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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 9, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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this tears us all apart. >> hundreds rallying for change in memory of andy lopez, the 13- year-old kill by a deputy. the shooting touching communities statewide. >> today is declared a national day of action. demonstrators demanding justice for lopez. we have more from the protest in san francisco's mission district. >> reporter: the killing of andy lopez has brought mass protest in santa rosa and demanding justice, those protests have spread across
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california afternoon the country. >> reporter: 13-year-old lopez was killed by a deputy. the teen was holding a replica assault weapon and he was shot. >> we are saying we aren't going to let our children and our friends and sons, our students because i also work in a school, that we don't want to see anymore of them killed just for being somewhere and looking the way they are and that is somebody thinks it is okay to kill them because of that reason. >> this little boy shot nine times by a weapon specialist because he was carrying a toy. it is fairly -- it is very transparent what happened in his case and it is important for us to stand up and make a lot of noise. >> the entire system that goes on, especially in the wake of the george zimmerman verdict. we understand that this is a problem that is happening
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nationally so there needs to be a moment behind it. >> why is it that this message and being taken by so many people. the case of andy lopez happens on a daily basis in so many of our communities and you don't hear about it. it is time to treat the officers the way you would treat any violent citizen. >> reporting in san francisco kron4. >> it spanned from sacramento, santa rossa and oakland with dozens of protests reported there. lopez's parents have filed a federal lawsuit. deputy gilhouse of reckless behavior that culminated in the shooting of their son. they say the sheriff should have recognized he was holding a replica. it holds the sheriff's department. >> we will continue to follow the story and you can get
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updates on twitter on the philippines, the cleanup now begins. officials in the hardest area says the death toll could reach ten thousand people. these are images of the storm taken by a satellite today. the storm was more powerful than hurricane katrina with winds covering the area of the size of montana. for more on the devastation, here is chris monzingo. >> authorities are surveying the damage after the storm ravished several islands friday. typhoon haiyan swept across shores at 190 miles per hour damaging anything in its pass. the storm brought heavy rains leaving many scared for their lives. dramatic video shows a cn
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nreporter trying to rescue people. the cn ncrew got everyone else risking their lives. >> meanwhile, homes destroyed, roads washed away and the red cross dealing with the power shut down across several of the islands. >> our biggest concern is that we cannot community with our people on the ground. >> catholic relief services says it is trying to bring supplies like food and water to people. >> we have people going out by road to the worse affected areas where we are working and helping with clean water and emergency shelters and we will look at how the storm impacted them the secondary impasse and then we will also be sending assessment teams. however the red cross says it is still unable to get aid workers in the city of tackaban that city suffered the most
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severe devastation and described seeing more than 100 bodies on the street after the storm. officials say hundreds of thousands of people evacuated prior millions are feeling its catastrophic effect. as you can imagine, people with relatives in the philippines are trying to reach home. one san francisco resident describing his attempts to check in on family members after the storm. >> it has been hard. like a lot of it is through social media that we were trying to get in contact through. so facebook and all. so far no luck. >> you are chalking that up to power down and internet down. >> exactly. it is just horrifying this one whole area. the trees falling over and you know, their housing just flat lands. >> michael lowad says his area was not affected by the typhoon and so he remains optimistic
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tonight. that typhoon is making its way to vietnam and it has weakened but people facing 101 winds. authorities have evacuated people in northern vietnam before sunday afternoon. brian sack aiken is in the weather center and has more. >> vicki, typhoon haiyan is making its way across the south china seas and departed the philippines and headed towards vietnam and south china. northern vietnam is in the forecast track of the system and right here making its way to the northwest for tonight and its forecast to make land fall once again one a.m. pacific time. it will weaken significantly down to tropical storm strength with wind around 70 miles per hour but still the chance for flooding rains and damaging winds and coastal storm surge
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still a definite possibility for northern vietnam as well as south china. in the bay area, lots of sunshine today and warm temperatures into the 70s a lot of places, warm spot, san jose at 77 degrees. it will be cooler and cloudier for tomorrow. i will have the forecast coming up. all right, brian. a body was found floating in the bay at pier 48 this morning. that is near mccovey cove. a passer by spotted the body at 8:00 this morning. police are investigating the discovery but so far no information. and coming up at 8:00, a suspect duped, apartment tenants to fork over thousands for a place that was not hers to rent. how she got away with it. >> hillary clinton in the bay area tonight. demonstrators take to the street demanding action from the former secretary of state. saying goodbye to the old
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bay are being cleared out with the help of law enforcement. the homeless outreach says the cams are unsafe for the moments will and pollute the water supplies. kron4 gives us a tour of one camp in the process of being removed. >> a shopping cart full of stuff. >> doug stewart works nights offering homeless men and women a chance to leave. in contra costa county along gracen creek under a bridge on the border of conquer and martinez. a head of the expected cold and wet weather, stuart says the goal is to get them to a
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shelter before the flood control district and sheriff's department clears them out on tuesday. stewart says this is one of up to a dozen camps within a half mile radius where 25 people are currently living. >> they pretty much all look the same on this creek. despite saying no camping. this is the issue that the county has, the water control is that they cut the fences that come down, you know, it is unsafe and in a month to be on the creeks once the rains start. this water will probably be up in this neighborhood right here. and this water, i have seen this water all the way up to the wall before. so i mean from there to there, you know, it gets dangerous down there in the winter time for these guys and i think that's part of the reason they are getting them moving now so they don't have those issues when the water does start to rise and the mess. i think they are concerned
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about the cleanliness of the water, the bay is a couple miles up the road, when they get this big they are concerned about the mess issue and people being in danger with the rains coming. >> in contra costa county, kron4 news. supporters of hillary clinton gathered today to urge the former secretary of state to run for president in 2016. the raleigh was organized by local volunteers on the ready for hillary. the organization is a grassroots movement with over one million supporters. they believe that hillary clinton is the best qualified person to be the president in three years. >> she has more experience than anyone that has run for president, the first lady of arkansas, of the u.s., she has been a senator and proved as a senator she would work with both sides of the aisle and something not happening now. people are not doing that. the two parties weren't working together. i think she can bring them
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together. ready for hillary, clinton's historic election would bill upon the progress of president obama. democratic talks on iran's nuclear program ran without a deal being reached. western democratics and the iranian counterparts talk about the significant progress made. secretary of state john kerry expressed optimism that a deal is near. no question that we are closer now as we leave geneva than when we came and that with good work and good faith over the course of the next weeks we can in fact secure our goal. >> another meeting is set for november 20th. western countries want to present iran from developing nuclear weapons.
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iran is seeking relief from the crippling economic sanctions. the fog made a surge into the golden gate this afternoon and this evening. that fog will push in the bay and to the inland valleys later tonight. we will have a big change in the weather for tomorrow. but still a lot of clear skies out there right now. you can see the moon. that's right now at first quarter as we go through the evening. look for the clouds to increase as the fog pushes in the inland spots after midnight. we have a pretty cloudy morning to start out our sunday. because of the clouds and because we are not getting as much sunshine, temperatures will be cooler by five to ten degrees. look for readings to top out in the 60s by the bay and low 70s inland. here is the satellite and right now mostly clear skies and a fairly large storm offshore. and it don't look too far away but it will take its time getting here as we get in the beginning of next week.
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by late monday and tuesday it could bring the chance of light rain for the bay area. it looks like the best chance for that wet weather will reside north of the golden gate bridge. temperatures for tomorrow, starting out with lots of low clouds in the bay, north bay and the east bay, look for readings in the 40s, most spots and coolest parts mid to upper 30s for napa and highs for the afternoon going in the 60s by the bay. these temperatures coming down quite a bit. san francisco, 70 today and 62 tomorrow. low 70s inland and monday lots of low clouds and increasing high clouds for the afternoon. chance for some rain coming up tuesday. looks pretty light. vicki. san francisco police are looking for a woman accused of scamming people on craig's list. it happened when a family of four respond to a craig's list ad for available bedroom to rent inside a home. police say the suspect and victims communicated through
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her craig's list e-mail address. the victim's agreed to rent it and pay the suspect $1800 for it. police say that the suspect had no affiliation with the home and the property had been vacant. when the people visited the home surprise she found the victims living there. police are investigating. chrysler is recalling dodge trucks, the dodge ram, 2500 and 3500 trucks from model years 2003 and 2008 and some from 2008 to 2012. a series of accidents related to problems in the steering system prompted the recall. truck owners will be notified of the recall by mail next month with instructions for making free repair appointments. when the old east span of the bay bridge is demolished for those whose lives were touched by tragedy means
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something will be missing. kron4 jeff pierce pays tribute to family and friends on a day of remembrance. >> the old east span of the bay bridge will be gone and for those that lost loved ones on that span it is bittersweet, on saturday morning the ch p allowed loved ones to spend a few moments to remember. >> there's no formal festivities. >> it is about what you want to do with your family and friends and have a memorial, we are happy to open it up and allow more people to come up there and have a few moments. cyclists came to honor aaron peter. barbara sullivan's brother lost his life on the bridge 30 years ago. >> we don't often have the chance to -- you drive across it but it doesn't give you much time to really ponder and reflect. it is great to be here today and do that. >> anthony celllo lost his life coming to the aid of a stranded
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motorist. >> he saw a car that was broken down. she had a flat tire and so he said oh, my gosh i got to pull over. always carried flairs and there was a truck driver and all of my years i never saw anybody put them out correctly and somebody took advantage of the open lane and hit tony and threw him into the windshield of the car of the poor lady that he was trying to help. >> i would like to be where tony was. >> nico jones is with us from the oakland fire department arrived on the scene. just beautiful man and was able to hear tony's last words to us which was so fortunate for all of us to relay to tell my family i love them. >> saying where is my family, where is my family.
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>> right about there. >> he basically gave his life trying to help someone else in need and so we awarded him the citizen hero of the year and also you know had his mother there at that ceremony. >> i think everybody feels a piece today you know from this. it is so beautiful. affection nately known as bubba. anthony celllo was 36 years old. right by the bridge. >> on the old eastern span of the bay bridge, jeff pierce, kron4 news. demolition begins on tuesday. more news ahead, stick with us.
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>> hundreds of people on the streets of san francisco and they are wanted by law enforcement but there is only one agency in the city which has a unit totally dedicated to finding them. this edition of people behaving
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badly. >> early in the morning and these people are in a book of photos. this is not your ordinary bunch of men, they are from the san francisco sheriff's department. >> open the door. sheriff's department. >> reporter: for the first time in the history of the sheriff's department, they are permitted cameras and unprecedented access to this unit, nobody as the warrant services unit. the warrant services unit looks for people that don't want to be found because most of if not all of them know they are wanted by the law. i spent the entire day with this unit looking for people that have warrants. some know they have warrants and some play innocent. and some talked themselves in to jail like 31-year-old breaking davis. he had commands to leave the area so he was obtained by
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deputies to check him out. >> where is it at. >> in my pocket of my jacket. >> let me check your id. >> i have open containers. >> you have warrants for open containers. >> they found out he had a super warrant for drinking in public. apparently if you wack up another open container tickets they add up. so off to jail he goes. >> get that camera out of my face. >> reporter: the warrant unit responds to police calls as backups. in this case there was report of active shooter. and it turned out to be a sling shot but the main focus the bay area's most wanted. >> you didn't wait. >> i said to be back and when i came back they said he left. >> in the next edition of peopling behaving badly, we want to take a closer look of
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the people caught. >> we are from the sheriff's department. he wants identification. >> including this man that had $125,000 arrest warrant. >> and this woman that had something in her bag that was pretty dangerous. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts. kron4 news. check out this cell phone video, a prank turned to ugly when an wisconsin man was arrested for tasing his wife. the couple had met at a profootball game. the wife was told who was a green bay packers fan agreed to let him use the stun gun if the team won after watching the bears win the couple stepped outside to settle up, the wife did not think it was so funny afterwards, the police were call in and they arrested her
8:25 pm
husband after she denied consenting being shocked but then the police saw that she agreed to it but the husband was charged for the weapon. disturbing concerns about alleged sexual misconduct. the winds have shifted around and we are seeing fog in the bay. that means cooler temperatures for tomorrow. i will have your sunday forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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about alleged sexual misconduct. as we found out the board members say changes have been to prove it. >> in a report released wednesday from the office of civil rights investigators pointing their fingers at the west contra costa school district for not doing enough about sexual assaults, demands and inappropriate suching in their schools. >> the report we reflected on an incident that happened four years ago. we have taken appropriate steps to address a lot of the issues that were a problem four years ago. >> security measures that can be seen here at deeandza high
8:29 pm
school. >> as as you can see everything is secured. we have 132 cameras and looking at any area in the campus and as jan can click on the situation for you, the situation where we have the opportunity to look at anything going down the hall. >> now after the findings of the federal report, the department of education and the district have come to an agreement to ensure compliance with title nine. title nine was formed in 1972 designed to reduce sexual violence. students here say they feel safe and that security programs are paying off. >> i personally haven't went through any bullying or any sexual harassment and seen any students or faculty go through it. >> and this will be watched closely for the next couple of years. i checked with a school board member and he tells me that things are looking good. in fact expulsions are down
8:30 pm
from 2009 and 2010 and over 180 expulsions. now 2012, 2013, that number is three. reporting in cost ta contra county kron4 news. >> there would be a controversial condominium project to be built. measures b and c addressed the plans for the washington project, a 134 project to include a public park. opponents were upset that part of the project would have surpassed the city's 84-foot height limit to 92 feet in one section and 136 feet in another. now the defeat of those two san francisco measures has galvonized opponents of another project. as kron4 dan her man tells us, those opposed to the development of a water front arena says san franciscoians are against the project as
8:31 pm
well. it is here on pierce 30 and 32 that the warriors have proposed building an 18,000 seat arena. not just as a home for the warriors but for a wide range of entertainment, the project calls for a 7-acre park and across the street in the parking lot, the project would continue with a hotel. condos and retail. >> a mastiff development that involves 125 feet high arena jutting out over open bay waters, 13 acres over open bay waters is not an appropriate place to be building an entertainment center. >> they say the defeat here should be a wake-up call that san franciscoians don't want water frost developments that surpass the city height limit and the arena at 125 feet and the condos at 175 feet will do that. >> and that's the same thing that people were upset before and they want to want to do the same thing.
8:32 pm
>> the spokesman for the warriors says the projects don't compare. pj johnson says the benefits of the arena includes tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds and millions of dollars in revenue and a revised corridor for sports and entertainment and had the warriors' proposal been on the ballot, it would have won. but the alliance does not think so and say politicians have best pay attention. 23 out of 25 san francisco neighborhoods voted no on props b and c so we hope that supervisors representing those neighborhoods and representing those districts will pay heed to what the constituents in their districts have said in regards to building on the water fronts and busting through the height limits and when the warriors come through them, that they will listen to the constituents and vote no. >> and the next step will be to make the proposal public and
8:33 pm
then down the road they will bring it to the board of supervisors and the discussion will begin. in san francisco, dan herman, kron4. the city of a renda is experiencing a housing boom, the affluent community has had a handful of homes added in the last 20 years but now in the upcoming months nearly 400 homes are slated to be built. the construction depended on several economic conditions coming together. it has been strange events, there were projects on hold and now they are moving forward. developers had felt it was unlikely that 400 homes would be on the market and nearly all of the homes are nearly one million dollars. a beautiful day and for tonight watching the low clouds and fog push back in.
8:34 pm
live view at the bridge clear and the fog is moving in. cooler temperatures, san jose 50s and 50s for alameda and one of the cooler spots, fairfield, 52. for tomorrow, we are starting out with a lot of low clouds to begin especially by the bay and north bay valleys will clear most of the valley by noon and with the exception of coast, temperatures coming down a bit, five to ten degrees. san francisco, alameda and oakland in the low to mid 60s down about five to ten and also upper 60s and low 70s for san jose and liver more. i will let you know about the chance for rain coming up. >> hundreds of people broke out the buckets and shovels to take part in the 30th annual sand castle contest. going to the beach to create their sand castles and made up of architects and builders and a lot of kids.
8:35 pm
the theme was masterpieces in sand with teams creating moby dick to assortment of sea creatures. >> we will shovel sand for the next two hours and get it high enough to take shape. >> there is a lot of strategy. we have words going in front. so we got to make the running to the water. we got a little tub right here. there is a lot of strategy. a lot of strategy. the contest serves as a fundraiser tool for leap for providing art projects to bay area students. a deadly shooting at a naval yard and one family is suing uncle sam. and one family sues spike lee that says he may have been the target of hate mail.
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action against the u.s. government following the deadly shooting at the washington naval home in december. a woman was killed when a navy man opened fire. the family says the navy failed to provide adequate security for the employees. >> it is hope that these proceedings will cause the truth of this case to be revealed and justice to be impartially administered and also so that this does not happen to anyone else. >> aaron alexis shot and killed employees and before he was shot and killed by police. the childhood home of a wrapper is now but a memory. the home that m and m grew up in. and what is buzzing in the tech world. and the low clouds pushing in the bay and a cool area for
8:39 pm
the north bay. mid to upper 30s. santa rossa and napa. i will have the forecast coming
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8:41 pm
up. singer kanye west pleading not guilty over a scuffle he had with photographer dan ramos in july. ramos claims that west punched him and wrestled his camera to the ground and west claims he acted in self-defense. each count carries a penalty of up to six months in jail or a $1000 fine. a florida couple has settled a lawsuit with spike lee for an undisclosed am after he mistakingly tweeted their address claiming it was that of george zimmerman. zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of teenager travon
8:42 pm
martin. the mistaken address was retweeted amongst thousands of accounts. the couple said that things got so bad they had to relocate. a fire has burned the childhood home of wrapper m and m, fire crews responded to the home of m and m, his mother owned the home in the 80s but it was eventually abandoned. the cause of the fire is under investigation. we have a new google internet helper. and it was a beautiful day with temperatures topping out in the 70s in a the lo of places all the way up to 70s in san jose and cooler weather coming out in the sunday forecast coming up next. the great american novel.
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british pounds, about $225. nintendo unveiled the wii mini. $100 and comes with the most popular wee game mario. it is like the traditional wee and slimmed down and ready to sell, $100. serie got disked by the sim sons over the weekend. here is a look. >> would you like me to ask serie. >> i'm sorry i don't see any pedals near you. deleting all contact information. no, i didn't ask you to do that. >> a delete confirmed. >> good stuff. >> and google new smart phone is a hit and is already sold out. it will take three to four weeks to get one if you ordered it today. it is the fastest and slimmest phone and the first one to feature kit kat, the new operating system. the new flagship android phone. to connect with again you
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can add him on twitter or e- mail him at a beauty today. here is san francisco live and we have a layer of low clouds through the golden gate this evening. for tomorrow, we start out with fog in the morning. sunshine that will come our way by the afternoon hours but because of the cloudy start, afternoon temperatures will be cooler and we will have the sea breeze for the afternoon. for monday, lots of low clouds in the morning and a lot of high clouds for the afternoon and it will be a pretty gray day as the storm system approaches. that storm brings a chance for rain in the morning hours, tuesday but right now it looks like most of that rain will be light and all of that will be to the north of the golden gate, a slim chance south of the golden bridge.
8:48 pm
we have a great chance of fog tonight. going to roll in the bay and it looks like the fog will be pushing in the bay, livermore by morning and perhaps some in the south bay, we watched that clear to late morning and most of the clouds gone by noon with the exception of the coast, temperatures coming down five to ten degrees, south bay, upper 60s and san jose close to 70s and look for a high of 68 mount view, redwood city, 68. highs coming down from today in the mid-70s and look for low 70s tomorrow. mid 60s by the bay. san francisco down from 70 today to 62 tomorrow. 60s north bay and 66 oakland and seven day around the bay, monday mostly cloudy and a chance for a few drop tuesday morning, not a big storm and clearing for the afternoon and sunshine and warmer through the
8:49 pm
rest of the week. time now for dine and dish. vicki livadas. >> we will test your food iq with a new restaurant called aq, we are going in. >> this is the place, you must be max. >> hi, vicki. >> you are the new kid on the block. >> i guess we are. brand new. >> you never had a restaurant before. >> no. >> pressure. >> this is my first restaurant. pressure but a lot of fun. >> what does aq stand for. >> you will see it on the old menus, a fresh dish, you can get this local produce all year. people expect high quality and what we are trying to do is a cross between fine dining and this restaurant. approachable fine dining, very high end service and won't break the bank and come as you are and relatively casual compared to other fine dining restaurants and we want people
8:50 pm
to come and experience it. >> let's get a mouthful. >> chef mark linerman has a sample. >> like maybe this brussels sprout. when mom says eat your vegetables not a problem. >> check out this plate. >> i have a steak with oxtail bread pudding and licorice. >> this calls for the wandering fork. >> this is how i like to eat. you know what i mean? other people's food. >> flavorful and tender. i know i shouldn't talk with my fought full. >> average price is $24. yum. macy's annual thanksgiving day parade is a few weeks off but there were test flights performed of snoopy and
8:51 pm
woodstock and jake. how to train your dragon and spongebob square pants. where is spongebob. macy's annual parade, there he is has been going strong since 1924 believe it or not. and here is another sign that holidays are around the corner, the rockefeller center christmas tree was hoisted into place on friday. crews will decorate the 76-foot tree from connecticut. the lighting will be held on wednesday, december 4th. and take a look at this, newly released video shows a texas bus swerving to avoid an oncoming car and crashing into a san antonio home. you can see the impact. yikes, the camera on the other side captures the impact of the house, the homeowner was sitting on the porch where the bus landed and ten feet away from the point of impact but lucky for her and her kids
8:52 pm
inside nobody was injured, blame was placed on the driver of the bus that ran a stop sign. what is hot? what is not. coming up the big hits at the
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
week box office. the return of thor and a world war ii drama are coming to the box office. i gave you my word.
8:55 pm
i would return. >> chris hinsworth reclaims his role as thor. this time to get help from his evil brother to stop the universe from plunging into darkness. natlie portman and anthony hopkins are back to help save the day. thor, the dark world is rated pg13. anyone else? >> the book tells the story of a courageous young girl in germany during world war ii, she steals book to help her escape the horror of the war as her family hides as jewish refugees. >> jeffry rush plays the girl's adoptive father. the book is rated p g13. if you are a golden bear fan you might be licking your
8:56 pm
wounds cal berkeley bruised by usc on cal's home turf. the trojans beat the bears, 62- 28. ouch. 49ers played carolina panthers tomorrow and there is a big buzz around a familiar face expected to take to the field. we learned earlier than star linebacker alen smith will play on sunday. he had been away from the team for six weeks before returning last week. the 23-year-old entered rehab after second dui in the past two years. he is facing unrelated felony weapon charges and has two court dates coming up. the 9ers hope alden smith is a force on the field. we should see for ourselves on sunday at the stick. let's look at the weather one more time with brian. at the stick, mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60s and cooler for the rest of the bay, 60s bay side and low 70s inland. so all in all, a pretty nice sunday vicki. that will wrap it up for us.
8:57 pm
down here in the newsroom and for brian up in the weather center, we hope to see you back at 11:00. bye-bye, everybody. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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"e.t." >> charlie sheen's twin sons. the alleged abuse photos. >> and the claims by denise richards that the boys are out of control. i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> they enter a zombie-like state. an intervention needs to be made. >> charlie sheen's sons with bruises? are they being abused? >> plus, what this video of their mom brooke allegedly smoking drugs reveals. dr. phil and the cleveland kidnapping victim. what you haven't heard. >> tied me up with chains wrapped around it. >> what really happened inside that house of horrors. did paula deen's husband get caught cheating? >> the new rumor and what i saw while spending time with the couple. a daughter's pain. a teenager's


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