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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  April 30, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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plane pulled from the bay new tonight on the record about the accident. whole foods tried to attack my problem in the department did tonight health department isn't. and something strange in italy by stating to market all caught on camera full hour of your choice for prime time news. not at a heat wave hitting the bay area during sunny skies and record-breaking temperatures in the '80s and '90s however course with a high temperature this comes increased concern about the potential for wildfires. it and see the out before weather from pacific up a treasure island could run by chief neurologist jackson. it got pretty warm down and sent on consensus got high
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of 90. it is warmer in san francisco that it was antioch concord and the upper 80s most locations we did set to mature in concord stinting in hayward. new records in richmond of vallejo and santa rosa. we did hit several 90 up there today. id in pleasanton 92 in livermore 92 in sunnyvale. 23 in san jose. current conditions rather warm still in the upper 80s and livermore. 85 in fremont and san jose. and in downtown san francisco. another hot day and tomorrow. to this is coming up a bit. southern california wildfires. winfield thousand acre and santa gnomon's one structure
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has been damaged justin. several neighborhoods at least seven as ghouls evacuated now the evacuations are just voluntary. this is still beat a doozy in waking up with 60 mi. per hour. presents real challenges for firefighters just north of among the on the bat where susan fire officials say the weather is really in checking this one he and wind is and will start a fire and extreme fire danger. >> : fire danger high in oakland hills this evening high temperatures mix with dry vegetation have firefighters of overthrow the oakland hills. even hired a goal critter to bring in notes to clear overgrown hillside witches by highway 24. fire officials warning residents
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and to feel any sense of security because of brief period of rain recent years. rate late rain within people pedicels of the securities and made things green but the bottom bottom of bushes and suffer so that. what this is now the fire season is all year long run. as i just went be typical of a fire season all year. that the questions about that stop by local fire station. because of extreme drought conditions we of all open thing cut across the seine clara and san mateo. how i to back open tonight after head-on crash that shot the roadway down earlier. video over the scene without the partnership with abc seven. authorities say this afternoon. how 92 between main street and highway 35.
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investigators say the clifton high oncoming traffic and onto the second corporate to people pulled the car no word on the extent of their injury. neighbors mourn the death of a mother and of three who was killed in her apartment in san jose no one heard the screams or caught during the attack police say that the man on the killer. >> : candles burn for mother was a sure step inside her apartment. there's always hate and very very separate it was no stranger that is going down to the spirit are correct cycle where across the street to a victim's husband found her when he got home from work yesterday. sing day moved just a few months ago if there were very quiet become a soap and girls and young child. israel said of
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seen her walker kids will suffer. she's the mother of three children. you wouldn't think it happened right next to you until it does. a shocking and scary is very sad to a mom. please continue to investigate the motive behind this murder. reporting san jose >> : golf coach in livermore already in jail on child molestation charges now accused of trying to hire a hit man to kill his three alleged victims. this is andrew mutt shot. his murder for hire plot which authorities say started in his cell at the center and a jail in dublin. it says that a confidential informant turned over letters this of lesley britain by the hit to have the victim's " taking care of".
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>> : he faces three additional counts of solicitation. for murder. >> : in the state more than theater 50,000 airline >> : and jefferses code began the break down the numbers for the population growth in detail all the stresses affecting commuters. department california finance the state population is now 38 million the budget 40,000 people bay area has three of these passes killing townies and california anyone who lives here knows that allows extra people astray not only on the commute but also on pot public transportation. public a is a sector of the escrow account tel fleapit last year the population has
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raised 1.5% to 550 people. first-time san jose has just over 1 million residents to call me up this second test is going 1,573,000 twitter 54 people in the county and oakland and plan to put its 2% to zero hundred 4000 residents. and third growths escrowing is san francisco which of the population of 836,020 people. that's up 1.3% from last year. and reason for the growth is surging economy. recent report by force show that the san jose sunnyvale sector area had 4.3% increase in jobs last year in san francisco san mateo redwood city had a three- point 6% surge in employment. run population strong economy have also resulted in more cars on the road and more riders taking public transit. march 2012 an average of 360,000 to 56
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people aboard. in march 2013 that number jumped to just over 394,000 and then just last month the average daily rider ship on was for the 2000's wanted 77 people. people who sought population growth some wrote roe coming you saw a drop in the population in san francisco charles crawford kron 4 news. airline >> : flights at lax kron for more than an hour and happened federal aviation says it is an impure farrier aircraft traffic controller facility. now airport spokesperson lax says they had a hold at least 30 planes out on the ground and just as the plane's leading l.a. dozens of flights heading toward the city go on to other airports and as someone ought to take all. on the other was it is as an out nation system that failed
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the system allows air traffic controllers to are considered to run the country to identify and track planes. happening now playoff fever in the bay area in san jose sharks face off tonight against los angeles can't begin 7 winner-take-all. and will move on to next round left and i were the fans are fired up for the game. yes most people are fans of they expected the plane in seven after going up three to nothing in the series was of them is order said no but that's where we are tonight and so far we are being treated to a very good hit game. since then to second. the sharks are of one and nothing. what to look at this crowd ready to go from the get go filing in here at the city center so far the sharks are 2 and one in the series at home tonight san jose is trying to avoid making any history of loss
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and then the fourth team in history to lose the best of 7 after winning the first three games. when speaking with sharks fans and the matchup i ask them one simple question are you nervous >> : and an arsenal and the sharks do good when no one expects them to do good therefore they will be outstanding tonight. >> : our interest to join the sharks win tonight. >> : the fans a doing a whole big tribute here tonight. should be put shoe part of the net and the rebound. >> : so far pretty clean and not many penalties got remember how game 7 and the second round ended last season the sharks being defeated in los angeles on king's home ice all the differences here is that the sharks were so hard to have home ice advantage
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in right now playing games 7 at home there up one to nothing setting up for a very dramatic finish. >> : coming up to 981 local wholefoods tries to attack a magic problem and the department said the health department ways and on whether the government after >> : next than what they're saying about security in san jose international about 14 to second and stowed in on not lime on flights. xl which crew crapola it didn't leave your question from the bay. >> : bay. >> : safeway knows you don't want to fly all over town to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99.
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all plane pulled from the sample day this image from are held up a partnership with abc seven. a wedge in the water after colliding with another aircraft sunday. a report from
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richmond with the latest on the recovery efforts. didn't weigh all is left of the 210 aircraft on a boat here at richmond harbor earlier this afternoon let me show you some video what looks like there to got that airplane up from about 13 ft. down and send out all day there put on the barge there and started taking it away. we go up to our best you point from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news you see grins of the aircraft not much left the. in chemicals is a lot correct in half. >> : till the aircraft definitely with meticulous process to get all those pieces of the aircraft up from underneath the water. he conceded big crane their and ordered to do that. i did speak with the deficit brought all the airplane parts ashore is
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what the state to the investigation and what they did today. when to go retrieve the wreckage and see as much as a could but now are doing with this an abuse radar data that are getting rid of the wreckage all those things with the initial part of the investigation. >> : i did check and confirm for me that they did find the pilot inside that fuselages the did not release the name of the pilot until then notified the next can. backstop now until the end is beat that take all parts of sunday and to dampen the other reconstruct and finalize report. i can set up to six months to year until we find out exactly what causes crash pre >> : train carrying crude oil caught fire in lynchburg virginia today. both a homes and businesses were evacuated to a for a number of hours to remind the happened along the james
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river downtown lunch for flames and black smoke rose into the air. derailment toppling dozens of oil tanker cars and clinching several than the water. is set up to the oil into the river there's no word at this point if there's any injury is not clear yet what caused this derailment in line >> : this new video of the it's from their smoking crack. this was cut comes after renounces it had in rehab. the newspaper says to its reporters have watched the video that shows him smoking crack is not space meant early saturday morning. and a been a drug dealer and show the video has not been publicly released well ford says he is now taking leave of absence and will get help for substance abuse last year of course he admitted to selling crack in one of his drunkard in superstring he's still seeking reelection in october.
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airline first city to oppose mandatory water rationing presence their presence there but there watter from their the more utility will get 35 percent if they did not reduce their water consumption by 30 percent. say a council approve the increase in early in the we can measure affects takes about 38,000 customers and more. the unfortunate but it's a store and and let's do our part to help conserve its part of our responsibility as citizens and residents of livermore and i think it's going to be fine. the new measures and the high consumer water and would not affect those who use $3,700 or less per month the restrictions will be in place until the end of september. pot that they're around as it upon the seat to the high cloud coverage of shore. living and for the bay area will help cool style little bit as we head into tomorrow. and now to
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the jurors really warm and usually where we see our high temperatures at this for and then dallas will be really warm and taxes go 82 degrees 77 in oakland set 81 down san jose right now. again as we look offshore selling better picture showing as high cloud coverage clothing and will seize more see reasons other tomorrow as well. it will be loaded cooler is especially the coastline tiddle still stay pre mild overnight tonight. tempers running in the low 60s system today. by thursday still going to be hot especially with a coastline we could still set some records was one to be cooler again decline trend will continue and friday especially into the weekend. but the future tests of a car tomorrow morning pretty mild. in the '60s the socially and how warm obese during the day. as a move into new in our ratings in the '70s and '80s even the low 90s down in the south bay or any degree readings also as we head into the
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3:00 hour. tickets those images from the bay. we'll see slightly cooler conditions at the coast upper seventies there a three in san bruno 88 in redwood city is a shoreline a little cooler as well. the delays in the most part done yesterday and threw up. of the '90s in and then that ellis' tall and monday in what creek ceremony 91 down and livermore for the south bay will also have a few low 90s 93 and campbell lost out as and assault in the valley. with the extended forecast how much local down this weekend you warm as that. also coming up california's senator now questioning the psa after teenager when on the tarmac at san jose airport in subway and we'll well as the jet. >> : aquino today at facebook annual developer conference at the college he unveiled a critical new feature for facebook states soon as
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coming up in the tech report periods >> : and the numbers for the stock market with good news to look at the closing numbers for wednesday. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift.
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marc tucker bergson to say states to deliver keynote address at the one day develop conference. he unveiled a new feature for facebook that will likely make a lot of users happy. it's night tech reporter will tell us about how this feature will improve the network. and lime that's right this a blue banner here we see this all the time on our mobile devices and it can beat a truck on
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these apps take a lot been signed with facebook credentials giving that to fight the spread of this impression to a facebook has a new way the site and that adds to have more privacy. coming times have you installed application and want to try out what you had in mind the created brand new account or not yet ready to sign in with her real- life identity. today rests all this with the new service or introducing with an ominous logging. a universes' san and for apps with one lot in with this mutt and then remembering and unless a number of user names and passwords through the facebook also shares a user's personal information with those applications and websites making some people uncomfortable. this >> : onslaught and will let people sign and mall retaining some privacy the provision and on inside the fire even of rattling the out who you are. you can
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have the experience in sync with debt that actually knowing who you are for the first time this will let you try vest without fear and then if you want it, and with a real identity to personalize that letter on wednesday more comfortable using that. i think this is great this occurs users addressing concerns this is a move to improve the way they share your information with third-party apps. >> : coming out what's now being done to protect those votes on the bay bridge from future corrosion and what it means for drivers. >> : female announcer: get three years interest-free financ
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its streets and homes destroyed but it did when weather to be across the country. one couple takes the book that we buy city mostly why their vision can become like any other. later in the broadcast >> : said had baguettes and whole foods meat department. tonight the steps they're taking after the our investigation. sticking look get current conditions remain warm on the bay area right now a lot of hot temperatures coming up all have more on that coming up as well. [doorbell rings]
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hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. new information about maggots in the case of a bay area wholefoods the first reported the story on friday when a me clark told us maggots were discovered in
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the nikkei's monday after easter as wholefoods sentences " and some a delicate all foods maintained as the decline of the problem. but as reported yesterday san francisco public health department inspected the place and disagreed as we report now day later health care and police wholefoods is moving in the right direction. if the story only see on kron 4. tuesday afternoon when public health inspectors arrived at this whole foods in sonoma valley expecting to find clean up completed the following april 1st discovery of lead magnet in the case but that's not what they found in fact the cleaning up to four trains which could be a source of the maggots has not been done in this food inspection report public health department told wholefoods it can't be an isolated maggot to see one there's more somewhere so urgency to do all the department called
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the conditions you have to be more proactive and take care of it immediately. wednesday department of public health told us that wholefoods dismantled meat case last night this work addresses most of the concerns regarding the possible source of maggots in but not all that. health department still expecting wholefoods to it: the entire department on thursday. it will then inspect the stored tissue that has happened. discovery of maggots hit his hand. meat " told us that that meat soling continue for hours. despite knowing about that its trade debts them how they found out about that it's. lancer west how long meat sold after manning furnished discovered no answer we ask how little we in the public's trust if
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this activity will occur in the future. no answer and we ask if there'll be any disciplinary action or training of employees as a result of this. and again no answer >> : dozens of tornadoes are into the people in the week ended a violent weather is started sunday after twister's trampled arkansas and oklahoma and by what he sees the most dramatic footage here most of the recent death in the fourth to mississippi and a source damage with the western arkansas where at least 15 people were killed including two children one of the hardest-hit areas hit north of managua neighborhood there nearly leveled every consonant street and is a be dragged video this storm and a power pole cars on top of one another excessive damage
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national weather service says some tornadoes in the state had winds up tubs hundred miles an hour severe weather claiming the lives of 12 people in mississippi on monday a heavy rain and severe flooding. it better roads and florida. yesterday into today pensacola rushing water but scenic highway to buckle in collapse. the scene was repeated at that right and the middle-of-the- road gone. the thing is repeated in several parts of coastal highway. the city when they rain record nearly a foot half of rain in 24 hours. flood highway patrol says one person has drowned because of the flooding. barbara boxer questioning security of san jose airport. after teenager jump the fence and stowed away on a flight to why the csa conducted a review of the airport just weeks before the incident. they found its printer to be in compliance with agencies to carry
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requirements however the california senator is questioning the thoroughness of the review. the gsa says that san jose air for airport has proper security but that's not a guarantee that nothing bad could ever happen there. the span of the bay bridge has certainly seen his share of problems now to prevent marbles from cracking or breaking caltrans is taking action >> : on the span of the bay bridge temporary shed and then permit settled now it is a greasy cap holding down bolts to keep the bridge safe and an earthquake. as a textile protection agrees caps should prevent corrosion that put andrew gordon with caltrans tells me these cans are on top and bottom of 192 rods letter to the boats that cracked last year to cap costs under
8:35 pm
nearly two under thousand dollars to install. there about the size of paint cans and filled with special glue. agrees. >> : the reason what is now is it's a difficult area acts as we call it a tax on time and probably more expensive. the test in place and before removing a scaffolding and taking all their debt that was used to help build and expand three degrees caps when on boats that could pose problems decades down the road and drivers do not notice any thing different. turns out the testing data that we got back again need these there still an extra layer of protection. caltrans sign about $10,000 to about setting the wrong the results should be ready by the fall. still have health experts out sounding the alarm about a new
8:36 pm
epidemic threatens to be bigger than the aids crisis. i spend a few hours at ocean beach in san francisco me i say more. next addition of people behaving badly. when did she take a flight to defeat the cheapest fares the surprise at the bridge.
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one part of mephitis like high-stakes gambling. when my early-morning will allow new data indicates that 54 days before you fly as the best time about booking said she dared not, ticks look billion of trip combinations as far as 300 plays out in one day prior take off every day between 1.3 billion
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flights the examined and the site found that 54 days out gives people the most affordable rate. average round-trip for to get is now up to $378 up from to hundred 50 decided to go on matters more details including tips when about holiday travel to watter website kron4-dot-com was set several records high and temperatures hit in the '90s in the number places including downtown san francisco 91 degrees actually it warrants a francisco that was in fairfield concord and and yet this afternoon with its records though in hayward concord oakland which and vallejo and santa rosa. and and and it's more out mild conditions assert that '60s in the morning and you got to get caught early 70's 80's by noon even a few 90's and the south bay a 3:00 hour more menaced opening
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but still the numbers will start of the coast in the breeze to that tomorrow will be an upper seventies. pickle on their cds when starting to return a little bit of a look over toward the spatial airline also cooler here to 84 enrichment and oakland 83 hayward and seven fremont for inland valleys will be in the low 90 for the most part monday in what critics san ramon and pleasanton and to our in redwood south bay also seeing some 90 degree readings taro read 90 in sunnyvale anyone in morgan hill and up in the north by the bridges in the '80s basics and nappa 8488 and center fell attacks and forecast another hot one sort all could bricks more records again these are this article friday special in the we can't see reasons star turn in the coastline integers significantly will see grins the cooling into the weekend. duffer get all
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hot weather and stay connected with our mobile app kron 4 location we have and is forecast of what it to a free. >> : i know just how much we all enjoy ourselves we have to wonder what she catch the biggest our phone in the senate were to suddenly appeared. welcome to ocean beach in beautiful san francisco were dirty diapers and and the coffee cups and set buds are tons of the cleanup. the place where you don't need no being sued a lead is a pair of there's a beach patrol all is on standby to ocean beaches what was in his speeches when it comes riptides is recommended that children should only going watter with parents holding
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the child and adults alicea hands and wept suit. the kurds are off and water in some cases 68 ft.. as someone wonders too far from watter the national park service speed patrol flight back in the shallow water with her not people of drowned will simply waiting and never turn your back to watter not even for a soap. yet know this but ocean beaches a federal beach so federal laws apply like no alcohol and 071 you but it also applies for medical marijuana. important note from steroid 21 disabled are as a protection area all dogs must be on leash sort of like what this woman is doing. ocean beach offers some things to sealant and do what is warm and recommended take time to enjoy it and remembered be safe and forget to read
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instructions long before you out rather than each additional at windy day. oh wait almost forgot remember not all dogs can swim keep that in mind when you play in the water there has update on the sharks huge gain seven and a but the kings nice plus wins the sea with the a's did in texas rangers at garry has moments of certainty. when you know, you know. the all-new volvo v60 sportswagon. the s60 sedan and the xc60 crossover. test drive one today. model year end sales event. the s60 with 0.9% apr and up to $2500 in allowances. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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good evening everyone as advertised the sharks and kings deciding game seven western conference playoffs >> : the kings scored come over quick right next me this is just a shame to have those of us who i'm from san jose here is a trickle and then address the charts i it will happen now. do realize any deals are and get get what happened nice backhand shot. >> : hatteras' thought up on from san jose and most of our audience for are in for the sharks could appreciate your honesty. a banking stands as a year old can give the sharks. >> :
8:46 pm
almost over the second period to one. history go boy and the sharks won't come back to go with a's and rangers. for now this stuff goes last week that play in oakland texas winds three straight there playing in arlington tx in this like the a's are pounding them late to get three enough in the couple rbis setting ground appeared but elver andersen's is there another run. the batters later erica so are everybody thought for a listener this guy is a nerd as well. now seven and nothing justin chavis critic stars the double play. 12 the won the a's are the best record in the american league. they sweep
8:47 pm
the three game series and in texas funny houses works less make the lakers announced like would be brought back and then tony says are you kidding me not be made a scapegoat. so there goes your resigns today bickers 2755, the brian only played six games to begin like dan tony. the lakers now after dan tunney had coached listened years now that story about bringing in somebody especially all that interesting yet is ugly yes down sterling think a damper on a layup as well for a couple days but now you heard oprah may get in there and david and abroad and of course magic and my personal favorite cross. are again >> :
8:48 pm
the young lady doing that aaron burnett and she does he have enough money to buy a paper on worth the $12 million >> : and zero people >> : wears a big deal to all night every sense of the sharks update area since scenario almost tomorrow. warriors have to win to force a seventh and deciding game. a cloud that's synergy we did before and did off to a good start and win game for a son or capable of
8:49 pm
winning a game back there and the seven. once we get on a game and resulting came to curve gives its pre been fantastic postseason one more time dolls' sterling deal for few days it overshadowed basketball but now are back to work here on certain vickie had to 6 tonight in dallas try to gain on send out antonio. about 20 parker had to intreat ken duncan 16 points and 12 rebounds spurs when 192103. then the second. amid the producers because of something goes wrong a lot of feeling terribly if this guy like last night he
8:50 pm
to me on about two minutes of airtime i'm mad nobody cares except made by like this guy this mat than five years could still be intelligent. i think he's really good. after the break to let >> : too worldly by stadium tears into unforgettable moment the show you why this visit into unforgettable moment the bulldog: get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. get a queen-size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497! don't miss the memorial day sale.
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all health experts as sounding alarm watter new epidemic that threatens to be bigger than the aids crisis. hard to imagine but a simple scratch can kill super bugs like this are the new enemy. bacteria that refuses to respond to
8:54 pm
any drug treatment. frightening report today from who says the antibiotic resistance is reaching global crisis level one of the best mounds about as marcella that alone is estimated the killer on 19,000 people every year here in the u.s.. far more than hiv and aids. rugby drug-resistant is driven from overuse of antibiotics are drinkers is back to its the developing new ways the overcome them to collectors can say is a residence time to find even more antibiotics as bacterial infections increasingly involved into super bugs resistance to even the most harmful gases or medicine. ford adders new home are making major memories for two special fans >> : knew that tom will do i'm ben but we've seen pictures that the grass there today
8:55 pm
was the site of a marriage proposal. as all planned out by than ever is looking guy 49 are fan this the ring is during his pocket. he and his girlfriend have been dating for more than three years he told the that they're going eyelet tour of the state of friends but that much was true but instead the stadium's first marriage proposal went down. >> : your slippers on to express my life and it's about time just like before regatta next chapter this is a perfect place to start our next chapter. will you be my life. woman gasping saying yes. >> :
8:56 pm
very emotional set up as a conceit she said yes but is very hard here shoes hyperventilating no word yet on of the it plan to have a wedding at the same as well also no word of the planet and wear hard hats out to the seahawks fan. numbs kidding. they have the grass and there to make it seem like it and its ec proposals during games at a stadium or arena but within this is the first i've seen in an unoccupied stadium congratulations to them. the weather very hot hot today caught again tomorrow encircling friday temperatures on saturday much cooler. have been that
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