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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 31, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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hamster are you first assault on call for the mystery behind the bay area barge, revealed. what is it and where it is headed. >> at a and until pianist's father is accusal leaving his young children all eckhardt, for more than half a day. it >> the way a san jose man and has
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been arrested for leading his young children all live in a car all night long. it
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was never realized something was wrong. >> police say they get down to 46 degrees at night and neighbors spotted the car and returned about 1245 and her husband did not warn his spaceshot on-camera explains what happened when his wife returned. >> she sought a put up a kit culkin on the steering wheel. so she called 911 and reported to the mill pizzas, police department appeared >> the two kids were tired
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and hungry and turned over to the county department of family and children's services and their father he we enters the picture about 1130 wednesday night more than 24 hours after he left his kids in the parked car. >> he ended up calling was my 1122 the police department to report his the local and children missing. july police would not say whether the suspect as a prior record, but they do say that the kids are now ok and remained in protective custody. at >> a san francisco 49ers are riding a five game winning streak and now will be getting their best pass
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rusher back. kron4 as grant lodes has the latest on the aldon smith sought up. >> is it francisco forty- niners activated smith to the roster earlier today and he could be back on the field when the night birds return to action a week from sunday perry ed >> smith had been at a treatment facility the past five weeks dealing with his alcohol problem. two days ago he returned himself into the santa clara county sheriff's department. >> the cattails sack leader over the past three seasons is facing felony weapons charges and misdemeanor d.u.i. charges he has to court date next month but his legal issues likely will keep him from playing. >> this video is from his
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most recent dui i arrest. smith could also face a lead suspension but then f l commissioner roger bidwell says the fact that smith that treatment on his all and already missed games will be factored into their decision on whether to suspend him or not. >> the 49ers have continued to play smith while he is been on leave he makes $99,000 for game so that's roughly a half a million dollars or five games he missed. >> the 49ers have a bye this week that holds the carolina panthers november 10th so we could get out first post rehab look at smith then. an update now on the developing story of an emergency plane landing has headed from san
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francisco to san antonio, but was forced to make an emergency landing in the knicks after and of no threat. the passengers were evacuate and no one was hurt. police on the tarmac inspected the plant and found no explosives or other threats. >> the passengers aboard another flight and are expected to rise are round 10:00 p.m.. >> a recent victim of a car break-in and burglary in sentences so none other than police chief and greg shur. he's as it happened a few weeks ago outside of his home in the city's golden gate heights neighborhood. someone not only broke in but took a jacket the chief talked about it at the recent town meeting in the marina. he said crime happens in all like to place is saying that even he isn't
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a meal. the burglar has not been caught. >> denied developing details about the 19 year old suspected of robbing a man at gunpoint in the marina. his agreement is now scheduled for friday. but as kron4 rob fladeboe reports the man is also suspected of trying to rob the people in the peninsula using crags list at. >> the investigation is expanding into an east bay nursing home where more than a dozen patients were allegedly abandoned by most of the staff. >> questions are now beginning to surface regarding the conditions that led to the facility being shut down by the state. tonight a former
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employee asked us not to reveal her identity, but sure what she saw. >> while she was on the job >> the former employee says she only work at home in castro valley for about four days and that was all that she could take because of the very poor work condition. >> for people in antioch are recovering after being attacked and bitten by dogs last night. >> it happened just before 9:00 p.m. near the 2700 block of llarkspur drive. a man was walking dogs would to lose our dog approached them and get them. three other neighbors were bitten when they tried to help. >> police arrived and killed
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one of the dog with a charge in one of the people was taken to the hospital and details of his injuries are not being released. >> at the obamas administration has recruited engineers from silicon valley. to help fix problems with its health- care web site. or caloracle and red hat are picking ed as well as michael dickerson, an engineer on leaving from google. >> larry ellison told shareholders today that his company is trying to make more reliable and secure. marin had and google declined to comment. the obamas
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administration has pledged the web site will be running smoothly by november 38th. >> at what snow been met thursday with a drummer lawmakers the can as a contractor turned up liquor has now been invited to testify before the german parliament on the angelo merkel phone tapping case. >> but it-as-8 is accused of mounting german chancellor angela merkels cell phone calls, for years now.
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with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are ending soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ only on for a bay area home burglarized for the second time this year. this most recent time a surveillance camera captures the two boards entering the vallejo condo. >> you can see the one of the suspects come through the window right behind the other gergor. the serbs and the state and had upstairs to find what they want to steal. kron4 scott rates i talked to the homeowner who stalled the croats while there were still roaming around his home. >> he did not want me to use his name with this man said
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he was scared and tired of the barbary's plaguing his vallejo never appeared >> this hall has been hit twice this year, prompting him to set a surveillance camera and that camera captured these photos of the thieves. >> " we get rid is sick of it and there is not much been done are now unable " and " >> the most recent are rarely happened last saturday now his wife and children are frightened to what is that of their own home. >> " if we can i get any help from the police department " >> all the officers want to
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be as responsive and helpful as they can't have and it is frustrating to them as well as the system that we can't be everywhere at once. >> " we should feel secure in home and " >> in some cases we have to respond to issues robberies' emery's and the lesser crimes of people working and coal burnley's there'll not top priority. >> " people live in fear over here and all revenues and we stayed is because we do not have anywhere else the ghost is the home owner who was burglarized in " >> i did check with the lieutenant and he tells me that the city manager's office and vallejo and has authorized the pd to hire an
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extra 110 officers that will be on the street after training. he also says that the best thing you could do is get to know your neighbors and know your community and report anything out of the ordinary. >> afterschool child-care aid is behind bars, for allegedly kissing and inappropriately touched a little girl in san mateo. >> 20 year-old eric michael, was arrested on charges of committing lewd acts on a child and child annoyance. it happened ed horrall elementary in san mateo. >> school officials say their school policy requires that all adults can't be along with a child. they're either has to be a group or children or another adult, police are checking on how this nonetheless happened and whether there might be other victims. >> now we will have stanley
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roberts with people behaving badly. >> you are looking at a duck, white i know it looks like a honda accord, but trust me it actually a duck appeared >> the dock is police jargon for a stolen vehicle that has been abandoned--this honda was found and north richmond. >> it was out by cameras like this on chp cruisers and displayed on the computer screen in real time. the chp had just unveiled to the public its license plate readers that not only look for stolen vehicles. >> the system just doesn't get stolen cars it was also get lost or stolen plates as well as felony vehicles sold
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its associate with a homicide or a robbery or or even just a hit and run been as long as it entered into the system it will come up on this computer. >> like this brown act or bigger found at night and pennsylvania in the front seat a shattered metro pc asphalt and a pocket knife. >> the ignition has clearly been punished probably with this. the car had been partially stripped of its radio and something else. so the batteries gone. >> but listen to this a lot of the time you will find the rog door openers in the car if this still has one and all the registration has its home address on it so they take the grind door opener and in your home address then they go to your house and breaking it what you are it worked. >> what does that sound so
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familiar? all but read the equipped with theft deterrent system. >> there are over 1300 thousand vehicles on the road right this minute that are wanted by law- enforcement statewide. sometimes this was the events on the cars to get to make sure the bin matches the car. >> will we saw some disguise and warmer temperatures this afternoon back in the '70s just like we expected. >> it is in the low to mid '70's in the inland valleys. -74 in san mateo and '70s to the north bay. >> it is more than yesterday but still in the '60s. >> tonight clear skies and chilly temperatures and into the 40 is in most locations. allied for friday it will be
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even warmer than today, up one to see the warmest day of the week to round out the work week. >> i will tell you all about the forecast coming up later when we come back on kron4 news appeared >> oatcake backhauls is getting a new make over from hallmark cards appeared >> hallmark is defending itself against claims that it is making a political statement to use the forward on to replace the word gate periods >> the kansas city based company says the multiple meanings attached to the word gate met the lyrics would be open to misinterpretation. it >> coming up there
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investigators now getting involved in the mysterious death of a teenager doing school hours and then you could forget about turning your electronic devices on and off door and air flight. you can keep plant words with friends if you what have the f eight is making things a little more relaxed. when we come back [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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♪ it's whatever works for you. yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. federal prosecutors are now investigating the death of a high-school student in georgia. kendrick johnson was found dead in his school gym and some suspect fall play. tory dunham has the story. allied 70 year-old
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kendrick johnson in january the teenager was found dead at it rolled up jim matt and his high school in southern georgia appeared >> the official death as the mission said he had suffocated region for a snicker. >> first of what was the cause of his death? second was his death the result of the crime? third who committed that crime if his death was the result of a crime. >> to date the johnson family does not agree what local authorities who will his death an accident. allied his parents are convinced that there is something being covered up. >> " the only thing we ever wanted was the truth in " his parents bay appeared allied the doctors said he
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found newspaper steffens' for his organs should have been an evidence of trauma to his job. >> cnn's on what investigation has uncovered new details on how he died and raise questions about the sheriff's department's handling of the investigation appeared >> the family has petitioned the court for videos of his autopsy. >> the u.s. attorney's office is asking anyone for information about the case to please contact them. well we hear warnings to chick can be on halloween but is it really a problem these days or just an urban myth. we did some checking and you are weighing in that story after the break. >> statoil will want to have
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a story about operation blue appeared >> also power down noble or why you are going to be allowed to keep your electronic devices turned on during a flight. >> back after the break of kron4 news.
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we're happy halloween and tonight as kids take over neighborhood streets for a trick or treating, police
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officers are also hard at work making sure they are safe. >> it is happening all across the state and here in san francisco police officers and parole officers are paid a surprise visit to the sex offenders on their lives to make sure they are not doing any date any legal with kids are having any type of contact. >> polo parole officers and police are out in full force on halloween checking in on parolees on bill list. >> several teams expand out across the city and were paying a surprise visit. >> although, we do monitor them, or supervise them every day this is our time to make sure that the children get to have their holiday. the holiday is for them. >> what i was with had
8:32 pm
enlist up 15 sex offenders, those offenders had all of their property search by officers. >> as part of conditions of their parole, there are not to have any toys, anything that would indicate that there are children are route, clothing baby formula and diapers anything like that. allied officers were also looking for halloween stuff like candy, decorations, or even their fourth light on. >> at all know that the conditions of parole are that that is what we are going to be looking for anything that would indicate that they are having contact with children. >> parents are always more to check their kids can get before letting get all hopped up or shut appeared >> but how often do
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dangerous items as a end up in a candy a living will floors at the end of the night or a trick or treating. >> we asked people of facebook what they have found. >> alex says " i have never found are had any issues, we always just throw away any candid that wasn't completely wrapped and never ate anything homemade. >> matty rights " i found a needle in my nancy crashed last year in " >> and had become as " when my mom was a kid someone handed out apples instead of candy and when they got home and cut it up there was a were razor blade inside in ". >> at some of you have been sending us photos of your
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best costumes and decorations for halloween. >> you can send them to us on our facebook page or e- mail them to breaking news at kron 4.cpm or all our mobile app. we will assure them all out is the page and keep showing some of them on air the rest of. >> you will soon be able to use your phones and other devices and threw out an entire trip. no warnings from the flight crew about turning them off. >> the faa is now easing its restrictions on phones tablets e-readers and laptops. we can forget about those announcements about turning them often to the plank is above 10,000 ft.. >> coming up a hot sauce in
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hot water. inspectors for the plant allegedly making neighbor sick, also will have dined and dished with the vicki liviakis. >> coming up will have the weather forecast for tomorrow morning it will be weather forecast for ti love watching tv will be outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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tried out for dine anddish file or in company is a nice little place where you can
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get all types of pastries pierre >>flour and company is a nice a place where you can get all types of pastries. it >> coming up people love the
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taste of a popular hot sauce made in southern california. but neighbors say the factory fumes are making them sick. >> back in a minute on kron 4 news.
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a popular hot sauce made in southern california is famous for its potency and has lots of ads. but not necessarily the neighbors who live near the factory. they say the old birds and fuel are giving them
8:42 pm
headaches and watery eyes. michael has the story. >> call it g gate 2013. sriracha hot sauce is a telltale graeme top and were still on the bottle is in the hot seat. complaints that the smell emanating from its new plant in east a loss angeles making people sick. >> it smells very much like paper or pepper. >> this took a college freshman who lives in the shadow of the plant sent to chile makes her sneeze at her throat soar. others have complained to the city of arundel of headaches and difficulty breathing. the city now filing an
8:43 pm
injunction to force the plant to i the fixed the problem or shut down. >> now it seems air when they'll not firmly to me perry >> this vietnamese in immigrant who turned to the mix of red jalapeno peppers, garlic, salt, and vinegar into a multibillion-dollar global brand he says the plant which was chosen to be built here by the city of or when they'll cost $40 million and has estate of the arctic air filters, even taking media to the roof to prove it. >> at all to its harbor is and chile grinding time-- truck load after truck load of hot peppers brought it over a three month period. in the last week that air quality department has logged 11 complaints in said
8:44 pm
an inspector finding no smells no ballet shoes at the plant. while srirach smells no ballet shoes at the p[ male announcer ]h the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. in the hands of a judge.
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clear skies all around the bay area at this hour. alliant at we want to stay mostly clear tonight and the storm trackers shows a storm will pass to the north and
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we will not see any right out of that. >> the temperatures out the door tomorrow morning largely in the 40's. >> 44 in daly city and half moon bay. >> up of 34 santa rosa and for napa appeared live we all want to warm up more than we did today for places like san jose and los coddles mid-70s in cupertino and palo alto tomorrow appeared in line for the inland balance it will be in the mid to upper seventies at 75 and what the greek and 76 in livermore and pleasanton. >> 70 tomorrow even in downtown san francisco pier >> 60 on the coast line and several degrees warmer than what we saw out there today it appeared like the extended forecast shows war for friday a very nice day into the weekend though we will have that sponsors the passing of to the north and it is one to bring us what: temperature and more clout
8:47 pm
coverage appeared like saturday evening in to sunday will start once lightly through the early part of next week but right now the commuter computer models to show a storm moving into the bay area on thursday which will bring as widespread rains and that is still several days away. >> and sports aldon smith returns to the san cisco for the times, but he still faces a possible suspension from the in at el. >> gary has that in all sports next only come back on kron4 news.
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aldon smith has been
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activated again to play with the san francisco 49ers. >> smith is expected to play one week from sunday when the center cisco 49 upholds the the carolina panthers. >> what is the end at fell one to do because he is facing two court cases in mid november and the commissioner says that the fact that smith sought treatment and has missed five games on his all will be factored in when they determine if he will be suspended appeared in line so he will be rejoining the san francisco's and one week. >> that love has the follow
8:52 pm
on frankgore the star running back and 15 other current nfl players who are suing a bank for nearly $60 million in investment losses. why they are blaming a bad adviser who put their money in any legal alabama casino ventures and other ventures that turned out to be shape appeared >> so gergor is suing the bank said he lost almost $9 million. allie >> is one to sue the bank in north carolina appeared >> the earthquakes will play
8:53 pm
the first game in the new set francisco 49ers lead by stadium. >> no date has been set for general admission tickets, but they will be made available to a record season ticket holders first. >> it will become a strange and that is that of the san francisco 49ers opening the first game in their stadium it will be the earthquake. >> michael baker will start sunday against the raiders
8:54 pm
but dennis allen is still worried. >> michael of thvick will start sunday against the raiders, but dennis allen is still worried. >> the knicks and the chicago bulls have lessened his second last with the knicks up by one at in the 80 wens. >> you can see the bulls of defeat the nickel bottle stoppers tonight. >> the bulls knickbokers
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pierre >>
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at that is it a crime for
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nine years. >> ♪
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