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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 6, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> pam: now at eight and all of this search for a bay area and that pants and mexico. with the baby alive, and his father in custody. speaking out! what the san francisco county sheriff is bouncing about the deputies and the death of patients as san francisco general. >> reporter: making it across the border into mexico stopped at a checkpoint and they saw that he had a million dollar or arrest warrant out with border control taking him back to arizona and giving him back to you as authorities. two week old
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henry is what authorities this evening. mother is relieved. >> has been asking me on day one is he coming back. i keep telling her that he is on his way to combat. >> i was really afraid that i would not be able to find him or see him again. >> i am really happy and thankful. think of that the police and people that help fight my child. thankful >> i am really worried about my son and thinking about him. i'm sure he knows the actions and what he has to face as far as consequences.
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>> reporter: both the suspect in the baby are in good condition. the good news here is that the baby is found and has been found and it is safe and sound. reporting from sunnyvale now at eight: speaking out! what the san francisco county sheriff is finally saying about his deputies and the death of a patient now at 8-- >> pam: san francisco's sheriff revealing the department's incomplete search for lynne spalding --- the female patient whose
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body was found in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital. >> pam: sheriff ross mirkarimi admits, his department made mistakes during the search for spalding. kron 4's justine waldman. has the details. plus, the major changes coming to the sheriff"s office. >>"the gravity of this situation is not lost on any of us." >> reporter:sheriff ross mirkarimi went through the list of things that went wrong during the 17 day search for missing sf general patient lynne spalding. >> reporter:the troubles started when deputies got a report >>"physican said i came into the room to discharge her and she was already gone but she is very confuesd and not safe to be on her own." >> reporter:the deputy in charge did not consider this a missing persons case. and information was not passed on to the next deputies on shift. then came confusion. >> reporter:the sheriff said
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hospital staff mis- identified spalding -- who is white--- first as african american, and then as asian in hospital logs. when a deputy went to look at securty fotoage the cameras did not workd. >>due to hardware problems was unable to do so >>more than a week after she vanished.deputies were ordered to search again for spalding. but they only looked in half of the stairwells. >> reporter:campus 24 acres staff was directed to search the campus. did not include all the stairwells. >> reporter:finally, as for the report that a still unidentified man saw a body in the stairwell and told a staff member. >> reporter:mirkarmi says. deputies did nothing about it. >>"we'll take care of it." >>i don't they didn't take it
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seriously. >> reporter:the attorney for spalding's two children does not believe authorites did much to try and find her. >>more and more troubling. asian african american woman dont seem to know who their patient was >> reporter: to make sure a tragedy like this never happens. daily patrol and a protocol for when alarms go off with adding this test. kron 4 received this statement from san francisco general hospital officials. the hospital says, this was their first opportunity to learn details of the sheriff's investigation. >> reporter:the director of health said. quote - "it must be difficult for lynne spaulding's family and friends to hear of today's news. we owe it to them, and to all of our current and future pateints, to strengthen our security services."
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>> pam: crisp aldon family is extremely dissatisfied with the sheriff's department. looking for a peace of mind. lynn spauding's family >> is certainly does not answer the question how a one ankle late on a stairwell for 17 days on discovered. >> reporter: at one point it was i she was identified as a black female than an asian >> it is only one issue here lynn spalding late like a piece of trash on american
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hospital sterol for 17 days. stairwell. unsatisfactory. >> reporter: questions are to be answered. >> reporter: the family spokesperson says they have the that they cannot investigate themselves spirit of demanding an independent investigation. >> pam: in oakland. a 16- year old boy is arrested for allegedly setting someone on fire, while on an a-c- transit bus. >> pam: unnamed suspect is a student at oakland high school. the teen may be facing felony hate crime charges. he was originally booked on assault with a deadly weapon and mayhem. the victim, you see
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pictured for burns in the hospital. authorities say, the suspect may have targeted the victim, because he was wearing a kind of skirt. the alameda county district attorney will also have to decide. if the suspect will be charged as an adult. >> catherine: >> pam: new at 8-- >> pam: in just two days, thousands of people have already visited the new graton resort and casino in sonoma county. >> pam: it is now the largest casino in california. and the influx of visitors is also bringing heavy traffic to the otherwise quiet community of rhonert park. kron 4's charles clifford is live. charles, how is traffic looking tonight? >> reporter:on tuesday, long lines of cars packed wilfred avenue as people from all over california came to check out the new graton casino. chp officers were even helping direct traffic.
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>> and sanity. insanity >>amanda medeiors works at the nearby 76 gas station >>busy all day.... >> reporter:but by wednesday, things had calmed down. chp was no longer directing traffic and there were empty parking spots at the casino. >> reporter:how was it today? much calmer. >> reporter:even though the initial surge of visitors seems to have subsided, residents who live near the casino still say traffic is heavier than they've ever seen. it's hard to get out of your driveway. jason guerra lives with his family along nearby stony point road. sot
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>>it's hard for people.... >> reporter:everyone i spoke to on wednesday agreed that heavier traffic is probably the new normal.. for better or worse. >>good for business, not good for people who live here. it's permanently open >> reporter: people who live near graton may not like the extra traffic. but traffic inside the casino is giving it rave reviews. it's definitely unique. >> reporter:it's said to be the only casino in the country with lots of natural light. most casino's are darker.they don't want you to keep track of how long you're in there. 820 million also buys you a high tech ice making operation. apparently ice is made on the roof and then funneled down to the sky bar.before it goes into your drink glass.
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>> reporter:three thousand slot machines, 144 game tables.and a whole separate poker room with 18 poker tables. it's big and it's bold.and several restaurants inside are there to help fuel the guests for hours of testing their luck.and skill. >> reporter:if you want to see more from inside the new casino -- we've posted video on our ha website. >> pam: ahead at eight. 49ers coach jim harbaugh is now weighing in on accusations of bullying in the n-f-l. >> pam: plus: all eyes are on twitter. as the company prepares to go public in just hours. how much each share will cost. >> reporter:new tonight at eight - the settings on your facebook account are changing.
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>> pam: kron 4's scott rates shows what you need to know about the new way. facebook is controlling the privacy settings on your account. >> reporter:this affects the way people can search for your name now with these new settings anyone can pull up your name before - this is the screen, under privacy settings "who can look up your timeline by name" >> reporter:now - facebook has taken that option away meaning anyone who knows your name can pull up your account but just because they can find you, can they see your pics and your postings facebook saying the reason for their decision to get rid of the "who can look up you're your timeline by name" feature is rather simple
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>> reporter:they say the setting was created when facebook was a simpler directory of profiles and was limited >> reporter: can they see my post as well? photos? >> pam: election night is over and here in the bay area. the two most controversial issues focused on guns and waterfront redevelopment. >> pam: in sunnyvale, a gun control measure passed. with more than 66-percent of the vote. measure c requires gun owners to report the loss or theft of their firearm within 48 hours. it also requires. firearms be in a locked container in a home, or disabled with a trigger- lock, when not in
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the owners possession. >> pam: it limits the size of gun magazines to ten bullets. and requires that ammunition sales be logged and tracked within the city of sunnyvale. the national rifle association has promised to sue. >> pam: in san francisco, voters rejected two ballot measures that would have allowed a controversial condominium project to be built across from san francisco's waterfront >> pam: measures b and c. addressed plans for the '8 washington project'. that's a 134- residential development. which includes retails shops, public parking and a public park. opponents were especially upset that part of the project would have surpassed the city's 84- foot height limit. to 92- feet in one section. and 136- feet in another. >> pam: new tonight at 8-- the defeat of those two measures has galvanized opponents of another waterfront project. >> pam: us, those opposed to the development of a waterfront arena for the warriors say, san franciscans are against this
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project as well. >> reporter: not just for that a home for the warriors but a wide range of entertainment. causing for a 7 a. park. 7 acre park >> reporter: 13 a. that are open over open bay waters is not a and appropriate place for a wide entertainment arena. >> reporter: they say both the iran and at 125 ft. and condos will do just that. >> same thing to what people
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were worried about they just want to make it larger than the eight washington building. >> reporter: the benefits of the report reno is tens of thousands of jobs and money and city revenue. had the warriors proposal been on the ballot it would have won. politicians have best paid attention >> neighborhood said no on prop b and c so we hope that the supervisors representing the neighborhoods and districts will pay attention of to what they have said to building on the waterfront. when the lawyers come before them with their application that they will listen to their constituents and now. vote no
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>> reporter: the next step will be to make that agreement public. then and the discussion will began. in san francisco. >> reporter: explosive nfl bullying story.that centers around former stanford football star jonathan martin. >> reporter: now speaking out about the allged victim. and espn is reporitng martin checked himself into a florida hospital last week to be treated for emotional distress. he's since returned to califonria, where he's cooperating with the nfl as it investigates the issue. >> reporter: yesterday.incognito told a florida tv station that he was trying to weather the storm of controversy. the south florida sun sentinal is reporting the dolphins asked ingocnito to toughen martin up after martin missed practice last spring. the dolphins coach did visit martin in the hospital last week.according to espn. martin is now said to be
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preparing a detailed account of the alleged bullying incidents that led to his departure from his team. >> reporter: uc the vital message here with a racial slur and threat to kill him. reportedly are calling for nearly a year mark toll left the team brettmartin left the team. >> reporter: and cut neither justified this on a radial network. this story has tied to the bay area >> none to be a fine person. the great contributors and student and athlete. and put
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to musses the student athlete model. and personal friend. so i support jonathan. >> reporter: very nice shot of city hall this morning. high clouds still with mild temperatures and 65 in oakland and livermore at 59. so highs for tomorrow with a little cooler temp. san jose
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at 71 toman with 73 in livermore. los 70's for san rafael. under partly cloudy conditions and expecting to down to continue through friday and saturday as well. you can still see dry for the next few days we are tracking a storm that could impact the bay area over the weekend creek we will talk about the timing of that. >> reporter:google has broken its silence about the mystery barge that has been floating in the san francisco bay. state-owned that is coming out
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>> reporter:" we're
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exploring using the barge as an interactive space where people can learn about new technology." >> reporter:so it sounds like is going to be a show=room of sorts a place you go to learn about google products. software, apps, and physical google gadgets . and i think that is the key to these barges how google is now moving into the consumer technology market. making and selling gadgets. >> reporter:don't forget google accuired motorolla so they are making and selling android phones they have the nexus 7 tablet, that's google's tablet to rival the ipad. they are offering a device that just came out >> reporter:it's called chrome=cast it's a $35 streaming media player that wire-less-ly connects your phone, tablet, or laptop to your living room tv. i predict this device is going to be huge >> reporter:and soon they will be selling google glass. so they are in the gadget game. but the y don't have retail stores their main competitor apple has stores. that are famous around the world
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>> reporter:they look cool and its a place you can play with -- and learn about, all the apple gadgets google needs something like this. they need retail space. and they need to one up apple and make it cooler then apple's glass stores. thus. a floating store. what's cooler than that. and heres the latest intel this is not confirmed from google, but from what i'm hearing one of these new google showrooms could be open in a matter of weeks not months or years. but weeks >> reporter: the idea for the holiday season we will see gsk4n >> pam: this video boeing pyro. going viral!
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police say the thieves are most likely working in groups. and, targeting cars in random locations.
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>> pam: >> pam: police say in the past seven days 21 cars have been reported stolen. with many of the cases on soft kron4 felipe is live in san leandro police are warning the police to be more aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: several old rest have been made in those cases the many are unsolved and the upcoming holiday season could be one reason for the spike in crime. investigators are using license plate readers to recover some of the car spirit and the meantime be extra cautious when parking and do not make the ec for the criminal.
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>> person left car idling to warm up while they go in to get a cup of coffee or what ever, that is a perfect example someone can get in that car and drive it away and do not think that it cannot happen if it happened and a second. criminals look for opportunities like this. >> reporter: at night tried to park in a well lit area where there is a lot of people all round. do not leave your valuables in your car and it is best to invest in and a car alarm system. >> pam:
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>> reporter: be shown on gate marriage proposals and they are saying exactly what they are thinking. >> is that his family? >> what are they dancing? why? >> so this guy is getting propose to,, >> that is a nice suit. music >> are they gate?gay?
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>> now say yes >> you do not see this every day that is just crazy >> people say that is not natural. but is normal now. >> i do not get why anyone would be met. mad. >> you should be happy. >> children are always honest. no way to edit them. >> hatred and bigotry are
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taught to children. >> i think it is a great that a new generation are being brought up on the quality and love instead of haight. hate. >> pam: the talk on wall street is all about twitter. today, the san francisco- based company set its initial public offering stock price. at 26-dollars a share. twitter is offering 70- million shares in the i- p-o, plus an option to buy another 10-point-5 million. it is set to begin trading thursday morning under the symbol "t-w-t-r". >> reporter: we will find out what happened in the next addition of people use chase freedom at select department stores
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>> pam: new tonight but only on kron 4 (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:we promised you a two part series on this elite group of san francisco sheriff departments deputies who's job it is to get wanted fugitives off the streets. well it turns out we have a bonus segment. in this special edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter:i showed you this lady who had a two outstanding warrants one was a felony for dangerous drugs, and the other a misdemeanor warrant for theft,
8:39 pm
>> reporter:both bail amounts were 5 thousand dollars each totaling 10 thousand dollars >> reporter:even with the warrents they also found a crack pipe and two needles one appeared to be loaded it's loaded it's loaded >> reporter:then there was james smith wh had a 125 thousand dollar warrant for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon >> reporter:but i saved the best for last, allow me to intoduce you to daryl peoples age 37. this is daryl just a few minutes after this >>daryel open the door sheriffs department, sheriffs department,sheriff department >> reporter:while this is going on daryel is trying to make his escape out the window it needless to say he was unsuccessful >>you see mr people's has something know as a no bail warrant it's a warrant that even if daryl hit the lottery he is not getting out of jail >> reporter:at least until he has a hearing with his probation officer which could be 180 days. daryl is on probation for possession of a controlled susbstance and i guess he forgot that whole check in part
8:40 pm
>> reporter:which is probably why he had in his possession wrapped in a old lottery scracher ticket. something that appeared to look like cocaine >>wanna test it >> reporter:it was actually baking soda, something to think about if you thought of coming to san francisco to buy drugs then there was 47 year old willie jackson today was a good day for deputies because willie is know as a runner >> >> reporter:a runner is just what i mean, he runs everytime the police or sheriff attmept to talk to him he also has a no bail felony warrant >> reporter:in his possession was a used methaphemies pipe which he will also be charged with.oh i almost forgot to mention willies warrant is for possession of a controlled substance >> reporter:willie was out of his area so to speak so deputies saw him walking along just and now off to jail he goes >> reporter:almost everyday this cat and mouse game goes on >> reporter:and every day almost without fail deputies from the san francisco sheriff's department warrant services unit are yanking dangerours felons off the street
8:41 pm
>> reporter:i'm glad to now that kron 4 was the only television station to show you this and there will be more to come in the future >> reporter:riding with the san francisco sheriffs warrant services unit stanley roberts kron 4 news [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just choose the two, three, even four services you want to build a bundle that works for you. [ female announcer ] call at&t now. choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price for two years. plus switch today and get a total home dvr included for life. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet, connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices to your wireless gateway and save on smartphone and tablet data usage at home. and now, choose from internet speeds up to 45 megs -- our fastest speed ever. with u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once with a total home dvr and play them back in any room. [ female announcer ] so call now to choose a u-verse triple-play bundle for just $79 a month. get the same great price
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>> reporter:she can't stop. she wont't stop. miley cyrus has announced her bangerz tour and bay area miley fans are feeling the love. she will have not just one. but two performances here in the bay. the tour kicks off valentines day in canada then miley will eventually make her way down to oakland's oracle arena on february 24th. on the 25th she hits the stage in san jose at the s- a-p center. >> reporter:no word yet on what tickets will go for. they don't go on sale until next saturday. >> pam: lady gaga about to do something that's literally out of this world.
8:44 pm
us magazine reports gaga will blast off in a virgin galactic ship -- and sing a song in outer space. it will happen in 2015. during the zero - g colony festival in new mexico. the superstar will have to train for the event. to make sure her vocal cords can handle the change. >> pam: still ahead-- you don't want to miss this video of a daredevil in a jetpack. flying over mount fuji. >> reporter: we are going to seek a cool down starting tomorrow and also big changes are ahead and the weekend forecast more details coming up
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>> pam: take a look at this--- >> pam: to take in the wonders of japan's mount fuji. this swiss adventurer chose a different route. strapping on a jet pack. and flying around it. >> pam: yves tossy flew around the mountain nine times. in just around ten minutes. rossy has previously flown over the grand canyon and english channel. the mount fuji flight was to celebrate the mountain's designation as a world heritage site. >> reporter: here is the satellite showing high clouds with a brain still stinging to the north of us.
8:47 pm
it looks like temperatures will be a little cooler tomorrow. hi for your thursday and friday 66 in fremont with 71 at 4 san jose. also, a loaded for 70's for your east bay. the cooling continue put the gradual cooling trend through friday and saturday with rain on monday. monday afternoon and monday evening going south who can still see morning rain for tuesday. looks like clear skies for the stanford game >> pam: gary will give you an update with all sports
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:goodevening everyone! >> gary: minnesota it is fun! 25-10 >> gary:step curry suffers mild strain >> gary:curry going up for thr floatr
8:52 pm
>> gary:once again, his knee... then ankle >> gary:109-03 >> gary: the embarrassment in miami has more lairs. layes considered incognito an honary ba black man. withall
8:53 pm
of the racial epitaphs >> gary:the team defending him >> gary: is martin turned and has parents have returned to california. the coaches supposedly confined it and cut and cut me go to say that he is responsible to get him fired up. confin ed >> gary: the coaches. some
8:54 pm
one will have to pay >> gary: the 49ers had the welcome wagon out. >> gary: hall of fame dallas cowboy trony dorsett is the latest ex player to come forward about the rigors of playing in the nfl. >> they helped bust out a lot. we are excited and not wait to watch them play. >> looks like themselves. >> gary: still one of vicki commercials for yum yum donuts or something >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: he better at just a
8:55 pm
quick or we will bury him and the media. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: how do you like that? we are powerful, and bnl you know! >> reporter: bullying and full ball we do not need to add to it. (laughter) >> gary: degenerative brain disorder suffers from memory loss and mood changes which he lashes out at his pay at his wife and children also come also thinking of
8:56 pm
committing suicide. >> gary: bad news keeps piling ip for cal football.a 1-7 record.bad graduation rates. >> gary: this year and next for get the million dollars my health is more important and he has retired from the game. >> gary: sharkscontroversy in the sharks loss last night. listen carefully for the whistle on this "no goal". (cheers & applause) >> gary: the end h l is same the referee did the right thing by not revealing it. recite the intent to blow rule
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>> pam: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. >> pam: stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. >> pam: goodnight.
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in new york city's war on crime, the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. (buzzer sounds) (men speaking indistinctly in distance) bus to the city-- where do i catch it? she moved. said she wanted to be closer to work. what? she got a new job? a jewelry store. she sent us a spoon for the baby. it came in a fancy blue and gold box. blue and gold box, huh? i don't know about those fancy jewelry stores. they're all up on fifth avenue.


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