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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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an investigation underway tonight into a deadly plane crash in fairfield. the pilot killed after an air show stunt goes wrong. the entire scene caught on camera by audience members. the pilot has been identified as eddie andreini from half moon bay. kron 4's philippe djegal has the latest details from the crash site. philippe? the national transportation safety board has been called in to investigate this crash. a terrible accident seen by tens of thousands of people. this is a photo taken by a spectator that shows the aircraft up in the air before the crash happened just after two o'clock in the afternoon. and, as you can see, the plane was upside down. the us air force says that's also how the veteran pilot from half moon bay -- 77-year-old eddie andreini landed. sot
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spectators also catching the aftermath of the crash on video. thick black smoke filling the air while emergency crews rushed onto the tarmac. sot about up at the entering. this is the first thunder over sola i air expo held here at the air force base in the past three years. and, until this accident, it's been a big success. some 85-thousand people were out here saturday and the air force believes even more were here sunday. for now, the questions into the cause of the crash and whether wind may have played a role or
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it was the result of human error will not be answered until the ntsb completes it's investigation. at travis afb, pd, k4n. a little more information about the man who lost his life on the airfield today. eddie andreini's been flying since he was 16 years old. this is video from previous air shows - doing inverted maneuvers like the one he performed today. a respected stunt pilot considered one of the greats of aerobatics. he was inducted into the international air show hall of fame. just last year. .it's like a blur. eddie andreini was 77. carving his name into the sky.doing exactly what he loved. we have more photos of the crash plus more detailed information on our website. just go to kron 4 dot com.
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breaking news in the east bay. a dublin man is dead after an officer involved shooting. police were called to dublin meadows street near alamo creek trail. during a domestic disturbance call police shot and killed a man. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. tonight. an elderly couple is still recovering from being held at gunpoint in their home. as kron 4's alecia reid reports, the gunman may have scoped out the place beforehand, then slid in through an open door. sot - i did not wanna die, and i knew if i fought him or resisted him i was gonna die. this husband and wife duo says they're lucky to be alive. while cleaning up after lunch saturday, dorothy brunauer heard banging noises in the back room. when she went to check it out, she tells us a gunman had her 91 year old husband bernie up against the wall. sot - i came out of the bathroom and there was this man
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shoving bernie into the wall. the thumps i was hearing was him being shoved into the wall. dorothy says at first glance she realized it was the same man she found sitting on her porch the day before - muttering something she couldn't understand. sot - i thought one of the words might've been job because he was motioning to the yard. i said i don't know what you're talking about and i can't help you. he kept getting agitated like a mentally ill person, not like an angry person. she shut the door in his face, not knowing he'd be back. these victims tell us the gunman walked through the house and took all the money dorothy had in her pursebut that wasn't enough. sot - he stripped my hands and i had a pendant with diamonds around it.he broke it right off my neckand he went through the drawers and got the few good things in there. a thousand dollar pearl necklace.
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dorothy says he helped himself to other jewels including bernie's watch - which a retirement gift. police are searching for a hispanic male between 35-40 years old. 5'7" with an average build. reporting in sunnyvale. two men have been arrested for attempted murder after attacking two alameda county sheriff's deputies. officials say it happened around 11 o'clock saturday night. at an apartment complex in castro valley. the deputies tried to break up a fight between these two men.but they refused and turned their aggression toward the deputies. police say 21 year old keith carter punched one deputy in the face.knocking him to the ground. he then put the other deputy in a chokehold and tried to gouge his eye out. the other deputy was able to subdue the men with a stun gun.and arrest them. a woman was also arrested for felony assault on a police officer. developing tonight a disturbing discovery at a very popular beach after a body was found earlier today. kron-4's scott rates reports
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from stinson beach and shows us the latest in the investigation and how the body was discovered. in vallejo. fees said the body looks like it and therefore some time. investigators believe that the body is in mint whopper there are unable to identify--man.
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i can tell you that investigators have not ruled out ofoul play. a suspicious house fire that destroyed a converted garage is under investigation. it broke out around 5-30 this morning on lincoln boulevard east. fire crews arrived to find this garage ---which has been redesigned as a living space-- engulfed in flames. luckily no one was injured. fire officials say at one point up to nine people had been living in the converted garage. the property owner says he recently kicked out several people living there.and that led to a heated argument. while there were moving the stuff out i got all kinds of threats, including work and a burn the place them--were.
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fire officials are calling the fire suspicious.and say they found flammable liquid at the scene.but say the cause of the fire is still under investigation. coming up on kron 4 news at 11. a man trying to get into his apartment ends up killed! police calling it a deadly apartment mix up. we share the honest mistake that lead to the death. bay area police reminding cinco de mayo revelers to party safe. the business that's picking up the taxi tab and getting you home for free and next. the greatest show on earth turns into a tragedy and it was all caught on camera. more video of the circus act gone wrong ahead.
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this is video of a circus accident that happened in rhode island earlier today. eleven performers were hurt in an accident in front of a full audience. it happened during a "human chandelier" routine at the dunkin' donuts center. the barnum and bailey performers fell about 30 feet to the ground from an apparatus that failed.
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a spokesman from the dunkin donuts center says as an organization they are shocked. .here at the building eyewitnesses say they saw a cable snap. a circus spokesman says it is not clear why the apparatus did not work properly. at least one of the performers was critically injured. a cinco de mayo celebration prompting concerns in the south bay
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a 26 year old man was shot to death after walking into the wrong apartment in his san after a night out, neighbors say the man went to the third floor of the south of market building, instead of the 5th floor. that's when the 68 year old man inside apartment 306 shot him to death. the shooter told people in the building the man broke his door knob while trying to get in.
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he later turned himself into police. anxiety is building over concerns shared by residents and police. that the racial tensions on display at a cinco de mayo celebration a few years ago. which you see here. will play out again monday in morgan hill. a protest and counter protest are planned. and police fear, so- called 'outsiders' will make their presence known. kron four's rob fladeboe brings you up to date on the story. those who thought the at times contentious controversy that erupted here at morgan hill's live oak high school on cinco de mayo back in 2010 has blown over may want to think again. come monday, the flap over the american flag will be re-visited but it's hoped cooler heads will prevail this time. nats that heated argument between white and hispanic kids was one of several ugly incidents that occurred after a handful of white students were sent home for wearing american flag shirts to school on cinco de mayo, which offended hispanic
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students, who walked out of school. the kids who wore the t shirts filed a still pending lawsuit claiming their 1st amednment rights were violated. sot georgine scott- codiga/gilroy morgan hill patriots the patriot group is planning a protest outside the school on monday while a group called 'we the people' is planning a counter protest. morgan hill police are on high alert. sot capt. shane palsgrove/morgan hill police police and school officials are calling for calm but some live oak parents are worried and will keep their kids out of school on monday. sot andrea caraselli/live oak parent
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police also say they're been in contact with out of town motorcycle groups and other planning to join the demonstrations.adding that they will be enforcing a strict zero tolerance policy for anyone who gets out of line. in morgan hill rob fladeboe kron 4 news. the morgan hill police department released this statement about tomorrow's rallies.saying quote: "members of both groups.will be celebrating the day together and participating in both rallies- each being held in a different location." "they have identified their common values-respect and love for the american flag, constitutional rights to freedom of speech, and the respect and understanding of the american celebration of cinco de mayo." bay area police are warning of a huge d-u-i crack down this weekend. with so many people celebrating cinco de mayo tomorrow they want you to be aware. the d-u-i taskforce have said that checkpoints will be all over the bay area tomorrow.
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if you are going to celebrate tomorrow with a cerveza or margarita. public transit, a taxi, or ride sharing sound like the way to go. tomorrow berg injury lawyers is giving you a free ride home. if you grab a luxor cab in san francisco they'll foot the bill, up to thirty-five dollars. we have more cool weather on the way for tomorrow. this is a live view of the bay bridge. the storm system is currently in the pacific north west. for monday a book at clouds in the morning them clouds and sunshine mixed together throughout the day. once again we will have strong winds of up to 35 m.p.h.. tuesday the system it moves out
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however the winds stay and will possibly gets up to 45 mi. per hour. there could be some showers developing over the seattle range however the best chance for what weather is in the north and in napa and solano counties. sixties just about everywhere. tuesday and
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wednesday the system will clear out in the winds will pick up. for thursday there is a weak system are writing with a slight chance of rain. after that's what some the rest the weaken-- sun the nigerian president is speaking out about a the mass kidnapping in his country. almost three hundred girls were kidnapped about two weeks ago by islamic extremists. the country is fighting an uprising by the islamic group. the president spoke today with nigerian media about how the families can help. 'wherever the girls are, we will get them out. what we request is maximum cooperation from the guardians and the parents of these girls because up until this time they have not been able to come clearly to give the police the identity of the girls that have yet to return" just over fifty girls were able to escape their captors, but the rest remain missing. rallies are being held throughout the world to support
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bringing the girls home. this is video of a rally today in london bringing awareness to the event. canadian police raided an unfinished mansion saturday control teenage party. charges. in las vegas.tension from a saturday night boxing match spilled over outside the ring. some sort of an altercation broke out last night as crowds were leaving the fight between floyd mayweather and marcos maidana. it happened at the m-g-m grand. according to the las vegas sun.a loud bang caused people to panic.thinking it was gunshot. several people were trampled as a stampede of fans tried to exit the hotel. officials also say some tried to push their way into the press room during a post-fight news conference. and that's when a fight happened. .i saw some people getting shoved. i saw some people getting shoved far back. i didn't see anyone get knocked down. i didn't see anything like that, but it was crazy for a couple of minutes when it happened. dozens of people were treated for minor injuries.including foot sprains and back injuries. the los angeles clippers franchise is getting a new leader. with owner donald sterling
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banned from the league for life over racist audio recordings. the n-b-a announced that it's appointing a new c-e-o to oversee the team's day-to-day operations. a move that shelly sterling -- donald's estranged wife and the team's co-owner -- now supports. the clippers beat the goldenstate warriors in their first-ever playoff game 7 at home saturday night. can the giants keep up their winning streak? and the a's avert a sweep? bay area sports is up next. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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the san francisco giants currently own the third-best record in the majors. brandon crawford homered twice and had three rbi's in the giants' fifth straight victory. final score 4-1 in atlanta. madison bumgarner allowed an unearned run and three hits while striking out nine in six innings to help the giants. yoenis cespedes drove in the go- ahead run on an infield single with the bases loaded in the 10th to give oakland a 3-2 win at boston. the a's averted a three-game sweep and finished 5-5 on their road trip. .may the force be with you hey star wars fans! may the fourth be with you. the fourth of may has become a day to geek-out and celebrate star wars! this year it's a little more special than most. last week disney announced the new cast of episode seven.
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here's more on what's in store for a galaxy far, far, away. nats this is what started it all - the star wars movie with harrison ford as han solo. carrie fisher as princess leia. and mark hamill as luke skywalker. nats after all these decades the original star wars cast including darth vader, cp30, r-2d2 and chewbacca. will be coming back for star wars 7. that announcement from disney which bought lucasfilm and the star wars franchise two years ago. shooting starts in just a few weeks. and the stars plus a new crop of unknown actors are already in london getting ready. composer john williams, who has written scores for all six "star wars" films, will also create the music for the newest. star wars 7 is scheduled to open around the world on december 18, 2015 fans wonder if billy d. williams will be back as lando. no word on that. that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps.
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we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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the weekend insider with perspective on this week's top trending story. >> donald sterling is racist bigot. >> rap rapper akon joins the prey. >> you went with v stiviano to the game. >> the alleged misstress behind the leaked audiotapes. is she in danger? >> i fear for her safety. inside the deadly everest avalanche with daredevil. >> quickly went from a rescue to body recovery. >> i plan to retire. >> barbara's good-bye. we go inside the view's farewell review. >> all 11 of us at up with time. >> you forgot your lunch! >> the action movie kid with special effects dad behind the you tube sensation. >> you throw it. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you


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