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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a recent kron4 investigation into a maggot problem. at a san francisco whole foods. led us to further dig into health violations at other grocery stores. kron-4 reviewed inspection reports from the s-f public health department. on all major grocery store chains. what we found was particularly troubling. kron 4's dan kerman has tonight's story. that you will only see on kron4. a routine health department inspection of this safeway in san francisco's diamond heights has uncovered several high risk violations sot-richard lee/s.f. dept of public health: high risk violations are violations that are more likely to cause a food born illness as customers shopped on april 22nd an inspector observed several shocking revelations among them. contaminated or adulterated food sot: one of the employees dropped those food labels and then picked it up and put it on top of the food directly, the meat directly, which is not good
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and this happened in front of an inspector that same inspector also observed employees with unclean hands or improperly using gloves sot: all the employees should know that basic hand washing they should be doing. inspectors also found unclean or improper sanitizing of food surfaces and utensilsand she found hot and cold food being kept at unsafe temperatures sot: we saw temperatures of between 41 and 135 which are unsafe temperatures for food to be held at once the inspection was completed, the store scored a 66 out of a possible 100 points the health department doesn't know if the problem is caused by poor management or poor employee training but this is not the first time the diamond heights safeway has been hit with high risk violations, in fact a review of inspections in prior years shows similar violations. sot: i would have concerns about this place, lets say i had a choice of going to this safeway or another safeway i
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would go to the other ones, but i don't think it's unsafe that's because the health department says the violations are being corrected or mitigated though that work is not yet completed. dan kerman standup the health department will now review inspection reports from the previous years for this safety to see if there is a pattern of behavior. if there is, they plan to have safeway in for a conversation. in san francisco, dan kerman kron 4 news. we reached out to safeway and they issued this statement: quote - "the concerns raised at the diamond heights store, centered on two areas: proper equipment operating temperature, and employees following our policies and procedures. both areas were addressed immediately by our food safety and store operations teams. we found an equipment malfunction, which has been repaired. warm holding and cold display cases have been recalibrated and repaired. to appropriate operating
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temperatures. any products in question were immediately removed and discarded." safeway also says, "we are providing additional training to all store employees who work in food preparation. and we will continue to provide ongoing training as well. " this story is hugely popular on our website. you can check into it. at the top of the homepage at kron 4 dot com. we have posted the full health department inspection report. also. related coverage. a series of exclusive stories dan kerman has done. exposing issues with maggots at a bay area whole foods. a community in rohnert park. mourning the death of a high school senior, killed in a car crash. 17- year- old ashley carlson was set to graduate later this month. kron 4's jeff bush is live in rohnert park. where ashley's classmates at rancho cotate high school are in mourning. jeff?
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several hundred classmates and friends gathered at the senior stage of rancho cotati high school to remember ashley and to keep her in their hearts. katlyn rigby friend it's really sad and really hard to lose a friend and being so close to graduation it's going to be hard not hearing her name and seeing her wk and not having her there to experience graduation and as a class in general, it's like losing one of our family members. ashley died in a crash on a rural road near santa rosa on tuesday night. two other people were with her in the car. they were injured but are expected to survive. her classmates say it was a terrible accident that reminds them of just how fragile life can be. ashley and her friends were camping last weekend to celebrate their prom and their last year together before graduation. her friend, cheynne says ashley was one of the
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nicest people she has ever known and she will be missed. cheynne williamsen friend we were really close, especially right around the time everything happened. she just lit up the whole room with who she was and her smile and the way she laughed and she was just an all around good person. she was never selfish. she took the time to be for everyone. the family of a man killed, after he entered the wrong apartment in san francisco. is calling for charges against the shooter. police say, amisi sudi kachepa shot stephen guillermo, after guillermo mistakenly entered his apartment. guillermo took the elevator to the wrong floor. and went to the unit in the same location as his. he was shot inside kachepa's apartment. raising questions as to whether the shooter acted in
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self defense. the shooter has been released from jail. and guillermo's outraged family. spoke at a board of supervisors meeting. i want the pta and asset p c to do their job. prosecutors say, they need more time to collect evidence in the case. coming up: the mountain view mountain lion. what it was likely doing in the city, and how it is being tracked. kron 4 further investigates the cancer concerns involving a harmful chemical found in many shampoos -- and similar chemical. and president obama is coming to the bay area tomorrow. the places he plans to visit, and what he plans to do while here. the places he plans to visit, and what he plans to do while here. ♪ ♪
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can i watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. in berkeley -- an investigation is underway. into a what caused a fire near interstate 80 today. the fire was below the university avenue overpass on the east-bound side of
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interstate. the smoke could be seen from across the bay. firefighters say they believe the fire started in the cooking area of a homeless camp. up to 100 - recycling bins burned. one man was rescued from the flames. president obama will head to the bay area tomorrow. and he's going to walmart! this is video of his last visit. back in november. the president kicks off his trip thursday. by traveling to san jose for two democratic party fundraisers. he will spend the night there. then , friday morning. the president is taking a trip to the walmart in mountain view. to talk energy efficiency. his exact talking points are being kept under wraps. but one hint. the store has set a goal of being powered by 100- percent renewable energy sources. still ahead: health dangers in your shampoo. but wait before you throw out that bottle. kron 4 clears up the chemical confusion.
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what the potential shutdown of this hospital. means for emergency care in one east bay community.
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with deborah norville. the women set free after being held captive in the cleveland house of horrors. are honored at an event in washington. see it, after the news. this young mountain lion is back in its natural habitat after wandering into a mountain view apartment complex last evening. kron 4's philippe djegal reports on where the big cat is now, and why it may have wandered into town in the first place. caught and caged. after residents in this apartment complex on california street. and, surrounding neighborhoods were asked by police to shelter in place. this two-year-old mountain lion was tranquilized by a member of the u-c santa cruz uma project and taken off the streets late tuesday night. after he was trapped in this parking garage. mountain view police say the
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cougar was first sportted at around 6-45 in the evening. a neighbor in the area tells kron four that the puma was roaming around in this parl, before eventually ending up underneath a car in the garage. the california department of fish and wildlife says it doesn't appear humans were ever in immediate danger. the mountain lion remained calm. the puma project says this is one of 15 cougars from the santa cruz mountains that it currently has fitted with a tracking collar. its movement are monitored sometimes every few hours or other times, once a month. its part of research that monitors how mountain lions adapt to different human populated environments. the puma project believes the cougar is at the age where he split from his mother, looking got his own territory and simply got lost. fish and wildlife says its extremely rare for a couagr to end up in such an urban and densely populated area. doesnt happen often.
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but in this case, no one was hurt. members of the puma project helped take he cougar away. he was set from into the midpenninsula regional open space -- where they say he is safe and will continue to be monitored. on the penninsula, philippe djegal, kron four news. cancer concerns in your shampoo. last night we told you about a chemical found in some popular shampoo. known as cocamide d-e- a. but another chemical found in many shampoo products. that sounds similar. to cocamide d- causing lots of confusion. people have been flooding our facebook page. asking about the difference between the two. and the dangers. we sent kron four's scott rates to investigate.
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they are related chemicals and on not the same. this is one reason why they're replacing cocamide mea. currently we're not sure whether we should worry about soutand ea
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and causing cancer--mea medical professionals are warning of the dire consequences. if a busy public hospital in the east bay. is forced to shutdown. last night, voters rejected a parcel tax which was meant to keep the doors open at 'doctors hospital' in san pablo. but because of a multi -million dollar shortfall. hospital officals now say, they have no choice but to begin closing down the facility. workers and city officials say, if the hospital closes. the area will suffer a huge void in
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healthcare. barring any last- minute funding offers from other health care systems, the hospital appears on track to close in july. was a mild or ninth annual fee and a lead of showers in the morning. for tomorrow morning we
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were sewill see showers around . through the evening it will stay and largely dry. portraitures small morning at the books like it will be in the '60s and '70s--temperatures. for next week and will slowly cowhides
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into the 80s and 90s--hot. there's a new baby red panda at the san francisco zoo! here he is. at first, he was a little timid to come out and explore. zoo officials revealed his name today. it's tenzing. after a sherpa who scaled mt. everest in 1953. little tenzing is only ten- months old. zoo officials say, he is outgoing. which is rare for the species. you can see tenzing in a new exhibit called- the red panda treehouse. it opens up to the public on saturday. in sports. mark jackson speaks out about his firing as coach of the warriors. . and the a's play two games at the colesium. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next this is what we want to show. wireless routers have certain speeds going in.
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a's/mariners game 2 fill-in starter drew pomeranz 17,337 bottom 3rd / scoreless jed lowrie bloops one to leftcole gillespe and brad miller converge but allow it to fall craig gentry scores ruled an rbi single 1-0 a's top 4th pomeranz strikes out robinson cano swinging bottom 4th/ 1-0 a's yoenis cespedes solo home run
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his 6th of the season 2-0 a's woman in the stands painting final: 2-0 a's a's/mariners
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game 1 of a doubleheader at the colesium top 4th kyle seager drives one deep to center. coco crisp makes a great leaping catch against the wall but is injured hitting the wall take another look crisp had to leave the game with a strained neck no word on his availability for the next game friday night top 7th/ 3-3 tie brandon moss drives one deep to center john jaso comes around to score and moss is into 3rd with a triple 4-3 a's bottom 8th/ 4-3 a's robinson cano singles off luke gregorson michael saunders scores 4-4 tie bottom 10th justin smoak his high chopper is too tough for daric barton to handle saunders scores ruled an rbi single 5-4 mariners final: 6-4 mariners dan straily: 6 ip, 3 hits, 3 runs giants/pirates pitching coach dave righetti talking to tim lincecum it didn't help bottom 2nd travis snider 2-run single off lincecum 4-1 pirates top 5th/ 4-1 pirates brandon belt who homered in the 1st doubles to deep right pablo sandoval and hunter pence score belt is thrown out at 3rd trying to stretch it into a triple 4-3 pirates top 9th/ 4-3 pirates brandon crawford bloops one to center andrew mccutcheon last year's league mvp makes a nice diving catc h to rob crawford final: 4-3 pirates giants drop 2 of 3 in pittsburgh they play the dodgers tomorrow to begin a 4-game series in l-a mark jackson took to sports talk radio today to talk about his
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firing as the warriors head coach. nba - clippers/thunder #2 kevin durant receives mvp trophy from nba commissioner adam silver durant he had 32 points, 12 rebounds final: 112-101 thunder series tied 1-1 game 3 friday in los angeles nba - pacers/wizards #2 roy hibbert no points or rebounds in game 1 even speculation that teammate paul george sleeping with hibbert's fiance denied by all parties hibbert with the dunk he responded with 28 points and 9 rebounds less than 30 seconds 82-79 pacers lance stephensen out of the same brooklyn high school as stephon marbury, sebastien elfair and the fictional jesus shuttlesworth hits the stepback junmper to ice it 84-79 pacers final: 86-82 pacers series ties 1-1 game 3 friday in washington d.c. soccer - earthquakes/colorado rapids stephen curry in buck shaw stadium 88th minute/ scoreless chris wondolowski's attempt bangs off the right post. agony!! final: 0-0 tie earthquakes: 1-3-4 final: 0-0 tie earthquakes: 1-3-4
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the cleveland house of horrors. >> i want to thank the center for everything they've done. >> there's gina and amanda, but where was michelle? then, here she is. the performer hanging by her hair until disaster struck. how they make their hair so strong. >> you can't use product in it, you can't blow dry it, you can't straighten it. and monica lewinsky. conspiracy theory? >> i really wonder if this isn't an effort on the clintons' part to get that story out of the way. >> then, a mom's impossible choice. separate her conjoined sons and let just one of them live? or let them live like this for the rest of their lives? michelle's choice. and, just


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