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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. an officer trying to help a struggling family finds a disturbing scene. two children in a hotel room with weapons. >> reporter: this motel 6 to drop off diapers and clothing, but instead of an adult, a 3- year-oldopened the door. also there was a 1-year-old.
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they didn't know where their parents were. . >> he found drugs in the room and pocket knives where the kids toys were and things they could harm themselves with. >> in addition to what police found in the room caused them to arrest smith and charge her with child endangerment. >> whether she released the children to the father is up to the welfare department to determine and make sure they will be in a saf environment. >> reporter: in trying to do a good deed that officer arrested
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their mother. a yogurt shop cashier was robbed at gun point. >> reporter: a day after being robbed, the tuti fruti is closed. it is shutting down after police say this man seen in this video robbed the cashier at gun point saturday evening. >> the suspect came in and purchased yogurt. when the employee opened the till he demanded money,pulled a gun, and demanded cash. >> reporter: he was working alone and no other customers inspector the shop.
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lieu 10lieutenant jay hill -- >> he put his hands up and did what he wanted. don't try to take him on. his safety isn't worth the money. >> reporter: armed robberies in walnut creek are rare. the suspect is 5'9" wearing a dark sweat shirt, blue jeans, a baseball cap. family members of the lax shooter tried to stop paul ciancia. they notified lapd. those officials visited the suspects home and missed him by
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45 minutes. he opened fire at lax killing a tsa worker. witness accounts are emerging from that deadly day. >> we were up in security. we heard the gun shot. everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks were scrambling. there was a pause. i looked down the escalator and saw the gunmen. . >> ciancia was dropped off by a friend. that friend had no knowledge of his plan. he is an unemployed motorcycle mechanic now facing charges of
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murder and violating laws at an international airport. a 4.5 magnitude earthquake was 6 miles deep. 165 miles off the coast near ferndale. a man made threats on a jet blue flight. he was making concerning statements. the man's luggage determined everything was fine. no information on the sub. one passenger said he screamed this plane will go down. the chp said a man got out of a car and ran into traffic. he was hit by a minivan.
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traffic was blocked for a half hour while the scene was cleared. he was injuried and transported to s.f. general. condition is unknown. across the bay area we had clouds that blocked the sunshine keeping temperatures cooler. no 70s. those clouds are moving out. a live view out over the bay. we are clear out there. the clouds depart. that sets up the scene for a cool night. look for overnight lows to get down into the mid-30s. it could be close to freezing. low 40s. mid-to upper 40s by the bay. as we go into the day tomorrow
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look for a cool start, highs in the 60s by the bay. more coming up. vicki. the checkered background of an assisted living facility. why public information was under lock and key. a casino just days away. welcome to the gun show. these events keep takes place even though a senator wants them gone for good.
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. >> the biggest gun show wrapped up at the cal palace despite people trying to keep it from taking place. >> reporter: people walked away from the cross roads with firearms, weapons and machet es. >> we don't want our rights
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chiseled. >> reporter: the board of supervisors tried to ban it but the bill was vetoed. >> why is sacramento forcing this on lands that don't have a say. >> reporter: in an area plagued by gun violence, voting to ban gun shows, they have been powerless to stop them. >> you want a gun show in your yard, so be it, but there are some that don't. >> reporter: understand why some don't welcome this event. >> there is gun violence that affects family and the public. >> reporter: they wish they had
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other ways to solve societies ills. >> put people away that don't have a right to own a gun. >> people will break laws because that's what they do. coming up the checkered history of the valley assisted living home. history of the valley assisted living home. airport officials doing so what can i get you? we'll take something tasty and healthy. ♪ ♪ if you wanna go and fly with me ♪ ♪ it's buzz the bee on your tv ♪ ♪ oh how did i get this way? ♪ hey! must be the honey! ♪ there's a party going on in your cereal bowl ♪ ♪ o's can help lower cholesterol ♪ ♪ oh why does it taste so great? ♪
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. >> new details about valley manor. assisted living facilities make their paperwork easily visible to the paperwork. there has been little evidence of this with vallemanor. this information was under lock and key due to confidentiality concerns. it was impossible for family members to find. a casino has a grand opening. concerns about increasing
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traffic. >> it is called golf course drive west. >> i want to say it is two lanes in each direction. chp has drawn contingency plans. >> allowing for traffic off the freeway, if it does become standing traffic on the freeway. >> reporter: new lanes were added but plans for the casino, this was a big consideration. every slot machine brings 13 car trips a day. the resort is bringing a lot of
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money to ronert park. >> there are other issues to the city alone. an additional 12 million. >> reporter: money spent over a dozen resolutions passed. golf course drive west is evidence of new dollars at work. the opinions of the casino are far from fading. the legal battle is on going. rejecting snowden's plea if he returns to the u.s. he has temporary asylum in russia. the new poll says most
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americans are against cutting social security and the cost of living wages for full social security benefits. a third believe the age for benefits should be below 65. >> at the terminal there was a gator. >> this has captured a lot of attention. how that creature got there, he will be treated for 6 months. whoever owned it stunted its growth. >> how did he get through security? we had a weather system come through blocking out the
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sun. 65 degrees here in ronert park. looking for alligators, i think we are good at sfo. clear skies. we will see temperatures drop into the 30s and the north bay valley and for monday. we have sunny skies. temperatures should be warmer because we will have more sunshine and readings will continue through wednesday. look for mid-to possibly upper 70s. look for sunny afternoon tomorrow and winds at times especially into the north bay. in the south bay it should be all right. upper 60s and low 70s. ever green.
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72 in antioch. mid-60s for oakland. upper 60s in the north bay. here is the 7-day around the bay. temperatures climb, monday, tuesday, wednesday. then we cool things down. there is a weather system that will pass to our north. the rain stays up that way. we will have clouds to cool things off. there is another system arriving through the weekend. we will keep it dry. that could change. big names in entertainment showed up in san francisco honoring superstars. >> reporter: it is the poetic
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clarity wall. marilou henner from taxi, the drummer from counting crows and his dad a trumpet player, big budget flicks like mission impossible 3, the 3 tenors. they were supporting archaeological digs. the charity also donated a statue to the fine arts museum. good stuff. >> the raiders are scratching good stuff. >> the raiders are scratching ti love watching tvetting steam outside.
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and . >> the raiders rack up yards of offense but gave up passes to nick who was in for michael vick. he finds riley cooper who
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looked like a hall of famer. the next offensive play and cooper scores on the 63-yarder. it is 21-3 eagles. jennings will have a tackle and score. mcfaden was out with a hamstring injury. back at work were the eagles. 28-10 eagles. they score on their first 3 possessions. jackson wide open for 46 yards. he played at cal. it just got worse for the raiders. riley again. 7th touchdown pass. raiders lose 49-20. they drop to 3 and 5. the coach
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is left answering questions. >> obviously i am very disappointed in the way we played. i have to do a better job of making sure our team is emotionally, mentally, physically prepared. we didn't hold up our end of the bargain. >> reporter: how is your knee? >> good. they will look at it tomorrow. nothing is wobbly. >> they took him out. he should be good to go. the raiders as i mentioned drop to 3 and 5. the story of this nfl season is the chiefs. they are 9 and 0 with smith tied at 13 in the 4th with the bills. their defense creates their 2nd touchdown of the game. defense had two. tom will scoop it up and rumble
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in. they gave up 470 yards. but they win 23-13. golf in san francisco. the final stop on the champions tour. a 2-story line. he won by 6 strokes. this guy is the big winner. he won kenny perry a million dollar bonus. two winners today. perry on the right. at harding park. that's it. see you later, everybody. >> i just got off the phone from the weather request line. >> i didn't realize we have one. >> what is it like in los
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