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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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trees and signs and power outages. high winds leaving a mess all over the bay area. >> wind gusts comes in. >> problems in the sierra as well as high winds force resorts to postpone opening day, one would be tells us what she will do when the gondolas begin moving. >> you're the first person that i've ever interviewed that yodeled. a fourth student suspended in a hate crime investigation. it started already shoppers camping out looking for black friday bargains. tech reporters have a preview of what you can expect when the sales begin one week from today. how do you feel about
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hearing this news? >> i still can't believe it. >> san francisco reacts to the news of the kennedy assassination 50 years later, the pain and questions remain. we begin with breaking news tonight at 8:00, we are getting reports into the news room of some sort of incident right now at los angeles international airport. kron4 grant lotis standing by and joining us with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: this is a very fluid situation. what we do know is there has been some sort of incident at lax. take a look at this picture. this shows people holding guns and there's one person on the ground. these appear to be some sort of law enforcement officers or agents. the situation by all accounts chaotic and very fluid. this is terminal 4 at los angeles international airport
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and twitter has been flooded with reports from passengers mostly who are there who have said they have had to evacuate that is very chaotic, people are running around. we don't know exactly what has happened and the nature of this incident was unclear but this is terminal 4 at los angelesinternational airport and we are just seeing that a person with los angeles police i'm just being handed this report says initial reports indicate there were shots fired inside terminal 4 but now, it seems no shots have been fired and that there was just a lot of noise and chaos, so as you can see, this is from los angeles police. they aren't exactly sure what's going on. there were reports of shots fired inside terminal 4 at about 7:30 this evening, just more than a half hour ago but again right now, it seems that no shots were fired and that something created a loud noise and chaos.
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certainly, an incident at los angeles international airport and tensions run high when you hear lax. it was exactly three weeks ago that a tsa agent was shot and killed at lax, friday, november 1 and before that, you may remember some incidents with dry ice explosive devises that went off in trash cans at lax, but again a very scary situation for passengers and certainly anyone who hears this, some sort of incident at lax, but maybe we have dodged the most scary situation of shots fired, again la police saying initial reports indicated shots fired but now it seems that that was not the case. there is a lot of loud noise and chaos though as passengers are trying to figure out what is going on. we are doing the same. we will keep you posted on this developing story throughout the broadcast, pam? now, at 8:00, strong winds in the bay area knocked out power for thousands of pg& e customers. at last check about 5,000 people remain without power
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tonight. the storm also proved deadly, two people killed in oakland. the deaths linked to the severe wind. right now, a wind advisory is still in effect for sections of the bay area from downed power lines to scores of downed trees, the damage left behind is incredible. we have live team coverage tonight, kron4 dan rubin is live in oakland where the massive tree came down and we begin with justine wallman, live where another massive tree came crashing on to a home causing major damage there. justine? >> reporter: pam, let's show you the damage done to the roof of this house here in walnut creek, as we zoom in you can see where the tree landed right on the roof above the garage smashing in the shingles. also the gutter there is hanging off and the homeowner was here when the tree came crashing down. >> you're going to have bad luck this is the best kind. >> the tree came crashing down right into linda mcdonald's house along with badly damaging
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her roof it smashed a pick up truck parked in the driveway. when strong winds took down that 30 year old oak tree the impact shook her whole house. >> i heard a big crack and the house started banging and things started falling and just about the time i headed for a door jam, it stopped. i opened the door and saw the tree on the front porch. >> now, queue the buzz of chain saws, a tree removal company came into do the clean up, hauling away huge logs and sending branches into the wood chopper, turning the once massive and destructive tree into saw dust. >> most difficult part is there was a really big branch pushed up against the window there by the broken gutters so we had to completely cut around it and make sure we didn't do anymore damage to the house or the window. >> a big wind storm means big
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business. >> nobody really wants it to be like this because there's more accidents that happen but at the same time if there's accidents that happen that means there's more work for us. >> and that's a good thing. >> that's a great thing. more work, more money, everybody smiles. >> the ones not smiling? these homeowners left with this hole in their kitchen ceiling and trying to figure out how to fix their wrecked roof. >> you need to be able to tarp the roof until we can get it mended before it rains again. >> and a live look now again at the damaged roof, because of those strong winds that happened on thursday, the clean up though still going to have to continue here at this house in walnut creek, they will get a tarp to put over the roof, just in case any rain does come in. they definitely want to get this fixed by thanksgiving but they are thankful now nobody was hurt. live in walnut creek, kron4 news. more live team coverage, winds were so strong at lake merit in oakland that it up rooted a massive tree near a
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popular restaurant there. kron dan rubin is there. describe the scene for us. >> reporter: well, pam it's quite a scene. in fact it's attracting quite a bit of attention. give us an idea how big this tree is. he's standing about five feet in front of it and now this tree absolutely dwarfs him so it's pretty large. we have large number of roots coming out of the side and really it just goes on and on. i'll admit i'm not the best at estimating how big these types of trees are but as you could see, it is well over 100 feet tall, and i'm told this tree is well over 100 feet old as well. now i haven't heard any indication as to when this tree might be cleared, but for right now it's quite a specatacle. we've seen children out here playing on the tree and so it looks like they will have a little more fun for the time being until this tree is cleared near the corner of 14th and lakeside, so reporting live
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in oakland, dan rubin, kron4 news. the storm had a major impact on businesses and schools in the city of concord. we have wind damage team coverage. >> reporter: so power out age? >> yeah, big power out age. >> the wind took out the power here at the disney hospital in concord at the most inopportune time impacting these lovable fury patients as that technician is there. >> just that we can't do the procedures people brought their dogs in today for, so this guy was going to get neutered today. >> so he's been sedated and now he's hanging out. >> so it is a big loss. >> in addition to the wind taking out power in parts of the city, the storm is also responsible for this, tap eling the concord high school football score board says assistant principal bob bass. >> we came out to assess the damage from yesterday and we
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found out that it was all gone. >> as you can imagine the team is feeling pretty bummed right now. >> they are already talking about it and asking what are we going to do about next years program. what do we do about football. >> the answer aunt principal says at this point he doesn't know where the school will find the money needed to buy a new score board for the team. >> you know, if there's anybody there that will come forward and help us with this project, please feel free to contact concord high school and we would love to hear from you. >> in concord, kron4 news. >> it remains breezy in a few places this evening. we're looking live from our camera down on san francisco. the camera is continuing to bounce in the wind. the most gusty winds are still in the hills and we're seeing gusts also to 30 miles an hour, 21 in santa rosa, 24 in half moon bay and 26 in oakland. a wind advisory remains in effect for the north bay hills and you can see the areas highlighted on your screen.
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it has expired for the delta. it's expected to remain in effect through 10:00 this evening so we could still see gusts up to 40 miles an hour in those highlighted areas and up to 25-mile an hour gusts overnight as well. now that's going to be important for our temperatures. if it stays gusty the areas where we see winds even up to 25 miles an hour, temperatures are going to stay a little bit more mild in the 40s and maybe even the low 50s, again where it stays windy we'll talk more about that and tomorrow mornings low temperatures as well as rain into thanksgiving, coming up in just a bit. new developments tonight in a case of alleged racial hazing at san jose state university. three white male students are charged with hate crimes for allegedly harassing their black roommate accused of using racial slurs against him, trapping him in a closet and locking a bike chain around his neck, and new tonight, a fourth student could also be facing punishment in connection with
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this case, kron4 charles clifford reports. >> reporter: so far three white male teenage students from san jose state are macing misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges for allegedly hazing their 17 year old black roommate. two of those students have already surrendered to authorities and the third is expected to self-surrender soon. those three students were also suspended from the university on thursday and on friday, school officials announced that a fourth student has also been suspended, but santa clara county deputy district attorney aaron west says no additional charges have been filed. >> i understand that that's being reported. i can tell you that there has not been a fourth suspect charged. >> meanwhile the 17 year old victim in this case has not been identified nor has he spoken publicly but on friday his family did release a statement saying as a family we are deeply disturbed by the horrific behaviors that have taken place against our son. our immediate focus is his protection. also on friday, a friend of the victim told cnn that the local and national attention this
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case has attracted is putting a heavy burden on the freshman. >> i just hope this whole thing and sooner than later and he can go back to doing his normal thing because it's putting a lot of pressure on him and i don't think it's good for anybody, in a college situation like this. >> finally there have been calls from groups such as the naacp for the federal government to open an investigation into this case. today the santa clair it county district office says they received a call from the fbi but declined to say what was discussed or whether or not a federal investigation was forthcoming. we are following breaking news tonight. we have a live picture to show you and an incident is unfolding at los angeles international airport. we are monitoring developments there and we'll bring you the latest through this newscast. also ahead tonight at 8:00, ceremonies across the country as americans remember jfk. 50 years after his
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again, we are following breaking news tonight, coming out of los angeles international airport. this is a live picture, and an incident is unfolding there and even the authorities in the area are still trying to determine exactly what happened. we have on the phone with us a traveler who is at lax, to help us understand what's happening, simone wilkinson, can you hear us? >> i can and how are you doing? >> thank you so much for trying to help us understand what's happening. we're looking at live pictures we see emergency personnel on the scene. what's happening, where are you and what's happening? >> well, we are at the delta
8:16 pm
terminal by gate 57, and 54 and there's a tunnel that goes down and then a tunnel to gate 53, something happened down there, someone was acting very suspicious. they had a car a little further down, i think there was a vehicle accident and someone started saying shots were fired, people started running and they said get down in the terminal and officers yelled to everybody to get down on the floor, so everybody was on the floor climbing behind pillars and chairs and everything as the police walked through and tsa came running through, so we were on the floor for about 10 minutes and they never actually came back, actually i don't know if they went out on the
8:17 pm
tarmac or if they went to a different area of the building but right now, the planes are grounded so we're waiting for police to head off again and further down the terminal by gate 53, they aren't letting anybody pass through that area until they can clear it because they aren't exactly sure what happened. >> okay, ms. wilkinson, we're having trouble with your audio. at this point has the airport been evacuated? >> no, not evacuated. >> but you're in a lockdown? >> we're still stuck in this area of the terminal. they aren't letting anyone through until they clear it. >> so you're in what would be considered a lockdown situation. we appreciate your information, again there is some difficulty with your audio but you havehelped us get an idea of what is happening, we're looking at live pictures, just outside one of the terminals at lax where it appears someone is being loaded on to a stretcher, and again, it's still very unclear exactly what has
8:18 pm
happened there at about 7:30 we're hearing from lax, a police sargent that there were some concerns that some shots have been fired and then we were later told that there were not shots fired but there was a loud noise somehow associated with a car accident. again you're looking at live pictures from lax. we don't know if someone has been hurt in this incident, but again, we do see that someone is being loaded into an ambulance, maybe they had some kind of an anxiety attack. let's check back in with grant lotis gathering additional information. grant? >> reporter: well stay with these pictures because that's the best indication of what's going on. we do want to mention ktla, our cnn affiliate in los angeles is reporting that the car accident created a loud noise which people feared were gun shots and that is what created all the noise and the chaos inside terminal 4 at lax. it appears that there is no reason to be concerned, if you
8:19 pm
are a passenger or no a passenger at lax. it appears that this was a lot of noise really over very little. that suv that we saw that individual being taken from the suv into the ambulance that appears to have caused a loud noise, when that car crashed a loud noise created a situation where people feared the worst. they feared gun shots and it's understandable when you think that three weeks ago to the day there were gun shots at lax, and that resulted in a tsa agent dying so pam it's very understandable people are on edge, certainly as we continue to look at these live pictures and see a lot of personnel on the ground and you had the loud noise and then you see first responders rushing to the scene, it almost makes sense that people would be concerned at lax. >> a lot of anxiety there. you also mentioned earlier, grant of course the situations involving the dry ice smoke bombs released also within the last couple of months there, so
8:20 pm
tensions are pretty hyatt los angeles international airport following the series of incidents. again information still coming into the news room about exactly what's happened. we'll also have to determine whether any flights in the bay area heading to lax are affected by what's going on now as we were told by simone wilkinson, a traveler that the terminal she's in is on a lockdown situation and planes have been grounded according to her. we have not heard that from an official source at this time. we will continue to gather additional information. there is an incident at lax. we are following this and we'll bring you the latest information. we'll take a break and come right back.
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americans marking a grim day in the nations history, it has been 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. jfk was on his way to speak at a luncheon in dallas texas when
8:23 pm
he was shot and killed, katherine hener reports the death is still remembered as one of the most shocking days in u.s. history. >> reporter: at 1:25 the motorcade moves into the downtown area. >> 50 years later these scenes are still hard to watch for many americans. the smiling young president and first lady in the dallas motorcade and then scenes of shock as words spread president kennedy had been shot. today at 12:30 the moment gun shots echoed through daley plaza five decades ago, bells tolled across the city of dallas, thousands marked a moment of silence. it is a day that has forever haunted dallas and friday's ceremony in a cold drizzle was ringed by extraordinarily tight security. historian david mccullough talked about the power of kennedy's speeches. >> he spoke to the point and confidence. he knew words matter.
8:24 pm
his words changed lives. his words changed history. >> at arlington national cemetary, members of kennedy's family including his sister jean laid a wreath at his grave, and nearby the vice president was doing what many older americans did today, talking about how they learned of the news. >> i was sitting on the steps as a sophomore at the university of delaware in stark disbelief and going out to a car parked in the parking lot with a bunch of my fellow students, half of whom i didn't know turned it on the radio thinking this can't be happening. >> a new memorial has been unveiled, featuring part of the speech kennedy was to be giving at the very moment he was pronounced dead. katherine hennen, kron4 news. >> again we are following breaking news, this is a live picture overlooking los angeles international airport, where some sort of situation is unfolding there. you see the emergency vehicles in this video, we are
8:25 pm
monitoring developments even the police enforcement in the area are still trying to sort out exactly what has happened there. we will get more information and bring you the latest. we'll take a break.
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8:28 pm
are on lock down awaiting the all clear, as law enforcement tries to determine exactly what has happened. first there was concerns there might have been shots fired, a car accident, of law enforcement still piecing together exactly what happen the. we will keep you posted as well as continue to follow developments.
8:29 pm
8:30 pm
breaking news tonight at los angeles international airport, where some sort of incident has lead to a lockdown at some of the terminals there. emergency vehicles are on the scene. our grant lotis has been gathering information. grant is back with more. grant? >> reporter: pam it appears it was much a do about very little at lax. here is what we believe we know, a car accident is actually the incident that was
8:31 pm
reported, people feared shots were fired inside terminal 4, but actually it was just a loud noise that was created after a car hit a structure but you see swarms of people outside of the airport right there or at least outside the terminal all just kind of waiting, standing there, so it's not exactly clear if this incident is entirely over but our cnn affiliate in los angeles ktla has reported that it was the car accident that created the noise, not gun shots, as some people were initially reporting and pam, when you look at the picture here, we're hearing that it was a car accident that caused this, but certainly they're taking all precautions at this point, keeping everybody at bay there. >> absolutely. you can see people have obviously been told to leave the terminal. we spoke with a traveler who is at the airport live during this newscast who said that the terminal she is in is on
8:32 pm
lockdown, they were waiting for an all clear as officials nailed down exactly what happened to lead to all of this chaos. we've been also seeing emergency vehicles come and go throughout the last half hour. >> and on the right side of your screen, we had just zoomed in on the vehicle that had crashed into the structure outside lax, on the left side of our screen, is a live picture showing hundreds of people that have been evacuated and to this point have not been allowed back into terminal 4 at lax, and we mentioned this earlier but it's worth noting again because tensions are certainly high from travelers especially at lax. there was a tsa agent who was shot and killed exactly three weeks ago and on the right side of your screen and the left side at this point we're now zooming into that suv that appears to have struck the structure outside lax. he had the tsa agent pam november 1 that was shot and killed and prior to that two
8:33 pm
different dry ice explosive incidents, so it's understandable how a loud bang at an airport could trigger concerns. >> of course los angeles international is a major hub for traffic in and out of the west coast in particular but as well as back east, we are also looking into the possibility that flights are being affected from the bay area as well as from the east coast because of the fact that some planes have been grounded at least according to the traveler who we spoke to said that her understanding was a number of the aircraft have been grounded. we don't know if planes are landing and taking off at this point, again we are still gathering information in that area. we're going to stay in touch with this story, you can see all of the back up with traffic all of the people who were standing outside the airport, many of them probably very confused about what's happening there. law enforcement not sending any
8:34 pm
clear signals at this point as to whether there's an all clear or not. >> and this is a new age. this is a digital era and when this happened at 7:30 when the incident happened people on twitter instantly started tweeting photos of people running out of there, so this is certainly a situation that it played out at least in part on line and on twitter especially and we are keeping people updated on twitter and facebook and our website as well, so if you want to stay up- to-date with this story throughout the night even after we go off the air at the end of this hour you can certainly keep posted with our twitter facebook and website. >> we'll stay in touch with this throughout this newscast as well as our newscast tonight at 11:00. we want to move on to some developments in the bay area now at 8:30, you know that the united nations is calling that deadly typhoon in the philippines a massive disaster. we've all seen the pictures and it does require a massive response, according to the u-n. the death toll there has now risen to more than 5,000 people
8:35 pm
killed and more than 1600 people are still missing. well tonight some bay area nurses are returning from the storm ravaged philippines where they were aiding in the recovery effort. kron4 jeff bush is live tonight and jeff you've got a chance to see them come in. what were they saying about their mission there? >> reporter: they said that it was one of the most rewarding things they've ever done in their career but also say that looking at the devastation, destruction and the suffering of the phillipine people was hard to look at but they also say that people need their help. now let's take some video that was shot just about an hour ago and you can see they were greeted here at the international terminal by their friends and family and they were being called heros but they wanted to get the message out to anyone who would listen to the phillipine people still need a lot of help. >> what we saw was a lot of coughing and colds and diarrhea, because most of them don't have any shelter. they are only living in
8:36 pm
makeshift tents and you know, when we went to one of the clinics and we treated them but at the end of the day, they go back to their makeshift tends and they will be exposed to the elements. >> now they have hope. i don't know what kind of condition and what kind of life they lived before the typhoon but certainly they're going to need a lot more to rebuild and they aren't afraid, you know? they aren't afraid. they know they are going to do it. we just need to help them and that's part of why i went because i wanted to communicate back to the world that this is what their needs are and i also communicated my team and i communicated to them listen, you aren't alone. there's tons of people out there in america and in the world pulling together. >> we're really proud of them doing good work. they say tonight they are going out of town and get some dinner and then get a goodnights sleep, but for now reporting
8:37 pm
live at sfo, kron4 news. >> jeff again we are continuing to follow developments out of los angeles international airport. we're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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8:39 pm
significant changes could be coming to how certain guns are regulated in california. grant is back now with details on this. grant? >> reporter: pam here is the deal. a month after deputy shot and killed a teenager holding a replica ak47 in santa rosa a state lawmaker has announced new legislation that would regulate immitation firearms. state senator noreen evans is behind the effort after the death of 13-year-old andy lopez. under the proposed bill, replica guns would have to be painted a bright color to distinguish them from real guns. the shooting of the eighth grader prompted a series of protests and rallies statewide. earlier this month andy's parents filed a wrongful death suit against the county and sheriffs deputy involved in the
8:40 pm
shooting. on facebook people are reacting to news of this possible change, feel free to join the conversation here on our kron4 facebook fan page and one person brought up an interesting point and that is that what if someone with a real gun spray paints it orange? interesting? feel free to weigh in or give your own opinion. a wind advisory remains in effect for the north bay hills. it's going to stay gusty overnight, i'll show you where we'll see the winds, plus rain in the forecast for thanksgiving. i'll have your complete forecast coming up after the break.
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
new tonight at 8:00, well today was supposed to be opening day of skiing for those folks going to heavenly mountain resort but that did not happen. extreme winds forced the closure of the mountain. ground force ar stone is in south lake tahoe with more on what exactly proved ton an exciting day anyway. >> if you were driving through the south lake tahoe area you'd see the snow on the ground and say wow skiing conditions must be good. well not so much. at heavenly mountain resort high winds meant no opening day, closed. meaning no excitement on the hill. just on camera. >> so you expected to be one of the first on the hill? >> yes, i was. i was going to yodel on the hill, but i couldn't do that today so i'm sorry. >> no need to be sorry.
8:43 pm
all those who showed up early could use a yodel. in fact she's so into yodeling and skiing, she has her own special doll with her. >> you know you're the first person i've ever interviewed that yodeled. >> well i hope i'm not the last one because it makes you happy. >> to a reporter in the midst of 30-mile an hour wind gusts day and night, the wind gust comes in and deep in research, right now temperatures according to my instruments, nothing like a good yodel to go with the beauty and chill of tahoe. >> we know there are only a few that's open but die hards do stupid things when skiing. >> don't worry, he's not talking about our yodel extraordinary, rather those who showed up several hours early to be first on the mountain. >> they give out a flag to the first hundred. >> first 150 get a free prize. >> shirts, hats and cow bells
8:44 pm
were given out. but nothing here. not the white snow and not even the mountain, are nearly as good as yes, take it sweden. i want to hear one more yodel. >> okay. >> i love it. >> jr stone. kron4 news. well we still have a wind advisory in effect through the north bay hills at this hour, highlighted in blue on your screen but we are also still seeing gusts in the 20 and 30- mile an hour range, pretty much bay area wide. futurecast for pinpointing the areas where the winds are strongest right now, up to the north also to the delta and through portions of the eastbay. tonight we'll see those winds really die down to the south but you see still pretty breezy up through the north as we move into the overnight hours, this time period right here we're definitely want to keep an eye on it because we are going to still be seeing gusty winds in portions of the north bay which will prevent temperatures from cooling down too much overnight. without the winds in place we would be seeing a lot of 30s
8:45 pm
overnight tonight but because we're still going to see gusts to the north, we're expecting 40s instead. through the afternoon, winds will continue to die down so much calmer out there tomorrow but let's talk about temperatures, right now still very warm actually up through the north bay. 66 in santa rosa, 67 in nappa, and we do have the winds to thank for that right now. the question is again, are they going to be gusty overnight. not as strong as last night. we don't need that strong, just gusts in the teens or 20s to keep temperatures from falling too low so here is a look where i think temperatures are headed tonight. 41, a little cool r because it looks like the winds die down, more than say santa rosa, nappa, and valejo, or fairfeel. for the valley though winds die down so we see the 30s, 30s also in sunnyvale, redwood city and half moon bay, afternoon pretty nice conditions in the 60s, bay area wide upper 60s,
8:46 pm
low 60s near the coast so let's get a look at the extended forecast. a nice weekend in store, nice start to the week but by wednesday and thursday we're talking rain, so once the rain starts and we'll see it start around noon and we'll have a second wave of rain into thursday afternoon. we're going to see periods of moderate to heavy rain, rainfall totals up to an inch and a half at least that's what it looks like right now so right now the computer model shows rain pretty much throughout the day on wednesday, periods of rain on thursday, tapering off by friday. whenever public transportation in the san francisco bay area goes on the it from z, it becomes for lack of a better phrase, amateur night at the toll plaza, so put on your makeup because this is going to be a bumpy ride. this guy in the gray car cuts across a point and jumps into traffic that's crawling and is
8:47 pm
in lanes like he's driving a motorcycle. and this driver is in the dedicated carpool lane that requires three passengers and if caught the driver could end up with a $500 carpool ticket and as she creeps along thinking of a plan. then a stroke of genius, the passenger in the pt cruiser asking for permission to merge and then a bit of confusion no one appears to be on the same page and finally get things worked out but you have to add switches the bigger ticket, the carpool or driving or lane divider. the answer? the driver could get cited for three separate violations. carpool, impeding the flow because he's blocking traffic and crossing a divided highway, so that would amount to about a grand in tickets and two points on their driving record. >> you've got to keep going. >> this lady just decided to stop and wait. this driver came across the carpool lane, crossed a point
8:48 pm
and blocked the flow of traffic. this driver jumped out of traffic into the carpool lane and jumped back in again. i'm not even going to mention all of the people on their cell phones, in fact too many to mention. or the people reading while driving. we honestly need public transportation because clearly some people do not need to be behind the wheel of a car. at the toll plaza, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> gary and his lovely wife alicia owned the kron4 mailbag to respond to viewers and beating stanford in the big game are long but the bears are still hopeful. gary is up next. we are getting you ready for the holidays with a special dining and shopping guide here on kron4, it's our holiday gadgets special tonight at 9:00 right after this newscast. vickie and gary show you the best holiday eat, trites and
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bear with us for a few minutes, because coming up, vickie and gage will blow the roof off this mother with their special, what's matter with that? with their special dining and shopping guide, if you never seen gabe slate work long you'll enjoy it and vickie for years has been one of the great great personalities in this market. the raiders have sold enough tickets their game with tennessee sunday will be on local television and you get to see matt mcgloin, their new starter taking on the tennessee titans. why is he starting? three touchdown passes, that's the region. in the 115 previous big games never has one team put a 32
8:53 pm
point underdog, largest margin in 116 years and that jonathan martin he's got his troubles in miami still no word what's going on but jonathan was at the usc game when it was the trojans parting, his dad jerry played for the dodgers, i don't know, this would be the biggest upset in bay area history if he could pull it off. >> just to know that we have something to build off of we have a little piece of greatness there we can build off of and it's just something that we would really love to get, if we get this win it would be great for us. >> three minutes and 30 seconds before vickie gives you a little gadgets and goodies and goodies and gadgets and warriors at the staples center in los angeles, up nine the lakers at half time and we'll throw this at michael jordan's house. he tried to sell it for 29
8:54 pm
million, no takers, tried to sell it for $21 million still no response so they have put his house on the auction block, and nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms but anyway michael jordan's house up on the auction block. let's bring in the young lady who took me off the banquet circuit, do you know why i quit doing those? because people would finish the jokes and a guy would raise his hand but i heard that one the last time, three years ago so i quit abruptly and i became a home body. >> but you had fun while you were doing them. >> two minutes and 30 seconds before veggie and gauge get it on. >> no wonder local fans are called 49er whiners. the brooks play is not why you lost. >> we all like to whine, don't we? >> yeah, sure. >> but the 49ers have that was always the thing. oh, the red wine drinking 49er fans, but listen, if you'll
8:55 pm
complain i said it yes, sirrer, complain for two days and get off it. >> fair enough. >> that's something you should learn. when you got a problem with me get off it after two days. get off it after two days. >> i'm teasing. i'm teasing. >> did you ever figure many of us could careless about manning and brady? we love difference ever football. >> big john. i know you're big and your name is john, but with all due respect to brooks if you say coming up tonight on nbc sunday night football, amad brooks tackles a guy around the shoulders and he hurt them, no no, you say here comes brady and manning. i understand there's a big outcry now from people who love the sport thinks it is getting a little soft but if i was producing a thing, i'd want to make sure the star names everybody knows they're there. a minute 20, vickie and gauge slate getting ready.
8:56 pm
>> i call people during the breaks, i just don't believe in hi, you're kind of dull today but maybe if you tweet i'll find you interesting. doesn't work but i take like 250-300 e-mails, texts, now everything per day, talking to people, so i'll get back to you if it's something you need. >> you're getting in. >> thank you. >> and jean says all these pictures are fine but the giants have a big hole, what are they going to do? >> what is this, the middle of november? it's spring training in march and we worry about left field later. he's not bad, but that's why they went for the pitching, at the end of the day, you rather have four good pitchers than maybe that could spend a lot of money on an all-star left fielder. >> and do you like any white singers? >> what is that a racial thing? >> well he's talking about rick ross and r kelly i guess he's wondering. >> it's a racial thing.
8:57 pm
>> sinatra? >> classic? >> no no i like what makes me move. okay, here comes vickie speaking of moving.
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