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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 1, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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storing it in a mountainous terrain at the end of it goes on and on market demand. thanks for joining us. breaking records expected instead of the tech and i've looked around him i want to bring up the west. these are the cities that could very well meet or even exceed their record temperature it appears a list here of a projected temperatures will record a
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factor it into a good chance of breaking a conference after him. thornburgh aren't walking tour futurecast crisp expected to be another sweltering day it has not forecaster it is conditioned on to you and your phone would bus. will the aesthetics and other. given download. but he and clinton
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had a decent interest a 580 to the bay bridge toll pleasant to probably spend about hunting huntington and intending
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an investigation is underway this morning on what started a 3 alarm house fire in san jose. her a home on foxworthy ave near south bascom around 9- 25 as last night. when firefighters arrived they found a two story home engulfed in flames. crews initially had a hard time getting access to the house because of some obstruction in the yard.
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occupants got out safely. the fire destroyed more than half of the house and appears to have started in the back of the home near the deck. asno firefighters were injured battling the fire. firefighters in antioch quickly put out a grass fire overnight. this is a new picture of the scene from the contra costa zoos county fire department.
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it started just after midnight and burned three acres on james donlon boulevard near pintail drive. it took firefighters a half caught crashno one was injured and and you can see behind me or a cold and rain and sent to go. ford gained said. the
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first 3500 and to get here and in of facebook, they get a free megaphone. as if this place doesn't get high enough loud enough already. but the fans to give them a big boost to try to get to gain seven. after blowing out the clippers when game for the warriors lost game 5. warriors start stephen curry only took 10 shots and that game 5. we assume that what happened tonight as the warriors return to oracle and plans for the loss of the clippers just once in the past three seasons. stephen curry talked about this do-or-die game six. >>: obviously but if we lose we are going home but when we play i think we're going to play for enough to just got to have fun and make plays understand to reply or response to we will be all right. >>: we have to come out with some energy as game 4 and get out of a start like we did in game 4. of what are
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capable of doing that we also know were capable of winning a game. ross the game 5 winner goes on to win the series 80 percent of the time but that we are worried about those statistics right now. this is the 82nd consecutive sellout. bailout and be proud. coincidentally that's exactly what the sheriff says. the >>darya: site >>: the nba owners' advisory and finance committee will hold a meeting today to discuss the next steps in the removal of donald sterling oscar as owner of the los angeles clippers.
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the 10-member committee will have a conference call two days after commissioner adam silver banned sterling for sfax life from the league and fined him $2.5 million for making racist comments. silver al[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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i would imagine india is very hot. >>: yes it's very hot but yesterday i feel very hot here also. since this seems like in india because yesterday was too hot. but
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kron hot i have my shorts are back to you. >>: our hot weather today james? >>james: yes exactly what we're expecting has been taking a live look outside. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent...
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but anyone can help a foster child. but this and so both expected to tie their reference rejecting 94 today with which the zero records 85 so we could be well past that lamar mountain view gilroy also expected to tie their records. and as i've been selling wal-mart and burying of these records would i called and temperatures mild to start reading a lot of upper 50s low 60s. the rebel kurds
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entering your talking 96. the greatest a lot 90s on the paws on other beautiful day to be out and the beaches. going forward the weather pattern will have a high pressure began to break down its latin out in its place will have more of its ocean breeze. once the ocean
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breeze are to come and it will seek temperatures drop down. to today is the last day of it. beginning tomorrow the temperatures dropped into the weekend they dropped substantially and will have those numbers for you in our extended forecast coming up and about half hour from right now. it don't forget to download our kron4 weather app. when he won the heat gets this a bad. a lawyer often issue. you get in on this run away best of all its history. >>: now on the traffic >>: and press with the bay bridge ride deep into the and the back up some of the land. we really have a bad things up from the 880 of the crossing not still pretty jammed up coming out of the caldecott other than that for the ec conditions some 880 drive time from hercules to barclay to a
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sometimes to drive times of boards of 40 minutes without any accidents. but that's not the case and then treat severe really won't have to worry too much harm car and staged a rally on intending to a few minor accidents. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge of the traffic looking pretty thick. still a pretty easy ride heading out for foster city and then once you make your way to the bayshore freeway we're seem mainly graeme. if of record dec. so brazen this is the time is hard to see macanese and our cash and plans for this as a ticket over to the traffic map is starting to see some delays. and along the creek. easier conditions 3 even portions of south bonds 680. last wave. still pretty jammed up of the altamont pass. that's typical slowing what we see each and every day and eventually
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work out across the dublin interchange >>: heavy flooding rains. the mudslide on the metro with the debris not into realms. of naso lies under is also close down this morning causing major headaches in the near city area. >>: check out video from this water rescued boy in maryland. flooding friends during a sandstorm. now heading the east coast restaurant 54 days before you travel to the state is the best way to find fares at their lowest treated
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bookie's i keep arafat, did a study and they looked at to millions of trip accommodations. for the start at from 310 degrees out here if they looked at 1.3 billion flights can they analyze and cons those numbers and found that 54 days before you want to fault lies it is the one the most affordable rate is offered by the airlines. the average round-trip domestic trip is 378 bucks review details on how to find cheap tickets . the heat wave
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continues absorbing story to is how hot is gone into the neighborhood. car out of these is or will sit in 1900 but were still looking probably in his own records around the bay today is a will be back with their neighborhood for castoff
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i know just how much we enjoy ourselves called but you have to wonder, which was the catch. the baby or the smart from this man with a sneer when it certainly appears. welcome to ocean beaches and beautiful san francisco where dirty diapers and and think what caused the cubs and cigarette butts are some one else's job to clean up. it's a place where you don't need no laden suit. you just need a pair of hands.
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>>: been obeyed and so under where it. that's the way to go various >>: there is a beach patrol always on standby because ocean beach is of the most dangerous pieces when it comes to reptiles. " it is recommended that children should only go and ankle deep and water with a parent holding the child's hand. on other reasons besides rep current is dropoff in the water and some cases 6 8 ft. 3 it's hard if someone wonders too far the national park service beach patrol will slacken backed into shallow water. believe it or not of their it never turn your back to the water spirit not even for the self it. you may not know this ocean beach is a federal state to federal laws apply like no alcohol and say i did warn you. in also applies for medical marijuana. if important to note from still led 21 hot dogs must be on a
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leash. some of this woman is doing. ocean beach offers so many things to see and do learn and to warm spirit i recommend you take time to enjoy and to treat as a member to be safe. it's and often get to read the instructions for your tank long before you actually arrived at the beach. especially on a windy day. always i almost forgot to read remembered not all dogs has slumped to keep that in mind while you're playing in the water. of ocean beach stanley roberts kron4 news. >>: looking all those dogs on leashes as required by law. saddam is going to be a great day at the beach. here's of the hottest cities today and highs in we expect to receive serious 6 kahane's on reaching 91 degrees, like redwood city countered napa and the oakland and fremont's looking at 90. sticking a live look here at walnut creek which is going to be one of the hotter city street if you can see that
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um...hi georgia. i just wanted to apologize again for what happenedoww, that's hot.picnic. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich. one can walk you through how the temperature is an adult throughout the morning. or talking loss of 70 by the early hour only high temperatures to come at noon time replace the '70s and '80 was of thes of the seven d's at that point than before 3:00 the '90s really pushing and harper tracking is the valley and the south
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bay valley and a few locations in the north bay to topping 909192 degrees, once an organist it a war were looking a condition in the upper seventies . as a barely any cloud cover out there only high clouds. what were expecting this afternoon with the temperature specifically as we head into tomorrow and the weekend was a change on a stri. >>: and you know we have
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been enjoying pretty easy conditions at the bay bridge but take a look at what happened with that the backer police started not only from interstate a, if also you can see more, it cars on the over cross. drive * are anywhere from 18 to 25 minutes to get you into the city again and all the fun with your approach to take. will have any accidents to report south won a one10 the lives of slower traffic continues down to local drive pripet suspect huge delays as you work your way out of marine
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county. >>: 732 and back to focusing on the weather in southern california is not only habakkuk the wins. nasa h this fire now 1600 residents confine go back to their homes but still there are others in the northern neighborhood better been totally voluntarily if the filter and if they should stay away. 70 mi. an hour when us are san the smoke over that area the aircraft cannot get into that area. by afternoon a thousand acres have burned. now this morning we'll have when but we do have a fire danger. just announced by crossfire putting out this morning in jackie sissel following the story live. >>: you see here on the
7:34 am
sign fire danger today is i guess they were actually out here and it was moderate and has increased. the few of us are restarted to drown out here. it's unusual conditions are obviously it's only made for conditions vary a new warning they have declared the burned and across the state because of it. you talk about this fire down in southern california we also had a fire last night andl. burn about 3 a. the tomatillos story on how dry things are all year. everything is drying out and because of that the crossfire has issued that burned them. there is no burning of set at all. here's a look on his letter affected by this suburban
7:35 am
connie san a cutupm,.. these are normally condition joycean october and late september but is rickettsias out here are certain to drought. pergonal longer than normal fire season not vicariate sprawl and the worse than has been for years. >>: the net the very latest on whether onkron 4 app it's easy and it's free. >>: on this and the livermore and this day area community residences to conserve water or pay up.
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dick, get their water fromliver water utiliy, c is other facts about 28,000 residents. we have to do our part to help conserve is part of our responsibility as citizens and residents of livermore and i think and be fine. >>: targeting customers who use a lot of water to use under 3,700 gal. per month. you not pay any additional fees these restrictions are placed until the end of september. >>:. and center of the right now the traffic on 11 north on here at 87 interchange 65 degrees right now we hit 93 as a day looking for items 93 again
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attempt to climb as the 90 specialist . crime 4 crews are out in the >>:l a very warm morning are ready. the doctor again to the warriors of genetics than the stairs to a seven game in l.a. with the warriors is door died tonight in game 6 at the arena. >>: facebook tom felt an anonymous law and feature that allows you to sign and taps without sharing your identity that will be forbidden from collecting your personal data if you use this feature. and also this feature will allow you to click a log into facebook but instead of using your
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user name and password. it rolled out this new feature to a limited set of apps including the clipboard the anonymous law dimbleby available in the in the next coming months. >>: can allow the sun shine out there this morning and we are expecting another afternoon of hot temperatures. will have the more detail coming up in a moment.
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let's talk what the weather here at 743 lives look outside at the mong tam clear skies precarious the set and we stand a chance to once again making or breaking a record temperature here or there around the bay. sen francisco projected to be 88 degrees in the that is the old record we get the same scenario forsfo , your respective high today will be a writer on the 90 degree mark livermore malt will go right off crime kennett's to ellis' tying the record master the the thing for today hot temperatures potential record-breaking temperatures. the surface as go 6459 (san jose is the right at the 50 degree mark. dosimeters will warm up dramatically by the
7:45 am
afternoon as we take a look and the south bay will begin with san jose 93 your expected high 96 ever dreamed, even more at the 97. think or what will be warmer still as temperatures approach the 99 degree mark . 95 for a rare 196 and livermore in debentures it will be even hotter than that 90 and then fell 90 and also on san leandro. race- based shoreline is still in the upper 80s the low 90s. 88 for danton's ever to score looked at the upper 80s low nineties for the wine country. the beach is one should once again today will be enjoyable for you. so going forward the weather patte is the shift slightly its . that can start
7:46 am
to pull back at the beginning as soon as some are your seventh day around the bay for casses specialist effects of that. will continue to fall as we head into the weekend saturday sunday looking really nice a mild for the communities. red have a break from this today he pop that we've endured. " forget to download arekron 4 whether at. the valves and that rather heading your way the appalachian know who is free download and non- interest revenue from when you need it. i never had any major accidents reported in the bay area this morning but we do have our fair share of traffic. conditions of worsening at the bay bridge toll plaza you see the big glinted back up coming from the short freeway and interstate 580. more traffic
7:47 am
release dardanus slowdown coming from the a.d. approach pripet there is no accident on the bridge but if this pretty sluggish conditions. over at the san mateo bridge and take a look how much traffic has slowed down just with the past 15 minutes. is pretty typical for this time morning you really get a sense in this, the looks like traffic starts improve heading over to the one on one interchange trips many in the fast track planes believer not traffic is moving a little better for cash paying customers. as a takeover to the traffic map talking drive times this morning 37 minutes from the short freeway from hercules to berkeley. and even on the highway 24. it's a volatile have any accidents to report drive time right now is 52 minutes out of
7:48 am
novado down to the golden gate bridge. th enjoy our show what you wait limitation of the before righetti and i will not mention names but i'm sitting with the powers of crown issues were the few people that might be in television five years i said how she, with this stuff in the morning i've told that you read all the sports stuff and let out there. >>: i got good stuff today
7:49 am
but i do what interests me just because i hate sports doesn't mean that don't find interesting. >>: she actually has talent sulfite kid her she doesn't just sit there and go about he's a very. unlike men like her is because we life confident women. so this issue is good on tv star care on in the know. the nagano wither and just asking we love confident women. >>: and so on verse and sports and a discharge ahead confident in what i don't know. hist >>: so let's go on with this are you ready
7:50 am
>>: i'm looking at this with mud and educated by going on my gush the clippers they just seem to going into this game six in this in the nation for is that this like a wave they got a weird one got on. now they're like a sore this little underdog in that everybody's running for its hard for us to face that. >>: are you done? >>: in my riding on that, no it will sure blow over but it's not the peak it was the other day. >>: i feel like they're right in this way and get this confidence in their superhuman. it's tough for us.
7:51 am
>>: the clippers have more talent than the warriors the warriors have a good team some other words or watch the game enjoy the game to lead the warriors happen to up separate not a cali police close but and then the clippers are expected in the series before they started. one thing i think they could of their rope them is if the this thing was and settle with sterling. the shoulder motions on that. >>: a year the stock to a sunscreens to me ok with the warriors win. unlike mine didn't run a great job. >>: i hate the sun and know everything >>: de that the knowledge and just for attending them just as tough guys otherwise your like everybody else and that three out. >>: you're the guy that no
7:52 am
sports doesn't matter for lows? >>: if he loses tonight i will not buy stock in him and make it simple if one of those guys if you work unless somebody and you like them use a well okay will get right next time if you work all the guy you don't like any medical, stakes in them really upset at think there's something there that the owner the team just fine see him that when i'm sitting in with these big wakes up crime and the top- of-the-line i could just said, and dennis from that of exhausted i get more comments from the scene and woman but i said this woman is tremendous. >>: renegotiate a new contract for me without my knowledge?
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>>: were still on their the those people you know that were in the room edges butter do what. >>: here's the deal at one belabor that the sharks went down the police did their epic film going to lead from hero to a laughing stock . [doorbell rings]
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only from xfinity.
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-there was a center there was the fire and there were jumping into as scorching temperatures just recapping all over the bay area coming up by live interviews with people in downtown san jose. as a live in the east bay with the crossfire we are hot weather coverage. , as a letter mid-90s out
8:01 am
there is we take a closer look look at the map is 93 and san jose 96 in livermore. we're talking 96 there as well. expected mid- 90s in the delta upper 80s and downtown service cisco oakland coming in right at the 90 degree mark. one what you phyllis the cities that could break records to the census go the airport there livermore monovalent during. forecasts for 90 day the old record with 85 walks away and see what happens with apple rashly looking like retin-a record high street with an also look at our weather map on are add up. it is free for and trade and apple devices. >>: more on how well the right now, right now i have
8:02 am
helen next to me in downtown san jose everybody's running into the coffee shop to get ice coffee if they don't need and although the full and need as the day progresses. 93 degrees to be atop the merger. mellon the weather won't bother me at all i love it. >>: i put all but a seeing all the fans and stayed in office. and did surprise me >>: when do on the guinea this for much longer than know it will come off. >>: the coming year there were in shorts are ready are you guys from san jose? >>: yes house of free
8:03 am
yesterday's i work at night sardis up the whole day. >>: behalf did to see people coming out here with no problems for the record some guarantees all morning this is at the time i've were shorts to work in my career and he's a knocker preparedness. is a cargo pants and they come in handy as the city gets high right now. what think you guess
8:04 am
that caught fire issued a burned and not only here run the bay area also run through the entire state. this it with the drought and the drying conditions in the house whether that they are setting up for a very long and very dangerous fire season. thankfully not as wendy is a was yesterday. >>: again this today and a lot h-2 will don't stay thirsty my friend see you on the news. sit on the field the reporting team coverage and the heat with the kids: often the fallen it is set off yourself these of how
8:05 am
you spend your day high court sternest a cool to us in our e-mail i report for kron, >>: all as one southbound 680 and to the out of luck in the bay bridge were still dealing with heavy delays. drive time approaching 23 minutes. heavier traffic from highway 24 to highway 580. we seen traffic practically stopped nursing more movement. in a live of the richmond san rafael bridge the traffic is really slow down here. this is a matter of your cash paying customer you will encounter some delays working wintering county. here's the
8:06 am
scene of them quickly put not the grass fire last night. just after midnight and burned 3 a. on jamestown boulevard. the to come about a half-hour to get it under control no one was injured and no one was in danger. among the house fire in san jose firefighters onfox worthy av it wase are the raging adjutancy the flames are just taking over the two-story home there everyone got out ok crews could barely getting to fight the fire that put out the fire and now everyone is ok.
8:07 am
one i can did suffer some minor burns to his hands, said that it started in the back deck of a home where the fire originated no firefighters were hurt. >>: a big disappointment for shark fins at the scene now they are out of the playoffs. will show you what happened had. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
8:08 am
female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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a look elderberries slows by coming up in just a few minutes. >>: as the sharks complete one of the worst collapses in the history of the nhl. this court's 17 goals and the first three games the king team went cold. with the sharks became the fourth team in nhl history to blow up three games to nothing lead and lose four straight. they did no score a single goal and that done to
8:11 am
years of frustration for the sharks the last 10 seasons the sharks abandon the second most regular-season wins. >>: are happy hopes are over we can just worry about basketball know so the best offense in the bay area are reporready for the warriors. of golden state winston night they will tie up the series 33 a or not live with. coming up the next half-hour.
8:12 am
>>: web more on the e around the bay area [♪]
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8:15 am
in your eyes and he around the bay. we're showing it a strong e advisory for the area. the reminder employers to protect our brokers. that the supply th with thin such a and, cold water. this can be had no other way to say it is to see the sun as arctic, and down along the creek cents sunrise this morning around 615 there's no clouds out there to destruct the sun from doing anything temperatures again as suddenly climb higher and higher now were saying what was upper fifties to low 60s it's turning into mid to upper 60s. san jose is now joining the mid to upper 60s with 66 on the thermometer.
8:16 am
were waiting to see these temperatures continued to climb as they do the slow the approach. will see widespread seven is around 9:00 as we head towards noon edger enjoying munched high 80s out there. well expect is a widespread of mid-90s in some cases even the upper 90s. 9395 degrees in the delta in the south bay to san jose is 93. you're not seen up to 99 degrees on that the monitor. at tampa cisco and in the no. 8 and again under day in the upper. and begins to
8:17 am
break down as we head into more of the good news is that if this is to achieve for you tomorrow to get some relief. are temperatures again began to drop and the drops substantially as a man to the week will have a much cooler weekend. if you have not downloaded a yet download arekron mobile at. it's updated hourly with the latest for you. all of fulminant them the crews of this morning crime hot temperatures. >>: and joining me right now to talk about how beautiful the weather is is a new friend of mine, so amazing
8:18 am
is this? >>: i just got back from our nfl like some still and mao is that beautiful lawyer. >>: it usually cold windy and its overcasting the right now is is gorgeous in the palm trees are out. the displaced it can be any more better >>: c i notice everyone smiling everybody's running healthy it's like paradise. >>: which can be a whole lot nicer for everyone all day long with his gorgeous weather. >>: try tightest are at 26 minutes now much relief as a matter which approach taken looks like awaiting. with the marin lights right now the good news as traffic is starting to approve just as
8:19 am
the meter leg. a lease on the hispanic itself is not really that bad a luncheon me at interstate 80 with highway 1 01-store traffic starts to jam up again. as a takeover to the san mateo bridge restore and see some improvement although traffic is still pretty sick on the right-hand side. moreno looks like were seen little improvement heading towards the high rise reported. diatoms are running at 45 minutes and we have models subtle improvements from 1 01. it's 31 minutes from hercules to berkeley.
8:20 am
>>: class is set for rapid and turkey between maydays demonstrator about the riot police their protests and the government banned from, and to marching for the demonstrators of the water cannons and tear gless and the protesters retaliated by throwing stuff at the police and a first was a day of conflict and also lead to violence across turkey. >>: the may day rally in eastern ukraine where the crowds of people in this video there are reports were asking governments and the prosecutor's office. a group of people are looking for independence from possible annexation from russia. a support from former president victor. after months of processing and us. capital.
8:21 am
>>: the process think the 15th and mission streets and other construction sites around the city as also known rally for new the members the events will have less access and promote working class citizens and said francisco. there's a may day march 3 this afternoon from two locations from guadalupe church 20 20s antonio they will then meet for raleigh a city hall. subway's leading the fast-food industry into something that is something that's not good acre they are underpaying workers. then been in violation of pay more than 1100
8:22 am
investigations from 2000 to 2014 combining these cases they us from 17,000 franchises in violation. subway has more than 26,000 locations throughout the country that is the most of any fast-food chains. in oakland is 68 degrees 90 is the high for today. will be [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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helping dogs help people
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just named 55 colleges and universities now facing title 9 sex abuse investigations title 9 prohibits greater discrimination schools to give federal funding is the same laws they guarantees girls equal access to sports. in this morning more
8:26 am
than 40,000 planned job cuts amount april 17th% more than march the server get out this morning they it flames and increases murders and expositions. it or resell at the morris layoffs in the month of april the 7000 a 26 and still had we been asking for your whether self is all morning long. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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the 29 men with the idea when they get a bad situation in southern california's the wildfires continue to build. this the
8:30 am
that the is here along with this has increased fire danger. him they increase the outer to i-, it was well necessary to increase the warning. the kids into the drying conditions out here is are the dried out or on the may 1st the desert conditions usually say and in later in the season. here's the fun of it would look like last night the fire was only about 3 a. but is really telling exactly laconic conditions were under. we had a drought lack of water and because of that hellfires and lee, six early
8:31 am
in the system. this could then suspend all open fires in the state. they're all affected by the sperm and norman were out here doing this stores in the oakland hills in the end of september beginning of october when things have really had a chance to drive out italy takes a minute. if you tell the conditions right now may for shall see that everything is dirty turn out obviously they think and believe that the shares of fire season is in a start a much earlier and last a lot longer. >>: a mall is as you wash your finally for the first time now we revealed jacking in this selfinie. join
8:32 am
us in the sun. there's jackie and that will never cries some worries about about. you do need a hat today that will help insulate 7071 degrees this is the shot showing you were he was this morning. it's running on the direction of oakland and berkeley. it is right up and there were jackie is this morning it is on the warm side. >>: the messages that the
8:33 am
new word and a warm-up not only to 90 but up around 96 to possibly 99 degrees in some selective valley communities this afternoon. it is one of the house or not there will come back a 45 and about 15 minutes of walking to are seven there on the day forecast. what about when he will finally be over and we can expect for the weekend. >>: with minimal the fairly laid-back appeared the bay bridge toll plaza at 5:00 hour and has climbed. we're looking pretty good heading into the 7:00 hour to look at it right not generally
8:34 am
was our clear things out organum but the backup jack time and knows only crossing into 201022 minutes. the shore freeware it j tobaccos extend heading out toward the high rise it if you take a look we do see some improvement heading into closer to the 11 interchange. and the sectors it get better going for the cash paying customers. tack on an extra five minutes if you're heading across the richmond richmond san rafael bridge. the tiptop of 730
8:35 am
within governors live this morning we've been very close to the floor there will genoa's tries to push it heal shares upon to the floor. >>: were on the court right now we're going astray access this morning a china play one-on-one with stephen curry i do have to say that all this talk of foul weather is a cool 65 degrees inside the arena. as you did see are one of assurance here with a loud and proud warriors. and of course the team once the place rocking if they use tonight is over the last time the warriors played here in oakland won game 4 loin up the clippers will also sought a few defense bring in a field that mocked the racist.
8:36 am
conversely if we lose were going home but will play at the bergen take three and up have fun and make plays. we played hours postal be our right was that, with the same energy we can run in game 4 and up to a good start liquidating game for and when no workable of the one that were also cable of winning game 7. we back out here there rim is the second circuit sellout. again there still some tickets available the telling in, means that you can get resell to against the warriors that time. we as a much time this morning we been taken a few jumpers you made one of these earlier.
8:37 am
the discussing the meeting today in the next that so the removal of guns sterling pit this is today's after
8:38 am
they began sterling for life from the leak and church sent to one half million dollars for making the race of commons.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
as a bag on the numbers for you beginning at 9:00 a.m. this can be warm are ready to carry out a widespread of 70 or looking at the widespread if eighties and by three in the afternoon were looking at '90s coming
8:42 am
into play. 9192 for some of our kullervo warm spots feria places like europe will get possibly up to 99. it's gonna be toasty out there on be breaking down and detail coming up.
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back to the the last time the said water managers take this trip to the sierra to survey the snowpack so we can see how much they can gauge with the
8:45 am
water supply. apple first such show the state snowpack was 77 below what it should be. here's a live look that and 80. the snowpack accounts for about a third of the state's water supply. >>: were talking about record temperatures here just get out and enjoy it dumb as a spy. if the that anything that showing you in covered up. here's a live look outside us talk about we're rigorously record temperatures that a severed cisco is pretty close to the
8:46 am
forecast could be 88 today right next door were hidden record temperatures in the same number. late mayor here could be chores. an open- only 90 degrees street draw expected to tie the record may be possibly break and this afternoon if we just get one more degree warming. or watching for that today and to take a look the temperature is right now we're well on our way. in 67 in oakland this is downtown were below '70s curly sue local site in santa rosa. these numbers will expect to see on the thermometer 93 for san jose were still fervor greenspan 97 there.
8:47 am
we get alerts the send messages out deal in the extreme weather setting to your neighbor but it's a
8:48 am
great resource to take a look at is free. >>: we do have an entry accent report% saucepot honor hands. the end of on a 80 is currently shut down you will see any of that back up on the traffic lepchas keep that in mind with take a look of the miss freeway in general very slow conditions in general and north from direction, and to noteoakland go conditions are working their way into or out in oakland. we're not that bad and southbound direction heading into the san mateo bridge. over at the bay bridge toll plaza still backed up the 23 minute drive time. we have been accident free on the verge the entire morning we have seen sluggish conditions recon our way into a separate system. at the san mateo bridge we have some improvement here. over
8:49 am
the original sfo bridge will have plenty of delays. all affected heading into meringue. tack on an extra five minutes for rare commit this morning. solvay really tied up north, one for your entire trip out of the coyote valley in not seeing any improvement the reached downtown mountain view. a five still pretty good in both directions and or look- alike was third to see some delays in both directions on highway 17. >>: the new york high-school student who made headlines for and accepted into all eighth link schools. a 17 year-old announces and enroll and yell he made this chicken stock. he says the
8:50 am
deal was friendly and inviting in your pre shaded the schools love for music and medicine. he is also an athlete and he sings and plays three instruments. he plans to study medicine at yale. another big game for today is the be putting people first heat of a new feature
8:51 am
for facebook that make a lot of users happy. this blue banner that we often see on armed mobile devices could be a turnoff. they're asking you to log in with your face will credentials to get into that. yesterday's facebook unveiled a new way to sign into third-party apps they give your privacy. how many times have you installed at m1 and try out much you haven't wanted to create a brand new account or you're not yet ready to sign in with your real identity. today were installed this with the new service that were introducing called anonymous log in. but facebook also shares users' personal information with those apps and web sites
8:52 am
making some people uncomfortable. this new anonymous lager will let people cents at wyatt at obtaining privacy. even if not on the apple you are your anonymous a debt of fire. this is gonna let you try at apps without fear and if you want you cannot assign end with a real identity to personalize the later on. i think this is great i think that facebook has/it's a new improved way tobring your info. or the 590 degrees today will be right back. ♪ me d yo..
8:53 am
8:54 am
irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli.
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8:56 am
spending too much this a the third americans living in a three-bedroom home each have 30 percent of the munched income. real-estate experts say the spending too much on reynolds tobacco prevent you from taking a lower paying job. or prevented from saving money to buy a home. >>: in china three young chan panda cubs. there are sisters and nine months old very active. he or she lug's
8:57 am
did to the client in that branch. it looks like she's stuck in the tree means it is a in a wildlife center. >>: or more on the hot weather around the bay the temperatures are beginning to heat up web more about that coming up. in the san jose sharks making history by losing game 7.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
let's take a live look outside right now as watching the sun shine out there a lot of sunshine the sec level for more rough camera hardly any clouds out there we do see a few wispy clouds with the sunshine is pretty much on this thing really have an opportunity the heat things up from the bay. as a right now symphysis party in 68 degrees 63 heading up the
9:01 am
livermore valley no need for a jacket today. we will continue to evince the warming into the early afternoon by lunch time will be seen '70s and '80s incite debate. by 3 in the afternoon here's san widespread '80s and even a potential 9670 is warming up into the '90s yes they and san jose more expected today. templits 30-san jose in the shade some people going to the coffee shop half asking for iced coffee and join me now is ashley some
9:02 am
moderate is are ready. >>: its are ready not is pretty hot. undiscussed and side with the air- conditioning on. >>: are you aware that that's why you dress so openly that's why they're not covered up. >>: yes are thus not in and beyond today, damn yesterday at or address today a moss on summer where whipple the air-conditioning on in our grammar lesson. , who are yearning for shade the shape running from the car keys in the running >>: i got my sure sun is too high right this is the same
9:03 am
time in my career that i'm wearing short they get old and young my facebook page dissent was self respecting asian would wear running shoes and shorts. i have plenty of flip-flops' the room in as dire merkin everyone knows they're sitting in for my house. >>: at the grog complaining of friday that it was raining. now complaining is with the house whether we can always count on jackie sissel to be are human barometer he is any in looking at the fire danger here too. the is here at and so is the increase saturday sphere as you see the fire danger sign has been moved
9:04 am
to the high level also across the state. is issued a burned and now only counties around the bay area but around the. is he the drying out conditions is to the conditions that we see much later. no. louises and september and october at its may 1st or artist ernest it is filled out. we had a 3 a. grass fire last night. is really an indication of how dry things are. basically what it means there's note ogbu outdoor burning allowed. most of the state actually but here in the bay area counties such as alameda san clara and san, mateo county with the drought conditions and lack
9:05 am
of rain we seen a last couple months this feels a continued drought this is pretty much kind of of view on howl, and believe they think that this year's fire season is not only in a stir earlier but last longer. >>: staying cool today if you wanna mayst funny yourself of what you're wearing a were chewing in the heat. mem we deathly have a few hot spots as to take a live look into the traffic map dissimilar not affecting north from. the injury
9:06 am
accident has been reported in the safety has up to two lanes blocked right now, the tally will minimize data into a we advise you take one on one that's actually worse despite that we'll have any accidents traffic jam the coming of the coyote valley to one of one right inside, as i continue till, over the bay bridge toll plaza live look show that we are still backed up and drive * are holding steady at 23 minutes. heavier traffic from highways 24 and interstate 580. >>: 9 07 runoff will we come
9:07 am
back will continue to focus on the forecast and whether
9:08 am
the heat wave is just the today's thing as we ease off into the weekend.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
in the entire self and hot spot looks like lanes have reopened northbound. the rise are pretty bad the downtown san jose. expects longbow conditions the other ride an unheard. pass san jose menendez. >>: 911 m break the news coming into the newsroom the county coroner has just released the name of the pilot of the small plane that crashed in san pablo bay over the weekend 33 year-old david plumper was killed and they pulled the wreckage of the plane with his body still inside yesterday afternoon they
9:12 am
investigators believe that he was from sacramento as the plane went into the water sunday after colliding mid-air with another aircraft. mem
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
a similar course from to 80 in the south bay looks like we had to lane's originally blocked now they managed to open at least one of the lanes the traffic is still piled up all that red on your screen you'll see espy's beetroot between 20 and 25 m.p.h.. expect a pretty big delays in the south bay generally we have accident on interstate 280 i suggest 11 as an alternate route but devlin not right now. approaches and as a hammer and the the doesn't stop there is a sea traffic e interchange. the fleer ride in the south bay we look like or having another
9:16 am
. looks like it could be blocking some of the lanes better news for however those of you that want to take westbound. drive time still upwards of 20 minutes from themae into san francisco. model looks like speed stormproof closer to 1192 interchange. alive with the december fell bridge although we have cleared out the big blue delays. and as a ticket back to the traffic mess looks like anything. h looks like a pretty slow soft brown 11 heading to the airport as a look at traffic around the bay area taken it over to the weather department others can be another beautiful gorgeous day around here. pretty
9:17 am
clear skies around the area we have a few high winds overall the sunshine has the opportunity a joyous thing take a look of the temperature is right now our highest, are in the upper 90s but as of right now our looking at the upper 60s prepared it's nice out there is very warm it probably won't need a jackets today. the latter nineties expected in the south bay again were dealing with the possibility of record-breaking highs. much of the 9196 degrees in campbell. total sunshine is per have it. severs cisco's 22 degrees warmer today were talking upper 80s. 89 degrees in shanghai and napa and 90 expected and oakland.
9:18 am
sally ann ryder showed high pressures over the area. but eventually through the fourth to the days and a shift its can start to break apart that the know allow for the sea breeze ticket can the sea breezes to help regulate our temperatures until tomorrow. cooler conditions and you'll defilade notice along the coastline. my money where looking at a minor disturbance that could bring a few showers to the bay area. >>: u.n. expect this group to be paul some or because owners of a team. david geffen music industry giant open were free of sending e-
9:19 am
mail is back 4 to confirm that they have an interest in buying donald sterling's basketball team the l.a. clippers. opra is run across around $800 million to by the l.a. clippers. mr. sterling if we can't he bought the clippers in 1981 for 12 and 1/2 million dollars. another worth 800 million. consumer spending and searching the pretty good news care considering how big they economy is spending at this time. i
9:20 am
9:21 am
welcome again to retirement to have six seats on the campaign. spending too much of the data is one of four americans spend $60 on rent. is frustrated because you have the help the crisis and to the sex or homeowners get kicked out of their rooms for closure they became renters. glamorous say we got more renters some dejecta prices up. in some
9:22 am
markets cut services go boston in brooklyn in miami you have to pay 50 percent or more of your salary to afford rents. you make so much money so when your pants 60% in european 50% and then you have nothing for savings. >>: 922 reynaud will be back,
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
926 and happening right now here's video of a may day rally in using your crying is happening right now, hand side. while those crowds and the ukraine look like they're peaceful that have been reports this morning the protesters have stormed the local prosecutor's office expense. the union construction workers are picketing and. . >>: as far as other rallies
9:27 am
and there's a new rally. and city hall. here's some of the other rallies that are planned around the bay today in san jose at 3 this afternoon there will be marching from two locations and also marched on the interest section of, road. and now three games into the warrior's face the door de do or die game. plenty of sunshine and warmer weather will look good afternoon highs coming up right at the debris. --after the break. [doorbell rings]
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. i walked of the story as an nfl latexes there's like very dry heat that i can't even deal with. surfaces so was an enormous by even the we did see a high of 90 degrees today's forecast practically a carbon copy of yesterday. several cisco's arias 70 degrees upper 60s and carbon livermore right now. now future cast for shows that we will continue to see this quick warming by what 12:00. we coul see feel low 90s today. the late mayor = shattered old records back in 1996. where warm weather ahead.
9:31 am
corrigan had to or mole at kron 4 app. push alert so whenever you need to get you out the door to workers quicken always find that under mobile lab. as for traffic around the bay area were not looking at any right now. from my last report talk about and to that or north on 280 that's not the case anymore. we are seeing better conditions always open and not downtown san ave. taken a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza your stuff and still lose some of the backup. traffic is still jammed up from the freeway approached jerry >>: i tried to beef
9:32 am
professional and hopefully nobody would see my shorts when i figured it's had a u.s. social it. 93 degrees i look like a father heading to disneyland. when i got no shame because kennedy high today. you see people behind me wear shorts shirtsleeves she never or supporters of fun, this is the closest she plans to be on camera. she went inside to get herself on its coffee if you like warm yesterday's today those today's airdates if you don't like it the aura about it tomorrow will be it a cool down coming into the bay area.
9:33 am
>>: or mother bring the crowds out to the bay area waterfront. >>: out here at christie field if there's one more to describe the conditions out here it is probably spectacular is what i would say. adjutancy everyone now here are really taken in the sun parian and the people walking out, riding their bikes and all over the beach. these kids out here art making sandcastles everybody's does sunscreen nine people were wearing hats because it is of course really bright because of the nice warm temperatures. they can't recall the last time whether answer for cisco was the snakes on may 1st prepared i did hear news that the weather's gonna turn and get windy and cold
9:34 am
why we want to talk about that which is put under sunglasses and take in the sun as it is right now. live and in a moment and hopefully it's our time now with the warriors as they faced elimination if they don't beat the clippers tonight. game six against the clippers took an office 730 employeeskron 4. >>: are only halfway working out this morning there so much talk about warm weather is a cool 65 degrees inside this arena the crews are sweeping up getting set for tonight. you get all the free t-shirts that are run the arena is how the team once the fans to look tonight. they want this place tracking. of course of the warriors lose their season is over prepared.
9:35 am
glass and the warriors play care they get one game for blowing up the clippers but this clippers won game 5 easily on tuesday. obviously if we lose or on monday prepared only play at the nevada play three in the bottom have fun and make plays. understand that we need a place where were supposed to and will be our right. alright this is the warriors 82nd home here in oakland. the county on offense tonight they're sick is still available and
9:36 am
there's resell tickets available on warriors that time. edison embarrassing myself all morning long rope making a couple three free throws out here. other stores are following in amortizing the warriors in the games to the clippers the nba owners advisory finance committee is holding a meeting today they're discussing the next ups of the remover o'donnell sterling. there never conference call today at this is today's that the commissioner of the silver and banning sterling for life and making him pay to a half million dollars from income racial comments. the enforced a sterling to sell the team that will acquire the support of any supporter
9:37 am
of the committee. the team
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
new york man faces the more than a dozen charges after a while crime spree that included trying to carjacked and then hang onto a speeding taxi them the suspect's mother praise the lord that she left him but had no comment about her son join in this crime spree
9:41 am
part of this was captured on video he was accused china carjack to vehicles including the sexy he was. to holders of another session need loses its footing and his legs of just dangling coming in contact with the world below. what really remaining cautious with in been very nervous that the guy that pulled the car in the left lane i was smashed them. the vehicle slowdown in traffic and he
9:42 am
successfully it carjacked a 67 year-old man crashed in the vehicle into a truck including know when including them. he said i don't know what was going on a pop tamale i was smoking weed i was mixing drugs. wall we come back work and have the continuing cter sti the..
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
ocn brze.. colstilarou. aifresnersike brezair effes en'tpprod toill e ges th cau thedors sol sinftantprayoes mo. calit hlthi... beuse kil 99. of rms thatausedorst thsour. and now u cause to frhen e a. lyl... a esh elli hom.. ..nd aealt one this high weather's hard to imagine an abuse survey in the snowpack to the nfl last time this season. they did tell much they will be a will to see the water
9:46 am
supply. a bofors shall the state's snowpack was 70% below where should of been. experts say that is still likely that will stay to thursday for normal when i get any water san supplied for the next two days its chemical down next week but for now the wave continues. minority in the '70s for places like san for cisco oakland and san jose. for the most part the sunshine has the opportunity do its thing. we will continue with this trend quick warming by lunchtime parian. now as we head into the 3:00 hour will continue to see those temperatures rise looking at the possibility of record- breaking highs some spots
9:47 am
actually almost 20 degrees warmer them what it should be this time a year. now do 9194 in santa clara. evergreen has bought at 97 degrees is convened and san jose. eighties this first drop of one country. here's a quick look at the bitter weather story high pressure dominates over the scene right now is slowly them apart after we had into the better part of the day. instead of dealing with the wins are and be dealing with the sea breeze and that's a help regulate temperatures as the head into tomorrow that time will carry on to the weekend. the looks like temperatures take a tumble of pass the day will be dealing with seasonal highs mostly sunny skies and to the afternoon by monday were looking at
9:48 am
for a disturbance that could bring a few raindrops to the bay area. as for traffic on the bay area we are monitoring a way hotspot south on 680 at all among parkway three lanes blocked right now because looks like we'll overturned dump truck. the speed slows down to 25 mi. an hour none of the lanes are open to traffic at this time. the chp and emergency crews are on the scene and we did see a slight live shot of this is a pretty bad spell so could be out there for the next couple of hours. if you're heading out the door and you don't expect delays this time morning it is pretty backed up. as for the bridges around the bay area were still don't the backup of the bay bridge however were seeing more movement for faster accuser's opposed to casting customers. ---
9:49 am
paying customers very easy conditions it doesn't matter if reusing cash or fast track this morning. hear stanley roberts with finding people behaving badly. welcome to ocean beach is beautiful sampras's go or dirty diapers and empty coffee cups and cigarette butts are someone else's job to cleanup is a place for you don't need no stinking made the suit on unit is a pair of haines ended under here's the bistro always
9:50 am
done semis of ocean beach, and it is one of the most dangerous speeches as it comes to reptiles. an adult did the lonely unless you have fans and a wet suit on every, democrats with kerr's third dropoff in the water some cases it drops arm to 68 ft. some of the, and some mourners to far out in the water the flag back into shallow waters believe and not the be something waiting don't ever turn back to the water not even for second. that also applies for medical marijuana. important to note for this there were 21 to slow boulevard all dogs must be on leashes so alike with
9:51 am
this woman is doing ocean beach offers some money things to san do when it's warm i recommend you take time to enjoy it deserves to be safe and don't forget to read the instructions for a return long before you actually arrive at the beach especially on a windy day way almost forgot not all dogs can swim so keep that mine wirepulling in the water ocean beach stanley roberts crime 4 new spirit through us, they often say,
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protean been misled the reno morning covered in the warriors' game tonight and some didn't shouldn't publish jumpers are earlier
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