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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 12, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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buildings, all of our evacuation centers collapsed." >> the storm first made landfall here, in the town of ghee=ahn'. >> "i don't know where to start. if you will take a look about our municipality, it was totally hit, total damage - 100% damaged." >> of the roughly 50- thousand people in this town almost everyone is homeless, thirsty and hungry. >> "there's a shortage of food, tents, everything, everything is gone. so we need help." >> in all, more than 17=hundred bodies have been recovered. this woman saved her son, but lost her husband, >> "all i hear many people cry. many people crying. many people say 'help help.'" >> through his tears, one man tries to get word to his family that his daughter is dead. "please forgive me," he says, "i couldn't save her." >> survivors in the port city of tah=kloban cover their noses. the are is full of evidence that the toll will go higher. >> "we can now only search more.with some smell, with the smell, because a lot of bodies were mixed up with all the rubble and all the
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debris." >> the peninsula- based charity 'project pearl'. is also organizing an aid drive for the victims of typhoon haiyan. * * * donations of new unopened, non- perishable items, such as canned goods and other supplies. were being accepted here at san jose state university this afternoon. at least five campus- based organizations took part in the drive, as people like freddie heidler. drove up from morgan hill. with a load of toilet paper after seeing images of the devastation. >> you just never know when something like this will happen. it is just a catastrophe. it is a lot to be thankful for. we're very fortunate here in america tough to be able to give back to other parts of the world. >> the students spent three hours on the job, taking in donations including canned
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goods and lots of toiletries, such as soap, feminine products. and infant supplies. like diapers and formula. >> and if you'd like to help the typhoon relief effort. visit our web page -- kron-4 dot com. we've posted links to how you can help. and remember. stay up to date with the new kron-4 news app. >> small earthquake late this afternoon in the east bay. the 2.9 magnitude quake was centered two miles east of downtown san ramon. people started calling our newsroom atound 3:45.sayign they felt it in the san ramon area. one person saying things in their house rattled and there was a strong vibration. no reports of damage or injuries. >> just last friday night.there was a 3.0 magnitude quake.also near san ramon. in about an hour, oakland city council members will consider putting oakland's teenagers and children under a city-wide curfew.
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>> linethe 16-year-old boy accused of setting an "agender" teen ablaze faced a judge today. police say richard thomas set sasha fleischman's skirt on fire on a bus in oakland. kron 4's will tran tells us what happened at alameda >> we did however track down on one of the attorneys in this is what he had to say about his client. >> what kind of defense can you have. >> we haveen the discovery so we do not know what the defense will be and we will not comment at this time but i can tell you that he is 16 years old and he is entitled to a defense. whatever defense is appropriate. >> have you spoken to him
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personally? finlay i have. >> no further comments. >> thomas will be back in court on november 15th. will tran, kron 4 news. >> 49ers linebacker aldon smith arrived right on schedule for his 1:30 court appearance but answered answered no questions as he walked into the courthouse, along with his his parents and attorney. inside department 23, dressed in a grey suit and checked shirt, smith stood quietly as his attorney expressed his client's intention to enter a plea of not guilty to charges of possessing assault weapons that are illegal in california. afterwards, smith's attorney, josh bentley, said today was just the beginning of smith's defense. attorney
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court documents show that smith is facing three felony counts of possessing assault weapons seized by sheriff's deputies after a house party hosted by smith last summer, during which he was stabbed and two party goers shot by gang members who crashed >> today's court appearance was the first set and out of respect and the integrity of the judicial system will not make any further statements at this time. >> the party. smith was granted a continuance to mid-january to allow his attorney more time for discovery. the prosecutor was asked if that might be a ploy to postpone the case until after the football season. sot brian buckelew/dep. dist. atty
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>> they will receive all but discovery before his next court date. it would take a time to go through this process, to digest and that the figure out what it means. >> peppered with questions about those weapons once again as he left court, smith said nothing. the first step in that process his attorney referred to taking about 3o minutes. >> smith will be in court again a week from now. this time for a d-u-i charge. he was arrested after his pickup truck hit a tree in a residential neighborhood of san jose back on september 20th. smith's blood-alcohol level was reportedly.15. almost twice the legal limit. the incident prompted him to enter a treatment facility. this was not smith's first drunken driving arrest. he got a d-u-i in miami in >> smaller, and politically friendlier. that's what the warriors are hoping for as the team unveils updated plans for their waterfront arena along san francisco's embarcadero. new renderings out today show an arena and development plan that's been tweaked, yet again.
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bottom line.buildings are smaller and open space is larger. the warriors say building heighs have been lowered - this includes the arena, practice facility, shops and restaurants. there's more open space than in previous designs - 60 percent of the land is now dedicated to open space.up from 50 percent. more views of the bay are in the new plans. the 1 billion dollar probect at piers 30 - 32 is far from a done deal. critics are pledging to get the issue on the ballot. and these are not the first renderings we've seen of the new warriors arena. to see the changes.check out our've posted all the renderings there. >> coming up. the largest casino in california. right here in the bay area. but - some north bay residents aren't feeling so lucky. >> then -- stunningly low enrollment estimates for obamacare. now former president bill clinton is urging the president to make a big change. >> but first.
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>> there are people who love disney-world so much -- they want to live there forever. and disney is now making that possible. these are sketches of some of home styles available at a gated community called
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'golden oak' - at disneyworld in florida. they start at 1-point-seven million -- and go up to 7- million dollars. fees are up to 12-thousand dollars a year. but you get to live on disney property - and get park passes and all kinds of special benefits. they've already done something similar - this is the town disney built in florida called 'celebration.' the new project will include 450 homes. more than a hundred of them have already been sold. >> and seaworld wants to put water. the death of this trainer back in 20-10 led to a federal rule -- preventing them from getting into the water with killer whales during performances. the sea-world company blames the law on hurting its business. but critics say the whales shouldn't be in captivity in the first place -- and predict that if seaworld wins the appeal - more trainers will die. three deaths have been connected to the same killer whale. but the company is ready for
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a fight - and has hired a high-powered lawyer to argue its case. >> still ahead. why doctors are calling for a lot more people to consider taking medication. >> then. the first serious storm of the season in the north east -- causing some serious
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>> the demolition of the original bay bridge is now underwaytoday caltrans began the deconstruction work on the east-span removing the cantilever section of the old upper deckcontractors estimate it will take six-weeks to remove that part of the bridgethe total demolition is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2016we will give you a close look at the historic demolition projectcoming up on kron4news at 6 >> it's been a week since the new casino opened in rhonert park. and it's causing some serious traffic trouble.
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kron4's charles clifford is live. >> there are a lot residents wore on half pay about this traffic. they stated that this has now clogged up at once quiet rolled. this is the main route to connect to the casino. at the moment the traffic is not too bed. i will give you a look at what is going on with this is after a busy weekend. let's take a look at some of the video opening day. there were thousands of people crowded in here. these people wanted to check out the casino. the chp was here and they were helping to direct people. but on wednesday, thursday, and friday things quiet down. it became busy again on the weekend. >> over the weekend there
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were capable are keylock that had to be shut down. it involved officers being paroled.on a road. overall, it s been going pretty small. >> i check with people will live in the area and one man stated that he can hardly get out of his dry wit because of this long line. the chp is advising people that they should be aware that the traffic delays are possible especially on the weekend. >> doctors are calling for a lot more americans to consider taking statin drugs to lower their cholesterol. the new guidelines are for preventing heart attacks and strokes. but this may surprise you. their recommendation? one third of all adults should consider taking the drugs. >> used to be - you just had
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to know your numbers. low blood pressure. reasonable bmi. your bad cholesterol level - keep it under 100. not any more. new guidelines released today by the american heart association and the american college of cardiology say that last number isn't so important anymore. why? regardless of those numbers you might need to be on a cholesterol lowering statin drug. if you have heart disease or diabetes - you're put on a statin. if you have high cholesterol of over 190 - you're likely to get a statin. statins, like lipitor and zocor, essentially help the body clear out the waxy cholesterol that can build up and cause heart attacks or strokes. under the new advice 33 million more americans would be candidates for taking statins. the risks? >> the most compelling evidence is that it will prevent heart attacks and strokes. the drugs we use are safe. they do have an adverse affect but the
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serious is uncommon. >> the heart specialists stated that the side effects are not so rare. you can also experiment muscle and joint pain and weakness. you may also experience some memory loss. experts say that if you exercise and that will help a lot. they also stated that if you change your diet by dropping a lot of greasy foods. >> this adjust them. a police chase in richmond is with a crash that seriously injures two people. new video and our nose room shows the same. this is from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. this happened about 3:45 p.m.. the suspect crashed into another car the car that was
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hit, not the suspect's car but the passenger is critically injured and the driver suffered major injuries bread there are serious injuries to the car that was hit. police was chasing a suspect. it looks like they had to extricate to people from this car. i am guessing that this is the car that was hit. we're still getting information because this story is still coming in. three suspects took off and they were not seriously hurt. to have been called and one is still out there. there are no police vehicles involved in the crash. >> we woke up to cloudy skies outside but not a whole lot. the skies are cleared and the temperatures warmed into the '70s. we briefly hit the '70s and oakland and in richmond. 72 in redwood city. 60 closer
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to the coast. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. it is want to stay clear tonight. the temperatures at this evening remain in the upper 50s and low 60's. tomorrow morning, it will be chilly and we will see a lot of 4 is out the door. a few clouds here or there. we will see even more clear and into the afternoon. more 70's. >> here's a look at satellite and radar. the skies are clearing. this system continues to mold way to the north the bus. you did see the tail end of it pushing through. here is a look at temperatures out the door. it will be cooler than what we saw last night. 43 degrees in
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>> here is a look picture extended forecast tomorrow will be a little bit warmer but the winds will start to pick up in the afternoon. off thursday will be even when there. we may see a red flag warning. as you head into the weekend it does look like we have a chance of rain into saturday. right now it is just a slight chance of showers. >> a police officer goes overboard. during the pursuit of a
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suspect. linethen. how a bunch of people are mistakenly. which isn't even out yet.
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>> in michigan.a camera caught the shocking moment that a police officer and a man wanted for an alcohol violation -- both went tumbling off a highway overpass. the dash camera on another officer's car recorded it. you see the men highlighted here.and other police officers rushing over in horror after they fell. the officer has a back injury and is on paid leave. the man he was chasing broke a leg and a wrist. all this -- because the man had violated parole on a minor alcohol offense. some question whether the chase was worth it. >> coming up at 5:30. the lengths hundreds of volunteers are going to. to make this young lukemia survivor's wish come true. right here in the bay area.
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>> a bay area company just issued a new device that will help with a active shooter. i am gabe slate, that is coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes!
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>> the white house keeps assuring americans that it's working on fixing the many problems with the new health care law. but people are fed up -- and now a prominent democrat is sounding off. catherine heenan is here with that story. >> there's new pressure on president obama to live up to a promise he made -- that people who like their current health insurance plans -- can keep them. now - former president bill clinton is publicly nudging the white house to take action. >> no one argues that the roll-out of obama care has been a mess. all of washington was waiting to see how many americans signed up in
5:31 pm
october - the first month of enrollment. the wall street journal reports that in the insurance marketplaces run by the federal government -- only about 50- thousand people managed to successfully enroll. embarrassingly low numbers -- even after the administration tried to lower expectations. >> "i can tell you - our early enrollment numbers are gonna be very low." >> another huge problem - people are getting cancellation notices from their current insurance plans. that was 'not' supposed to happen. and now - in an online interview - former president bill clinton is adding more pressure. saying president obama has got to find a way to let people keep their existing coverage. >> i personally believe that it is going to take a change in law and that the president said honor his commitment that he made to people. >> at a white house briefing.jay carney could only try to find a little positive spin. >> ".clinton also said we're better off with this plan than without it."
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>> it's not that the obama administration isn't trying. but there's a lot of catching up to meet the administration's target of getting things fixed - and getting 800-thousand people signedup by the end of november. >> house republicans have come up with their own measure to give people the chance to keep their coverage. but the white house argues it would allow insurance companies to keep selling policies that don't offer the right kind of benefits. >> a new n-b-c survey released today says that hillary clinton christie in a match-up held today --- she has a strong lead. they're both considered likely candidates for president in 20-16. the former secretary of state got 44% of those surveyed saying they'd vote for her. compared to 34 percent who would back the new jersey governor. at this point of course.neither clinton or christie is announcing any decision to run.
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>> a bay area company has unveiled new technology. to help police take down a shooter -- if a crisis were to erupt in a school. kron4's gabe slate reports. >> our schools and now need to be prepared for the possibility of someone showing up with a gun. a bay area company has just came out with new technology could help the school or any public building in deal with an active shooter. shot spotter has been an active technology that police officers to depend on. oakland p d uses this all the time. the company just unveiled a sight that can locate the exact spot where a shot was fired. this can really help authorities respond to a school shooting situation. they will know where the shooter is and get to them before they heard
5:34 pm
more people. >> just like our outdoors system is able to detect gun fire. this does the same thing. if an active shooter interests a building or a school and starts to fire shots our system will be able to notified law enforcement in real-time so that the shots being fired and where they are being fired. and this is a fairly good to benefit given the fact that an act of shooting situation as often 2 to 5 minutes before the first call to 911 is ever made. >> any law enforcement professional will tell you that in this situation, minutes to do matter. some of the ivy is canada's our schools, universities but other critical infrastructures like shopping malls, federal buildings or courthouses. we're going to be deployed
5:35 pm
the technology in a couple of schools and universities. we will be deployed on within the next 30 or so days. the 60 to 90 days we will shape the system out and show is an effort. we will try to will it improve is so that we can have a good product. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news sprea >> this friday -- dan francisco will tranform into gotham city. and it's all for a 5-year- old boy whose dream is to be batman. kron4's alecia reid talked to the make-a-wish about what it's taking to make this happen. >> diagnosed with leukemia. having made it through the worst part of this treatment. he is now in remission. friday, he will need all the energy that he can muster. he will get a
5:36 pm
list of where his help is needed. >> he will report to these places, he will save--there are billons of all but i know he will be successful. >> they have never seen such an outpouring. they're hoping that this will help if people make other children wishes come true. >> i think this is a once- in-a-lifetime experience and their 350, over 350 children and a gray hair bay chapter and we have a lot of work to do. in this moment, how specialists this. >> the mayor and police chiefs will give him a key to the city. >> happening now. winter is coming early to a great lakes regions. lake of sex no hits in the end, at the southern tip of lake michigan. more than a foot
5:37 pm
of snow fell in some parts of indiana and michigan this morning, friday after chicago experience its first goal this season. slippery, icy roads lead accidents across chicago, detroit, buffalo, and dayton, ohio last night and into the morning. this was a the scene in metro detroit. light rain and snow makes and 30 degree temperatures combined to cause icy conditions. that led to numerous accidents. >> western pennsylvania woke up to find snow on the ground. some areas got to 3 in.. the national weather service reports that nearly 2 1/2 inches fell in pittsburg, a record for november 12th. roads and sidewalks were mostly what this morning. new jersey and some new york server start dusting of snow. >> new ahead -- planning to
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>> now for today's market update. the bull market took a breather on tuesday, with stocks retreating from their recent highs. the s- and- p and dow closed lower, and the nasdaq ended flat, snapping a two-day winning streak. still, stocks are not far off from their record highs. here are tuesday's closing numbers. the dow closed down 32 points. nasdaq ended with no gain. and s- and -p dropped four points. >> american airlines and u- s airways are set to merge into the world's biggest air carrier. the justice department announced a settlement today that paves the way for the mega-merger. but first, the airlines have to satisfy a key concern that officials lodged in an antitrust lawsuit.
5:42 pm
that combining the carriers would give the company a stranglehold at certain major airports. the two airlines agreed today to compromise. it includes selling takeoff and landing slots to low- cost new york's laguardia and washington's reagan national airports. and rights to gates at other major airports. >> if you are looking to travel by air next year, get ready for some big changes. airlines are going to start charging frequent flier more points in order to qualify for tickets and other benefits. zain asher is at the new york stock exchange with the details. on the
5:43 pm
united, a one-way ticket will go for zero hundred and $10 a miles. right now it is about 67,000. southwest's stated that they do not plan to make any changes. it is just like ticket price us. >> more popular place as will cost you more miles and the airline industry is in a stronger position than a few years back. there are also fewer carriers, up four major airlines compare to 10 back in 2001. airlines have more pricing power. delta and united does not apply its all locations. so go ahead and book that ticket. >> a third defendant has pleaded guilty in a global 45- million-dollar a- t- m fraud scheme. evan jose peña and two
5:44 pm
others allegedly stole debit card data -- then hacked into bank systems. the three organized the worldwide group's new york cell. that cell fraudulently withdrew nearly three- million-dollars in a matter of hours. prosecutors said hackers targeted mastercard- connected accounts at banks in the united arab emirates and oman. >> a store's shipping mistake has put one of this year's most anticipated holiday gifts in lucky hands. we're talking about the x- box one. the official release date is november 22- nd. but for one teen in fort worth, christmas arrived early. story. >> attention gamers, tech fiends and parents working on christmas lists: you're about to be very jealous of 14-year-old joshua garza. >> i'd been saving up for it all summer. >> this fort worth freshman wanted the hottest gift of the holiday season. he decided not to wait for
5:45 pm
santa, and instead pre- ordered the updated gaming system from target to be delivered after its release date, november 22nd. but then christmas came way early. >> i ordered it november 4th on monday, and i received it thursday, november 7th. >> feast your eyes on an accidentally sent out x-box one. i was completely shocked. joshua's brother says it went more like this: >> he's like, preston, screaming at the top of his lungs, you won't believe it, tech bloggers estimate garza >> is one of 150 who received the latest version of microsoft's gaming system ahead of its release. >> as big as microsoft is, when we started playing, we were listening for helicopters. >> all were sent out by target in what the company calls a computer glitch. >> xbox go to internet explorer. >> but even though joshua has it, he can't do much with it. >> there was a problem with the update. >> the system isn't connecting, and probably won't for the next 11 days.
5:46 pm
but when it does, garza will have his thumbs at the ready. >> i guess i'll just wait and see what happens! but i'm very eager to play it. >> according to a new study, drivers are surfing the web when they're behind the wheel. u-s-a today reports the study, done by insurer state farm, found that one in four drivers are going online while they drive. the numbers have nearly doubled from 20- 09 when state farm started the survey. and among drivers ages 18 to 29 that number jumped from 29 to 49 percent. another interesting find in this survey is that while there are more people going online while driving, the number of people texting behind the wheel has not increased as fast. >> you are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza we are seeing--we started the day was cloudy conditions. we had a few raindrops but things have cleared. the temperatures right now remained pretty mild especially away from the
5:47 pm
coastline. 66 degrees in san jose and 63 in downtown san princess corporate amount, it will stay mostly clear but it will be cooler because of the clear skies. last time we had cloud cover that was a little warmer. for tomorrow, it will be a little bit warmer but the winds will pick up. in fact it will get really windy and to thursday. we may see a red flag warning being issued. more changes, cooler weather and a chance for rain. >> right now, satellite radar shows clear skies over the bay. you can see the main chance of rain is to the east and we have the clear conditions but will still lead. we may see a little bit of fall out the door. you will see into the
5:48 pm
6:00 hour that it is foggy conditions. a couple areas of fog for the north. by a p.m. the clouds will left. >> the temperatures out the door are a lot of 40's. it will be cooler than what we saw this morning. 40 degrees in napa and 45 1/2 moon bay and 45 in sunnyvale. into the afternoon we will see basically widespread seven days. the south bay will have low 70's and 73 in sunnyvale perry the inland valleys will be the upper 70's and 76 for pleasanton. 70 in san leandro and union city. low 60's for ocean beach in daly city. >> this is cords to be the extent of the system. here is a look picture extended forecast is a little warmer
5:49 pm
tomorrow but the winds will pick up perry ed gusty winds also for thursday. we will continue with this cooling trend into friday and saturday at we may see light showers on saturday. we will give you the updates as the weekend gets closer. >> coming up, i will investigate and the next people behaving badly. >>
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>> scary stuff for one of the harlem globetrotters.check it out. bull bullard. he throws down this dunk during a game in honduras. but the whole basket came down on top of him, hitting the floor and shattering. pretty standard dunk for these tricksters.but the whole backboard and rim just lowered. bull is o-k. he was up and walking around by the end of the game. waved to the crowd,.but he did have cuts on his forehead.
5:53 pm
>> he gave a way to the crowd, but he did not hav. >> we do have changes in the forecast. i will have your weather coming up.
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>> coming up as 6:00 p.m.. after two months of delay, demolition of the old eastern span of the bay bridge has begun. how crews eastern span of the bay bridge has begun. how crews ai love watching tv the outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now.
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>> after standing for nearly eight decades, the old
5:59 pm
eastern span of the bay bridge is slowly coming down. it all started today. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. you can see demolition has begun. >> kron 4 haaziq madyn was on the upper deck earlier today. he showed she just call the roadway is being remote. the first section been demolished is the portion of the upper deck that you see here. about 2,400 ft.. a little bit has been ruled on day one. caltran explains how a dog is going to be done. >> the eastern span of the
6:00 pm
bay bridge stretches about 2 mi. and is made of about 60 t of steel. over 150 t of concrete. there is a massive amount of concrete being remote. caltran has-- >> this bridge has paid, who knows how much gasoline no oil has been spilled on this. when you start cutting into its you can predict where the wait will shift. we are taking every precaution. we want to ensure the safety of the workers and the safety of the bay. >> it will be done in about 2016. >> it will be a messy job.
6:01 pm
the demolition was delayed a week so that caltran could put it into place. here is what it looked like, people will sit driving by on the eastern span. there it is on the lower deck of the old bridge. slightly tilted toward the middle. the whole idea this just to keep the debris from the top deck until it is in control. here is the caltran spokesman again on what else workers are doing to keep in check. >> they did soft cutting. cutting and rectangles so that when the excavators pull up the concrete there will not be any chunks. >> as the debris piles up, it will be put into trucks and hauled away. maligne
6:02 pm
>> it looks like a troubled 49 a player aldon smith will be playing football released until january. the star linebacker was arraigned this afternoon on gun charges. this was a connection with this search of his home in san jose. smith appeared in santa clara county superior court and his case was continued to january, after the regular football season is over. smith's attorney says, that his client will plead not guilty to three felony counts of possession of assault weapons spread smith answered no questions, but his attorney and the prosecutor in the case may brief statements afterwards. >> this is typically have a process will unfold. it will
6:03 pm
begin today we have the next court date. >> i am not want an answer to questions at this time however, he is very interested in answering to these charges. you have the understand that this is a process. today's court experience was the first step. out of respect and the integrity of the court system would not be making any further statements said this time. >> the weapons were discovered usher of deputies after he had a house party. this was when he was stabbed and two partygoers were shot. >> he also faces a misdemeanor of driving under the influence. this has also been continued. >> tonight the oakland city council's public safety committee will consider a curfew for do now spread councilman noel gallo says,
6:04 pm
the proposal will help combat teenage crime, including gun violence. kron4 alecia reid is at the meeting. she will have a live report coming up at 8:00 p.m.. >> residents and tacloban are in desperate need of resources following the deadly typhoon in the philippines. the official death toll has murray 1700 but many more are feared to be dead. kron4 grant's lodes is here now with the latest. >> eight a sliver of good nils. the philippines president today is send a
6:05 pm
2000 are feared dead much better than the earlier estimate of $10 and. another revision is gramm, 11 million people are still affected by this natural disaster. a u.s. marine corps general on the ground there says that more help is still needed within a week, or casualty's will continue. water, food, medicine and shelter are most needed. more than two dozen countries are providing aid. >> the peninsula based charity is among the groups who are providing aid. this is been accepted at the san
6:06 pm
jose university. you can see all of the collections. donations for the philippines continue to pour into the west space center in san francisco on seventh street. the executive director says the the philippines airlines has agreed to ship the items collected to the typhoon or ravaged region. the center is working with churches to get the goods directly into the hands of those in need. >> remember to stay with kron4 for the latest on the typhoon and a relief efforts. you can always check online at >> the graton resort and casino drew thousands of people this veterans day.
6:07 pm
this jammed up arose and created other challenges pripet so we sent kron 4 as charles clifford back to the neighborhood. >> here is video from last week on opening day. there were thousands of people come in to check that out. the chp was out here to help move traffic and for the rest of the week there were a lot of traffic and they actually had to shut down a parking lot to keep people from going in. it was very full and the chp stated that if you are coming to visit the casino in the future or if you live in the area that you need to plan accordingly because the traffic may be heavy. >> you should find an alternate route and find a another way to get home. >> coming up on kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m. will have more on the traffic situation and
6:08 pm
we also will talk to the teeth casino to see how things are going for their first week. >> coming up, it has been a busy day for couples and getting hitched. there is a special reason why so many decided to flock to city hall today. >> a fire breaks out an apartment building. here's a live look at the damage. >> nearly a year after the sandy hook massacre. a first >> nearly a year after the sandy hook massacre. a first ♪ ♪ >> nearly a year after the sandy hook massacre. a first i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye. so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime.
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the chase mobile app. so you can.
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6:11 pm
>> residents had to scramble with a fire broke out at a hayward apartment building. it happened at the woodsmen and green apartments surely before 3:00 a.m.. officials say, it appeared--it's started at a first floor unit, after a stove was left unattended. one resident describes what he saw. >> the american red cross has been called in to assist residents who cannot go home. >> it is a lucky day. >> coming up there are a lot of couples at tying the
6:12 pm
knot. why weddings are so popular today. >> new pictures of apple's new headquarters. a look at what the space ship like new headquarters. a look at what the space ship like campus is set to look is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season. avo: thesales event "sis back. drive" which means it's never been easier to get a new passat,
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6:15 pm
>> weddings at city hall in san francisco were totally booked today and have been for months in advance. it has to do with numbers. 11, 12, 13 is the magic date that brought wedding parties together to joined in matrimony. >> we gathered here today in the presence of witnesses. they like the numbers 11, 12, 13 won't happen again for another hundred years. for the purpose of united and matrimony. >> she really wanted this state because of something to remember. >> it coincides with the day
6:16 pm
in tahoe when he proposed to me. >> the numbers add up to be 36 by my favorite number. >> it is a once-in-a- lifetime time kinda date and we are looking for something special for ourselves. so we chose today. >> i figure 11, 12, 13 next year will be the only other year when they will have consecutive numbers for another century. >>city hall is already booking that date. december 13, 2014 for the next december. >> what does $5 billion by you? the coolest looking office building ever. today we had a idea of what the spaceship like office will look like. >> these are rendering is
6:17 pm
show various elements of the $2.8 million square-foot campus in cupertino. some of the highlights include an underground garage. a mass of cafeteria and an auditorium where ceo tim cook and others will show off their new products to the media. the plot of land is huge--176 a.. floor to ceiling windows in the spacious office. >> the santa cruz police department announced that they plan to create a memorial garden in honor of two officers were gunned down in the line of duty. detective sgt loran baker and detective elizabeth butler will mark fatally shot by gunmen jeremy goulet, back in february.
6:18 pm
now, and their memories will live on. and a permanent garden that will include a continental large a jasper of boulders, featuring brass plaques and bearing the officers' names. >> close to a year after the shooting massacre at a school in newtown, connecticut. one of the first responders is still have a hard time with the memory of the tragedy. now, that police officer might lose his job after being diagnosed with post- traumatic stress. >> officer tom been since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school left him with a long-term disability. he was actually off-duty the day of the shooting, but dropped everything and when he heard the call for help. the state does not cover posttraumatic stress, but he says that if he lost an arm or leg, he could retire with full medical coverage. >> the men and women of new
6:19 pm
town police department who did respond that they did their job. they lived up to their end of their contract. it is now time for the town to live up to their in. >> connecticut is one of just few states that do not cover the disorder. if taxpayers had to foot the bill for officer being is medical coverage, it could cost $350,000. >> the fbi is looking for a man they say is prey on children. they have released some photos. he has been referred to only as john doe 27. we do not even know where the man has allegedly abused children. these photos were found on line. the man is apparently white, 40 to 50 years old, with brown hair, gray sideburns, and a bald spot. he wears glasses, and he has a ring
6:20 pm
on his right figure. aden's included a photo of a chair, which is believed to be at his home. the agency is casting a very wide net, giving that there are no details but they're just hoping. >> satellite and radar shows clear skies and a rain is tapering off. this system is wave to the east of us. we are going to see warmer, drier conditions for tomorrow. as of tomorrow morning will still have clear skies and to that we had cloudy conditions. tomorrow, will have more 40's. 45 for half moon bay and 43 to start the day in livermore. into the afternoon, will have a lot a 70's. 72 degrees for redwood city and 714 milpitas. the inland valley will be in the '70s. pittsburg, danville
6:21 pm
will be at 76 degrees. >> we will still be in the '60s up the coastline but very few 60's tomorrow. upper 60s for both we and oakland. here is a look picture extended forecast will see gusty winds. a red flag warning could be issued and into the weekend may have more changes with cooler weather. a slight chance for showers on saturday. it is looking pretty iffy. we will see improving conditions. >> tech giants, samsung and apple are back in court. the second trial between the two biggest smart phone makers of booted up today in federal court in san francisco. lawyers for both sides began picking a jury. the jurors will decide how
6:22 pm
much samsung should pay apple for copying features of their iphone and their ipad. it was ruled a previous jury miscalculated the damages. today's court proceedings were a warm-up for a larger trial that is set for march. >> apple's new is gadgets when on sale today. the latest ipad mini now with apple's high resolution on gretna display and a speedier processor. you will not find it at a retail apple store. due to the limited supply, apple wants customers to use their personal pick up to buy the ipad mini through the online apple store. >> i told him that i found the definition or fine. >> coming up. however one teen is pushing for a change after she found the
6:23 pm
definition of gay to be offensive. maligned you probably is seen this video on youtube. it shows what the fox says. household you will get to read about a the fox says. household you will get to read about a careewe pa staed up e ba of my hea and wrped oundo thfront. coul'that felthrohoutmy wholeea. the isteng a theashwas movi do. thdoctors at the coul'that felthrohoutmy wholeea. at iave checked emerout an e door.d erwhen hadhinglesmyyesight. the sic opped.
6:24 pm
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6:26 pm
line >> a teenager's sestet she was horrified to see a negative definition for were gay. she was looking it up on her macbook. she'd decided to do something about it. >> the daughter of two lesbians she wrote a letter directly to apple's ceo tim cook. >> it was just insulting. it was like i could not understand why it would be there. i found the definition to be horrified. and i am sure that he did too. >> to her surprise, apple responded and called her at home. representatives spoke with her and told her that apple will look into the
6:27 pm
problem. >> so far, the dictionary has not changed. >> still ahead how all this a video may make it to your children's book shelves. >> coming up, going grocery shopping at trader joe's. this will give me a time to show people behaving badly. >> we are still in the '60s so far and i will show you >> we are still in the '60s so far and i will show you how [ man ] it's big. responds in a moment's notice. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. aladdin became the biggest in bail by treating people right. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional than aladdin. that's why more people turn to aladdin than anyone. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
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6:30 pm
>> this adjust in to the nose room. there has been a bad accident in oakland bread take a look get the same this is courtesy from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 nils. emergency
6:31 pm
vehicles are on the scene and a witness near the area and zero glenn stated that the crash involved a truck and another vehicle and there is at least one vehicle that we see that as some a roof. you can see the big presence. this intersection has been blocked off. this is 82nd and bancroft. we do not know the extent of injuries but we know it is serious. we will stay on top of this story and bring you more developments. >> here on the upper deck of the bay bridge the demolition has begun. >> we're trying to promote the up or rolled way and this will take about six weeks. >> they stated that it will take about three years to construct this. they're paying close attention to not less the debris impact of the area below. >> the troubled forty-niners
6:32 pm
player and alson smith appeared in court where he was arraigned on the three sublimate charges that are the legal in california. his attorney stated that he will enter a plea of not guilty upon his return to court in denver. smith also faces a misdemeanor for driving under the influence. until then he is still free and he can still play football. in san jose, rob fladeboe. >> the 16 year-old accused of setting a ac transit rider on fire. he did not enter a plea because they stated that they have not seen the case and that's why they have requested the judge to push the case back. we try to talk to the family and they did not want to
6:33 pm
make a comment. >> here in san francisco at this facility they are taking in donations to help with those affected by the typhoon. thousands of people are dead and countless are without homes pripet this facility is taking in cash and any other supplies so the they consent to the philippines. the red cross has also gotten involved. you can go to our website at and we have information so that you can help those affected. maligned as san francis >> students and staff said this high-school are trying to remember this still that. the 16 year-old was way it light. they have grief
6:34 pm
counselors back-to-school period >> in san francisco, the golden state warriors are announced changes to their stadium. they released pitchers and gave out new modifications. i will talk more about these changes coming up. >> j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> our big weather story is, weather for your wednesday. satellite and radar shows that the rain will be ending. we will see mostly clear skies tonight and it will be cooler. we will see a lot of 40's. 45 degrees for half moon bay. tomorrow we t 70's once again. the winds will pick up. we will see dust in the teens and possibly the 20's. most likely near the coastline.
6:35 pm
the wind will pick up a again into thursday and we may see a red flag morning. a again, it will be cooler and there will be another chance of rain. here is another look pitcher extended forecast mainly 70's. by friday, it will be a little calmer. there will be a slight chance of rain and cooler conditions. >> you probably saw that you to video about what the fox says. you will soon be able to read about a. they have a pitcher but based on this sensation. check out some of the video. >> (music) >> it is funny. this video has over 200 hits since september. the book is based on a son and is scheduled to
6:36 pm
come on december 10th. >> google made a announcement about their high-tech hardware but they did it quietly. i caught it and i will show you at 8:00 p.m.. >> gabe slate, kron4 new ews. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery.
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
>> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> if i were a police officer in just simply had to, let's say right a bunch of tickets and it will be simply great. >> however, if i were a cop chances are these people would be on their best behavior or not this lady who appears that have no idea there is a hads free
6:40 pm
law in california. >> this is the light of the violators wave for their turn not to get a ticket but into the parking lot of trader joe's,. >> three and a masonic to be exact, let's see i could cite sort of driving with your vision of obstructed, yeah up, driving with 8 disabled placard hanging in the window could lead you to get. >> while there is no lock on the books that say you can't take photos this is not the safest thing was this car is in drive. >> but you know even if they caught more to watch this person for a long as i am watching them the driver was still denied using their phone. >> and so with this driver although she is not actually in line she is is driving along. this woman has her face. her phone and so does this one. >> they say you should never cry over spilled milk, this
6:41 pm
man just loved trader joe's and across what apparently is too far away. so he is about to make a mega-but calls the office steps back on the curb did regroups and goals for. >> but i could assume this bill milk would be the least of this it walkers concern. masonic is a very wide and varied faster to roll away and people have been killed running across to trader joe's. >> of course the e illegal u-turn as are not helping the situation either. all of this for some cookie butter. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> coming up o the kron4 morninnils. aldon smith has
6:42 pm
his first of few days in court. >> the 49ers' cut a player in a position that is probably the weakest on the team. gary has the story coming up pre-empt
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> it is now time for gary radnich. >> alsonsmith visitealdon smithd
6:45 pm
visited the courtroom. he has allegations concerning a party that was at his house where two people was shot. it also faces charges of a drunk. of course he played sunday and he will play again this sunday and normans. the 49ers' let go of a popular player. kyle williams, he never got it going. remember, but some low against the new your giants in the playoffs. it cost the team is super bowl appearance. they played him at wide receiver. they had a number injuries but it just did not work.
6:46 pm
>> they also let go of the defense of bacteria his dad was a great athlete at stanford. he was hoping to make-as he is gone. >> the raiders cornerback terrell prior there's no word yet if he will miss any games. >> let's talk some dollars and since pripet the houston texans and running back was placed on injured reserve. this season is arbor. he will lose $10 million spread this is the company that plans to us sale--day decided that in light of his injuries that will postpone. this is tough. >> here is a ed reed, he was released from baltimore to
6:47 pm
come to the taxes. he was let go today. he has signed a $50 million contract pripet he will take, about 5 1/2 million. >> he will tell you that he just did not have it anymore. but that is a good party a get. towards the toe got $7 million to leave. every, will get maybe five and a half million dollars to leave. >> what this study is that if you were in that business and you worked out a deal where someone was not good and to get rid of them you had to give them $7 million spread there it is. >> by the way stanley roberts will be on the cover of as else weekly. that will come on thursday.
6:48 pm
>> he will have--so have you seen it? >> yes, it is on-line. >> he have on both of them that wanted it. s and a weekly one. >> let's talk about where he came from, i never knew about his child would. >> was a sad? >> a little bit. >> i loved stan. tell pam- that's i do not want any sadness. >> if what if we had a new span has with all happened as. >> every time you come on the newest, someone is dying, someone is shot. >> let's try this bread >>
6:49 pm
>> . people always said that the love hearing the good stories. >> i like to be happy all the time. >> there were some people and i was at a video machine and people saw me. they asked me if i was really like this in real life. >> i told them know, >> what do you mean no. that is what makes the show. >> listen to me when i tell you this. if you want to just sit and look as some lame guy at night. i will read the look get some dirk and turn him off. >> we do not want that spread how many guys have you drop of 43 years because they were blands. no one was a bland >> i told people that you're
6:50 pm
really nice. >> next to live in the bay area. >> thank you for going out estate and loving kron pereir >> there was a player from the pittsburgh steelers that got a haircut. this is a ceremonial day. he did this to raise money for a vfw program. he auctioned off his hair. he was so nice when he was in here. troy paul models here to hel >> he brought cleveland back from the dead, he received
6:51 pm
16 votes. he came in second, bob came in anyone the award and finished third. no one has ever won this twice and that consecutive time. the general manager in orlando florida. he was a great star for the a's and he went to atlanta and now he is stating that he may want to come back to the bay area. he was a very good pitcher. he is only 37 years of age. he is very, very strong. >> will take a break. we have made dancing hockey avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
6:52 pm
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with qualifying bundles.
6:55 pm
>> will now return to a sports would gary radnich. >> the warriors in a few minutes will take on the detroit pistons. >> your thoughts. >> i wish we were--i know a lot about this team prepared we have to play smarter. >> this is just no way the first part of the season has gone. i will not look too much into a. >> the warriors are 2-2. oklahoma city with kevin doren is a big attraction coming thursday night. >> a lot of people stated that whenever do can find a dance in hockey player you should go for. >> (music and dancing)
6:56 pm
>> this is after it went on saturday night. he celebrated by dancing to its lona song. this sets up a hit in this nation. he created his own dance and he showed it off to his teammates in the locker room. but now he wanted to go national. >> i would rather have this in the locker room in august of we are hearing about in miami. this gives us a little bit more joy among teammates. >> this guy is good at this pripet on >> what is in the show on a high note. >> of course we will be back at 8:00 p.m.. you can also check us out on our mobile app. >> good night.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"omg! insider," the top trending stories you need to know. baldwin's new york court face-off with his alleged stalker. >> he's probably lying to his wife in order to save her marriage. >> her screaming outburst as alec tearfully testifies about their relationship. then -- >> do you think you're a scapegoat? >> the nfl's alleged bully on the move. is newlywed kelly clarkson now hiding a baby bump? >> are row you pregnant? >> what? plus, miley's nude video and j. law talks about sexualization. lisa marie presley and her twins take us back to graceland. my new interview. >> what do you tell your twins about their grandfather. and toni braxton is here.
7:00 pm
is a cheating scandal rocking her family? >> i don't have no baby. >> take the test! now where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news, "omg! insider." hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier. thea andrews is on assignment. the rest of the gang is here. they'll join me in minutes. we start with the real-life courtroom drama crazier than anything hollywood could have scripted. alec baldwin emotional and on the stand. his alleged stalker screaming. did she want to have a mini baldwin? was it a case of a romance gone wrong, or was alec about to have his bunny boiled? >> are you ready to face your stalker today? >> alec with his steely game face as his accused stalker insisted they had a torrid affair in a volatile courtroom showdown. >> alec and i had a romance. he said we didn't have any romance, that we didn't have any love making together. >> you are saying you did? >> oh, of course i did. he's got a scar right here. >> but an


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