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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 5, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the father of missing oakland toddler daphne webb - is dead. what happened -- plus, the family's reaction. a driver. who the c-h-p says. may have had a death wish. plows through a red light. and smashes violently into an s-u-v. and another car -- at a major intersection in santa rosa. at least one person was taken to the hospital. kron 4's alecia reid is there live with more on what happened. alecia.
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the sergeant at the scene tells us that three people were transported to hospital. we know at least one of them was rushed to san rosa memorial hospital. the quthe person that concept crash may have been suicidal. there was a free car collision with two cars with side and front air bags deploy ed.
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a new development in the story of daphne webb. the oakland toddler who has been missing since last july. daphne's father -- a man once arrested in the case -- has committed suicide. daphne's great- aunt tells kron 4. john webb committed suicide friday evening at his oakland home. the family says. they are at a 'loss for words' and in a 'state of shock'. john webb had said, 22- month old daphne was kidnapped from his car in east oakland back in july. he said he had left her in the car with his mothe, r while he went into a convenience store. police originally arrested webb on suspicion of child endangerment. but he was later released. a search for the toddler turned up nothing. and police called off efforts to find her in august. she still has not be located. tonight. kron 4's dan kerman speaks with missing child advocate marc klaas. who runs the klass kids foundation. and he minces no words, when it comes to john webb.
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klaas on webb suicide 050514b advocate missing child advocate marc klaas with the klaas kids foundation says john webb was a suspect's in his daughter's disappearance for good reason sot the story really never add about--up. she went to extremes to avoid answering and cameras--surveillance. i think the big guilt that fro--the guio him. the reason for webb's suicide is unknown at this time. but klaas says the real tragedy, is that
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now the family will likely never know what happened to daphne sot dan kerman two men -- found shot and killed in a san jose home. kron 4's jeff bush has details on what police know about them. and the large piece of potential evidence that officers rolled off the property. san jose police were called to the 1500 block of marlene court. when they arrived they found the bodies of two men inside the house. according to police, the two men knew each other. they were both found with a single gunshot each. albert morales san jose police the two did know each other. so, there was some sort of relationship there. they are not strangers to one another. other than that, we don't have much information. homicide detectives were investigating the scene for hours on monday afternoon and the street was blocked to auto traffic during most of that time. at one point, this green suv
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was taken away as evidence and will be inspected by the forensic team at the lab. morales we don't see that this is a public safety issue at this time. we feel liie the people involved in this are inside the residence. the santa clara county corronor will realease the two men's names after an autopsy is conducted and the next of kin is notified. i'm jeff bush in san jose, kron four news. it continues to be very breezy i. the strongest winds are concentrated near the coastline . the reasons why we are seeing
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discuss the wan' because the winds will continue rough along the coast got the ninthght. dog owners beware. coming up, where another set of suspicious meatballs have been found. stuffed with what look to be drugs. he flew for more than 60-years. his life -- lost. at an air show. what friends are saying about this bay area stunt pilot. and -- what came out of the dueling. over patriotism and heritage. centered around a south bay high school on this cinco de mayo. heritage. centered around a south bay high school on this cinco de mayo.
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today ontroversy surrounded 'cinco de mayo' again this year at a morgan hill high school. protesters lined the street outside 'live oak high school' this morning. they held up american flags. to protest against a school decision four -years ago. that's when the school sent students home for wearing american flag t-shirts on 'cinco de mayo'. as a safety precaution. today, it was a quiet demonstration. but a makeshift fence was put up as a barrier between students and those who came to protest. later in the day. more than 100 people rallied to celebrate cinco de mayo at community park in morgan hill. the group organizer says, the rally was meant to celebrate values of unity, respect and peace. those at the gathering danced to traditional mexican music and waved mexican flags in support of cultural awareness. police were present at both rallies, but no incidents were reported. still ahead: volunteers are rescuing a record number of bay area seals and sea lions. why they all need so much special care. and -- more meatballs. apparently left outside. to
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poison dogs in san francisco. what we know about the latest police investigation into this recurring problem. stay tuned for inside edition with deborah norville. see it, after the news.
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new developments with that deadly air show crash in fairfield. today, the n-t-s-b started investigating at travis air force base. to try to find out what caused the crash. 77-year-old eddie andreini of half moon bay,. died in the accident. the veteran stunt pilot was flying a 19-44 stear- man bi- plane. commonly used in the world- war two era. friends at his home airport remember him as a great pilot and a great guy. "and his community" the pilots we spoke with, didn't want to speculate about the crash. only to say it's very sad.
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an-dree-knee had been flying since he was 16 years old. san jose police plan to interview the teen, who stowed away on a hawaii- bound flight two weeks ago. in the wheel well of a jetliner. authorities say, the 15 year old boy is back in california, under the care of santa clara county child protective services. the teen's father traveled to hawaii last week. but was not allowed to see his son. the teenager has told investigators, he was trying to get to africa to see his somolian mother -- who is now living in an ethiopian refugee camp. but police want to question the boy about how he got into san jose international airport and onto the plane. undetected. we have more details tonight. about the man who was shot and killed by a dublin police officer on sunday. this is a picture of oscar
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herrera. police say, herrera had an extensive criminal history, including charges of resisting arrest. assault and drug possession. they say herrera was going through a drug detox. and that may have made him confrontational. police responding to a domestic disturbance call, shot herrera after they say, he attacked them with a baseball bat. investigators are looking into suspicious meatballs discovered in a san francisco park. the meatballs had pills stuffed inside of them. as kron 4's j-r stone tells us, pet owners are concerned, because poisoned meatballs have popped up before in san francisco. and have made pets sick. there have been at least three cases of poisonous meatballs found in san francisco since last year.
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the most recent -- happened in the twin peaks neighborhood in february. investigators found dozens of meatballs there. one dog got sick. more poisonous meatballs were found that same month, in the richmond district. and last year in july -- one dachshund named oscar. died from eating a poisonous meatball. a record number of seals and sea lions need care at the marine mammal center in sausalito. at just a few months old. these baby seals were abandoned by their mothers. volunteers are working non-stop. feeding all the seals. who are malnourished. at this point. the center has rescued more than 400- sea lions, elephant seals and harbor seals. an official says, they could be getting separated from their mothers, because of an algae
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bloom making them sick and killing off fish. the center says, once the pups are nursed back to health. they will be released back into the ocean. it remains when the at this hour. when-minute closer to the coastline. south bay is saying 20 mi. per hour breeze a. as wih
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it had to tonight we are going to be seeing these gusty winds to continue. we could get quick with a few of these light showers in especially in the north bank.--bay tempters up the door will be am of '40's and 50's. into the afternoon and it will be breezy conditions hulbert it will be a little warmer than it was today . as for the extended forecast
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scott kazmir fell behind 2-0 early to the mariners but brandon moss erased the defecit in the bottom of 4th moss - the 2-run hr to right to tie game 2-2 tie kazmir gives it right back the next inning top 5th stefen romero - belts one of kazmir to right - the solo home run putting the mariners back on top 3-2 sea kazmir: 6 ip, 8 hits, 4 er final: 4-2 seattle oak: 19-13 sea: 15-15
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clippers at thunder #1 chris paul looked 100% healthy
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tonight in okc 2nd quarter, clippers up 19 paul - toying with oklahoma city early and oftenweaving in and out of traffic with the runner paul: 32 points, 10 assists 3rd quarter, 69-52 l.a. paul - to griffin who lobs it to deandre jordan for the ally oop slam dunk jordan: 3-for-3 shooting, 7 points, 5 rebs, 4 steals then it's paul to griffin who throws down the monster slam griffin: 23 points, 5 rebs, 5 assists clippers win by 17 final: 122-105 clippers
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i'm his confidant, his best friend, his silly rabbit. >> was she lying? straight from the body language expert. and, exclusive. she's paralyzed for life. >> the woman who says she blames the billionaire's family for putting her in a wheelchair. >> they treated you horribly. then, defiant joan rivers. >> it's a damn joke, calm down! >> what the house of horrors victim is saying today about the joke that went way too far. >> would you like an apology from joan? and, hanging by the hair. then, disaster. secrets of the "hairealists" revealed. how they do it. plus, did the teachers union put pressure on a tv network to cancel a


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