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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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. this is the bay area's news station, kron 4 news at 11:00 starts now. the golden state warriors. the entire season on the line tonight, game 7 in la against the clippers as dramatic as advertised. the no. 6 seed, golden state warriors, pushed the 3 seed clippers to that game 7. but in the end, it's the clippers moving on to round 2. the warriors wouldn't overcome a sloppy 3rd quarter. steph curry finishing shy with a double double and 30 some points. we have dan reuben at staple center. we'll check in with him. we asked if you were ready for game 7. this family are blue fans
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through and through. finally, the warriors tweeted this picture of steph curry and fans. but fans showed up to support their team. we'd love to hear from you. send us your picks on facebook and twitter. tonight, a deadly shooting at richmond. it shut down the entire freeway for showers. we have the latest detail -- hours. we have the latest details tonight on the attack that killed at least one person. >> reporter: this suv hit the median so hard it flipped over. the vehicle was traveling eastbound on i-580 when when somebody -- when someone from another vehicle fired shots. >> we don't believe the loan occupant was firing anybody. we believe the suspect or suspects were firing at hem. >> i heard bop, bop, bop, and then i came out front and seen
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the smoke. >> it's pretty crazy. a lot of people coming to the cars and assist the people inside to help them. >> reporter: the suv went into the median near richmond. the shooting happened just before 1:00 in the afternoon. stray bullets could have hit anybody driving by. >> try bullet versus no names. you don't know -- bullets don't have no names. it could hit anybody. >> reporter: they're investigating the motive may not behind this homicide. reporting in richmond, alicia reed, kron 4 news. >> this is the fourth shooting there this year. the freeway was shot down in that valley after suspects opened fire on this black chevy. this is video from our partnership with abc7 news. that driver was not hurt. they arrested four men in connection to the crime and in
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march, another shooting in oakland. no arrests were ever made in that shooting. three state university students are expelled due to hate crimes. they pleading in to misdemeanor battery charges. the accusations of hate crimes came to light. the santa claire county believes there are more victims in the investigation of the craigs list rental scam. on thursday, a woman there was charged of illegally pocketing those who answered the add. we speak -- ad. they speak to one person who says this comes from no
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surprise. >> reporter: at least three couples came up on this condominium for a tour before signing a lease and giving this woman, 47-year-old monique morris, a $200,000. they didn't know they were convicted of an alleged scam. >> she never led on she was doing something illegal, but you could tell something was going on. >> reporter: this man lives across this [ indiscernible ] . she's noticed the revolving door of tenants comes in and out of morris' place. >> it was her living by herself but with different guys every month. >> how long did that go on for? >> maybe the last year. because she didn't live here for a while. she just rented it to other people. >> reporter: the da's office says morris used craigs list to
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offer rooms in her condo or the entire unit for rent. but after a deposit from the victims, the ad on craigs list would stay up and she's sign another victim up. the da's office said she never returned the deposits to her alleged victims. >> it's unfortunate because this is a nice complex, so it's really sad that she did that to so many innocent people. >> reporter: morris is currently in custody on $150,000 bail. she's facing four felony charges, including grand thefts, and if convicted, she's facing -- facing up to four years in prison. in san jose, kron 4 news. >> our big story tonight. we'll take you back to la now. reuben is joining us live from staple center. dan, what a game. hard to say goodbye to the warriors' season. >> it is. it's a good way to go out in a way.
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it's hard to say that because they were not victories, but it was great nonetheless. we had nearly 20,000 people at the game. they got a great game. this was the clippers' first game 7 at home in nba playoff history. the home team wins 80% of the time. that goes up a bit unfortunately tonight. that didn't stop people coming down to la, though. you could hear warriors chants throughout the game. in the end, they were not enough. the final score, 126 to 121. the clippers face oklahoma city in the second round of the playoffs. the warriors will be coming home soon. reporting live in la, dan reuben, kron 4 news. we have a cool and breezy night tonight. temperatures down about 15 to 20 degrees this afternoon thanks to the sea breeze rushing into the bay. it's like a blast of air- conditioning.
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winds up to 30 and even 40 miles per hour in some spots. it has calmed down for the evening, but in a couple locations, almost 20 miles per hour with a stronger gusts, and it'll subside for this evening but temperatures have already cooled down. we're in the 50s just about everywhere. and for tonight, look for a few clouds. into tomorrow, clouds and sunshine mix to starts out the day. mostly sunny for the afternoon. we see that sea breeze once again but not as strong as today. about 20 to 30 miles per hour. look for upper 60s by the bay. mid-70s inland and will warm unagain for next week. we'll have the -- warm up again for next week. the race to change the tunes for the clippers after donald sterling was banned. >> what kept this victim from
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makeshift memorial set up for a san jose teen killed yesterday. today, kron 4 news spoke with friends of the second person in the car. they say the teenager is fighting for his life. it happened at north 1st street after 4:00 in the afternoon. the two victims were in one of the two cars involved. one had a family of four inside which none were hurt inside. one of the cars appears to have been speeding shortly before the crash. >> tonight, a teen that hid into the wheel well of an airplane is back. yaya abib is no longer in hawaii and has been released to children's protective services. the teen's father reportedly
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travel traveled -- traveled to hawaii to see him but was turned away. the teenager originally made that trip to see his mother in africa. he had just recently learned his mother was alive and was trying to find her. >> the woman behind the donald sterling finally opens up. we meet v. stiviano and what she has to say about the the racial remarks. i want to tell you about a unique group of people. these people all love their dentist. they also have one other thing in common... we helped them find that dentist. because finding a dentist that you'll be comfortable going to, that you trust, is hard. at 1-800-dentist, we've helped over 8 million people find that right dentist and we can do the same for you. so don't put it off any longer.
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tonight, we're taking a closer look of the woman behind the controversy that threatened to take down donald sterling's empire. she broke out for the first time since that erupted in an exclusive interview with barbara walters. she opened up on those racist remarks that led to donald sterling's ban from the nba. she says he's traumatized from the leak of the tape. >> it became a scandal. >> reporter: why? >> i think god has a purpose, and i wish i could answer that question sometimes. and ask -- i keep asking
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myself, how, when, and why? but the truth is that how and why doesn't even matter anymore. it's here, and some things needed to be brought to the light. and i think sometimes we're forced into situations, into circumstances in which we have to choose to do good by, and everything and everyone is a test. and i think mr. sterling has -- is being tested right now. >> reporter: are you in love with donald sterling? >> i love him. >> reporter: i'm not sure that's what i asked. are you in love? >> no, i'm not in love. >> reporter: you love him what? like a friend? >> i love him like a father figure. >> reporter: like a father? >> i love him like -- just like a father figure. >> reporter: and donald
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sterling is in his 80s. you're in your 30s? >> yes, i'm 341. >> reporter: and you're a beautiful young woman. so -- i'm 31. >> reporter: and you're a beautiful young woman. i don't understand your relationship. >> i'm mr. sterling's personal assistance. i'm his right hand. i'm his wingman. what isn't there to understand? >> reporter: do you think that donald sterling should apologize? >> absolutely. >> reporter: did you discuss this with him? >> yes. >> reporter: will he apologize? >> only god knows. v. stiviano said there was much more of the conversation not released. sterling was there for the interview but declined to speak with walters. he says he's not planning to sell the clippers despite his
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nba team. but they will be appointing a new ceo for the clippers. red bull becomes at least a third company following ady das and samsung to re-establish a partner -- adiddas and samsung to re-establish connections with the clippers. a man tried to cross the train tracks when his cane got stuck on the tracks. there's a sidewalk that amtrak goes through. he was scene with a -- seen with a woman at the accident. the police are urging that woman to come forgot. a woman recovering in a hospital after fall into out of a building. this 3-year-old is doing great,
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walking, talking. they want parents to check their window screens. they're making progress with this wild fire. this wild fire has burned around 200 acres and has forced evacuation of at least 56 homes. the -- 56 homes. crews are looking to put out the northern side. brian? city hall supporting the warriors tonight with the blue and gold. well, i think we'll see the lights turned off tonight, unfortunately. >> yeah. >> i'm not making light of the situation. here is a live view of the bay bridge, and we have a beautiful sight out there although it's windy and cool this evening, and we'll continue to see a cool weekend after a week where we saw temperatures in the 80s and 90s. so tomorrow, few clouds and a lot of sunshine.
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we'll see those winds off the ocean tomorrow afternoon. so temperatures will come up a couple more degrees for sunday. for monday, that weather system rolls in, that could bring showers for that day as we get into the afternoon and evening. tuesday, partly sunny as this system departs. as it goes out, we'll see strong winds possibly 30 miles per hour on tuesday. we have a couple clouds moving across northern california. a few of those may excuse out a few sprinkles through the night. this is going to slide sound and that's what will come our way monday. most of the rain will remain well north of the bay area. sunday temperatures in the morning, looking around 40s north bay and low 50s east bay. san jose, 72 degrees. making it up to the mid-70s inland for highs.
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60s by the bay. san fransisco will be into the low 60s. up every 60s oakland. around the bay, again, chance north for a few showers monday afternoon and evening. then turning windy tuesday and wednesday. the winds subside and the sun will warm up us -- us up for the end of the week. the los angeles' department is mourning an officer killed in a hit and run accident. it happened in arbor city neighborhood. the officers were on a routine parole when they followed a speeding -- patrol when they follow aid speeding car. they were hit by another vehicle while in pursuit. a second person in the vehicle was transported to the hospital. they identified that officer killed as roberto sanchez. >> officer sanchez is survived
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by his wife and his best friend who was his partner last night. we mourn the loss of officer sanchez as should the rest of the city of los angeles. >> he was on the force for just about six years. hollywood has the oscars and washington has the white house correspondence dinner. they traded their note pads for champagne flutes, rubbing shoulders with those they reported on. now there's a red carpet, a presidential appearance and comic relief. >> i usually start these dinners with a few self- deprecating volkswagens. after my stellar 2013, what could i possibly talk about? [ laughter ] >> america won the boston marathon for the first time in 30 years. [ laughter ] >> -- which was inspiring and
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only fair since a kenyan has been present for the last six. >> hillary clinton has a lot going for her. she has experience, natural leader, and as the first female president, we could pay her 30% less. that's the saving this country could use! >> ouch. this marks the 100th anniversary of that dinner. down to the number, we have warrior highlights next. >> darya folsom weekend mornings on kron 4 news. this is what we want to show.
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at safeway. ingredients for life. tonight, talk of disgrace. los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling take ace backseat to game 7. the warriors face with the task to knock off the favorite clippers at the staple center in la. the warriors, clearly, they won the first half leading by 8. after the 2nd quarter. but the clippers, they came out hot in the 3rd quarter taking advantage of some turnovers by golden state. in the end, steph curry's 33 points not enough to eliminate the clippers. the clippers win 126-121 and will be squaring off against oklahoma city in round 2. tough loss for the warriors, but they gave us a good season, no question. >> we got baseball, and the
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giants are on a street. brandon belt, posey and michael morris had home runs to the inning. they beat the atlanta braves 3- 1 tonight. the west leading, giants have won 8-9. johnny hit a grand slam in boston's second straight win. just that quick. it was over despite a late rally, the red sox beat oakland today. we should mention that "california chrome" won the kentucky derby. >> that sure was exciting. >> it was. that was some horse race. time for weather? tomorrow looks the same about as today with cooler temperatures than we saw. we'll be in 60s and low 70s tomorrow. but lots of sunshine. >> sunshine nonetheless? >> absolutely. >> that's it for kron 4 news at
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billionaire shocker. he was shot by the tycoon's son. >> the violent confrontation erupted here inside the palatial beverly hills mansion. >> boom, first shot goes off. boom, second shot hits me. >> then -- >> you stole our dog! >> accused dog napper. >> i didn't steal it. >> what happened to the dog? she's been disguised. and the human chair. trapped in an elevator. meet the college kid who got down on all fours to help an elderly lady. then -- the ice skating superstar who made a huge splash on tv at the olympics. >> his personal turmoil. >> betrayed, heart broken, shocked. >> johnny weir's husband breaks his silence. plus, real-life wedding crashers. drinking, dancing, ev


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