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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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officials here at dulles airport to just outside of washington d.c. are already pretreating the runway is an anticipation of the massive storm making its way towards the east coast. the weather here is heavy rain and could see some sleep later in the morning today that as of now, flights here and tell
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us are running at on schedule but this storm is on the move and if you're traveling this thanksgiving, more likely than not, you will see some delays. the national weather service describes the storm in one word. complicated and complicated is exactly how to describe the situation that now some many holiday travelers face. airlines across the east coast anticipate major travel delays and just this morning we've seen the first one. atlanta airport. some airlines like delta and u.s. airways have already reduced or eliminated their revoking feet. so if you want to change your reservation you can print it hit the southwest over the weekend and is are ready to blame for thousands of deaths and hundreds of car accidents. bassam storm is predicted to get worse. in the national
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weather service says of this form should be done by thursday morning at thanksgiving. can be a rough 24 to 48 hours for many travelers as they try to get home before the holidays. >>anny: a live look at the atlanta georgia location. he concedes just coming down. and take a look at the storm were attended at words and mentored. >>erica: you can definitely see that clearly defined rain and snow band. the storm will pick up in intensity for the next 48 hours but it will move over the atlantic. with high when
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the warnings are ready employees and could actually and pack the macy's thanksgiving parade. we're talking at 60 mi. an hour winds expected. here in the bay area we are waking up too mild and dry conditions but we could see a sprinkle or to the as we head into thanksgiving itself. full details on what to expect three-year extended forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. here's george. >>george: we are still tracking and hot spot for your ride. the back up is just beginning to form here at the bay bridge toll plaza for the westbound ride. so far we've as a debt-free for the bay bridge. all find some heavy traffic on interstate 580 this morning but even highway 4 which has a little slow and through antioch and towards the willow past is much lighter than usual. peninsula and
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north bay ride are still very light. >>anny: 83 year-old child was killed yesterday after a pickup truck hit him in the crosswalk. that tab has been identified as the elijah alvitre. elijah was being rushed- judge pushed in a stroller as he and a few other
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children headed to a nearby park. as across the street police say white pickup truck making a left onto vine street slowed and to him. that's just plowed into them. two other children were hit and suffered minor injuries. >>: he was such a happy kid. he was so strong and courageous. >>anny: the driver made at the scene and cooperate with police. >>anny: the naacp and other activists are calling for stiffer charges against the four white students accused of hate crimes at san jose state university. the president of the university is blaming himself for failing to take action sooner. president mohammed qayoumi pledged to there would be an independent investigation into hate crimes allegedly perpetrated
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by four white students on their black roommate. but his comments did little to ease tensions with some students. but those who take their mouths shut to illustrate how their voices in this matter are not being heard. in the meantime, the naacp is calling on the d.a. to upgrade the charges against the four suspended students prefer misdemeanors to felonies. the d.a.'s office responded by saying the charges are not a reflection of the debris of racism but rather a reflection of the alleged criminal conduct. the naacp is also saying they will be reaching out to u.s. attorney general eric holder to see if any federal laws have been broken in this case. in a statement released monday by jeff rosen, the district attorney, released a statement which says " the charges would stand, as filed, for now saying " while we understand all bridge of those calling for stiffer charges in this case, the charges are not a reflection of the degree of
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their racism. the chargers are a reflection of their criminal conduct. " >>: seven people were injured, two critically after a mass shooting in oakland. this is video from a helicopter partnership with abc seven news. the shooting happened near the intersection of 96 ave and all of last night. responding officers found multiple victims and the sidewalk area there and more victims turned up at a hospital a short time later --96th and olive. police are still trying to determine the motive of the shooting. a possible suspect or suspects described as their release. we now know the identity of the good samaritan who said the 20 year-old woman who jumped from the upper level of o-dot-co coliseum during
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sunday's raiders game. 61 year-old donnie navidad, a marine corp's veteran broke the fall of the woman who jumped 45 ft. from the third deck at the stadium. navidad says he just got done taking a picture with his friend to near the eternal flame when he had to spring into action. the woman who jumped remains in critical condition. as a show of appreciation the raiders gave donnie navidad a game ball signed by former raider willie brown and several new raiders shirts. >>anny: coming up on the kron4 morning news, president obama finishing up his trip to the golden state
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for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >>anny: will come back time now is 610. president obama
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is wrapping up his three day west coast or by making an economic pitch in the film industry. today, he will visit the dreamworks animation studio of movie producer jeffrey katzenberg, one of his top fund-raisers and political supporters. that's in glendale. the president also plans to attend his last democratic fund raiser at home of martha kaufman, who " created a wildly popular sitcom, friends. the president made a brief trip to san francisco yesterday raising money and pushing for immigration reform. but unlike many of his pasture to the bay area he endured some tough criticism from some. things quickly grew testy in a brief exchange. >>: let me finish. >>: stop deportation yes we can >>anny: 24 year-old berkeley
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graad ju hong says he did not go to the event with the intention of interrupting but felt compelled to after hearing the president speak. hong is from south korea, and is very passionate about immigration reform. he came to the states at a 11 year-old and he fears deportation every day. the president let hong stay after his outburst, even turning to talk to him but hong was not impressed. >>: he did not give any concrete example. he just kept of blaming congress for not doing their job. >>anny: photos online show hong under arrest for civil disobedience at a previous immigration rally. hong
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says he stands by what he did and what do it again.
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welcome back time now is 615. a massive storm is causing concern that some of the country's busiest airports today. winter storm warnings are up through tomorrow afternoon for some parts of the east coast just as holiday travel is ramping up. scores of car crashes and 12 fatalities are blamed on the storm. nearly 200 flights out of dallas-fort worth international airport for canceled monday in addition to the nearly 300 cancelled sunday.
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forecasters say heavy rains and strong winds could impact airports. some of the country's busiest airports in new york, washington, d.c., philadelphia, boston and charlotte could see big delays. this is a storm that everyone is talking about. >>: even though you're going from say florida to california and the weather is fine in both places, you may be suffering a big-time delays. the quicker you figure that out of the airlines and see if you can't reroute. >>anny: tonight and tomorrow, so could spread from the great smoky mountains to the eastern great lakes. coming up a 630 we will talk to kron4's yoli céspedes to see delays at sfo this morning. we are tracking the storm. here is erica. >>erica: is the storm definitely growing in intensity. this is the same storm that brought some
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grain to the bay area late last week. it has made its way through texas now impacting the eastern seaboard. a second live look outside. waking up to manley clear skies. 38 leaving your house and out of. 53 degrees out and oakland. as we head into the afternoon expect a mixture of now need to
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bring your own problems for your post holiday shopping. expect mostly sunny skies and the temperatures will start to drop off as we have
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back to work on monday. 618 as the time right now. come morning george. >>george: right now i'm pretty pleased. certainly here at the bay bridge toll plaza. the westbound a ride. me realize not yet activated. traffic moving smoothly. 92 the san mateo bridge and equally go ride with about an 11 to 12 minute drive time. westward to take a look at the golden gate bridge. light traffic here and a smooth flow coming in from iran county. looking at the traffic maps of the to drive times. still under 14 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the 580 traffic is heavy and is starting to build up a bit on 880 and the southbound
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direction coming out of san leandro from the low rental loup leading down towards the 82. still very good conditions for the south bay. the marin ride is still well under 25 minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >>anny: time now is 620. at second looking gas prices this morning. the price for regular gallon of gas rises just in time for the travel season. the national average right now sitting at 328 while here in california we are seen at a state average of 356 a gallon. here in the bay area we are right around the state average. in san francisco at 366. and oakland, 356. and san jose at 353. >>anny: the wife of a palo alto man who was being detained in north korea breaks her silence and is
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asking for his release. 85 year-old merrill newman, who is a korean war vet, has been held for a month now. leigh newman says, her husband to detainment is in his understanding. she is worried about his health and said madison to beijing with hopes it can be delivered to where ever merrill is being held. --lee newman. lee said she is hoping her husband will be home for the holidays. >>: we need to have a merrill back for the head of the table. we ask respectfully for them to release him and let him come home. >>anny: merrill newman was traveling on a 10 day organize a private tour of north korea of with a traveling companion and the cree and a veteran was getting ready to travel from pyongyang to beijing,
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when north korean officials to come off the plane. the swedish embassy is negotiating on merrill's behalf since the u.s. has no diplomatic relationship with north korea >>anny: the decision whether or not to release the 911 tapes made from sandy hook elementary after the shooting has been delayed. a connecticut superior court judge said he will make a decision shortly in the near future. this comes after the connecticut state freedom of reformation commission ordered lawyers want ordered the release of the tapes back in september, overruling objections. lawyers want keep the 911 tape sealed. the judge says she needs to personally review the recording before he can rule on the state's motion to delay their release. -he. and prosecutors looking at the connecticut school massacre have concluded that a motive " may never be answered
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conclusively. " the report found that adam lanza's mental condition caused him to be obsessed with mass murders and violent video games, including one in which players gunned down students in school. lanza shot his mother to death and then slaughtered 26 people and sandy hook elementary before killing himself. >>anny: up for ohio schools officials have been charged with obstructing red investigation following involving student athletes and a 16 year-old girl. ohio's attorney general says the long anticipated charges offer the community a chance to begin putting the case behind it. the investigation included crimes committed in connection with a case against two members of the celebrated steubenville high school football team as well as a separate alleged rape that happened in april 2012. congressman trey radel is
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being asked to step down by the republican party of florida. radel pleaded guilty to cocaine possession last week technology that he purchased the drug last month from an undercover police officer in washington. radel has taken a leave of absence and check himself into a rehab. ózçwó
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i'm for the kron4 tech report with the gabe slate. >>: good morning i am kron4's tech reporter gave slate. it's not the barge but have you heard about the google pop up stories. these new stores " is opening at
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malls across the country are bringing snow to places that normally have snow. google has chosen six city so far for this experiment. the closest one to us is the west will galleria air rose buildup north east of sacramento. google is calling these temporary pops up stores and malls winter wonderland. these will be spot for people can get their hands on google products like this chrome book laptop, the next seven tablet. the smart phone, media streamer and maybe even google glass. the tussle and it looked like a dome. and the dome is snowing. fix now. people will be given a link that they can share this the video through their social network. instead of opening of stores that might sell, they're trying to figure out what works and where. this seems like a good experiment. their biggest
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competitor apple has this incredible have glass doors that are iconoscope from the world. gabe slate kron 4 news.
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>>anny: is one of the busiest travel times of the year and your travel plans can really be affected by the threat of a winter weather. kron4's yoli céspedes is alive on any reports of all the trouble has gone so far. >>: let me show you some video of how looks like inside. some of this eye actually recorded earlier this morning about 30 minutes ago and you could see it's kind of active but it's not crowd and that's because they used all pile down to one day like the wednesday before
6:31 am
thanksgiving. but that's not the case anymore. actually the busiest day of the airport week was last week friday. of course the next row busy day will be this coming sunday when everyone has to come back and come back to the reality of going to work or school. but right now in these next couple of days, as far as traffic goes is a very busy. busier than usual again this is going to be one of the busiest travel land years since 2007. and unfortunately weather is not cooperating over here on the east coast. so tuesday might be that sneak a day where you can actually get to your destination without being affected by the weather but of course talking to the on duty manager accius told me they're keeping a close eye
6:32 am
they can change at the top of the have and for now seems like every time everything seems to be off line. >>anny: thank you yoli. a live as a folk grid we will keep our fingers crossed. >>anny: here's a look pitcher forecast on where weather is headed with erica. the morning. >>erica: yes, all of the major hubs across the eastern seaboard will either be affected with rain or snow for the next 48 hours. let's zoom in your own satellite and radar. when this is all said and done we could see between two and 3 in. of rain for the central rothko's days. and across the eastern seaboard to new england perhaps a foot of snow. especially closer to new york city. that's something we will continue to my answer. rais the lawyer
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plant until after the thanksgiving holiday. because banks giving itself a storm of the over the atlantic. here in the bay area waking up to a cold conditions but a mild day ahead. dry weather will last until about thanksgiving day itself. bobby byrd and out near extended forecast and highlighting your thanksgiving holiday coming up in just a couple of minutes. >>george: are looking at what might be our first hot spot. a vehicle reporter with a flat tire on a 80 and the northbound direction. and then it turned in to report of an accident. down all of that vehicle was struck or if this was a completely sever accident. so far southbound traffic heading toward the airport still looks good and so does
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the light the back up at the bay bridge. it's a very easy ride this holiday tuesday morning. >>anny: think stores. a time now 643. and memorial you see here has popped up outside up at the jfk hospital-high-school corporate >>will: i'm here at john f. kennedy high school. you can see here writ you will be missed is on the moveable message board out in front of john f. kennedy high school. along with the fact that the flag is at half staff and that's a ride above this memorial that's growing by the hour for >>janu: web a 76 year-old coach long time football coach here at john f. kennedy who was killed on saturday night in a traffic accident. according to chp he was helping to direct traffic after a minor traffic accident was struck and killed on 680 near
6:35 am
fremont. he was not as a longtime football cochair but he was also a teacher and the athletic director here for many many years he was retired from the football coach about three years ago but still very beloved. tonight at 6:00 p.m. we will have a bomb memorial for everybody who'll was ever a player or a student of john webb. >>anny: thank you jacki. it
6:36 am
has been a month since patients were found abandoned at a castro valley assisted living facilities. state officials say an inquiry is still under way. as many patient advocates say the state never should have allowed hilda manuel to fund valley springs matter. pat mcginnis with california advocates for nursing home says hilda manuel, the woman owned valley springs matter of bandit it will shut down by the state last month. mcginnis says the state never should have granted manuel a license to run a valley springs because the four nursing homes she ran in the '90s were riddled with trouble. >>: so many citations. of violations physical and violent neglect, that's a thousand dollars. she owns milpitas care center and you have a 25,000 citation for a violation in which a the president died. how could this possibly happen?
6:37 am
>>anny: mcginnis says it's time for the state to change its procedures, conduct a more thorough checks of prospective licensees so families know what kind of care their loved ones can expect to get. >>anny: lieutenant governor gavin newsom says more attention must be paid to the california state university system and to the state's community colleges and california is going to produce educated workers the economy needs. newsom commissioned a report that argues the state is losing its place as a national leader in higher education. the report finds that the percentage of young adults are an associate and bachelor's degrees in california is below the national average. along with boosting graduation rates at cal state and community college campuses, the study calls for greater collaboration with for price-for-profit private colleges and businesses. a sacramento county superior court judge's blocking the sale of bonds to build california's bullet train.
6:38 am
the judge also rejected the state's funding plan. judge michael kenney says state officials were wrong to determine it was " necessary and desirable " to start selling the bonds. in a separate lawsuit, he ordered the role of authority to reduce its $68 billion funding plan before continuing construction. the lawsuit claimed that the project's current plan no longer complies with what voters were promised and the judge agreed. if coming up on the kron4 morning news and look after headlines and your forecast 3 here's a live look from our los camera on this tuesday morning we could see some holiday rain. we are tracking your local and national forecast throughout the morning show. time now is 638. ♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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>>anny: it also cost you more to bring your pet with you when you fly on southwest airlines. the airline says it plans to raise its boarding fee for pets from $75 to $95 starting on january 15th. currently, the airline allows vaccinated dogs or cats that fits in the carrier that goes under an airline seat. so far, southwest is still the cheapest option you have one flight with your pet. other airlines charge anywhere from 100 to $125. one survey says if you want to get to your destination during the holidays on time, hawaiian airlines may be the way to go. that's according to a new list from forbes magazine based on data from the airline website flight aware. hawaiian airlines did the best. only 7% of its flights were late over the last three years during the holidays. on the flip side, jet blew flights were late 22% of the time. however,
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jet blew flies into some of the busiest airports in the country. the list is based on a flight data on arrival delays for 18 major regional airlines. and hybrid, hot rods and high-tech cars to take center stage a thanksgiving night on kron4 as we bring you a special preview of the san francisco international auto show. it's a thirty, thanksgiving night. you can also go to kron4 dot com to enter to win tickets to the weak and auto
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welcome back and look at our market numbers the dow jones still above the 16,000 mark. looks like the market still doing really well. and joining us right now is our financial expert rob black once you start talking about the housing market numbers and those are doing pretty good. >>: up 13.9%. a little bit of a slowing but the numbers
6:47 am
were pretty solid. biggest gain since february 2006. numbers were pretty good. i can't find anything negative. the west some concerns. there was a huge story yesterday on cnbc about chinese buyers where in china you aren't allowed to show wealth to you got a buy luxury goods and holmes later on you're planning to move your family here so they can begin get your middle school. there is a lot of buyers and are bought a whole community being built for chinese investors. that is not a healthy part if you're a single american family of the housing
6:48 am
economy. the pope also given us his take. it seems kind of got away. >>: one of the most harmful critics of the economy, a 70 piece document the seriousness of economic exclusion. the failure of traditional pre the dogmas. the exploding and equality in the world. the world obsession with money for the week critic no idols.
6:49 am
>>: consumers if they consume the economies work. i think this is again a growing story that we continue to see whether to occupy wall street for there's inequalities. whether it's one out of three of our 20 somethings were living at home or fits the " bringing up the issue. trickle-down. not necessarily working terribly well for the middle class. >>anny: is this a first for the pope. has he before came out with these big reports on the economy. >>: i've never seen anything like this in my 20 plus years of doing financial journalism. it's pretty powerful critique. it will make headlines all day today. maxim conversation today. my area of expertise is not criticizing what the pope says but to report what he says financially. >>anny: thank-you rob black for joining us to stick with their forecast this morning
6:50 am
in a bit >>erica: into the high clouds streaming and read the clause will pick up as we had throughout the day we will see some some time as we head into the afternoon. in terms of your temperatures. 44 currently in san jose pretty chilly start there. upper 40's for downtown san francisco to 50s mild weather for oakland. but as we head into the afternoon, though we are seeing that widespread of temperatures. everyone pretty much in the same boat today. temperatures will stay in the mid-60s and walnut creek through castro valley. mostly sunny skies. take a look at oakland a high of 63. we're talking seasonal temperatures but those clouds will increase.
6:51 am
the 7 day around the bay forecast showing a 20 percent chance. seasonal temperatures in the sunshine as we head into black friday. no need to get your number was out as you wait in line for those deals and as you head into the weekend expect sunny skies and temperatures in the upper 60s. 651 as the timer and policy of george has in the hot spot. >>: know but i do would have is a beautiful morning. isn't that a pretty shocked. it's gorgeous out there. in
6:52 am
answer to your query. know there are no hot spots. it was an accident on nimitz freeway that has already been cleared. looking at the san mateo bridge ride, highway 92, you can see it's an easy trip. i'm sure there are people saying what to black-and-white. heading across the san mateo bridge still justin 11th-11 to 13 minute drive time. southbound traffic looks good. let's go to the east bay. there had been an accident. the crash has already been cleared from the shoulders before it had a chance to get to valley backed up. e shore freeway ride. and of course there's a little slowing here and here but it's not as bad as usual. san ramon valley is completely clear. 580, of
6:53 am
course it's slow coming out from the 2 05 interchange. that's no surprise. south the freeway starting to pick up some slowing in south san jose and threw the ball to men valid on 85 of the north bay ride is only beginning to slow on 101 southbound and we're still under 20 minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. >>anny: time now is 653. colin kapernick outperformed robert griffin and the first matchup of the two of the games young quarterbacks both of whom have struggled this season after breakout years in 2012. kapernick completed 15 of 24 passes for 235 yds with three
6:54 am
touchdowns and no interceptions as the 49ers broke a two game losing streak with a 27-6 win over the washington redskins. the a's and raiders have new lease agreements with the zero got a call coliseum. the raiders' lease was extended through the end of 20142015 season. the a's were signed up through december 2015. a coliseum joined powers authority says the raiders will pay $400,000 in 2014. the a's will pay 1.75 then dollars each of the two years of the extension. police bills now go beyond before oakland and alameda county officials for approval. the coliseum authority says it plans to continue working on a long- term deal to retain both teams. coliseum.
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breaking news and live look
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out of hayward are reports of a shooting on the 19th block of the street. this provided to us from our helicopter partnership with abc seven newsprint to have more details on the kron4 news continues as seven.
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top stories we're following for you on this tuesday november 26th, a sloppy storm system carrying heavy rain fall ice and snow is heading east bringing potential headache for travelers. we have a live report coming up from dulles international and virginia >>: officials here and dulles airport just outside washington d.c. have been pre treating the runways all morning long and anticipation of the massive storm heading towards the east coast. as of now at the es


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