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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 11, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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hot spots. i will have an update on the kron 4 morning news. and today is veteran's day. we will be covering live events throughout the bay area in honor of veterans. and a trail of destruction through the philippines from a super typhoon. we'll have the latest on the aid that's pouring in from united states as the death toll continues to climb and a group in the bay area is helping the victims. taking a look at the weather and traffic in the bay area on monday morning. erica. >> good morning, on on this veteran's day monday waking up to very mild conditions, san francisco at 55 and the same for oakland and san jose 53 degrees and 40s for concord and santa rosa. visibility impacted around napa, three miles. sfo, 9 miles of visibility and reporting about one hour delays on arriving flights currently. we will see more sunshine as we head in the afternoon but expect high clouds and
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temperatures mainly in the 60s. a walk through the afternoon highs and your seven-day forecast around the bay forecast and traffic with dan. we have a hot spot 80 in fairfield past travis boulevard, traffic backed up beyond lagun valley. and we have a hot spot in san francisco near chavez. another 20 minutes before they clear up. at the toll plaza in san francisco, all lanes moving well towards the toll. not much of a backup, the increasing 404 traffic at the 80 poll plaza, westbound and westbound and golden gate bridge moving well southbound and northbound. >> firefighters at the scene of a recycling plant that has been
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burning since sunday afternoon. wil has more information. hi, wil. >> reporter: around 1:20 sunday afternoon and as you can see the fire department is still here and having all kinds of problems with the hot spots. at 4:00 in the morning they thought they would be done around 6:00 but it looks like they will be here for the next several hours because the fire continues to go. it is controlled but as far as being completely out, it could take maybe until 8:00 or 9:00, the way that they are having fits with the fire. here is a shot from our cam and it is happening at a recycling facility. because there is scrap at the heart of the fire, that is why they are dousing water from high above to make sure it is out. fortunately no injuries. air quality still very much a concern which is why they have not lifted the shelter in place that they issued around 1:20, 2:00 sunday afternoon. breathing not so bad around
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here. it is definitely a plastic smell. very industrial but nobody has gone to the hospital for any breathing problems. we got a chance to talk to the redwood city fire chief. here is his speculation on what might have caused the fire a lot of times we have cars that have crushed that they are recycling and they are required to have the materials removed from the vehicles but they can't catch everything and a lot of times it is something small that is not caught in the rubbage that gets compacted and once it gets going it is usually deep-seated. darya,sy part boulevard, a car going behind me. sea part boulevard reopened. if you need to come down here and go to work, there's a building out here that looks like a high tech place. available to you. we talked to the fire chief and i asked about the number of
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calls on sunday afternoon this morning because of the air quality and he says no. the volume of calls pretty much consistent with your typical sunday afternoon. back to you, darya. thanks a lot, wil. mark. i want to give you an update. the fears that the death toll would reach ten thousand or more. right now the death toll at 950. officially confirmed. authorities say friday's typhoon, one of the most powerful typhoons in history has affected 2 million people in 41 provinces. new this morning, u.s. marines arriving in the area for relief efforts in the central philippines. the typhoon itself now dying out over main lane china. and bay area residents are helping out with an outpouring of support for those that have lost everything in this natural disaster. a local nonprofit had a relief drive in san bruno where people dropped off nonperishable items like cereal, shampoo and
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toothbrushes, they filled 47 boxes in four hours and collected $1600 in cash that will turned to the philippines red cross. many of those that gave have family and friends in the philippines. everyone is affected one way or the other. it is really heavy on the heart. we just want to send our best out to them. a local shipping company has volunteered to deliver the boxes but it will take about a month for them to reach the affected areas. those collecting supplies will need to still be there when the goods arrive. it will take several months for the people impacted to get back on their feet. president obama issuing a statement yesterday saying that the u.s. is providing significant humanitarian assistance and is prepared to provide further assistance in relief and recovery efforts.
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the president saying the philippines people are resilient. we have an e. coli recall. these items were sold at trader joe stores, if you buy sandwiches and salads, you will want to come to the tv and check out these products. they originated from the glass onion catering company in richmond but they go under the trader joe name mexicoity and field fresh salads and the delish fresh brands. it was proud between the 23rd and november 6th and 15 cases reported so far of e. coli. it is 6:06 and across the nation, americans will be honoring the sacrifices and services of the armed forces. at 8:00 this morning, president obama will be attending a wreath laying ceremony at arlington and the district of columbia will honor the must
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goee airmen. the parade was francisco on market street as you can see with marching bands and flags and even a full size helicopter. this event marks 60 years since the end of the korean wars. it was the 9 4th annual parade honoring vets. and we asked viewers to send pictures of members that served in the military. e-mail them to us at breaks news@kron 4 news and we will share the photographs on our facebook page and some of them will make it on our air as well. 6:07 and deep budget cuts in washington are only the beginning, we will have the next round that are expected. a satellite loses power and falls towards earth. we will tell you if there is a
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real threat to you fr and some major retailers opening their doors even earlier than last year
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pick of a young buck with an arrow through the snout. it had pierced the snout and biologists were able to capture him and remove the arrow and know major arteries were damaged and now the deer's chances are survival are excellent. in brooklyn four people are dead after a man opened fire in a row house that happened after midnight in a three story building in bush way. the man had a rifle and he went in and killed three people and then kill himself. the police say that he did know the victims and investigators are looking into a possible link to a music band in this. one other person was shot but is expected to survive. all right. here is a live look outside the bay bridge approach camera. dan reuben will be up along with a check of the morning commute. as we go to break, let's go to erica in the weather center. hello, james as we take a
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look at visibility around the bay area. you will notice low clouds in the north bay out towards concord and livermore and seeing delays at sfo. we will check on your veteran's day forecast when the kron 4 morning
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in the atmosphere. nobody was hurt. there is a look at the satellite, back when it was launched there was concern that the debris from the satellite could tall intact and not burn out completely and it would hurt somebody on the ground but engineers said no. the space agency entry outlasted its entry to study the patterns and it died last month and that is what caused it to come back to earth. speaking of things coming down from space. the sochio olympic torch is back after a visit to the space station. three astronauts landed safely today. the unlit torch was brought to the iso on thursday along with three new crew members. we told you about that. two russia crew members took the torch on a space walk on saturday. sandra bullock was involved in that, just kidding. 6:15, looking at the
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weather and traffic. you just can't talking about that, can't you? >> taking a live look from the roof cam. we do see areas of low clouds out there, visibility probably the worse in the north bay and we are also seeing delays of up to an hour at sfo, temperatures 40s and as we head in the afternoon, expect high clouds and sunshine with a range of upper 50s to the coast. you will notice in the 7:00 hour, it is still fairly widespread, but as we put the clock in motion and advance it, you will notice partly cloudy conditions inside the bay and anywhere along the water front expect clouds and a lot of us will see at least some breaks of sunshine. as we take a look at your afternoon highs for today, you will notice a yesterday. with that, 68 and 71-degree in livermore and temperatures in the upper 60s for sunnyvale and
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san jose and upper 60s in daly city. clouds right now, they are going to ramp up in the overnight hours. and with that, we are tracking a very weak system basically falling apart right now but it could bring showers to the bay area as early as tomorrow. so really just looking at a 10% chance, a lot of the rain models are starting to back off. but keep your umbrellas heavy just in case. warmer weather approaching the middle of the week. expect to cool down transitioning in the weekend. 6:17 on the clock. here is dan. a couple of hot spots. westbound 80 in fairfield right by travis boulevard. an overturned big rig and blocking the right lane and been blocking the right lane for 45 minutes and may be blocking for are 20 minutes. traffic is backed up to alamo, a very long haul on westbound 80. san francisco, another big problem, this is a multiple car
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accident, southbound 101 near chavez, the three lanes blocked and extending to westbound 80. westbound 80 at the bay bridge. and so far not much of a backup, cars coming in and not waiting too long to get on the span. at the san mateo bring moving in both directions and westbound towards peninsula. and eastbound, back towards hayward we are in good shape and the golden gate bridge, moving well north and southbound. thank you, dan. here in the kron4 newsroom, an update on the sequester cuts. it started this year. congress couldn't agree on other cuts. as bad as the sequester was, now a warning that it will get worse. steeper cuts for january 1st. with this year's federal sequester agencies found extra money to help ease the pain from the 2013 cuts. the pentagon for example, used more than five billion dollars
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they had in their coffers. to ease the 39 billion in cuts for lows that have been scheduled for 11 days and cut back to six and the justice department found more than five hundred million in similar money that allowed agencies like the f.b.i. to avoid furloughs all together. without the rainy day money this coming year in 2014 and with steeper cuts in january, the cuts to government services and the furloughs are expected to be a lot worse. thank you very much, mark. after days of negotiations diplomats failed to reach a deal. secretary of state john kerry and officials negotiating, now that no deal was struck, lindsey graham says he plans to public for more sanctions against iran. >> the outcome would mean stop enriching the subterfuges and
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the plutonium reactor in iraq, if you want a peaceful nuclear program, let the international community control the fuel cycle where the iranian program looks like mexico and canada not north korea and turn over highly enriched uranium in their possession to the international community. well, graham says he and the bipartisan group of senators will be pushing for new sanctions on iran as early as this week but this just coming in through the associated press. iranian state tv reporting after meeting with the u nnuclear chief, iran agreeing to expand monitoring of the nuclear program. the dow up big on friday and the same with the nasdaq and s&p after we saw positive job grains and a growing u.s. economy, the dow up 168 and the nasdaq 62 and s&p 64 and it
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twitter falling. if you are looking to get a jump on christmas shopping, target is now added to the list of stores that are going to be open. and target opened earlier on thanksgiving. the stores opening at 8:00 on thanksgiving. which is november 28th. that's an hour earlier than they opened last year. target stores will remain opened throughout the night and then close at 11:00 on black friday. target will open be offering 15 online only daily discounts for two weeks beginning on november 24th. on this veteran's day, some bay area businesses are offering free food and deals to honor those that have served in the military, krispy kreme and olive garden and texas roadhouse and free hair cut us offered by sports clips for service members, several locations at the east bay and a
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couple in the north bay and in richmond, chevron has event on the red oak victory ship to start at 10:00. macy's annual thanksgiving day parade is coming up. and there is woodstock, snoopy and adventure time. i love them. over the weekend organizers did test flights because they got four new balloons. 8000 volunteers are -- spongebob, will be on the ground for the annual thanksgiving parade. they have 90 well trained people to hol them down. the parade has been going on since 1924, i love this thing. i will be there again. i always watch the parade in person. it is just a spectacular thing. >> it is fantastic. kids love it. let's go outside and give you a live look at the golden gate bridge, we are keeping an eye on the weather and traffic. clouds over the north bay. traffic looks like it is on the light side. dan is following problems and we will get the update coming
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up we have the latest on prices at the gas pump. a woman is kill by a big cat in an animal sanctuary in oregon. those stories and more when we return. when our little girl was born, we got a subaru.
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learning more about the exotic cat sanctuary employee killed by one of the animals in her
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care. administrators say two cougars were inside a closure when one or both of them killed a woman. she went into the came alone in violations of the rules. it happened at the wild cat haven in sherman oregon ou emergency medical workers had a hard time getting to 36-year- old rene rassawon of portland. because other large cats were in the confined area. a neighbor is shocked by what has happened. anybody having that -- passing away or just knowing what happened, it breaks heart. i'm sad and unnerved. she was described as experienced worker comfortable with the animals. the while cat haven is a last hope facility for more than 60 while cats that have been
6:27 am
abandoned or abused including bobcats, cougars and tigers. watching gas prices in the bay area. national prices are are around $3.18 and that has been ticking down over the last several weeks, the state average down from where we were a month ago. san francisco right now is at 3:74 and oakland at 363. hopefully that will continue 6:47 right now. an accused kidnapper is dead after being tracked down from the victim's family. and we are three minutes away from the opening bell.
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a live look from wall
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street honors veterans. opening to 26 for twitter and will betraying at 46 this morning. developing story out of redwood city where there has been a fire at a recycling plant. we have more this morning. >> reporter: the fire department continues to be here dealing with hot spots. the air quality around here not so bad even though they still have a shelter in place. i smell plastic in the air but breathing should not be an issue for you. we talked to the fire department and they said since the fire started at around 1:20 yesterday afternoon that the calls have not gone up, pretty much consistent with the typical sunday and monday, early monday morning. now, i can tell you that the cause of the fire still under investigation but because this is a recycling facility, that deals with a lot of cars gotten into crashes, the cars are
6:31 am
supposed to be stripped down completely and according to the redwood fire department sometimes during the stripping process they forget to move certain combustible materials and during the crushing friction starts and there are sparks and that might have caused the fire. no injuries and i can tell you according to the redwood city fire department, it doesn't seem like anybody had to go to the hospital for a breathing issue. and that's the very latest. reporting from redwood city, kron4 news. we want to get a look at your weather and traffic this monday morning. good morning, darya, later, the sun is trying to come up so it is a little lighter. you can see the clouds out there. great start to your veteran's day. oakland at 55 degrees, upper 40s in santa rosa. we will see high clouds in the afternoon, temperatures will range from the upper 50s along the coast of the low 70s. we could see light rain as we head into tomorrow, as of right
6:32 am
now looking like 10% chance and then we will make the way for a quiet weather, slightly warmer weather by the middle of this week. we do have changes for the extended forecast and a look at the seven-day forecast coming up. here is dan. erica, 15 minutes before the right lanes opening in fairfield, the right lane shut down and traffic is backed up to alamo and a hot spot working in san francisco at this time that is still blocking lanes. that will be southbound 101 near chavez and traffic on the lower deck of the bay bridge and the right lane blocked due to the injuries. let's check the bay bridge where we have almost no delays going westbound towards the tolls and things moving well for the upper deck where there will be slowing. eastbound and westbound 92 and still in good shape and out at the golden gate bridge moving well, northbound and southbound. mark. all right, thank you. the latest on typhoon haiyan
6:33 am
that battled the philippine and may have been one of the strongest cyclones in history. thousands are feared dead and survivors desperate for aid and the first u.s. supplies have arrived. mike pelton shows us how from if the philippine cities are turning to prayer. inside the walls of saint andrew's catholic church not a lot of room with the church full of thoughts and prayers for the people in the philippines. >> everyone is trying to send messages over facebook to say really pray hard. >> they have many friends and family in the philippine. >> we haven't heard from many. >> we can get through. >> i hope that everything is going to be okay. >> with the destruction making
6:34 am
communication difficult, many are turning to prayer. >> that is the whole message of good friday and easter, the pattern of dying and rising. we believe we can come to life and our sisters and brothers in the philippine will come to life again in the areas that have been damaged. the congregation raised donations after an earthquake struck the philippine last month and they plan to organize another effort in the wake of typhoon haiyan. >> it is so sad it has happened. and these parishioners are praying that their loved ones are okay. >> be hopeful that we will get through this. >> after two tragedies in one month, words don't mean much, silent prayer seems to say it all. in daly, city kron4 news.
6:35 am
a new law giving transgender students is being challenged. they can play on either boy or girl teams. it is to reduce discrimination but they say that the privacy of the students are being violated. it goes by privacy for all students and they have collected signatures for a repeal of the law. a story continuing to get attention on our kron4 web site. a kidnapper shot and killed by a louisiana man who was out looking for his cousin, she had been abducted from a child care center. the man who took her, her ex- boyfriend, the father of their 2-year-old, so now the woman has been reunited with her child but this was a tense situation. you can see the weapons and the pictures and the story of how this unfolded on our web site. the cousin says he was outlook fog her because she had been
6:36 am
taken from the child care center. he heard screams coming from an abandoned home at an apartment so he kicked in the back door and that's when he saw the kidnapper. the boyfriend started to stab his cousin, a 29-year-old woman, her name bethany arsono so he opened fire. he wasn't sure if he hit the kidnapper or not because the house was dark but when authorities got there, they found the body of the man, scott thomas was inside. and he had been shot and killed so now the woman is reunited with her child. she has stab wounds and is expected to recover. you can read more on our kron4 web site and you can join this captivating story. we will take a break. still ahead on the kron4 morning news. we we will have the latest on the markets. the opening bell running six
6:37 am
minutes ago. and a new sport is gaining popularity in california. we will tell you what is trick lighting is about. maybe you have seen it in cirque soleil performances. now teens are doing it in their backwards. here is a look at the san mateo bridge moving all right although the volume is picking up. we will be right back. i love watching tv outside.
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many bay area couples planning on getting married tomorrow, tomorrow is 11/12/13, the county clerk's office is holding wedding ceremonies every half hour from 9:30 until five in the evening. in san francisco, the opportunity to wed tomorrow has been booked and it has been sometime according to the clerk employee that says they employ 36 weddings on an average day,
6:41 am
if you want to plan ahead for another date, next december, 12/13/14, how ever december 13th falls on a saturday and most county clerk offices are closed. >> have you seen this, trick lining, the trick is to stay on the rope. acrobats do it but now kid are doing it. popular in california, you stripping this bungee thing clip. it is a tension cord. the odds of me doing that are slim. the kids say they love it now. it feels like i am flying. a great relief from stress and you just ride on the line. >> ever since i tried it, i just can't going back and until i family got to where i could walk on the line.
6:42 am
eventually more people came and tried it and we grew. >> how about a trampoline, kid? why do we have to up the ante. this is a hobby. it has taken the kids all over the country traveling because they have like their own team now. your kid may be asking for that this holiday season. looks like a good way to break an arm but what isn't. roller skates, skateboards, i guess they are all risky. at least they are staying out of trouble. we will take a break. coming up, suspended player richie incognito is breaking his silence against bullying accusations, what he is saying this morning.
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time now is 6:45. let's get an update on weather and traffic. >> one problem after another on westbound 80, a special alert in effect right near travis boulevard, an overturned big
6:46 am
rig blocking the right lane, leaking fuel and now words that nails have been spill in the roadway so they are bringing a sweeper to clean it up. the right lane blocked and you are backed up to alamo and an accident in san francisco. southbound 101, the right lane shut down due to a mum car injury accident that has left to clear for the lane and extending on the upper deck of the bay bridge, we can look at the toll plaza where we can see no delays at the toll. despite the accident we are in good shape reaching the toll plaza. on the span things may slow down. on the san mateo bridge good traffic eastbound and westbound on highway 92 and a smooth ride. at the golden gate bridge, not too much fog. it has been clear on the roadway and the skies. let's check the skies with erica kato. we are waking up to overcast conditions and we have
6:47 am
patchy fog and delays at sfo, as for temperatures take a look. vallejo in the upper 30s and grab a jacket. we have been in the 40s. 53 in downtown san francisco and mid-50s in oakland. in terms of visibility worse in arvarda and fog around half- moon bay. in the afternoon the fog will lift, expect high clouds later today. by lunchtime temperatures in the 60s but we will see 70s fill in approaching 3:00 this afternoon. so with that expect slightly warmer conditions for livermore and along the delta and by 8:00, temperatures for the most part are in the upper 50s. bringing down your afternoon highs for today. expect slightly cooler conditions than what we experienced yesterday. you can thank the clouds with
6:48 am
campbell, 68 degrees in mountain view and 66 in fremont. low 70s throughout the east bay and richmond with a high of 66. we are are going to keep temperatures in the low 60s for san francisco. the low clouds in the bay area and a weak system, could bring us a few rain drops for tomorrow. right now it is looking like a 10% chance. past tuesday, take a look at wednesday, expected to be one of the warmer days of the week and it looks like temperatures will start to climb for the week. cloud cover and upper 70s for the lowest inland spots and upper 50s along the coast. mark. and our financial analyst rob fladeboe, the dow jones kind of flat. twitter, you warned us average joes to be careful of the ipo, priced at 26 a share and the
6:49 am
first public trade was at 45.10 and it fell on friday and falling today at 40 buck as share down almost four percent. a big jump for the stock on thursday. little surprise, not a huge surprise but it jumped. 70 or 70%. here is my take on it. i personally would look at it constructively and say 20% full back from 50 to 40 creates an aggressive buy. if you can wait for it to go lower, you will have a more conservative opportunity. i scale into the position, this is where it becomes interesting as short-term rental vehicle i will not own twitter the day i die or in three to four years because there will be so much disruption like there has been in the last five or ten years. >> and what else are you watching. >> amazon will make a relation with the united states united
6:50 am
states postal service. when we don't think amazon will deliver they are thinking deliveries from the big guys and smart phones will triple by the year 2015. markets there. >> when do you plan on those, qualcomm and those kinds of stock? >> you can figure it out. i think apple is a player. qualcomm is a player. and verizon, at&t, you can take a look at asian stocks as well. did you know that the top shopping day of the year, what do you think it is. >> black friday. >> today, 11/11 where they push asian people to shop on their lucky shopping day. the asians, the number one world shopping day of the year. thank you. interesting. we will check back for winners and losers on wall street. >> i did not know that, 11/11.
6:51 am
>> 6:50 and the dolphins will play the buccaneers and in the meantime richie incognito is speaking about what the dolphins are like. it is a team culture and not a thing against jonathan martin. he says it is a misunderstanding and not racist. it sound like i'm racist pig and a meathead. it sound a lot of things that it is not. i wanted to clear the air by saying i'm a good person. >> miami dolphins richie incognito defending himself against allegations that he bullied his teammate jonathan martin. >> i have taken stuff too far and didn't know it was hurting him. >> he explains the threatening voice message that he left that said hey, what is up you half piece of blank, i will slap your real mother across the face and you are still a rookie i will kill you. >> i am embarrassed by my
6:52 am
actions but dwayne johnson and the rest of the line and our teammates, it is vulgar, it is not right. when the words are put in the context i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised and people don't know how john and i communicate to each other. >> incognito chalked up his use of the "n" word to locker room reports. >> i am not racist and to judge me by that one record is wrong. there's a lot of colorful words thrown around that we don't use in every day life. the fact of the matter remains that voice mail was left on private voice mail from my friend and it was a joke. >> incognito says he and martin have exchanged 1442 text messages and continue to do that as the scandal goes on. >> i don't blame you guys, i blame the culture and what was going on around me.
6:53 am
when all of this stuff got going and bullying got attached to it and my name got attached to it, i texted him as a friend what is up with this and he says it is not coming from me. haven't said anything to anybody. as his best friend on the team, that is what has me mythed how i missed this. and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. all right. and here is a live look outside our walnut creek camera. so far so good and a little hazy and foggy. we will have more weather and would you rather have spoons for hands or elbows for ears? i'd rather have food. [gasp] let's make a late night foody call and get - my munchie meal with the new hella - peño burger. it's loaded with sliced and stuffed jalapeños, melting cheese, and spicy taco sauce.
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update. a tough loss for the 49ers against a tough defense. the 9ers that have won five straight couldn't get the
6:57 am
offense going against the carolina panthers and held without a touchdown for the second time this season. three field goals and the panthers with a field goal with ten minutes remainder and the 49ers lose. lost vernon davis and eric davis. they head to new orleans for the saints. the raiders had their chances in new york and way too many mistakes and not enough offense. they lose 24-20. terelle pryor scored a run for a touchdown and tracey porter had a 43-yard interception for a touchdown for oakland. sebastian sannasky with another one. the sharks losing to the winnipegs, the third straight loss for them. up next on the kron4 at
6:58 am
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a fire at a redwood city metal scrapping facility continues to give firefighters fits. i will have an 6(móñupdates com up. veteran's day celebrations from around the bay and the nation. >> the aid starting to pour in the philippine as we get new pictures of the devastation. the death toll continuing to climb and expected to reach possibly ten thousand. we will have the latest on how people in the bay area are helping the victims. taking a look at our bay area weather and traffic on
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