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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 18, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4news starts now. after he was set on fire on an ac transit bus exclusively talks to kron4. hear what he has to say about that tragic day and what he would do if it happened again. >> you have to help people. that's what i did. >> you have likely heard of the story of sasha being set on fire on an ac transit bus. the construction worker was also on his way home. you will only see it on kron4.
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>> he said someone lit me on fire. >> reporter: the frightening side of 18-year-old sasha's story when lit on fire on an ac transit bus. it all began at mcarthur boulevard. >> it is tough. it is scary. i was on the bus. i was that seat. we put him out at the back door glmpleghts. >> reporter: he described the flames. >> i had to run back toward the back of the bus and probable knocked a girl over. we brought him to the ground and started put it it out
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glmpleghts he. >> reporter: he hadn't seen sasha since then. >> i am sorry i couldn't get there quicker. what could you have done better? that's it. >> reporter: you did what you could. other people were run running in the other direction. >> someone needed help. just do something. that's what i did. >> reporter: kron4news. >> tomorrow the oakland city counsel will consider making november 20th transgender day in remembererance. they are asking all council members to wear wear skirts in
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solidarity. a man lost control of his bmw and clipped a big rig on to on coming traffic hitting another driver. scott rates has more. >> reporter: it was an early morning mangled mess. we know the two people killed on 880. 64-year-old xiang was killed by a bmw. the driver of the bmw, 30-year- old thomas howard. howard recently played for the
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cincinnati bengals. howard was driving more than 100 miles per hour rear ending a big rig clueing losing control then slamming into the suv that lou was driving. the deadly accident happened before he was waved from the atlanta falcons. curt warner said i didn't lose a friend, i lot a brother for life. i did check with the c.h.p. they are not ruling out dui. they didn't find physical evidence, but they will wait
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for autopsy reports to come back. >> many have expressed concern over the accident. j.r. stone spoke to some angry. >> he was a good man. >> reporter: family and friends of xang. >> because he was a good friend. >> reporter: his wife was in china when receiving news of her husband's death. >> the coroner told her about the accident. >> she is crying a lot.
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she is in china. she answered the phone crying. >> reporter: thomas howard, former oakland raider was traveling at speeds over 100 miles per hour. >> he took someone else's life. he wanted to take his own life he should have, but i am angry about it. >> reporter: some tell me his wife was scheduled to come back monday but is working to get back as soon as possible. in hayward, j.r. stone. >> reporter: light rain is starting in the north bay. we have light showers edging into santa rosa. we have a trace of rain at the santa rosa airport. it still remains north of highway 101 but is edging south
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through overnight hours. you can see how slowly it is moving. it will push through overnight hours and will stall over the north bay for a while. here is the morning commute for the 5:00 hour. it is concentrated to the north. south of golden gate there is a chance of a shower or two, it will mainly stay to the north. we are continuing to see and actually +7g.rxit will finally south, but we will have it on future casts in just a bit. we just dons have the don't have the resources to pay for 6 weeks. >> bart back at the table but
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is the third time a charm? >> charm? two men accused of killing an oakland 8-year-old face the judge.
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. >> the two men accused in a deadly shooting of an 8-year- old have pled not guilty. carol is his accomplice. they were out for revenge targeting an apartment where they thought they would find a man responsible for an earlier murder. the hearing is set for january. still to come the latest in the bart contract saga. could bart workers go back out on the picket line? a cute kid and sleeping buddy. inside edition tonight with
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debra norville. a woman lefting lifting weights while pregnant gave birth.
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. >> a storm is brewing at bart. bart board members are poised to vote down the contract
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thursday. kron4's dan kerman spoke with both sides. >> reporter: ending a second strike they thought the chaos was over for 4 years. now it may not be the case. >> i have to do what is responsible for the riders and that is rejecting this contract. >> reporter: he will vote against the contract. negotiators shouldn't have signed off. >> it is one big screw up. >> reporter: it is a mistake they simply can't afford. >> family medical leave is over $40 million. it is just not affordable. >> it will not cost that money.
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it is an exagoeration. >> he has already approved the a agreement. >> now they want to take it away from our members. >> reporter: they are wondering what bart workers will do if they reject the contract on thursday. >> i can't say what steps they will take. we will see after thursday. >> reporter: we will see what happens after the vote? >> i want to think of myself as a responsible person. you always have to be concerned, but i don't have control over that. i have to be responsible to people who ride the system. we have a fair contract. if the 4.8 or medical family leave is removed. >> reporter: what will keep happening after the vote is
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anybody's guess. police are searching for this woman. mail was taken from barkley avenue last week. what started with a proud mom and her new puppy, jessica writes how beau wanted a puppy. they waited to find a dog from the aspca. he had trouble napping so he found a napping buddy. photographs of him sleeping with her baby have sparked
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concerns. >> kenya, norway, sweden. >> he is one of 11 puppies rescued thought to be a lab german shepherd mix. she hopes it inspires others to adopt a pet. >> reporter: we are starting to see light rain in the rain is t north of us. it is cloudy over the sierra. it is tapping into a plume of sub tropical moisture. we see higher rainfall totals. here is a look at future casts. the rain is concentrated largely. we could see light rain over the golden gates. it will be very very light.
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if we see and any showers at all. at 10:00 it will remain. the early afternoon we will have rainfall over the delta. it will move into the south bay. it is lingering over the north bay for several hours and rushes down to the south bay. by the 9:00 hour we have a lull. by early wednesday morning it returns. spotty showers to the north bay. by 11:00 there will be showers tapering off. at 4:00 on tuesday it will spread through the north bay and linger tuesday as you saw into early wednesday morning. temperatures in the up upper
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50s and 60s. the storm will spend most of its time in the north bay. we could see 2 inches in localized spots. as far the sierra, check this out. all rain, pretty much -- we will only see brief periods of snow at 7500 feet. it is too warm. the snow level is 7500 feet and cool enough to job the snow level just a tad. rainy out there tomorrow into wednesday and spotty into wednesday morning. dryer warmer weather into the weekend. we are getting you ready for the holidays with a dining
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shopping goodies schedule. we show you the best eats and treats from dining out and gabe slate has the items on your list. don't start your holiday season without watching friday night. 49ers coach harbaugh talks about a penalty that could have cost him yesterday's game. did the warriors blow their game? gary his highlights next in sports.
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. >> good evening it evening the warriors in salt lake city, a reason not to smile. clay thompson. 37 in the 2nd quarter, 4 3- pointers. 6'9", 200 pounds. curry had to leave the game but did interviews after and seemed all right. warriors 98-87. real quick nick robinson coach
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for southern utah. rushrichard solomon, that is one cool thing, you get to see your players grow up and see you love the profession and they go into it. 45-47. on paper the giants have good rotation. 2 years, $23 million. he has more wins than any other pitcher, 3-time all-star. 8 and 7. season cut short by broken right ankle. tim hudson is now a san
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francisco giant. late in the game, coming clean and drew brees fumbles. you can't come to the head or the neck. they call a penalty and the 49ers win 23-20. >> i thought he made a great play. if he has a penalty, we give him a minus. we didn't assign a minus on that play. >> they are now 6 and 4. as reported earlier former raider tom at thomas howard was involved in a car accident. he passes away at the age of
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30. raiders look like they have a new starting quarterback. matt threw 3 touchdown passes in lieu of terrelle pryor. they are now 4 and 6. now about the coach. is he the new starter? >> i don't know that. when i figure out with terell where he is physically i will have the information on who will start sunday. >> terrific. cam newton against the patriots. throwing a touchdown. 24-20 panthers. it looked like pass
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get out of the vehicle right now! >> a pullover nightmare. >> open the door! >> there are five kids in that car. then defending dad. >> alec baldwin's daughter to the rescue. >> and does his talk show face cancellation? >> and mayor laughingstock, the spoof everyone is talking about. wait till you see his reaction and can you believe they gave him his own tv show? >> we're going drinking after. >> then pray for us. >> our father who art in heaven. >> taking cover. >> we need to go up here. we will be back when we can. >> and the man whose house blew


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