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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 3, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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and kron 4 news weekend the team to store away on to california to white >> : flight. the details surrounding dowels sterling now he's fighting for his lot lifetime ban from the nba in fighting for his life as well. a lot of cloud cover up their all be highlighting the weekend cooled down coming up in just a bit. >> : good morning everybody on links for joining us on kron 4 news again for saturday morning. look at the top stories in just the second first of talk about buckle down. >> : add my fair share fog on my way into work this morning here is a live look from our camera. the cathedral hill
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up there is a lot of cloud cover around san francisco. overcast conditions on the saturday morning i guess it's good whether to run as not to warmup there's with some francisco 56 degrees and 55 celebrate our joint all clouds streaming into bay area again this clause are very hot wide lorca's a closer to the cross country and the 9:00 hour will see temperatures in the '50s. and that caught talking about a quick one this weekend grins that cloud cover is released and when are warning warming. don't see warming weather and told later today. >> : it looks like will seemingly '60s and '70s are on the bay area. temperatures as much as 10 degrees cooler than we experienced yesterday. no '80s on the board today learn more coming in at 7366 for san francisco 7 these for vallejo. closer look again for cassecast coming up in
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15 minutes. >> : a y official says 15 year- old boy who survived a 5 1/2 hour flight from san jose to why has left the state. spokespersons' supply department of human services says it uses " no longer inquiry". did not specify how or when he left for he was traveling with or wary is heading. the boy's father arrived in white earlier this week. a back on april 20th if we come into will well a jet and flew to white. >> : he is in honolulu for for country to be getting update from him coming up very shortly. >> : almost a week of controversy the disgraced the clippers owner donald sterling breaks his silence with his and
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fight his lifetime ban from the nba punishment for those races commons. call sterling top off camera to the editor of the or magazine. in the case has no desire to sell the clippers traded regarding the woman that he describes his girlfriend sterling say it wished i just hitter off. >> : he also told magazine but he'll do what it is a are brought an nba. meantime they year-old billionaire has been battling prostate cancer for some time now. >> : he as much as survive longer than the pre people expected. it of the initial diagnosis is not clear. >> : she's still wearing adviser exchange for a reporter she refused to answer questions >> : pardon me did you know bottle sterling had was getting prostate cancer. elder sandals or the front.
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banana republic trip >> : on friday the girls; she was not sexually involved with sterling and insisted that she did not like the tip conversation at part of the controversy. but the lead by one of her friends. the interview that won a seat here is to be are now speaking out with a bar is our interview with barbara walters coming up later in this broadcast. airline rebel resuming its marketing deal with the clippers trip to the energy drink company was one of several sponsors to cut ties with the team. following stirling's racist comments. however the money apparently is going to be handled differently this time around. apple says it will donate half of its partnership money to charity. companies also are related to profits will be used solely for basketball operation. >> : hires also arranged a share to deal with the clippers to the pro season. samsung and adidas both major nbi nba
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start to ship with the restriction >> : from oakland of woman has died in a one alarm house fire the fire started overnight and 2500 block of parker avenue firefighters pulled a woman on the burning house but she was pronounced dead at the scene, the fire at remains under investigation. >> : and for food that is what they describe for millions pounds of us of meat from slaughterhouse trip so the employees at rancho feeding corp. in petaluma named many processed and distributed with the disease beef. seven reports as the official this year's believe that the there by intense risk because of processing them when gov. inspectors were not around here was the cows slaughtered cnn reported that the place where the
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bees these parts and use of phony stamp of approval. airline usda said not to inactivity and planted in march 1st person was told we had the destroyed or hundred thousand pounds. >> : we also learned the majority of cattle process rancho was drawn up into hamburger meat and sold to attract a box pre fast-food chain was one of the largest customers. so far no reports of anyone getting sick from the battle. coming up estimate in been shot out a false residence or when no less night the update on how she's doing and hospital plus list the details with the ukraine >> :
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prostitution bust and a massage parlor in east bay investigation on how they found 20 people on the skin treatment >> : san mateo bridge we see or request has hardly any traffic and all will be right back. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature.
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nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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rebecca and is again news for this morning a toddler is recovering from the hospital after falling out of the second floor window. the zero firefighters and into the field of fell friday evening and would drive child was airlifted to children's hospital in oakland and of course will monitor any updates on the other condition. please and antioch are looking for a burglar who they say putting gun at a homeowner who walked in on the burglary. happen thursday afternoon and low birth weight. owner confronted a man realizing
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his house suspect fled police say the home homeowner faultlessly become a suspect to a pullout a gun pointed at him. no shots were fired no one was injured in a statement coz coz before having so little to say the system to them off. it happened thursday morning has meant the man was on his word is also suspicious vehicle on public ave. to all the vehicles offices arrived in stop on this street party say that found metal stole one from inside. please believe that the vehicle was also stolen in oakland last month >> : >> : cause of fatal crash in yesterday pre skater killed another person at seriously injured happen in north first street and has run dry strip shortly after 4:00 in the afternoon. two victims when one of the two cars involves no one was hurt me a cart to carry the family for. more news coming up: on
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in store for the bay area were going to get into that coming up after the break overcast skies and zebras go with a live look from the rv. camel
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good morning everyone welcome back to the news again >> : temperatures expected to drop off by another 10 degrees member yesterday was a lot cooler than the couple days ago before it. temperature is back on track if 20 agreed to drop putting in the air, our cause will stick around. that is really in the '50s and seasonal warming by lunchtime and by 3 this afternoon expected pictures and low 60s coast caught and is a debate. will still have
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a low few sundays for the inland areas trade >> : selling radar shows cloud cover dominates the bay area. the pretty overcast ahead out on the saturday morning as far as the pitchers warming spots on the south bay. all minnelli at 26. 73 degrees also in livermore antioch upper 60s along the east bay shoreline low '60's at the beaches. if you're heading to one country at but today hitting a high of 71 wooden for it 70 degrees in oakland. those numbers are gonna drop over the next couple of days and cool down will continue we are looking at a 10 percent chance of showers as we head into monday evening. it will not be a huge rainmaker if we do see any red s&l clean replace warren county in snow. by tuesday the coastal fog war conditions than a slight warming trend will carry us into the end of next week. >> :
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massive prostitution mustn't on the county ended in in 18 arrests after investigation a massage parlor. more than 400 local state and federal officers searched 13 from buildings and oakland to san leandro and san lorenzo and a word. those are now facing charges including pending tax evasion and labour code violation. the businesses that have also been shut down the six month long investigation began when residents learned officials the d.a. calls illegal business is what i bring as the sun parlor is a constant problem. the solicitor behavior is not acceptable in our committee and we will investigate and prosecute offenders. >> : the d.a. will deny bail to any one who uses all the money to do so. >> :
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illiberal attack but all people. surt calloway suffered injuries to her head. face and neck thursday. and the neighbors to pull away from its owner in charge at the little girl and her father explains was going through his head as if the dog suddenly appear on was daughter. >> : that's my daughter to dry dog help think there's any reaction you can be terrified by that area to react and a few >> : you have to move. >> : he injured his finger in the process of pulling a found pound dog office of his daughter. now in custody with animal control services to the dog's owner says it shall have the dog is put down for a series of others in the neighborhood. this latest attack comes as
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today's after two other people were attacked by two dogs and men would separate incidents a labrador retriever and as teacher pay were attacking two people who are walking on friday contra costa county and all services called was the most potentially dangerous animals. the dogs pre been quarantined as investigators determine whether the owners will face any charges. airline turning on the world is now more of terry and observers from the organization for security cooperation in europe has been released and ukraine. seven observers and five ukrainian of assistance were held for more the week. meantime police is: the residents of ukraine to remain, the wake of a violence between government supporters and opponents. the list for two people are dead after a clash product government opponents making shelter in a building that was then reportedly firebombed. >> : the u.s. is ready to help increase ties with africa
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however secretary of state john kerry says the nation's across town and need to be taking stronger steps to make sure security not receive the people. the crisis in nigeria since then and central african of pollock urging africans to demand stability and financial development carries calling for expansion of american as well pre >> : evidence of area men are still looking for passengers from the seventh sunken ferry. opening six rooms on the third and fourth floor of their also combing areas that they are researched just in case. so far 230 bodies have been recovered the ferry was carrying forged and six people was a high school students when it sank people 16174 people survived. airline harry spotted in downtown
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manhattan this tack to see us what they arrived thursday for the party members of rest of my this have been abuzz for speculation whether prince harry and william will be traveling to the city for a weekend wedding. airline tel >> : sit lottery officials said he paid $5 for california lucky life ticket addled 7- eleven he will take a nudie option will pay him $2,500 per week for the next 25 years. my phone has stopped ringing since saturday night >> : retired truck driver says he is one small prizes before he won $2,000 on one ticket and $1,000 on another. >> : sports highlights to look ahead to the warriors' big game tonight on the against the clippers of that coming up.
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>> :
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sports this morning big day for nba and its stance today is thursday nba history that there are three games seven team put planted a lens against indiana memphis against oklahoma city and of course a big game for us here the bay area as the lawyers against the clippers. the better for first-run series filled with off and on the corporate they will be put in focus back on basketball. and the second seven years warriors coach mark jackson trade >> : source going home and that's very unfortunate thought they will have done everything i could possibly done to advance. just ran into another good team. >> : tonight's and 30 an ally. you wont see a blue and gold nation's prison as arthur fan picture wearing
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warriors gear the upper boundary earners cast sen to facebook twitter or e-mail us. after losing andrew earlier this season bacteremia of customer orders and other big men falling in and i remained suffered a bone bruise on his kneecap after really cheap shot from the clippers a is listed as the questionable for tonight's game 7. the first play giants play a first-place braves and led the giants picking up some of victory and it begins. allowing only one run over six innings to help the giants in 421 victory. michael morris will homer in for the giants this one morris off the field to giants out 1811 was second best record in the national league. tenebrae is again today in atlanta. not so good for the a's opening
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weekend series in boston 5 ft. 7 in. 170 lb to dry up sacramento area was a grand slam over the monster to be right coat about the sixth football score so one respected 1811. once the justice and a stricter putting tires did the face red sox again this morning. >> : forebears' linebacker for one more season. team facing a deadline today to decide on this miss immediate . general managers at suggesting last week the team would keep the pass rush around and they have been picking up options for another year at a sale provides meth with of the support he needs with north off the field issues. very clear that there must be some positive change and and soon. for sports will be covering all the teams a reaction from wires rate then the sterling. sports i
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live to guard the guns and justine half-hour program airs every sunday night and 9:00. right after kron 4 news 8. >> :
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send a mild celebrates monday. some people starting today. a volunteer clinic event by recycling workers and i held the view of members happening in oakland at 80 in oakland. san francisco to o'clock this morning annuals and a mile festival. the second place on allegis street between first and 24th street and its. tamayo for the flight attendants pre >> : for the weekend it will be dry not talking about that very warm weather the 90 degree readings that
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experience over the past couple days. now putting out walking her dog the bureau for mutt morning run temperatures mainly in the '50s from bay area to see 67 cisco 51 and santa rosa. n one \ frankly just '60s and '70s up their lebanese that desperate fairfield in the high of 73 certitude reason it would city sunday services and high as 66 also news for those and 10 fell. temperatures near seasonal today will be touched color as it happened sunday slight chance of rain for some tamayo. monday to see if you're in jobs of for the evening but mainly north of the golden gate bridge. when they expected to be the coldest of the week when the debentures are to expect to be warming up again and finance.
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>> : tyrol sector teenager this way on the boeing 67 out wound up in hawaii is now left to lie >> : along the santa clara st. hymie big part question remains what is your turn comes pre the current status is the team is no longer in white. we'll after where he went. were expecting to come to riots and hundred care and hospital and not and why. a flight to come from san jose to the quiet you survive the trip with little to no oxygen in freezing country after moving here from after africa the team is having a hard time to adjusting to life in america. parlance of the
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services caught in the process that the team is no longer in their sit state. is not yet heard back >> : punishment sacked calling for test of new technology to address concerns that these airports. democrat from dublin had on friday. as for the teenage boy jump the fence called and said the wheel well of the plane bound for whites. if he is survived and triggered a firestorm about airport security. the yoga video with a helicopter partnership with a set c seven news. this is confirm that the settlers 8 fences to meet standards. the should be technology solutions soon strengthen surveillance. they include everything from radar what our motion detectors as well as surveillance cameras that
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can detect motion. >> : san jose airports have notes circassians, is mounting all property but has been assured that officials there are just a problem. >> : and we do have to in society as some very difficult and profound questions. >> : present obama calling for a view of the death penalty penalty following the botched execution this weekend in the whole oklahoma. prosecution was up one of the conflict started convulsing followed a a lethal injection. prisoner died later of a heart attack is and deeply troubling and they said the government will be looking at death penalty procedures from the country. this incident raises questions of where this decision california stands at about the death penalty. >> :
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the engine your 2006 convicted tilt killer was executed by lethal injection at san quentin. is california's last. for the next month michael morales execution was put on hold was lawyers challenged the lethal injection process as a violation of the eighth amendment. the court agreed. >> : the violated the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment. sisterly cent and has built this execution chamber but has never been used as part of corrections is developing all single lethal injection process in. >> : no execution of progress in a way of fixing the system long as goes on the more the
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people see the problem that with a system more people will realize that cannot man the system and therefore we must end the system. >> : california and i didn't tell the group says even if this single reporter called to approve this may be hard for california to get hands on pre >> : but cut off by many countries and a drug companies don't want their medicines german to help people to actually be used to kill people. to the heart of corrections there are problems with access to drugs. as far as that single drug is concerned supply that second currently has expires this month paid >> : san leandro police department and is getting a possible kidnapping. this week and to the arctic and regions to men tried to our young girls to the cars. officers say 11 year-old
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girl walking home from john muir middle school when she said in their white or latino man and a white man approached her on williams street she refused his offer server what right home. the second incident happened thursday morning box like it 15 year-old girls are with the school to such an approach at pam man with a red burgundy a cb. describe him as being in his 60s with gray hair. and the right or hispanic she also declined >> : grins and hopefully they educate the children walk in pairs. >> : the penalties to cases are connected. coming up for you to apple samsung battle with the spores are finally over as the verdict was reached. all those big win for apple the explain why there also ordered to pay fines. plus
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this what the her what she sang with british about sterling and consider my days after being banned from the nba. coming up a story old see only here on kron 4 of show you how parking in san francisco could cost to close to $600. all the cousins failed to do one simple thing box plan the next addition of people behaving badly in line
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big win for apple what the samsung the samsung had the pick hundred $20 million over two patent infringements jury also found apple i found infringed on samsung patent endured since the apple the paid more than one to $50,000 trade apple are you that sense and copied suffer from i found an simpson
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claimed that apple was using a legal system to four competitors. >> : visitors firms find jones within the park. tories say these of drugs and the park boundaries now illegal. the ruling comes after the park saw an increase of visitors find drugs alaska leaders park officials say the drugs can interfere with nugent register as operations by causing distractions for rescue crews. glissade jones could have a negative impact on wildlife in the park. airline a live update for a top stores also the we can forecast for your coming up will be right back.
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delta the the 15 year-old boy that survived the thought of flights it out of the officials a model of the boy's father to see him. this stepbrother whether to
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appeal and bring his son home. the team has looked quite unclear where he's heading or who he is traveling with. it seemed people facing eight dozen felony charges including pending after severally several massage parlors were adana's series of raids element county district attorney says after officers shot down the such carlows just shut down massage parlors. >> : president obama also going to receive punitive award from director of steven spielberg. >> : >> : are continuing with this cool down to the jews expected beat the season to lead. but a cloud cover
7:47 am
encompassing the entire bay area. pretty slowed burn off partly cloudy skies the the afternoon trade we will see the sun shine only somewhat temperatures climbing to the '60s and '70s. tomorrow can be a touch cooler than we experienced it. the king for the possibility of until monday evening and a warmer conditions of that. haddington i caught our still dealing with is a lot cloud cover. for us a warning by lunchtime the '60s and fell and 7 is along the gulf the. really is looking at 67 is a bust is afternoon. a very mild day or 72. with a climb to 73 site built. the dodgers in the space very similar. 70 and then all 73 in fairfield 66 for those of you in richmond. the '60s cosigned 69 years and how the panel mutt and oakland today with high as 70
7:48 am
degrees trade in terms of your extended forecast allow it to the jurors will continue through the next couple days. monday being nicholas day of the week with general looking at a 10 percent chance of less north of the golden gate bridge. looks like illness is preserved for monday evening >> : one behind good cause for the l.a. clippers owner donald sterling been banned from the nba speaking out for the first time since the scandal erupted. exclusive interview with abc interview barbara walters. she opened up with a lot about the relationship with what country >> : this your religious ruling? >> : mr. sterling i and his right-hand man >> : and mr. sterling said everything as confidante his best friend has silly rabbit. is that what he
7:49 am
calls you? no less what i call myself. every last nearly the time she but mumbled some time to time and was issued but the elite talk about the man. barbara walters says that he declined to tehran 0.20 after a shows say he would pop up a scandal. we get out this mutt of the first time telling the magazine " i wish i just take her off. >> : the pretty good chance that use your car out to be choked out you will come running. this man parked his car for tenants to run the bank. prevalent he parked and commercial parking spot. better known as the yellow sun. the estimated attitude he has car back. but he gets to keep that $85 ticket
7:50 am
>> : and rerun of the all sunday tell whose job is to keep the ozone from passenger cars and trucks. during specific times during the day. this then party on a dozen have commercial flights so that gets the $85 to get from the department of traffic. all two truck appeared ready as the truck for a reporter >> : but says that he was not a bastion. the driver by the of statistics to back to. realize is opening a ticket the camera became a problem. this car was parked kneels on but had multiple issues. but the search was expired
7:51 am
october 28th 13. permitted to remove everything he needed but the car was towed. now this is something i just learned. if the census is go department of traffic officer sees a car parked in this specific with a runner at restoration the plea was by no questions asked. tickets $100 and the toasty are ready for this $500. >> : therefore separate deals and the italians did all running the entire city looking for people ignoring the signs and parking at loading zones. and when the may lay you do get the emergency brakes the team might get an additional 30 seconds to show up. after that south the cartel and leave on bail out. coming up on the news
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began bay area woman diagnosed with terminal cancer still has high hopes to marry her fiance is but the all the street and help make that wedding happen all explain why it will come back. but look outside will create an overcast sky this morning. >> : forecasts coming up a few minutes
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it is seeking a peek at the newest residents of seven is goes to 10 months year-old deadpanned that lobby and displayed last week and may 10th. the crew from animal cold chills minister what making a treehouse and the boy had his name will be a non-partisan next week trips touching story now about how love conquers all. it's a couple is not linked to cancer rob them of a joyous wedding. the couple were engaged nearly two years ago and two months
7:56 am
after their engagement shoes diagnosed with stage for non of,. a is a grins of a form of cancer. after year and half of treatment her cancer is incurable. the couple remains optimistic she believes all our heart the hope and love will conquer all. couple but nothing more than to get married and for other family and friends very soon. >> : can imagine life without him. i want to give her the wedding that she's always dreamed of as from one was the important things. she taught me see another side me. >> : the fiancee erica is working six days a week to all hours a day for paying the bills remains a challenge. couple treasury's $12,000 for the wedding plans in august it
7:57 am
was originally to say that use more help to find out how we might be will help make your dreams come true you can log in to our web site kron 4 account id kron4-dot-com former secretary of state causing aquarist this morning after refusing to deliver an address of the reason coming up and there was a bachelor russian speech but while fire continues to burn southern california will have an update on efforts to contain it after looking for a weekend getaway how about a trip south to san diego cell expert to talk about >> : things to do and see and what may call america's finest city. >> : look outside vermont canned ham. 53 degrees warmer and 66 later on today. a full that the forecasts in your neighborhood coming up in just a couple minutes to read >> :
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teenager who stole away at a jet and caught the california from hope to live. has led white. closely as detail on this running donald sterling now fighting his lifetime ban from the nba and fighting for his life as well. >> : to lure weather on the bay area live look out the october bridge plaza pre is about how much cooler it will be today coming up in just a bit. >> : good morning everybody in the slot for joining us on kron 4 news weekend will its list of stores in just a second was taught with all the weather. it's pretty overcast up there and look from our camera watter cloud cover and add my fair share
8:01 am
of fog and my wade work. tensions in the '50s as for the state into 9:00 hour as well. cloud cover really limiting are sitting in fact i even lunchtime we will not see too much improvement. we'll see partly cloudy conditions by after this afternoon family some warming with images of a low 60s could separate upper 60s in the side the bait. the low seventies for in one spot cloud cover blanketing the area. most most of that are enough later today. temperatures near seasonal. but not as warm as the past couple days. so she hires a new series and 70 up for downtown san francisco treat closer look today's forecast cut the highlighting some chance for rain all the coming up in just a ministry >> : the officials said 50 year- old boy who survived five and a half hour flight has the sacred the press with
8:02 am
all my department on what the services say " is no longer and why. the restatement did not say how long or how the 14 year-old left or where he's heading. boys' father right twice a earlier. is back on april 24th in the 20 the the the 40 year-old floodlight his hospitalized for a short time. and honolulu. will have an update from but later. i was sick of controversy this is l.a. clippers stones without sterling break his silence. he's turned to his lifetime ban from the nba as punishment for his country to talk off-camera to the publisher of the door magazine indicates that the is no desire to sell koppers. he also told the
8:03 am
magazine in his london himself to interviews with barbara walters and nba. meantime the 80 year-old has been battling can serve for some time now with less this event more the blonder than people expected. >> : the woman is a wearing the buzzer and exchange with was angeles reporter refused to answer questions about whether she knew sterling had cancer should talk about fashion instead. >> : pardon me to know the mustard but during was fighting prostate cancer. or the from los shoes. >> : soprano attorney claimed that she was not sexually involved with sterling and again thishat she did not like those to
8:04 am
conversations but as for the dodgers appeared to have been leaked by one of her friends read interview that you are seeing here she is speaking out as art and real the r walters later in this newscast. >> : rebel is resuming its marking deal with the corporate energy giant company was one of several sponsors to cut ties from the team following sterling prices commons. how the money will be handled differently this time around. will says it will donate half of its partnership money to charity company also says there are related to profits will be used solely for basketball operations a syringe and dirty deal for the postseason. editors were both major mbas sponsors reaffirming the sponsorship of the team. unless on and on tuesday >> :
8:05 am
department of agriculture to find needing at me the process a bay area slaughterhouse. now there's new allegations that all the employees at the feet corp. had in petaluma had processed how we. rancho of the corporation was binding kids are dairy cows and processing when the lead >> : cnn reports that employees will hyde the warning signs of cancer. it did so by turning off the disease part than using a fake stamp of approval approval or placing the heads of sick cows with those of healthy ones. this all stems from the start of the year when the federal the government started montreal activities at the plant. after employee there took to the mothballs going on. in january said the marshals raided the plant and sees the company's records. this letter will
8:06 am
for us recall what is now. a million out of bed meat has been very cold for the thousands upon suspecting courts across that since been sold the facility now be operated by or on some farms. in march but in a ranch told us that his forces throw away one of the thousand dollars of beef in process at the plant. the majority of the house killed were ground up and a hamburger meat and sold to inject about customers could it's a letter obtained by kron 4 the entry was ranchos biggest customer no reports of anyone getting sick from the bad meat. >> : scorching wind spells it is an update on the fire fighting after a drug to
8:07 am
plus all fire but agreed rescuers will a collector under the people after a mudslide in afghanistan but flight either declaring the site of a mass grave. by the full effect now wells explain why the execution should be in san diego. [ wind howling ]
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rebecca lee a fire in southern california continue in the burke bonds 67 percent contained. it's burned 2,190 a. trade >> : one structure damage another restaurant. all voluntary has been lifted. costs of fighting wildfires expected watter budget. this report say at the interior will spend $47 million more in
8:11 am
budget planning catclaw change intents well fires is intrigued fire officials say they'll have the bar money from fire prevention products such as controlled burns tree >> : to a non the world news. authorities say rescuers will not dig out of hundreds of people who were buried in a village in northeastern afghanistan of officials was decided to declare at the site a mass grave. more than 150 ft. of mud covered some of the homes making impossible look to the body straightens inside had to leave 700 people paid for several hundred homes >> : organization for security cooperation in europe have been lit released in ukraine. some observers and five ukrainian assistance calls for more than a week meanwhile police chief in odessa is calling on residents of the ukrainian city to remain, in the wake of violence between government supporters and opponents. following a clash
8:12 am
friday at the shelter in a building that was right then reported reportedly firebombed. coming up on the weekend and explain why my be worthwhile to think about marriage and the suburbs the state's the summer weather coming up in the meantime was alive with their outside. downtown san francisco for care will be right back.
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850 were talking temperatures nearly 50 out there this morning is not to warm not too cold. we are dealing with overcast conditions and cloud cover. san francisco right now heading up the 56 degrees great if you're walking the dog catching up to brunch forcing universities in livermore but rallied. really no complaints of that eventually to the sunshine again that onshore pushed
8:16 am
periodical cover to the entire bay area. as laura anticipating too much warming and o'clock we may jump up to 32. what signals was staying in the '50s by lunchtime partly cloudy skies 60 mainly dominates the area. phyllis on this trickle in the lead and went. the thin afternoon expects 67 and 70 from the bay area. these are pretty typical. season to the cheers for the summer year. we are written down temperatures neighborhood on view at 7124 and santa clara. will see very similar weather in the east bay as well. by the afternoon sunshine 73 in fairfield 69 in castro valley downtown san francisco out high of 66 in the '70s of your having to one country. we will drop another degree to if as we head into tomorrow. monday we're looking at a distance
8:17 am
i could bring a few raindrops the north bay monday night but this relief center of the rainfall. as a fog and warm weather ahead and shoot tuesday the slight warming rays beckham the forecast as we wrap up the work week on friday. you're looking for a weekend getaway but once they hear the golden state you i consider going to santiago. i went down to check on property going through multimillion-dollar renovation. there doing is aggressive and wonderful. but the inspiration that they're getting is really there is in all. uss midway paying tribute to the marks that visitors can often get >> :
8:18 am
even if you've never been the san diego he know little bit about san diego about the san diego area but the water for area i think is an area that people tend a mess. one of the big 10 marks on waterfront area as uss midway. the uss midway all this footage is such a shot. the incredible view from this video. uss midway and one of the first aircraft carry carrier in the movie trade but when you get from one person is hard not to be impressed. some of the numbers a plus acres. 69,000 t to thousand feet long. the thing is to do a u-turn in the ocean is got to take a mile. any help on
8:19 am
that desk and walked around what you can do is when a tour during the trip is in there and go at the met to are as fascinating. i recommend it dealers so much about the ship and your right is a floating city. you can get audio tours and really it for about $20 specials from time. along the way it is also some track attractions been. >> : right now next to my you see a flight deck is sculpture statue the unconditional surrender and the texas came to a bigger is. you see
8:20 am
it from the midway of stopping. literally right behind us on the waterfront as low moral. there really needs bronze figures hope and lot servicemen and women. and at the actual audit. glenn close in the waterfront that all our as mentioned as a great place to go. you all the bridges is a beautiful view of the day. is really close sticking the car and drive it the car or a wont be a card read but rent bikes caught off ferry over the islands. orders holt hanover best all-around. another great to locations trade
8:21 am
counsel kron that did it again and even if you've never heard that before. seaport village to assail coast restaurant and it can argue that. yet of seaport village italy and other indication easy caught not necessarily waterfront but even see in some locations is the easy hall also the waterfront a great place to bite to eat. a stroll around loss special rules trade the calendar renew their dogs and then going on the farmer's market assault. ovenware talk about is how easy it is to get in another corporate of the airport there the touchdown in 10 minutes in don't jump
8:22 am
in a cabin in the car trade and it's so nice to go from an airplane to hotel room >> : the drug on i thought the ec does plan zooming in on the freeway and erica wright may not like it. when getting off the planet >> : and ever watched the games is giants fans down there almost. like san diego the >> : the bread
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
dolls sterling mistresses pricking her silence she talked to exclusively abc seven barbara walters. also beyond us, is to alter to be found on kron4-dot-com >> : virginia boy died after reporting way protect his sister from an attacker. teenage boy is now the the
8:26 am
tend to be responsible for the young boy's death. the severed head trauma after being ahead with a brick. l.a.'s stores and more even visit kron4-dot-com >> : and former secretary of state declined to deliver the address and address effort at university after some faculty students protested. his essay in this morning the involvement has become a distraction for the joyous celebration. some students were protesting speaking to roll. she wore some his responsibility as a four-member of the bush administration. the board said the pay $35,000 for the important it appears trip hillary clinton got more support for a presidential campaign that has not been officially announced. democratic senator of such a hill and joyce endorses she
8:27 am
says the run. >> : speaking at a breakfast third democratic hurricane says that clinton say is a shows great for wanting to be president. none is not yet announced whether she will seek the nomination but she does believe democratic contenders can help the early polls. >> : >> : secretary of state john kerry says music star% to increase security and democracy for its people. he highlighted nigeria's of sedan somalia and spectral african republic ford sought stability and financial development. it is also calling for expansion on the area putting up teen- agers restored himself away. it is now returning home.
8:28 am
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829 the saturday morning time to talk weather molly are talking about color conditions of forecast a to be as much as 10 degrees cooler than a week's recess today a cloud cover and during our test conditions much bay area wide. temperatures in the '50s the disco set by noontime. '60s pleat recalls the sunday as we head into 12:00 today. but this afternoon the center's will continue will cut about preseason weather. for cash shows primary sixties will see the bay area. at the fairfield could actually see low seventies. : trend as we head into tomorrow touch is a few
8:31 am
cooler than zero weeks restate and is slated another degree to agree to mature in campbell. they're looking at possible showers as we had to sink a mile. the talk about what us can affect any of the celebration coming up in just a couple minutes. >> : recap on top source's morning 15 year-old santa clara teenager as our way what boeing 7671 up and why it has now left the state. my concern now plays. >> : he lives long as i clara street behind me a big question remains what is returning home department of human services told us that late last night teenager is no longer apply and we ought they don't know where he went or where we is conducted in the as a man in a hospital and twice as he had gotten past the perimeter fences and london the wheel well of a whole airline flight the flights
8:32 am
took him to san jose from sounds a to white. he survived with little to no toxic oxygen and low temperatures pre >> : the team is having a hard time adjusting after coming from africa. in endicott users is and why the last night to ponder another state. the average out to a family spokesperson this morning and not yet heard back. erica is calling for federal test is to address security concerns. during the promoter on friday. as for the teenager jumped the fence crawl inside the wheel well of the plane bound for hawaii and the teenager course survives that triggered a firestorm of airport security. it the again put up a portion of the bc 7 news. a confirmed
8:33 am
that san jose airport to expenses to meet federal standards there should be technology solution to strengthening surveillance. airline they include everything from radar but our motion detectors once rail as callous. says the san jose airport does not have surveillance cameras to monitor all its property but it does have been assured officials there are addressing problem. there is not as concerned as we get hearing in washington. the plan surprise investigating a possible kidnapping attempts. a lawyer this week to occasions police said nine to delete laurie young men into a car's trade offices sale year-old girl was walking home from the school when she was she's as either a hispanic or white man in a white band
8:34 am
approached her and williams straight share views the offer to home. happened thursday morning as a few blocks away at the year-old girl was under way to school and the from douglas' drive. she approached by a man in red burgundy colored a tv describes him as the '60s with great care. either white or hispanic. she also declined right for men. >> : call paris had a lot of hairs. if you're approaching someone that's a familiar to run for the nearest thing to tell pre >> : major pot bust hostages and are as warriors soared say she tried to take out a wont pounds of marijuana and her luggage. 41 and asa says that the 26 year-old woman and a flight from oakland to jackson mississippi. officials discovered the
8:35 am
been blessed as suspects project bags didn't suspect as mart operations arrested by sheriff's >> : by a thief was arrested on tuesday police said the thief was caught at the pleasant and art station did have a trend is still bicycle was planted there by police. officers are releasing the man's name but he's been arrested for stealing bicycles before this was a joint effort between our police in san francisco police a contra costa county sheriff's department. police are recommending the bikers rebel lusser lumber your bicycle and order to prove ownership if it is stolen. san jose woman being charged with grand theft allegedly stealing deposits of potential readers as shoe through credits listed some as a superior court on friday. prosecutors say she put up a condo for rent on cards list and checked at least three couples and the pain to thousand dollars deposit. now recognize or
8:36 am
been wicked of the rebels can you can e-mail us at breaking news at kron the account. x police officer being convicted of stealing prescription medication from the elderly former concord officer with his answer did not contest the koran to burglary for a broad and elder abuse. the state he is the position as a police officer to enter several homes of sears is still prescription drugs called marco. he also tried to obtain medication to get 40 the scriptures. he'll serve for the seventh sentence entreated facility. coming up apple winds samsung in court. much as samsung not shallow. that's coming up. also the source would not do so well in kentucky derby day nonsensical. let's see
8:37 am
how happened and how the owner was able to get
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
big win for apple and that's ongoing battle with some sun. they area jury set simpson had to pay watter $29 million for patent infringements and ally phones hollis patent and ordered apple to pay samsung more than $150,000 in damages in court apple argued as unsung copied by phone nordic keep up with the car phone market. samsung and apple was using illegal legal system the your composition. one find jobs in the park is now illegal that comes after an increase this fall and drone of last year's. park officials say giants can interfere with marines
8:41 am
rescue operations and cutting to scrap distractions great deal say drug negative impact on the wildlife and parks. >> : manufacturers has been ever made for the miss back in and seize the we also hooked belongings the makers as first-time books have been made foreigners to the post may be >> : a review coming up later on kron for weekend news.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
start you off with a live look from montana can. that's why it's obstructing the view from the tower. very overcast conditions on the senate more incentives as right now 56 degrees 70
8:45 am
it is '67 living livermore not too cold not too hot. and cloud cover is really the limit are heating as we have until wrestle a day. but expects 90 degree readings allow even the courtesy in the '80s up there. talking yet another color day a 20 degree temperature drop compared what we experience there is a treat redwood city have sunday to is 33 degrees in sunnyvale mid-70s is where will season warms reading st. louis of sunshine coming with high as 73. temperatures remain in the upper 62 for a lot of differences go. we will continue with the cool down ship a couple of degrees as we about the weekend. monday were looking at potential for the showers. rolling us it affect the no. they affect interest will start to slowly come again. the
8:46 am
run up the works become fratry >> : is all mothers they read in the quarter. one no. take any manager to us what other favorite things to do in between meals. from all our trees to end floor shows. with all types the mother of his role as mothers did mr. patel is offering a model other state vacation package. great deal for the attorney mutt by god it at this very charming in the hotel. and in addition to that you manicure and pedicure from us the bonds want a manual. and you also
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get 10 percent of your shopping at bloomingdale's. food and beverages offered for in-house test shot which is called the golan wade. toward $79. for a whole package the end at the end of your mail the restaurant gives you a fifth male plant to come. you treat the directed toward this yoga studio and at locations throughout the bay area. they're offering a very special class the sundeck for mother's day. close friend of the sunday. what moms can relate proudly is that. says of the day art
8:48 am
have class expect their gravity there. music and searching and all the good stuff will with complementary mimosa is willing giveaways. it's a very fun wade the start of mothers a trade would do is run its free-trade >> : the chart of a shrutrout festival. near the naval air base. which is right on the waterfront said francisco skyline and so fantastic way to kick up mother's day that have all the better areas best food trucks they're paired with rockwell's wine and going to be $5 admission it you can go souvenir wine glass for a picture and a
8:49 am
photo booth. mounds get a five net massage makeover canals done and a great way to kick off others it again. the located 30 mi. south of san francisco would said gorges matching. bay area's answer for our side. this year's theme for flower show broadway emblem. the floral interpretation for their favorite shows trade
8:50 am
tussle have other exhibits for arrangements in your own home. they also supported the sunday a special offering special brush with a. need look no. don't tell mom but and that triggered this one urban pot with this difference is goes first and only indoor miniature golf course. so or from such market opens on monday and 14 holes traditional very san francisco inspired deals of cure colors and the clout
8:51 am
crumbled veal lot more lively. they're terrific fair roof bikes corn dogs fried chicken and waffles. definitely worth checking out. and if you want more great ideas of things to do our bay area please go into you and calendar the the release see you later on. will be right back. happened at the company picnic.
8:52 am
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at the spare all but the officials of been searching for the black bear since last fall people reported seeing it walking around with a narrow and his mouth. the bear about three years old ways about to undergo and 20 lbs. officials say it
8:55 am
should await more but it was not large because of the arrow. the better manage the survive hibernation with arrow through its nose and mouth and neck. officials removed the arrow and release the bareback and the wily as a cassette the big heat they expect for for cover trade may or sounds of that caught many problem where they and the horses norton he found themselves trapped m.a. stick popsicle as owners back to our credit norns owner caught fire department and then figure out how to rescue the horse with a building a ramp sticking the fence down and scrubbing up the dirt on its feet. was the at norton prattle but he the block right a whole. bondholders as a little of their first after his ordeal but he is not injured. >> : the greatest to race and sports pre connector be will be held later today he expects to see many of the fans wearing big caps and
8:56 am
singles as usual. arthur is uncovered and the others of course belmont stakes. a loss and a mile is on monday many run the bay area are celebrating today. oakland starting at 830 of laws to clean up a bunt by recycling workers and union members of life held you pick is happening in oakland tuesday a 84 for bill ave. san francisco to o'clock this morning little bit over an hour to go to mine out festival >> : some good of course a day of victory over the french and mexico fight for independence >> : coming up the spring details about the panel might meat processing company the supreme be from sick cows on the market. now revelations about the employer is the
8:57 am
story they're calling it prostitution at the parlor house. adding not nearly 20 people and the spade thousands that after a landslide and a guest and looking coming up. ever " because conditions are now current temperature 56 degrees mid-70s by the afternoon. a complete breakdown of your neighborhood ferret forecast coming up when we return. [ wind howling ]
8:58 am
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delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. no details on love of the urals so light and we'll well old boeing 670 pilots fly the 7 and up. details running battle sterling enough money lifetime ban from the nba and fighting for his life. as well ankle on continues to look outside of the bay bridge plaza the lower temperatures are
9:00 am
expected the land still ahead. good morning everyone that for joining us on kron 4 news began want to cut up the top news stories but first let's stick with the weather >> : what you also bring the like they're really from the way to end pictures were a little bit too hot the secret their target local conditions did stopping on saturday morning pretty overcast the bridges marriott upper 50s by lunchtime we will see a little bit more sunshine. i threw this afternoon '60s up to a side and low 70's for the sore the warmer areas. settler in our shows cloud coverage going to area you can bank push for that seabury's winds of a returning in see some low clouds areas along the coast. sunshine that runs a
9:01 am
fairfield needing high of 70 in oakland to the cheers in the mid-60s for daily city at downtown san francisco. looking ahead to tomorrow we're talking about even cooler conditions even looking for some rain as we head into early next week. rollercoaster forecast from the bay area will be talking about those changes coming up at 915. >> : was it the tops for the 2015 world suckler teenager who stowed away on the plane and up and up for what and why has now left white. >> : our present from department of human services n.y. told the associated press last night that he is left quite unclear who left with when he left or were he was heading but we're expecting an back at some point this year old has remained at a hospital and why has a perimeter fence it at the
9:02 am
airport and climbed we will all hawaiian airlines flight ban on april 20, 2005 and half hour flight to come from san jose and tell why he is survived the trip with little oxygen and freezing temperatures. the other issues didn't. say he's having a tough time adjusting to roof with america after in a gritty here from somalia. father went to quiet earlier this week to bring his son back here but it is quite unclear all the circumstances surrounding the fifth year and a departure from what i this morning after his call at along with and live up and returned. on the other is after week of controversy is this like the broader down sterling is breaking silence did sterling is expected to find his lifetime ban from the nba punishment for his racist comments. does or magazine.
9:03 am
medicates that has no desire is not selling the club as treaties but owens and his girlfriend sterling it quoted as saying i just wish i had pater off. >> : also told magazine is himself for a reason from barbara walters and nba. and the billionaire has been but battling prostate cancer for some time now. source: york post that he is x is survived longer than many people expected. did of the initial diagnosis is unclear. as first city also wearing that advisor and an exchange with the alley reporter refused to answer questions whether she knew sterling had cancer trip she took a fashion instead. >> : on friday she claimed that she is not sexually involved with sterling and again
9:04 am
insisted that she did not like the taped the conversation as per the controversy and made and legs by one of her friends. coming up of the interview that dorsey and he appeared to be of speed out is our interview with barbara walters coming up later in the this newscast. rebel presuming marketing deal with the clippers. energy drink company is one of the several sponsors to cut ties with the team. the longest earlies raises,. the money will be handled differently this time around. a apple says they'll donate half of its partnership money to charity. company also says that all related to profits early be used solely for a up registry >> : 50 percent charity deal on the pro season. samsung adidas will then be a sponsor. sterling as you know, given a lifetime ban tuesday at silver creek offensive comments. an early
9:05 am
morning and run 7 cisco with one person in the hospital says the job as a false and did a red light and broadsided another vehicle going east. another third cause also struck at inclusion. most passengers in the car was for the light was on foot tree told the driver of the car was brought cited with life- threatening injuries three >> : unfit for human food is how the u.s. department of agriculture classified the processed meat and the slaughter house. delegations now that is one of the employees rancho the incorporation knowing the process and mistreated. >> : they believe the company was buying cancer dairy cows and processing them went into
9:06 am
the ground. cnn reports employees would trim away the parts trade with could start using a phony stamped for april. usda said it much reactivity and march only one of the other ranch was forced to destroy 1,000 lbs. of beef the process at the plant. >> : financial is devastated huge loss. facility be operated by marines on farms. bills zero at rancho was drawn up in a hamburger. and so the judge and box. fast-food chain of large as custer. so far no reports of somebody getting sick. >> : what's really like to shoot stars did new book and the weird world of opera see later on we can news. and
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
are in southern california continuing the burn this morning. the officials say this 67% intend as burned about 2,100 a.. one structure damage to another one friends. but all voluntary evacuations have been lifted. costs of fighting wildfires like the one that is expected to go over the government let a budget this year and this a the four servicemen the part of material spend four to $7 million more than the one and a half billion dollars that they have available to blame climate change for those under intense well fires season. to cover the shortfall they will have to borrow money for prevention products like controlled burns. >> : the tories say rescuers will not be digging out to people who are buried in a village
9:11 am
north and eastern afghanistan local officials have decided to declare the site a mass grave more than 100 ft. of mud covered some of home's make it impossible to trended dig up the bodies dripless i'd swallowed estimated 2700 people. from 71 for several hundred homes. operation in europe has been released in the ukraine seven observers and the decree assistants were held were the for the week. calling on residents for the city during, a week of violence between government supporters and opponents. these 42 people are falling clash and friday pickup or and officials took shelter in a building that was then reportedly firebombed. seles slowly but surely getting clear. but about what temperatures were expecting into the afternoon when i returned
9:12 am
9:13 am
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this for spending your saturday with us. as writing up the brunch perhaps the morning drug is thought to what their temperatures in the '50s from the entire bay area we were dealing with overcast conditions even some drizzle along the coastline but slowly and surely those cost-cutting to park. little more was that there will the sun shine as the start of the day the seller and a picture is see the cloud cover. but more sunshine north of the golden gate bridge. these clouds continue to build the '60s and '70s a lunchtime of your studies pop up by we're looking at seasonal temperatures drug bay area tilted and low 70's inland's upper 60s and said the bay in the '60s for those all of posted its medical conditions into tomorrow 10 percent chance of rain on
9:16 am
monday a prudent thing that's manly enough that the north bay. coastal fog or whether by tuesday grandeur warming and next week by friday said it will get back in the '80s for the war is in the spot trade row and replaces it, beaten and downs of a 60 it is to there are few new brunch places in town i think it's a great time to go check it out. and discuss its offer alleges and then is your mother has made for you this is the day why go big. it's a perfect spot to mom a really good time elegant place. downtown and was fantastic as the video more classic
9:17 am
menu there with waffles craft kicked embed it was interesting is that your chest. the checkoff chef. the engine is cramming curry sauce. it's very elegant i highly recommend it going there for dinner very well acquainted and vest all the law of largest champagne that they're supposed to be pouring. and here's the kicker at 12:00 on sunday mother's day trip >> : runs >> : 30 from across from of shopping after. ever to is another place a family brunch is aquino appealed >> : a lawless place in the city you can't miss it big
9:18 am
beautiful yellow building and interior is great but the natural shake off the light tenneco italian. conceit traditional table dumps are the room. you have susan solids for first national's no further pisa's think us as a bunch of the present time to put an egg on its trade house of baked eggs really great dishes coming from others taken the. that is whether or house espresso. a miller, a fancy plot is downtown. adenitis is very anything can of crowd during the day
9:19 am
i can say this firsthand is another proof. loved it. and also for its fall like that gorges been some. they both seemed and i highly recommend their system. the distrust dark. the crispy duck salad and savored for dessert. cook up putting it is beautiful. fresh fruit plate and his fall exotic fruit. unsight of lies about 8 $9. for different dishes but then if you pony up for a duck salad bar like 24. you keep with the reason i think. always be of the weather up there. give it a classic part of the ec for a
9:20 am
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secretary of state is declining to say the address at the university of for faculty in since protested the distance has become a distraction for joyous celebration to a role in direct she bore some
9:26 am
responsibility the four- member the have voted with $5,000 for the parents at may 18th strike. in democratic senator says he will endorse the secretary said if she runs for president for 2016. isn't self but following a breakfast the credit kids as the klan >> : clinton has not announced whether she will have a current democratic nomination yet but she is leading democrat in early puzzled the initial pull. market top diplomat says u.s. is ready for helping to increase its ties to africa hovers secretary of state says that dishes across a continent state the strongest to insure the box
9:27 am
democracy. >> : they're also calling for expansion of american investment in africa. big one for apple and its ongoing battle for samsung. entering samsung and apple wanted $20 million of the to patent infringement jury also found that blood found to infringe on samsung patent no. apple to the sums up $150,000 in damages. in court apple argued since then copied software from the i found hard to keep up in the smart phone market. samsung claiming that apple was using the legal system in an effort to thwart competitors. airline national park >> : fine joseph and the park is illegal. use of drums within park boundaries illegal. after an increase
9:28 am
of flying during the past three years the also say that can interfere with the new urgency red steel operations cousin distractions and also it disrupts natural wildlife. >> : still had[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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9:30 am
behind controversy about sterling began from the nba now speaking out for the first time since the scandal erupted. exclusive interview with abc seven walter opened up with counseling. >> : what is your relationship with don sterling? >> : i'm all sterling's right hand. i am his confidante his best friend is so
9:31 am
erratisilly rabbit to us recall myself. most spoke openly to amend it recorded but this is not marked the state sterling appeared on 20. after initially said he would talk about the scandal broke last weekend. sterling spoke out for the first time on friday tundish or magazine i wish i had just hit her off. >> : i got too hot in some spots from the bay area temperatures more than 20 degrees where it should be for this, year. we're looking at temperatures other seasonal to date we
9:32 am
although we do have cloud cover seller on the bay area starting to clear areas trip temptress slowly but surely it started to rise with it. 56 after setting up the door and oakland. all the time we reach the afternoon to lot of '60s and '70s. but as temperatures along the delts and south bay with a slight chill at 7373 also in san will continue with the school on as we head into tomorrow and buy some tomorrow because see a few raindrops north of the golden gate bridge. we do have a lot of changes the highlight in the extended forecast the sunday on the day forecast at 945. >> : and the tops or this morning recap the top story officials say a 15 year-old boy the survival of for a half-hour of fun and a half hour flight has now left the state. spokesperson acquired department of human services says the use is " no longer in hawaii". did not specify
9:33 am
how or why he left or who was traveling with or where he was heading. boy's father red-and-white earlier this week. your member is back on april 20th is when 15 year-old climbed into a wheel well of the jet and flew to hawaii. his house was for a short period of time and honolulu. will get an update if possible during the newscaster: for federal test of new technologies to address security concerns dublin get democrats of no san jose yesterday. that's where the teenage boy jump the fence and crawl inside the wheel well the plant down for white. the team did survive and triggered a firestorm about her for airport security. the
9:34 am
confirmed san jose airport sentence is to meet federal standards but he should the roof will be a technology solution to treat. >> : radar motion detectors along the surveillance cameras that can detect motion said that san jose airport does not have surveillance cameras monitoring all the property but has been reassured that officials there are addressing the problem. >> : major pot bus in major portrait passengers under us this morning of warriors says she tried to sneak out 188 1 lbs. of marijuana in her luggage. happen friday morning to say says the 626 to a woman was run flights from oakland to jackson is
9:35 am
to be discovered it sort of a plastic bag in the free check bags. the passenger identified as sac murdoch she is arrested by all but the sheriff's deputy. in line >> : more than 400 locals stayed federal officers searched 13 agribusinesses in oakland san leandro and san bruno and a word. those arrested now face charges that include banking panic buying and labour code violation. the businesses have also been closed. party say the six months your investigation and when all the officials the d.a. calls illegal business operating it as the massage parlor and increasing problem. this type of illicit behavior is not accepted in our community and we will investigate arrest and prosecute offenders.
9:36 am
customers will be in court tuesday d.a. says she will deny bail to any suspect who uses bleakly obtained money to do so. >> : possible kidnapping and attend a realistic on to some occasions the settlement to deliver and girls of the cars. all under old girl was walking home from no school and she says a white or latino man and a white man approached her on williams street she refused offer for at home. the second incident happened the thursday morning just a few blocks away 15 year-old girl was on her wade school in the area this and douglas' drive. she said their approach by a burgundy colored us to be. she described him as a man being in the '60s with gray hair and white were latino. also buy from them. >> :
9:37 am
the front of your purchase on this on monday you please get with no adult this about. >> : up had been going to get into game 7 of the warriors clippers match coming up tonight. level outside conditions are a lot at all muckrake cloud cover starting to tailback. closer look at what is expected for afternoon highs when we return [doorbell rings]
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to gain seven is being played against the pacers oklahoma city thunder filled with drama on and off the
9:41 am
court back on basketball and given >> : the twins won home and that's the unfortunate side they've done everything they could possibly do. to advance which will rent another good team off for tonight's game 730 at the stable center in los angeles. but once you're blue and gold to an assistant picture said to pictures like these in warriors here will have done a message of this book or e-mail us at kron park,. >> : but lawyers and other big men trade following an mri warriors announcing that germane o'neill suffered a bruised bone in his right kneecap. he's listed as questionable for game 7. >> : sports all the news indeed
9:42 am
sports night live at 9:00 after kron 4 news at 8. >> : some from a debt to the new movies day that shabazz celebrate cinco de mile in the movies + showbiz news and a new woody allen coming up on kron for weekend.
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sunshine on the bay area some close senate does appear to the is mainly in the '50s. sub-indices and '60s in concord and livermore sorrows the right now 55 degrees. satellite radar shows cloud cover is shifting to the south needing more sunshine in the north like downtown san francisco water on this afternoon and is pitting a lot of '60s and '70s. tablatures actually near
9:46 am
seasonal of mountain view hitting 71 the optical see san jose at 73 and 76 in los gatos. pretty similar story in the east bay manning sunshine letter on sunday the third 7570 through the set mon valley to the cheers mainly in the upper 60s along east bay shoreline downtown san francisco with a high of 66. temperatures in some spots 10 degrees cooler than what we experienced yesterday. it will continue to buckle down as we head into tomorrow monday looking to be the coolest day of the week of it will see any-'70s but i stick and a bye week and again a possibility for showers north of the golden gate bridge. but not the coastal to unwind or conditions threat today. and looks like by friday will be back in the '80s and warmer in a response pre >> : also erica you and everybody out there few comedy i've got a comment for you. called the bidding to ohrid
9:47 am
unconventional comedy written start by injected by what the character actors we have johnson tarot we know how good he is from those crossing quiz show tim robbins >> : he creates the entire film makes it solved a sexy guy in the defender wishful thinking but it's still its original i'm a romantic comedy. the cast really works well and is on board and the new york bookstore owner having money problems to come up with a scheme for is from john and often running attaching subplot and orthodox but no just terrific. even that relationship is money everything works as we up the often become area has you laugh out loud rarely been >> :
9:48 am
the time to date movie. wincing woody allen film for a while. he's very funny. hannay jagger it has been making in penalties for very long time the movie called eating woman and flourishes from festival tents. mr. meeks was pearl between the mid let home owner of people in world slate economic difficulties small tv station and all i care that some weird shows on this tv station including a lot barca's printer corporate executives whose trading everything appeared at a been terrific movies about tv are fun but unfortunately bad casting was can frederick was leading lady obnoxious and humbly will she it's
9:49 am
terrible. good news is soprano is great. unfortunately wrestle the please wait for the beep and then wait until the night you can dollar for free. a german doctor with a shows a man like and south america the really good film railway man last minutes of this so satisfied it's just marvelous. the grand old hotel and captain america. the from looking for little eat because really is is so depressing. the labor day is what you see on the beat invisible man trawls of a comment. the documentary. but there are as bad films. looking at right now airline it to really look
9:50 am
for. and u.s. the sinking of movies that a good for some good mutt. he knelt rossi working in hollywood and arthur has much to learn the game back binding electorate clearing glamour that comes from getting a perfect shot a david beckham molly cyrus to even want that. apparently it they did for a maximum bookwork find a detailed of how people get these businesspeople the islamic appreciate your job and have you wondering why did some do so in the grain
9:51 am
workers. >> : weapons and people get mad at m a guards beat them up how they go about it. these guys are after this great conflict as a public pop culture. oscar-nominated showbiz headlines british actor bob hoskins has died his publicist a reactor and its statement following man not known pneumonia. as dusk tuesday comes after two years when he retired from acting a dollop douglas's and partizans disease this summer when i interviewed him. what the movie share
9:52 am
the fears and what nice man. pour the table and they roof to ben he loves pokers security told f. lek he'd consider a player keeps track of card values. and reduces risk and is considered cheating selling about to see us aren't begun. but late 2001 affleck 1800 grand plan back black jack and sam cassell. he said the play's three 20,000 hands at once. >> : talk about bridge over troubled water. his wife was arrested in connecticut. a
9:53 am
police investigation of lilly and the boat appeared in court monday trade disorderly conduct charges. among this season's baseball game this afternoon. said cory to corporate the plea was entered. which is cut news from junior. the 77 sunset strip. will be right who are you?
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where we day at mutt as the greatest day in sports garry will declare today and see player fans wearing the the cats kentucky derby with for three reasons that make up a horse racing to kron other of belmont stakes. >> :
9:57 am
riddick continue to look at a cooling trend could see some rain with national service at some malls. whatever cent chance won't hold my breath but it could be nice after those meetings assault earlier. the wrap things up for us that for joining us this morning with you again tomorrow.
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