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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. bart service is scheduled to begin at this hour after an agreement was reached overnight did not transfer supposed to be on limited service starting at 4:00 this morning but that turned out not to be the case. kron4's will tran live at the west oakland bart station with the latest on this tool for the way kidding riders off to work running this morning. >>will: it is so fun to see people finally running to the bart platform because the trains are not running. here's video that we shot 13 minutes ago and you can see here is the train at the west oakland bart station they said 4:00 and then they said 5:00 but then finally
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at 547, the train operator said i got word. i'm leaving west oakland station into san francisco. so you heard it first on the kron4 morning news. we can back live now and show you a live shot with our cam to show you people are on the platform waiting for the next train to arrive so that's good news. yes it's late. when people got here it was still close there were just basically yelling through the gates to the ticket agents are you going to open. we heard it was supposed to open the four. he said i don't know and then he told us at 5:00 we brought it to alive when he raised the gates that the trains were now running and then people got here. there were so happy honking clapping and then they got to the bart platform only to see the trend still stuck there in the train operator outside with a thousand miles a year on his face. he
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told me personally i can't leave this location because even if i leave west oakland and means nothing if i get the san francisco are some of the other destinations and those stations are still shut down. they don't have the personnel to lift the gates or at least monster the situation which is why he was stuck here for at least 47 minutes or so and then he got the word to go ahead and leave this location. let's see if we can talk to some of the bart passengers will are arriving this morning. excuse me sir. you come over here? did you find out the news that the trains were running a little bit late? >>: yes late last night. >>mark: well you were lucky to not arrive here at 4:00 when the trains weren't running but go ahead and start running. you see he has a smile on his face. rumple the camera off the track had to show you that no one has really taken this
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for granted because things could change even though its limited service. you concede this charter buses are still surrounded the west oakland station and it's because they want to feel when the cap because it's not full service right now and a lot of people were still on the charter buses because they came here before the trend last year at 547 but they say at least this is a sure thing.not leave this location because they wanted to be patient to see if the trains running. if so those bus passengers will leave the bus and come to the west oakland station pre pacifica talked more people. excuse me ma'am? did you find out that the trains running late this morning? >>: no i have to stay up late. >>will: how has it been for you? >>: pretty miserable. >>: i went to bed thinking that they would be running at four.
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>>will: well thank you so much. running is the word. we're going to monitor the situation. still limited service but limited service a lot better than no service. back to you guys. >>darya: bart gets a deal but who gets the short end of the stick. >>george: the confusion continues. if you are in your car. it was kind of like a strike date and not a strike date. people don't often have to pay for parking. the rest of the car pool lanes. reporter i spoke with caltrans for the extended hours of car pooling. they said we turned off of the changeable message signs as far as we are concerned the strike has been settled so those about a canceled however it's up
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to the california highway patrol weather are not to enforce those special regulations. so i called the california highway patrol and they're going to give back to me on that one because no one had actually anticipated that there would be this pick up and getting service cutback-hit club. when it did resume at 4 we ended up with this back up the bay bridge and now the questions that motorists have can i use the west grant's approach we will have an answer from the california highway patrol coming up right after this broadcast we should get the official word from them. right after this report but i can tell you that as far as caltrans is concerned there no longer in operation. i want to move back to the macarthur maze. look what's happened here. westbound interstate 80 jammed up. 580 jamming up
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880 it your best approach to the bay bridge carry the 24 already slow parade a quick look at your san mateo bridge. the volume is up but this is a very good choice for you if you don't want to sit in the back up at the bay bridge. mark >>mark: what's talk about the announcement that ended the strike. it became let late last night after six months of negotiations and 24-strikes. it deals finally reached. here's what union leaders and bart had to say about this new agreement. >>: we are very happy to announce in of the strike. this was not a financial strike. we apologize to our riders for the hardship you have experienced these past few days. >>: we did not want to strike and we are glad to have a tentative agreement that we still will work for all parties. >>: i hope the tentative agreement hammered out between the many good people standing here tonight will allow us to go forward. >>: the agreement provides a reasonable wages increases a
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compromise on pension and health-care costs in addition to a workable changes that allow for innovation and input from workers. >>mark: so this is just a tentative agreement. the next step this to ratify the agreement. we will be waiting for that vote for it and if the bart strike is enough or don't forget ac transit drivers are threatening to strike. because of violence on buses of they are threatening to strike. the panel will deliver its recommendations to the governor tomorrow who will then decide whether to issue a 60 day cooling off. as he did with a bart to print their about 180,000 baby rides on a.c. transit. there have already been to agreements reached between the a.c. union and drivers. they will find out tomorrow if there will be a strike this week or if there will
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be a cooling off period >>james: and 607. we want your photos and experiences for its share with us your account of the early morning head up the early morning commute and your first ride on the bart. the consent of those photographs to breaking news at kron4 dot com. you can also tweet us as well and don't forget our web site. kron4 dot com. a great way to stay updated on this story. we are expecting full service to come into play this afternoon for it now on to weather might with erica. a little foggy out there. >>erica: we do have a dense fog advisory in effect. here's a live look at not just a black screen but this is overlooking cathedral hill prince you are probably going to hit him like a wall especially if you're driving along the coast. we do have some delays at sfo. that's because fog you are on the scene to a half miles of visibility with less than a mile for a santa rosa print
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your fog advisory expires at 9:00 this morning and into the afternoon expect sunny skies with temperatures ranging at low 60s to low 80s inland. at the time now is 6083 the kron4 morning news has to take a quick break but we will be back with a more on the bart coverage coming up in just a couple of minutes.
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what are developing story. we are 11 minutes into the bart trains running. still a lot of commuter's are left an alert this morning and there's a big backup traffic at the bay bridge street markets also of running the late trains right now because they got a late start this morning. >>mark: an update on the train accident. the bart accident over the weekend that killed two workers. they are investigating and now say the driver of the train was a trainee and was going between 60 and 70 mi. per hour according to the ntsb. lawrence m. daniels and christopher shepard were killed saturday when they were hit by that bart station. the ntsb is confirming the train was an automatic mobile and not
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>>george: and
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>>james: a 620. the last four days of the strike has hurt a lot of people. not this commuters and many local businesses have taken quite the hit. >>: my wait staff makes a living on the their tips here so when we are slow pitch like money they pay their bills with and a lot of them also live in the east bay so some of them couldn't comment today. it just wasn't worth it because you're traveling hours to get here, only to make very little for it >>james: we are sure many of the business owners are now happy that the strike is over and that finally this morning the trains are running. hopefully business will get back to normal
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sometime soon. now on to weather. erica print >>erica: the morning james. we are working up to temperatures on the mild side. the with vickers store is the dense fog. take a look at visibility at pretense of a mile. fog is like a brick north of the golden gate bridge but we are also saying compromise conditions for the east bay shoreline. sfo reporting to a half miles of visibility resulting in an hour and a half delays at sfo. keep that in mind if you're picking someone up from the airport. fog track 4 shows into the 7:00 hour extent to fog for the coast line spilling into our bay shores. the take a look at this. putting our clock and to the motion. fog is really how can the coast line. expect hot conditions along the beaches. but aside from that we are thinking of 60s
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from the coast to low 80s inland expected. we will fall into the fog of that judge will fall into the pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine print >>darya: 622 is the time. if you are just waking up we have good news for you bart trains are running. we are continuing to follow this live a story this morning as a there is a lag time and commuters are still paying the price especially if you try to head off into the bay bridge. we'll be back with more of that big story coming up in a couple of minutes.
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trains are finally running again. a little late. but we will have more on that coming up in a moment. i love watching tv outside.
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is ia grt cereal. >>darya: thank-you welcome back. our developing story bart trains are up and running. they did this are rolling until 68 m opposed to 4:00 a.m. and even then with delays but kron4's will tran is live at the west oakland bart station apps people are trying to get the morning commute: people are just arriving dodged a bullet because people got here around 4 thinking that they will hop right on the trains. that wasn't the case of finally at about 547 this morning the first trains pulled away from the west oakland station. it's up our running now. now the service
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is up as of 6:00 this morning in the back up and
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now is not as the drive
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times here are running between 13 and 15 minutes. an aide. kron4 viewers are sounding off this morning. >>mark: >>anny: kevin walsh says " sound like some people are not doing their job. fire them. jacqueline also saying i wouldn't mind waiting in another month as long as they all got fired and no employees were trained. how long does the settlement going to last. and what are they going to began the actors begin their threats again. beyond sick of them. sound off at kron4 dot com. you can also send us your pictures as well.
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according to port management there's more than 71% of their not interested in paying for it. >>darya: 635. want to get a peek at the weather this morning. >>erica: well it's interesting you say speak-p gwen with all of this fog.
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looks like still pretty clear conditions and to fairfield. but take a look at now up. nearly santa and a half miles if you're heading to sfo and speaking to sfo already seen hour and a half delays. keep that in mind if you're picking someone up from the airport. the fog of definitely thickest and the three expect visibility less than a quarter mile but the good news is we will see such as we head into the afternoon. the afternoon will bring us low 60s coast to go low 80s inland. how did your 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>mark: the monthly jobs report did come out later because of the shutdown. the
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unemployment rate did drop to a five-year low from 7.3 down to 7.2% mainly because people stop looking for work and they no longer counted in the ranks of unemployed. also watching netflix. they had earnings that the expectations. netflix up overseas 7%. up to $20 a share. >>darya: 637 per it thanks for waking up to the kron4 morning news. we will continue to follow our big story which is bart strike reaches a deal that gets the bart running but running late this morning for it we will have more on that and the affect of your morning commute for it also the fog. very fog and the golden gate bridge. hñ ♪
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>>james: will bart is up running but ac transit still has a looming strike. to ac transit workers argue about violence on buses. the
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governor will have the option of issuing a 60 day cooling off. the drivers did give the state advisory panel proposal that would have them paid some of their medical insurance premiums. >>darya: 642 is the time bridge will keep our eye on the morning commute with the bart trains rolling this morning for its limited and late service is happening right now. there's a live look from the walnut creek bart station. we watched a live as the gates went up. and now we're watching as commuters get on board. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes.
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are developing story is a bart. the trains are back up their running after a four day strike and they too are picked up this morning bridge kron4 terisa estacio
6:46 am
is live with an update. >>terisa: people were very disappointed kind of standing about questioning what's going on. we have some video that it wants to show you because the people were standing by the signs checking their watches and all of a sudden look over and there you go through the gates were lifted and they rushed to the platform to grab that the first train as 6 04 coming into the bart station. everyone was so happy that finally the bart strike as we all know it right now is over. we did some interviews on the platform. listen to what people have to say. >>: so excited. all my way to work right now. a very excited that they are up and running again for it >>: it's been such a pain and the neck to try to get to the city and if i'm not there people don't have ministerial service. so i am
6:47 am
delighted. >>: yesterday was horrible. without bart it is very hard for our commuters for it >>terisa: you can see that train rolling out of the station on its way to san francisco. that care live you can see the people using their tickets to get up to the platform it is certainly a lot less people out here going into the bart trains right now. a lot of people were not sure that the trains were actually going to be running so they decided to take buses instead. but as you can see people are starting to come in here. normally there is a lot more people that are usually very using this facility certainly as the morning progresses there
6:48 am
will be more people coming and but that's the scene here at the walnut creek bart station for it. >>darya: with the fallout affecting traffic we will get to that and a man at the first we have another hot spot not related to the bart fallout. the george. >>george: this accident that's been tying up traffic on the nimitz freeway in oakland north bound 880 between broadway and the 980 interchange. with several lanes blocked in the northbound direction and has really backed up this north bound a 80 ride. it wasn't unusual to see this kind of traffic on friday morning because friday morning the commute was a this of that. just getting to the bay bridge. this morning and has nothing to do with the bart strike and everything to do with this accident the still blocks multiple lanes and is also affecting the self bound ride. we're also
6:49 am
tracking of course the delays to the bay bridge because of the bart strike and the extra traffic appeared this morning. here uc 580 backed up to 24. 24 slow from children's hospital. the e shore freeway here and the westbound direction the back up now works--the nimitz is still backed up. you can only use the west to grant approach to the bay bridge if you're a car pool, transit vehicle or commercial vehicle, so even though that's an attractive approach to the bridge, you can't use it because the chp is today continuing to enforce the extent that car pool hours that are put in place during the strike. and even though the strike is over officially the chp is still enforcing today those extended carpool lane hours
6:50 am
on all of the freeways affected her it for your ride to the san mateo bridge. highway 92, heavy traffic here. it looking at an inner group time of 15 to 18 minutes here's a quick check of the rest of the traffic around the bay. heavy traffic for westbound for and to martinez as well as into concord. westbound 580 a very heavy ride this morning coming in from livermore and even coming and to tracy to the call to my past. south bay freeways we picked up a lot of slowing through the optima valley on 11 north bound through downtown. over to
6:51 am
the weather center now with your updates. here is erica up. >>erica: well right now the big story in the weather center is the fog. can see much visibility down to a quarter mile in some spots. we have that fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. it is particularly thick at our coast line. although it is pretty foggy right now. take a look at lunch time for it out we will psychotic conditions along the big hit bridges. the rest of the bay area and joined mainly sunny skies. today is expected low 60s coastline to low 80s inland. i think you will be a sunny day. temperatures in the upper seventies for concord. 83 and danville. downtown's
6:52 am
san francisco. here's 7 day around the bay forecast shows we will continue with seasonal conditions for the west of the week. we will see the pattern of morning fog but sunshine into the afternoon. we do have a storm system heading our way. we are keeping just a slight tam percent chance for showers as we wrap up the weekend. >>mark: watching a big apple event in san francisco fall expected to reveal the products today. the fifth generation ipad will likely be lighter and faster. within expect a ipad mini what they read that this place. and something about a surprise with a smart watch for an approved out of tv. those are likely to come next year. and the
6:53 am
invitation does say that there is a lot to cover and that means that there may be a cover coming with some of these models along with a keyboard. our dates will be at the announcement and san francisco. he will be tweeting live from the event this morning. >>darya: pg&e and now has permission to reconnect nearly four mile gas pipeline to a san carlos neighborhood. the pipeline has been closed off to the system since october 7th. red flags popped up after an internal pg&e e mills were released from engineers. they're raising concerns about the pipelines being the better and more vulnerable to leaks and erosion. they now allow for bouts of that pipeline to be reopened but at a low pressure. san carlos officials expected to make a final decision on the pipeline in december. >>mark: >>james: at 653 we will take
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