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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 21, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> tops stories we are following on this thursday. bart management is set to vote on the new contract with unions today. we'll tell you if a rejection could lead to another strike. >> and san francisco police have now identified a suspect they believe killed a woman and seriously injured a driver in a shooting outside a nightclub. >> an african american student at san jose state was hailed with a bike lock or around his neck by his
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white roommates. now charges have been filed a. >> we continue to see rain and maybe not in your neighborhood that is where we sent jackie who was in dublin. maligne >> i am out here in dublin. it is stay out here. i came out here bought 15 to 20 minutes ago. this is a pretty heavy commute. >> and you should watch it out there if you run into the rain. >> we were just talking about the ski season starting. >> the winter weather advisory for the greater
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lake tahoe area has just expired. we did see a decent amount of snowfall. the east bay interior spots have been getting the front of this. this will last till bulk--if you continue down the stretch and you will run as a light rain approaching the delta interchange. it is heavy rain in pleasanton. we did see light rain. as we had into the afternoon we will see drier weather and sunshine. the temperatures will still be on course site. we do have changes to talk about including a winter advisory. >> an early accident on the bay bridge meant earlier
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activation of the metering lights. we are ready have a back up and it has not grown that much but we are seeing a pretty steady. it is a little back up on the toll plaza. it is very heavy traffic that we sought and jackie's shot by most of the heavy traffic is a and 580 coming of paterson. we may see slow traffic on the east shore freeway, a minor accident was reported at university ave. it has already been cleared but there's some indication that it may start for the westbound ride. >> other commute her new is that a lot of people are holding their breath about. the bart district board will
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make a critical vote today which could leave bay area commuters in chaos again. >> that is because paid family leave provision should not have been okay by the district negotiators because it is too costly. bart union representatives say that they are willing to discuss the board's concerns with the provision and consider making revisions only if the board will approve the agreement first. >> criticism for its hand and they are taking a vote urging them to approve a. >> lombardi unions refused to say whether they will return to the picket lines, if the bart district board rejects a tentative contract agreement reached last month. >> the union released is a
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joint statement. " we expect the board to meet their responsibility to the workers and to the writers and approve this country. we are willing, through the mediator, to me and discussed the implementation of the family medical leave provision, including its cost. " >> line >> stay with kron-4 for more on trouble. you can always log on to our website -- kron 4 dot com -- to get an update. or check our facebook and twitter pages. you can also download the kron-4 mobile app.
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>> new this morning. three san jose state university students are charged with misdemeanor hate crime and battery after allegedly confining their black roommate with a bike lock and subjecting him to racial and religious taunts. college freshmen colin warren, joseph bomgardner and logan beaschler each face up to a year in county jail if convicted. the three defendants allegedly called their black roommate "three-fifths" and "fraction." in early september, the defendants are alleged to have placed a "u" shaped bike lock on his neck and refused to give him the key for five to 10 minutes. also contributing to the atmosphere of a hate crime the defendants kept a photo of adolf hitler and a confederate flag in the suite they shared. >> developing news this morning. san francisco police have identified a suspect involved in a deadly shooting in san francisco's soma district. they are looking for this man, 23-year-old michael green. police believe he's responsible for opening fire after a fender bender outside a nightclub at 6th and jessie streets early sunday morning. they say a woman in a red dress got out of one of the cars and started yelling at the victims. then a passenger, melquiesha warren, got out of the car to calm the woman down. that's when police say green walked up with a gun and
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started shooting. killing warren and critically injuring the driver. >> there is no homicide that does not occur but this is a very brutal. this is a dangerous person and we need to get him into custody. >> chief suhr says green is dangerous so if you see him, don't approach him. call authorities instead. they believe he lives on the peninsula and may be driving a 2001 mercedes benz. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. a new agreement has been made to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan for another decade. >> hull of the stabbing ave the virginia center is raising concerns about mental-health assistance in the state. >> a bay area man troubles in north korea and he is now stuck in the country. those stories and more when the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> >> welcome back. a palo alto man is being held in north korea. merrill newman's family says that the 85 year-old was in a country with a tour group to visit a war memorial. they say that he was pulled off a plane. minutes before it was scheduled to depart on october 26th. north korea
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has not publicly acknowledged that they are holding the elderly man. here is what his son had to say about his dad's situation. >> my father and another gentleman were held in custody. >> he is now the second american being held there. north korea is also holding tenniskenneth bae, who saved was guilty of hostile acts. and that he may attempt to topple the government. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the u.s. department of state has declined to confirm that he is being detained, only saying that the agency has
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updated their trouble warning for north korea, recommending that americans refrain from troubling to this communist country. >> a santa rosa high-school teacher is recovering this morning after being stabbed multiple times with a mechanical pencil. police said that a 16 year-old student admit rose high school stabbed his teacher in the head, neck and his arm yesterday. another student actually jumped in to get the 16 year-old off of the teacher. officers say that the young attacker ran off school grounds to a relative's house. mr. rose high-school and elsie palin high-school share the same campus and there were both put on lockdown for about an hour. >> we will be right
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>> welcome back. the accident occurred under our goal but it has already backed up into the macarthur mayes. it is not quite at 24. it is nearly there. even the 880 right we have seen a backups are 2 in. way up the ramp. the drive time is over 24 minutes, from 24 and
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from 580 to the macarthur for web. the animal and university avenue has cleared out. >> the san mateo bridge in the westbound ride is looking good. but volume is building up and the drive time has climbed to 13 and is spread now to update the drive time for the east shore freeway. it is at 19 minutes. there was a minor incident that it slow the traffic. the slowing that we are picking up on 680 in the southbound direction as well esses highway 24 heading to or when the. some of the heaviest traffic is on to 05 and 580 westbound. there backups leading to tracy. >> looking at the south bay is a little slowing but not bad. this is a pretty good right. this is under 25
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minutes from the golden gate bridge. >> i wonder if the wet weather is have an impact on ride take a look as storm trochophore. light ram. as we zoom in there is light rain in oakland. similar conditions out of walnut creek. walnut creek is a dry for now. rain is picking up for danville and san ramon. downtown livermore is starting to pick up brain-dead to tens of an inch an hour. light rain for pleasanton and it will pick up in intensity. some of the rain has mold to the south and assault of milpitas. it is impacting portions-as a religious a position where you are located. san jose is
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completely dry. >> here is a look at temperatures, most of us are in the '50s. futurecast 4 shows 50's and 60's for early morning afternoon. as we head into the evening the wind is expected to pick up. the highs for today fairfield will be at 63 and low 60's for downtown san francisco. the national weather service has issued a wind advisory for the north bay. we may see wind gusts are approaching at 60 mi. per hour. there are going to be a possibility for downed wires and trees. that will be in effect for tomorrow and milder weather for the weekend. dry weather and sunny skies and temperatures a little bit warmer for
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thanksgiving. >> the u.s. and afghanistathe de philippines has crossed above 4000 mark, nearly two weeks after typhoon in haiyan. about 1600 people are still missing. a is still coming in from those who survived the storm. long lines of people are waiting for food and supplies in the hardest-hit areas. >> the united states and afghanistan reach an agreement to keep u.s. troops in the country beyond 2014. a controversial security agreement is going before a group of tribal elders today. the deal will go to lawmakers and then finally to president ka
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arzai. the agreement is to allow american troops remained in afghanistan for another 10 years. this will put the united states forces in a non-combat support role, but will leave the door open for operations against out data and its affiliates. >> the attack on the virginia state senator cree deeds is raising questions this morning about mental- health. senator deeds was stabbed more than 10 times by his son of side of the family's farm in virginia. after the attack, gus when back inside the house and shot himself. now investigators want to know why he was released from emergency custody just one day before the stabbing. deeds was released because they cannot find a
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psychiatric bed for him. that is despite reports that at least three area hospitals said they did not have space for him. some health experts say that there should be alternatives house but hospitalization and that families do not need to wait in to their loved ones reach the commitment criteria. >> watching the wall street this morning, future trading shows all three indexes and a positive but this hour of the latest nils from the federal reserve appears to be spooking investors. stocks and bonds prices fell yesterday after minutes from the fed's latest meeting showing the economy was improving. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow lost 66 points. the nasdaq lost tin and s&p 500 block 6. >> beginning next year,
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abercrombie and fitch will offer plus sizes and their women's clothing line. currently, the retailer does not carry women's sizes of but a 10. the shift comes as sales and profit margins have taken a dip. the company has been slammed by many consumers and use abbacy groups says, is that the ceo mike jeffries made in a 2006 interview surfaced. he said that his clothes or more for " and good looking people. jefferies has since apologized. coming next on the kron4 morning nils. we will have our tech report with gabe slate. whatoes at first spooul tte le?
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>> now time for the tech report with gabe slate. >> i have something new to show you. this is a new invention that is getting a lot of buzz. it is one of
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those things so simple but so brilliant. you can use it for a lot of banks.things/. the kitchen safe is the first container that will help you avoid junk food. here is the man behind the kitchen is safe. >> on right now i can't hate him. it is very simple, you place an item in the kitchen safe, you close the lead and set the timer and you press the button to the activated. you are locked out. once it is locked your all. >> this is a great example that can improve your life. it is easy to use because you just been about to set up a lot time and press down. after the five second countdown that is it. it will not open again to the time expires. once is lot of
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there's no way for you to open it. it is very sturdy. you will have to work it with a hammer. it is very strong. i think it will be a good tool for parents. you can lock away your children about is what they're doing their homework. you can even make the entire family put their phone in this box during family time. you can buy a online for $50. >> you see a lot more cool gadgets you can two-mune in. i will show off all the new and unique useful gadgets that will make great gifts. this is like a holiday tech gift guide. gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> the time is 6:26 a.m..
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>> we are getting a better look as some of the details that are born into that apple's new headquarters. it is the cafeteria that will have retractable walls so that employees can feel like they're eating outside. the new campus will have its own transit center. it is nearly 3 million square feet, 4 stories high. they will be built with an unprecedented volume of curved glass. the spaceship is expected to land in 2016. >> the time now is 6:27 a.m.. we are all working on several developing stories on the kron4 morning nils.
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mike pelton is live a vallejo this morning. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the opening bell on wall street. the ps 4 is out. we are waiting for their numbers to come out. dow futures are up by 53. there is a drop in the number of americans selling out applications for unemploymentfiling for unemploy >> there was an accident that was blocking two lanes but because of the proximity of the toll plaza they had to turn the metering lights on. they were turned on before 5:30 a.m.. this is a region of the way into the macarthur mayes. it is over
6:31 am
22 minutes from highway 24. your ride through the bay bridge is slower we are already looking at it 25 minutes commute time as you have from hercules to berkeley. >> we are picking up my mind here is a live look as storm tracker 4. if you will notice that it is just want to be a few sprinkles and interstate 580. rain intensified as a san ramon and just light rain for alta mount pass. we did pick up heavier lane towards interstate 680. sprinkles for the south and mostly in downtown san francisco. we're still looking at dry conditions out of the gilroy. as we head into the afternoon you expect sunshine and it will be a little warmer. as we head into tomorrow, it went advisory will go into effect. >> we do have big changes to highlight in your extended
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forecast and i will break down your details coming up. >> the bill be nils out of a vallejo this morning where police are looking for a string of seven armed robberies. all of them took place last night. kron4 mike pelton is live with more. >> police believe that the same two suspects are involved. these supplies over a four hour stretch. police believe that is the same two people and here is a map of the locations. vallejo police tell me that the first robbery took place at 5:30 p.m. in front of a home. and the next robbery took place in the parking lot of seafood city. the suspect pistol whipped a victim. several of these are robberies occur in front of homes and police stated that sometime the victims
6:33 am
thought they were followed and then they were robbed. the fall of two robbers took place in the parking lot of it costco and ipad boyd. there are seven victims but no suspects. police are trying to track down the suspects are looking through the cameras and the cost. >> the suspect's brother guns at the victims and the loss would be their purses, wallets, jury. we need people to pay attention. this is a late model 90's alexis. it has a silver tram. >>lexus with a silver trim. >> they're looking over surveillance and videos. there are about 18 to 20 years old ram black hooded sweatshirts either with ski mask or bandanas. they stated that it was an eighth ariane is 711 the they do not think it is connected.
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they are reminding people to stay vigilant. you will hear from the police department of why they are entering or race season. >> we have some new details about the man seen rendering oone and when the rain arounwandering around an el sobrante elementary school. investigators say that the man identified himself as the james. after all 44 minutes of walking around campus, the man left. he never made contact with a student on campus. for the school plans to increase their height of census and add more surveillance cameras. >> mora move that is likely
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aimed at tesla motors, the hignational highway traffic safety a ministration is putting the atuo maker on notice about star rating claims. the new guidelines say that the agency does not give ratings higher than five stars. agency says that the office atomakers who claim ratings higher than five stars are just misleading the public. tesla has promoted their electronic model s as the safest car in america, that it are defy. four-star rating from the government. nhtsa does not publish is starting above five, however according to a tesla press release, safety levels,
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better than five stars are captured in the overall vehicles at the score. companies that do not follow the guidelines could see a buyer alert one is from the government. >> the city of oakland is set to receive more than $50 million in a judgment against a fraudulent immigration consulting company. american legal services advertised itself as a legal service, but not of its employees were lawyers. the company lied to customers by promising them u.s. citizenship. one victim lost their life's savings and some reagan threatened to be deported. this is the largest financial judgment of one by the city in litigation. >> a new poll out today shows a growing number of san francisco people want more housing to offset the high cost of living. more than 600 voters were polled earlier this month. 71 percent said the san francisco has become much more expensive place to live in recent years. 68 percent
6:37 am
said that more housing would help solve the cost of living problems. those polled also said that it is under investment, developers and city halls policies. >> it is a big sign the holiday season is underway. the salvation army has started their annual red kettle campaign in san francisco. the campaign heads more than 4 million people in need during the christmas season. about 30 million people every year. officials say that all the money that is raised its stake in the community, for services like milk delivery, rehab and transitional housing. last year, the salvation army raised just over a million dollars spread this is the 123rd year of the tradition that started in 1891. >> still ahead on above kron4 morning new spread an unexpected arrival at an
6:38 am
airport in new york, when a plane lands in the wrong place. >> a startling find for a man walking along ocean beach, a shark! >> skiers in snow boarders are rejoicing, snowfall in the sierra
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>> a boeing dream lifter
6:41 am
landed at the wrong airport and wichita, kansas. here is a live look from wichita. a late wednesday night, the plane, which was bound for mcconnell air force base from new york's jfk international airport, mr. is marked by about 12 mi.. it is in airport with a 6,000 ft. runway, fully loaded plane needs a 9,000 ft. runway to take off. that that was in error 747 dream lifter is a beast of a plane. it is a modified 747- 400 passenger plane that can hold more than a car go by volume than any airplane in the world. >> will follow the latest, loowe will follow the latest,
6:42 am
oops. >> it is time to get out your skis and your snowboards. boreal is now open. the ski resort is back in business. it got a couple of new engines of snow. locals say, but they cannot wait to get back on the slopes. the resource sector crowds would just grow. maligned it is kind of slushy right now. >> this is the only place and is open and it is nice to have one ( >> heavenly is set to open tomorrow. squaw valley opens on november 27th just in
6:43 am
time for banks giving. alpine medals will open its door december 30th. north star and kirk what are making snow, their opening dates are still to be determined. >> they think it may have caused a problem on the bay bridge. george will have that coming up. >> the very latest is that we are still dealing with a bigger than normal backup for the bay bridge westbound. there was an early morning accident that occurred the crash has cleared but the backup is still with us. i will update this and arrest of a hotspots when we continue. the c when we continurest of
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>> the time is 6:46 a.m.. >> our hot spot this morning is the bay bridge west bound with an early morning back up their reaches the macarthur mayes. it is now starting to back up over the
6:47 am
westbound lanes. this is not yet back the bore the eastbound lanes. this system result of an early morning accident. yesterday, we did not have anything on the bridge but we still have a back up because of the wet deck. it is likely that we will see a mixture of both today. on 92 the volume is a building it is at 15 to 16 minute drive time. >> that east bay, the ride on an estate 580 is still backed up into tracy onto 05. it remains have they all the way to central livermore. the east shore freeway is slower than normal and we're looking at a 28 to party minute drive time. here for your ride through 101 is starting to back up northbound with heavy traffic from 85 of
6:48 am
880. there were a couple of accidents on blossom hill road. the more ran ride is starting to us showed slowing from county line. maligned the drive time from 37 is not so bad. it is still under 33 minutes. >> the traffic is starting to slow down because we are picking up light rain most of it is in the east. light rain, more like sprinkles through oakland. we're starting to see light rain for berkeley impacting highway 13. an walnut creek is dry but we are still picking a light to moderate brain and other parts of the east bay. livermore is picking a moderate sprinkles. drier conditions
6:49 am
special approach the small grave. we're seeing light rain in the south. milpitas, highway 237 in downtown san francisco. as we take a look at the temperatures, we are in the '50s thanks to the cloud cover. we have not seen any brain. 51 degrees for richmond and pleasanton is chilly at 44 degrees. >> it will be 62 degrees for antioch and low 60's for daly city and half moon bay. the showers will exit the bay area and the showers will continue to work south. the 7 day around the bay highlights of windy weather and wind advisor goes in affect for tomorrow and mild weather for the weekend. warmer weather will carry us into banks giving. >into banks given.
6:50 am
>> job claims are coming out. it was a nice drop. i did not want to exaggerate but any number that is under 400 pelton is a good number. this i probably why th400 adults and is good. >>,000 is good. >> there is a little bit of stimulus coming out of the economy. we want the economy to do well but we also want the easy money. >> every time there has been hints of a taper, is this going to be the expectation? >> any engine of tapering,
6:51 am
the market reacts. this is absolutely. this is dated out about retail sales. this is the macro, everything that retail is looking great. target is not doing so good night various sears. who is good out there? >> this tends to have been a thing of the nine days and there are not pulling people and. >> they are trying larger sizes, more colors even shoes. abercrombie and fitch has had a drop in their quarters do you think this will help them? >> no. a couple of years in retell was not okay. at some point in time, one quarter
6:52 am
best-you have seven quarters, is about two years of problems with a mentor. people have stopped shopping there. >> think they would do good, no, they will not turn around, was working in retell is places like tjx. you can get things for 40 to 50% off. >> and guess is different. abercrombie rego zack the teenager and gas go after everybodye is out to younger people, the gap has not been fun since capri pants. that's all i to say about that. >> did you ever appear?
6:53 am
>> no. >> i would never work pants the show my ankles. >> it may sound like a shark tell, but it is true. this is what was washed up on the san francisco's ocean beach. this is believed to be a salmon shark. at least according to kirk lombard. here's a guy who saw the sharks into this video. >> it could be, but they basically look like a but just a miniature version 1. he relies but it was on the verge of dying but he did report the video. >> the time is 6:53 a.m.. here is a live look at the james lick freeway.
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>> here is what is coming up on the kron4 morning news at 7:00 a.m.. the warriors take on on the grizzlies and it was a grinder of the game. we will have that story in the world according to gary at 7:45 a.m.. >> how all this picture is possibly connected to a string on on robberies in vallejo. >> a lot look outside the bay bridge approach. we will have an update on the bay area weather and traffic.
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>> the top stories that we are following on this thursday bart management is
7:00 am
set to vote on the new contract with the union today. we will tell you if rejection could lead to another strike. >> san francisco police are trying to track down this man, who they say it's dangerous, and involved in a fatal shooting after a fender bender. >> an african american student at san jose state was held with a bike lockers around his neck by his white bromates. now charges are being filed, more details ahead. >> we're still dealing with the effects of the back up. the drive time is over 22 minutes. here is another hot spot you're ride on interstate 580. the traffic is backed up


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