining to you? >> no. i have no idea how long this will take. >> if you talk to clarence and johnson he will give you all the information that you need. obviously, that's says he is laughing about this. in the meantime the buses are still coming. >> people are on a weak hold, and they may get a 60
9:33 am
day cooling off. but as good as they are running. >> as far as the cash will carpool, you see this as deputy here to make sure people do not lose their cool. one woman came by here and i think they were just missing one passenger and is sought the deputy and then all of sudden the left. i think there skid the marks are still on the ground. >> the biggest alternative has been on the road ways. let's go to georgia rask. >> things may be real at the bay bridge. by that, it may be opening for fasttrack users. it does signal the beginning of the end of the back up. make no mistakes that the cache size are still backed up into the toll plaza. the northbound
9:34 am
880 approach is still backed up all the way. >> the meantime, use the 880 approached is still heavily backed up. looking at the traffic maps, you will see the commute from 880 is still backed up to the diamond lane split. 580 is no longer backed up to a highway 24 was still backed up to the approach. the heaviest traffic is on 880. >> here's a look picture san mateo bridge ride there are no longer a major problems but there is a note incidents for the south on
9:35 am
237 in the westbound direction at first street. there is an accident that is blocking the right to milpitas. >> finally look at the golden gate bridge. it is light traffic in both directions. >> let's check in with kron4 in terisa estacio >> can you hear us? >> we will go back to her. >> we are watching the latest with the viewer feedback. they are waiting for buses--watching this
9:36 am
assortment of photos. this is from the jack london square terminal. look and how long this line is. this is almost eight b.p. from july. people were like 100 deep trying to get on the ferry. >> seiu is getting their message out that today did not choose to go on strike. they are blaming management. >> we want to see how your commute is going. send us your photos to breaking news at will also post your comments and pictures on the web site, face book and twitter. >> the time is
9:37 am
>> 30 6:00 a.m.. we will continue with our team coverage of the morning commute. 680 is looking good and walnut creek. we will be right back.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
aligne >> continuing our team coverage of the bart strike. another option for commuters to get around are the bay area series. kron4 terisa estacio joins us live from jack london square and oakland. >> people aren't giving their thoughts and many of them aren't extremely frustrated. they stated that it has been that-they have been hearing different things all along. they stated that they have set to
9:41 am
alarms because--we have this strike in affect. as i amendment, which you can see is the around the corner the parking filled up quickly. but most people have been dropped off here. they were already at fearing the worst. they also had raced to get one of the ferries that are taking off. speaking of which, they have enhanced service to rock the entire weekend. this is going to be within 45 minutes argillaceous. most people stated the there are grateful that they do have this enhanced service but bottom line everyone stated that they just want to strike 10. >> actually, we can talk
9:42 am
about how this may play out with our expert michael yaki coming up. >> here is a live look at the bay bridge. we will be right back.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> as say commuter, i know this usually happens but we really wish it would not have happened now. >> i get where they are coming from but i just do not know. it is a tough call. i think they just need to figure out a way to get this settled. >> lucky for us, it is friday and we hope this can be done by monday.
9:46 am
>> both sides need to come to when the agreement. they have to just give us some type of concessions. >> the passengers are the ones that are going to be paying the salaries than they did. >> i blame management because they always with a surplus reported >> i had to drive from hayward and bid up two hours just to get in touch san francisco. >> i do not want to take a side, i just want to go to work. >> i am brain and that it will go back to the table and resolve this quickly. god bless them.
9:47 am
>> this is a rereal thought out responses. these were people what the fremont bart station who worked someone off this morning about the strike. >> michael yaki is joining us now. >> what do they need to do to get a deal done? >> if this goes into next week then this may go on for a while. i think a 40 hours is a time or they can better up and decide to get back to the bargaining table. i think the only way is that people all sides of the talks need to get involved. it may have to be the state legislature or the governor. osmanliand there rely on the ste
9:48 am
for their funding and to finance their system. at the state is involved and use their legislation that they can threaten to require collective bargaining. they can threaten to outlaw them striking. on either side i do not think it want that but if we had more leadership from these folks, i did we can get them back to the table and monday the trains will be running. i think this is the most optimistic solution that can happen. but it will require people to step up to the plate and talk tough and let them--here is the alternative periodsomeone else comes along that does not have interest at mind and take this initiative and completely does something that will cost millions of
9:49 am
dollars. this does not help. the threat of this is that the ability of people to make that threat or to at least-testis is the keys to get them back at the table. the next 48 hours are key. >> it seems that desperation--when things get done, we just heard people that work pretty patient. this is not going to change until next week. i think everyone gets a little bit more agreeable to a deal as time goes by when they are frustrated career >> i think there are both sides making that calculation. the bart workers are making a calculation that the public will be so bad that they will put pressure on them to make a deal. bart management on the other hand is stating that everyone will be met
9:50 am
at they can legally, impose a contract at some point. that is there a remedy and this could really cause some problems down the road creek this, that right now they both are trying to decide whether or not they can work out the deadest not want to be helpful to the business is in the bay area and to the people will need to go work. especially, it is and commence for a lot of us. what if you do not have it car and you do not have a job that allows to work from home. they cannot afford anything else and they have no other alternative. these people, they should keep those people in mind. >> the estimate is but this is costing $70 million a day for the strike. >> if you want to talk to
9:51 am
michael you can't go on his twitter page at yaki-blog. >> we are ed tent to tent and there is some type of change of the toll plaza. things are still backed up. by that, i mean that most of the people who are paying cash. look at the 880 approach. this 880 approach is still backed up in all the lanes of the eastbound side. this is a pretty tough ride must still coming from the maze, but conditions of slightly if you are heading to the bay, you will still be approaching an 18 minutes back up. 24 since starting to back up from a rock ridge
9:52 am
and a 580 interchange. spite this is mostly because that's as here's the hard the san mattel of bridge has seen an improvement because things are back to 13 to 15 minutes. there was a new problem with the house spot on to 37 in the south bay it was westbound at first and the ride has been backed up into fremont. this is because of the bart strike. a quick check from the golden gate, 1 01 southbound they have added a third line. >> we continue the coverage we will now go to jackie sissel who was live from the el sausalitcerrito bart station >> they did this with dozens
9:53 am
of bart workers were out here striking. things were made come and widthwise muscles were filled to capacity. this love other people looking for options. >> the time is 9:53 a.m.. we will be back more with mor withm coverage. we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. i am following a social media reports on our facebook and twitter pages. some of the riders had a tough time accepting the bart strike. here is a look at some of their comments. >> roland tweets bart
9:57 am
strike led them all go and hire new people who want to work. unions are a thing of the past. >> claiborne tweeted, the only thing i can say is that i lik, i like about the bart's strike is that edition give up our day-to-day routine. malign >> stephanie tweeted it affects people who do not even use bart. they are lucky they still have a pension. get done, followed nike's advice, just do it.
9:58 am
>> we want to see how your commute is going. send us your photos to breaking news at >> that will do it for us. dr. phil is next reporte.
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