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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 3, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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an officer trying to help a struggling family makes a disturbing discovery. two toddlers left alone in a motel room with weapons an drugs. no parents in sight. it's a story you will only see on kron2 news. >> how a charitable act led the police to the children left in a dangerous situation? in an effort to help a family in need, an officer came to the hotel six to drop off diapers and lightly used clothing. instead of an adult, a 3-year- old was in the door. also in the room, 1-year-old.
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police say 33-year-old kendra smith showed up 15 minutes later. by the time the officer was there waiting. >> found some drugs and drug paraphernalia in the room, as well as pocket knives and where the kids' toys were and things of that nature, things that children could possibly harm themselves with. >> concerned for the children's safety and addition to what the police found in the room. >> determined to release the children to the father, is up to the child and welfare department at this point, to oversee what happens with the children. and make sure they are going to be in a safe environment. >> the father was arrested late last week for an unrelated incident. it was during that time he told the arresting officer about his family's hardship. in trying to do good deed, officer ended up arresting the
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child's mother as well. cashier in walnut creek was robbed at gun point. the suspect got away with a small amount of crash. as they report, not before the investigators got a hold of the picture. >> day after being robbed, the tooty fruity shop, off the palos verdes mall is closed. a sign up front, it is shutting down for a few days, after police say, this man, seen in the surveillance photo robbed the cashier at gun point just before 6:00 saturday evening. >> the suspect, white male in his twenty eats, has -- 20s, has just come in. purchased some yogurt. when the employee opened the till, grabbed money from the till, demanded the money. at one point, fled the cash and crash. >> the employee was working alone at the time and no other customers were in the yogurt shop. lieutenant jay hill, the employee also a young man did the right thing by not trying
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to be a hero. >> in looking at the surveillance video, he didn't offer any resistance. he put his happeneds up right away. let the guy get what he wanted. which is what we would encourage someone to do, especially someone with a weapon. don't try to take him on. his safety is not worth the money in the till. he absolutely did the right thing. >> police say armed robberies in walnut creek are rare. in this case, doesn't appear to be linked to any other. suspect is described as 5'9", with a medium build. last seen wearing dark sweatshirt, gray baseball hat and sunglasses. in walnut creek, kron4 news. traffic accident stalled traffic. a man got out of his car. while in the span, ran into traffic a little after 10:00 a.m. was hit by a minivan. traffic was blocked for more
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than half an hour. the residual effect was felt for several hours. the man was transported to san francisco general hospital. the biggest gun show wrapped up in the cal palace, despite a recent attempt from keeping it from taking place. ron kelly explains. people walked away from the crossroads at the cal pal loss with firearms an munition and even mash et each happy they are able to do so. >> we as gun owners don't want our guns chiseled. >> one person not happy, state senator ron leno, who passed bill, to allow gun shows to take place in the palace. essentially a ban given the political climate but that pill was vetoed by the governor. >> why is sacramento forcing this. >> the cal palace sits on state
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owned land, that straddles the border between san france and san mateo counties. despite ño on county land, they have been powerless to stop them. >> you want a gun show in your front yard, so be it. be respectful of neighborhood that is suffer gun violence and don't want gun shows in the neighborhoods. >> few browsing firearms, understand why some don't welcome the event. >> see a lot of gun violence. that's tragic. it does affect familiar leagues and the public. >> others wish elected officials would focus on other ways to side on society's wills. >> start putting people where adults have a right or deserve a gun. >> people are trying to protect themselves. criminals will do what they do, regardless of the laws. >> leno says the neck step is to talk with the brown administration, in order to better understand why his bill
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was vetoed. maureen kelly, kron4 news. rough day for the raiders. they were at home taking on the philadelphia egg elogist. the eagles, they blew out the silver and black 49-20. kron, ron, was at the game and showed us reaction from the fans. >> pee wee football game going behind me, it may be more entertaining. let's look at the highlights. it was rough. raider nation had to suffer through this one. philly getting the first touchdown. the raiders would bounce back a little bit. from there on out, it was downhill for the raiders. mixed for the quarterback, for philly, throwing seven touchdown passes. that ties an nfl record, by the way. he looks great. the raiders defense, not so
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much. which talked to dep nis allen before the game. he put it bluntly. >> old fashion butt whipping. >> naturally, the raider nation, they were not so happy. what did you think about the raiders performance. >> it could have been better. it's all right. we're all faithful fans. >> just a little bit better. >> what can you do. >> if getting beat was not bad enough, raiders is suffering some key injuries. including darren mcfaden. lings toreel prior late in the game, suffering a knee injury. i did speak to toreel. after the game. he said it was a precautionary measure. he says it does feel all right and expects to be ready to face the giants next week in new
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york. weather was pretty gray at times this afternoon, as the weather system came through. the gray skies kept away in temperatures. readings only in the 60s. warm spot, livermore at 68. temperatures were down 5-10 degrees in some locations. here's a look at the weather system. notice all the high clouds this afternoon, blocking the sunshine and produced a couple of sprinkles in places. none over the bay area. now a live view, there's the bay bridge. conditions are clearing out for tonight. we'll have a cold evening. and getting down to the 30s. sunny day for tomorrow and let you know what monday holds coming in a few minutes. >> victim, man in his 30s was
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driven to the hospital with his family where he died. the suspect was arrested an hour later at 5:00 a.m. the death was san jose's 39th homicide of 2013. new details emerging about how the shooting at los angeles international a airport went down. officials say the suspected gun map, 23-year-old, paul seancia, shot the officer at point blank range. ken law walks us through how su rampage. investigators are piecing together what happened at term na nal three. they don't know the path of the terminal. a roommate dropped them at the airport. he entered at 9:20 in the morning. one of the entrances at terminal three. according to pictures like this
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one as well as surveillance video, the gun was a two 23 caliber assault rifle. he then approached hearn doe, and he shot him, point blank, multiple times on the chest evil then got on the escalator. >> defendant began walking away from the tsa officer and coming down the escalator to return and shoot the wounded officer again. >> at the top of the escalator is the security checkpoint. at some point he wounded two additional officers and one passenger. this is the other side of the security checkpoint from here. the gunman made his way deep into terminal three. cell phone video captured the chaos as he neared the passenger
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gates. >> people were running people knocked down. >> we're speeding up the video as you see the path, making his way to the gates area. >> seasonsy had a host of -- enough to kill everybody in the terminal. it ended right here, when los angeles airport police shot the gunman. a handwritten note was found on him. >> we found a statement, where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple tsa employees. >> and he wanted instill fear to the tradersless mind. >> the tsa is also asking, how in the post 9/11 era did a gupman make it this close to the american passenger plane?
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>> great concern and look at what our policies are and done in cooperation with each airport, police agency and how we go about providing for the best possible security. >> because on the day at america's third busiest airport, it failed to prevent one man with a gun from doing this. , cnn, los angeles. >> the fbi says the suspect, seeonsia is in the hospital but is unresponsive. an-year-old facing expulsion for what he says dangerous conditions. where his parents say he got dangerous ideas. missing home? seems so with the latest appeal. casino just dayings away but traffic concerns on the minds of the neighbors.
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man accused of indecent shooting spree. accused of incidents that occurred in the areas between veterans. thomas was linked to the park through rare. and thomas was charged with 11 counts of indecent exposure and police suspect there is still more, that they are unaware of. the family of 13-year-old andy lopez will face a civil rights lawsuit against sonoma county tomorrow. lopez is the 13-year-old shot and killed by a deputy, spotted him carrying what looked like an assault rifle. the family claims, deputy eric gillhouse shot lopez without cause. the department didn't properly train deputies in such situations. the county is not commenting. a robbery suspect will be arraigned after an officer-
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involved shooting. and ronald was charged with attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. nev aros set up craig's list fans. last week, they were shot by police before being arrested. connecticut judge scheduled a hearing on arguments, whether he has authority to release michael skakel. cousin of the kennedys from prison. skakel is awaiting a new trial in the 1925 slaying of neighbor. judge says skakel was not adequately represented in 2002, when he was found guilty of killing skakel with a golf club. they are rejected nsa leaker, snowden of clemency. no officers or offers are being discussed. snowden should return to the u.s. and face charges. snowden who has temporarily asylum in russia made the plea
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in a letter. and the head of the senate committee is defending the agency. diane feinstein said on cbs's face the nation, the nsa operate in the direction of other departments. agency recently faced global criticism amid claims it spied on foreign allies. >> i believe the nsa is filled with good patriotic people who want to do the right thing. they follow the orders they are given. as i understand it, these are the priority. three, the nuclear counter proliferation. four, hard targets. and now, cyber. and those are the main areas the nsa is told to do serp things and it doesn't. >> claims on spying, sparked calls for the u.s. to roll back the surveillance programs. president obama has ordered a
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review of the program. arizona couple, to kick the principal out of school. the father of the boy, met with the head master regarding pictures of a soldier and ninja and was told the images were grounds for the son's expulsion. official read through the journal and highlighted words he found violent, including killer zombies. >> open the window, stand back quickly. shoot the gadget. rope gun. squeeze across not getting hit. and i don't know how someone could say that about an 8-year- old. no history of violence. nothing at all. >> head master told him he couldn't guarantee the safety of each student. the inspiration for the drawings, was what he was planning to be for halloween.
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the school declined to comment on the situation. >> lot of clouds this afternoon. overcast conditions at times, making it tough for the sun to get through the clouds. as a result, the temperatures in the mid-60s. now a live view to the bay bridge toll maz za. most high clouds clearing for tonight. that's setting the stage on what should be a chilly evening for tonight, with most locations getting down to the 40s. in fact, some of the coldest spots could get some patchy frost before the night is out. >> as we go to the rest of the week, we'll see a gradual trend. wee we're looking at temperatures getting back to the 70s, for the inland as well as the bay. meantime, little cooler, es speshly in the morning hours. there may be isolated spots that dip down to 32 much cold
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enough for a little bit of frost. low 40s, inland valley, with mid to upper 40s by the bay. this is chillier than the past few nights. sunny skies and winds, gusting to 30 miles an hour i think around the bay, look for the high temperatures to be in the 60s, bayside. around 70 for the south bay and san jose. temperatures inland, going to the low 70s. few degrees warmer inland. we have the weather system going to the north of us. no rain from that. few extra clouds and a few things down. there's another system for the weekend. right now, no rain for the forecast. that could change. we'll keep you posted. the new creighton casino
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started dealing hands. the official grand opening is tuesday. dan rubenson will be impacted for years to come. chp had the grand opening for a long time. >> we can have officers in place to shut down the city streets and allow for traffic off the freeway. >> caltrans finished widening down highway 101 the last year. those were drawn -- >> they say it's one of the largest casino in the state. it all depends on what people want to do. >> a study on a casino found each slot machine generates more than 13 vehicle trips every day. the great casino has 3,000 slot machines. it means 3,000-plus cars could be heading to roanoke park every day. >> streets could be impacted as
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well. and there's a lot of construction. >> there's $12 million in litigation for traffic, roads and other issues to the city of roaner park alone. >> residents living across the street aren't impressed. this person shows their displeasure with a sign. take a trip back in time. buses and trolleys dating back to the 1890's line the streets of san francisco. marks the first muni heritage weekend. after muni sen ten nal got so popular last year. >> this is kind of like time traffic. if you want to imagine yourself in a san francisco of a different era, you want to climb on the vehicles, whether you want to relive on a trolley bus or the 1930's, on a motor
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bus. or street car going back to before the earthquake. >> officials say the most popular vehicle in muni's historic fleet is the boat tram. they added another one. i love to ride that thing. fishes say it's quite rare. only 12 were ever built. you will see them out in the streets on a daily basis. of course, weather permitting. seeing how changes, make sure you don't get left in the dark. plus -- >> coming up, in santa clara, stuff is acronym. i'll explain in next edition of people behaving badly.
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>> there's a tiny law that says it's okay to turn on red much the most important part, you have to stop first. that rule or law, whatever you want to call it was missed during driver training. should i say lack of? because in that short period of time, it was an actual conga line of drivers. only slightly tapping on the break pedal. it was not just cars. it was motorcycles. trucks carrying pines of construction and blue rig that tapped on the brake pedal.
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only thing missing. we have a whole gamut of people behaving badly. let talk on the lynne kohn. you know, there's a reason we have stop lights, to control the floor traffic. it means you have to come to a complete stop. the complete stop means, all four motion, and for the record, illegal stop, means stopping at the limit line, not 20 feet in front. >> please don't give me that, if i come to a complete stop. if you're that intimidated, i suggest you use public transportation in. santa clara, stanley roberts, kron4 nugs. at 8:30, even if family members of the valley convalescent, nd and similar facilities are under lock and key. we share why. the span of the bay bridge sunday way. how crews plan to bring it all down.
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new details about valley manor con val es es enter home. -- con val lessent home. consumers are granted little access about valley manor. records are locked behind a security check point in a state
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social security services office. officials say this information was under lock and key due to confidentiality. and requiring family members to find. and demolition crews, looking to destroy what remains. kron4 got a tour of the rig. he showed us how the project will work? >> there's an -- over the next week, we will see the first phase of demolition. >> engineers studying the blueprints. steel bridge and that's the first piece of the original span, that will be demolished. the contractor has been doing a lot of staging and prep work. includes removing the top upper levels of the asphalt. if all goes under schedule, neck week, ideally tentatively, they will start to demolish about 1400 feet.
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by removing that 1400 feet, that will allow the contractor, 1400-foot wide gap that they can work tho, have dimt in the bottom deck, that will assist and reach up to the gap and take it apart in reverse order. they will have to be very careful. >> this is a 77-year-old bridge. it's 77 yearly old steel and 77- year-old technology that, at least 77-year-old technology, if not older used to design it. as you start cutting in to the bridge, particularly to the steel, the load and weight is shifting to the other areas. >> people are using the bike and pedestrian path. they will probably see a lot of equipment. they are not going to see a whole lot of activity. it's not really an eye level. they will certainly hear it, particularly if you're in the bike and pedestrian path. the next phase will start early
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next year. that's when they start removing the steel bridge you see. scott rates, kron4 news. >> the end of daylight saving time, sunset will be an hour earlier. will the hours of the bay bridge bike path. the path has new winter hours from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. it suggests if you're planning to walk, head out before 4:00 p.m. to have enough time. the winter hours will be in effect until march 1st. randy olana will be in court exercising his right to a speedy hearing. alana, in charge of his ex- girlfriend, sandra coke. coke went missing back in august. her body was found five days late ner vacaville. when alana was arrested for violating his no contact order with coke, weighs found to have possession of coke's car keys and debit park. skies are clearing for tonight. the wins are picking up as you could see from mount tim.
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there's a tree in the foreground blowing around. camera is shaking a bit. the winds not as strong as we had last evening. it will still be breezy for tonight and tomorrow as well. right now temperatures cooling in the 50s, just about everywhere. berkeley checking in at 56 degrees. fairfield, mid-50s, santa clara. san rafael. the coolest spots going down to the mid-30s in the north bay valleys. we can see gusts hitting 30 miles an hour at times. temperatures in the 60s by the bay. 70s inland. a look at the forecast for the rest of the week, coming up, vicky. poll suggests older americans are against most proposal that would cut social security benefits. that survey by the associated press, finds 6 out of ten people oppose changing the way cost of living raises are calculated or gradually raising the elgiblity age for full
8:35 pm
social security benefits much many want generous benefits. about one-third, believe the age should be below 65. still ahead, chance to race through new york. why this year's new york marathon held a special meaning. the head honcho, the bay apple has some words of wisdom for the predesesser.
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. new york city marathon is back. last week's race was cancelled. wake of the boston blom bombings. scott thompson has the latest on this year's race. >> on your mark -- >> thousands of runners from around the world competed in the new york city marathon sunday. hours of training and dedication met the city streets for the 26.2-mile race across
8:38 pm
five burrows. cheering crowds lined. and the stark contrast, was a much different scene. super storm sandy devastated much of new york city, forced the marathon to be cancelled. the comeback is symbolic and the people. >> shows them fear of the marathon. incredible what people could overcome. >> marathon mark the largest such race. one runner will have boston as he competes. >> here in new york, today, to run the new york marathon to honor the victims, the survivors. >> new york city police also have boston on their minds. security was especially tight. >> definitely a lot more secure than last year. >> 12500 surveillance officers. even runners were screened before taking their starting positions. even with the security. it didn't interfere with what
8:39 pm
mattered most. finishing. scott thompson reporting. >> and kenya took place in the women's division. she completed the course, two hours and 25 minutes and seven seconds. jeffrey mutai. and each will receive $100,000 in prize money. new york city mayor, michael bloomberg is on his way out. voters will choose a new mayor on tuesday. he shared the legacy he hopes to leave behind and the lessons he hopes the next mayor will adopt. >> most of the things we've done, if we've done a good job will stay in place. you have to keep making your society open. if you start to focus on results rather than equal opportunity, unfortunately, you will start to down everything down. >> democrat bill is going up
8:40 pm
against republican joe loda. polls show that he has a strong lead heading into the election. san francisco often referred to hollywood north. the city looked a lot like the oscars. we'll take you to the glam event honoring superstars in the film and music business. >> wait until you hear what people are doing to get their hands on a pair of google glass. stay tune. that's coming up.
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. some of the big names in entertainment gathering, it was a glam event, honoring mod tern superstars. the twist, the proceeds goes to preserving the wonders of the ancient world. >> select charity ball happening this weekend in san francisco. and overseen by marilu henner. >> how does it make you feel? >> the event honoring
8:43 pm
entertainers of the greek heritage. and his dad a trumpet player for nearly half a century. also straton lee, movie producer of big budget flicks and international tenner. >> and also, restoring, crumbling, at the library. proceeds donated, in the fine arts museum, as well as teaching schoolkids about the origin of western civilization. still ahead at sports, raiders are left scratching after laying an egg at the coliseum. jason has a story straight ahead. >> skies are clearing tonight. temperatures are dropping. looking for a reading that's getting down to the 30s.
8:44 pm
40s bay side. monday forecast for you coming up.
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. new high-tech exclusive club is emerging. google is about to release a new wave of google glass units. high-tech glasses out into the wild. not just anyone could get their happeneds on the hot tech item. there's a big catch. right now around 10,000 people have a google glass unit. google just announced they will let the testers invite three of their friends to be testers. the glasses won't be available for public purpose until 2013. you could imagine that's a large techy population who want to get a hand of these.
8:47 pm
google said they are doing a second wreef of google glass giveouts, because the exists testers will do their best. they have a point. maybe it's the best way to expand the product. part of me wonders, if it's a marketing plan to spread hike, so hard to get your hands on, you have to know someone to get it. the existing testers have to pay $1,500 for a pair of google glass. next wave of testers who are lucky enough to get an invite, also have to pay $1,500. on ebay, right now, there are over 60 existing google glass testers auctioning off their invite. they think people will pay for the chance $1,500 for google. here's an auction with nine
8:48 pm
minutes left. right now, there are people who are willing to pay $3 50/50 just for the right to pay google $1,500. >> whether google intended it or not, the hype is building. >> lotes of high clouds across the skies this afternoon. here's a time lapse of the afternoon and evening hours from the golden gate bridge. clouds really blocked the sunshine. clouds are filling out for tonight. the couple of whis's still out there for the evening, as the weather system moves to the south and east. there were a couple of sprinkles. some more to the sierra. as it clears out, we will see temperatures come down, 40s in a lot of places. even 30s in the coolest spots.
8:49 pm
camara, shaping, as we look at the clear sunday evening. tomorrow, sunny and breezy. we will see temperatures, mainly in the 60s for tomorrow. wednesday, it should be a cool day. temperatures on monday with sunshine. gusts close to 31 miles an hour, upper 60s, low 70s. sab jose, santa clara and everett green. same for cupertino. lost gatos going to 71. inland temperatures, making it to 71. antioch, livermore, 72. san france, highs in the 60s for monday. upper 60s and low 70s into the
8:50 pm
north bay. little warmer to the day. and little cooler for thursday, with increasing clouds. clouds passing by two hour north. there's another system in town for the weekend. at least at this point, no rain. >> here's a look at the weekend box office. the movie starting harrison ford brought in 9.9 million. jackass presents, bad grandpa. that came in number 2. and number 3 spot was held by las vegas, it scored just over 5 million. coming up next, just how bad was it for the raiders at the coliseum. jason, has the answer in all of sports next. i love watching tv outside.
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we go come book, everyone. an ugly, game for the raiders who took a major step back after giving up an nfl tying, seven touchdown passes for the eagles backup quarterback. michael vick on the left. opening the door for foles. he just shredded the raiders defense. in particular, dj haden. foals finds riley cooper who beats hayden for the 7 touchdown. foles airs it out and cooper halls the 63 touchdown. and midway through the 2nd. rach ard jennings, scores a
8:54 pm
touchdown. jennings was in because mcfaden left. meanwhile, the uptempo, eagles offense gets back in on it. they score on the 1st three possessions in the 2nd after. deshawn jack sop, once upon a time, halls a yarder. how about foles one more time. 7th touchdown. ties a record after failing to score a touchdown. foles and eagles explodes. 29-40, philadelphia. raiders put 560 yards of offense. most of it in garbage time. here's coach allen. >> obviously, very disappointed, and in the way we played. i've got to do a better job,
8:55 pm
making sure the team is emotionally, physically, mentally prepared and ready to go. obviously, we didn't hold our end of the bargain. >> how is your room. stayed like a lock. >> prior, left the game, in the 4th with a knee injury. they said it was precautionary much he should be good to go. raiders drop to 3-5. three of the neck five games on the road. the story of the nfl season, continues to be the kansas city chiefs. they improve to 9-0 with alex smith. smith didn't do much in buffalo today. he will rumble for the touchdown. chiefs give up 470 yards of offense. they score two defensive
8:56 pm
touchdown. more than their previous seasons combined. 49ers host a bye. san francisco a chance to pull a half game with russel wilson. the winless buccaneers, have seattle on the ropes. running back, mike james, for the touchdown, 21-0. russel wilson, will have a largest comeback. they will rally to tie it with under two minutes to go. et seal wins. go real quick, to harden park to san francisco. fred couples, the champions tour. he's the only golfer to shoot the 60s all four days.
8:57 pm
the big winner was kenny perry. fifth place finish was good enough to net him the victory and $1 million dollars. >> night, everybody. farmers presents: fifteen seconds of smart. so you want to drive more safely? stop eating. take deep breaths. avoid bad weather. [ whispers ] get eight hours. ♪ [ shouts over music ] turn it down! and, of course, talk to farmers. hi. hi. ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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"e.t." >> did camille grammer hire bodyguards? is she in fear for her life? we have the latest in the beverly hills housewife's alleged abuse story. from new york, i'm rocsi diaz. >> and from l.a., i'm rob marciano. >> this picture really shows a dark bruise. >> do these photos prove camille's boyfriend beat her, as "e.t." uncovers new clues about their relationship. welcome to my yard sale! >> "e.t." cameras take you inside the tents for steadman's antique desk, the baby carriage, the antique couch. >> my celebrity butt was sitting on it. >> how you can own oprah's favorite things. plus, the one item she is taking back. >> i think i should have


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