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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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station. kron 4 news starts now with a developing 9ñ >> now at 11:00. >> they have an officer down. 614 windsor. >> a gang sweep outside of sacramento turns violent as the suspect fires on officers. >> we don't want him to come out if he's going to e>;+9sñbe or anything. >> kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. >> two officers were shot in roseville near sacramento. a fourth officer was shot by bullet fragments. the suspect is duran. he had an assault type weapon. this started as officers con fronted the man during a gang
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sweep. jeff bush is on the phone with us from roseville with more. what is happening, jeff. >> reporter: catherine, this is still very much an active scene right here. the swat team has the house surrounded where the suspect is located. police believe he is located in this house. now, we're hearing from city officials that this house is not a house that he -- that he lives at. so there is some confusion about whose house this actually is. but right now swat team members have this house surrounded. there's a helicopter that has been hovering over the area, shining a bright light on to the scene for several hours now. neighbors are not allowed to go inside right now. what we know is that one ice officer was shot in the leg. two roseville police officers were shot as well. a third roseville police officer was hit with shrapnel.
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he was released from the hospital. none of these officers suffered any life-threatening injuries. but as we know, three officers are in the hospital right now. sammy duran is in the house, according to police. they want to take him alive. also they say that -- we spoke with one of sammy's relatives. listen to what she had to say. >> i hope it goes well. that's why we want to come in. we want to go in and make sure that it goes well. we don't want him to come out if he's going to be killed or anything. we love him and we're here to support him. i just want to say love you, sam, if you're watching and surrender and let this all come to an end. >> we have the suspect contained within the neighborhood. what we want to tell the neighbors is to -- if they see anyone, make sure that they call 911. >> a very tough day. it's unsettling, i think, for all of us. no one is immune to this sort
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of tragedy and this sort of criminality but here it is. i'll tell you what, we have a great community of law enforcement that will deal with this. >> reporter: it is a very active scene. swat team members and heavy police presence. this is an unusual situation for the city of roseville, a very quiet city east of sacramento. nothing like this normally happens here. we will give you an update tomorrow morning on kron 4 news. for now, i'm jeff bush, live in roseville for kron 4 news. >> it's catherine, jeff. does he have people in the house? are they possibly hostages. >> reporter: we originally heard that there was a hostage situation. we have confirmed with the n#$r of roseville that he is in fact in there alone and officers are simply trying to wait him out, trying to find out how this thing will work out. >> thank you for clarifying
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that, jeff. that is jeff bush. we are learning more about the suspect's criminal record from family members. here is what they had to say about sammy. he was arrested for carjacking and resisting arrest. he had a warrant for an incident involving a knife. they did not detail what happened in that incident. he has had several run-ins with police but none of the incidents involved guns. police say he is currently on parole. the fbi will conduct an independent investigation into the shooting death of a 13-year- old boy. sonoma county sheriff's deputies say he was carrying a replica assault rifle when he was killed. he was shot 7 times by deputies who believed that the gun, a fake gun, was a real ak47. officers on the scene say they pulled over, ducked for cover, ordered lopez to put the gun down. from there a timeline released from the santa rosa police
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department last night says that the officers shot the teenagers ten seconds after calling in the incident. hundreds of people in the community are continuing d";+> reporter: that they were pleasant people, catherine. as you might imagine, it's been a difficult 24 hours for this community. a community gathering at the crash site just a little while ago. mourners walked up the street to the crash site.
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they asked for their privacy which we of course respected. the group shared a moment of silence together. earlier in the day family members saying this was a senseless crash, one that could have been prevented if the driver chose not to drink and drive. >> you have to think twice about what you do. for example, if the lady had just chose to stay home and drink, you know, all of this would have been avoided. >> reporter: that's just a snapshot of the emotions running through this menlo park family. candles and flowers now rest on the street where police say a drunk driver ran over two people, identified by family members, married more than 20 years. family from all over the state and even canada coming into town in light of what happened, including her older brother who walked the crash site. >> everybody should take the responsibility of what they do. >> reporter: he says he's not only upset with the driver, 54-
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year-old marjorie, but that the couple's three teenage children are now without their mother and father. >> it is just so, so hard. we are so saddened by the loss of both of them. >> devastated, you know. they were really nice people. i would meet them whenever we would go to school. they would wave and say hi, how are you doing? >> nice people. >> last night when we came, the children are going, how are we going to be able to survive? so that's, you know -- you know, everybody is just so saddened by their loss. >> reporter: the victims' family says that the funeral has tentatively been scheduled for thursday. they say they will share the time and location with us in the coming days. live in menlo park tonight, kron 4 news. >> well, it was warmer out there today. more 70-degree readings. in fact closer to 80 in
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livermore and pleasanton. 70 in vallejo. coastline was only in the upper 50s to 60s. it will be warmer tomorrow. a little bit of low cloud cover tonight. not much. high cloud coverage too. this weekend, mainly sunny skies. warmer temperatures. w i'll have the full forecast coming up. >> still ahead, what the fda is doing now to help keep your dogs and cats safe from tainted treats. and it's surf season. we will bring the mavericks opening from half moon bay. the kron 4 news at 11:00 continues after the break.
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>> napa police have arrested five men for marijuana possession. a lot of it, 580 pounds. also for possession of two guns and more than $7,000 in suspected drug money. this happened on wednesday.
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the arrest was made by the napa special investigation bureau. three of the men arrested are from mexico. one from oakland. they are being held on possible immigration violations. napa police are still investigating and more arrests are expected. surf season is getting started here in the bay area. we will show you mavericks opening ceremony in half moon bay. and the fda stepping in to make food safer for your pets after reports of hundreds of animals dying after eating jerky treats. that's next. >> coming up later in the broadcast, one of the all-time favorite san francisco giants has a new gig. we will talk about the 49ers in london. to make everybody happy, for the fifth account consecutive day, the raiders coach will say nothing but he will say it on kron 4. that in a few minutes. i love watching tv outside.
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>> for the first time, the fda is taking steps to make sure that the food that we give our pets is safe. kron 4 justin waldman tells us why and how this is happening. >> reporter: just a few days after the fda put out a warning saying jerky treats made in china are linked to the death of almost 600 dogs, the agency now wants to make major changes. it proposed new rule that's would require makers of animal food to put new procedures in place to prevent pets from
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getting sick. the illnesses are caused by bacteria, chemicals and even allergic reactions. under the proposed rules, facilities would have to address issues like sanitation, make sure that the processing and packaging of food is done in ways that protect against contamination and animal food makers will have to have plans in place to correct any problems. by 2015, the fda must have these rules in place. the fda believes that the new rules will keep animals and people safe, saying that food contaminated with something like salmonella can also make people sick as well. >> a homeless man was injured today when a home made device exploded in a garbage can. it happened in san francisco's tender line district. emergency crews responded to the incident at jones and golden gate avenue. shrapnel from the explosion hit the man's body. he had been collecting
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resigningibles from the can. witnesses weren't sure what the explosion really was. ñwith the construction going on, i thought it was a gas leak explosion or something. it was that loud that stopped the entire like working and everyone. and there was a homeless person sitting on the corner that was sitting there grabbing his ears. >> police are still looking for a man seen leaving the area when the explosion happened. he is described as a white man about five-ten, 160 pounds. the rim firener yosemite is now fully contained although crews are watching hot spots. it burned 250,000 acres and began more than two months ago in the national forest. 11 homes and other buildings were destroyed. the cost to fight the fire estimated at more than $127 million. it's time for the mavericks surf season. there was a ceremony in half moon bay to kick things off. the big wave surf contest is
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going to be held sometime between november 1st and march 31st, depending on the weather. when conditions are right, the é contestants are given 24-hour notice that the event is a go. charles clifford was in half moon bay and has more from the ceremony. >> reporter: the surf contest in half moon bay draws some of the best big wave surfers in the world. many took part in an opening ceremony on the sands of maverick beach. the event organizer says this is his favorite time of year. >> it is the most important thing before the contest. everybody gets here, old friends, guys who were champions are here and we get to talk ask see each other and have a good time. it's a special day. >> reporter: three-time mavericks champion was also here today. he says this elite group of surfers are like family. >> we've really got to know each other from just 20 years
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of surfing and charging big waves. it's really cool to see the new surfers in the contest and the new talent and keeping it real fresh. >> reporter: after the brief ceremony on the beach, all of the surfers, along with kids in surf school, paddled out to take part in a floating prayer circle. >> some of you have been sending photos of your children and pets getting into the halloween spirit. you can send them to us on our facebook page or e-mail them to us or send them on the kron 4 mobile app. we will share them on our facebook page and show some of them on the air. >> temperatures right now largely running in the 50s. although we will be seeing 40s out the door tomorrow. 48 in santa rosa right now. 52 in fairfield. 54 oakland. mainly clear skies. we have been seeing the high
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cloud coverage moving through the north bay approaching the coastline right now. we have a little bit of low cloud coverage at the coast as well. courtesy of a system off shore thats had been stag near the boeing access. it will slowly move to the south and east. this system is actually shifting our wind directions which allows skies to clear. we saw sunnier skies today. it's allowing temperatures to get warmer. 40s out the door tomorrow in some spots. low 50s in others. but noon, we will see temperatures in the 60s and 70s. 50s at the coast. the yellow showing all of the areas that we will see the 70s. down in the south bay, upper 70s in san jose. 74 in palo alto. upper 70s and low for inland valley. 80 in livermore and pleasanton. 68 in hayward. for the coastline, it will be
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the upper 50s and low 60s. 64 in downtown san francisco and a range of 70s for the north bay. extended forecast. warmer this weekend. 80 away from the coast. into monday, big changes in the other direction. a big cooldown. gusty winds. the storm moves down from canada. we will rebound from that the rest of the work week. >> the warriors settle their future. and the 49ers do sight seeing in london. coach harbaugh will tell you about some of his favorite spots.
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>> good evening, everybody. no more questions about the warrior future of andrew boget. he says, hey, my injured ankle is perfectly healthy so give me three years, $36 million. with incentives he could make as much as 43. so there it is,. andrew. a lot of talk with the warriors. making him sweat, prove himself this year? no. they gave him the money. the warriors open on wednesday against the lakers. they will open the season without seth curry. a lot of interest because of course his big brother is the star of the warriors. seth curry. he averaged 17 points a game at
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duke. wasn't a spot for his brother. if he doesn't receive another offer, the warriors will have them play for the minor league team in santa cruz. did you know the 49ers are in london? they practiced at a rugby stadium today. they they went sightseeing. the highlight for harbaugh, the home of the prime minister, including a harbaugh favorite, the great quarterback, winston churchill. >> do you have any idea? >> history will be kind to us because we intend to write it. >> all right. that game goes off about 10:00 or time on sunday. i want to remind everybody over the weekend, you can go to >> the mobile app. >> the mobile app. your weather is all over the place. >> facebook, twitter. >> yeah. >> youtube. >> yeah. it's one of those deals.
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wdmgkron 4 is t you at every turn. >> you cannot escape it. >> see what happens. normally they tell you to -- you have to dowel avenue this promotional stuff. tonight they said you don't have to do it. >> and now you're doing it. >> again, kron 4 -- take kron 4 with you. i don't want to talk to anybody. if you do -- thank you. if you have a question or comment. >> later. >> is mark burnett up there? you can always tell when something creative happens. we will see you on our new year's show this year. try to get a television monitor that works so catherine and i are doing. am i live. >> couldn't hear or couldn't see. >> if you have a question or comment. >> i have a comment for kron. please get us a monitor so we know what we are doing on new year's. when the ball drops, i would like to know it's 11:58. the raiders home at pittsburgh.
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the game is sold out. you will see it on local television. pittsburgh after a rough start. they started to roll a little bit behind ben roethlisberger. do your thing, dennis. >> this is a good football team we're playing. make no mistake about it. they understand how to win. they know what the formula is to win in this league. and they have done a good job of it over the last couple of weeks. >> they are playing good football right now. the pittsburgh steelers have a good team. this is a great statement for us to make coming out of the bye. who we are and who we want to be the rest of the season. >> giant matt williams has reached his post career playing goal of becoming a manager. he traded a lot of things and then got into the coaching end of the arizona diamond backs. the washington nationals are reportedly prepared to make him their newman engineer. look at matt go the distance. he was a great player. now he's going to get a chance
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to manage. again, branding is branding. join us on all of our mobile outlets. >> that sums it. >> are you sick of me? >> no. >>
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♪i wannabe a cowboy's sweetheart ♪ >> jonbenet murder case. documents just revealed. why charges were never brought against her parents. then, what's that woman? she's everywhere. the obamacare lady what. we've learned about her. plus, the facelift murder trial. the doctor's mistress takes the stand. >> he was trying to keep it quiet. and the high school football team shut out 91-0. their first game since their humiliating defeat. see what happens. plus, farrah fawcett's secret love affair d. she have


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