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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 2, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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ukrainians are voicing concerns over the troubles in their country. their message is next. good evening, thanks for joining us. we'll have more on the top stories in just a minute. first let's get a check of the wet forecast with brian. >> we have more rain on the way for this weekend. things beginning to calm down after a wet sunday, showing pretty dry conditions. still a batch of showers moving across the bay from ben low mark toward union city and hayward toward san lean droe and hayward, and -- leandro and it is winding down this evening. there could be a few showers left tonight. rainfall totals, pretty light, less than a tenth of an inch most spots. we had a heavy shower last night in the peninsula. and more raven is how on the way, still making its way.
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we'll see clouds increasing tonight. we'll have a cloudy start for tomorrow. rain picking up upon through the day tomorrow, heaviest through the afternoon and evening hours. plus another system for wednesday coming up. vicki. developing news tonight, a female was struck and killed by a freight train in martinez near old orchard and hall road at 5:00. we'll bring you details as we get them. and new tonight, a san raphael restaurant is
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i had to rent cars to go to
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mobile adoption events where we take the dogs to try and find homes. i didn't have to do that because we a rescue vehicle. it's sort of a drag we're back at square one. i'm going to have to figure out something else, as far as going and getting dogs in trouble. >> alicia reed, kron four news. a newark street is reareopen tonight after police presence -- reopened after they found a woman suffering from life threatening injuries on may hughes landing road and hale street. the assault happened around 8:30 this morning. the victim is being treated at a local trauma center. >> paloalto man was arrested for exposing his to a woman as she sat in her car. edwards was sitting on a bench
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nearby. . it's known for scientific research using aircraft like this global hawk. armstrong was a former pilot and the first man to step on the moon during the apollo mission
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back in 1969. armstrong died in 2012. and coming up, another winter storm making its way across the country and struft frustrations are -- frustrations are running high. and that winter storm causing flight delays and cancellations across the country. we'll get a look at just how many flights are being effected by the storm. >> and coming up, when it rains, it pours, bad drivers, that is. i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. . another major winter storm is creating problems across the country. the national weather service issued warnings, watches and advisories for as many as 106 million people. karen mcginnis has the story.
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>> reporter: i'm not really looking forward to the snow storm coming up. >> it's all too familiar for road crews this year and incoming winter storms. snow plows across the country are on stand by, waiting for this latest round of winter weather to hit. popular items like milk and bread are in short supply at this st. louis grocery store. snow already on the ground leading to a couple of frightening scenes. this is an avalanche in montan a. the snow knocked a home com-- montana. the snow knocked the home right off the foundation. neighbors used their bare hands to try to save the neighbors. three people, including an 8 year-old boy were found. and in colorado, chaos on the interstate, more than 100 vehicles caught up in a series of crashes on a stretch of
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denver highway. all because of the slick conditions. >> everything was fine, then everything just sort of went out of control. >> road was closed for hours while crews cleaned up the mess. somewhere able to have fun in the snow. check out this nhl game played outdoors in chicago. the blackhawks hosted the pittsburgh penguins at soldier field. where the bears normally play. more than 60,000 bars braved the 17 degrees weather and snow to watch the home team win five to 1. it's not snow, but rain causing a havoc in california. check out what the choppy surf did in la. one of those wears powerful enough to crash into this restaurant. sea water soaked the restaurant, and the patio was flooded, windows were smashed. >> and that approaching winter storm is causing real problems
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for washington lawmakers. eric can'ter is postponing all business because of the weather on monday until tuesday. the washington area is bracing for a tenth of an inch of ice topped by up to 12-inches of snow. coast-to-coast, on sunday alone more than 1,500 flights were canceled by early afternoon, according to the flight away and more than 1,100 canceled on monday. customers need to call ahead before heading to the airport. travelers aren't the only one being effected by this weather. united continental airlines expect their revenue to drop. the company canceled more that 2,000 flights during the first two months of the year -- 22,000 flights, four times than last year. there have been 75,000 canceled flights on all u.s. airlines so
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far. brian. >> the weather has been absolutely horrible in the east. here in the west, not too bad, obviously with lots of sunshine, although things have been changing recently with more rainstorms, continuing for this week. we have more wet weather on the way for tomorrow, as well as wednesday. live view from sfo where we have temperatures in the mid-50s and partly cloudy skies. for tomorrow, periods of light rain continuing through much of the afternoon and for the evening. then we get a little bit of a break for tuesday. we'll be between storms. tuesday, lingering showers in the morning before sunrise. otherwise not a bad day with a mixture of clouds and sunshine. the break doesn't last long though because by wednesday, already another system arrives with a chance for more rain. especially for the afternoon and evening hours. here's futurecasts. midnight tonight, partly cloudy conditions, and a few spotty, brief showers into the north bay. as we get closer to morning and
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sunrise around 7 a.m., the next band of rain begins to show up in the northy bay. steady rain -- north bay. and steady rain that'll stay around mid-morning, and the rain makes its way south toward san francisco, east to concord and pushes into the south bay around noon. the steady light rain for the afternoon and into the evening. here it is at 4 p.m. and it will it will persist through the evening commute up until about 8:00 and turn into showers and end after midnight tonight. raven fall totals -- rainfall totals, not too much. this is not an organized system like last week. a quarter inch by the way, higher amounts introt north bay and then we have that -- into the north bay, and then the highest totals north of the golden gate. here's the seven-day around the bay. tuesday we've got that break after an early morning shower, then increasing clouds wednesday, clearing things out for thursday and warming up the
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temperatures by the end of the week into the weekend. highs going into the low 70s. >> here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> reporter: when it rains, it pours. people behaving badly, that is. the driver of this min you i van was on highway 92 -- mini van was on highway 92. the officer of the office of highway patrol gets behind him so they can have a chat. >> i saw your phone from here to here. >> the driver, however, had a slightly different recollection of what he was doing. he claims he was using his bluetooth. i asked him what does hands free mean? >> hands free, hands free -- >> while he's working on that, check this out. this van was paced at 80 miles per hour on highway 101 in the
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rain. speed is an attributing factor to crashes. >> so 65 is the split for perfect conditions, right, when it's dry and sunny. >> so what was her carrying that he was in such a rush in a heart transplant? nuclear code? no. >> lunch. >> hands free, uh, hands free -- >> this guy in the bob tail truck didn't know either because he was holding his when he got stopped are you supposed to be having the phone while you're driving? >> this driver made the wrong direction. the reason for her spin out, bald tires. >> reporter: and even in the rain, you cannot hitchhike on the freeway. this woman is trying to go south
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to get away from the rain. she needed a ride -- not just her -- her two dogs and this guy. >> hands free, to me, means that you -- you can't be dialing and texting. >> stanley roberts, kron four news. hundreds protestors arrested in the nation's capitol. we'll tell you what they were protesting coming up.
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thousands of confidential memos and documents were released this week. they cover topics like the former first lady's first overhaul of the healthcare system and the clinton's response to the administration expected to be answered in the next coming weeks. and the proposed pipeline would carry 8:30,000 barrels of oil a day from canada to the gulf coast it will increase
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carbon pollution, but opponents disagree, saying it would bring jobs. and we'll had hear from residents who not so happy about this new proposal and an early morning house fire ripped through a san leandro house, why this isn't the first time they've been to this location. >> and showing some rain in san lorenzo. i'll have the details coming up.
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> and welcome back. this was the scene a little earlier this afternoon, slick, drab, and some drizzle but nothing like the big storm they're bracing for back east. >> that is a huge storm back east. snow and ice. we don't have to deal with that at least here in the bay area. we do have some raven on the way for tomorrow -- rain on the way tomorrow. things beginning to quiet down after a pretty soggy day. here's storm tracker 4. showers or sprinkles, really light stuff headed into the hills. and this is moving up north toward arinda, as well as lafayet. and a shower possible in the north bay, but otherwise, things
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holding off until tomorrow morning. we'll see rain redevelop. clouds in the morning and rain spreading from north to south through the course of the morning reaching the south bay and steady rain for the afternoon and evening hours and the sierra, the system is going to be fairly warm. snow levels up around 7,000 feet. so mainly rain, and a break tuesday and a second system arrives wednesday with higher snow levels and rain in the bay area, i'll detail that coming up. >> in spite of that latest storm, governor brown signs a bill that would address the state's drought problem. the governor put pen to paper yesterday. the $687 million won overwhelming approval in both houses of the state legislator, most going to recycling and conservation, some will go to cities facing severe water shortages, now in effect. california farmers are so desperate to find water they're hiring water witches, who use
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divining rod to find not ral energy in the ground. this is mark mondovi of the wine making family using divining rods. scientists don't believe these methods work, but many homeowners, and wine makers do believe. sharon awaand was killed in a crash near the 51 st on ramp as chp was trying to get to the victim's broken down car. awand was killed in a rear end collision. the rain that morning had a role in that terrible collision. new antismoking legislation could restrict the use of e-cigs in san francisco.
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we spoke with smoker whond themk they're just a lot of hot hair. >> reporter: strict smoking laws mean smoking is relegated to outside. more and more smoke ares are wanting to smoke inside -- smokers are wanting to smoke inside. >> i worry more about cigarette smoke. >> three sf supervisors are more concerned. in the same places people smoke regular cigarettes, is trying to get the okay. >> sergio says there's no occasion for e cigarettes. >> i work in an office where someone smokes e cigarettes and there's a noticeable discharge. >> some people smoke e
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cigarettes where tony works. >> i've seen people smoke inside my store. they convinced me that doesn't have anything that would harm me. >> david edwards tried quitting with e cigarettes. he's still a smoker. >> i need to get my fix and you can't smoke a cigarette obviously. >> now san francisco might ban e cigarettes even outdoors, david fields left out in the cold. >> i think it's totally unfair in it doesn't smell or bothers people around you. >> can speak who smoke say e-cigs are creating a double standards. >> i wouldn't care for it. i find it a little bit offensive. dan ruben, kron four news. a fire tore through a san leandro home, and as mike pelton
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pelton, it brute some dayia view to the firefighter -- de jevu to the firefighters. they're been there therefore. >> reporter: thick smoke bill lowed out of this home. lots of concern -- billowed out of the home. lots of concerned neighbors. mike lives a few doors down. >> very scared. most of these homes are within ten feet of each other. >> alameda fire crews got the word just before 5:00. high flames damaged power lines. can you see the sparks. >> the roof's collapsed, the which i am ne's about -- chimney's about to fall. >> home burned in part due to a leaky gas line. since then, it's remained abandoned. >> there could have easily been
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something staying there, squatting there, but there was nobody actually living there. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation, but crews say the home had no power but did present challenges. >> the streets are obviously narrow with tons of cars parked on them. >> and while entering the home, one firefighter fell through a collapsed foor but is okay. 99 -- floor is okay. this neighbor won't take any chances. >> i'm going to walk over there every day or two and see what's going on around there. >> mike pelton police are investigating the case of a body found in his berkeley apartment. police have yet to release a name or cause of death. and san raphael are looking for 93-year-old robert davis, last
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see about leaving 8 a.m. after having dinner with his daughter. he did not return to his home in san raphael and has not been seen since. davis may have are become disoriented. it was raining heavily when he left so he may have gotten lost on his way home. he was wearing a beige jacket, yellow sweater and beige slacks when he was last seen. davis was driving a 2001 silver toyota camry with california license plate 4 sey 05 5. the car is missing a right front hub car and pay have damage to one of its fenders. a man accused of attempted kidnapping and child pornography is back in court tomorrow. bradley rosak is expected to withdraw a no contest plea. he attempted to kidnap a 9-year-old girl from an
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elementary school bathroom and was later connected to a case in daily city where he tried to photograph girls using a school bathroom. right now being held without bail in a san mateo county jail. deaf utes killed and shot a man armed with an assault rifle. deputies confronted the man around 2:15 and ordered him to drop the rifle. officials say the man then pulled out a handgun and pointed it at deputies who shot him. the shooting is still under investigation tonight. still ahead, another data breach, this time effecting sears customers. we'll explain if you could be at risk. and the most famous baby, and maybe adding world and maybe adding world travelers, where prince george i want you to know stuff i want you to be kind. i want you to be smart. super smart. i want one thing in a doctor.
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up. the secret service is
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investigating a possible data breach at sears department stores reported by saturday evening. a representative for the retailer hasn't found any evidence yet. num an marcus and michaels also experienced hacks of their own. >> and there is another powerball jackpot winner in northern california. the $60 million ticket was bought in sacramento county at tuly oil. if you happen to be the lucky winner, 3, 8, 25, 30, and the powerball number, 13 are the lucky numbers. let the yosemite lottery come. on saturday, it was started back in 2011 to increase safety on the popular trail. the lottery system wil end
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march 31st. about 50 additional permits per day will be available through a two-day in advance lottery during the hiking season. and a surprise chuauffer greeted the ford. the mayor hinted on his youtube show he would be appearing on an unnamed show very soon. >> will you be hitting any after parties after the oscars? >> i'm following him wherever he goes. >> are you taking him as your plus one? >> absolutely. >> ford admitted he may have smoked crack in a drunken stupor. kimmel has been talking about him ever since. and the 34th annual ras
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berry a hards -- raspberry awards, it was sketch comedy, film, movie 43 that took home the razzy for the worst film of the year. jaden's performance earned him worst film of the year. and together, worst screen combo, tyler perry in drag, madea. all 13 people who directed movie 43 were honored with worst director and the 19 who wrote the movie got worst screen play. it's not the worst weather we could be having, not here any way. >> certainly. it doesn't get any awards but we will see any wet weather coming up for tomorrow. i'll tell you about it coming up shortly.
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south after car's trial of the century starts tomorrow. portions of oscar pistoria's trial will be had tomorrow. he had been fighting with his girlfriend on valentine's day. witnesses heard a woman screen before gunshots that night. the double amputee para-olympic and sprinter says he mistook her for a burg alar and shot her through a bathroom door. and britain's duke and duchess of cambridge will travel to new zealand and australia. george will be eight months old by the time of the trip, so a decision won't be made until the date approaches. prince william is second in in line to the thrown and george is 3rd. queen, elizabeth has to give permission for them to travel on the same plane. coming up on kron 4 news, a wave causes quite a stir to a
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southern california restaurant all caught on camera. we'll show you the video coming up after the break. >> and we are going to see more rain for our monday. i'll have the forecast up next. [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪
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. strong waves reeked havoc at a is santa barbara, moby dick's restaurant, when a wave sent employees, and customers screaming. not clear if anybody was injured. and it is safe for people to head home. heavy rain soaked glendora and monrovia causing mandatory evacuations. azuza is still under evacuations. crews are still cleaning up all
8:50 pm
the damage. there is a lot of work to do, from the video. >> and more rain is on the way for this week, although the storm's not as strong as we've seen. more raindrops for the next few days in the bay area. here's a time lapse from the bay bridge toll plaza after pretty gray day and wet in many locations. as for getting a little bit of a break between today's showers and tomorrow's rain, that is coming in, live views, city hall san francisco with some stars overhead. as we get a break right now, just offshore, another storm system, this one is due to arrive at least with clouds in the morning and then rain coming for the late morning for much of the bay area. this rain does look to be on the light side, not as heavy as what we had a few days ago from the big storms from wednesday and friday. here's futurecasts, midnight tonight, and this is the break we're seeing. mixture of clouds and stars for this evening and the clouds
8:51 pm
thicken into the morning and the rain starts in the north bay. steady rain in and around santa rosa at 7 a a.m. and this batch of rain will spread southbound through the morning hours. it's in san francisco, toward concord and oakland 10 a.m. and it will continue to makes it way into the south bay around noon and steady and light to moderate rain will continue for much of the afternoon into the evening. it looks like the rain will tachl taper off around midnight tomorrow night and come to an end before sunrise. temperatures to start the day. monday look for 40s in the valley, 50s by the way. upper 50s for santa rosa. 60s elwhat, and here's the seven-day around the bay. tuesday, an early morning shower before dawn. and clearing through the day. we'll see the sun, but clouds thicken for tuesday night. as the second storm approaches for wednesday, it will be cloudy much of the day wednesday with rain spreading by the afternoon
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and evening hours and clearing out for thursday, friday and saturday, along with a warming trend with highs going into the 70s. ky here was one of the cofounders of the popular game, guitar hero. he wanted to solve the age old problem how boring working out on gym machines can be, treadmills, stationary bikes and ellipticals. >> how many have tried to doard i don't exercise, boring -- cardio exercise. he came up with go g-play, and the user attaches a small clip on sensor to their waistline. you runner the go-g app on your tablet or smart phone and play games during the work out. there's all kinds of different
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games when you play. it turns it an interactive game. >> while you're fun we track all of your activity in the background. we show you how much time you've exercised, and calories of you've burned and we allow you to compare that to your friends. i tell them, it really makes 30 minutes feel like five when you're playing games. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> add him on facebook, twitter or e-mail slate@kron
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[uncle]yeah? . brian, they're not kidding about this big band of weather. i was supposed to notice out tomorrow morning. no d.c.. >> your plans have been scrubbed. >> i'm sitting here with you. >> there it is much better than a trip on a plane, i would think. that's the same storm in wardz tomorrow that came through here -- washington that came through here on friday. that's been causing problems from coast-to-coast and we're going to get another system in here with light rain for the afternoon, heaviest into the north bay. that should last through much of the afternoon and evening hours. a break for tuesday and another system for wednesday. more rain, and then it looks a little bit better if you line sunshine. we'll have sunny skies and temperatures into the 70s. >> we're happy to have this rain. >> absolutely. >> it makes me very happy. i have something to talk about.
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stay connected with kron 4 or download one of our mobile 11 apps. we'll see you at 11:00, everybody
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hollywood couples in crisis. are katy perry and john mayer done for good? >> and we have the first video of robin thicke and paula patton since the split. i'm rocsi diaz. >> and i'm rob marciano. >> i'm just trying to get her back. >> robin in d.c. still hopeful. >> i'm trying to get my girl back. >> paula not wearing her ring. did being so open about their sex life doom them? >> you spank her. will you ever tie her up? >> we've done just about everything, yeah. >> katy is a superstar for a reason. >> aw. >> they were just gushing over each other. but now did katy kick john out of her house? then, how this hollywood cuoupl is making it. >> you never disagree with each other. >> never on camera. >> mary hart's one on one with cindy crawford. "e.t." cameras inside her malibu home.


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