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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 24, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> we are considering the family member who is a 14 year old boy we are considering him as a as armed and dangerous because we have not recovered the firearm. >> reporter:family members are inside the building but said they are too upset to talk right now. >> reporter:and while the brother and sister may have bickered, they did love each other very much. >> reporter:what is unclear right now, how mario got a gun. and who that gun was registered too. live in oakland justine waldman kroon 4 news. >> pam:
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justine he is considered armed and dangerous yet the police has not released a photo of the youngest man. ? we have seen some facebook photos of floating all round but i am not sure what the police has decided not to release the photos. >> pam: there are a number of surveillance cameras at the apartment complex where this killing took place. kron four's terisa estacio talked with the property manager of the building. who has pulled the video and looked at it. he talked with her about what he saw of the crime. >> reporter: he says there are more than 100 cameras here at this facility. cameras such as this one, right behind me. that is me on a surveillance camera. chuck says as soon as he learned of the crime he pulled the video from the
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hallway. with the victim of injustice lived with her grandmother and brother of mario the suspect in this case. >> reporter: have you pulled the video from all of that yesterday? >> yes i did. >> reporter: to look at the video? >> yes i did. >> i am not sure if that is the boy because i have not confirmed the total by the police officer yet. >> reporter: was he carrying a gun? >> police officer should let you know. >> reporter: can you say rather or not if you have
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seen a gun in the video? >> i am not sure. i am not sure. maybe he hit the gun. hid the gun. >> no fights. maybe it happened after they finished in the laundry. maybe they were not according to what he expected to be. >> pam: many questions are still on astor tonight about the doublet apartment of the killing of the officer that happened earlier this week. bars police chief called it an accidental shooting. .
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>> pam: happened. inside the dublin apartment, where a bart police officer was shot and killed by a fellow officer earlier this week. >> pam: the alameda county sheriff's department is leading the investigation. into the death of 42- year old seargent tom smith. >> pam: bart's police chief called it. an accidental shooting by another officer. who has been identified as michael maes. >> pam: in a kron 4 exclusive. airing tonight on the news at 8 o' information detailing how the shooting unfolded. when bart officers were executing a probation search. it is it is a story you will see. only on kron 4 news. join us tonight at eight. >> reporter:new at five.two more deaths in the bay area because of the flu. santa clara county has gone from six to eight
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fatalities. that's the most of any bay area county. the total number of bay area flu deaths this season is now up to 30. >> reporter:the *state released its numbers today, showing the number of confirmed flu deaths in california has doubled in the past week to 95. >> reporter:another 51 cases are under investigation. >> reporter:last year 106 people died from the flu in the state. >> reporter:on a national level, there are signs that the number of cases may be dropping. >> reporter:forty one states now report widespread flu activity. >> reporter:that's one more than the week before. arizona, massachusetts and vermont moving onto the list. georgia and texas moving off. >> reporter:the centers for disease control says the flu started this year in the south and that is why it is declining most quickly there. nationally, the percentage of people seeking treatement for flu-like symptoms was 3.4 percent last week down from 3.6 percent the week before and 4.4 percent the week before that. >> reporter:and the c=d=c says that could be a sign that the passed. here is a look at how this season compares to previous years in terms of who's getting sick. >> reporter:in the last
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three years, the age group most likely to be hospitalized was the oldest, 65 and up. not this year. >> reporter:the hardest hit age groups are 18 to 49 and 50 to 64. the 2009-2010 season showed the same pattern. then and now, the primary of the h1n1 virus, which doesn't pose as much of a threat to older patients. >> reporter:that's because a similar strain was around in the 1950s and 1960s. and the c-d-c says those who were around at that time, may have developed anitibodies that still protect them. >> reporter: that doesn't mean you are protected. every public health agency from the cdc on down is recommending flu vaccines. and especially for the young. >> pam: an alleged child predator is off the streets of richmond tonight. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from the newsroom tonight with details. dan. >> reporter:this is gerardo cruz. he was taken into custody yesterday afternoon in richmond and has now been charged with 13 counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. >> reporter:authorities tell us, this repeated molestation went on over the last two years, and the girl was under the age of 10 when it began. >> reporter:his bail has been set at a whopping 8.5-
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million dollars. that might sound like a lot, but authorities say it reflects the fact that this alleged abuse was ongoing with the same child and it also reflects numerous enhancements >> reporter:cruz will be transported to the contra costa county jail in martinez this evening. his arraignment will be next week >> reporter: >> jacqueline: several degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday but we will want letter into the weekend i will have more on that coming up >> catherine: happening now. >> catherine: that huge highway pile-up in indiana yesterday was so bad. crews were still on the scene today. >> catherine: police now say the road went from being clear - to near white-out conditions in only minutes. >> catherine: this is i-94 in northwestern indiana. three people were killed in
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the wreck and more than 20 were injured. nearly 50 cars and trucks were involved. >> catherine: one man was flown to a chicago-area hospital after being trapped in the wreckage for three hours. one of the people caught up in the mess talked to reporters today. >> reporter: piercing the door and step in the late a semi into trucks behind this hit the back of our trucks a we had to crawl from the back of our windows to escape. >> catherine: and brutally cold temperatures continue. in was 22 degrees below zero today. >> catherine: this is just one of many places in the midwest and northeast where people are trying to stay indoors as much as possible. the frigid winter is setting >> catherine: the price of natural gas on fire.because of high demand. >> catherine: today - the price rose to its highest level since june of 20-10. it's gained 25% in just 2 weeks. natural gas is used by half the nation's households for heating.
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>> pam: another rough day on wall street. stocks plunged around the world today. traders worried about global stability, and the health of various economies. the dow nose- dived 318- points. >> pam: the nasdaq and s- and-p also both dropped. many markets in asia and europe were also down today. >> pam: coming up at 5:15. >> pam: the latest on the recent justin bieber arrest. we'll show you the thrashing the pop star is getting online. >> pam: then. kron-4 takes you to mavericks. where the world's elite surfers. just wrappep up the big wave competition. >> pam: and next. >> pam: we'll tell you about the changes that could be coming. to the way food is labeled. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
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>> pam: the f-d-a wants to make sure you know the facts about what you eat. so, the agency plans on giving nutrition labels. a makeover. it is not clear when or exactly what would change. but, calories and serving sizes are expected to be more prominent. >> pam: health advocates are also suggesting serving sizes make more sense. and suggest using teaspoons as a measurement for added sugars. >> pam: the f-d-a says knowledge about nurition has evoled. and the change to the 20- year-old system will refelct that. >> pam: still ahead. >> pam: the price for looking slim. we have the new report that says wearing things like spanx could be dangerous. then. from accused killer, to high-end artist. >> pam: we'll meet the man who is teaching george
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zimmerman to [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right?
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[son]hi! [mom screams]
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>> reporter: tonight.several new
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developments in the justin bieber arrest saga. sources say biebers blood alcohol was below point- zero-two.which is the legal limit for drivers under the age of 21. >> reporter:however.polcie say he failed a field sobriety test.and later admitted to consuming alcohol, pot, and prescription medication before cops pulled him over for drag racing early thursday morning. >> reporter:the new impairment revalations come as three opa-locka police officers have been suspended for allegedly escorting bieber's suv from the airport to a south florida strip club earlier this week. >> reporter: assistant city manager there says a bieber escort was not authorized. and here come the comparisons. >> reporter:some saying bieber's wave to his fans yesterday after leaving jail is reminiscenet of michael jackson's salute to his fans after being arraigned on child molestation charges in 2004. >> reporter:both hopped on top of their get-away- vehicles to recognize their supporters. >> reporter:from the king of pop to the queek of
5:17 pm's hard to deny that the beebs looks a heck-of-a- lot like miley cyrus in his mug-shot. >> reporter:bieber is said to be still hanging out in south beach.after posting 25-hundred dollars bond yesterday. >> pam: >> catherine: george zimmerman is releasing a new piece of art. this one portrays the special prosecutor who charged him with second-
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degree murder. it's called "angie" -- and shows florida state attorney angela corey. a man who has been teaching zimmerman how to paint - says art has been zimmerman's only lifeline. zimmerman was acquitted in 2012 of killing 17-year-old trayvon martin. >> catherine: the last piece of art zimmerman sold on e- bay brought in more than 100-thousand dollars. it showed a version of the u-s flag -- in blue. there's some controversy about the new painting. the associated press says it copies one of their photos -- and they're asking that zimmerman halt the sale. >> catherine: >> jacqueline: lee tied the record in napa notice at the
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close the line at 63 it was still 66 in downtown san francisco. we do have cloud coverage will be through the bay area ticketless and satellite ryder picture. extreme high clouds are coming into the bay area through tomorrow but we are not expecting any rain out of this. it will be chilly in spots but a little bit warmer because of the clouds. you probably notice that the winds are dying down this it will be warm next week but by friday we had a chance of rain in the forecast. here is a look at a time for tears out the door tomorrow morning with 34 in napa and 35 and
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fairfield. the upper 30s for inland valleys in portions of the south bay. 48 in san francisco and 41 and half moon bay. we will learn about five to to increase 5 to 10 degrees to march is depending and where you are located. for inland valleys 70 degrees in livermore and concord but 71 and one that creek. walnut creek. 70 up in santa rosa and upper 64 north bay. here to look at the extended forecast a mile through the weekend and warm for next week at the beginning pricked by the end of next week could be talking rain. will keep you updated on the part more bay area news. >> pam: >> pam: firefighters battled a fire in a *marsh area this morning in san rafael. the vegetation fire burned
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by kerner boulvard, francisco boulevard east and shoreline parkway at around 4 a-m. next. >> pam: a frightening situation on a greyhound bus. witnesses describe the moments a man attacked the driver. with the bus travelling at >> pam: then. >> pam: it's like the plot of horror movie. and has a lot ofwe"ll tell you what's onboard a rumored abandoned ship. headed towards the u- k.
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>> pam: a greyhound bus driver is being praised as a hero today after averted catastrophe -- while he was under attack. >> pam:two dozen people were hospitalized yesterday in arizona. after a man allegedly assaulted the driver while the bus was traveling at more than 70 miles-an-hour. >> pam: c-n-n's miguel marquez has the details. >> reporter: a nightmare on wheels 1:45 am just west of phoenix, a passenger on this greyhound bus attacked the driver. >>"the bus driver was saying get this guy off of me, get this guy off of me and the guy said i heard with my own two ears he said i'm gonna flip this bus." >> reporter:police say 25 year-old maquel donyel morris was high - under the influence of heavy drugs - when he began shouting
5:25 pm
incoherently that the "the us was under attack" and that he wanted to "flip turn this f-ing bus over". >>"i woke up to this commotion and i remember hearing screaming and when i realized it was real i realized we were not on the road anymore i thought that we were all going to die." >> reporter:though some passengers were injured it could have been much much worse. the bus doing about 75 mph when the attack began. swerved into the center divider and came to a stop only a few feet from oncoming traffic. the bus driver being hailed a hero for keeping the bus upright. >>"i knew that once he hit that median we were all gonna die there was no way that we were gonna come out of it but he held it to a tee even with the guy hitting him and while on the steering wheel he held it real good." >> reporter:both morris and a woman traveling with him fled into the desert and were arrested a short time later. morris had to be hospitalized, not because of injury but because he was babbling incoherently, just too high to communicate.
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>> reporter:miguel marquez, cnn, los angeles. morris faces dozens of charges of felony endangerment, assault and aggravated assault. coming up at 5:30. we have a winner. kron4 takes you to the just wrapped up mavericks surf competition. >> pam:then. we'll tell you why the upcoming olympics could end being a plot for a "cool runnings two"
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♪ at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible.
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join us at and thrive. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: some of the worlds best surfers hit the waters at mavericks today. the waves at times reaching over 40 feet tallk. >> pam: you are looking at the last race of the surf competition. tonight we team coverage. starting with grant lodes. grant the winner crowed just a little bit ago? >> reporter: 24 big wave surfers compted off the coast of half moon bay. the mavericks international
5:30 pm
is called onlywhen conditions are just right this time of year. as far as the winner. >>south african surfer grant "twiggy" baker took home his second mavericks crown. he is a part time bay area resident (cheers & applause) >> reporter: hawaiian shane dorian came in second in his first mavericks contest and ryan augenstein of santa cruz came in third. spectators were banned from the beach and cliffs after a wave crashed onto people watching during the event back in 2010. >> reporter:but as kron4's mike pelton shows. that didn't stop people from coming out anyway. >> reporter: kron4's will tran reports
5:31 pm
now on the problems so many people in half moon bay caused this morning. >> reporter: for safety reasons it was closed today if you want to watch anderson you had to go out on a boat however there was a guilty party at the phocion a hotel. viweing party at the oceania hotel. >> i did not know a thing about surfing creek the west has beautiful weather and came up here to enjoy >> yes i am nervous better
5:32 pm
them than me. i would not be out there. >> reporter: not only keeping can i not only on the competition but the spectators. the offer each boat operators a advice and an expected each boat to make sure that they had life jackets. >> reporter: thousands of people flocking to half moon bay you knew that traffic was a huge issue. as they try to keep the crowd earlier this morning here is video of footage that i gathered as 16 in the morning. 6:10 >> reporter: this judge this man never made it he was hit in the crosswalk. the investigation is still ongoing. this man never made
5:33 pm
it. >> reporter: chp has stepped up enforcement because this yvette has at all and they will pull people over for de you guys. dui's >> jacqueline: today and concord it was 71 degrees in downtown oakland. up in santa rosa it was 73 and previous record tied. in was cooler the coastline with 62 in daly city and only 65 in san jose. last take a look at the records, so here is the record in the previous record. santa rosa we beat it by 4 degrees oakland barely edging it out. napa
5:34 pm
to shatter the previous record we also saw records in downtown napa. whether headlines mostly clear skies with high cloud coverage it will remain with us until tomorrow but it will become more and warmer creek more chance of hook grain coming up next week. more chaince of rain for next week! >> pam: tonight -- kron4 presents a top 20 best of, from the consumer electronics show. you can catch that right here on kron-4 at 9:00. but for now -- here's a sneak peak. >> you can wear it this on your wrist in a can change color spirit well, i do have my shopping list the ultra
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84 k. it is so beautiful and the 3 the printer where i can make anything of blood in my home anything i want in my home. >> pam: and again stay with kron-4 for the best in technology. it airs tonight at nine o'clock. right after the kron-4 news at eight. begin >> still in great for the public or they can go out
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>> reporter: it is now believed to be floating at 8 km an hour. no cnn has gone to their own experts. and we are assured by our exports that the direction or even the presence on board so no need to panic yet. >> jacqueline: still say high cloud coverage. back cloud coverage will continue. if you are headed up to the sierra out what can you expect?
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>>there will be a public >> catherine: they were designed by ralph land and of course they screened you as a pyrrhic the olympic committee is suggesting that when athletes are outside the protective perimeter of the games, they should be safer if they do not wear them. the warning apparently originated with the state department. a spokesman says that kind of warning is not all that unusual but acknowledges the concern. the king and soak he begins february 7th. the games in sochi >> reporter: and it is not just the security that made
5:45 pm
this week some americans from heading to the olympics. if you want to fly to ask all seek aid i it will cost you a lot. sochi >> reporter: lee could not find any direct flights so with stops in on nearly a 24 hour trip including about an hour drive to the olympic venue much you get there. >> pam: when jamaica bobsled team qualified for this year's winter olympics they did not have the funds to go. but thanks to some generous people date the team will be able to go to socji c n and don riddle has the story of how they got the money. >> reporter: >>video >> reporter: was the popular
5:46 pm
1993 disney movie. make them the most famous team in sports. (cheers & applause) >>video >> reporter: after missing the last two olympics peak jamaican bobsled was determined to qualify. just >> a really, really great feeling best our feeling right now. >> reporter: coming out of retirement to lead the team he is eight years older did any bobsled member that has participated in the olympic spirit >> sometimes i look at myself and says yes we are really great but not many
5:47 pm
people can sit in are from a tropical state, a tropical country that are doing a winter sport. >> reporter: now they will have a another shot at olympic glory >> jacqueline: is certainly cooler that has been in days past we are in the 50 degree temperatures. embolus '60s in san jose and san francisco. as we looked outside nicosia the high cloud coverage that is continuing to build up. we do have low pressure in the south as we look at the high cloud cover richmond into tomorrow. so that still remains in place so we are
5:48 pm
not expecting any rain. contended warmer because of the cloud cover portrait this weekend had close and, when spirit, calmer winds. still chilly in napa. into the afternoon will be seeing more of the 70 degree readings. in santa clara and sunnyvale 72. also in the '70s are livermore, antioch m1 the creek. walnut creek we started to it the day with cloud coverage.
5:49 pm
disagrees winds will die out. so we will have that conditions cosi it. a mix of '60s and '70s. >> jacqueline: high surf advisory has been lifted so it is definitely safer to go near beaches. sierra will stay dry there as well ski resorts have been making snow and yesterday if you remember, we did see if you snow flurries and heavily did report a 1 in. snow. the ski resorts are making snow. here's a look at the extended forecast prenup this weekend. biggest warm up by tuesday. by the end of the week we'll we could be talking rain.
5:50 pm
>> reporter: coming up we will spend some time and mavericks in i will let you hear more of our conversation tonight at 8 !
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: aldon and life but a check or anyone in the world cutbacks him questions through twitter with hash tech x snowden. hashtag asksnowden. >> reporter: thousands of questions came into twitter >> reporter: upset with
5:54 pm
information about snowden. >> reporter: snowden says they are full of holes into not protect contractors who were working for the government like he was. they could have arrested him for a felony so he played it safe and gave them to newspapers. >> reporter: the brokers report was not true and he never stole or lied to any co-workers print >> reporter: access to consider returning to the u. s >> reporter: returning to the u.s. is the best resolution for myself, the government and others like the public but is not best for whistle blowers and ones that are not covered under law. >> reporter: congress needs to reform the whistle blowers act may be peaking get a fair trial
5:55 pm
>> reporter: snowden says some snot some spine is ok and necessary. some spying is okay and necessary >> reporter: i would not pieces he would not be intimidated and he would not have any regrets. >> pam: the bay bridge toll plaza all lanes are zipping right along. walnut creek this 68020 interchange is heavy in both directions. and behind it hit lights are and become a direction which is where traffic is the slowest. >> pam: the search is still
5:56 pm
on and garden to the teenager who shot his sister under laundry. >> pam: we bring you the latest on their condition and who is being blanked out the workers take the plunge. >> jacqueline: high cloud coverage right now it will be warmer heading into the weekend coming up
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >>watson" armed and dangerous" >> pam:the search is on for a young teenager tonight after a fight with his sister turns deadly. >> reporter:the search is on tonight for a young teenager police are calling armed and
6:00 pm
dangerous after family members say he shot and killed his older sister. it happened yesterday afternoon in the chinatown area of oakland. a family member tells kron- 4. the dispute was over laundry. >> pam:the suspect -- a 14- year-old is on the loose tonight. kron 4's justine waldman is live at oakland's police station with the latest in the search. >> reporter: many questions are still >> >> reporter: >> the family is still uncomfortable talking on cameras. the family members tell us that mario was matt and justice for bleaching his clothes but police has not confirmed a motels. well brother and sister have bickered in the past they did love each other very much pam is still unclear
6:01 pm
tonight, a 14 year old could get his hands on a gun live in oakland justine waldman kron 4 news >> pam: many questions are still not answered about what really happened. inside the dublin apartment, where a bart police officer was shot and killed by a fellow officer earlier this week. >> pam: the alameda county sheriff's department is leading the investigation. into the death of 42- year old seargent tom smith. >> pam: bart's police chief called it. an accidental shooting by another officer. who has been identified as michael maes. >> pam: in a kron 4 exclusive. airing tonight on the news at 8 o'clock. we have new information detailing how the shooting unfolded. when bart officers were executing a probation search. >> pam: it is it is a story you will see. only on kron 4 news. join us tonight at eight. >> pam: there will be a public viewing and a funeral for the fallen bart officer next week in the east bay. we've have more of those details posted on kron-4 dot-com.
6:02 pm
>> pam: that patient was plan spaulding a sacristans the woman who went missing from her hospital room only to be from three weeks later in and outside stairwell. the changes will include steer will doors with alarms that can be used with keys. sheriff's deputies will be stationed on site several days a week. the hospital since they had made significant investments in securing the hospital. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter: t h c is the main drug and marijuana
6:03 pm
several people felt sick after eating the food she brought summer hospitalized. police are about to talk about this case we have a crew that will update overnight. a teacher bring pot laced food to a pot luck. >> pam: there will be april >> reporter:this is gerardo cruz. he was taken into custody thursday afternoon in richmond and has now been charged with 13 counts of continuous sexual abuse of a child. >> reporter:authorities tell us, this repeated molestation went on over the last two years, and the girl was under the age of 10 when it began. >> reporter:his bail has been set at a whopping 8.5- million dollars. authorities say it reflects the fact that this alleged abuse was
6:04 pm
ongoing with the same child and it also reflects numerous enhancements >> reporter:cruz will soon be transported to the contra costa county jail and his arraignment will be next week. dan kerman kron 4 news. >> pam: kron 4 just has confirmed that two more people have died in connection to the flu. >> pam:health officials confirmed the latest deaths happened in santa clara county. that brings the death total up to 8 flu deaths. you can see the running tally of flu deaths in the >> pam: that is now up to 30. all these flu deaths happened during this flu season, which began in october. the total number of flu deaths in the state is 95. that is up 50 deaths from this time last week. >> pam: a scaffolding collapse in a twin peaks neighborhood injured 3 people today. kron 4's john fenoglio shows >> pam: us the more than 20 foot plunge those victims took. >>"they were lying on this concrete in the back of this building."
6:05 pm
>> reporter:neighbor chris smith describing the scene outside his window friday morning when three men fell to the ground after the scaffolding they were standing on collapsed beneath them. >>"what i heard was a horrible crash and what my partner heard was moans and groans, and he said it was something vietnam. it was just awful." >> reporter:the men had been making roof repairs at a private residence on the 1400 block clayton ave when the accident occurred just before 10-am. police say the platform was homemade and not structurally sound. >> "evidentially there were no permits issued for this project, and their combined weight along with the building material, caused this thing to collapse." >> reporter:the men fell roughly 25 feet on to the concrete and suffered serious injuries, including broken bones. all three were transported to area hospitals. various agencies, including the california division of occupational safety and health are investigating the incident.
6:06 pm
>>"the could be cited by the dept of public works for operating w/out a permit." >> reporter:in san francisco john fenoglio kron 4 news. >> pam: a marsh fire broke out in san rafael early this morning. >> pam: it happened near kerner boulvard, francisco boulevard east and shoreline parkway around 4 a-m. you can see the massive flames there. >> pam: while the fire is still under investigation. fire officials believe it may have been caused by an illegal encampent. illegal fires are especially troubling since california is currently going through a >> pam: i'm here at the weather center with kron 4's chief meterologist jacqueline bennet. jacqueline we have the weekend ot look forward too. but i hear there is a spare the air alert tomorrow? >> jacqueline: temperatures will 71 pickup scored 73 is said to rose through the all previous records it was curry cooler near the coastline. 65 in san jose. here's a look at what we did
6:07 pm
today at a record that we beat as fear of tour was up a bigger 4 degrees barely edging it out downtown oakland. two degrees warmer than the previous record for a downtown that the tide that we did not quite make it in hayward. >> jacqueline: 55 in oakland and chilly conditions again tonight. but stick to look at the weekend forecast all coming up in just a bit. >> pam: coming up on kron 4 news at 6. >> pam: the battle of a pregnant brain dead woman finally over. >> pam: we bring you the ruling a judge issued just hours ago deciding the fate of the unborn child. >> pam: then. >> pam: the race is on for the white house. >> pam: the new strategy republicans put them back in the oval office.
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>> reporter: talktake a look at this. >> reporter:home security cameras caught front porch in pasadena, california. >> reporter:you can see it
6:11 pm
right here. this couple was leaving the home, and didn't notice the uninvited guest at first. after the husband helped his wife into the car, the husband finally noticed the bear. >> reporter:he locked his wife in and dashed back to the house. the bear took a swipe at his leg, but after a tetanus shot and some antibiotics, he's expected to be fine. >> pam: still ahead. >> pam: a hit and run suspect on the loose. we share the surveillance video that captures the crime. >> pam: and next. >> pam: a neighborhood in fear after a violent home robbery. a look at the man police are still looking tonight. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic,
6:12 pm
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6:14 pm
>> pam: police have released a sketch of who they belive is the armed suspect in a home-invasion-robbery thursday morning in aplo alto. take a look at the skecth here. >> pam: police say this man was armed when he two others forced their way inside an elderly couple's home after ringing the door bell. the the three suspects then made the couple lay facedown on the floor while they stole money.wallets and
6:15 pm
other items. >> pam: the victims describe the man as six feet tall.180-pounds and unshaven. the other suspects are believed to be five feet and nine inches tall and 160 pounds >> pam: the vallejo woman who is suspected of murder at a mobile home park.while naked.was scheduled for court this afternoon. >> pam: angela rose black is accused of fatally shooting one man and attempting to kill another on wednesday. >> pam: she was arrested while leaving the vallejo mobile home park.and booked for murder and attempted murder. >> pam: woman suspected of fatally shooting man at mobile home park to appear in court friday angela rose black, 30, of vallejo is expected to be arraigned friday afternoon for the shooting murder of a 47- year-old vallejo man and the attempted murder of another person at a vallejo mobile home park on wednesday. police have not yet identified the two victims. black was arrested as she tried to leave the vallejo mobile estates in the 100 block of san miguel road, police said. she was booked without bail at 4:14 p.m. for murder and attempted murder, according
6:16 pm
to the jail booking log. 5:45 a.m. wednesday to the shooting estates and found the deceased victim inside a mobile at a hospital. who was described as a "completely unclothed" white or asian 9:40 a.m. and took her into custody. court records show black was previously found mentally incompetent and committed to a treatment center on sept. 17, 2012. solano county deputy district attorney karen jensen said black had been charged in that case with vehicle theft and >> pam: hercules police are searching for the driver police say ran into a pedestrian in a cross walk. >> pam: the entire thing cuaght on video. >> pam: mounted on a city bus. you can seen an s-u-v run into a 70-year-old man, knocking >> pam: thta man was hospitalized with serious injuries. >> pam: it happened last friday a to index of stories... >> pam: the driver then got out of his car and walked over to the victim. a passing witness asked if the victim was ok and his comment was he is aliveor he is breathing. and, then he got and then drove around the the thepolice say the video capabilities of the mounted good but in the early morning hours, the image was license plate number. >>the driver is described as a tall, 220 pounds and balding. he was driving a
6:17 pm
mid-size suv, dark in color, which may have front end damage. >> pam: governor jerry brown is asking federal judges for two more years to reduce california's prison population. >> pam: if the state fails to meet its goals. inmates could be released early. the proposal calls for the court to appoint a compliance officer to choose which inmates would be freed. >> pam: the state faces a spring deadline to reduce the inmates. extended to february of 20- 16. >> pam: california's unemployment rate continues to move lower, dropping to 8.3 percent in december. that is 1.5 percentage points lower than the same time a year ago. >> pam: good news for the bay area. marin, san francisco and san lowest unemployment rates. marin county with a 4.2 percent rate, a drop from 4.6 percent. san mateo county also fell from 5 to 4.6 percent. san francisco's jobless rate 5.2 percent to 4.8 percent. >> catherine: a texas man is grateful tonight for a new court ruling. a judge says his pregnant, brain-dead wife must be removed from life support. something erick munoz has been fighting for since late november. marlize munoz has been hooked up to machines - despite being ruled brain dead. >> catherine: the hospital argued it 'had' to do so -- because of a texas law protecting the fetus. tests have shown the fetus is abnormal. the new ruling says that law
6:18 pm
does not apply to munoz since she's clinically dead. >> catherine: eric munoz says his wife - a fellow paramedic - had made her end of life wishes clear. they have a young son. the hospital has until monday to comply with the ruling. >>the supreme court has sided with a religious group on the issue of providing birth control coverage to employees. a catholic-affiliated group had argued against the coverage for religious reasons. >>today - the supreme court offered a short-term compromise that will exempt the group. the case now goes back to a lower court for review. >> catherine: the group in question is the "little sisters of the poor" - an order of nuns in denver. >>in world news. >> catherine: president obama will be meeting the
6:19 pm
pope at vatican city in march. it will cap a european trip that will take the president to the netherlands, belgium and italy. >> catherine: the white house says he's looking forward to talking to pope francis about a shared commitment to fighting poverty. as for the pope - he has said that he intends to visit the united states next year - for a major meeting of the catholic church. >> jacqueline: high cloud coverage now up and to the north today. we will not see any mainly to see high cloud coverage the blocking will remain in place. here is what you expect to knight, mostly clear skies in chile. this week we will have the high clouds streaming in and however, when it. calmer
6:20 pm
winds >> jacqueline: of the door tomorrow and will be chilly next week we could be seen rain. south bay 37 in sunnyvale by the afternoon we will see more 70 degree temperatures 70 in santa clara 72 in cupertino and 71 and pleasanton and walnut creek. at the cost it will be slightly warmer to smile as well. seabury's influence with a glut to put a fault. we are not expecting that tomorrow. with a little bit of fog. >> jacqueline: it will be a
6:21 pm
nice speech today for a saturday. the each a nice beach day for saturday >> pam: coming up. a champion is crowned. >> pam: we introduce you to the surfer brave enough to ride these massive waves at todays mavericks invitational. >> pam: and next. we share ad companies' secret strategy to getting the most out of those mulit million dollar superbowl commercials. how they hope you help them cash in.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
>> reporter:the superbowl just over one week away. but we're already getting glimpses of the much anticipated superbowl ads set to air. >> reporter:as jonathan mann shows us. anticipation and sneak peaks are now all part of advertisers plans to get more eyes on those multi million dollar commercials/ .
6:25 pm
>>video >> reporter: it all started with apple computer's iconic "1984" spot thirty years ago. now -- we have arnold schwarzenegger in a blonde wig for bud light. >>"what do you say boys, time to go to bed?" >> reporter:while members of the "full house" cast reunite for yogurt. >>"don't you think it'd be nice to try something new?" >> reporter:with companies paying millions of dollars for a:30 second t-v spot -- many are trying to get the most bang for their buck -- by debuting teasers for their ads online -- well before the big game. experts say it's all about building buzz. >>"they're spending $3 million dollars advertising for a super bowl ad they want as much coverage as they can get, so they're starting weeks before with teasers. then they go into the ad, some even have follow ups a few weeks after during prime time they'll show a follow-up ad or see what happens." >> reporter:so what to watch for this year? instead of scantily clad
6:26 pm
models. axe body spray has opted to make "love not war" this year's theme. aho >> reporter:nascar driver danica patrick leads a pack of body builders for go daddy dot com. >> reporter:a shirtless terry crews teams up with the muppets for toyota. audi is also teasing something "scary". >> reporter:and a villainous looking ben kingsley shills for jaguar. >>"someone has eaten all the doritos in the break room." >> reporter:doritos is again going with amateur filmmakers for their ad. one of these funny finalists will be chosen to air on game day. >> reporter:football star david beckham is back in his briefs for h-and-m. in a super bowl first -- viewers will be able to order the underwear instantly -- if they're watching on a samsung smart t-v. >>"hello, hello." >> reporter:some of the ads are being kept under wraps -- including an apparent tease from u-2. the rock and roll super group will reportedly will unveil a new song and album during the big game february second,
6:27 pm
and millions will be watching. jonathan mann, cnn. >> pam: the republican party changing up their battle plan as they try to take back the white house. we share the g-o-p changes that hasn't been done in decades! ♪ i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save.
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6:30 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: a bit tearful but dangerous date out on the borders of half moon bay as pro surfers took on massive waves in today's mavericks and the station no invittional. invitational. >> reporter:the winner -- south african surfer a part time bay area baker took home his second mavericks crown. >> reporter:hawaiian shane dorian came in second in his first mavericks contest and ryan augenstein of santa cruz came in third. >> reporter:surfers tackled waves as high as over 40- feet in today's contest. spectators were banned from the beach and cliffs after a wave crashed onto spectators during the event back in
6:31 pm
>> reporter: the rap the stores the waves into a u- shaped eventually niccolite upon themselves. like here. exploding with energy and that is what creates the 40 to 50 tall waves. >> reporter: police are still looking for 14 year old mario culliver jr.. oliver jr.. police has not reprimanded the old fire arm that was used in this shooting. justing what can kron 4 news justine waldman kron 4 news
6:32 pm
>> reporter: he says there is someone that leaves the apartment are around the time of the kind he cannot confirm or deny if that is mario if he is he is planning to hand the surveillance and permission and video over to the police. if there wasn't anything unusual between the two and never been a crime like this before at this facility. >> reporter: continuing our coverage on the officer that was fatally shot earlier this week. mace is the officer who fired the fatal shot that killed sergeant tom smith. j.r. stone kron 4 news beckett eight >> reporter: 13 construction
6:33 pm
workers fell from the scalpel you see behind me those workers fell about 25 ft. and suffered broken bones and other serious injuries creek fortunately they were not life threatening although they were transferred to the local hospital. as a stance he or she could be cited by the city. and san francisco kron 4 news >> jacqueline: today with the break a couple of records and concord in downtown san francisco. downtown napa. it will be chilly in certain spots, like lee the north bay. for
6:34 pm
the inland valleys we will see upper 30's for the most part with a mix of upper 30's and 40's for the south bay. michael l. coverage but temperatures are warmer than what we have seen today 70 degrees in pleasanton and livermore and senate bill upper 60s and other locations it will be warm to start next week. we'll be talking about running through it all tweet more about that and the next broadcast >> pam: it's no surprise the republican party has its eye on the white house in 20-16. >> pam: but after stinging defeats in 2008 and 2012. the g-o-p is looking to change strategy. shannon travis has the details. >> reporter:twice: barack obama denied them the presidency. >> reporter:and in 2012: their candidates bloodied each other in a drawn out schedule of debates, primaries and contests. >> reporter:the result: delivering a politically
6:35 pm
wounded nominee to the general election battle. >> reporter:now, eyeing 2016: >> reporter:what's a republican party to do? >> reporter:change everything: >>"it's a historic day for our party." >> reporter:it's the opening shot in the republican bid to take back the white house. >> reporter: approved friday: >> reporter:essentially fast-tracks the way republicans pick their nominee by shortening the calendar of contests and primaries. >>we have been saying for months that we were no and allow ourselves to slice and dice for sixircus of debates >> reporter:and move their convention to june. >> reporter:since 1948, neither republicans nor
6:36 pm
democrats have held their convention that early. >> reporter:republicans feel these changes will allow their nominee to spend more money, sooner. >> reporter:lessen republican in-fighting. and deliver a stronger contender to face democrats. the rnc also voted to allow four states to keep their iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada. any state that tries to jump ahead would be punished. >> reporter:in washington, im shannon travis. return to index of
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
[ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪ [ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪
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>> pam: this course tonight gary and his lovely wife
6:42 pm
will take your criticisms and talk about then questions gary's next
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary:good evening everyone! >> gary: that seems to be the going rate! the e-mail segment with a lee shot we have a number of folks that are very upset with sherman. after seeing the story 49ers fan may find it difficult to root against the seattle seahawks. >> they told me he cannot be
6:46 pm
done take it up on me, me i should just quit. but i have been there since i was 3 so i did not listen. and now i am here... >> gary: that is critical he is hard of hearing and here is the now 9 year old young lady that is also hard of hearing decided to write him. calling him her inspiration here she is with her twin sister who also wears a hearing aid. her mother tweet the letter to carmen. even though we wear hearing aids we can still accomplish our goals and dreams >> gary: taunting back and forth about who won the game that is a real story about
6:47 pm
young derrick coleman for the seattle seahawks. . >> gary: part-time salesman for solar company three weeks ago, now he will be at the super bowl and member of the timber broncos. college ball at 4:00 a.m.. he was on the practice squad if someone get hurt then we may get the shot. keep your ears open for greek will fund. greg wilson! >> gary: joke gorton will receive almost $7 million per year for three years and over six and a half million
6:48 pm
for march 10th. look at your mate next few offer had before it for 10 and had beforemarleau ... happy for joe! and happy for marleau! >> gary:i have yet to hear anyone say kap received 18 million! >> jacqueline: (laughter) >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: give me a lift to tiger woods right now! 63
6:49 pm
tofay today tiger has somehiustling to do! >> gary: (cheers & applause) >> gary: the newest warriors crawford plane against minnesota wayne e. and on staff curry. weighing in on steph curry. >> they depend on him to deliver every night which
6:50 pm
makes them an all-star. >> gary: i have some inside alecia that i have not even shared with you. that is with a journalist the spirit he saves it offers the kron4 audience. a that is stupid what i just said i have to be me. when it comes to journalism you are first star really should my family is second bulldog: bulldog: oh boy! mattress discounters presidents day sale! get a queen-size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. and get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. [yawns]
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6:54 pm
roseanne was nmes. >> ok joseph you want the bottom line! kapernick is the reason why we're not going to the super bowl >> gary: granted to the past everyone will remember that if it awful strong stance to say that he cost you to game. you the game >> gary: you are not even in the game without him? >> probably >> gary: scared of karbala. meek, would say wait another
6:55 pm
year when you when the super bowl but i do think that they are afraid of this guy. you hurt my feelings and i'll give you this is something i could see him saying. hardball with it every once. caps agent will wahl with a little bit. wait >> not that not that not bad! >> race traitor? >> gary: when you do the real thing you get maybe 300 females are tweets attacks per day. racist ones that i
6:56 pm
received i am offended but this is stupid! >> this is the adrenalin of the game he was pumped up! >> gary: 1 to get mad at people get mad at people the to know personally. i have enough people that i know that i could get mad at them >> it was everyone watching the game, and their adrenaline. >> gary: it just seems like he has done more for people outside of his office hours been the regular if you want to hate someone haight your friends do not hate people you do not know haight to france when they have kron issue >> ok! >> it seems like he is more interested in break it seems like the brady is bart interested in his model wife >> gary: lay off of gm and
6:57 pm
his wife. >>
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" with perspectives on today's top-trending stories. >> selena confronted after bieber bails out. this new video proves that he was driving. >> meanwhile, justin's team goes into crisis mode as his monday court date looms. >> and is his dad to blame and what he is saying now and is he in charge for his son's underaged drinking? >> justin's father was with the pop star the entire night. >> as we is rehab the answer for tori's husband? >> everyone has their share of problems. >> the time has begun for kim k.'s "i dos." >> he'll take care of the music and i'll take care of the seating chart. >> grammy stars getting red if are this sunday's awards. >> we're inside rehearsals for the host l.l. cool j. >> it's the biggest concert in the world. >> born-again virgin bachelor
7:00 pm
sean and his bridezilla talking wedding night sex. >> we're both obviously looking forward to that.ow the latest c news you 24/7. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. maybe finally justin bieber will be forced to deal with his demons and here's the question, will any of the yes people surrounding the 19-year-old ever say no? hello, everyone. i'm kevin frazier in new york city. >> i'm thea andrews. >> justin's inner circle certainly does not appear to be circling the wagons around him. his ever-present manager scooter braun is in l.a. and his manager mom reportedly gave him drugs so he is in serious trouble, but is he taking it seriously? >> justin bieber was arrested for dui. >> police reports said bieber's blood contained large amounts of alcohol, pot and flintstones chewables. >> he took his very first mug shot. >> i think between the first and second picture they took his shoe spots away or something. >> from late-night jokes to --


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