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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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happened. he joins us live now. philippe?
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let khamsin ample by fire department bovve we're told that there were multiple occupants inside when
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this fire started. one of these people were actually burned with minor injuries however they're expected to survive. the fire department said that there will be on scene for the next several hours. the books like it was an older home in this area. we are unsure what started the fire. however of the fire department has stop the spread of fire from hitting the other pbuildings. it was a hot today today in the bay area. sunny skies. and record- breaking temperatures in the 80's and 90's! is more of the same ahead?
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it was a record-breaking tempter did today and we will expect hot temperatures tomorrow as well. oakland 99 a word 88 richard 90 in downtown san francisco it was 90 degrees and remains rather warm at the moment. posted pretty mild tonight's hammer the net '60s in the mornin.
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cut back -- a lot-- or pay up. that's what people in livermore are being told to do with their water usage -- even in this hot weather. kron 4's jeff bush is live in livermore tonight with their reactions. jeff? customers here are expecting to cut back 30%. water rates will go up about 35 percent for those who do not cut back on water useage by 30 percentwhich will be about a $20 increase in the monthly bill. city officials say the idea is not to punish customers but to give them a financial reminder to cut back on water consumption. most of that cutback can be done by reducing the amount of water people put on their lawns. which means if customers cut back lawn watering to twice a weekthey should be able to reach the 30 percent goal. the measure is part of a staged conservation plan for the city as a whole. city leaders are hoping to cut the overall water consumption by half this season and say every drop counts, especially when reserviors are
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looking like they do these days. the city is cutting back hours on the famous water fountain that is enjoyed by kids all summer long. most residents say the conservation plan is a good thing but others say they don't like it one bit. michaela morrow it's unfortunate but it's the state that we are in and we have to do our part to conserve and it's part of our responsibility as citizens and residents of livermore and i think it's going to be fine. frank wynne it might be an extra 20 -30 dollars a month on your water bill. yeah, you could put that towards gas or something like food. i like to take long hot showers because i have a bad back. scheanelle green i don't think it's a good thing at all. we already have high taxes and too many things to pay for so why should we do that? more water is flowing into the east bay. the east bay municipal utility district is tapping into the sacramento river. this is providing water to more
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than a million customers. the project cost rate payers almost half a- billion dollars. and it will help to prevent mandatory water rationing. customers are still being asked to voluntarily cut back ten- percent of their water usage. crews have now salvaged the wreckage of the plane that crashed into the san pablo bay over the weekend. this is video of the recovery from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. the plane went into the water sunday, after colliding with another plane, which landed safely. the pilot's body was also pulled from the water today. officials have still not released the pilot's name. the n-t-s-b says, a full report on the crash can be expected in six months to a year. coming up: the sharks battle for their playoff lives. find out if they're moving on to the next round. one bay area whole foods market tries to attack a maggot problem in their meat department.
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tonight: the health department weighs in. on whether they've done enough. california's latest wildfire. scorching more than a thousand acres. and forcing people from their hoimes. plus: the increased concern about potential wildfires *here.
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look at all this flooding in pensacola, florida. it was the rainiest 24-hour period ever recorded there. nearly 2-feet of rain fell. washing out a scenic highway. and causing a sinkhole. which collapsed part of a home. hundreds of people had to be rescued from their homes or cars by boat. in southern california. residents of 17-hundred homes finally allowed to go back tonight. fire officials have lifted mandatory evacuations. however, the wildfire continues to burn. some reports indicate it is more than 1-thousand acres. it broke out in the foothills of the san bernardino mountains. fire officials have not said what sparked the blaze, but it comes in the midst of a heat wave which has created extreme
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fire danger across much of the state. and fire danger is high in the oakland hills. high temperatures and dry vegetation have firefighters on alert. cal-trans even hired a company. to bring in 800- goats. to clear this overgrown hillside above highway- 24. fire officials are warning residents in the area. not to let the rain in recent weeks. create a false sense of security. i think people got a false sense of security due to late rain. however we want our citizens to know the fire season is all year round. fire officials have suspended all open burning for several counties, including alameda, contra costa, santa clara and san mateo. still ahead: already problematic bolts on the new span of the bay bridge. from even more corrosion.
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not a bad way to beat the heat. these people soaked up the sun and went for a dip at oakland's lake temescal. how high did temperatures get? and what about tomorrow, friday, and the weekend? here's chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett. the stick a look closer to the
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coastline. fifth part of looks like will hit some of these- church early and see a drop off and get cooler later on.- temperatures. for the south and one of a few low 90s 92 in santa clara and 91 in morgan hill. as with the head tomorrow winnows convene another warm day. however, friday it will "
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dramatically. coastal fog returns friday with coastal winds. for full weather coverage -- download our kron4 weather app. and weather alerts specific to you can download it for free. new information about maggots in the meat case at a bay area whole foods. kron 4 first reported this story on friday, when a meat clerk in the meat case the monday after easter, at the whole foods in san francisco's noe valley. whole foods has maintained they were swift to clean up the problem, but as we reported yesterday, the san francisco public health department
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inspected the place and disagreed. as kron 4's dan kerman reports, now, a day later, the health department believes whole foods is moving in the right direction. it's a story you'll see only on 4 whole foods maggots wednesday 043014 it was tuesday afternoon, when public health inspectors arrived at this whole foods in noe valley expecting to find clean up completed following the april 21st discovery of live maggots in the meat case but that's not what they found in fact deep cleaning of two floor drains which could be the source of the maggots had not been done. in this food inspection report the public health department told whole food "it can't be an isolated maggot. if you see one, there's more somewhere. and so, there's urgency to do all recommendations. you have to be more proactive and take care of it immediately. on wednesday the department of public health told kron 4 news: "whole foods dismantled the meat display case last night.this work addresses most of our concern regarding the possible source of maggots. but not all of it the health department is still expecting whole foods to clean the entire
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meat department on thursday they will then reinspect the store to make sure that has happened. in the meantime, whole foods still has not addressed our questions about how the discovery of maggots was handled. a meat clerk has told kron 4 news that meat selling continued for hours on the monday after easter despite store employees knowing about the maggots. we asked whole foods when store employees found out about the maggots. no answer. we asked how long meat was sold after maggots were initially discovered. no answer. we asked how they will regain the public's trust that this activity will not occur in the future. no answer. and we asked if there would be any disciplanary action or retraining of employees as a result of this. no answer. dan kerman kron 4 news straight ahead:
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a mountain view man is accused of kidnapping two women. he did not know. both managed to escape. but police say. there may be more victims. kenneth middlebrook is now in santa clara county jail's psychiatric ward. police say, he kidnapped a woman in alviso on sunday, and forced her to drive his car on highway- 101. she intentionally crashed the car to get away. police say, middlebrook then ran to a mobile home park. kidnapped another woman. and drove around for hours before she escaped. kron 4 spoke to middlebrook's father, who described his iraq war veteran son, as a ticking time bomb. police tracked down middlebrook in ione , that's a small town in the gold country foothills, northeast of lodi. neither kidnap victim was hurt. now in place. new protection for those bad bolts on the new
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span of the bay bridge. cal-trans sent us this photo of the new "grease caps." the steel caps are the size of paint cans. and filled with special grease. they are in place near the area where the 192- bolts started to crack last year. the caps will act as a shield. to protect the bolts from the
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nba rockets blazers #5 2nd quarter jeremy lin - step back 3- pointer puts rockets up 17 lin: 21 points 4th quarter james harden - the bearded one
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knocks down the 3 point dagger!!!! harden: 17 points, 7 assists blazers fail to score last 3:39 of game and rockets stave off elimination houston wins 108-98 blazers still lead series 3-2 dog steals glove in western oregona softball game is interupted when a spectators pit bull runs on the field and starts grabbing players gloves and running off with them the game was halted for a while as this dog had a field day running around grabbing gloves eventually they got the dog off the fieldtheir gloves back geyser goes off in minor league game in fort wayne indiana. fernando perez of the fort wayne tincaps runs over a sprinkler cap and a major water comes shooting out. check out the stream of water going high into the air the game between fort wayne and great lakes was delayed for 18 minutes to get it under control
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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roller girl. the mistress who brought down the billionaire. did she really say she wants to be president? >> one day i will become president of the united states of america. >> what her best friend says she's really like. >> do you think she's a gold digger? and look who we found at the big game, the billionaire's big wife. he's been banned for life but not her. plus, accused dognapper caught on video. >> didn't steal it. >> you stole our dog. what happened to the dog? >> she's shaven him completely bald. and exclusive, the pothead princess who mowed down two best friends. >> beautiful girls and they're not here anymore and it's because of me. >> what happened the night she says she was too drunk to care.


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