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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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kron 4 has been investigating health violations at local grocery stores. ever since we uncovered maggots in a meat case at a bay area whole foods. now, kron 4's dan kerman reports, one day after a safeway store claims. they've cleaned up their act, the health department finds more disturbing high risk practices. it's a story you'll see only on kron 4. a follow up inspection of this safeway in san francisco's diamond heights finds high risk health violations persist it was late last month when the health department first discovered the violations during a routine inspection: employees picking food labels off the floor, putting them on cooked meat and then touching raw meat without washing their hands. inspectors also found unclean or improper sanitizing of food surfaces and utensils. and hot and cold food being kept at unsafe temperatures.
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sot richard lee/ san francisco department of public health: the violations are high risk and therefore there's a higher chance of food born illness. when the inspection was completed this safeway got a score of only 66 out of a possible 100 sot richard lee/ san francisco department of public health: this is probably in the lower 5% of the food facilities we inspect when contacted safeway issued a statement saying: the concerns raised at the diamond heights store centered on two areas: fat temperature, and employees following our policies and procedures. both areas were addressed immediately." but that's not what the public health department found. : on wednesday the health department returned to this safeway some 15 days after their initial inspection. what did they find? well it's all in this report. they found employees coughing into their hands, they found employees touching their faces and then not washing their hands, they found food being held at improper temperatures and they found food surfaces and utensils not being sanitized properly.
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san francisco county public health officer dr. tomas aragon says "coming back two weeks later and having that occurring is not good." he plans to meet with inspectors friday to determine the department's next course of action : the public health department says this safeway continues to score lower than all other safeways in san francisco. and in fact their rating has dropped year over year for the past 4 years. now the health department wants to know why. could it be bad management? could it be poor training? they don't know at this point but they say they are going to find out. in san francisco, dan kerman, kron 4 news. when confronted with this follow- up report. safeway sent us a new statement saying. quote - "a number of issues noted on 4/22/14 were addressed and corrected. as to issues raised yesterday. , additional steps have been taken with individual employees as appropriate, up to and including disciplinary action."
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safeway also says. ' some additional equipment has been taken out of service. and the store will begin monitoring hot and cold food units. on an hourly basis instead of twice daily. this morning, safeway also dispatched "a team of experienced. professionals to further train the store team and. monitor and confirm that all issues are resolved." safeway also wants it known. that "the number of violations found at this store, are unacceptable and not representative of our san francisco stores overall." a lot of you have wanted to read these health reports for yourself. and you can do so, by going to the kron homepage. we've posted the full health department inspection report. there is also. lots of related coverage. a series of exclusive stories dan kerman has done, exposing issues with maggots at a bay area whole foods. and health concerns at this diamond heights safeway
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all that and more, here on only on kron 4: a nursing assistant who says, she has been attacked on the job. takes a stand against hospital violence. very scary, very scary that's shanatte chatman. she recently returned to work from disability at fairmont hospital in san leandro. after she says she was being beaten there. kron 4's philippe djegal shares her story. sot- shanatte chatman/certified nursing assistant and, in some cases. 48-year-old shanatte chatman says she has been sexually harrassed by patients at fairmont hospital in san leandro. she says in her 23 years working here as a certified nursing assistant. she has been phsycially assaulted four times. sot- shanatte chatman/certified nursing assistant
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hour struck from behind coniston intpunched in the face with a busted mouth and many others". chatman says that attack put her on disability in november. she returned to work just three chatman says the problem started a few years ago. when employees began working more with so-called "problem behavior" patients. nursing assistant the muslim call it that have a history of abuse. through a public record request to the alameda health system. seiu local 1021, the union representing chatman and her co- learned that staff injuries as a result of patient assaults were up 81-percent from 2012 to 2013.
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seiu local 1021 says it is pushing the alameda health system to address workplace violence in their contract, including metal detectors, monitored security cameras and limiting access after visiting hours. but so far the union says the health system has refused all of their proposals. as for chatman, she says she is returning to school and is considering a new career. sot- shanatte chatman/certified nursing assistant i've been through a lot. another fun talking about again, reliving the all over again. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. healthcare workers from across the bay area. are holding a rally tomorrow morning to bring to light, what they are calling. an epidemic of hospital violence. the gathering is scheduled to take place in front of highland hospital in oakland at 11-30 - friday morning. president obama is in the bay area. and he will be visiting a wal-mart tomorrow. he touched down at moffett federal airfield this
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afternoon. and before being whisked off to some democratic fundraisers -- the president shook hands with military family members. who greeted him in mountain view. meantime, his scheduled visit to a wal-mart store in mountain view on friday-- is drawing fire from some bay area unions and wal-mart workers. labor unions claim. the visit will send a terrible message to workers across america. president obama is set to go to the mountain view walmart tomorrow around 10 a-m. coming up: parents worry about a school cutting corners. when it comes to their children with special needs. we were there as they voiced their concerns.
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ba an elementary school student. but his bosses. are on his side. hear from school officials -- and the boy's father. and a firefighter with cal- fire -- on the run -- after allegedly murdering his girlfriend. tonight we hear from her
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new at 11. we are hearing from the sister of a murder victim. who detectives in sacramento say. died at the hands of her fiance. a battalion chief for cal -fire. a manuhunt is now on. for cal- fire battalion chief orville fleming. sacramento county sheriff's investigators say, flemming stabbed sarah douglas more than 20-times with a 9-inch blade. and strangled her last thursday in their home. douglas's sister, stephanie says, the final moments of her sister's life. were captured in a phone call.
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the family acknowledges that sarah douglas met her 55-year- old fiancé. on the popular escort website, called - "myredbook". and they say, after her engagement, sarah tried to distance herself from that part of her past. investigators warn fleming is likely armed. fleming has been fired from his job with cal-fire. still ahead:
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in a "my kron 4 story" -- we look into the concerns of parents of one san francisco school. which serves special needs students. the parents fear possible staffing changes could affect the quality of their children's education. kron four's jeff bush attended a meeting tonight, where those parents spoke out. in order to make a program be successful we have to have it staffed properly. when you take the inclusion program or rsp and
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you make every school offer that you can't possibly staff all the schools have a successful program. parents and teachers are concerned that staffing cuts could happen at clarendon elementary. the school district is looking at ways to make state mandates jibe with the desires of the parents of students with special needs. one big concern is students from another school will be coming to clarendon and parents worry that will spread special ed teachers too thin. susanna benningfield parent kids that had been taught in special day classes at cobb are being transferred here and we welcome them with open arms as long as we have adequate staffing to take care of our own children and to assist with the transition with the cobb children. the school district says the final word is still a long way off and that parents concerns are duly noted. brent stephenson assistant superintendant san francisco unified has been committed for a number of years to improving special education services in the city. as we have made accessibility to our schools for students with disability we've also needed to adjust our staffing so they follow the students into different schools as they are needed. the school district says it understands the concerns of the parents and says it is committed to the education of all the
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students in san francisco unified. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. we checked into this story after a viewer told us about it. and we'd love to hear from you as well. if you have a tip or a story idea. tell us about it! you can submit your idea on our website. kron four dot com. just look for. the "my kron 4 story" tab. police are investigating yet another pedestiran. hit by a vehicle in san francisco. this crash happened just before 3:00- this afternoon. at sunset and yorba street. an s-u-v going north on yorba. ran over a 20-year-old woman crossing sunset boulevard. that"s the same area where, in february, a 15-year-old boy was hit and badly hurt. and a 78- year-old man was hit and killed. the victim in today's crash. is expected to survive. police say, they cited the 25-
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year-old woman who was driving the s-u-v. for failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. in the east bay. the family of a fremont third grader is planning a protest. they say, a teacher returns to work after allegedly slapping their son in the face. danny rivera junior. claims a teacher slapped his son, after the boy asked for help with a math problem. it happened last week at patterson elementary school. but officials with the fremont school district says, they did a thorough investigation in the incident. and decided not to file any criminal charges against the teacher. the fremont police department says, it has closed the case for now. however, the boy's father has hired an attorney and plans on pressing charges. fire officials are investigating. what they're
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calling an act of arson. after a play ground in castro valley is torched.
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these are pictures of the damaged play area at marshall elementary school. officials say, the fire grew to be very intense. and spread quickly. the alameda county sheriff's office is now reviewing surveillance video from the school. in another big story.the cell phone kill switch legislation has passed the state senate. the bill requires anti-theft technology on all cell phones sold in california after july 2015. it would allow owners to remotely render their device inoperable if lost or stolen. the bill's author state senator mark leno tweaked the legislation which caused apple and microsoft to drop their opposition. one change. the bill now longer applies to tablets like the ipad. it's still has to pass the state assembly and be reviewed by governor brown before becoming law. maureen kelly kron4 news.
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the embattled billionaire fights back. >> do you think i tell the coach to get white players. his vow to keep the team. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. and the clippers girl, live tv melt down. >> hang on. stop it. >> and then, furious ashton kutcher, what set him off? and mansion horror. >> the fire is in the house. you've got to hour ring leader, please. >> the adorable teen and her handsome brother, wiped out. were fireworks really strapped to their bodys? plus, good-bye mrs. walter, count to her final days


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