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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 2, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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got caught. to lower a 11 year-old girl walking home from art school will show you how you can help turn him in. evil a decisive game 7 between warriors and clippers and for the first time are hearing from l.a. race is over. >> : + but affects water out one of the book countries must to see us a little luck is not on his side tonight. >> : breaking news on selling new allegations against suggesting a bay area processing plants and other of employees knowingly but shouldn't cows in preparation for sale. graf has details on this developing story >> : we first put about the retrofitting corp. back in february and a shutdown accused of slaughtering and selling disease dairy cows. now cnn reporting employees there would hyde warning signs of cancer in the
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economy by trimming away diseased parts and then using a thick stack of approval or placing how it has thick house with healthy animals. azeri may remember nearly light 9 million lbs. from rancho was recalled nationwide cnn now meeting employee kids the feds started surveying a plot to >> : enjoy reportedly by disease to cows and soldering them were inspectors were not on the premises. it's unclear which employees were involved. it is a female federal inspector assigned to plant a header grins romantic relationship with the form and the company according to the company. it's not sure how anything at been impacted by the process scout there's no indication that anyone became sick after eating meat from rancho. is developing we will continue to follow the story on line in its latest information on any time by visiting our
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web site and at your picture on the got donald r. mobile app under mobile device. after six month investigation a master prostitution bus took place today in alameda county. arrests were made businesses shutdown after the committee complained about the comings and goings and more than a dozen miss of colors. >> : such parlor's named white family the spot oriental healing center and crystal spot. this attorney says these places turned out to be nothing more than a house of prostitution. airline the parlors in oakland and hayward san leandro and san lorenzo. many have been open for years all of them should down with warnings signs in the windows. the d.a. says over 400 local state and federal agencies served 42 search warrants on friday morning across the bay area after extensive investigation. tremendous
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amount of surveillance looking at patterns of business looking at how much time people spend on cnn and then undercover operations. >> : 18 people now under arrest majority of them female. total of 111 criminal charges for all defendants including pimping and pandering tax evasion and labour code violation. to these establishments that clemson the softballers arnelle spots are set his boss had become an ever increasing problem in on a county along with our surrounding counties. the eight note revealing 51 or two or four for stored at the establishment so far they do not face any charges. they're sending a strong message that this type of all illicit behavior is not acceptable and our community. and we will investigate the arrest and
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prosecute offenders. defendants will be in court on tuesday and the d.a. said if the trip was billed as any money that's been obtained illegally bail will be denied. >> : police investigating the accident in san jose one person died and others suffered serious injury at no. firstly an ad in drive this effort and. police believe that when the cars appeared to be going at high rate of speed shortly before the crash. it's and i san leandro police department is investigating a pair of possible kidnapping attempts. in both cases targets reportedly were young girls. live tonight in the east bay with latest details >> : earlier this week and two separate occasions aldermen said to rain the girls are feasible case is now felt san leandro police department is extremely concerned assault both incidents occurred in the same neighborhood within 24 hours. this incident
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occurred wednesday afternoon. according to the san leandro police department 11 year-old girl was walking home from john muir middle school when of what or hispanic male and white van approached her on here on williams street. he/she decline left the area and return home. this incident occurred around 730 this morning on thursday. just a few blocks from the first incident. 15 year-old girl was on her way to school and a bus stop when she approached by a man and a red or burgundy colored sports vehicle did cauchy he describes the '60s and gray hair. neither white and hispanic male. the cinnamon asked a person if she let the red school as well. we all of the two incidents are connected. and this is part but it will offer a full tilt for the doctors treat
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>> : their are asking people to talk to the children about 50. none the less easily encourage people to educate their children at this final compares and if you are approached by someone or and then it nearest adult trees >> : back live now anyone with information possessed was set pot suddenly entered pleas department. new tonight at 81 of the moat sertorius by thieves in contra costa county coroner barkley's they arrested the suspect in pleasant hill. >> : based like operations that which is due to curve. airline don't card, board stilbite that's the message of dissent. simple the point. are police officers to lie for by thieves as make it gotten boston to people during a sting operation. it can take a bike and doors and find it. michael hayes st. that the chair get a bit like on
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tuesday. a bike that had been put there been locked up by officers. one suspect had in the afternoon and then in the morning. little did they know they're being watched and tracked. attended to flee on market >> : if the cable law of the roadway. no secret of thieves like luck in the credits could be a quick and not just a lot. but the peso's woes suspects in this pull the whole case, a cable what similar to this in less than 10 seconds. but me repeat that it took them less than 10 seconds to finish the whole job. but for some of the take a bike. >> : officers tell me about the suspects were caught on surveillance video charges so have not been filed their names have not been released officers tell me that this thing you can tell it redone as soon run like a troop pop bust
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airline passenger is under arrest after a 46 to time to take 81 lbs. of marijuana in her luggage attending flight out of oakland airport. his face was twisted steel female was from a flight from oakland to jackson mississippi this morning to discover the marijuana authorities in the classic bags in the suspect's the texas some cases. murdoch was arrested by all metical nature sophistry a three year-old girl is recovering to write after she was mauled by people. she played in the front yard of her home on louisiana street and the layout. >> : kelly suffered injuries to her head and neck thursday when neighbors to pull away from the daughter and charge a little girl. the father talk about what was going to respond when the dog appeared to on top of his daughter. this mutt daughter is a giant dog. there's no
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reaction can be terrified and when yet reacted with drama and a jump in and out your where >> : its move. the liberals father injuring his hand in the process of pulling the 85 lb dog off of his daughter. tippled now in the custody of vallejo animal patrol services. dogs owner says that she will have the dog but down for the safety of others and the neighborhood. koppers owner belle sterling entered the the punishment for the races, as he aged now after almost a week of controversy sterling is breaking his silence bottle selling talk off-camera to a publisher of the store magazine indicating he has no desire to sell the clippers. and regarding the woman described as his girlfriend these sterling is quoted as
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i i wish i had just paid her off. he is limiting himself to them under views with barbara walters and nba meanwhile the 80 year-old billionaire has been battling prostate cancer. sterling has actually survived longer than many expected. the date of his initial diagnosis is not yet clear. as far as the woman goes to support advisor sureties answer questions whether she knew sterling had cancer. giddiness bottle surliness fighting prostate cancer pre >> : today her attorney claims she was not sexually involved with sterling and again the taped conversations at the heart of a cut this controversy may of been leaked by one of her friends. but not her. coming up the interview you have to see and she's a the
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spoken out her bizarre interview with barbara walters the same person that donald sterling plans to speak with city auto and barbara walters just said, had the interview for you tonight at 832 >> : 1020 degrees cooler in some spots in see the traditional bay area fog king of the area she's neurologist has likened weather. the to the tropical things done as evidence tomorrow today as you mentioned a big drop in the tent cities are tendered shares for in the '70s and '80s for the most part. it's up for the coastline where is even cooler. we were still pretty warm with in the cost for inland dollars and the upper 80s this afternoon 88 antioch and deliver more. on the south bay also silly eighties 84
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in sunnyvale and san jose. king look at the change over the past 24 hours per found that the clause 9320 degrees cooler in 18 degrees cooler in downtown san francisco. also down 10 degrees in richmond snap up. 13 degrees cooler in oakland it was eight degrees cooler in redwood city and san jose. the dimension is going to cool even more in the weekend. to look at those numbers coming up. also had said eight local congressman to go hard look at security unsettles a airport and you may be surprised at what he finds. later in the broadcast treasured twist of in a year old boy just getting to protect his little sister for industry next one of the three women kidnapped and held hostage in cleveland for years as making a bold move for her future. the share with you had. >> :
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since three young women escaped alive after being held captive and a house in cleveland and family members of their convicted rapist and aerial castro say that they are paying a price for his crime. reporter chris talked with koestler's cousin about how the family name is making him a target. we'll have a blame to want what person does. when michelle is that the house of horrors' a year ago for many with catherine and a nightmare began. of people going up to me and wanted me up because of this. and last year david and yell that made fun of and even kicked out of business as. better to sell its and that's if those related and is a distant cousin for that reason they asked if her to leave. they're not polite when they ask david went to
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high school of area the to never really talked. but david d. grow up with the father could and says its offer is the current trade that is so close to group together. i can on this and how a person can turn out like this. it consists of any person had no of was coming to a been shocked. no. ariel castro is responsible for his actions. but members of the tester family continued to get the consequences trade populist upbringing up to or do want to see happen. i do want people stopped bringing up to me a suffered about protecting other people or what would it assist listen enough's enough as far as the rest of family of
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dealing with this. the county coroner in cleveland says the castro committed suicide while in prison after years found guilty of holding the three young men and women captives show might is looking for new start planning a change her name to lily. video which is what is our fault about how people magazine recently chose the name the surfeit of far and it symbolizes renewal. and go with her new life. it's a memoir about funding the trip said the polish later this month. it here more from her tonight see her new you interview and 11. but cuts in a move in the day. the fun the camera sfo. is to let right there. the san mateo bridge can print all cloud cover that you see it there. temperature is really quite chilly up there right now. special compared to evening
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prior 54 degrees and a half moon bay today 57 richmond 59 in hayward 63 in fremont. right now do have this very weak cold front week's race theory can't really tell but there's no rain associated with it as there is having a high cloud coverage and seabees winds are being wrapped up with this is giving us that fog at the coast. tomorrow morning with what is going to be fairly widespread. its buses o'clock hour all the way in the livermore valley ups to the north bay down to the south bay clearing a little quickly by 9:00 it look like things will be largely cleared it to seal but more of the coastline. temperatures cooler than what we saw today does of benetton is cooler sunday and autos and tunes and as a sinister in moscow unless for inland valleys such as drug about 15 degrees 73 and antioch 75 in livermore upper 60s for these bay
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shoreline of the coaster for the upper 50s for the most part the g-7 ocean beach to see 47 is as close '70s for the north bay. but the extended forecast even cooler out there tomorrow and back dramatically cooler in the end. clinton continues sunday monday but will start the warm slightly to the rest of next week. >> : and bay area couple getting started already of the devastating blow to that why they are hoping for your urgent for their generosity. >> : controversial took on her boss down sterling did you hear some of what she has said. >> : bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone.
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tech style. these pans offer the where to play and hear more than 100 types of musical instruments. this is really different tonight our tech reporter gabe introduces you to a very unique start up in debate. is turning close into musical instruments. this is where all tech to the extreme the jump pence king gives everything you need to turn your closet to a concert, you. what people realize it's not such totally awesome color red. another is a way to bring that into reality and take what you create. and then you can share it with other people. the census strips of very thin and light weight of places overclothes are under close and pants and shirt and jacket reverie want the sensors have to
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triggers each would that have 100 different musical instruments and a tap them. we can wear the small portable speaker to share skills of the world or jam out other drums or hold a private obsession with yourself is the half was paid protestors a big requite reaction in public >> : a lot conclusory been and then to deny the earlier could not file its a real product. >> : enhanced features and recording sharing could turn out is fun but i look dorky at a not very musical. let's show local people use them. japan's should be on the market up during the summer. >> : status to the of the first time tonight coming up cited
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it 30 much the same but the relationship with bell sterling and his current state of mind days after being banned from the nba. and hollywood mega star banned for life from a big time this casino a catholic is accused of doing in a huge amount of money that the the center of the scandal. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. teenager is as a security fence you may actually be surprised by the congress
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then finds out about security there. later curvet sacrifice and a year old boy makes try to save his 12 year-old sister from all ripest >> : and his own as confidante his best friend his >> : and next the one behind the fall all alike clippers owner donald sterling goes on the record for the first time this in the scandal. significantly cooler though with less red planet is cooler it's a response more on the big clown king appeared [doorbell rings]
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a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child. news continues now. nba the woman behind the controversy
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the plot of fear and l.a. clippers owner donald sterling empire as speaking of the first time since the scandal erupted. as in all this make the nba a decision to suspend the dolls sterling who is the longest owner in the nba. holding a team in the nba decided to ban him for life from any nba facility any nba games he cannot even be involved and his own teams to business affairs king also fined $2.5 million his billionaire however much of that involved in real estate. exclusive interview with nbc's barbara walters said the on no opens up about her relationship with sterling and his current mental state in light of the restraint that went public on line around the world. with a lot of questions about the is not her real
8:31 pm
and it's someone that we didn't know until last week when the story broke almost a week ago she's been walking around with this mask reporters are just flocking to her aunt's the one now lucretia's there was no about models sterling the one no more about the relationship to watter no more about the recordings that sit gunwale admitted to recording but she says she did not like them to the media. now she's sitting down barbara walters for the bombshell interview. and lime >> : but as the state of mind of him right now. confused >> : i think he feels very along naturally supported by those around him tormented that motion a traumatized you're with him so he's not alone.
8:32 pm
with the minister of where i want to help him. to come to his own rescue. he tell you what your relationship with down sterling is. mr. stirling's right hand on men. and his best friend has silly rabbit. as i call myself. >> : everything has its purpose and how russia could answer that question sometimes to keep on asking myself how do
8:33 pm
i the truth is that how and why doesn't matter anymore and it's something that needed to be brought to light i think sometimes were forced into situations and circumstances in which we have to choose to sit by. and everything and everyone is tested and mr. stirling has the intestinal. are you list all sterling. i love them. are you in love with. i i love him like a father figure. of them like a father figure. bell sterling is is is '80s your
8:34 pm
in your thirties and 31. in a beautiful young woman so not sure what i understand the relationship. of mr. stirling's personal assistant. white said on his right hand. on his wing man was there to understand. is in the doll sterling should apologize. absolutely. he discusses with them. willie apologize only god knows. >> : that interview lasted it has mostly is spoke openly about the man that she recorded saying the racist remarks she says sterling agreed to we recorded that much is up for debate. barbara says that sterling declined to appear on 0.20 after initially saying she would
8:35 pm
talk about the scandal that broke this time last week. other news what questions still for the 15 year-old sector boy who stuck away and never will were all of a plane bound for why from san jose. politicians pressing efforts officials drew less support stop do is still in honolulu and has been reunited with his father. don't know when they're expected to return home. as the deal from heart out of the partnership with abc seven news of the san jose airport today. where bay area congress toward the perimeter of the airport. he says it's still a mystery of how the team got past the security fence and said he should never have been able to climb the airport fence undetected. there's no evidence of any breach any clothing. that was ripped or will not seen any fences that have been pulled back were pulled up. or any sign that bubblers have been tampered with. we believe
8:36 pm
that this is strong athletic person who is able to airport security fence their surveillance is not available everywhere. he says that matter is now being addressed still being called for a pilot program to test technology solutions did which could detect any security breach. caught well sits on the house, and security committee. byre this week california senator are brought as the tse official she question the thoroughness of the csa review. >> : separately break boy giving up his life to save his sister. the eight year old boy right here from virginia was killed while trying to protect your caught as cultural sister from suspected racist. and family called the boy hero for standing up for his sister police say his tall year-old sister was being attacked from the family home from
8:37 pm
road track the boy tried to protect but was beaten and killed. committee activist said this is going to take the committee to lock arms and on each other and stand up for the little boy who never thought twice about sending up for his sister he loved. it lent this tiger and love one another no words can explain or express what feels like to lose a child. police said a suspect is a teenager neighbors think the children knew him. >> : but then the broadcast bad news for an athletic and calls one of america's most known casinos. >> : coming up a story will see only here of show you how an san fransico could cost close to $600. all because he failed to do one simple thing. all explain in the next addition of people behaving badly.
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good chance that occur but the beat caught but the total, running. this man parked car for 10 minutes the problem he walked in a commercial purpose of better known as the lauzon. because he made it and had a good attitude he got as far back. but he gets to keep the $85 ticket as a memento. >> : on with the all the details to jobs is to keep commercial bonds with from this as part in a yellow zone but the have commercial plights of bandits of $85 ticket from the department of parking and traffic well
8:41 pm
the tow truck operator ready for transfer them the honor. >> : the honor clem's the park there for two minutes to run in the bathroom. >> : driver bugsy asserted to the ticket to get back to. we realize that is the day to get the camera became the problem. this car was parked in telxon but had multiple issues. registration is expired watter was tracked down with the car was towed. now this is something i just learned. of the severance is cut carbon of pop the traffic officer caesar park district exploded registration to tell you on the spot no questions asked. the ticket is $100 at the
8:42 pm
toasty fire for this $500. >> : this car registration expired back in july 2013. there were actually four separate deals on the tel units. all running the entire city and for people been on the southern parking and loading zone. one thing that may delay engage emergency brake and then you might get an additional 30 seconds to show up. after that it off to car jail until you can bail out. >> : much color this afternoon caller also this evening hemorrhages in the upper 60s and low fifties for the most part still pretty mild senate agrees " clouds are already pushing back and no authority pre widespread up there tomorrow morning. 6:00 our thought is stretching all the way to the livermore valley of the north bay portion of the south bay as
8:43 pm
well. object shows pre clearing >> : the cylinder to 11:00 hour especially the coastline. could see some semblance of the grasslands still pretty cool in the south bay it was undies for attending a drop was offset its 70 ampulla tel 73 lost on us a lot sector at 72 in san jose. for the east bay much cooler and inland valleys. 15 degrees cooler actually killed the 74 unconquered 73 in pleasanton and in antioch. upper 60s expected for these fish for lunch. at the close on again pre chile in the upper 50s and 60s 64 nonsenses go low seventies for the north bay. but the extended forecast pre cooler weather continues to are as much to a friend and dollars. clinton continues all the way into monday. as a look ahead to next week will resume are warming trend very slightly the will be back in the low 80s by friday. >> : in sports garry and his
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lovely wife lucille is on the comte's questions and giants. gary r. pilots all sports next. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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on brand name mattress sets. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ good evening everyone both the a's and giants on the right deal said to often appeared little, little rodrigo john farrow that spawned will then won the famed fenway park was a pop
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time. >> : it's 570 hundred 70 lbs. out in sacramento area what a home run grand slam. red sox beat the a's to tonight. file 713 giants stand all the plates will young fella someone to come with such a goal wait six innings sit with only one run and this a good ending. even at 11 michael moore's goes up this way seven home-run. and the giants hanging on sergio romano, ore. at harry ninth inning. but freezes just enough to to one giants they went to night and and let's separate warriors tonight didn't some 30
8:47 pm
start when it moves on this is the upper st. boston began are on could cut its get back. what are punches thrown and of values and the game. so was: < for the part they will the done everything i could possibly done to advance. >> : still all official word on a trainer neil. he sprained a knee last night bottom-line blow game 7 and for a couple minutes he should build four more nights. this real quick all elspeth 40 as picked up the option a contract for 2015 allot of irregularity it with this young man electret off the field. when you that could then beckham us with your. all this death
8:48 pm
this year and next year contract obligated to 40 hours. >> : added to the nba so long upset find out what sterling rally was pre where the players to say they're collecting their checks back-and-forth. problem more to a point the other runners will be interesting is was silly now going to sue the nba for trying to take away his team. of this policy how that works. he may have some then an owner or to the next a very very interesting to follow. dulse sterling the other owners also more time. as something their life that they were not there. airline nba players were not that outraged by i did go ahead and play sunday.
8:49 pm
sometime morris year so shocked you know all the details of your heard that he made meat these insidious country flee one other thing no one seems to get a first when you start hearing from the mom and dad is close friends and hate white of autumn playing right to play and have a lot in form provided by the resist selling it may take a dare to before this season. i believe him when the statement did not matter of the first game that sunday all sanskrit and yet this year for maryland once in even from the hangers on a that since then. i believe one they said they when applied. all shares what is your fascinationwoman who has ss sterling. after a while we know sterling as the previous e-mail letter that says i'm fascinated by they get hooked up with somebody like that. reassurance meant
8:50 pm
details i admit i'm a sucker for entertainment tonight and kevin pritchard and saturn all that drunk. i'm it's my fault but i do get a kick out of how long she and >> : the greats of the i know. marion cubit remember a short season on the note. only one team is never having played a separate official for the sharks never want a championship. gene after the wrong side road sorry mess of this elite five minutes early for work. what is real but it is it that treats everybody easels something in me a cigarette and all, the men get get there i walked in amara charge up as opposed to just a round sometimes with other guys smoking cigarettes as a public letter to ibm city. but i'm saying i guess it wound up this by getting in there and going.
8:51 pm
>> : after the break this it happens stays in vegas. when i was no longer the chief factor benefic.
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music playing. >> : before the prom he serenaded is the grandmother to clara guitar the team decide as the great-grandmother when he found out that she never been to a school dance. the dance and song that her husband used to sing to her. she says she added time since the of the party went for a home to bed. another touching story how love
8:55 pm
conquers all. east a couple not letting chance to rub them of the joys wedding to reset and ericson led were not engaged nearly two years ago and two months after their engagement shoes diagnosed with stage 4 not and and, which is aggressive cancer. after years and have a tremendous found that her cancer was incurable. however a couple the stained but optimistic chablis is the hope and love " conquer everything. the couple would love nothing more than a hit man for another family friend very soon. inland the cso and erica has a working six days a week to allow the day came the bills but still is a challenge the couple signed raise $12,000 to make their august wedding happen. and there are close to reaching that goal but the could use the help it find
8:56 pm
out what you need to make their dreams come true trout kron4-dot-com >> : super star hollywood star ran into trouble. >> : teams the reporting near daily news also reporting that the athletic just received a lifetime ban from the hard rock to see alan vegas for counting cards. he is reportedly at the high rollers blackjack table when securities to thin and removed him here's a picture of that slack at the world series beckham 07. no security here told at flight that is considered a " advantage player counting cards when players keep track of card value and reduces risk and considered cheating not illegal casinos not really keen on it he won $800,000 playing blackjack back in 2001 of the simpson of the man had had their eye on him. the
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battle of the clock. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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female narrator: for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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