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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 30, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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scorched a thousand acres. to look at this neighborhood behind me you can see all those red tile roofs. it's not like some place in oakland or marin county worried how lot of wood decks and the little wooden balconies is not to have a lot of distance will sit sort of secret and only these roads here that were laid out set up and made a stand but also a flood control channel so the good news here the fire seems to be burning back on itself. as pointed out 600 people evacuated and fast-moving blaze here. >> : stay in touch with what's going on in southern california. of course taught weather all across the state of california right now including here in the bay area. what looked over san francisco you can see blue skies and clears blue skies as a matter fact there are concerns though about local fire danger. first bay area temperatures are chief meteorologist.
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>> : it is high bid isn't a hot like this and services go very often. we hit '90s out there today. tickle the current temperature lot of ladies and handful '90s. in san francisco warm more than an antioch. and yet still pretty high and the operators are now 89 degrees in severance going to hit 91 little cooler than that now trade in the '80s that the coastline as well. we were even warmer than that near 90 in daly city earlier today. down south bay were at 92 in sunnyvale 90 and san mateo all lot of upper 80s are out there right now. witted break records some already appeared full record report. high temperatures, and on 515 in the afternoon. foraker pour for you coming up a little bit later in the hour. we had back live high cloud coverage behind me. selling picture earlier and we have so high close earlier we have that helping
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provide little relief as we head into tomorrow careful report a little later in the hour. high temperatures have intensified focus on fire danger. >> : what's being done to reduce yads of a farce in place. >> : a hundred of them infected clear this overgrown hillside sending goes. how 24 in oakland hills did goats are as owner. there goes out here making sure people are safe from fires that's what we're doing now. it's weird season isn't after the fire season is all year now. >> : oakland fire department battalion chief is a baker who says the high temperatures mix with dry vegetation have firefighters on alert throughout the oakland hills. the dollar held companies to patrolling in their own district making sure no one is doing anything that might cause a fire. like using the wrong we record for example
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tradition be using anything that has a blade because the blood could actually hit a rock and cause a spark that could actually cause a fire appeared to be doing more harm than good in that instance pre m1/of the strings with the string one is probably better. or better still call in the goats. >> : they're taking away the fuel that's there to make fire. that's like caltrans a fire clara godard us. >> : give a number of sites we do the work for a lot of lots of cities. i >> : have a and this is obviously the causes of the freeway it belongs to caltrans. the >> : livermore gulf kerr's already accused of molesting three young men is now of trend have those victims killed. >> : details law enforcement sting operation that led to the new charges. the alleged murder for hire plot
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originated here inside the salaries of jail. according to this affidavit filed by inspector without a county d.a.'s office. three-year- old michael is being held. he faces 72 counts of child molestation involving three young men who between the ages of 12 and 17 when the alleged of these occurred a court filing states the confidential informant turned over letters to the supposedly written by this man or the accused molester allegedly asked have is young victims taking care of care for price. then march undercover inspectors wearing a hidden camera visited him inside the jail posing as a hit man affidavit states the undercover agent called himself a mechanic who could fix a car for him. it >> : then the to talk about allocation of two of the car the them and santa barbara. the >> : authorities say their tunnel
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were the victims now live pre >> : he offered up the money upfront than a jail cell turned up more letters detailing plots. 40 say one of those letters including driving directions to the home of one of the victims. he now faces three additional felony counts of solicitation for murder. >> : crews in the process of recovering the crashed plane outside of san pablo bay. this effort comes after a deadly near collision this happened over the weekend. one of the planes involved managed to land safely however the other one crashed into the bay. with a pilot on board is believed you're looking at video of the cruise web been searching the area trying to find the exact location of this record saved located at the net loss of lives and not going to be effort of trying to pull everything out of the water here the opposition continues we live crew at the scene being more on the story from the
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newscast. >> : nba punish the owner of a senseless clippers with a lifetime ban. and to in the half million dollar fine and that came after recordings riposted on line of the about sterling making racist remarks. effort is now under way to take the franchise from sterling. >> : tomorrow will be the first official meeting to address that all sterling issue. and the advisory finance committee which includes 10 orders will discuss the next step in the process treats team owner will have a vote will lead to the side of sterling will be forced to sell the clippers. 75 percent majority is needed in order for that happen. and chow like a already says he wants sterling out. second on a kings owner says today he expects a unanimous vote 290 to force sterling to sell. >> : soras commission says players and fans will be watching this process very
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closely. >> : the one bilking deceit what the nba as a whole takes agreed >> : to a lot of pressure on the owners to give sterling lead pepo as much as possible. regardless of its economic reason that the delete or they're doing it for so rights plan to. as the absolute right thing to do. >> : last night's game would not happen if wires and clippers players were not satisfied with nba commissioner ruling earlier in the day. a sterling had not received the maximum punishment the wires were prepared to make a bold statement by refusing to play the game. meanwhile as we speak clippers not for sale but people are lining up to buy the team if and when it's on the market. >> : boy are they ever cared people are coming out of work you've heard a lot people are talking about magic johnson considered a front-runner always pleasant dollars rimmer's trade scenario where he and
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guggenheim partners joined together by the team to the real possibility. but that's not the big buzz 0 brought is today. this is not just talk yes kansas' the oprah winfrey david guston and harry ellis will win together and make a bid. talking about three of the richest people in america. oprah has released a statement she says yes she is in discussions bentsen as in. >> : ellison is by the way has tried to buy at several sports teams in recent years gets and tried the by controlling stake sick and the clippers but was denied and this trend represents money and star power. then there's john holmes a music the he says he's interested and on the clippers' she's been treating about it today is worth about 700 million. you probably need some rich friends to help. experts are saying to the clippers could go as much as zero billion dollars. >> :
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publicly about wanting to go by team boxing legend flight may weather jr. sent me and my team want to buy the clippers and we can afford it. >> : worst part of buying an unbought nba franchise you'd have to stop biting. airline >> : this is not considered likely but frankie is a huge fan of the team goes every game he says his serious was made a lot of serious help from his hollywood friends to be able to afford a ticket to this party. >> : sit here a letter from the clippers' coach or see i had we have more to >> : the woman he is talking with when some of the pressure for a statement read on his website which puts the recordings of the racist remarks and on the kron 4 mobile app you can look into
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now the entire world knows the george cleve and gave
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his family got a closer look at the rink is a sparkler. he got on do >> : after some of the city got engaged. a little but the blank he said the rate on the figure it is a huge bird is 7 + carrots. a classic cut is a platinum and a design with the help of clooney in a combat it's ethically mind and will cut no blood diamonds here. according to a source close the comedy family the couple could be saying is that i do not as early as the timber. as a reminder you get all your entertainment news right here >> : entertainment tonight at 730. >> : and saratoga little after 10:00 a.m. wednesday it rv 81 degrees here heading toward a high of 90 degrees today. >> : of age to well. though state
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to illustrate monfort public ideas might go to the store before it >> : is still awaiting fda approval. company behind drug says it melts opted 10 percent of body balance. one use of diet and exercise. all study looked at people with diabetes previously tested the drug in on diabetics and found similar if less of a weight-loss results. >> : and he said the saddle to the you know how hot it was
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great have some video for you from our earlier today and season-high cloud coverage of the in here. it is see a little bit of that you the coastline and that actually is and help keep a tad bit cooler out there tomorrow. agassi was a sunny skies and in this be closed mixed in. tantalize still very warmup there. still 89 degrees in downtown san francisco 87 in concord 89 on pleasanton 89 also in san jose. if there is at near- record temperatures the way for a high-temperature report before we officially announce the result of records. as a look at the salary a picture you see how close living and is contained tomorrow and going to cool off to slow the slide was a clear and miles to warm again trip to the shoes running around 60 degrees as are the data are appeared still to be cut out there tomorrow all the cooler so possibly and set some records but as we head into the weekend were in for a dramatic cool down.
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economic what is the sunday forecast there in the hour. meantime same sources and across tornadoes and sunday is not flooding in southeastern alabama and florida. the flooding has forced hundreds of rescue's shutdown to military bases all but miller as a personal and killed at least one person so far. >> : the sound of floodwater rushing through this pensacola florida neighborhood. the effects of more than 17 in. of rainfall and 24 hours. move watter moved in many art for people to get out. are you ready to pull us back moby alabama firefighter called out as u.s. demand trip to a flood water. there have been more than 200 rescue's since. is a clear set of emergency and say things may set bad for a
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while the storm system is moving very slowly. >> : ilka training in reining in manning we never thought this would happen a a flood is going to lock out. but the fish river and alabama as clear there's now a lottery for more rain. across the region some bridges are washed out and roads are gone that is why emergency officials are urging businesses to stay close in people to stay home. >> : you can't go any for the then turned down by a man and his son. deadly funny as told storms have caused an for an assertive but yeltsin metric see >> : 37 million people remain in danger summer borane is affected. >> : new protection for those bolts of the base and now in place. like caltrans and us photographs of these caps this field caps are basically the size of paint
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cans and they're filled with a special greece they are in place on both ends near where one of the 92 boats started to crack last year. the capsule at the shield and the tables from elements such as rain and salt water. is the fix to prevent any future corrosion. this isn't signify problem with those rods again this is an extra layer of protection on those particular rods. airline those trees cut costs just under two ordered thousand dollars. billy went on certain bills well how trends has of elevators and scaffolding in place to assess conditions under the expand. >> : among some here in richmond i just a latino how warm it is out here it is 930 in the morning and 75 degrees outside the huge contrast what was like this morning when i got 4:00 a.m. to get my clothes on for work this is what i had on. at a
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leatherjacket i had this blue shirt and other sugar lumps of church and now a switch gears wearing short sleeve shirt and a lifting and i'm in finding is this my bottle of sunscreen. we shall certainly come in handy on this nice warm toes today. to >> : [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home.
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send our at ocean beach right here at turns into wedding proposal all captured live this morning during our monarch morning news. >> : i showed about your luck this design summary made an out the right you see lee marry me and apparently she also said yes. >> : his shooting when a proposal happen to cut alive and even see here in the quarter says kate milt will you marry me. we'll eventually get with those of birds. ryan the couple from baltimore explaining how it all went down. it's a came because
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alicea are works wikiup here and we're looking down in decided that we should talk to the artists walked down at and what start the sending of riklis agreed at that point he had the design kit and have the will you marry me why we're doing that. the rest of the and she said yes. >> : if gillette the proposal and send as much as we do you can go to kron4-dot-com to find out more information about the artist with amazing beach design trees >> : and in saturday night's about 82 degrees. it's just possible but i love that i love every bit of it and i will be basking in the sun. i'll make the best of it while i'm here. is whether we'll get this very often.
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bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone.
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tasted monday after easter at whole foods in san francisco ballet. the clerk alleges that wholefood sell meat day despite the fact that employees knew about the maggots. >> : public health are now involved and danny herman joins us now with the latest on this. >> : wholefoods mental long that they were swept clean up the problem but as we reported yesterday severns go public health department inspected the place and find that was untrue. now day later tuesday afternoon on public >> : now day later health department believes wholefoods is moving in the right direction. tuesday afternoon when health inspectors arrived what at whole foods in the valley. falling april 21st of live maggots in the case. that's not what they found. in fact to cling to floor drains which could be the source of the nice had not
5:31 pm
been done and this food inspection report the public health department told cove to is that it can't be an isolated maggot if you see wont there are more somewhere. there is urgency to do all of the department of health recommendations did you have to be more proactive and take care of it immediately. the concern of the department of public health is for wholefoods to sell food products to the public safe and unadulterated trade on wednesday the department of public health told us the whole food to dismantle the meat case last night. this work addresses most of our concern. regarding the possible source of maggots trade. but not all the health department still expecting " physically in the entire meat department on thursday. then they will reinspect the store to make sure that has happened. >> : in the meantime wholefoods still has not address our
5:32 pm
questions on how the discovery of maggots was handled. meat clerk told us that means selling continues for hours left on monday after easter. despite store employees >> : mutt the maggots. we as wholefoods when store employes the had found out about maggots no answer. let's how long me was sold after maggots were initially discovered. no answer we ask when they will regain the public's trust at in this activity will not occur in future. no answer. and we ask if there was any disciplinary action for rebath training of replaced as a result of this. and once again no answer. >> : principle with major rally high-school and this is my kron storage. >> : stephen brady and his staff on mission to make a steal about a high school the place where students come for science. clearly do need engineers that mathematicians chemists and
5:33 pm
in our society. which is why is loaded freight half million dollars to catapult fiscal 20 year-old science bank into a 21st century laboratory. teachers here focus on hands on education. it's great technology and supply it with less let this go be a scientist and dense as the skills he's teaching assistants have real world applications. the bay area as biotechnology my kid does a your job in the future. biotechnology is not leaving this area. if you can learn the texas a biology to go out and do this yet the job. not the >> : features live by and computer lets pick up or replaced with trent tucker string the commis control this what you're doing education more attractive pre is easy to the million is that this mutt on eastern's and renovation of our size building shows these kids that they're worth the money put into it.
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the vest and a sinister " success beyond the classroom. >> : terrestrial officially opens tomorrow. this mutt a kron force or came to us on our website. new at kron4-dot- com. give tips a story idea or is in union about. gives me mel and click on my story tab. >> : fire forced for people out there, san jose earlier this morning. fire broke out shortly after 230 in the morning near downtown on north eighth and east empire streets. officials say no one was injured but the red cross is up in a few people live there find temporary housing. an electrical fire damage to cars and light of this morning the fire broke out warehouse summit and and >> : the car got to weigh about
5:35 pm
230 in the morning and then caught fire at 7 the morning. firefighters quickly attack the flames to make sure the fire did not spread to nearby buildings did and-oil explosion injured three people in san leandro lasted less like a glass reported an encampment near some railroad tracks about 930 people were great to burn in the explosion people did to people reason to detain to make hash well when the explosions occurred and then a third person was injured when one of the other victims checked the chemicals and to their apartment >> : a lot of fallout today after a botched execution in oklahoma tuesday news three drug cocktail was be used for the first time to kill convicted rapists and killers but with people lined up to witness the execution it became clear something was very wrong he was convulsing on the gurney and eventually he died of a
5:36 pm
heart attack for its immense later. prison workers eventually pulled the curtains to block the view of witnesses but they had seen enough to know those of big problem. is riveted talk man not and something's wrong. >> : sir the mumble he concedes mumble his moving in a 637 he umbels of more. he touched more x 37 his body was continuing to move locking up his head was lifting. please let drugs have been several along court battle because defense attorneys were trying to find out where they were made. tonight some attorneys for other deaths in inmates are are planning new appeals based on what happened to locket. >> : with new research which analyzes the performance of boys nurses girls in school. at next of news population
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and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ fell for the population grew nearly 350,000 last year in the bay area is the fastest- growing region in the state. the numbers reveal that sector county here is the fast-growing county in the whole state. as far as the biggest cities and our area appeared san jose got 1 million residents severances go grew to more than 836,000. oakland's now has just over 400,000 residents did dublin as just the third fastest-growing in the state with a population of more than 53,000 is an increase of more than 70 percent and just one year. >> :
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jogging on the hot weather and so hot actually to look here that the at these guys are out here on the rose searching the rings what labatt relaxing. is the amount they're free >> : nice warm day of here my dog. >> : j.r. stone in castro valley area where this 93 degree weather outside pot pot and hot. attali what is in hot kron for quarter jump shot. the guy says he's been training at this weather to beat me and basketball. can you say random.
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gender battle might find that girls do better than boys and academics.
5:45 pm
psychological association study debunks the believe the girls it's a language arts in not in essence lance. researchers such as found in bill schoolgirl's start to show an even stronger grasp of math and science. the sale of that data all over on the world it did find that the advantage excluded one time such as the safety. overall from elementary school group of graduate school girls have an advantage in grades. >> : artist lee warm or number of places like downtown san francisco where we hit 91 degrees the second man. with a new record in richmond symphony and oakland's not only oakland's downtown are we to 91 degrees oakland airport also shattered previous record trip new record in hayward as well. same thing in vallejo and opens at a rose appeared a lot of the '90s out there today 91 in san mateo 92 in sunnyvale 93 and down and san jose. difference in
5:46 pm
temperature is today generally up there is up seven degrees in san jose 5 degrees in fremont. 94 in san francisco daily city and half moon bay. but we're a tad bit cooler actually and the north day. still broke records up their present this afternoon remains rather what they're assault pistol punditry's said toasty and degrees in downtown san francisco to a nine in san jose 87 and conquered 87 also and consider the bid as it had to warm windless day pre met mao and edges of the door six is a stark naked and other warm one. by noon will get '70s and '80s for the most part little nine is starting to close in on the south bay. love one i news as we head into the afternoon. the look of the numbers in the neighborhood started the coastline we are going to season: tomorrow is a pretty warm in the upper '70's 80's in san francisco operator is down in the peninsula's east bay shoreline below 80 is for the most part especially near the sea breeze wins or the content, the oakland 86
5:47 pm
in union city and a seven fremont and lendl is getting into the '90s 90 in walnut creek at 92 in redwood city. 91 and this is. 93 and campbell 91 in chow cupertino 90 in sunnyvale 91 in morgan hill. finally in the north day temperatures in the upper 80s. practically throughout the entire area appear in the mid-80s in the bottle and low 80s and ruling party. >> : extended forecast another half-day tomorrow. start to cool slightly friday special new the coastline as a sea breeze and kick back and check out the weekend. dramatic cool them. 70 saturday and sunday will continue the cool early next week. >> : if this warm weather we have covered trevor 247 download are kron 4 weather mobile app. basalt is free to download it today. to >> : want to be the black for
5:48 pm
designers behind fashion label. but she caught up. this comes after the lawyer for the says that they lost an appeal of their jail sentence for tax fraud the men face 18 months and an italian prison failing to pay euros and taxes. it must also pay 500,000 your this say the case will be appealed in italy supreme court. >> : lifetime ban from nba and $22.5 million fund for dolls sterling for racial marks key data record conversation. one that brought him down his mistress called herself without. >> : as she left the los angeles on tuesday the sheet intuition proves correct the 31 year-old woman toasty online " 1 day i will look at instagram and say i've been there and i've done
5:49 pm
that". as per instagram query page added johnson reportedly said her boyfriend doll sterling over the edge. >> : you're born fighter. >> : she's president of a company bearing her name. suspended in 2008 by the california franchise tax those unclear what the company did she describes herself as an artist lover writer chef paul at silas frontless history say i do it all. she definitely likes the rap world. she's tried to kind of get close to various people and the rap game. an l.a. i know she knows some rappers corps records of public record show she is at least five names that include real press monocot diagnosed and maria does. during the process recorded argument sheet seems to be
5:50 pm
at a loss for words did >> : i'm black and mexican i'm next whether you like not. born october 1982 chisel was 50 years younger than the 80 year-old billionaire. him out for years ago. he apparently began supporting her immediately and the lawsuit before the republic of the wife says that she targeted the husband and initiated and participated in a sexual relationship with him in exchange for gets allegedly worth more than 2 1/2 million dollars. those gifts include $1.8 million duplex and to believe in a ferrari license plates on an instagram that read the heart you the and the hearts you. >> : according to dmz sports
5:51 pm
shoes archiving sterling's conversations at his request. she claims that she's not his girlfriend just an employee who is obsessed with recording conversations trade and review of clippers related did charity did to a spokesman says she did not work for the clippers organization sterling had several others ahead family charities. >> : after meth down sterling racist remark more than a dozen companies dropped its sponsorship with the team. after flex time that and not to put $5 million fine some are deciding to get back in business with the team adidas and sell some say they will resume their relationship with the loss angeles clippers all the companies such as sprint state farm and yet are still deciding whether but they will not. coming up a few hours the ocean beaches and francisco needn't say more. in the next addition of people behaving badly.
5:52 pm
tonight >> : an awkward moment when you bump in somebody in public in my policy next a former crime boss or knowing and claimants. allocation for that. you'll ever have to have that feeling again coming up in the tech support. >> :
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yell at moment you root companies already rather not see. access strange family member and an acquaintance or maybe a former boss. there's now an application for that. enough experience that ever again. so that mobile app split shows that 21 and run into a shows you to help avoid people. it has
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existing content and public social day of from facebook twitter instagram and forswear. the split users of people avoid and scans an area for these appointees and if anyone on our and the area. use the escape route to avoid the counter. also let users to see the clothes hanging out with your of 40 people to alert you with the avoid person is attending to avera country >> : is trying a bas it is something that people use as a daily basis >> : dog operation the day called such crew brings the surface a small plane and pilot crashed and san pablo bay. >> : clef in the heat wave is changing. one city find a balance accounts race and a
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
since april ending with a heat wave with a warmup run the bay area people to give an edge of this beautiful day looking out over the bay record setting to buttress are affecting the rest like a hot weather does bring concerns of course about local fire danger vs check the temperature on the bay. chief meteorologist triclinic with her sunglasses on. i can really
6:00 pm
add set out here right now this is warm and pretty sunny but we are seeing high cloud coverage: things down several degrees from a lost sought 5:00 this record temperatures today as we mentioned some record high temperature of 88 degrees in oakland with the '90s down in the peninsula also in the '90s in the south bay as well record temperature in oakland 92 a downtown oakland and also near record temperature in oakland airport near record unconquered and vallejo richmond and also in santa rosa. this is a lot warm out there today it broke records things are going to cool down these high clausius our indication we're going to see some cooler weather out there slightly cooler tomorrow. but much cooler and the weekend. until you see the temperature drop will have a coming up a little bit. >> : fire crews battling a massive 1,000 a. wildfire
6:01 pm
this in the foothills of the center no mounds did fire broke out north of rancho cucamonga appeared this fire exploded to undertakers this morning down now to a thousand acres. o solder firefighters right now the heat and wind are the issues here. see right now where we're talking about this is the seventh l.a. at least seven schools have been evacuated fire officials have not said exactly what sparked the blaze becomes the midst of a heat wave that certainly creating extreme fire danger fire danger hyde oakland hills i fire officials in fact wearing residence in the area not to feel a sense of security because of the brief period of rain in recent weeks. >> : a light rain that made things i think people got a false sense of security to make things screen and as we look at the bottom is still dead bottle among the bushes are still there appeared to our citizens know fire
6:02 pm
season is all your rounds keep a sensible step is not willing to sell its policies and a firepit about all year. give any questions about that's up a local fire station. fire officials say at local bar and say has all fire stations in the hills out on patrol looking for anything which could start a fire. >> : highway 92 back open at this hour after a head-on crash just at half moon bay. video of the scene from our helicopter partnership with a 77 the resale of the crash happened thieves afternoon on a portion of highway 92 between main street and highway 35. will day to people were pulled from the cars involved. no word at this hour on their injuries. airline livermore golf coach already in jail on and child molestation charges is now accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his three alleged victims. this is a much of the bedroom as it after his arrest. new court
6:03 pm
filing details alleged murder for hire plot which authorities say started and the accused molester is a jail cell at the saturday night jail in dublin. a confidential informant turned over letters to was the written to have his victim " taking care of. the d.a.'s office then sent to an undercover inspectors to the ascham posing as a hit man. authorities say later search of the celts and a more incriminating letters one of them was driving instructions to the home of one of the victims. now on top of the original 75 chow molestation charges he now faces the additional felony counts of solicitation for murder. airline a small flee \ small plant told how a partnership with abc seven minutes the pictures to
6:04 pm
>> : with the latest on the recovery efforts. >> : what's left of that aircraft just flooded by eight me 1520 minutes to go underneath richmond bridge and heading to an undisclosed location here's the best view of what looks like today as crews can bring up all the different pieces of that aircraft. this from our helicopter partnership with 87 news. you see just a meticulous process as was said the wreckage scattered underneath the san pablo bay 30 ft. down you can kind of make out of this lodge there and tail of the aircraft and its and pieces of what's left of that suss out to tend to miss a wedding here crews were able to recover the pilot of their craft they believe the pilot one person on board the cessna was still enough is alive and we're treading to get that confirmed i can't tell you that all parts of the ssi will be handled for so they can continue the investigation
6:05 pm
>> : since taking off again at lax this is a problem today there was a computer problem and to a partial standstill earlier stopping all plants from departing lax and other airports and southern california and bound flights a or are in their space to allow those lands abut short time ago but our half the announcement came the planes were both landing and are writing again. problem was at the airport will settles control center spokesman for lax says about 10 and on flights which averted other parts more than 30 flights were delayed and enough as much as two hours lawson does international is the nation's third busiest airport as a commission to watter was abuzz with a lot angry travelers. workup and his allies. airline airline rob for the meeting he had a
6:06 pm
problem. you see that for denouncing hill to leave of absence in getting help for substance-abuse think he must do something about it. his best known for admitting he smokes crack and sing lester he did so in order was " drunken stupors. therefore is seeking reelection in october. >> : getting down to the nuts and bolts solution for rods from cracking on the span of the bay bridge and are you finding it hard to get away with bay area airport is picking up the slack as airlines are having fewer flights. my chaos breaks out effort to train and the rails in virginia the damage next. led >> :
6:07 pm
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ there were evacuation's and lynchburg virginia today this after a train carrying crude oil to the rails caused fire even see both homes and businesses were evacuated. for several hours. the stair rail and happens along the james river in downtown bridgeport. black smoke rising top dozen oil tanker cars did someone into the water. the set up a boon to catch that was the need for the river. there's no word if there's any injuries not clear yet what caused the derailment. is >> : coming up rest is in florida major damage after heavy rain flooded the florida panhandle at alabama. plus
6:10 pm
for learning about the kidnapping and on view. at the suspect's father speaks out next
6:11 pm
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
knudsen audit six we spoke with the father of this man suspected of accusing can happen to women on sunday. on view police say there may be more victims. please rusted tests near stockton after both victims manage to escape. this book is so sick father who described his rock or battered some spoke >> : to timebomb everybody could see it. his talk about his son. who's now in the psychiatric ward of the county jail charged with kidnapping his dad says cats came back from the war a changed man and is not surprised by what happens. airline sets to beat the year pst at traumatic brain
6:14 pm
injury also suicide attempts heat, he tries assault kit to drugs. has kidnapped a woman on sunday and forced her to drive his car north on how at how little one heat which potentially cause nasa near shoreline boulevard to get away. at that point the 19 year-old realize chosen freely the lager and she feared for her own safety she did for what i understand it a very good job of convincing mr. middlebrook to let her try to run a little bit more minutes to let him come down or whatever was addition of up been so fearful she intentionally crashed into another vehicle on the freeway. please stay below book then ran to a nearby mobile home park where he kidnapped another when it drove around in her car to the space for hours before she two escaped and went to police the track and abroad down and arrest him without
6:15 pm
but that is entered he says that he's been trying without success to get his son into treatment >> : the court up the ball like to sit my son was ago. and over to a rapt a good kid natural will kick and he back so must up that his entire family his siblings but nobody recognizes him anymore. other kidnap victim was hurt. kef middlebrook now facing two counts of kidnapping robbery and battery. >> : now a place city from corrosion on the bay bridge pre >> : what caltrans is doing to us that saved from future groschen enemies for drivers. >> : is a part and settled now as greece caps to prevent even more bad bolts on the new
6:16 pm
stabbed a great bridge. >> : it's an extra level protection the caps should prevent corrosion. as an chow a court says that costs under to tell hundred thousand dollars did on the bottom of a larger 92 broad street these rods used to hold a place parts of the bridge that make it safe and an earthquake. the size of pecans and filled with special greece which protects the bolts from the elements like rain and salt water. they wont to do this now is because it's difficult area acts as we could but would take time and probably be more expensive. they put the caps and for removing scaffolding and taking down the elevator use to help build the new span. this caps 1 on goals that could prevent problems dollar appeared drivers should not notice anything different.
6:17 pm
the testing that we get back we'd devious but it's still an extra layer of protection. spends about $10 million setting all babbles on news that of the bay bridge. results should be ready by the fall. >> : if the scrambling to book a flight for summer getaway and planning for some digging as if you notice a decline in air service trade limits on airline mergers sky-high it fooled a few prices there are fewer flights and seats and there were some years ago. government watchdog group confirmed small and medium airports are mostly hit in the u.s. now here in the bay area passengers at oakland international felt the for about 1/3 cent those eight men up 18%. on the other hand hitting up the slack in his handling 25% more passengers than seven years ago. >> :
6:18 pm
to start drug continuing the municipal district. providing service to more than 1 million customers and bay area. the airport the transfer of water from the delta thought to should help ease bay mud gets to the summer pre >> : this project 40 years and making. costing half a billion dollars. our target complete more than 5 billion gal. of water flowing from the sacramento river and the reservoir. this is the state of emergency water supply falling in san pablo creek. 90 million gal. per day x are we to make a hundred 30 mi. journey down to our service area. he's a mod says the project along with other conservation efforts will prevent added for water rationing care solid were taking watter we have a diversified portfolio are relying on our customers the cutback relying on investments and recycle water and then at the perfect wrote relied on the drug supply. >> : in addition to this project
6:19 pm
if the status obsolescing customers to cut back 10% of their overall water usage on a voluntary basis. >> : day of record-breaking temperatures up there today people trying to beat the heat by enjoying the water here in oakland and the beach is also packed we saw very warm weather bay area wide and several new record temperatures right now remains rather warm. were still at nine degrees in livermore redwood city it sunnyvale and in san mateo. downtown san francisco still at 80 degrees 87 richmond and in half moon bay still 77 degrees at this hour. as a look ahead to tonight another mile to warm nice morning. 7:00 in the morning all the boat bring on the skin temperature and the '60s the start today and is gonna be hot as again to the noon hour will see '70s and '80s even a few 90's which is the restaurant a screen. and more 9 is filling in for
6:20 pm
the 3:00 hour. tickets temperatures in the neighborhood of the coastline in real be a little bit cooler out there tomorrow. but still in the upper '70's so other warm a seven and seven retail 88 redwood city is a shoreline: a little bit still he's 84 now and 85 in san leandro a- 6 in union city in 87 fremont. the analysis paralysis and night out there again tomorrow and the nasdaq not and what a treat. same thing in san ramon anyone down in livermore. for the south bay will also have a few ninety's 90 and sunnyvale on one and morgan hill 93 in all and belly pits 89 as san jose 88 and on view of the north bay also is largely a degree readings mainly in the opry's will be cooler than that in parts and 87 bottle. going to see clear conditions as we head into friday specially begins tomorrow so very warm a i disease for the most part.
6:21 pm
edified of the cool down close to the coastline. deficits dropping 97171 also in all media so quite right what quite warm enough. with the other warm it tomorrow but that by friday seabury's winds kick back and this as it cools and especially the coastline. for the sick and sea breeze comes back with a vengeance we have widespread fog as significantly cooler temperatures and will continue into monday. >> : societe to purchase shares is so nice to hear today >> : crews out a field covering stories today also beddoes of warm to hot weather. it was all there weather videos all the way area on kron4- dot-com we invite a to look and enjoy the fun. weather coverage down double the weather at kron 4 mobile
6:22 pm
app. dillard specific free and ready to download for free. >> : severe flooding bad roads the flooding just lettuce for a violent storm system began in arkansas and oklahoma and has worked its way south the killing 37 people along the way. pensacola florida sessions watter cause parts of the senate highways to buckle and clapped that kind of scene receded in several places along the coastal highways the city sought a new one day it rain record. nearly 16 in. and 24 hours. cars were submerged entire neighborhoods have been in and invaded. is in a very tough for us to arrest people lived a call for help. standard calls for rescues threat the state to take the florida highway patrol says at least one person has drowned because of flooding. still ahead breaking barriers how bay
6:23 pm
area child diagnosed with a brain tumor is spreading his uplifting spirit. plus dangerous freeway ride horrifying consequences motorcyclist this is next. safeway knows you don't want to fly all over town to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save.
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ticket this dollars like a crash caught right there on camera. what happens relief as the sec motorcyclist was filming his buddies and doing stunts whistler down here at the end of document his crash and turning his head justin time to see himself clout right and the car and from peter bartels says his lawyer hundred and 40 m.p.h. at the time. at the crash he flipped several times more recklessly surprising this video outputs i need to today's vote party has always a million have abused. still ahead at 630 tonight golf coach accused of molesting several boys is back in the spotlight new crimes he is
6:27 pm
now accused of committing. plus the the positive bay area boise's unrelenting positive attitude and some the big prize. coming up i said to the few hours that and services go after a be rescinded a suggestion for micron for a story essentially what found nice addition of people behaving essentially what found nice addition of people behaving badly. ifou're ling th modere to sere ohn's diase, essentially what found nice aanit fls le yo le behaving brevoes aund ur symptom ask ur gtroenterologis out miradalimumab. whhaveriedtheredicationtoork fos bustilexperience found nice aanit fls le yo le behaving brevoes aund ur symptom the mpto of modete to sere ohn's disease. w clinical udies, ttiontoork fos bjori of tients on humirace aanit fls le yo le behaving brevoes aund ur symptom sasignicansympm relief anmanychied remissioe.
6:28 pm
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now with a year of free high-speed internet. sheer mountain view custer charged with kidnapping to women. they're investigating whether there'll be additional victims. please a 23 year-old millbrook kidnapped a woman and then forced her to drive north back on how won a one. police say she escaped by touch because an accident near shoreline boulevard. then he escaped to is a connecticut woman at a nearby mobile home park finally arrested later that
6:31 pm
evening by police near stockton street now charged with two counts of kidnapping robbery and battery. in dublin golf coach already facing 75 counts of child molestation is now looking at three more charges of allegedly charged hire a hit man to kill his three young male victim's. after reed said was the written by at seeing him to take as victims care of. >> : undercover inspectors was sent to jail it brought more incriminating letter one had driving directions to the home of one of victims. >> : and settles a will and sunset to death in our carton with the mother of three. members tell us the family moved in just a few months ago and were very quiet trade status to
6:32 pm
themselves now the mother was seen walking with her children all the time in yesterday's labor say the husband found her when he got home from work. come up that it will hear about more about this system and also our neighbors feel about this murder happening so close to home. on is that of the bay bridge these grease caps now in place " for preventing corrosion the cost just under two budget thousand dollars. airline whole foods market in >> : l.a. has dismantled its display case to load the cleaning of to for jane's and addresses most of the department's concern regarding possible source of maggots. is last friday when
6:33 pm
kron 4 first reported live maggots were found in the meat case on monday after easter. the health are the claims to respect the store when additional cleaning is completed this week. california department of finance shows call for a population chose to continue to grow as your estate added that he saw the people that are exempt entire population to about 38 million forded 30,000 the bay area continues to be the fastest-growing region sector county all meeting county and san francisco are the three fastest-growing counties here in the bay area. finally for the first time ever more than 1 million people live in san jose. >> : hereby with 24 in oakland hills the boat would grade has been called in to clear the hillside of all the dry weeds and brush pre airline >> : to a season is a net loss of
6:34 pm
rain rain it's very hot ticket the number of sites that we do we work for lots of different people clever as open space obviously this is causes of the way a bowling could to caltrans. >> : eckerwill he at some video over the bay with a little bit high cloud coverage again proudly warm take a look at the numbers records out there today as a mission vallejo richmond oakland hayward concord and santa rosa all breaking previous records and also pre warm everywhere of speed and set records like 7 cisco 91 degrees there today and one also in san mateo 90 in fremont and 92 and sunnyvale. as a ticket to bomb warning another mild start of the day. a perfect season '60s did you feel that one out the door. small the south bay still the
6:35 pm
'90s in sunnyvale many there any tune sackler 93 moscow us upper 80s though in pola tubman you in fremont. east bay will also sees the '90s sunday and its parent in pleasanton same thing will take a is now used a shoreline of be a few degrees cooler for the east bay shore is also cooler at the coast. they eat in san francisco 11 degrees cooler than to make it up in the north they will be in the '80s as well. will take a look at extended forecast another pot day in store for tomorrow and possible record by friday the sea breeze was will kick back and the cool things down especially the coast. thus the more dramatic cooling and the weekend. >> : segues will be permitted to use on the streets. the must follow traffic rules and not run red lights even while carrying a dog. well in a perfect world anyway!. >> : we're not and for world were far from market street and
6:36 pm
san fransico were all begins and golden gate and. entered interesting in a section because it has what is extremely good chance there'll be highlighted in this edition of people behaving badly. the con absence in the driver's going out a threat but an almost all directions like the driver of the swiss car. the driver of this boxes hang on taylor. followed shortly by this apartheid a. lois red light runners on non. and many ways a red light runners to second traffic s&p the solos are taking notes. customer light runners with of you pedestrians weather pulling something or just plain lollygagging the streets is a recipe for disaster. their conclusions were pedestrian related crashes europe to be honest 63 in market is not a
6:37 pm
new problem. as been bad for years and we can simply read about the second ever to sell bonds could hands. also out trend to navigate the surface of track of the contested bid which includes illegal left-hand turns and city shoe vehicles and blocking a crosswalk i'm here because given a featured and micron for story we can actually get on tv and get or this man opted not to be on television. calling up along now countdown is on for buying tickets for paul mccartney's tickets much alive to shell out if you plan to go. >> : a be seen for day as would be putting people first grade he knows today that is the developer conference at tonight at 8 and my support of should the cool the
6:38 pm
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the great honor roll student as the winner of major- league baseball breaking barriers in sports and left 10 year-old raymond rowe essay about his determination to become a series of measures related to a brain tumor that he has had on and off since his four years old. sometimes forgot about the scar on my head to questions about it from centers and an honest fiber sometimes i wish i could just one of the crowd and set a standing out. but not outstanding because i fought hard to be like bus other teth most other tendrils. his essay was strong positive and hay had a brain tumor but it didn't
6:42 pm
then have him. such a great family. raymond's winning essay selected from almost 19,000 contestants among the prizes his suit and a laptop and his teacher dry baseball gear for its customers trip to this year's baseball all-star game and he will be honored at tonight's get giants game. deride how about to get a potluck party fare well show were learning about the ticket price. sir paul the beatles and pre much big living music legend as we have the depresses as well in the >> : tickets are as low as $50. same for the field box seats during a purple robe from the ticket prices on the secondary market are short be in the hundreds problem of thousands tickets for the general public monday morning.airline chart said
6:43 pm
head. south korean warriors this do-or-die game. all sports next. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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even if you're not a hockey fan tonight is going to be something special. and san jose dropped the puck in just a few minutes. a game 7 kings and the sharks and in the deciding game to advance in a playoff king says 13 straight to rally back from 3 nothing deficit only three teams in nhl history have come back to win a series after trailing three games ciardi's will have homes in their favorites like a setup is a shark for close of 30 years.
6:47 pm
mark has been covering sports since sports editor. willis has caught the inside out. a kid more about his fight with them boil which is really good marks i'm watching some of the command and you and then boiled and the sharks are going after each other. you care to explain. >> : i'll think we were going after each other will having a good game of journalism to professional athletes. it actually appreciated his honesty day what happened was after the plan allows a game here in game 5 on saturday i asked if maybe there didn't come too complacent after adding a threateningly in the series and related golfer with to malden's with his analogy a coach would use. and he let the question told me it was a stupid question anyone believe that i asset so he should temper which was nice answer i liked it carried
6:48 pm
into this summit cliche dancers and does that say what they think is the right thing. looks like mark has just been kron. house on now. as part funny the other night market see pam hall >> : mark as interview a guy you know you guess when you're ahead three games to none you can give us had many take it easy now really need one more. and you really think if the light. you really think i feel that way that we were trying. mark says i just asking. with the good you never see that of backing for st. mark went into this and give me a thumbs-up girls all the
6:49 pm
straight text now give you my inside tonight. forget mark back and our joins the long list of interviews that have been >> : start in goal tonight in game 6 and will be nanny and now marked as back and ready to roll. mark up crazies saying a delay handled that even back down from boils and i respect you for that. people always cutback to jimmy baker in detroit what meat many years ago. right now biggest game in the history san jose sharks tonight >> : if they lose this game tonight my opinion is it be the most worst playoff series loss in the history because of the study mentioned only three teams says the playoffs when the boss of seven 1939 get only
6:50 pm
taken teams have taken in the blood could charts have been up to no. 1 before but has had a lot of to use this would be a real ignominious result. most important games would of been to a conference files as the first round. this is a game they can't lose and not let them have summer of >> : a difficult and charts for lose tonight under the offenses of somebody's gotta be blamed the thing gets what would customer's job. if they lose like 71 out see happening though but explain why. if that would have to be the decision of the general manager doug wilson i think his job than would have to come under performance review before he would then decide about the coach and the owner of the sharks and the data we talked about hostile planner who owns a stake he has a
6:51 pm
german building engineer while the hunters if your it interests and world is like a small part of his empire at all think how much he is in the hockey and how much ad hoc set him. i think this trickle down with a call from him. if he's upset that it was a general manager than the coach. i think the cuts would probably save and apply anything on this happening is give them a good game plan sharks would just not executed at last against. one will touch for a slight for people who maybe are a real hockey fans don't expect any fights when there's so much pressure and i correct notified tonight because it's do-or-die. was deadeye but you're right when the stakes are so high. we have to fight the other night in game 6 but when the game was on hand for a want everyone >> : to and lentils are fighting to get a 51 result in the
6:52 pm
last semester might be something but not all a game is in play their neck and a see any flights you'll see some good tight checking in a low scoring game known as charlie and take a lot chances. they watched 97 watch hockey before is watch to see how many teams get odd man rushes. in other words outnumbering claimed his own to run 132 that's what both teams will prevent in games like this those are what really can kill you. day as a no also fare charts and tonight in line >> : sharks should win i know the play really the best essays becard but the thing about hockey is the park is crazy it once slip on the ice is nine degrees out here in a park not really: there of devices be very good crescas on the ice to fall to change the whole game around. the sharks have put themselves in a position by not finishing them off on the three now. the subject that the play really good inside
6:53 pm
and this caused us to talk only three teams in 75 years but as situation so the other with some. a quick break [doorbell rings]
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
twilight try to stay alive the lawyers. warriors >> : went to play three not and have fun. understand what playwear were supposed to and will be all right. what a big soft on rhonda's parts tracking will be leaving about 4 minutes per team for small sharks did >> :
6:57 pm
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"the insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> done sterling is a racist bigot. >> hollywood lashes out at donald sterling as rapper akon steps into the fray. >> you went with v. stivian eto the game. >> that's the incident that started this whole thing. >> plus sterling's alleged mistress. how much of the downfall did she plan and is she now in danger? her girlfriend tells all. >> i fear for her safety. >> then george clooney's engagement ring, all 7 carats. >> plus -- >> rihanna versus instagram. why her sexy selfies are being banned. >> and chanel before and after in feathers and lace. >> then neon trees' frontman on being mormon and gay. >> there are a lot of religious homosexuals. >> you look really pretty. >> thank you. >> so you agree. >> "mean girls" then and now.
7:00 pm
>> you're only as good as your last movie. >> we've seen her in and out of rehab. >> tina fey on the rumored reunion. >> mostly we're trying to get a party going. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. the "insider" together with yahoo! what really fueled the clippers scandal firestorm? we have new revelations. hello. i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm thea andrews. many feel that it was donald sterling's angry reaction to the instagram picture of magic johnson and the millionaire's mistress v. stiviano that set all of this madness into motion. >> but her best friend karrine steffans told us that it was another incident with grammy winning rapper akon that may be at the epicenter of this hurricane. >> ultimately i personally think it was the visit that started this all off. >> that bothers me a lot if you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> you went to a game, sat courtside with a very well known african rapper. ♪


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