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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> the plane clothes police officers called for back up. orlando is now in jail but then
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got out to go home. san francisco police said reasonable force was used to aforward an arrest. two officers were injured by angry residents. 4 were arrested. 2 suspects were jennifer's sons. >> he's never been charged with anything in his life. either of my children have records. >> there are flyers hanging on every doorway of the block. families are demanding answers and justice. >> i just want my son home and for this to be over. none of this needed to happen at all. bart, two biggest unions could be heading back to the bargaining table. kron 4 scott is live for us in walnut creek at the station.
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scott, i imagine the question is could this lead to yet another strike? >> reporter: let's hope not vicki. right now will is no indication that's going to happen but nothing can be ruled out. just when the passengers thought all of this was behind them, turns out, it's not. >> the public is suffering. >> passengers here are not happy to hear about disagreements between bart and its two biggest unions. >> they need to settle it. >> reporter: it involves the family medical leave act. it allows members to receive 6 weeks of family a spouse or ch ill. both unions and negotiators signed off on this. >> they should have read the
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contract before you had everybody agree on it. >> reporter: now the bart board said they don't like how much money the pro vision would cost the district. union officials slamming bart officials saying it costs less than they claim. all of this has bart riders confused and frustrated and what's next. >> hundreds of people rely on the system everyday. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with a spokesperson whoa said that union is very disappointed. they remain optimistic and hope something can be worked out. they will vote on thursday. what's next? could be back to the drawing board. the brand new 4th board, caulda cot tunnel gets its test
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monday morning. maw reason kelly speaks to a transportation official that says the new lanes could cost delays in the morning. >> reporter: you're going to be in for a rude awakening monday morning. these 2 new lanes are expect today help lighten traffic but only for people driving in the reverse commute direction. now both directions of highway 24 will have 2 dedicated fours all the time. heidi morrison said it may actually slow things down for those traveling west bound 24 but just in the short term. >> the dimentions are bigger, there is a higher ceiling, gel fans that are part of the ventilation system that is different than what they're use
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today seeing t.walls look different. they have stain less steel panels on them. it's beauty. but weapon don't want people to slow down and admire it too much. >> reporter: another possible tie up could come from the drivers that clog it up in a rush to try it out. >> people may vito get in and try the new tunnel out. you'll have your chance. be patient don't do it tomorrow morning you'll do it soon. just drive safely. checkout this video of a large car fire on 580 today. photographic backed up in both directions while firefighters and police got that under control. no one was hurt. one woman is dead after a
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shooting near a nightclub at 6th and jeff phi where officers found a wounded woman in a parked car. one woman was pronounced dead. police are looking for witnesses to help track down the gunman. san jose police are investigating their 42nd homicide of the year. they got a 911 call this morning and found a man shot and pronounced dead at the scene. it's unknown if the shooting was gang related. typhoon haiyan left thousands in its path last week. medical workers are making slow progresses due to loss of electricity, water and supplies. doctors are kept from performing most operations. they're working for days on end without food, rest or sleep.
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according to authorities ttyphoon has killed nearly 4.5 thousand people. football fans came together today putting aside rivalries to raise money for the typhoon ravaged phillipines. the fundraiser was a big success. >> reporter: the raiders win and the 49ers lose a heart breaker. everyone walking out of jack's coming out victorious. >> everybody responded with their hearts and supported us. >> reporter: there are a group of 9er's fans who help fundraisers when disaster strikes. >> this is my mom's homeland. it's close to home. >> reporter: football fans spend the day watch the 49ers and raiders play while collecting boxes, bags of food,
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medicine, blankets and more than $3000 in cash donations. the san francisco 49ers organization are doing tours at the stadium. all the stuff donate superdome going in the back of this trailer to be shipped off to the phillipines. >> it's breaking my heart to see all the suffering they're doing. >> it's amazing so see all of these people whether they're latino, african americans, caucasian or whatever. >> hopefully they can overcome all of this. lots of beautiful views of the sunset this evening. here is a time lapse photo. there are brim i cannot colors in the sky.
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same for the golden gate bridge. the high clouds are acting as a vail of sorts over the full moon. this is a fairly strong system headed our way. all of the clouds are up and it's headed our way. we'll see clouds from this tomorrow and chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. it could be significant in parts of the bay area. tonight at midnight, partly cloudy skies, low clouds in the morning and increasing high clouds for the afternoon. i'll have a timeline on the rain coming up. vicki. coming up, did police open fire at a band full of kids? we have that story. tornado season is supposed to be winding down but tell that to the people in the
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midwest. a san francisco icon closes down tonight. what's the future of coy towers.
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a san francisco landmark is closing its doors tomorrow for 5 months to undergo extense civil renovations. park officials say coy towers have become worn down. they'll work on electrical, bathroom upgrades and cracks. today we found several people coming to take one last look. >> i don't come up here that often so this is a great opportunity to get out here before i wasn't going to have a chance for a while. >> obviously, a city landmark, one of the icons of san francisco. hundreds of visitors each year from the city and around the globe come out each year to
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visit. this is what we have to do. >> the renovation will cost $1.7 million and the money is coming from the city budget. administrators are set to recommend that the school board change the name for the apark chymase cots. it's been a source of tension between those who feel it's offensive. >> a concord boy scout has rounded up donations to send packages to military personnel in afghanistan. they spent time at a local sam's club to solicit shoppers to buy what the military needed. hand warmers and other things. he chose the project as he works toward the rank of eagle
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scout. he was inspired to learn that many didn't have essential supplies. >> they're being starved, basically. they're burning furniture for warmth in the winter. i think that's a little shocking that our service men are going through that. >> the supplies are expect today arrive in the next two to three weeks. >> 3 people are dead across the united states. towards are spotted in many places including ilya bryzgalov. martha has the latest. >> reporter: severe storms hit much of the nation's mid section. people across 26 states affected. this funnel cloud was in ilya bryzgalov. storm chasers in central ilya bryzgalov captured these
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pictures. this told near physical exam king ilya bryzgalov was confirmed. >> we saw trees down, houses with their roofs completely torn off, power lines down. there was huge storm clouds, a lot of people in distress with their homes destroyed, car windows shattered. >> reporter: this video was shot in indiana. it shows cars turned over on their sides and businesses damaged. the bears and ravens game was suspended. officials forced fans into safe areas. it's an old structured building that gives us a great advantage. we've been able to practice the plans. ford watches and warnings from michigan to missourri. downed trees in is the is the. in wisconsin, high winds caused
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damage to homes and neighbors. detroit and nashville are also seeing severe weather. >> all of that caused by a powerful cold from stretching from ilya bryzgalov all the way there pennsylvania. 80 reports of towards from this afternoon. fortunately it's weakening in western pennsylvania. this pushes off into the northeast for tomorrow morning. we have a storm system heading our bay for the bay area. we've seen increasing clouds and they continue to thicken for tomorrow. we have a chance of rain starting tuesday morning, in the north bay first and spreading south. looks like we'll have two days of wet weather, both tuesday and wednesday and there could be some locations that pick up several inches of rain that. looks like the north bay.
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4:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon tgray shows the clouds increasing. we'll have a lot of morning clouds and then breaks of sunshine midday. increasing clouds for the evening. by 11:00 p.m. wet weather to the north of santa rosa. this will make a push to the south as we get into tuesday morning. for the most part the rain stays to the north of the golden gate. late morning and afternoon we see it push to the south. it should continue with us tuesday night into wednesday morning. it could be widespread and heavy at times both tuesday and into wednesday. we'll see improvement for the rest of the week. tomorrow, 30s north bay, 40s inland, upper 40s low 50s bay side. we're cooling things off with the increasing cloud cover.
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tuesday mostly cloudy and wet, lingering showers into wednesday and things begin to clear out midday thursday. there could be locations in the north that get 2, maybe 3 inches of rain by the time this is finished. sunny and warmer for the rest of the week. russia's foreign minister said they shouldn't pass up the opportunity to -- defense secretary is speaking at the regan library and predicts the us get as good deal that israel can live with. >> i asked the defense secretary how worry is he if there is a us led nuclear weapon deal. >> those are realities that the
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israelis explained that to us. we understand that. i think the iranians understand that. >> haggle insisted the us won't go for a bad agreement. here at a gathering at the regan presidential library, there was plenty of skepticism about an agreement with iran and a lot of it was led by key democrats, including leon panetta. >> there are concerns that have to be addressed. what happens with the enriched fuel they've developed. what happens in the 10,000 centrifuges? what happens with the heavy water react torr? how is all inspected and verified? >> reporter: the powerful chairman on the center of services says no.
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>> i love the slogan trust and verify but i never understood it. i think the right slogan is don't trust. i don't trust the iranians [ applause ] and by the way, they don't trust us. >> reporter: the message here at the library was many democrats joining with prodefense republicans in being skeptical in the ability to verify any agreement with iran. us senate allies are looking at a 2 step process to freeze the nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief. pakistan's interior ministry announce that day the former president faces treason charges. it was imposing emergency rule in 2007. he will be investigated.
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mmmm..... sharrif is facing other criminal caseincluding one relate today the death of the former prime minister 6 years ago. people aboard a russian airline is dead tonight. it took off and went down while trying to land in the city of cazan. it carried 44 passengers and a crew of 6. services are crippled due to a storm. over 50 flights were cancelled. the snow fall is scheduled top continue all the way into monday. there are no plans of delays or cancellations from san francisco. a drone m'am functions off the coast of southern california sending two sailors to the sick bay. we find out what went wrong.
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>> coming up, a clean up is planned for homeless encamp. s in east bay city but is it needed? i'll investigate in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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a new hotel is offering you can chance to sleep with the fishes and live to tell about it. it's an under water hotel room added to the hotel opened for business this month. it was designed by a swede dish company t.bedroom is downstairs with the fish. it will cost you $1500 a night for 2 people, $900 for singles. coming up at 8:30, puppy abuse and warnings about what's put the pups in peril.
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a confrontation between a cop and the driver.
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this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news continues now. a $1500 reward is being offered tonight in an animal cruelty case. some of the following pictures
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are very disturbing. >> reporter: as hard as these pictures of the dead 10 week old pub pi is hard to look at, there are far worse to look at. >> eyes barely open, deep wounds, lacerations on the paws. >> reporter: a good samaritan found the dog at kylie avenue any and bell street. the animal may have been dumped here. >> there wasn't a trail of blood around the dog so obviously it was left on the corner. >> reporter: investigators know the dog has an owner because the nails were recently clipped. it may be the victim of dog fighting. >> it looked like the dog was attacked by two other dogs. it could be someone saying i've
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got, let me pit my dog against yours. that's hard to imagine with a 10 week old puppy. >> reporter: should that lead to an arrest, the suspect could face felony charges. a man is dead after his truck collided with a concrete wall t.driver lost control and drift today the right shoulder on i-280. he collided with a metal guard rail on the right and hit the center divider wall t.collision is under investigation. two us soldiers recovering tonight after a drone crashed into a guided missle cruiser off the coast of southern california. they were testing a combat off the coast and the drone was being use today test the ship's
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radar tracking. it careened out of control and hit the cruiser. the ship suffered some damage and the sailors were treated for minor burns. 2 killed and 20 injured in colorado town of ouaray in a mining accident t.mine owners could not be reached for comments. two remain in the hospital and cause of the accident has not been released. the obama and clinton families visit the grave of president kennedy this week. it will be 50 years since the president's assasination in dallas. we'll have live reports from arlington national cemetary starting friday morning. we've seen a lot of high clouds this afternoon. that's the sign of things to
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come. they're at the leading edge of the storm out in the pacific. this could be the first significant storm of the season. we could have a couple of wet days coming up. here is a live view of the bay bridge and the night looking great tonight. sunday evening temperatures relatively cool with low '50s for san francisco aoakland. napa at 47 degrees. we'll see the coolest spots drop down into the mid to upper 40s. there are the high clouds we've seen today. we'll get a little break from the high clouds later tonight and then we'll see some sunshine for tomorrow and then really the bulk of this system arrives for tomorrow afternoon and into the evening with the rain beginning after midnight and into the day tuesday.
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monday looks dry. low clouds in the morning, sunshine mixed with clouds midday and the clouds thicken in the afternoon. i'll let you know more about the timing coming up. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4. homeless encampments are being cleaned out. there is one so large that they have toe wait for the trucks to come. >> reporter: i'm here at walnut creek just around the corner from downtown. over the fence right there, there is a very i elaborate homeless encampment. i didn't see it but police gave us this exclusive tour. they pointed out the bamboo that you see here. that bamboo is actually an 8 feet wall and circling the makeshift home. there is a front door with a
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garden and welcome matt. over here is a retaining wall if the water rises. there is a shower inside with a drain. there is is a walk-in closet with hardwood floors. over here is the kitchen, paintings, silver vase and other decorations. this is a cobblestone floor that use today call this home built the floor. police say there used to be a lot more here. the man moved out and took a lot of things with him. police say they have witnessed the creation of this place over the years and have received complaints. this home and others will be completely dismantled over the next few days. the homes pose a health hazard for the water ways. they believeed the man was
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dumping garbage and feces into the water. in walnut creek. still ahead tsaga of the disgraced toronto mayor copts. they're trying to convince him to pack up and ship out. good morning nelly! woah.
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hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help.
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why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. call for toronto mayor rob ford to step aside are getting louder. the city is distancing themselves from the mayor with the spotty background. >> reporter: another day, another protest outside of toronto city hall. this one had about one hundred people calling on mayor rob ford to leave office. >> this means we don't have
8:38 pm
standards if we can't get him out of office. >> reporter: the calls on mayor ford to resign grow louder. there are those that remain entrenched in ford nation. >> reporter: many of the demonstrators wished they could talk to the mayor. this are some trying to distance themselves from mayor ford. there is the 109th annual santa claus parade and they've asked the may tib to stay at home. they don't want to take the spotlight away from the kids. if slashing the office and staff budget goes through, maybe the mayor will be the man
8:39 pm
only with none of the power. coming up, stanley roberts takes a look at people behaving badly at homeless camps in the east bay.
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all right, let's take a look at this weekend essential box office winners and losers. author brought in $38.5 million. number 2 spot, the best man holiday. that took in $30.6 million and at a distant third was last vegas at $8.9 million. >> listen to me. >> frantic fight between a mother and police officer and a van full of children. we'll show you how the confrontation led to shots being fired. temperatures in the upper 50s. we're going to be cooler,
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cloudier and raineyer as we go into the week. we'll have the forecast for you coming up. at farmers, we make you smarter about insurance. because what you don't know, can hurt you. what if you didn't know that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? [woman] off to hawaii! what if you didn't know that as the price of gold rises, so should the coverage on your jewelry? [prospector] ahh! what if you didn't know that kitty litter can help you out of a slippery situation? the more you know, the better you can plan for what's ahead. talk to farmers and get smarter about your insurance.
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♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪
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newly released police dash board camera video showed how a stop led to the gunshots being fired. a mom and son are facing charges in new mexico. the state police officers are facing charges. >> you're doing 71 in a 55. >> reporter: they're arguing over a ticket. >> i'll be back. >> reporter: as the cop walks afebrile pulls off. he pulls her over again. the officer is not happy. you see the officer try to pull her out while the 5 kid inside scream. the 14-year-old son gets out
8:45 pm
but thinks again when the officer pulled his taser. >> you ran away from me. >> i pulled back over. you see my kids are here. i'm not trying to do anything wrong. >> reporter: she agreed to get out and talk but the conversation doesn't last long. >> turn and face the vehicle. >> reporter: they struggled while she tried to get back in the van. the 14-year-old gets out and rushes the officer. after a shortsable the boy runs back into the mini van t.officer tried to get him out while back-up arrives. the lady starts to drive off while the other officer fires at the van full of kids. they're taken on a high speed chase before eventually pulling over and giving up in front of
8:46 pm
a hotel. the 14-year-old son is arrested and so is she. >> the family is from tennessee and they were taking an educational road trip is charged with cried abuse, fleeing and mess de mean nor drug pair fa nail ya. turned out to be a nice sunday in walnut creek today with temperatures making it up into the low 60s. that may or may not have been walnut creek. this is angel island from mount tam cam. in the background, berkeley with all the lights shining brightly. we're looking at high clouds moving in. they're going to thicken up as we get through tomorrow and eventually we'll see the chance for rhine. tonight, partly cloudy skies, moon light, full moon and high
8:47 pm
clouds. cool temperatures t.cooler spots getting down into the 30s, north day. upper 40s to 50s in the bay. low clouds to start things off. fairly gray in the morning. breaks of sunshine by midday. later in the afternoon the clouds increase and that brings in the chance for wet weather. 4:00 p.m. monday future cast, we're looking moch. the green begins to show up here showing light rain to the north of santa rosa by 11:00 p.m. this. tries to make its way to the south. this is the initial band. it's fairly weak and falls apart. by 8:00 we start to see more work in and this spreads south bound through the late morning and afternoon. light to moderate rain tuesday
8:48 pm
and then the rain begins to increase as we get into the night time hours. it's more widespread by 11:00 p.m. tuesday night. it should be steady through wednesday morning. in terms of how much rain to expect, the different forecast models that i'm looking at, some show not a lot and some show an incredible amount of rain, several inches. i'm going down the middle for now. 2 inches for higher elevations of north bay. bay side, 3/4 of an inch. temperatures for the morning, look for mid-30s north bay, low 40s east bay valleys. high tomorrow afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. relatively cool day. 7 day around the bay, tuesday cloudy, rainey and cool. more rain and showers continue for wednesday and then the
8:49 pm
clouds thursday morning clear out for the afternoon and then we're looking sunny and warmer for the rest of the week the highs maybe up into the 70s. stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: the city of walnut creek the planning a clean-up of the homeless encampment the tell tale sign stand out like a sore thumb. this lady is scooping water from the creek near 680. you'll see signs like turn around now or get ready to dance. no trespassing, keep out and the one that concerns me the most, beware of dogs. are your dogs secure? i get invited to visit inside the en camp. >> dave and boss, the guy that is own the place, they [
8:50 pm
inaudible ] >> reporter: despite the permission or not, this area is in desperate need of a clean- up. this is located on a watershed. as we approach the rainey season, some of the stuff will be, more than likely, washed downstream. i spoke to the neighbors in the area and they said no one had permission to be in the area. this is one of maybe dozens of encampments. the people living here have abandoned it except for this guy. everything always comes to a boil. now i's clean-up time. in walnut creek, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. a nail biter for the 9ers, sharks on ice.
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still no decision on whether or not tolls will go as high as $8 for the golden gate bridge. the vote comes in february and could take effect by april. fast track users will still receive a discount. those who don't have fast track, they could see tolls increase by as much as $2 over the next five years. those parking at the larkspur terminal ferry will have to pay a fee. they will start charging $2 daily or $20 a month t.lot has been free since the 19730s. they hope to expand a free shuttle service t.fee will
8:55 pm
apply on weekdays only will generate an estimated $400,000 a year. people will be able to pay use agriculture smartphone app or call agriculture toll free number. raiders hold on to win their first road game of the season. matt mafusz groin threw 3 touchdown passes and the oakland raiders walk away with a 28-23 victory. mafusz ginobili is a free aject and had 197 yards. he's in place of terrell displmplets. >> 49ers, tough game against the saints in new orleans. vernon davis plays despite a previous concussion. they pulled ahead and in a position to win. it gets tied up and then a series of missed open tune tina mickelsons and a controversial
8:56 pm
call. san francisco loses in the last few seconds of the game. sharks in chicago on ice, fresh off abolition win against the oilers. pavelski connecting. it was a tough -- let's call it a competition. that would be the sharks only score. chicago blackhawks get a 5-1 win over the sharks tonight. not looking good. what's looking good is that we're in store for a little bit of rain. rain is coming. we could get a lot by the time this week wraps up. i was looking at one of the models that said maybe a quarter of an inch and another said 3 to 4 inches in the north bay. could be promising this week. the most rain coming this week will be into bay.
8:57 pm
we'll keep you posted. >> that's good news. that's it for us. we'll be back at 11:00 p.m. see you then. ózçwó
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"e.t." >> alec baldwin's stalker sentenced to 210 days behind bars. >> and now is there a fear she could take her own life? i'm nancy o'dell. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> alec after the guilty verdict. his stalker led away in handcuffs. the chilling surveillance video at alec's apartment as i talk to the convicted stalker's attorney. todd, do you believe genevieve had sex with alec baldwin? camille grammer's first interview about her abuse claims. >> i was abused. >> plus, why camille had trouble with sex. >> painful intercourse. >> what her silver coach is only telling me about her addiction. >> do you think brooke is


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