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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 5, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:now at eight: >> reporter:a missing girl's father kills himself. and a missing child advocate with a good reason: tonight: daphne webb's family left to wonder if they'll ever know what happened to her. san francisco dog owners told to beware tonight. a cruel villain could be back in business. >> reporter:new at eight: >> reporter:why there are so many marine mammals in need of care in the north bay. >> reporter:also: >> reporter:a judge gives a heartless crook more than 400-years behind bars. >> reporter:tonight: one of his victims is speaking out after the astonishing sentence. and, we'll show you what's causing bartenders to feel so sour this cinco de mayo. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:tonight -- kron 4 has learned. the father of the missing toddler daphne webb. from oakland
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committed suicide friday evening. webb's family members confirmed his death. and tonight -- the mystery of missing daphne remains unsolved. kron 4's alecia reid is live tonight.with the latest developments. alecia? >> reporter: the cornice of this reid moved the body on friday but the cops were there bullying father investigating today. we're still working to find out the details behind the suicide. his daughter baby and daphne would missing wahl and his care. left the child in the car with his mother who has to mention a direct dementia >> reporter: we are working to find out more details
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behind the suicide in of course we will bring them to you when they become available. >> reporter: >> pam: our team coverage continues now. with kron 4's dan kerman. tonight, he speaks with missing child advocate marc klaas. with the klass kids foundation. as dan found out, klaas minces no words when it comes to john webb. >> reporter: klaas with the klaas kids foundation says john webb was a suspect's in his daughter's disappearance for good reason >> reporter:the reason for webb's suicide is unknown at this time. but klaas says the real tragedy, is that now the family will likely never know what happened to daphne >> reporter: >> my costs are that the guilt got to him over what he had done to his daughter.
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the rich >> reporter: tragedy is that bell family will likely know what happened to daphne. >> i imagine that they would never know what happened to baby daphne and they deserve those in answers most assuredly >> reporter: says his heart goes out to baby daphne's family and they were committed to finding her. dan kerman >> reporter:missing toddler daphne webb vanished july 10th of last year. daphne's father -- john webb -- claims, she was kidnapped from his car in east oakland. he says she was taken outside gazzali's supermarket. at 79th and international. around 11 a- m. >> reporter:the father told police he left her in the car with an elderly family member.who is reportedly mentally disabled.
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>> reporter:kron4 has previously spoken to daphne's grandfather who raised questions about daphne's bizarre disappearance. >>"the story is that the baby was taken while the mother was therewho would do that?" baby with an adult sitting in the car? that seems kind of strange" . >> reporter:police originally arrested webb on suspicion of child endangerment the day after daphne's disappearance. but he released from custody on july 12th. >> reporter:and -- those charges were later dropped by the district attorney. in july crime stoppers announced a 10-thousand dollar reward for information leading to daphne. and in august -- the f-b-i offered another 10-thousand dollar reward. making the reward worth 20-thousand dollars. >> pam:happening now. investigators looking into suspicious meatballs discovered in san francisco. tonight -- officials say. dog owners should be on the look out. potentially poisoned meatballs were discovered --
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in a sunset district park. and in fact the concern is. poisoned meatballs have popped up before in san francisco. and have made pets sick. kron 4's j-r stone is live in san francisco tonight - j-r what's the latest. >> pam:there have been at least three cases of poisonous meatball found in san francisco since last year. >> reporter: in the twin peaks neighborhood in february. investigators found dozens of meatballs. one dog got sick. >> reporter: the meatballs were found on monday morning un dark harley being tested for poison meatballs work found on monday morning and are now being tested for poison
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>> some people get irritated about the extent that it would take a very unique person to do this like a social pact, i would think. sociopath >> the fall. people is the word that i would get. >> obviously the has no life no regard to life. >> reporter:more poisonous meatballs were found that same month in the richmond district. and last year in july -- one dachshund named oscar died from eating a poisonous meatball. >> pam: new tonight a 8. >> pam: take a look at the sketch of this man.
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sunnyvale officials believe this is the person responsible for a violent home invasion robbery saturday. >> pam: that's when officials say the man broke into an elderly couple's home and held them at gunpoint. he then stole money and jewelry from the home before taking off. police believe the man is in his late 20-s to early 30-s. >> pam: happening now -- a cinco de mayo controversy brewing at a high school in morgan hill. protesters were out at 'live oak high school' this morning. they carried american flags in a protest. against a school decision four years ago. that sent students home for wearing american flag t- shirts on cinco de mayo. >> pam: it was a quiet demonstration. but attracted attention from the students and parents coming to campus. this evening -- a rally is slated at morgan hill community park. showing another side of the issue. kron 4's scott rates is there live -- scott? >> reporter: more than 100
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people from the group, we the people came out for the rally and their message was very clear, it was all about peace. >> as silica had to do something about something with the community and respecting ps. peace. it's true to my heart. i want other children to experience i do not want of the children to experience what i have >> we support you if we got to your culture matter who you are urged we are all of america. we are all america.
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>> reporter: everything did in the very peacefully we did not see any counter protesters. >> pam: we're learning more tonight about the man who was shot and killed by a dublin police officer on sunday. >> pam: police say oscar herrera had an extensive criminal history including charges of resisting arrest. assault and drug possesion. >> pam: the day before he was shot police say herrera attacked and threatened to eat a friend after taking methemphetamine. >> pam: herrera was shot sunday after police say he attacked officers with a baseball bat while they were responding to a domestic disturbance call. >> reporter:new developments tonight with that deadly air show crash in fairfield. today the n-t-s-b started examining the wreckage and the ground where it crashed at travis air force base.
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>> reporter:investigators will also review video of the they try to find out what caused the crash. 77-year old eddie andreini of half moon bay died in the accident. the veteran stunt pilot was flying a 19-44 stear-man bi- plane.commonly used in the world-war two era. >> reporter:ann-dree-nee was flying upside down. in front of 100-thousand spectators.attempting a maneuver where he flies close to the ground. the plane suddenly crashed.slid on the tarmac.stopped on an open field.and caught fire.
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>> reporter: from happening again n-t-s-b investigators are also looking into the response. some witnesses say it took more than two minutes before someone got the the wreckage with a fire-extinguisher.and it took five minutes before fire crews arrived. >> reporter:a base spokesperson disputes that.saying fire crews got there within a minute to two. >> pam: we're learning more about the pilot in the tragic crash. 77-year-old eddie an-dree- knee had been flying since age 16. the veteran aerobatic pilot had a hanger there were he kept his vintage planes. eddie also hung out with other pilots here. >> pam: kron four's maureen kelly went to ann-dree-nee's home airport in half moon bay.where friends are remembering a great pilot and a great guy. >>"and his community"
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>> pam: the pilots we spoke to didn't want to speh that took their friend's life.other to say it's very sad. . >> pam: san jose police are investigating the deaths of two people who were found around 3:30 this afternoon in the southern part of town. police were called to the home on norma jean way and found the bodies of two men who both died from a single gunshot each. homicide detectives are interviewing witnesses and investigating the case >> pam: we do have some information that the decedants did know each other, so, there was some sort of relationship there. they are not strangers to one another. other than that we don't have much information. our homicide investigators are in route to the scene. the scene has been frozen so we don't have many details but we don't think there is a public safety issue at this time. we feel like the people who were involved in this are inside the residence. the santa clara county >> pam: ahead at eight. the incredible ending to this crash landing that no one saw coming. later: the surprising sentence for a man who preyed on senior citizens in a posh bay area
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neighborhood. but first: >> pam: why so many marine mammals are in need of t-l-c at a
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>> pam: new at 8. >> pam: it has never happened before. more seals and sea lions than ever need care at the marine mammal center in sausalito. >> pam: the seals are just a few months old, without their mothers and malnourished. kron 4' justine waldman tells us the center is overwhelmed caring for all the baby seals that need help. >> reporter: adjusted two months old baby seals were abetted by their mothers and not know how to eat yet. to nurse them back to health
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volunteers at the marine mammal center are feeding them a fish as of monday, the center has brought in 446 steve lyons, ellis is stills and arbor stills the share. well above the 291 the same time creek last year. all of the cans are full because right now there are about 200 seals the center is scrambling to care for. >> reporter: rescuing the baby still stranded on local beaches. why so many baby
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seals are being separated from their mother's remains a mystery. the key that it could be an analogy making them sick and killing of fish. as the center cares for a record number of these pops getting some credit to be released back into the ocean they all hope this is not the normal. in sausalito crawford new spirit >> reporter:the legal fight over peninsula beach access will have to wait two more days. a trial about the issue was postponed today.and the trial will now begin on wednesday. this is about seven miles south of downtown halfmoon bay.
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>> reporter:the new billionaire owner of the land.vee-nohd kohsla - a sun microsystem's co- founder.built a fence and wants to block public access along martin's beach road. >> reporter:for more than 100 years.the area has been a favorite of surfers, swimmers and other people looking to enjoy the beach. the trial is expected to last about a week. we'll keep you posted. >> jacqueline: when speed is still in the teens and 20 mi. per hour range. 24 mi. an oakland and teens and half moon bay and redwood city plus hayward. pretty strong gwent's out there 40 mount per hour gusts there patrick ocean beach and california with 45 mi. per hour gusts and '30's in richmond and golden gate bridge. as you see some of
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the wages skirting the delta. that is where it should stay tonight. very slight chance where the rain in to move down to the south. just keep it in mind an overnight our spirit so here is what to expect tonight current slight chance of the shower and tomorrow still going to be breezy especially near the coast line patrick i will show you how much temperature will go up coming up in just a bit. >> pam: new information on the moments before this plane crashed into a denver area house this afternoon. the plane had been towing an advertising banner. the pilot cut the banner loose a couple blocks away. and was apparently trying to avoid the houses. >> pam: the small plane crashed upside-down into the roof of this two-story home. the pilot *walked away from
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the wreckage. and no one was inside the house at the time. >> pam: witnesses say the plane was flying low to the ground. and appeared to be struggling to stay in the air. the crash did start a fire, but it was quickly put out. it's not clear yet what caused the crash. scared." [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game.
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withdrew his navajo last week justin time to tell his mother good-bye judge barry has this story for >> first to said mama i and so scared. all regina was unsafe to do so our son jeffrey hunter he will be ok. >> he knew how bad it was, he says is quinn to be a direct hit >> reporter: from her home in the between miles away from her son and valonia regina cut only of the jeffrey to attacks on wed april 26th seventh for tornado was headed
8:24 pm
>> i have a tax on my phone as the tornado was hitting good-bye mom but i love you. >> reporter: this letter a few homes down from jeffrey r. clover ridge drive lyman walks watkins had to crawl out from her coat from the closet he, his wife and five dogs were hiding in. >> all your gear was horns: off and people hollering help, help her i >> reporter: it did that take off for what is to find someone. i made my way he was at the house right there. there are conscious on the ground was regina son she had not heard anything from him since last message i casting a are you ok? are
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you ok let me know and no answer.
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>>i came from over here... >> reporter:on a summer afternoon back in august of 2008, coy meza heard screaming in the lobby of his apartment building. when he went downstairs to investigate, he found this man... dwayne whitaker.. violently attacking another resident of the building. >> reporter:when i came up and yelled when i came out
8:31 pm
>> when i came out up and yelled what's going on and touched the guy on the shoulder that's when he grabbed me and pushed me down to here. he said i'm going to stab you and i grabbed his arms. he pushed me to here. >>the two men struggled across the lobby smashing a pair of plate glass windows. eventually, meza was able to pin whitaker to the ground. yelling call 911. >> >> reporter:meza along with two other neighbors were able to subdue whitacker until police arrived. the attack left coy shaken. unconscious...getting punched in the face. that's disturbing. >> reporter:it was later discovered that dwayne whitaker had robbed four people in the nob hill neighborhood and that 3 of them were over 65. >> reporter:after his arrest, whitaker was deemed incompetent and spent 5 years in a california state hospital. last april, he was restored to competency and returned to san francisco to stand trial on monday
8:32 pm
morning, 51-year-old dwayne whitaker was sentenced to 439 years to life in prison. >> reporter:are you satisfied? to see him in court, i realized >> that this person is a jerk. it's not safe for this person to be out. not safe for him or anyone. meza says he actually feels sorry for whitaker, but that he's glad justice has finally been served. >> reporter:in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.. >> pam: san jose police plan to interview a teen who stowed away on a hawaii- bound flight two weeks ago in the wheel well of a jetliner. authorities say the 15 year old boy has flown back to california and is still under the care of santa clara county child protective services. >> pam: the teen's father traveled to hawaii last week to bring his son home. but he was not allowed to see his son. >> pam: the teenager has told investigators that he was trying to get to africa to see his mother -- who's living in a refugee camp in ethiopia. >> pam: police want to
8:33 pm
question the boy about how he climbed over a fence at san jose international airport. leaving no signs along the fence and avoiding video surveillance. . >> reporter:all lanes of interstate 15 in hesperia -- a city north east of l-a -- are closed tonight after an overpass caught fire. >> reporter:fire officials say a worker's blowtorch started the blaze when it caught one of the bridge's wooden supports on fire. >> reporter:the the overpass was under construction at the time. fire fighters battled the blaze all day in high winds and with little water. there's no word on when that portion of the freeway will be open. >> reporter:but san bernadino fire captain josh wilkins says the area will be -quote- "a nightmare for the next 24 to 48 hours at least." . >>did you always know that you could survive? obviously there moments you thought you weren't going to. hot all
8:34 pm
>> so you slowly and that st ok, whatever just to let go. >> reporter: it feels like to have no power over it. >> yes. >> reporter: castro committed suicide in his prison cell in september. >> pam: firefighters in oklahoma continue to fight a massive wildfire that has killed one person, burned thousands of acres and destoyed several homes.
8:35 pm
>> pam: the fire started sunday and earlier this afternoon, firefighters had it 75 percent contained. but forecasters say the danger will get worse before it gets better with temperatures expected to reach one-hundred and stronger wind gusts on tuesday. >> pam: unofficials say 3- thousand acres and six homes have been destroyed so far. investigators are trying to determine what started the blaze. tell them to "keep quiet" -- intersection looked liked drivers doing donuts in the >> pam: and >> reporter: people behaving badly coming up next.
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>> jacqueline: we will talk more about how long the wind was the ground coming
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: looking at a traffic jam and although many of the car stopped in the jam are flying the flag from mexico this is not mexico this is oakland on what might normally be a quiet sunday afternoon the
8:39 pm
reason for our the traffic jam will become apparent shortly. >> reporter: this is the video from the year to channel east oakland won all six and this is the aftermath of a side show that took place in the middle of the day at a normally busy intersection. in fact here is the age ac transit bus all the empty now and may have been filled with passengers who decided to proceed on a foot instead of sitting all round. i receive messages for people about being stuck in traffic when your even say he cannot cross of getting stuck in a side show. middle of the street while the crowd cheered them on >> reporter:cars lined up waiting for their chance to do circles in the street and people with cell phones, go'pro's and tablets waiting to recored the video so they can sell then on line >> reporter:yes they sell these stunts after they add music to them and there must be a market because they keep making the clips and people keep buying them
8:40 pm
>> reporter:now i'm going to plant some knowledge in your head, i have been investigating these sideshows for a while and what you may not know this many of the people here don't even live in oakland >> reporter:some come as far away as madera, tracy, san jose, and in some cases even farther. just so they can trash oakland and takeover the streets >> reporter:they basically hold residents and citizens hostage until either the police arrive or they decide to move to another intersection >> reporter:why do you think all the sideshows happen at just about the exact same locations? its simple because these out of towners only know a few streets to swing their cars on as they call it >> reporter:they cant do this stuff in medera, the police would be all them like a cheap suit. so they come to oakland and do their dirt. >> reporter: >> i swear to god if stanley roberts is here >> reporter:yes they call me out because i know the truth, until there are some stronger laws on the books for participants and spectators this will contuine >> reporter:even when oakland police do show up
8:41 pm
all they can do is basically move the crowd of wreckless drivers to another intersection that they know how to get to >> reporter:one can only dream . in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news >> jacqueline: warming trend will continue all the way to a 7 day forecast. and though 70's for most of the south bay, san jose and palo alto. for the east then it will also be in the '70s when places like concord and walnut creek with 73 and livermore. they shores getting local lawyer thanks to the sea breeze lands. amex off a purse '60s for the north that. aside not
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likely to have a chance of sprinkles and to the north. >> reporter:warren buffett may be known for his financial skills but he added a new skill over the weekend: helping someone pop the question. >> reporter:buffett took some time to vist borsheims fine jewelry and gifts---a mega jewerly store he owns in ohmaha nebraska. >> reporter:he was in town over the weekend for the annual berkshire hathaway shareholders meeting. instead of making a quick appearance and leaving, buffett hung out behind the counter for 2 hours selling jewerly to shareholders at "crazy warren" prices.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: goodevening! >> gary: i have to perform and to my normal duty >> pam: 10-10 in the 11th
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>> gary: he is being 42 is a score... centigrade his processor off and rolling sunny gray his career is off and rolling >> gary: i though t that he clipppers would be out of gas... but no! >> gary: >> they know how i feel.
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like i said it is unfortunate we are in this predicament and these questions are being axed. >> i said all year that he has my support. >> pam: 10-10 >> gary: you get the feeling that our cultural not be our coach coming back next year. >> gary:two runs with one
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out >> gary: all >> pam: we have gary's kids! gary wil help the kids promotion (laughter) >> gary:elcerito been around for a long time! way to go drew! >> gary:president obama's brother-in-law was canned
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today. before you feel too sorry he receives a $4 million buy out to go away. best to in terms with his brother-in-law makes as president. >> pam: 10-10 >> gary: final score right here at 11. >> pam: [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey.
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>> reporter: bartender's across the bay area are using the line sparingly. limes >> reporter: lee wonder are putting the squeeze on lines. besides being hit from lyme disease in heavy rain criminal gangs are adding to the high prices by stealing from or to its and stealing from orachards orchards and trucks.
8:55 pm
>> pam: it comes once a year, nasa says it began at midnight and lasted until dawn the eastern sky chief neurologists jacqueline bennett has been monitoring ... all about us on the west coast? >> jacqueline: for us our peak time would be in the morning and the want to see if we go on line and it will be streaming what is a curse to time on route 3 to 6 before us it would be a little bit later >> pam: of be careful what
8:56 pm
you tweet after renting on social media an executive is of job out of an job >> reporter: for the weekend he was fired as director of strategy after blasting a few employees or co-workers on twitter. spelling and grammar errors and profanity was their courage >> reporter: he claimed to quit pay pal and they stated
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sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. woman: love is all very nice, darlene, but what does he really want? your pecan pies or your nice fat bank balance? what on earth...? oh, not you, dear. i think there's a dead animal in my wisteria. now if albert is only after sex, you have my blessing. i mean, you're pushing 70. how many more rides are left on the merry-go-round?


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