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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 2, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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forget their. is able to wrestle the ball away from its rya but not before she suffered major injuries. chin lacerations the back of her neck her skull was torn share scratches on her face likely the dog did not get a hold her ear. it was blood and everything around it. >> : the dog belongs to carla hills was taking the dog out for a walk and the dog saw the kids playing in the neighbor's yard that's when they thought the pound the ball got away from her. >> : i called the police i called the humane society and said to them on not leaving until they get here to take the dog away. i would never leave after my dog acted out. i've never see my dog scene that my dog act like this. he's always playful
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one a double play on you. the playful to >> : the both agreed is only one thing to do the dog is going to be put down. >> : that all the dog have ripped the opportunity to have that happen again. ever to have that say that. you can never know what dog is thinking it can only anticipate his actions and try to make sure you can't when the accounts. what >> : justin to dogs and bread would have been declared potentially dangerous animals by contra costa l services to apparently got away from their owner and went on a rampage by a people who are walking their dogs yesterday. >> :
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it'll all whole story mr.. airline that was a fiery exchange in front of the home where the labrador retriever and a mass murderer escape trade other of the dog's owner are dealing with the husband of a woman but the dogs attacked his wife was dead in the face another person was bit in the leg when they're walking their dog or the father of the dog owner says he's never seen the dog act aggressively. the dollar now has the option to attend a hearing or to the dog as dangerous path find and keep the dog in the yard or surrender the animal. >> : is alejandro police patrol school after mantle or a girl into the entry >> : at 2:00 in the afternoon a man in the light then as she wanted a ride and several
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other questions. the girl became uncomfortable and walked towards some other sins in the area. the man then drove off the description is available now at this time. >> : met woman's stabbing her suspect. suspect gabriel. the country as a step unconscious and not breathing tuesday in san jose. this is video from hulk up a partnership with abc seven. the state that the to people had known each other. >> : for sector boy who stuck away allow all the airplane bound for hawaii from san jose. politicians are pressing airport officials for answers. westport last report the teenager is in hawaii as with his father did we don't know when they will return home. today bay area congressmen erica port
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toward the perimeter. still a mystery how the boy got past security. as the boy never should unable to climb the fence undetected. but there's no evidence of any breach with unseen clothing that was ripped it not seen any suspension that have been pulled back or pull up. or any sign of the barbed wire has been messed with. we believe this is a strong athletic person who was able >> : congressman says that airport security fence does meet federal standards but video surveillance is not available everywhere he says while the matter is being addressed he's calling for a pilot program to test technology solutions which could detect when security has been breached. earlier this week california senator barbara a quiz to gsa official at a hearing in
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washington. she questions a thorough miss of the csa is review. >> : new tonight at 5 the death penalty getting a lot of attention after a botched lethal injection earlier this week in oklahoma. sightless and the status of executions here in california and some of the ultimate methods being used in these cases. first the president obama responding to the recent death penalty debacle. >> : the botched execution in oklahoma really is still causing uproar tonight. convicted killer agrippa's clinton did not die for 43 minutes tuesday after being injected with a new combination of drugs. execution was disrupted. he began convulsing try to lift his head he says something is wrong. oklahoma authorities cut scribbling to review the problem. one reason the drugs were not taking effect the convicts veins had collapsed. the problem that and notice. the president is getting
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involved calling for our review of the death penalty nationwide. >> : a discuss with others to get an analysis of what steps have been taken not just in this particular instance but more broadly in this area. i think we do have to as a society as ourselves some difficult profound questions. u.s. world only a handful of countries that still carries out the death penalty penalty and criminals. the constitution and its cruel and unusual punishment for years the preferred method has been that weasel injection. to avert a form of cocktail of drugs. there's been a series of high-profile botched executions as a result of other problem short of what each of reliable drug trade >> : raising questions your word as california's stand in
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terms of the death penalty. >> : in january 2006 convicted killer clearance rate was executed by lethal injection at 7. is california's last. the next month michael morales execution was put on hold when his lawyers challenged the lethal injection process as a violation of the eighth amendment. the courts agreed. california law violated a prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. say what happened in oklahoma shows why does the right decision. since the ruling center and has built this new execution chamber but never been used. california department of corrections is developing new regulations for a single drug lethal injection process so far the courts have not cleared the way for its use. we've had more years with no execution no progress no way of fixing
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the system that long is that this goes on the more people see the problems with their system. the more people will realize we cannot amend the system and therefore must end the system. death penalty focus. but anti death penalty group says that even if a single drug protocol approved it may be hard for california to gets hands on. and a boycott by many countries and also by many drug companies don't want their medicines front to help people to actually use to kill people the part of corrections confirms our problems with access to the drugs as far as that single drug as a concerned all supplies of san quentin that cycle has expires this month. >> : several other methods uses certain u.s. states and executing death row inmates including gas chamber using california until 1994. at this point they can choose
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the best trout river in arizona and missouri wyoming could is battling gas chamber deaths since 1976 the year the death penalty was reinstated in america. the electric chair still an option in eight states 158 people i've been killed this way since 1976. firing squad is still being used legal and oklahoma and utah and missouri lawmakers are now also considering. there been three firing squad executions and 76 inmates can still be a pain in certain places at new hampshire washington state still have as option three inmates have been hanged since 1976. >> : breaking news distend california jury ruled that samsung did in fact infringe on apple star phone patents did agree more information on this as it becomes available. and >> : coming up at 515 addresses the make while pregnant can not only affect how the
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kids but her grandchildren as well. the 530 local levels angeles clippers bursa's silence what you say about the scandal that caught him banned from life with mbas. new cdc report examines how the cut will predict how you live. >> : tinges running and '70s and '80s are now dropping stills in the '60s and oakland's entrances go mid-cities of the coastline. look at temperatures norther adding this weekend coming up in just a bit. >> :
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new report suggests that use the code can provide clues about how long you have lived subject of the new report from the cdc. says a life span might have a lot to do with where you live report looked at the five most causes of death in u.s. car disease cancer lung disease stroke injuries. not a big mystery here the sec was identifying the states where people tend to exercise more a better smokeless healthiest include colorado you taught and vermont. the healthiest states will see in the southeast was not just about in come all lloyd's of as a factor. substances that help your policies and more residents to have more likely to get out next says kittens still ahead of fire damages several homes and
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san fransico will hear from the residents who was crystallizes out the flames from spreading and civilized. ben series relief for drivers how much and how soon gasoline prices are expected to drop.
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mother's side during pregnancy not only affects the health of her baby but also the grandchildren does the according to a new study. hospital in spain studied lab mice did the gave weber is a moral to the more than the calcium intake this cause the offspring to be under way at first and as they got older the became obese and diabetic. among those boat mice gave birth the past on a predisposition to metabolic problems. researchers think that the inheritance occurs because of one gene called lax are. and dna process. the at the exercise and eating healthier can minimize or erase the risk for disease.
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>> : as mentioned earlier yesterday we did hit a high temperatures earlier in the afternoon. temperatures falling right now closer to the coastline. for instance your seventies and oakland and hayward earlier this afternoon. now dropping to 65 and 68 degrees. south bend and house arrest warrant for inland valley street even more cooling as a move into tomorrow. settler and a picture right now showing high confidence in the bay area. right here is the actually weak cold front though pushed through later tonight. tennis putting the bay area things will be even cooler tomorrow the system as offshore and continuing to push the sea breeze when is toward the bay area. as the official cast for tomorrow morning you concede a cooler temperatures 40's and 50's to start today as we move into the new our it will be a lot slower than for six is the most part by new and 50s across minefields of need out there. the fed should settings out of the test in
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numbers in your neighborhood coming up. airline developing tonight to drive you probably are feeling the pain at the pumps. >> : 30¢ up in the bay area should now relief is in sight. airline >> : desperate as a workstation for all nine. that is a great deal especially down the road is the about 45 that is around to the california average of 426. nonetheless repay about 20¢ more per gallon than we did back on april 1st. over the next couple weeks press truck prices should it continue and drop in the meantime 18 roles like and if everybody's paying for about one year it seemed you pay your bills you really notice the pain at the pump. >> : this for nine and a be cheap in the area appeared delighted to go on the seriousness of more. the drug around the depressed prices and say that's too much
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>> : the gas prices have been going up so high i have to keep my eyes open. >> : the finale of the guest is going up and at the start going toward people for ransom money. airline on july 4th but this could go on and 50¢ per hour. none >> : all this could use more money in our pockets experts believe there is what it's going down is because it's such as prices go a little bit earlier that spot typically gets prices are very high throughout the summer months and sent it down in september because his fellow spy early were right around july or so it should be the time we see the prices go down. >> :
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your average prices for regular gasoline on the bay area appearance of francisco average $4.35 a for 24 to saturday oakland for 22. still to find the cheapest prices in your area. what on to kron4-dot-com. >> : avoid paying for gas two wheels instead of for riding a bike and city streets in san francisco should be getting safer. serial >> : bike month starting today bike riders headed northbound upholstery are encouraged to ride in the opposite direction of traffic. they say the safer and as bright green buckling. it's called the contras afloat a quick. to by 6 ft. wide raise island appeared offense even lets keep their pre nice tree crews installed cost of flying on one wait stretched pit between market and grove street latest in a dream
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even after pulp become the to a street and continues best of all this product cost $2.5 million plant opens justin time for next week's back to work week. >> : children getting underfoot nothing true nothing appeared to be humorous when a mom as practicing her t w e r k. >> : here in the king of pot theory be released and lime knew michael jackson album. >> :
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man: what's the best way to prepare our kids to compete in today's economy? woman: a well-rounded education that focuses on science, math, and career training for students who don't choose college. man: and that's exactly what superintendent of public education tom torlakson has been working on. woman: because every student needs the real world skills for the jobs of tomorrow. man: torlakson's career readiness initiative is helping schools expand job and technical training across the state because it makes a difference. woman: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for the career and technical training our students need.
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seas and mom says she is practicing a dance video that caught us online for moms. only thing was her daughter tried to get in the act. other approaches from behind and boom gets pop. mounds of the video clip was too good not to share especially since she says her daughter didn't even cry. she just lay on the ground a little bit surprised. i would think so. coming up of 530 owner of los angeles clippers breaks his silence. after receiving a lifetime ban from the nba plus players react to reports that he could be very ill. >> :
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at&t mobile share value plans for business. now with a year of free high-speed internet. disgrace owner of a los angeles clippers donald sterling is expected to fight his lifetime ban from the mba the punishment for his racist comments now after almost a week of controversy catherine mckinnon reports early is breaking his silence. >> : hit sterling has topped off camera not to a magazine indicating has no inclination to sell the clippers. in regards to a woman described as his girlfriend. sterling is
5:30 pm
quoted as saying i wish i had just paid her off. he assault told the magazine that is limiting himself with interviews with barbara walters and nba. if you're expecting any deeper signs of remorse not happening at this point. meantime 80 year-old milt billionaire is been fighting prostate cancer for some time. source told that sterling as actually survived longer than many expected. the date of the initial diagnosis is not clear. so the clippers reacted that news saying that no idea. >> : a notice to allow a have a reaction to that. al is not true. >> : and that is true of thoughts and prayers are with the man born deserves to go after something like that. for seven or heard of that and truly unfortunate.
5:31 pm
sterling has been staying in the penthouse of a beverly hills office building he owns pre mba advisory committee is agreed to move forward to trying to end his what about the clippers. sterling himself out indicates he apparently will not go down without a fight. one source as you'll see the nba and the owners said the again last next week. knee- lengt >> : meantime still wearing the adviser and exchange with a reporter refusing answer questions whether she knew sterling had cancer. today her attorney claimed that she is not sexually involved with sterling. and again insisted that the conversations all part of this whole controversy may of been like by her what her friends but not her. movie
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on. where's playoff fever intensifying what a game last night right here to look at how the warriors stayed alive in sports and games 7. if your big warriors that like we are. and yet we cart + was rough. seth terry had been to hell on barely to win the game 199. how is it seen carried a three their close games wrote that could. during be in pretty decent shape. clippers kept on coming. former warrior with a light and as the lawyers lead to 2 with less than two misapplied. no final seconds for one game as barnes again will covered but it's a desperation 3 as one point game orders and bond sector is found at less than a second apply. and such like mrs. that second foul shot and game over. no set it is to be easy deciding game 7 is now tomorrows night in
5:33 pm
l.a.. a little unclear if it warriors to rain will be able to play in game 7 the injured his right knee of the play last night and this appears to have the stumbled and o'neal cut is made to hyper extend his of the locker room anythings is a dirty play. it is intentionally lards his shoulder and was midsection o'neill will make every effort to place thank anything short of got coming back or the rapture i will play. is especially needed starting center is out with ribbon jury. some bosses are the bay area today in the '70s and '80s for the most part but at the close on we were only in the low 60s daly city half moon bay in 66 in san francisco. through inland valleys so warm and the upper 80s. also a low 80s on the south bay to look at the change over the past 24 hours. down 20 degrees in daly city down 18 degrees in san francisco. 13 years cooler in oakland as 12
5:34 pm
degrees cooler in hayward. we were about five to seven degrees cooler and most other locations except for the north bay tree or a drop to 10 degrees. clinton will continue to the weekend will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. >> : to residents and firefighters recovering after fire damaged for homes and sentences goes morning trip the blaze reported shortly after 630 on a street near stanley roberts street treated on fire officials say it's the truth about three hours to get it under under control. two people taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. firefighter also take a hospital for minor injuries. officials say at least 21 people are now the those who lives in the home affects mothers of those who say it's a close call this morning. >> : two bombs destroyed two others damaged an ocean view neighborhood friday morning
5:35 pm
several volunteers of flames just a few feet away. my instinct was to get a house through jordan want her restaurant where the fire started. amid all ok but the fires and his hair. torrens father brown got out as well but ran back inside to try to fight the flames. and when i read the fine neighbor came out side so it's underwater. should it be headed be a fire extinguisher i ran back and did this by using a fire extinguisher it was not nearly enough. >> : the got he came out. and lime bieber captured the flames tullahoma as heavy smoke add to the thick fog the card for firefighters to seek to narrow streets also made the fire toft access. >> : proper access to be able to deploy. and the work. it's
5:36 pm
always a challenge. across spent friday morning giving blight is those displaced by the blaze. >> : the fires was that ever see a fire like that. mutt to be out here if i would stand 3 minutes to 2 minutes longer. what of the dead. southern california what wildfire forced evacuation of 1600 homes this is now only smoldering trade lawyer looking crews surrounding one of the hot spots about much better news the news is on the fire near rancho corona and up. also because the winds have eased this fire was fueled by wind gusts up to 70 mi. an hour. winds topping out today at 25 mi. an hour. crews now have the upper hand. robin makes significant progress. this fire has burned about
5:37 pm
2,000 a. it is 53 percent contained. firefighters say it is almost no act to flex pre >> : >> : several buildings crumbled today with people inside and it is a neighborhood in washington d.c.. one person taking the hospital inside one of the building is a strip club why the building came down is still a mystery at this point. other judges and buildings might be in jeopardy their creed >> : deadly illness makes its way into the united states for the first time ever. never before heard material from the king of pop said to be released and i knew michael jackson album. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the michael jackson recorded 31 years ago is being released a first single from upcoming escape album. he wrote recorded and
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produced love never felt so good with paul and got in 1983 and according to a rap record news release it has been " contemporized. ". the track debut during the last part area music awards last night at the announcing in march that a previous up and her address sons are original recorded between 1983 and 1999 will be released on the new album >> : will have early release on at kron4-dot-com >> : the cool off their herds after an especially near the coast we have even more cooling into a weekend wheatley's the low temperatures will go coming up a few minutes. >> :
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that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta. corona is just $11.97 a twelve pack. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. deadly virus and the middle east is to try out for the first time in the united states was known as the middle east. american who
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works as a health-care worker and saudi arabia as hospitalize an indiana tonight his diagnosed with mercs about a week ago after returning to the u.s. trade sunday arabia has been the center of an outbreak of which surfaced two years ago. 400 cases have been reported more than a hundred people died the virus has been found and camels officials don't know how it's spreading to humans. airline buckle up there to especially n.y. the cause hundred at the coast but low 60s. at the baylor in low season at 83 down 7 and on the south bay. about 1:00 this afternoon in some places then things started cooling down from there with serious winds kick king >> : 65 in oakland 75 in redwood city sunday to in fremont and still let toasty 86 degrees in livermore. the
5:46 pm
look live from our camera on the roof here does have san fransico you see it white cloud coverage here in the shop. some high clouds have been moving through earlier this afternoon and we have more trust your even see of particle from here. " all the sliding really to the north of us tonight. then order a continued see the sea breeze went up there tomorrow as a system pushes toward a son double keep fog in place tomorrow morning. elsie and fog trecker move in this is, our fairly widespread such as searching out in the more valuable to the north bay down to the south bay. what's up quickly it's a clear and i clock is back to the coast. by noon it looks like or in a season clearing up the coastline. temperature was cooler tomorrow still and always of today could force it is today and as a move into the noon hour to to to lot slower. six is the most part which is the green onion skin. of the sun is up to the north bay. those still in morceau 3:00 hour also down in the south bay.
5:47 pm
numbers are at the coastline lb up but below the upper 50s to modern and 58 and half moon bay 60 though in ocean beach 654 san fransico upper 60s and '70s down the peninsula for the space shores of sea temperatures at sixties as well. 66 in oakland and in richmond cynthia berkeley hayward same thing in fremont. inland valleys temperatures will be cooling off dramatically tomorrow afternoon or a survey. 73 creekd unpleasant and 75 in livermore on the south day temperatures also several degrees cooler. ladies that margolis and is the most part. 75 and morgan hill and finally in the north bay and los '70s as well. 72 and nappa siderophile and 70 in mill valley. the gimmicks and forecast color weather continues tomorrow especially when the coast guard for the next few days the monday that its one will see are coolest conditions
5:48 pm
this will start to gradually warm back up for the west of the workweek. the >> : amended not convicted of marley's honor it and connected again. she says her life is in limbo as she continues to fight charges that she murdered her roommate and italy back in 2007. trees was the latest commission with the agreement with cnn i did not kill my friend i did not wield a knife i did have no reason to. a man not signing the charge for seven years. my entire adult life has been weighed down and taken over by this tremendous mass mass >> : in 2009 of murdering her roommate. other court overturned the convictions
5:49 pm
of 11 she was freed and returning to her home in seattle. but earlier this year and a film score again connected of murder. in part due to the testimony of a person. incredible this morning when ready was found be unreliable when he was found to be certainly meredith's racist killer airline they consider his testimony over mine >> : ago evidence not approve >> : of phaedrus is of meredith broken body on me and i would of have traces of myself all around her court streecorpse. >> : coming up a story only see
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on kron 4 how show you how parkinson's the scope could cost you to 600 bucks. all because he failed to do one simple thing all explain in the next addition of people behaving badly. >> : this tiny gadget getting big buzz in the tech world. >> : a show you how this device could forever changed the way we interact and our computer. >> :
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this tiny gadget is getting a big buzz in the tech world. called felipe motion. allows you to control your computer with hand movements. beckham browse the web the foot through photographs and play music all just by listing a finger. >> : we learn how this does could forever change how we interact with computers. >> : a tiny device that sits
5:54 pm
under a desk and turns the area around the computer into it 3d interaction we can reach out for review with your hands. and do all things that was before not possible. and to interact in controlling a computer and hold the way. . wait agreed that grab. >> : it's tough make use between the of the space and confused in. it turns that space into >> : the fund when it challenged the plan gives the nod appeared there is an applications for four leave motion with tons of applications trading >> : places for photoshop people drop paint someone that once the child to be able to
5:55 pm
learn how to play a full with a real flow in their fingers. also it's like three molly regan mold clay with your hands for engineers but also for children that are creating art and the colts of the of clay with all sorts and perhaps pre >> : oh wait too fragile software. our hope is to take things that today are scary and acceptable meth nonassessable to >> : the current software that runs with $3. >> : one bay area school hoping to avoid controversy the school says it's hoping it did keep focus on the right message. at high-tech court case of silicon valley it at the washington with the jury decided the today about the battle between samsung an apple tree lot more news
5:56 pm
tonight at 6. to you live look outside for rv. can downtown san francisco mostly sunny skies around the bay area today but still a lot cooler than what we saw yesterday and is likely trend is going to continue to show you how low temperatures will drop over the weekend at coming up >> : this ia maof t preure pots omy. t i arnewherthe ressas athe dscho's ft maingcent. then goty nuer, ich matched e cuom f ortticinrts t. find yr clest ot mpingcent at o
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tonight at 6 anxiety is building over concerns shared with residents and pleased that the racial tensions on display at a sink a mile celebration of years ago which is see here might play out again on monday in morgan hill. the protest encounter protests are planned police fear that this might stir up trouble
5:59 pm
from outsiders. >> : the thought contention's covers a that erupted at eyes will also go to a mile back in 2010 had gone over mutt once again. again the so far fled of the american flag will be revisited. this time and hopefully will be more peaceful. >> : heated argument between kids were several incidents occurred after all handful white students were sent home for wearing american fletcher to school on sync a mile. which offended hispanic students who walk out school. the kids to war the t-shirts filed a still pending lawsuit claiming their firmament first amendment rights were violated. >> : we're supporting the court case because we believe in freedom of speech we live in
6:00 pm
the first amendment right to have freedom of speech. airlin group we the people is planning an account of protest. morgan police are on high alert. >> : increase law enforcement staff to ensure that the rights of peoples is a free speech are not interrupted. at the safety of our students and teachers and community are remaining safe. police and school officials calling that column. some rival parents are worried that a bookkeeping error to cut school monday. as a gift or nafta or about one be able to go to work and not have to worry if it's ok or not. morgan hill police also said they're in contact without of town mutt the group's with people who plan during the demonstrations putting let there be a strict zero tolerance policy for anyone who is out of line.
6:01 pm
>> : three-year-old grow recovering after being mauled by a pit bull as she played in the front yard of her home. of louisiana st. vallejo. pele suffered injuries to her head and face and neck on thursday. when neighbors people got away from its owner and charged the little girl. her father talks about what was going through his mind as the dog suddenly appeared on top of his daughter. >> : i'll think there's any reaction white >> : as was the daughter had which where meg and a jump as what you think we're not been inspected yet the move. >> : the father injured his hand and the process of pulling the 85 pop year-old daughter the people now in custody of vallejo animal control services the dog owner says that she'll have the dog down for the safety of
6:02 pm
others and abroad. this attack comes after the port tack to dogs and redwood. two separate incidents involving a black labrador retriever and amassed a share paid in the dogs attack to people were walking their pets please have the cage when animals. today that all services announce the two dogs do need criteria to be considered digital's the dogs the core team for the next nine days as investigators determine whether the owners will 50 charges and if they will have to surrender the dogs or pursue other options. many simply say is behind the murder of san jose mother is being interested investors say this man 22 year-old gabriel stabbed 28 year-old teresa and her apartment. other of three was found by her husband in the middle of the afternoon with but on tuesday. police say the suspect and the victim did know it one another but they are still trying to determine a motive. marks the 13th
6:03 pm
homicide of the year. places at leandro on alert after a student reported that a man tried to lure her in a van. as it happened on wednesday authorities say a middle school stood was walking home on williams street on orchard avenue when a man driving a white band asked whether she won a ride. she said no the man took off and after the girl what start walking toward other nearby students. authorities say that city police will be providing extra patrol checks in and around the school area. we're going to have the very latest in the search for the driver coming up on the news tonight at 8:00. >> : usx of the $10,000 now being offered as a reward after deadly hit-and-run. the crash happened saturday morning at investigators face 68 year-old william was walking and telegraph when a car hit him please to have a suspect description and are still looking for any evidence that this could
6:04 pm
>> : this side we should ask ourselves some difficult for farm questions around these issues. >> : president roh obama calling for our review of the death penalty after a botched execution and oklahoma. execution was disrupted in the death row convict started convulsing following a lethal injection he died later from a heart attack. does recall the incident deeply troubling and they say the government will be looking at death penalty procedures all around the country. here in california the death penalty remains on hold. in 2006 the courts ruled that the state's lethal injection process created the risk of cruel and unusual punishment which is a violation of the eighth amendment. since that time the state has constructed a new execution stranger so far it has not been used. the state has been working on a new single drug of lethal injection process but
6:05 pm
so far has not been cleared by the court. >> : is a complete stalemate in california continues to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year. but a statement that is not working the is broken beyond repair. so i'm hopeful people will put an end second currently has 46 and then it's on death row. the rotary paint >> : samsung pay apple over to infringements. and apple have to $158,000 to samsung with >> : a court apple argued that samsung copy software features of the i phone to catch up and the smart phone market. samsung cut shirt
6:06 pm
covered that i say apple is using the legal system to thwart competitors. this is just the latest legal battle between the two high-tech giants. >> : big weather changes over the bay area temperatures took a major tenet of 15 degree plunge from yesterday for example today the high was about 66 degrees in san francisco as the top view of your screen right now. level outside and below the video from yesterday when high was 84 degrees to quit stranger more on the drastic drop in temperature jet >> : the high temperatures around 1:00 the pictures started to plummet as series winds kicked in. silly and high temperatures were quite a bit lower than what we saw yesterday and then rally is still cooler than yesterday bought on a warm sun and the upper 80s. the fourth saturday in sunnyvale trip a one in fremont. the closest 62 and at half moon bay in
6:07 pm
66 s pam mentioned in downtown san francisco. a bigger drop coesite zero with i s to make it 20 degrees cooler in daly city 18 degrees cooler and san francisco. of 13 degrees and oakland to down 10 degrees and richmond down in the south bay is a decrease cooler in san jose. your 70 degrees cooler in concord and livermore. we're going to continue cooling trend as we move into the weekend. >> : tanagers critical in some spots are not like the coastline. close it sees as we look toward $11 lower level of the breeze. cooling trend continues this weekend we have some onshore winds see grins when skidding in the sector and the about more and images coming up. coming up 06 accomplished students fighting for their place at uc-berkeley the changes they are demanding with hopes that they will when they call school there are model. plus well well solution as to go bay
6:08 pm
position has for security concerns with the peseta was the airport. next you tell of the clippers owner controversy down sterling opening up the comments he made about the alleged offense. >> : [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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for some time last night the warriors rebel the pullout of bustling game beating sterling's clippers at oracle 199 set career leading all scorers with 24 points where is the blues to a knee injury. the " supply tomorrow night in game 7. the size of game will be in l.a.. gary r. will weigh in on a warriors chances that's coming up later in the show. coming up tonight at six airports security puts a stop to one woman's attempts to fly high. how much marijuana, authorities found
6:12 pm
packed away.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
makati district attorney's office has a prostitution must. the parlors were actually a front for illegal activity including sex trafficking pending and money laundering. total 13 now) 18 people under arrest 47 build the business practices and conduct undercover investigations to catch the culprits. there's a and success of investigation undercover investigation tremendous amount of surveillance looking at patterns and business of looking at much time people spend. the parlors were in oakland san leandro upset lorenzo and a word suspects will be in court on tuesday morning. airline passenger under a separate story say she tried to take all this 81 lbs. of
6:16 pm
marijuana in her lot pitch to open an airport 26 year- old female is try to fly from oakland to jackson mississippi this morning to discover the are one and her checked luggage. passenger was arrested by the county set shirts office on kron on charges and has not been released. call for federal tests of new technology to address a carrot securities concerns that all the nation's airports. today the double dare, a democrat at the san jose airport as her 15 year-old settler boy jumped the fence crawled inside the wheel well of a plane bound for how i treat teenagers survive interest firestorm trip over airport security. this is video from helicopter partnership the b.c. 7. he confirms that san jose airport buses do need a federal standard but i say there should be technology solution with surveillance.
6:17 pm
look at a number of them already and the from radar right art to motion detectors as well as surveillance cameras. says sen so hate san jose airport as i have cancer cameras montreal its property has been assured that they are addressing the problem. barbara raise also some concerns this week and hearing in washington. firefighter into residence recovering tonight after a fire damage for homes in san francisco's morning. some six smog reported just after 630 this morning. and bradstreet fire officials say at least 21 people now homeless. one resident says he is just happy to be safe. >> : the fire was that caught arsine a fire that the group mutt to be alive. >> : the american red cross said the morning and of like
6:18 pm
goods and help in residence are now displaced. fire officials say it's at more than three hours to get the fire under control. >> : christmas in progress on the fiery california fire now 67 percent contained. up from just 10 percent as raid is started on wednesday near rancho cucamonga. enforce the vacillation of 1600 homes. the law is not nearly as strong as they had been. that's been really helping firefighters on the all-time miles an hour to 70 when the fire started. the department is concerned about tight to acres of dry grass and shrubs. as a look at the current conditions for the bay bridge toll was the clear skies and a lot cooler the sea breeze kick them. the recurrence of the
6:19 pm
jersey artists '60s and '70s but only one aide agreed out livermore things cooler out there today high cloud coverage is passing through right now is part here or shall we pushing through the next few hours. but keep bargains coming off the ocean and blowing towards the day. of the to go that far trecker and more money. see father pushing in the livermore valley. wilson's chief of the north bay also done the south bay in a clear rather quickly 9 on the consent. summers coesite tomorrow afternoon. taylor entablatures though it more closes' other ticket 56 is are they sort warm rhonda's '60s now hold a summit but will seek more the seventies which is the of here on the screen. and the 3:00 hour. temperatures in your neighborhood setting in the south bay city to in san jose 70 amount to plot out. 73 moscow's and in
6:20 pm
campbell. for each day in the valleys as far as see the biggest drop tomorrow. appraise today upper senate finance jackson leave for unconquered is bay shoreline drop even more to borrow in the upper 60s 66 in richmond hayward at the cosigned only in the upper 56 of for an ocean beach is a series there pre 54 and the house staffers go low seventies for the north bay. with the extended forecast and cooler up there tomorrow and sunday and into monday actually that all your clothes state. and things will start warm back up gradually to address the workweek. hitting low king frederick the floor of a world horrified by the mass kidnapping in nigeria to under 76 schoolgirls of now say face kidnapping about two weeks ago that's even more than they initially thought. hundreds of citizens have been processing in several
6:21 pm
cities they say security forces have failed to rescue the girls a lot of pressure on the nigerian government. defense minister of insisting what they will continue the search 53 of the young girls managed to escape. nigeria fighting a five year old uprising by islamic extremists. in california they're now getting involved to plan a protest in saturday. one of 3000 nigerians living and california. >> : eshelman is connecticut's high school student accused of killing a girl because she refused to go to promise him in court today. 16 year- old chris question. standing with his attorneys report say he plunged a knife with 60 mayor sanchez of the house will. after she said no to him and died in a school hallway. he's been charged as an adult. clusters describe him as a
6:22 pm
free class clown could boat suffered sometimes with depression. today the attorneys as the teenager is showing signs of active psychosis. and surveillance video shows a group of people be a man outside a gas station in florida because they were attacking him because he was wearing a dress you see the black and white dress badly beaten by several men. because of the dress. police reports of the attackers used offensive term for homosexuals and investigators say the two suspects identified will face simple battery charges. i clear why the state attorney's office has decided there's not enough evidence to consider this a hate crime. >> : pay at the pump a number of will for some prez's top dollars and 20¢ as of this is now worse are expected to drop drastically details on when that is supposed to happen coming up. and up
6:23 pm
next glyn's of nasa'ssuit which is out of this world. people are stuc in very old habits
6:24 pm
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nasa man stopped manned missions it still does the lease space suits last month asked the public to vote for their favorite three news to design and looking at the winter. the same day to a cost over $43 million to develop a will be made with three printing technology the system being tested this detail lomonosov parlor boss and the east bay. then the movie director quentin cat turned to know the feeling after details are released. and sickert's how he plans to even. >> :
6:27 pm
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here in san leandro police
6:30 pm
department investigating two possible cases of attempted child abduction both involving young girls prefer since occurred on wednesday afternoon when 11 year-old girl was approached by a possible white or hispanic male and white van the second incident occurred when there is a morning after 15 earl earlier bus stop was approached by a man and his sixties driving a red or burgundy vehicle. in both cases the girls said dell and ast to get in the car anyone with information is asked to contact san leandro police department. an alameda county all large prostitution boss and all 18 people are now under arrest. truck with things like pandering and kept the nation. district attorney's office shutdown of 13 parlor's saying they were really just fronts for prostitution. defendants will be in court on tuesday >> :
6:31 pm
here the life of three year- old girl playing in her front yard when she is essentially this viciously attacked by the careful. her father sprung into action to save his little girl's life. ship less rich as a backdoor next step is torn. dog's owner says that at this point she is convinced the only one thing to do. the dog is going be put down. the tally remains on hold all state develops on a new procedure of lethal injection which the courts will sign off on. less time california executors and anyone with the x lethal injection was in 2006 freed in the meantime president, tuesday bosh touched execution at all, in a steely troubling is going to have the attorney-general look into it. and contra costa county bar police have
6:32 pm
arrested two suspected like thieves and a sting operation that happened earlier this week. they say that when the suspect has been involved in a number of past crimes like the of crimes but at this point the names have not been released. here in morgan hill committee and police force are bracing for what everyone here is hoping the will be peaceful to go a mile. self-described patriot group is planning a protest here at high school of calling controversy that erupted on of the may back in 2010 was students angrily crashed over american fletcher adds warm presence in streetcar protests is also planned elsewhere in monday. please are concerned about out-of-town motorcycle groups and others contend on crushing the party say there will be zero tolerance policy for any lawbreakers.
6:33 pm
pay at the pump should eat less military to so i now average insult california's 426 at the gas station for nine which is right here because popular people are shot in the state's good news is because it sought the spike in prices early it could see it go down earlier than normal. much less forcefully to see give it such as 50% 50¢ less per gallon. they should go down normally they are down around december july is a great time especially because people hit the rose family vacation. >> : big weather story tonight big cool down today as going to get even cooler and the weekend high temperature is largely in the '70's 80's still even in the operators with a coast 84 in sunnyvale and san jose 81 in fremont but close to the coast special emmy goes on
6:34 pm
tempters significantly cooler and a low 60s house about a 20 degree drop as it did exactly quiddities: daily city 18 degrees cooler sentences of 30 degrees cooler in oakland downtown hayward and richmond's boundaries. >> : increasing sea breezes afternoon will have more fog out the door tomorrow morning effect fairly widespread by 6:00 hour even of the livermore valley of the north bay down to the south does look like it will be clear a little faster out there tomorrow. by 9:00 at the coast even by noon set sunbreaks and the chorus line. so there be cool though in the south bay to the cheers only low seventies 72 in san jose sunday and called autocad 73 moscow as it for the east bay lynn dally locations what we're to the biggest drops are only a low seventies he specialized in the upper 60s at the house only in the upper 50s
6:35 pm
although it will hit 60 degrees in ocean beach briefly 54 and san francisco and the '70s for the north bay. but next and forecast a clear trend dramatic: trend continues into tomorrow. even cooler through monday. it we will see warm and very slightly for the less the work week. today stands to want to stand uc-berkeley and other schools for the university of california system held a demonstration in berkeley it would sit there demanding that the use of the system double the number of minorities enrolled. the students say latino black and arab students are under represented at the university system this comes as tougher standards have gone white students who weapon qualified to call for everyone to join their fight california says that have equal access for higher education treated alike in other cities as last year is good for us. researchers at one university say it's simply not looted answer can
6:36 pm
really make you more productive. is it when people laughed their brains are activated and the same way as when people meditate. i treated more of a type of brain waves that makes you more alert better able to remember things even better at solving problems. other studies indicated the laughter can do everything from burning calories to lawrence stress the bottom- line they say find what makes you laugh and make it part of your daily routine. this just a new development in that meat processing plant in petaluma. as the first reported back in february of retrofitting company was threatened shutdown accuse a soldering is selling disease dairy cows. now cnn is risk exclusively reporting employees there would hyde warning signs of cancer and a cow meat by trimming away diseased parts. then the use of fake stamp of approval or place had so sick cows with
6:37 pm
healthy animals. as you may remember where nearly blind 9 million lbs. of meat for much of the company was recalled all across the nation. >> : herbal tech has been giving a lot of buzz like which is what really set show you something very unique pillar double tight space. these are drumheads. 94 real instruments and your clothes can't let you be a one-man band creighton and tonight at 8 of shoe this of my tech report. >> : report. >> : safeway knows you don't want to fly all over town to find the best deals. that's why they have lots of ways to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards. this week, bite into a juicy, seedless watermelon. they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta.
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terry prince william spotted at a restaurant and memphis tennessee thursday night the principal portion of this reportedly for a washer and a longtime friend get house wedding which will be held on saturday his marrying at
6:41 pm
holiday inn hotel terrace was wilson who is from memphis. filmmaker quentin is suing over all the strips. the director refile lawsuit against website which is called dr. on thursday setting up a link to the leaked screen had for the movie called hateful eight. last month a federal judge dismissed his original turn their seeking more than a million dollars for the alleged copyright infringement. this reminder you can get all your entertainment news on kron 4 insider says the 7:00 p.m. followed by entertainment tonight at 730. coming up in sports garry lovely wife elise yet open up the kron 4 melt back into your criticisms. 49 of the decision on pass rusher alden smith and what a game last night by the lawyers as the team keeps the season
6:42 pm
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loans meth is too good what you think 49ers picked up from 2015 today tomorrow will cut off date and 49ers signed in their work and business with you beyond this year for about $10 million and that's what they did. smith is are sent up an artichoke this year and now 2015 as well. this makes the smiled this guy suber don talented been in numerous covenants regarding law enforcement. but when your that good we don't turn our backs on family members all this will stick around for a list warriors called cabinet
6:46 pm
did little talking today this first-time speaking about his incident in miami hit has been a prayer breakfast for the mayor his home town of turlock. here is our the senate to put out that i did something wrong i feel like altman the i've been blessed because you change my way of thinking has made me stronger reports king up the cabinet was being investigated for sexual assault this rating is " one more time hard relate to a 26 rolled god is going to be worth about hundred million any time soon. but if you met my way of thinking and you worry a lot across some don't trust anybody anymore that might be the wrong way he says well, to myself out of these come rushing situations because now i'm pretty famous then a hit on the slumping but if he's the general way of thinking by
6:47 pm
their own trust anybody ever again because the pullout our story. the lobbies and then follow but like all those of the it is too good. where is the goddess ishtar night in los angeles south and terry was any sharper last appeared both teams hit the wall. but the tide well. the clippers warriors bolster shot under 40%. and i stand the game less than a second of curry miss the last free thought from purpose to as much as the clippers to call timeout and shot. >> : trend have a good balance and weather in the storm. as a notes going to be a game or run. summer is going home tomorrow. that's the unfortunate part and it would of done everything i could possibly done to advance but there and into
6:48 pm
another good team. the feeble even the odds cuppers favored by 7 on their home floor still lower on jermaine o'neill hilly the game last night when glenn big baby davis pot into his right knee x-rays negative o'neill underwent an mri today which did reveal a bone bruise in his kneecap. seems to be true if you can walk you can call and try to give your team a few minutes especially at center warriors already in bad shape because all that has not played. there'd as ma 9730 >> : t of on the playoffs. king's off to the playoffs >> :
6:49 pm
talk abut major mistake this guy is hacked randolph what is he thinking you can't throw a punch in the n.b.a. he that he punched the sky in the jaw and now for my office he will not play in one of those seven games. pam was talking about again 7, this in oklahoma city of this will go without arguably their best player. sharks gathered at their practice facility spate of the sharks. alicea we've been to sharks game. yes we of saw the play in l.a..
6:50 pm
>> : core of their groups stepped up and performed a really high level and my disciplines as much a great as it was i going. we had a better defense to get it about his see better though to beat them. for addition to our fans this is morning are stretched as oakland and on the emotions are raw to and the plant runs deep and resonant and look for all time. or return as expected this is a week dominated by down sterling news. or an upgrade ago pop on the old town tonight. ready to go. >> :
6:51 pm
itever holdsy bo hosge. itay seem stnge,ut pplereally c. it tats with respect. unke other latives, ralaactites ter toork in 3 ws - drating, itayeasi, ansofting,plereally c. it tats with respect. unketo ulockoursystem nural. so y havpeacof mind fromtarto fish. wha's t toove. 'alsohe #1 doctor commded brand. unketo ulockoursystem nural. so y havpeacof mind fromtarto fish.
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6:54 pm
as his very public lost, smile for the next few seconds lot of. james i don't think a officer donald sterling will truly change the nba climate all our other owners will just be smart. how long to tie this in effect telling you but i think there's racism everywhere and this not trying to satisfy all not talking out of my cells year but walking on the street, it tends to have the break and.
6:55 pm
>> : was playing in college you walk in places with a teammate racism is just everywhere it will certainly put out a gigantic noticed any owner no matter how you feel you keep it to yourself. sterling and it's a mistake he pay off the mistress. >> : the clippers and wars should not have played sunday it was an overreaction by you would you walk up the line if i felt the my heart one of our group a of the group said all but a loyal bloc not know but if somebody said or find new the owners of the company said its of
6:56 pm
like a joke. and said well i really don't care for yugoslavian honor people who are married to young black woman. i have a hard time taking a check. some of scurry paul dixon walked off the about boy cutting one hurt them. >> : the stars can always aware of that i think that could have. >> : sterling is >> : shoe or visor for the first against. i had to take of the visor for the third game. i'm just fascinated by this double from the standpoint of inferiors difference but good god sought 50 year difference. >> : rijn pleased to say triplane series lead >> :
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
sterling's health is suddenly an issue. >> battling cancer. >> battling for life? the latest on the reported cancer battle. >> i feel sad for a racist. >> and one on one with oprah. >> and then -- >> our night with music's biggest stars, rihanna, j-lo, and what is going on with miley's bizarre new video? >> seven bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms. >> in a $48 million mansion. >> is that who i think it is? >> partying with 12 women. >> setting the reality world on fire. >> what makes you say that? >> and then it's michael's turn. can sharon osbourne find him
7:00 pm
love? >> i have my work cut out for me. the "insider" together with yahoo. >> a new twist, the embattled clippers owner is apparently battling cancer. some are wondering if his health could affect the nba's mission to oust him from the league. >> this is just the latest surprise in a scandal that gets more complicated by the minute. >> we learned overnight that donald sterling is battling cancer. >> his health is suddenly an issue. >> i didn't know it until right now. >> no one deserves to go through something like that. >> a source telling them he has had prostate cancer for an


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