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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 6, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PST

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it was a little empty around the bay area polls for election day -- but san francisco makes a move to close its parks
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overnight. we have both sides of the reactions coming up. return to index of stories... thousands of people were able to roll the dice at the bay aea's newest casino. we spoke to some ofhose lucky ones who were able to make their way in. we'll tell what they have to say about the graton casino. all bart trans are on time this morning following the investigation of a fatal pedestrian accident. officers responded to reports of a body in the roadway on southbound 6-80 in walnut creek at 12:15. >>erica: temperatures to
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their record to be mild compared to yesterday. plenty of sunshine. from noon at you conceive temperatures in the '60s. '70s in places parts of the north bank. by 3:00 this afternoon . today is the
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warmest day. so enjoy the warmth and you like it. the cool down will began. we will stay dry at starting out your weekend and for most of the weekend i think monday for veterans day we have a better chance for some rain we bring through to tuesday morning as well. looks like it will potentially be a wet one later on for the day. >>james: pretty easy ride out there. here's a breach
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track. the bay bridge approach was about 80 looks pretty good as a major way through the tollgates and over the span. no delays whatsoever. the san mateo bridge also moving well. as you can see light traffic. and our final shot for you the golden gate bridge pretty good job about one out of marin county into san francisco. from santa rosa all the way down into san francisco. more weather and traffic at. and now on to news this morning. >>:officials say that at one point, the pedestrian may have been on the bart train tracks at the walnut creek station. train service was delayed more than 20 minutes in both directions out of walnut creek. all southbound lanes of 6-80 were closed during the investigation, but have since re-opened. an amber alert has been issued from sunnyvale this morning. a 1-month-old baby was
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reportedly taken from an apartment complex in the 900 block of helen avenue around 4 yesterday afternoon. a 22-year-old turkish man is believed to have taken the baby, the suspect car is believed to be tan 2004 gmc envoy with the california license plate no. 6hil892. it also has a large american eagle decal on the rearview windowmake license plate tuesday's vote by the board of supervisors to set
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closing hours for parks and large plazas was not a sure thing. the board approved the measure six to five to close those areas from midnight to 5 a-m. kron-4's jeff bush has more on what this means for city residents. also for the homeless who use the parks overnight. and these park hours will go into effect sometime next month. bay area voters found themselves a little lonely tuesday. the turnout on many races and measures was fairly low. officials expected about a 35 percent turnout. more than the 23 percent from four years ago, but less than the 42 percent who voted in the 2011 san
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francisco mayor's race. but two measures were on the minds of bay area voters. in san francisco, propositions b and c, to allow construction of the '8 washington' condominium project on the embarcadero. these are final numbers from the polls. voters have rejected measure b.62 to 38%. they're also rejecting measure c - by a wider margin. critics are using the defeat to have the city revisit plans for the new warriors arena along the waterfront. the final numbers -- including absentee ballots -- will be posted later this week.
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stay with kron-4 for full you can check our web site -- kron 4 dot com. or on our facebook and twitter pages. we'll also have the races important to you updated on our mobile app. the commercials and billboards for the new graton casino are everywhere. and they apparently worked -- because when the casino
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we are back. a very tight gubernatorial race and one that wasn't even close, measures on food labels, secession, and taxes on marijuana. we'll have a wrap of election day, coming up. reporter andrew spencer has some highlights from election day. the democrats agreed republican attempt a little on it by just a few percentage points. in a very different election cnn projected the outcome of the new jersey gubernatorial
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race and come in new jersey gov. chris kristi lynn won a landslide and took the opportunity to use the power to bring people together to do what needs to be done. >>: i know if we can do this in trenton new jersey that maybe the people watching d.c. should watch right now see how it's done. >>: and colorado where voters made recreational marijuana legal last year people voted overwhelmingly to tax it. and nearly all of the vote to its votes counted 65% to wait and supported a 15% tax on tax on pot to help fund the schools and education. and rule counties seeking succession from colorado now by the initiatives that would have saw the formation of a 51st state results were mixed succeeding in some counties but failing and others. i'm andrew spencer reporting.
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>>james: we will take a break. it is 413. when we come back it will be the latest on a breaking news story. a fire burning in san francisco. we will have the latest with that coming up. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ you're back at 415. a developing nose out of san francisco. fire crews on the scene of a two-alarm fire in the cities and richmond district. this all came in at about 345 this morning. burke fire burning and a further residential and business area on the 1100 block of clements street. we have crews on the way for it if you are in the neighborhood take a snapshot and send it to our news from bridge ranking as a kron4 dot com. as for 16%--act for 16. he did not shoot anyone else but himself.
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this is what his brother had to say about the shooting. "this was a sporadic act. this was something that none of us saw coming. so were not sure exactly what caused him to do this and it was devastating." a prosecutor says shoop had a drug problem and had left behind a note. his body was found in a back corridor of the mall early tuesday - ending a lockdown that trapped hundreds of people inside. the mall is scheduled to reopen this morning. in southern california, a toddler who was born with a brain injury is set to receive 7-point-5 million dollars. the lawsuit alleged the mother came to u-s-c medical center with abdominal pain, but was sent back to the homeless shelter by a medical resident.
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none of the attending obstetricians saw the mother before she was discharged. she returned 12 hours later and underwent an emergency c-section. the mother suffered a ruptured uterus that caused a lack of oxygen to her police at u-c davis are calling on federal authorities to investigate an attempted arson they say intended to kill people in an around an off-campus fraternity house. they say members of the kappa sigma fraternity smelled a strong odor of natural gas early sunday morning.
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there was also evidence someone tried to light the fumes and cause an explosion. oakland police have arrested a 16-year-old accused of setting an a-c transit passenger on fire monday night. kron4's scott rates talked to investigators who explain what happened. the shooting death of 13 year old andy lopez meant yet another rally today in santa rosa. just one day after the family announced filing a federal civil right suit. demonstrators were loud and clear about what they want
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to see happen next. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story. this effigy of sonoma county deputy erik gelhous pretty much sums up this justice for andy lopez rallythis caught crowd is focused on one thing today expecting a lot of sunshine. it will be a verynice futurecast 4 are for the non hour today if you're taking a much outside, a great day to do that. we would generally be in the '60s.
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also some spots for '70s and livermore and san jose also lead to parts of san to rosa area by late this afternoon highs topping out and the mid-60s to a lot of locations for our warmest spots which includes livermore san jose as well and the south bay and also the north bay. temperatures will be a few degrees warmer compared to yesterday and it will cool things down into the 50s for this evening. it should actually be pretty nice treat his own picture highs for today. a '70s for today. a lot of mid-50s. concord little color and 70 to the still a very comfortable. also there mid- 70s for napa santa rosa are around 73. here's your kron 47 day around the bay forecast. a little color starting tomorrow and the next chance for some rain i rise on veterans day. >>james: no hot spots to report this morning and the
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bridges look pretty good beginning with the bay bridge here westbound 80. pretty easy ride from the macarthur maze all the way through the tollgates and over the span. the san mateo bridge and very popular route heading from the east bay over to the peninsula. looks good.
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we are back at 4 20 km but otter. an animal that goes a long way in helping the environment. but as kron 4's j.r. stone shows us, some are better known for their violent mating behavior. biologists say that just like people -- some otters are more inclined to
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violent behavior. it also reported they are turning to baby seals and to make and sometimes the act is so rough that it ends up killing baby seals. one study also finds the sea otters would kill them as they've made it but then they would continue to meet with them for another week. chilling and of ariel castro's kidnapping victim's is speaking out. michelle knight sitting down with doctor phil for a two part interview. part one aired yesterday on kron-4. knight detailing how she was initially lured into castro's home when he promised her a puppy. the 31-year-old says she was was kept in a cold, dark basement during long knight discusses the physical, emotional and sexual abuse that ensued. here's a preview of yesterday's interview.
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>>: he took a pipe and held it over my head and said if you scream i will ram this down your throat and i will kill you. so i didn't scream. i didn't make a noise. i just laid there. the only thing i could say is let me go. >>: when you would say let me go what would keep say. of >>: he said when i get through the other girls and the house i will let you go. and i told him you don't need to do that. i begged him not to drink any more there to suffer the hell i went through. but it did he break you. >>: yes four - part two of the interview - here's some of what's coming up on tomorrow's dr phil show.
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>>: i have to help him put the chains through the wall to tie us together. >>: he was forcing you to prepare the torture chambers. >>: state-owned part two of the michelle night interview airs today at 4:00. if you missed yesterday's we are airs today at 4:00. if you missed yesterday's we are gto those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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you're back it is 431. we begin this half hour with a developing story. an amber alert has been issued out of san jose were a one month baby was apparently taken from an apartment complex. kron4's yoli céspedes is alive and oakland. >>: the morning. turns out that baby is a less than 1
4:32 am
years old. only two weeks old. the baby is only two weeks old. sunnyvale police department is now in charge with the investigation. in fact they were the ones that the reports are run to o'clock last night where the couple had an argument the father of the baby dance took the child. and basically threaten to leave with the child out of state. that was the last time that he was sane and of course we have a description of the cars that they drove away from. it's only a tan or brown of a 2004 gmc evil way. and the license plate is 68 tie the father was last seen at yesterday. he had in the past threatened to hurt the child and himself so of course all lost folks are concerned they say if you see this car
4:33 am
reported to the police department right away or to the chp. a description of the father 22 years old he is a turkish man all about 6 ft. tall about 120 lbs.. brown hair and brown eyes and as far as his description we really now have one of very much right now. he's carrying a two week old baby. >>james: think you yoli. we will be following this story and hopefully we will have a resolution before our next forecast. the very particular thing to identify easily it is and has a large american eagle decal on the
4:34 am
back rear window so if you see that stand on a voice-- envoy. sa size tsk let's get the word on weather. haight and 8. >>anny: hi james street a
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clear start to your morning. here's a live look from the san mateo bridge but no problems as of now. we are starting with a sunny skies. but not as widespread compared to the last few mornings. . this afternoon at warmer temperatures compared to yesterday. it will be and i smiled fog that so looking forward to that warmth as we will start to see temperatures cooling down starting tomorrow. vary the temperatures are in the '50's and '40's this morning. 45 in santa rosa. major satellite and radar picture we've basically got clear skies if you clouds to the north of us. it would be a really nice day. here's a look at your highs for the this afternoon downtown san francisco pushing close to 70 degrees in downtown. 71 and redwood city. the south bay also a nice day for you.
4:36 am
temperatures topping now generally in the '70s. mid- 70s and campbell and heading over to the east bay shoreline and i stay for you. take the dog out for a walk. 70 degrees and union city. farther east bay valley locations looking pretty nice out here as well. in the '70s and martinez in far friends of the north bay, looking at 73 and sonoma and 74 an apple. a '70s for pitcher 7 day around the bay forecast. today is the warmest day of the week. still thursday looks nice as well. drive through the weekend. right now looks like the mild spring and as some of the rain on of veterans day. maybe later. >>james: at 436. a quick shot at the bay bridge approach as we give you a look at traffic this morning. no hot spots and
4:37 am
all is quiet. your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza looking pretty good. no issues or delays at the tollgates and an easy ride across the span. same situation for the san mateo bridge as we head south to 92. our final stop for you this morning will be the golden gate bridge. no worries here as you head out of marin county. southdown 101 looking good out of about all the way down to san francisco your drive and at the limit this morning. >>: san francisco has more than 200 parks and they are
4:38 am
used by thousands of people every day. the biggest golden gate park is already closed from midnight to 5:00 a.m.. the new law will make the standard closing time for every park under the city's control. the biggest reason for the law by scott wenner is to prevent this. graffiti, vandalism and ollie go down and that is prevalent in san francisco and can be found in nearly every part in the city. the lawsuit does little more than make the closing time for all the parks the same across the city. there are ready to laws against sleeping and graffiti and vandalism and illegal dumping. the biggest opponent on the board of supervisors has always been district 5 supervisor london a breed. she felt so passionate about her position that she bought a eight page in the guardian newspaper to explain her
4:39 am
reason foris legislation for it breed says that the law will increase the number of people sleeping and the doorways of people's homes. there are not enough park rangers to enforce the ban and the city does not have enough money to hire new ones. breed also says that there's something to the argument that the parks belong to everyone. >>: yes we can pass laws by laws that don't effectively do anything are not lost i really want to pass. >>james: those laws will go into effect sometime next month.
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time for the kron4 attack reports with the gabe slate. >>gabe: good morning go-go's and to help out service is alive. its a website you can also get on its three-year mobile device. the basic idea of hell about is if you need help with something in your life google want you to jump on help out and start a live video cats with an expert and get help. it's a really neat idea. it could prove a very useful. here's a closer look at how it works. >>: on the help out website you can browse the categories. i liked the
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idea. if you're having a challenging time with something instead of going to yell or searching the web or hiring someone to come to your home you it's possible you can do a quick video chat and get the help you need. a lot of the help of i saw were free. the ones that charged seemed reasonable. it will be interesting to see if this new program takes off. cape slate kron 4 see if this new program takes off. cape slate kron 4 news. xñ
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our top story at 445. a statewide amber alert and effect right now. authorities said the father of a 1 month old child took that baby and fled the scene. kron4's mike pelton is live in sunnyvale with more on the story. >>: will james this all
4:46 am
happened along the 900 block of helen avenue yesterday afternoon. that's where they said the child was taken britt this license plate. a brown up 2004 g n c envo y. chil892 this is a vehicle the baby and the father last seen at. you can see their pictures. police said the father who is the suspect is 22 year old. according to public safety at the child's father and mother got into an argument yesterday afternoon and the father took off with the child is telling him he plans to leave the state. o last time anyone ousting the father or the child was around 4:00 yesterday afternoon and said he's made previous threats to harm himself and the baby. the chp issued a statewide ever alert for it is said to have
4:47 am
any information on the whereabouts of the baby or the father called 911. linebacker thousanaldon smith is back with the 49ers. part of the process for the all-pro to rejoin the team following a monthlong stint in rehab including a verbal commitment to the nfl that he would stay out of trouble and keep clean. . smith returned to the 49ers locker room after his long absence and five missed games to cheers from a
4:48 am
teammate who chanted his first name. >>: he's doing the right thing that now and has been and he continues to do that and football will take care of itself for him. >>: michael crabtree has been cleared to practice and is expected to be added to the 49ers 53 man roster before the end of the month. he will practice for the first time since tearing his right achilles' tendon last may during the team's off- season program. crabtree will remain on the physically unable to perform list but according to coach jim harbaugh of he is on pace to be activated as early as the middle of this month. crabtree led the 49ers in receiving last season with 85 catches for one hon-1,105 yds and nine
4:49 am
touchdowns. the 49ers are selling off the seats at candlestick park which will be implemented-in polls and after this season as the 49ers move to their new stadium in santa clara. starting now, season ticket holders to purchase tuesday for what the team is calling a discounted fee of $649. seats go on sale to the general public december 9th. they are sold only in paris with a limit of eight. all proceeds will go to the san francisco recreation and parks department youth programs. cal berkeley says it is cooperating with a police investigation after an altercation between two football players and freshman fabiano hale to the hospital last friday. the
4:50 am
school released a statement saying if there was taken to an urgent care facility on campus before being transferred to the hospital. hale was released on sunday morning after receiving treatment for unspecified injuries. cal coach sonny dykes declined to comment when asked about the incident at his weekly news conference. hale, a walk on from santa cruz california has yet to play. cory hobson--hodgson scored in the fourth round of the shoot out and brian miller made 47 saves for the buffalo sabres who overcame a pair of blown up third. it leads to get the 5-4 win over the sharks. the sabres
4:51 am
have beaten the sharks five straight times. ted kennedy and thomas hertl scored 70 seconds apart early in the third three races to go deficit for the sharks and tommy wingels got another equalizer late in the third but san jose still lost its third straight game. antti niemi made 32 saves. the first steel beams for the team and office buildings at the earthquakes new stadium site are up and in place. the new stadium which is near the san jose airport will open for the team's 2015 mls season it will seat 18,000 and cost $60 million to build club and luxury level seats have already been sold out
4:52 am
>>anny: highs for today 75 as santa clara 74 in san jose. also 74 and palo alto. heading over to the east bay, a nice day for you as well. plenty of sunshine. 74 castro valley, 73 in concord. 75 and concord. north bay also looked at a nice day. 74 in nevada and even 70 in downtown san francisco. 71 and san bruno and lower '70s for oakland and berkeley. here's your 7 day around the bay forecast. a really nice day today. same deal for tomorrow. the weekend is looking to be dry and cooler in the '60s. looks like monday for veterans day. at the chance for some on and off showers. those of showers can linger. >>james: a quick check at the ride out there this morning. so far so good. the
4:53 am
chp and not reporting any hot spots or similar to but obviously we are watching it developed this morning. at the bay bridge toll plaza of the westbound a ride on 80 looks good. said can be said for the san mateo bridge. nimitz freeway ride a leading highway 92 and a ride on the stand itself is at the limit this morning adjutancy though still it's heading westbound are moving without any problems off hayward and to foster city and the final stop for you is the golden gate bridge for you. but like a pretty smooth the ride. the issues being reported by the chp. we will be back with more in a moment. coming up on the kron
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with holiday magic in both parks, the happiest place on earth, just got merrier. female narrator: through veterans day, it's posturepedic through veterans day, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end monday at sleep train. >>darya: the morning. the top stories we were following. you will see the signs of lick up red and amber of aren't looking for your health after a father to kids and fans from his sunnyvale apartment complex.
5:00 am
plus southbound 683 open this morning after investigators discovered a body on the roadway. we'll have details and a live reports. >>mark: and election results continue to come and in the bay area and around the nation. will you about some of the more prominent races coming up. >>anny: the morning. a lot of sunshine for the afternoon today. it will be the warmest day out of the next seven. we are looking at the possibility for some storms to comment. we are starting out with clear skies but the fog is not an issue this morning chilly start and then for the after know, warmer attempts compared to yesterday's so it will be a really nice and mild fall day. enjoy that. temperatures topping out the mid '70s for our warmest locations. first years george with a traffic. good morning. >>george: thanks and good morning. sunnyvale has a minor accident. it's an
5:01 am
accident here from westbound to 37 on 2101 north bound. and the connecting ramp currently is blocked according to the chp. that's a minor problem at this hour. it's cleared quickly we should see much as of the residual effects. it will be a hot spot if it stays there a while the rest of the bay area still looking pretty good. >>james: our top story print a statewide amber alert is in effect right now after authorities say a father of eight to week-old baby took the child from its mother and ran away. kron4's mike dalton has the latest. >>: authorities say that child abduction took place at this apartment complex behind me here. the chp and authorities across the state are looking for one specific vehicle. here's a license plate. in 2004 brown and gmc envoy chil892
5:02 am
license plate. you could see their pictures. police said the father who is a suspect is 22 year-old. the baby just two weeks old is henry goaler romero pripet. the child father and mother allegedly got into an argument and the father of deducted the child to when the mother he planned to leave the state pripet authorities say the cooler has made a previous threat to kill himself and hurt the child. they say if you have any information call 911 but i want to read the license plate number again correct. chil892. that is the brown and gmc envoy where the father and child were last seen and or authorities are looking for. >>mark: a fire in this residential and business
5:03 am
building in the 1100 block of clement st. >>: san francisco board of supervisors has voted to close up the city's more than 2000 parks from midnight to 4:00 a.m.. this know what does a little more than make a closing time for all the parks the same across the city. the biggest opponents of the lot has been district 5 supervisor in london agreed. she felt so passionate about her position that she bought a page in the guardian to explain her reasons for being against it. >>: yes we can pass a loss but a loss of that don't affectively do anything are not laws that i really want to pass as a legislature. >>: she says that the law is going to increase the number of homeless to end up
5:04 am
sleeping in doorways and of their are not enough park rangers to enforce the ban. she says the city does not have enough money to hire no one's perfect >>mark: a quick update on some of the election results. the turnout was quite low for many measures around the bay area. about a 35% turnout. people in san francisco closely watching to measures proposition and b and c. it would allow construction on eight washington condominium. that project along the embarcadero. the final numbers come in and and voters rejected the measure by a wide margin in rejecting me measures the by an even wider measure. critics are now using the defeat to say the visit to revisit the plans for in the warriors or read along the waterfront. fix the final
5:05 am
balance will be posted later this week controversial gun a measure which requires gun owners to report gone to police with the 48 hours, lot of guns at home and get rid of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammo. >>mark: in walnut creek police are investigating a crash that killed a pedestrian. it blocked southbound 680 here for hours last night. kron4's jackie says is live in walnut creek with more than what happened. >>: i'm here at the walnut creek bart station looking at 683 it though still like to see our southbound. as you can see traffic is flowing again. you can take a look at the video to see what it looked like during the time the 680 was completely shut down. chp says they received a call a groundswell a.m. this
5:06 am
morning. that there may have been any of their eight the deer or something and the roadway. that's when they discover that it was actually a person and the road and that person was pronounced dead. at that point around 1230, that's when they completely shut down southbound 680. this incident happened rights and near an overpass where the bart tracks cross over 680 there was some speculation but are not that person was on that overpass print may have been hit by a bart train at that point. bart service was also delayed as they inspected the area. we had a chance to talk to a chp officer on the scene and he describes the situation out here this morning. >>: the initial assessment it looked like a pedestrian was hit by another vehicle. but upon further investigation it was determined that he the female was a possible suicide jumper off of one of the bart tracks overhead on
5:07 am
top by 680 southbound in walnut creek bridge >>: as i said, freeway is completely shut down for several hours as they continue the investigation but things are back open right now. if we get any more information from a bart or chp we will pass it along. >>james: coming up. we will take a break right now but our top story is that amber alert we will continue to follow the latest with that as you could see the caltran signs are led up pretty will see these all across bay area roadways this morning. we will be right back. [ whistling wi ]
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new details in the new staff
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>>: here is that the baby. black hair and brown eyes. two weeks old. we don't know what they're wearing at the time that they left a but we can at least identify the child which as we mentioned is either a tan or brown 2004 gmc envoy and the license plate number is c h i l 8923 there is a big american eagle sticker on the back rear window so they are saying if you spot this car call your local police department or you could call the sunnyvale police department just to keep your eyes open. we will be reporting those pictures so people can get familiar with the father and the baby.
5:17 am
>>darya: we know that the father took the child against the mothers will. is there any idea of where they might be headed? >>: according to the police department they said that the father in the past has threatened to hurt himself and the child so there are very concerned about that if that is true. as far as what direction it is still unknown but he did threaten to go out of state. >>darya: thanks a lot yoli. >>james: a quick update on some of the national air races print new york city now has a new mayor and a landslide bill lobasida. chris chris be reelected for a second term as governor of new jersey and in his honor they made this late-this
5:18 am
cake a couple other national notes. colorado voters have agreed to tax marijuana at 25%. proceeds of the newly legalized drug will go towards regulation and building schools. voters in texas have rejected a plan to authorize a bounce to turn the accused her houston astrodome into a giant convention center. it will likely not be torn down. >>darya: if you're going to be on a cake you want it to look like you. and new jersey mall is opening its doors after a shooting that happened earlier in the week. in the meantime family and friends say that richard cheap was well liked and gave no warning that he would bring a gun to the west field garden state plaza and kill himself. the 20 year-old fired at least six shots. he did not shoot anyone else. this is what his brother had
5:19 am
to say about it. >>: this was a sporadic accident. something that we never saw coming. we are not sure what caused him to do this and we are all devastated. >>darya: the prosecution says that should have a drug problem and had left behind a note. his body was found in the back corridors of the mall on tuesday and did that lockdown were hundreds of people were and the mall and not knowing what was next. >>james: take a look at the snowfall that we've seen it coming down in some parts of the country priest of the right side of your screen is out of washington where they received about 3 in. of snow. on the left side of your screen is to false thrift received over 6 in.. --sioux falls. winter coming early for some parts of the u.s.. at 519 was find out about our weather from the bay.
5:20 am
>>anny: good morning. we are now looking at winter arriving here not quite get treat infected is going to feel like a really nice full day. the morning san francisco. we have clear skies to start off this wednesday. at home today. it's going to be our warmest day. and then we began our colin pottered starting tomorrow. if you want to want to get outside while you can print plenty of sunshine for today. starting tomorrow we will began heckling pattern through monday. then on veterans day we are looking at the chance for some rain to impact some of those veterans day parades and celebrations so keep that in mind. high pressure is in control but got some high clouds streaming and but we will still see plenty of sunshine and warmth this afternoon trip we still see some chance for showers temperatures for today.
5:21 am
temperatures will be in the '60s and also '70s for livermore san jose. also the north again. by 3:00 temperatures will be topping on generally low to mid 70's today. so really nice afternoon. lot of widespread mid '70s for the south bay include a santa clara san jose as 74. milpitas around 73. cupertino 74. redwood city as 75 degrees and also mid-70s for east bay locations including danville and does is set at 76. livermore a 75, 75 and san leandro and the north bay also looking to be pretty nice. a few thirties in the usual spot to this morning. temperatures are going to rebound into the made a near 70 territory.
5:22 am
'70s for oakland as well as 66 degrees for our friends in daly city. mr. kron 47 day around the bay forecast. temperatures are going to be warming up to day but then we start speckling pattern tomorrow but still a nice day for thursday. we can look to dry. it will be cooler. chance for some afternoon and evening of rain at 4 that ran today and will be a lot cooler. low 60s inland and same deal for tuesday. 522 is the time here's the george with your traffic. >>george: still in pretty good ride. no hot spots are major problems. here's a the picture east bay ride. traffic looks good on 80 westbound just 12 to 30 minute commute time. highway for shows and heavy traffic here coming through antioch. and highway 4 near discovery bay just a little bit west of it. an accident reported there that may be blocking part of the roadway. 580 a much better start this morning. south
5:23 am
bay freeways look great with green showing on the roadway sensors. jamming speeds above 50 mi. per hour and here's the marin ride running at the limit of 23 minutes from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. we will look at the golden gate in a moment offers us check the bay bridge ride. a problem for it with light traffic from the macarthur maze and all the other approaches. and for the san mateo bridge, 92, a little hazy on the land but likely looks good. here's a look for the golden gate, a light and easy ride self down to 101. the >>darya: at 523. we'll be back in a couple of minutes. our developing story which is the amber alert. the signs which you will see all over the bay area. police are looking for a man who took his child from their home in sunnyvale. we'll be
5:24 am
back in a couple of minutes. you got to love the weekend.
5:25 am
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5:27 am
taking a look at wall street after the dow down for much of the week. futures on the rise right now. futures up 60 points. the nasdaq up 3 and 1/4 and the s&p 500 down five. keeping a close eye on tesla this morning. the bay area a lecture car maker posted their third quarter results after the closing bell and there were well below wall street's expectations. rhino tesla shares down 11% in the free market. tesla results were weighed on applies to most of the company that opened more stores and to invest as heavily and they're charging network 3 it to a slow loss of 38 and a half million dollars. the companies as they sold over 5500 model ls sedans. that's a record quarter for them in a car sales. the
5:28 am
>>james: at 527. we will take a quick break. when we return we will have the latest on our top story. it is that child deduction and an ever alert to that has been issued. we will have more information on the child the suspect in the car there were last seen man. i in it rlly made t difrence tweea moingaround t house d geing little exeise. likehe bgain brand dend ges you newit-fx®, tweea moingaround t house our st ptectn. lit's a oothnd cfortable fit th me lya strands., tweea moingaround t house our st ptectn. get ur fe sale at pendom.
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5:30 am
>> welcome back. the time is 5:30 a.m.. a statewide amber alert is an affect authority say that the father of a 1 month old child took the baby and fled. he left their home along of the 900 block of helen avenue in sunnyvale. that is where we find kron4 mike pelton with more. >> authorities say that the father has made the previous threats on him and on the child. this morning we're
5:31 am
learning that the suspects cellphone--we know that the san diego police department is involved and there also looking for his vehicle. this is a tanned 2004 on voice. 2004 envoy. the vehicle s a large american eagle on the career.rear. the sunnyvale department of public safety stated that about 415 in the afternoon that he got into a fight with the mother and took the child. he told the mother that he planned to leave the state. authorities
5:32 am
said that the father has previously made threats to harm himself and the child's. you can see the signs all across the freeway this morning. the chp stated that they have no verified sightings of the vehicle. this morning we knocked on the door for the family and a woman did not want to speak with us. this is a very nerve wracking moment for the family members. >> it sounds like they're going to be concentrating to get ahold of this man. >> the chp istated that if you see this vehicle you should call 911. they want you to call if you think you see the vehicle. >> police in walnut creek
5:33 am
have previously stopped investigating accidents that happened around midnight. police had all southbound lanes closed while they conducted the investigation. police stated that the pedestrian may have been on the bart tracks before being struck--the train service was interrupted. is unknown if they are related. >> the time is 5:30 a.m.. >> here is a live look from the sfo camera. there are no reports of any delays and no fault the. we just have a few high clouds. we will be warmer today. we will start
5:34 am
to cool things down for tomorrow but today was still a big rally nice. we will be dry for the next few days but on veterans day we are tracking the possibility of showers. >> we are monitoring a few incidents but no hot spots. the quick commute check shows that is mostly light traffic at the bay bridge and run the south bay peninsula. we're already starting to see signs of slowing. >> majorie reitzell, the woman suspected of driving drunk when she hit and killed a couple in menlo park last month has been
5:35 am
arranged after several postponements. prosecutors say that the 54 urals' blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when she struck the couple. the couple was out walking their dog at the time. her arraignment was put on hold several times because of medical reasons. her brother says she's been battling pneumonia. she faces felony charges including gross vehicle manslaughter. she is being held on a $2 million bailout. >> new details in the lynne spalding case. she was the one who was found dead inside a stairwell at san francisco general hospital in october. a lawyer involved in the case is now questioning the existence of a key witness. harry stern
5:36 am
is the attorney for five members of the san francisco sheriff's office. he is saying that reports that a witness may have seen her body days before she was found. it is reported that the information about a possible witness came directly from a doctor at the hospital. >> the armed man involved in a confrontation with its fairfield police is dead. it happened tuesday morning on highway 12 closing the highway between pennsylvania avenue and avenue. police say fairfield resident deonte traylor had a knife and was shot after refusing to surrender. officers had initially been called to an apartment where they said the man has stabbed woman. he was on parole for robbery and has a lengthy criminal record. >> oakland police have
5:37 am
arrested a 16 year-old accused of setting an ac transit passenger on fire on monday night. they say that it appeared that it was a random act of violence. the victim is 18 years old. he goes by the name sasha. police said the victim use a lighter to set fleshment on fire while he was sleeping on ac transit bus in oakland. investigators used a surveillance video to track down the suspect. they say that they now want to know why someone would do something so violent. >> there was another rally in santa rosa for a 13 year- old andy lopez. he was shot and killed last month by
5:38 am
sonoma county deputy erik gelhous. on monday the family filed a federal civil-rights suit. demonstrators, including anti-war,cindy sheehan, were allowed unclear about what they want to see happen next. they want deputy gailhous criminally prosecuted. >> the rally included some peaceful singing before taking to the street. over 100 protesters participated in the march to the d.a.'s office. >> ♪
5:39 am
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>> the time is 5:41 a.m.. today will be the second day in which the new graton casino in rohnert park will be in business. when the doors opened around 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, thousands or waiting to try
5:42 am
their luck. by midday, the casino was that capacity. the casino had to close only allowing visitors to enter when someone else left the building. the chp also reported that the traffic was backed all day in the area. many who had the opportunity to go inside really liked the experience. >> the restaurants are wonderful. >> there are so many tables. usually you see them all cluster pripe >ed >> there are more than 3000 slot machines and 144 gaming tables. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. we have no information on where the father and child may be headed. we will take a look at the amber alert sign that is lit up. we will have the
5:43 am
very latest on where heat may be in a few minutes. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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5:46 am
>> welcome back. we have new developments on our top story this morning. drivers in southern california are asked to be on the lookout for a bay area man after he took his one month old baby. kron4 yoli aceves is in oakland with the update. >> it looks like we may have a possible direction of where it is going. here is a picture of the father. the baby is only two weeks old. the father is 22 years old. he weighs about hundred and
5:47 am
50 lbs.. it was last seen driving a 102004 g 2004 tan gmc envoy. if you do see this and deal " you should try to report its so it can be checked. the main concern is that this fall dirt who took this child investor day after an argument with the mother--he has previously threatened to hurt himself and the child. people need to be on the alert even though at this point the investigation is gone towards southern california. >> this is just the assets the suspect's vehicle has not been spotted. he might
5:48 am
have just gave his car to low and fred. keep your eyes peeled. >> the time is 5:47 a.m.. we want to focus on weather and traffic. >> we have clear skies and here's a live look from our roof cam. we're not dealing with any fog this morning by the afternoon will have plenty of sunshine and it will warm-up. today will be the warmest day. we will start a cooling trend on tomorrow. we do have chances for rain for veterans day. i will talk more about that in the seven day forecast. >> the to the pitcher's right now are in the '50s. san jose is coming in at 47. 40's up in napa and santa rosa. iif you are traveling
5:49 am
nationwide you have to watch out for these storms stretching from mississippi and through the great lakes. chicago and detroit are also getting grain. the rain and the main threat is that these thunderstorms are possible towards louisiana and alabama. there are no storms for the northern california and the bay area. we may see high clouds today but the easterly breeze it means that we will see mild conditions. >> the highs for today 70's and san francisco and 67 for san mattel. heading south of the temperatures will be in the mid '70s including san jose, 73 in santa clara and 73 degrees for milpitas. the
5:50 am
temperatures will top off in the mid-70s for san ramon on 77 for livermore. mid-70s for pittsburg. lower 70's for martinez. >> the temperatures in the north will be low. tomorrow we will begin the cooling trend. we will be drive through the weekend but a chance of rain for sunday into monday. looking at the 14 day longer-range we do have more storms headed this way. the time is 5:50 a.m.. >> we are monterey a new accident in hayward. this is a 1880. this is the only saving grace is that this motorcycle accidents was some of northbound side of the freeway. it is already
5:51 am
affecting the southbound commute. we have problems here yesterday then started to back up. we never really recovered through the entire commute. the possibility of a new hot spot here-- otherwise we continue to track a few minor incidents. the real salon is on highway 4 and interstate 580. highway 43 antioch the snarly take an accident to slow down. >> we are picking up slowing 41 01 northbound. this is the issue pass a julienne of mckee. the bay bridge is starting to see things slow down and the metering lights have not yet been activated.your commute to the san mateo bridge is a good one, highway 92 has
5:52 am
light traffic off with 11 minutes. here is the amber alert on the signs. >> the golden gate bridge is easy for 101 and we're still delay free from iran county on 1 01 southbound. public transit is enjoying a good ride with no delays reported. >> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> are you serious? >> we will call them verify this. >> deputies from the san francisco department warned residents that there are checking that she may have
5:53 am
and warrants totaling $80,000 spread one of the deputy grabbed her and that an actor questions. >> bag and asked her questions. >> while checking her once they found a crack pipe in her purse. >> this is a $75,000 fine. >> a female deputy arrived to do a more thorough search. >> is there anything in your barack? >>bra? >> she had a needle also. >> she has a another
5:54 am
problem, she had to warrants but for $5,000. she gets called off to jail. >> what are you doing? >> what is your last name? >> this is a 44 year-old james, >> as do you know that you have a warrant for robbery? >> when? >> he was just an been on the street when he was spotted. he claimed that it was mistaken identity. he stated as someone looked just like him with the same member states. >> in just one day, five fugitives were taken off the street. one had a mass pike and one had baking soda that he was on the sale on the street. >> the sampras's " sheriff's
5:55 am
unit has been getting is a fugitive sought off the streets for close to 30 years. >> in san francisco, kron4 news. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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in conolli yournow the the rst d] er t couer treatment put e corol back in yr gotiveladder. withew otrolor wen. w inhe finine careisle. put e corol back in yr gotiveladder. >> top stories we are following this wednesday november 6th. an amber alert has been issued after an infant was taken from a sunnyvale apartment complex. we're live on the scene. >> plus, southbound 680 has reopened this morning after investigators discovered a details on what happened in a live report. >> and we're following


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