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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 11, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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the store is morning bay area temperatures on the rise coming dry hot weather has fire officials fowler erica has looked at mother's day for desperate update to a story told you about yesterday please in san leandro street robbery suspect list on the weapon with update. nfl team making drafted but not openly gay football player of us were coming up. good morning embody happy mother's day of the x for joining us on this from a morning kron 4 news again but the top stories and as a few minutes ago hundred of the forecast. >> : all bonds are going to like today's forecast a top-
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notch some chinese and see it already taking a look at things here and serve as the scope or train on because still pretty windy and the higher elevations overall when actually saw a subside tree-lined damages in the '40's 50 local is one set rows of 4852 in pleasanton upper 50s long the delta the cemetery right now and 53 degrees. you will see clear skies of the bay area as a building ridge of high pressure approaches will make the entire west coast a little bit warmer than where we should do for this on your. take a look at the temperatures the sentences the senators or more than yesterday it is warmer in oakland with the badgers in the upper '70's a look-alike will see 14 degree temperatures drop would redwood city. much warmer conditions are on the entire bay area sunday on the bay coming up in 59 straight >> : developing news from a soft bed settles a police investigating officer
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involved shooting in the area of story road in jackson avenue as refined with lives >> : semel is a place still here on the scene as the gun for story road runner is set your screen you see local command unit unless either screen is the trip the way there's some flashlights. down the street in the middle of the street where the shooting took place three >> : what is a wheeler is a far of and for u.s. i said was a police spotted somebody driving and this road in jackson avenue officers tried to get the bondholder but instead police rammed to patrol cars and the story in the officer then shot the suspect this time it's unclear denizens and did the detectives are at the intersection on store road walking the direction. storer is blocking again see behind a clear and hopkins
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said as a police conduct the investigation now let that drop has done all i if you look down in your screen. that's where the shooting took place and were all looking to get more information please this money will bring that to you as becomes available. airline >> : i i do not reopen. as officer about the apartments in texas long as it takes no time table of this point is the one truck was all of cars having a pole into a shopping complex and figure out targets throughout strode to the main mine >> : salas officer of shooting in elliot attorney draft a be shot man accused of robbing a socialist or two men are in custody this morning this all happened in the intersection of east 14th street in fairmont drive early saturday morning. authorities say
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they did recover cash at allegedly sold but the can find a weapon. like to suspect >> : that it to people injured happen around 11:00 last night on international villard. two people shot several times the suspects fled the area the condition and names of the victims have not been released police continued his search for the suspect. >> : to the fourth to none of the draft michael sam. >> : they were it nfl draft yesterday say was trusting love openly gay football player michael family chose a the seven boats are around. an awesome thing
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made fans reaction at home >> : to afford and pick on the 2014 draft the unborn and raise and hitchcock texas won in the play at this desert. drew the most attention after announcing he was gay and an early february. here is his reaction to the news. i am overwhelmed unexcited and i'm proud to be a new buzz going to get picked somewhere every team the past make us think and how a respected corporate >> : supply the vikings and now proudly of the steps thursday. >> : this is the second historic moment in the history of this franchise did 1946 were the first of all to end the son of a african-american the ford director ofefore
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jackie robinson. >> : st. louis had not and cards and give everything i got for settlers. >> : so my people are proud of situlas organization for being a one to make history. >> : it also talked sunday area fans about the rams picked his weather say about >> : this is a matter of time but the stage bill the more commonplace. will that be happening the future >> : as teammates will protect him. and his courage to death after lote though about >> : president obama it this white house said yesterday congratulated this it was
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rammed and nfl. >> : sit on the state " from the louvre accord boredom of the bt americans approve every day that you should be judged by what you do and not who you are. >> : some 25 talking more esso draft the matters and raiders and also at ease and gens call is coming up at 725. straight ahead on kron 4 news event terrifying words coming from one nigerian girl who escaped being kidnapped by islamic militaries of an update on what situation overseas. also a severe weather in the midwest the tornadoes touching down in missouri with a look of the destruction there in the latest from the east coast as search and rescue teams look for local hot air balloon the crash astray but the story of the break. >> :
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rebecca and kron 4 news weekend with a developing
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story we now know the names of to the victim's and bloom crashed in virginia ginning boil in both work for the women's best will staff the university richmond they along with a pilot or aboard a struck a power line went down in a fiery crash searchers found the remains of two bodies and less in tonight and tell investigators released 911 hall described as the terror that day. >> : multiple hot air balloons have crashed into power lines and the balloons are now on fire. history still pretty high in their pre >> : vest has come off sword and find out right now. they're born need to locate the basket. >> : such will continue today for
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the body of the pilot and the wreckage of the balloon straight ahead on kron 4 news weekend this woman very happy what by communicating with their up by barking abegging will explain in the how to communicate us for coming up at the break. >> :
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the weather is the midwest take a look at this the a tornado touching down in northwest missouri and other reagan sit at cornell forming but left you to the torn and ripping through a small town of fort misery the national weather service says a strong indication that other 20 us have such done in that area as well as a far received no reports of any injuries lettuce and while the other dealing with a cross country and the to >> : infect the are still looking up possibility of severe weather in the form of hail possibly tornadoes
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touching down for the nation's heartland. satellite data picture retinol system doesn't look too impressive as it had in the russell they again for talking boat very strong winds damaging winds up to 70 mi. an hour. possibly on monday for is some as thunderstorms for but for the taxes arkansas and even towards it was the continue on after or overnight give the folks in the area certainly keep that in mind. picture they are ok. here in the bay area completely different story. >> : with bill high-pressure no storms for us for the fruit foreseeable future. a lower dealing with fairly windy conditions level from the camera appeared on a reliable east on this war scenes in fairfield or to mount our winds and half moon bay right now and temperatures in the '40's and '50's. the views and '60s and then i caught our but warming is expected on
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the bay area up to 70 is also a brown what lunch country >> : may be heading to a beach with mom today are looking at kron condition is not going to be too hot not going to be too cold. in talking of goldilocks forecaster. concord 8277 degrees and oakland and sundays in san francisco a year high and santa rosa. it could go a little uncomfortable as we head into tomorrow night is beckham the forecast to double digits possible by wednesday seabury's what returns out friday. as they head into next week and then the jets will come in the upper 70's for the warmest and the spots. >> : grins of the 911 victims were taken to the final resting place in new york city as a somber procession of new york city police fire and city vehicle escorting the remains to lower manhattan and arriving at kron 0. remains will now remain in the repository under the national september
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all of a memorial museum that is the only official does the public and just over a week. >> : overseas now the search for a juror in scrolls and who were kidnapped. public ridges rising with no sign of the girls for the past week across the country here in the bay area the outcry continue as a group of activists met in san francisco un plaza de show other support saturday to mothers also are just concerned warm and activist and a one for some initial obama pre >> : week to these girls would see their hopes and dreams and we can only imagine the anguish their parents are feeling right now. >> : i worry that these girls are in danger >> : of a skater's believe that the girls were taken to protest the education of women and all beliefs that the girls could been separated and broken into
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groups trip some of the girls have been married off to members of the terrorist group. airline plant people still is missing more the three weeks after the ferry sank in south korea so for the bodies of 275 victims have been recovered most of them high school students to of current officials said bad weather is in during a search endeavors to bring a stop the search is on saturday because of high waves. he means society says that it can be hard for older or disabled dogs to adopted. one three-year-old people captured the heart of volunteer now putting to the fore river home very special family can relate. both dog and her the new human are deaf. again justin has more. >> : casey parsons says the reason to pull faces challenges the other shelter dogs don't. >> :
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new most residences lesson in a more making a sound but she can respond to that because she is deaf. resistance caught selling which crude >> : getting cheap buffets and sank a good girl and then she figured out how we can communicate is it commands but places about the three- year old artificial. it is amazing and it >> : than those waiting in ferruzzi wafers 1 well and so are harder language to come along until now. and lime to the success is always one and a deaf dog. airline the cox family are not selling which so learning rose these signs
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are easy prey >> : in a plan to teach her more. >> : it's a bittersweet day for at the shelter but this is exactly what they want for the special blood. airline that's what i hoped would eventually happen a chicken on to miss them. the right back to first level outside. be a full deal out of the cemetery ridge and plenty of sunshine will be right back. dillon everywhere i look, i see a country ready to move forward...
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have mothers it's all those moms to bay area sports >> :
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lines winning streak and gens to beat 62 yesterday daughters taking the lead in the seventh inning against deliver the jury. steve gordon was a double down the left-field line. followed by another double with the opening of the time and the sons living and a dodgers, had been spent littered sit again. home run back from his finger cut indri i could affect the control as years of the game after six innings trip >> : giants this the dodgers again today protection l.a. at 120. croupiers' behind under its own with the national extra innings for the sea was a final. the team's third walk off when of the season liaise scoring twice this late leading the way with oakland as the a's
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take on the nationals again. at the coliseum for the first pitch at one of five. sitting on the football forty-niners and aunts and other top aides to of adding to the odyssey recorded selecting of foreknow results and the fourth round 49ers hoping to upgrade their passing game. adders finished third as an nfl passing staff last season raiders selected louisiana and texas justin ellis along with utah quarterback keith mcgill and the fourth round and finished the draft with three defensive players in the seventh rented about wrecking the tundra 19 patrick >> : for the first time in 77 years prestigious longhorns football programs failed to have a single player selected in the 24 team draft. officials say the the failed to give a single
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player drafted by the nfl as a sign of how long longhorns have fallen to >> : tonight at 9 for full half- hour of lawyers sports news and trends daughters as nationals + 0 break down the rares draft with former foreign matter first-round pick sports i live tonight and 9 right after the news. >> : coming up on news we can debate centers on the rise was the coming dry hot weather has officials on mahler. with a check of a forecast coming up. >> : but which is doing this morning about what is this happens more than you think. >> : let's look aside your full view of the golden gate bridge will be right back. >> :
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beckham kron 4 news weaken hit another serrate liver
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not that wind is subsiding and as gusty wind will continue to die down as it headed to the afternoon. but no legacy of electroshock a lot of sunshine and blue skies as we start of this modern mothers as an actor could limit damages and no again because clear conditions little cooler. the authorities and santa rosa 53 and the vallejo oakland's very mild the 961 degrees in livermore and upper 50s on the bids peninsula. it led high- pressure willing and or the west coast we are talking about an increase in offshore winds as a we had in this league addition to the temperatures are really a sort are was at temperatures up as much as 25 degrees out more the we should be for the study appeared warming trend on tests in late '80s and lined
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up for some reasons of the bay in the upper 60s for the coast the looks like we introduce '90s as we had not back to work monday. possibly could written records. details coming up at 745. >> : developing news from sacramento this morning police investigating an apparent drive-by shooting at a park the killed one person and wounded about four others. as happens at night there and bargains among the witnesses say it's won the gold buick open fire and then drove away. one-person announced to the scene other victims' rushed to area hospitals no word on this one and the condition. and please see the shooting is gang-related that not made any arrests so far turning around and is in the bay area to people on the dogger safe after bay area coast guard rescue to a telephone poll of rescue teams with the projected and loaners for it at the vallejo crosscurrent respond to reports of a disabled
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boat and services goes so. there will find them in the city did >> : other for the tucker airport were there and sleet and reunited with the fellas. to give been offering $1,000 reward for trying to help track down the culprit this parade threatening graffiti and a school earlier this week also heightened security in charlotte would mills school on thursday pre >> : parents offered to keep the kids home just in case. to the separate cat or front for the of the pri also death threat from a boy's bathroom and all will well much as copley's arrested boy believed three responsible for what they're calling on the incident did nine men arrested and the shooting of fairfield booked for murder in south carolina. is arrested on thursday it in connection with shooting and will lamech critically injured two people also ratified as a suspect and the fatal shooting in south carolina. the views also arrested
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justin's butler for the south carolina to a great butler and the place has are troubled history and has run ins with police said fire officials say attendance serious about clearing brush and creating a restoration plans are on your own, fired a clearing the opening of this mutt fire season and zuckerman to alert areas on monday trip plans to extend the designation to the rest of northern california along with parts of southern california over the next few days did caught fire also warning low of the long and dangerous fire season. it family of a seven year-old bay area boy doing all it can to chances left agnos of leukemia two years ago chemotherapy poured in a nation with the boy has no relapse. >> : it is once again on the going terror third year because he relapsed the illustrious he now needs a
7:34 am
bone marrow transplant that's what all these people are here. >> : people caught and hope the stranger is also. airline spent his is must believe in cells is worried he stressed. his little depressed but it is really trying to have a little smile of yours was. >> : his immune system is quite low from the key now so the seven processes stay away from most people they sister maggie however visits often. >> : she was on hand to tell people join the onerous registry will be one of them could be matched for and shoe >> :
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and a half chinese and half this ability for half a should have quite so hopefully weaken direction >> : you can find out where to find flex bone marrow drive the 0 site that kron4-dot- com >> : san jose police raise a family man and road rage >> : the sole provider for his family and two young sons when officers heard of his family decided to set a fund-raising pitch a caring, to spread the word along with a shrug and his children some road to the warring police still looking for suspects in evanston. airline in other news this morning to look at the updates of this little dog
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whistle you august i now people calling will preach freeway close the from the abandoned pup on interstate 680 on friday she didn't have a dog collar or a microchip officered call the dog guarding in between lance went up there to follow trollop purchase of a sudden glut as a threat and shoe scared off officers stood with her and well controlled arrived trade stock with officers as happens more than using. >> : this happens superbly and weekly basis a recall of a bar was enough to read behest saw happening with our partners learned to the pitcher. properly of the country charts account and also offer ends mountains here in three days ago start the process up to her adopted and fauna family shelter says larry precedes dozens of calls about the pop. >> : and a thin section [and
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several office is adorned by clearance have been assaulted less people are still getting the hang of. box when the next addition of people behaving badly >> : also coming up. will run a bay area sobered and mothers it's a little skewed somewhat less in others the celebration is of the scope. and right from outside the us prices hit a low or average is for unleaded are sitting right now. >> : defined a new release and any time [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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does fraises way down after it may national it goes today it to serve us as a gallon or seen the average of 490 on. they of course as a little bit higher in san francisco's 49. dons a 3¢ compared the last week. an
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eloquent as 14 gal. store sells a $4.18. to popular automakers recalling vehicles for a see these escapes in cement its part to cover is rewarded said yet route 63 >> : 442 models years to. new >> : recalling 387 dutch pteron chrysler town and country minivan those of the models are involved 20 tenet the 2014 pressler is calling the face falsie window switches to dealing addition our sorrow ruled since a surge is as unconstitutional couples lined up to get married and there's the first lady is in line this is a day they the way for for years trade >> :
7:42 am
many people are going through king marriage license and the crowd witness and the first thing that insisted organs opulent a really after though friday's ruling the attorney-general office filed a motion for emergency stay of 30 days to file appeal to stop the marriage is the main newlywed say nothing can keep them from focusing on the as where a legally married couple. coming up on kron 4 news like an update the morning stop stars after the break and take a look outside crossing just a little bit about >> :
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4 is sunday morning placing less getting us saturday might involve shooting at and less said about 1140 please found thieves driving
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a stolen car big troubles of the vehicle but the driver then struck the patrol cars the some police officers shot the suspect now in the hospital recovering. historically for nfl as a louis rams drafted the openly gay player to play for the university of missouri for four years and six but sunny skies from the bay area to the final weekend warmup in the works. tell us what the conditions to a >> : a war the than experienced a survey we didn't see eighties but today's certainly a forecast three >> : stigmas sentence is guarded 62 degrees upper 50s and oakland. and now at 61 we
7:47 am
could see low 80s by letter and said. a month highs will be again one more than yesterday's bombing continues into tomorrow and treason as offshore winds and looking at possibility of record-breaking highs next week. the chest for shows and i cluck our 50s and 60s was to look at the quick warming by lunchtime fare outside doing a barbecue at a picnic '70s anticipated for all the inland spots. to some teachers will continue to climb in fact as for than the best in the afternoon. specific about the letters and numbers and year narrowed their fill 87 degrees and nappa was a breeze for downtown san francisco and aged trees and set aside. 7 their life for castro's '90s all across- the-board as they head into next week was a shipment of the real warm said of the week with hyde park in the triple digits. in light to
7:48 am
give a bicycle is the rare on traffic light one might assume the + + will fall girls. but it is evanses got rules here are really a suggestion. of the choral and broderick. ceylon site run-of-the-mill traffic light is a newfangled bicycle like it for some residents believe that all was close will follow rules tether on light give me a moment to stop laughing. >> : salt water and douglas >> : by sea but i to the dmv in not taking the bike lane. as appears of like an annoyed by clan in the buckling traffic light. just been in place what for all over year. irises well many writers are not coming guard let those installed just for them. some have their all ideas. >> : this was close the rose the red light missing and a string to the ongoing. the
7:49 am
simex right on red to avoid stopping someone running on the slot to was a red light and not been beckham by clan after. some writing against the klan many riding on a sidewalk to see is the cross swords and around. now let's look good drivers are doing here on a parking in the bike lanes for extended to the time pythagoras truck was here for hours did despite the no stopping:. is in cash and the senate counsel. the apostle of the drive and a bike lane like this taxi and the screws like these flint to get where on traffic and come back in a travis letter. and this trevor rowe was realized in the booklet also use the sidewalk to stop. but no problem. scheck did a park where you wont button. >> : as of what is allowable full
7:50 am
leg as if i did read beyond the job. the struggle was real. >> : it is mother's day act it hurt if not selected from monetary character and it's my guess is a survey done by a plan booking website my time but, basters differences go out to help you out. fall is the cards are given for others stayed only 16 percent of mounds actually want those gives what they really want are the top three is the preferred. to some the entry of that involves family fought a distance of the get from for warsaw's official or if a certificate for a salon as agreed those raised by seven guests to a mom likes to their time for mother's day activities the montfort art icon trip getting some pam perry has bought taking it easy well
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others do household chores. or visiting at a salon. >> : the shortage of fun they can do for your mom for mother's day shall as roses thousand on the list which may like that the park will be having special pricing with a grin from author of the four friends are from the numbers for 1999 obese but will be open today from 10 till 7:00 tonight, more information on that 02 ca america back on. >> : miller is being a summary of all worlds said. this is the events is go they celebrated mexican was a. the broader marriott to bend to kick off the latest honoring what sentences as founding mothers. airline
7:52 am
were celebrating mexican mothers still shouldn't 19¢ and 22 is the celebrated 10th on honor the fun and mother of severance is coded consider the mother of services because she's the first one to receive when there for small farm. >> : exhibit will be on display until june 8th. city of oakland pussycat festival this again more than 6000 people came up there to celebrate can owners and their lovers were invited to bring their calves for day fund. the right merchandise and pledges that year's the cat masks and all proceeds go do because in the state >> : coming up restaurant a calcic part with football players and other celebrities will be obligated to gets a full file show a slight all but it after a break. >> :
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tickets on sale for final football like candlestick park going to be an impact far firmer on the fall stars. it's called legends of tilsit 40 and erica con joe montana and joe rice and all expected to take part. the beaten feel than a flight football game against july 12th against other edible grades a game that fans will be sure to remember. in the wind is for the event with a live actors will to the cheese will left real-estate to shoot a stepson and nothing to his wife for 10 other children and some children. peering to stop the process of probate will be set for tomorrow will sign just weeks before reeves death on april 7th. >> :
7:57 am
severe weather and the midwest and tornadoes touching down in missouri look at the port and and destruction left behind. let there is a supermarket without problem this morning they're responding to enter port of food safety of his mother day are all but your moms out there. are you looking for work well used one find some time to sit home and then joins me to talk well hall apple could be an option. >> :
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7:59 am
the scene of an officer involved sharing please just reopens far to traffic coming up will tell you what happened here overnight. and
8:00 am
when i felt team practice trip by picking an openly gay football player that's right coming up. >> : warmup on the way level of outside and sentences go all the talk about as warm as and give free mothers as sunday sit at >> : this for joining us on kron 4 news weekend voted for top stories in just a second. furze is go ahead and check out the mother's day forecast. >> : family barbecue doesn't matter temperatures warmer than we experienced yesterday their sentences but plenty of sunshine 52 degrees 53 in concord. celebrate our clear conditions bay area wide to do have already cut pressure
8:01 am
will keep things warm for foreseeable future. it to this woman said oakland's. we will see continued seed to the system but to little next week about which is owed to the mob but what troubled is all the company's sunday on the bay thriftiness. >> : the old u.s. and as did the this is an officer told cheering sorrow and jackson avenue that's where reporting from this morning and >> : set as a police spent the better part of the scene tensile elected as the postman is offices reopens for road traffic incident happened just a block away to look to the scene just from a short time goes on as a place of this is brought mobile command unit check the pieces altogether is not insofar. and 1140 last night
8:02 am
cell is a place by its own driving a stolen vehicle in sorrow and jackson avenue officers tried to get the driver to pull over the police say he hit to the trocars at in this intersection is furrowed mccrery shots fired during this process as a suspect was hit at least once he was in the hospital at this time on clear of the extent of injuries or who will fire during manson. no officers injured during this process the detectives were here on the scene they have stored road brought what the for about an hour's trade in israel and the traffic this morning, possibly more on this incident as it becomes available 39 to the states are pleased oakland our investigation of two people injured officers say have been on a 1:00 last night on a national alarm. to people shot several times suspects then fled the area appeared condition of names of the victims have not yet been
8:03 am
released to contest plea to a continued search for suspects >> : 2014 nfl draft the igloo sit mr. graham's drafting locally a football player michael chosen a less crowded he is an emotional reaction from home. airline a maverick store is morning cell overall total of 40 meth pick of the 24 to draft the defense admits he set a player at university of missouri. you prove himself as a senior last fall the most attention after announcing he is a gay and early february is his reaction to the news >> : armillary overwhelm them excited and i'm proud to be a rat. and as tony a big
8:04 am
seller every team that has been as the a for leggings are now >> : seen as a requirement in this french as did the rams in 1946 first half fell to miss up african-american player no one had the balls to hit th silly people are prouf sinless organizations for being the one to make history. >> : >> : bay area fans pick his upset about it >> : as a matter of time but are at the stage it's got to more commonplace use is to i
8:05 am
think is the rates will protect him. and has courage will >> : be in president obama offering up his congratulations the white house statement now yesterday the president credit since it was friends and nfl this is what is a quote from the plant field to a corporate board room recons prove every day that you should be judged by what you do not who you are". >> : worse was coming up at a 25 talk more about nfl draft latest picks by the raiders also a strength pilots coming up as well again 825 and 20 minutes from right now. strata kron 4 news again terrifying words coming from one nigerian girls who escapes being kidnapped by islamic
8:06 am
military's update cut for you coming up next addition overseas trip + latest release coses which seems to see a look for the pilot of a hot air balloon the crash. i've looked outside it conditions the bay bridge toll plaza huambo like details on what to expect for mother's day coming up. >> : [ wind howling ]
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public outrage live was no sign of the girls for the past couple weeks. cross country of the bay area the outcry continues to mothers also address the concern on a almanac to miss the other first lady michelle obama. and these girls brocken i see a the the the our daughters trade >> :
8:10 am
we can only imagine the english their parents are feeling right now. but authorities girls are in danger. >> : reports believe that the girls have been separated in broken into smaller groups and the girls have been married off to a terrorist organization. time people still missing were the three weeks after that merit ferry sank in south korea so far bodies of 275 victims have been recovered was some high-school students. south korean officials said bad weather is entering the search divers to bring this out on order surges because of high waves. >> : remains of at edified on all the victim's second the final resting place near city yesterday somber procession of new police fire in city vehicles escorted to lower manhattan
8:11 am
to guns europe remains will not rest and repository 70 ft. under the more the museum. museum officially opens in just a week >> : happened at the company picnic. oww, that's hot. that is hot! wow daddy like. owww, that is smoking hot! ahhh, hmmm, awww! hi georgia. hey georgia. man this is hot! try jack's hottest sandwich yet. his new blazin' chicken sandwich has spicy crispy chicken, ghost pepper ranch sauce, and sliced jalapeños. owww, that's hot! you better be holdin' a sandwich.
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jenny doyle and natalie lotus both worked for women's basketball staff at the university richmond the pilot daniel kirk had more than 20 years experience according to his company's ups like they were all board that balloon when it struck a power line and move blown down with crushed dried searchers found the remains of two bodies after a search of a lesson in tonight and the dance was there. meantime investigators with an unknown caller then described the terror that take a blind >> :
8:15 am
will double what are balloons have crashed into power lines. and the balloons are drawn fire. here's a be still pretty high in their trade a report that the best has come off 10th on that now. we the locate the basket. on the search will continue today for the body of the pilot and the wreckage of the balloon. >> : trip to lie off a small piece star for airline passengers what was reported in the cockpit and the captain of the boeing 757 about one hour after took office less than those the pilot safely turn the plane around and landed back in l.a. one man who was flying with his children taught drug experience in. >> : if foreigners at one point to my land often across that everyone get on all with us.
8:16 am
is >> : after safely landing a larger 50 passengers were escorted and lax aircraft now being inspected this morning could >> : now tunnels through weather in the midwest at the of the tornado touching down northwest missouri oscar in the right and see the tornado forming on the left and see a visitors through the small town or misery. the national weather service says the strong indication then the porno also touched down in the area but so far no reports of any injuries did doesn't look too active here >> : part of what the parents of severe weather this parts of nebraska st. louis as we head into tomorrow the threat continues for texas and arkansas. the only are talking reported as we're
8:17 am
talking what strong halite and damaging winds will be the case as we head into the overnight hours on monday. that is something that will continue to monitor a completely different story here in the bay area and the dominant branch of high- pressure that will keep any storms out of the day. started things off with a live look from our camera and a lot of sunshine on this mother's day sunday. >> : clear conditions high of for sonny's 80s today with a war long will consume smart to tomorrow offshore winds as we head into the rest of next week record it's definitely a possibility by wednesday for the hottest sectors of the season as far pre possibility of triple digits. into the night, there are 56 days from the bay again will continue with the sunshine. click warming just that and for as upset by lunch time perhaps taking moderate bill see what 77 months but and '80s make an appearance with three afternoon 82 degrees
8:18 am
and check at present is oakland 60 degrees in a given city in terms of a stint for test big changes about brought significant or sources of as much as 25 degrees warmer than it should be for a list of your facility he it certainly is for us to raise returns at a wrestler up the work week of right. >> : been investigating health violations of local grocers are as ever since then cover and i did some make this a bay area whole foods market. now is reported to one day after safely store claims they clean up their act to help the board finds more disturbing high-risk affects is a story will see only a kron 4. follow open sectional simpson's good benefits funds high-risk health violations persist. the last month and helper first discovered the oil issues during routine destruction. inflates
8:19 am
picking food labels off the floor putting the mont cenis. then not touching rummy with a washing their hands and such is also from unclean or improper sanitizing free surfaces and utensils and how cold been couldn't unsafe temperatures. places are as dire as crewman's which was completed this if i _ only 66 out a possible 100 as a pro in the lower 5% of our food facilities the with respect to concerns raised at the dense white store saturday into areas proper cooperation curvature in employees following the policies and procedures both areas were addressed immediately but that's not what the public health department found. on wednesday the house to return to the safeway so 15 days of the the initial inspection would define what
8:20 am
we're told here in this report. the fun and play as coffee and other analysts the fun of places such in the faces and then not washing their hands the fun food being held and the proper temperature history and the fun food surfaces these puzzles not been sanitized properly coming back to week slattern adding that occurred in his neck and did he plans to meet with inspectors friday to determine the department's next course of action. >> : public health are as was that the safeway continues to score lower than all of safeway's in san francisco. in fact the rating has dropped year-over-year over the last four years. now the house apart and once know why. could be bad management portraying the don't know at this point but they say you want to find out. the line when confronted with a follow-up report stiffer sentence in a
8:21 am
statement saying " our no. issues noted on for 24 to 14 were justin corrected. s. issues raised during was additional steps have been taking wasnt place to up to and including a disciplinary action. sitwells of some additional club and has been taken out of service and will begin monitoring how cold food safeway once it's known that the number of violations found the store are acceptable and not representative of our services coast stores overall. what you wanted to read these health reports for yourself and do so but not to the homepage where we posted aholt fault the core of such report also what are the coverage including
8:22 am
series of silence as a store is a dent current has appeared explore the issues of maggots bay area whole foods market and health concerns is that analysts said on his upset >> : coming up next year nfl draft over a the niners and traders get a draft will be done six coming up after a break. >> :
8:23 am
these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
8:24 am
8:25 am
on the various forces thwarting jens winning streak history now as the giants and dodgers beat the giants is said to his final trip to the leader the seventh inning that it does the court and was shut down the left-field line for double followed by will this fireball bolt and the quarter there two consecutive goals in the >> : home run total right letter on rambo as you note 66 with
8:26 am
a broken thumb in the gentle face the dodgers again today for his first pitch at 822 don to an aunt and his ticket last night. we beat the national for three teams third walk off when of the season is scoring twice with extra friends chow is leading the way it with his face the sit on the nationals again this afternoon first pitch at 1 05. turning now forehand just one other top needs the niners selecting his of cleaner >> : 40 niner's hoping to have their passing game. they finished the season nfl in passing offense last season. raiders selected louisiana and texas justin ellis and quarterback for you talkies mcgill and the forefront they finished the draft three other defensive
8:27 am
players in of the sons run. about what iraq elias state defensive end sean harris and the western kentucky's 58 jonathan dolling for the raiders treat for the first time in 77 years prestigious texas longhorns fails to have a single player selected in the 2014 nfl draft officials say the fact that taxes the biggest single player drafted a sign of just how far the longhorns program has gone >> : to heaven 94 full half-hour of lawyers sports news trends daughters aires nationals + break on good draft foreigners for strumpet to traders of st. sports that level to lead not right after the news. >> : others differ for us coming up level code size of the freezing conditions way up on mount camp will be right
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
you'll want weather is the new weather definitely " operating for all mothers it plans setting things off the level of the biggest account is stricken on so it's a bit breezy viral agents overall to the lens will subside and all come down even half as it approached different. they are now six is also on fairfield 64 degrees in oakland and upper 50s along a coast clear skies right now high-pressure the building in or less coast allow for warming over the next several days. eighties and today's inland areas will see '90s as we head back to work on monday to look at tuesday's images up the the triple digits. none
8:31 am
sunday rob ray coming up of human history >> : five people injured this morning when a car there and colitis and trees and the rollover period accident happened around to this morning the hon oakland's. carr hit several trees and then when the car then rolled over it trip for people inside. far apart and was able the freeze all the pockets of the car in 50 minutes and released and taken to area hospitals no word yet on any one condition the law and state fire officials said sunday as serious or cleared brush in creating a restoration plan hellfire declaring the opening of the fire season in the bay area and sacramento area on monday. the plans to extend the designation to the rest assault northern california as well along with parcel the southern california area and the next few days. hellfires warming of along dangerous fire season.
8:32 am
diagnosed with leukemia two years ago chemotherapy permit a dinner mission but >> : once again under chemotherapy with the last few years he note new bone marrow transplant that's what all the people are here. generosity of people attach to come out and help stranger is but also did >> : is that his days in hospital he could tell he is where it stressed to little is really trying to hovels pilot heroes as did his new system is quite low from the aquino. but his stay away from most people.
8:33 am
>> : shoes on hand rated dry and other donor registry opened one of them could be a match for him. when free and have chinese have quite so this other looking for people half asian have quite so hopefully advaita match. we complex beaumarchais of our bizarre kron4-dot-com >> : >> : sticking look and a photo rescue team with could what
8:34 am
an is owners. friday at a vallejo coast guard responded to distal boat. they were able to find a family and the city. they were not harmed and flaw in the country airport where they were your reunited with sellers. city of danville offering $1,000 award money to travel to track down the culprit who spread sending the seattle school earlier this week pre >> : -security a trend toward >> : to copycat of the messages found after an also death that fund was best at john baldwin elementary school and then bill. please believe a boy responsible was arrested by police what they're calling a copycat and the men involved in shooting in fairfield has been booked for murder in south carolina 10 mcclure's is named arrested on thursday in connection with
8:35 am
the should be on a ballgame. he also identified as the suspect a deadly shooting in south carolina also rested justin butler for of south carolina killing could cling to police have extensive history. past friends with police. >> : an update to little dog who found in san interstate 680 paid still scared. and is now at the contra costa county l l social-service money could take him to the dogs through it still wait for family clever. before being put up for adoption still waiting >> : sculler freeway and let the fda >> : to is abandoned at the center divider on interstate 680 heading north ministry. i don't exactly know what happened at hull and one up there but spotted through it
8:36 am
during rush hour until l goode shall arrive. none >> : now freeway back a federal shelter getting checked out. >> : at that time shall be put up for adoption and perhaps from the extension. >> : the process of finding a new home can turn into a fiasco. people according a recent poll. 1300 dogs that comes to the shelter every year are also hoping to get lucky. and while the settled brought to the shelter you may it with another and ... and a better
8:37 am
>> : couple days before the lottery to begin this thing goes settles a police helped raise more the thousand dollars for the family the 37 year-old lam was of so provider for is what into young sons. when officers heard of his family that said the senate will fund- raiser page that you caring at kron. spread the word shot killed ron center road on tuesday police still looking for suspects and that the death pre >> : coming up will show you what's catching our viewers' eyes on the web also is assault others it's a crisper will parcourse some rework from all mighty as for lasorda spent more time at home through history >> :
8:38 am
level outside at conditions at the open gate bridge pre nuns look at mother's day for tests coming up. >> : [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious.
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8:41 am
stars on what this morning texas has will stand by his from day of the dream a houston texas cheerleader if she agreed to the lord twitter it can see the proposal was gone. >> : california lottery my millions ticket purchase and the east bay bought a family cell after a gas station find out how much the ticket was worth and with the letters come for four on our roads as well. the suspect shot unsold car. your story road find out what happened after the suspect stole a car to define the online at kron4-dot-com also top stories all available for
8:42 am
you better kron4-dot-com wednesday is good of fairfield 29 mi. an hour winds 13 along a coastline when has done and the hot afternoon and is for temperatures topping 80 is full details on what to expect when we
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
time right now i 452 to god for breakfast and house temperatures in pre miles for someone a lot of sunshine from the entire bay area and a cloud inside as it to look at the cemetery to have high pressure doesn't coming the strong images having a part of the next clause flexible listed of storms to talk about this increase in offshore winds increase in temperature. that caught our mainly 56 in scoring by lunchtime today.
8:46 am
some after and were taught my sundays on adults of livermore valley and the navy is mature the weights of forecast a three- afternoon. >> : 72 set for this go out as there in fairfield boy even concord hayward hitting 75 and 80 degrees in san jose. as a head into tomorrow it could reach the '90s will continue to the cedras or as we head into next week was a shipping up to be the warmest of the week with those highs approaching triple digits. >> : finisterre home mom and your your creative genius you better the workforce or sell your career wont to saucepan more taut with the kids reactant joins me to talk about some great work from home ideas this gone beyond making those marketing calls. the effort
8:47 am
as too rigid >> : so mentioning this is not and does as well on more debt but less members assault for 2013 show a one in five people are actually working from home these days. not so the novel is now in san stopping the scold campaign political campaign calls reporting selling insurance talking about pure java marketing jobs software development jobs talking about the customer service representative jobs such as companies or even apple >> : at home when pfizer's of your technical experience and troubleshoot computers you can help them set up computer stretch across. that awful conductor correct this for those books are flexible schedules in for highly skilled workers such as doctors as a mother's
8:48 am
surprising when a company restaurants and inns is a local doctor on the land what they do not have an application that allows you to talk with lessons fetish physicians on a small farms or tell what using videoconferencing technology and workforce hit a low and our funds will schedule also company >> : can let the house called for a brief your own house. companies are strictly geared toward work amongst the company called by christian goldstein lived in marin county created this company based on what she calls the moms battle. gushes a mom and herself and manages it took hundreds of companies back office and means human resources accounting at kevin thing and powered by cell home moms. >> :
8:49 am
24 ers week until drop off and pick up from school. >> : even after the kids got a bad it's pretty amazing what a lot about and particular ship coal fraud ring a million miles back to work on her dark her own terms of that all of the set of eyes the right to being a mom. this sounds like there's been a change in the way people are approaching stay home jobs. the >> : this is the fact that the internet the ability for people access to company not worked for officers in the house also videoconferencing technology collaboration software is something that other developing. they're going to be rolling out the next call once hoping the other professional services will also bring their mom's back toward. >> : tucked up people who want work for another company's a summary well as his or entrepreneurial once a parent company said mary
8:50 am
kay scott further since onionskin care companies and feels did >> : state a car does this company that will live inside aging products at a console from home and downtime and and accompany called stalin adopted an eventual rate ancestors' dozens and stuff like that. sir john's cartel's history or house of this page the can view your own and be a silas' share for house but is a company called speech a miller company that you can be dull on your own time. >> : neat johnson cmos near
8:51 am
silicon of entrepreneurs created this company thinking that he won election it's great the world's waters company main people who work >> : he thought you'd get people from india or students who were trend make a little extra money for college and ended up finding out is a popular with cell moms because they love the forecastle scuttle and the fact that the concept was so entertaining and learning something. that transcribe pot test forever movies to their tv shows transcribe dollars seminars. on line and various flexible schedule to other bit of business clients and ends on afflicted mazing content very easy to move up quicken the company as well that a grandmother like cuts into his client can't putting much as up to sudden just putting in says hey you know what more do a lot more and they said
8:52 am
>> : his own account manager for one of their largest accounts. >> : what employers to the ones i mentioned are taking advantage of this what people want the flexibility and stay home. the line some people also won a silver being clobbered a work force. day of the option. >> : will be right back.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
shorter chow fun things to do this mother's day she likes roller coasters and watter check out bread america and sector today. park will have special pricing with the bring your friend of for kessler's content for friends or family members for 1999 peace not to bad. >> : be open today in tel 7.
8:56 am
>> : mother's day is celebrated all are on the world is morning seven sentences: celebrate mexican mother's day to celebrate the california historical society with the marriott to bend to bring oftel is exhibit honoring one of sentences goes on in mother's. >> : more sobering nice to mother's days since 1942 it's been celebrated on may 10th and honor to find another a stethoscope considered of severance go because the first one to receive a gland and for small farm and what we know today >> : the exhibit will be on display until june 8th. >> : tickets available for the final football than a campbell's part could jam packed with former nfl stars did of then called legend of candlestick garrison roger
8:57 am
craig all expected to take part of feel the flag football game on july 12th against other former nfl greats like dan marino. game that you'll surely remember your fan and how to get tickets to the event on kron4-dot-com. straight ahead on is weekend as proof is making one woman very happy all by communicating with her. but not barking are begging the explain how these to communicate. we now know the all those that were killed in a coming up 910. what's the weather on this mother's day level outside the conditions on op temp the telxon mother's day and also warmup for the next week in >> :
8:58 am
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starting with gorgeous weather on the bay area of full track of mother's day forecast coming up. live in san jose this morning our place shoe man accused of stealing a car. what led officers to pull the trigger. and one on a faulty making draft history by picking openly gay football player get the story coming up. >> : good morning everyone that opened the kron 4 news weekend is for joining us this morning why you caught up on the weather forecast for mother's day >> : starting off with fun little breezy and the higher elevations but plenty of sunshine and temperatures
9:01 am
already this started out to warm. san francisco same goes for oakland concord now at 65 degrees. the muncie, here on satellite and injury and will continue as you warm conditions as we head into next week as well. as been temperatures today is sending is or the it should be for this tire 14 degrees or in redwood city where are talking more the possibility of a triple digits as we had and the rest the week details on that coming up at 915. >> : a big and it was developing his money on south bay. san jose police are investigating and of shooting to an area of sorrow in jackson avenue this or fines has been all there all morning pre >> : sarraute once again open for traffic as well as offices kristin just hours ago. a block behind me does up the streets looked like earlier this morning officers brought out mobile command
9:02 am
unit and tried the case altogether his old and also far bottle of 40 last night sent as a place but a man driving a stolen vehicle and jackson ave. officers tried to get the driver to pull over but instead please say here and to police cars this road and then on officer of a flourishing metal is one time they took his us that the hospital where he is receiving treatment for injuries at this point wont clear how the boat series of injuries are treated nearly eight hours the story was blocked off with traffic reopen this point in this investigation continues. >> : but to people injured police say it happened less federal o'clock in an initial villard evitable shot several times suspects fled the area and the and victims' names night released they continue the search for the suspect was morning.
9:03 am
>> : the sale is the instruction >> : says louis rams drafting the first openly gay football player chosen the seventh rounds on low right distends emotional reaction to >> : his overall tone of the 49th pick of the 24 team drafted born and raised in hitchcock texas crude >> : university and missouri prison themselves >> : most attention after announcing his day in early february trade here is his reaction to news trade every team the past as thinking
9:04 am
hall of respect the court record defer coupling lichens are now probably >> : is the second historic moment in the history of the franchise. 1946 or the first nfl team to sign above african-american player year before judge robinson what was called to >> : so many people are proud of the organization for being the one statistic. devastation now worth more commonplace and larry what can be happening and it's great. it i think his
9:05 am
teammates will protect him and the points will a fellow in the present obama of offering up his congratulations to the white house statement yesterday president congratulated cent for all this illustrates nfl the single rhonda's say it " for once the corporate board room. to prove every day where you should be judged as what you do instead of who you are. or sports coming up at ninth 25 be talking more about the nfl draft in the latest niners and raiders pre also have a's and giants highlights coming up about 20 minutes at 925. coming next on kron 4 news weekend terrifying words from one nigerian girl co was escaped the kidnapped islamic militant did update on the situation overseas. >> : plus severe weather in the
9:06 am
midwest and tornadoes touching down in missouri will take a look at those twisters and the destruction elected latest on the east coast will we learn the identities was killed in the hot air b[doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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trip to why got off to a small piece are for some united airlines passengers if supported in the cockpit and cabin of the boeing 757 about one hour after takeoff from los angeles. floyd then turned around stiffly landed back in l.a.. one man was fined with a kid potluck the strays. >> : at one. hit every get on the left us. life vests made us where the. >> : we now know the names of the victim hot air balloon crash. jenny del oil and
9:10 am
that medallist both work for the best will set the university richmond pilot daniel kirk had more than 20 years experience according to his company's website. they're all about their all bore an upland struck a power line and went down in a fiery crash searchers did find the remains of two bodies after surgery blended lasted into the night. and as was in the area we time in this year's release the nine recalls that as of the terror of that day. multiple hot air balloons have crashed into a car lines losing all fire hot air balloons appears to be still smoking and the hot with the report that the basket has come off sort confine the right now. they're born balloon will locate the basket. the search
9:11 am
continues today for the body of a pilot as well as the wreckage of that balloon. 39 people so was still listed as missing series after the ferry sank in south korea. so far the bodies of children 75 victims have been recovered most of them high school students often officials say the bad mother's hand during the search evers' apparently just temporarily stopped because of high waves. still have the right clothes caught as a texas baseball game why they're playing with the players and spectators on from their positions did on a level that downtown san francisco from the roof can forecast for mother's day coming up an adjustable minutes.
9:12 am
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public outrage as rising with no sign of the girls over the past couple weeks across the country and the bay area outcry continuous the practice and will show up to show their support. to mother's also address concerns one activist the other show obama. and these girls are with your own daughters will see their hopes and dreams. we can only imagine the anguish that parents are feeling right now. >> : i worry that these >> : investigators believe the data is taken to protest the education of women or possibly the girls come been separated and broken into smaller groups did so the girls have been married off to members of the terrorist group. to go to the close calls plan in san antonio crash landed just a few
9:16 am
yards away from a little league baseball field. when a single-engine plane flew over the field in barely mated over the set of tested before crash by creek did were the coaches ran out a pilot was able to walk with the crash. the blue of the plant for some reason lost power as it is heading toward an airport. the violent story that such an impasse this video store trays is all been victims a group of storm chasers and antis went to missouri saturday. one had the goal pro camera strapped to his head and captured these dramatic video pictures. you see them locating in helping a woman out but once shoes shaken but not injured >> : in the boat as the of the tornado touching down in northwestern missouri and the right see the tunnel
9:17 am
forming in sums through auric and on national weather service strong indication that another tornado touched down as well but so far no reports of any injuries. >> : perfect conditions for mother's day mother's day in the bay area today. we're out to touch briefly attended a threat refecting the heartland of the nation. the cease-fire in a picture tornadoes and thunderstorms and gusty winds expected in the area. >> : could impact parts of arkansas and texas as we head into monday as well will be looking at the possibility of flash flooding concerns as well. that is something that will continue to monitor at least the next 24 hours. the dark high and dry however in the bay area could as we take a look from armonk tent camp. airline sheet trees shaken are brought a bit. but right
9:18 am
now heading up to fifties' sixties quick warming anticipated by lunchtime if you're heading out to lunch with mom said expect 98771 country sundays at livermore valley although bill little warmer allow the course i did tempters warm more than where we should be for this of your effect '80s and it the way the forecast by this afternoon pre >> : swiss of those types of trees and set day to 68 for daly city and 75 in san mateo it really seals microclimates with 67 days and even 80s and today's forecast. the seized sort as a head next week '90s all across the board a record- breaking high of four possibilities in the triple digits. series returns and starts the hall protectors' as we wrap up the work week on friday. >> :
9:19 am
he means the senate says the can this little three roles to pull captured the heart of volunteer is now heading to or her forever home with a very special family can relate both the dog and her new human are to death. is a tightly says rose to pull faces challenges the other shelters dog don't think your son is a tension by saying the name or making it sound but she can't respond to as she is deaf. >> : the teaching was some language. then she figured out how we're communicating with her pre >> : is commands but says the
9:20 am
three-year-old was brought cover shot. airline the of the waiting game for roseate wait for someone willing to learn her >> : wish to come along. some become says she's always wanted a death dog. >> : cook's family are and no sign language to learn where it rose assigns a that are easy. and it planned to teach her more. bittersweet day that this day is exactly what they knew what and for the special dog. it's what i hoped would eventually happen and should come and gone to a nice family. coming up on news began we
9:21 am
of sports highlights for an allied look outside golden gate bridges this time the picture perfect for mom will be right back. >> : [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life.
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against your guess the there's the old double field line and you see with a follow of about another double in the corner of the left field and that would get some runs a home for the dodgers with the field game 4 of men came back on to mounds from the finger cut injury but could be that the cut is affecting his control as in all print old as any six weeks with the broken thumb. this address again today first pitch in l.a. at 120. >> :
9:25 am
took to it innings us that they is behind john b. the national's 43 the team's third walk off when of the season the day's scoring twice in the ninth and then jason leading away with oakland for three hits. on the night they stick on the national the ellison and a pitch out of five. turning the nfl 40 matters of dress and one other top names added to their wide receiver the niners selecting a south carolina out what receiver and the fourth hundred opened a a good passing game and finished 30th in the passing offense the last season. there's also busy yesterday selecting louisiana tech boat with just analyst with quarterback keith and the fourth round. >> : the defensive players in the seventh round or hot coke were reckitt to vicariate. and i sit shall be harris and western kentucky safety
9:26 am
got a finale for the raiders did for the first time in 77 years prestigious texas longhorn still have a single player selected in the 24 team and of the draft officials say that the fact that texas as head of supplier justin is of how far longhorns have fallen. tomorrow night for a full half-hour and the sports as doctors as nationals plus the break that the niners and raiders draft for the farmers to merit the gist of crude >> : will have mother's day is forecast coming up straight ahead on kron 4 news details: to look outside as the bay bridge there plenty of traffic streaming in the city forecast ahead. >> :
9:27 am
man: we know when parents and teachers work together... woman: our schools get stronger. man: as superintendent of public education, that's been tom torlakson's approach. woman: torlakson has supported legislation to guarantee spending decisions about our education tax dollars
9:28 am
are made by parents, teachers and the local community... and not by sacramento politicians. and we need to keep that legislation on track. man: so tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for local control of school funding decisions. we're back on kron 4 is weekend at mother's it's all on up there look at whether he expects the as yet out for brunch or letter on for dinner temperatures
9:29 am
warmup lot of sunshine sticking around here. san francisco artist 65 degrees day pre toasty in oakland at 6865 in concord and even '60's will pass and get bad grades and attendance in the sky over the entire bay area right now high-pressure will consider bill of rust. what that means is that the jurors will continue to warm 80s today officially in the '90s as we head into tomorrow the double-digit territory by tuesday. we are looking at the possibility of record-breaking highs and extended forecast. to tell what to expect for sonic and coming up this of the ministry >> : the father and family of the seven year old boy of bay area to another can to try and save his life his diagnosed with leukemia two years ago chemotherapy but in russia but now the boy is relapsed >> :
9:30 am
once again on the income of 30 because a relapse of the last three years he now needs a bone marrow transplant. and that's why all these people are here. generosity of people the x to come out and help a stranger is awesome. bay this as a day is an onslaught you can tell him his aureus stressed. his a little bit depressed but he's really trying to have a little smile and he always does. his new system is quite low from the chemo so sudden roll test stay away from most people a big sister maggie however visits often shun and help people
9:31 am
join the donor registry open one of them could be a match for him one for each of the corner of your mouth for 10 seconds you permit and put an envelope lime and have chinese and half white so its ability for people other half asian of bledsoe of like a confine match. by now where to find a bone marrow drive by visiting our website kron4-dot-com san jose plays helped raise more than $11,000 for the boat family man who fatally shot and a road bridge attack isold l provider of for his wife and two young sons won office as part of his family at they decided to set up a fund raiser page at you caring
9:32 am
dock, an effort to spread the word. his shot killed our sons and a road tuesday morning please delete for suspects in the death. a eight thessaly but yesterday there she as the dog some people are calling this the could freeway because that's the this on the band and pop on a interstate 680 should have a dog collar or microchip officer out called a two year-old dog guarding between lines a couple days ago. we got there he found little pop persian uncertified shoes scared but officers say it sit with her until animal control arrived. >> : this up with the officer the says it has more than you think. >> : this happens on a daily basis the dogs is unafraid. and just so happens then this sentence as the carter was able to take a picture the freeway now the contra costa county and are so trip
9:33 am
sought shelter great if don't concern three days' rest of the process of getting her adopted. chubb says there are received dozens of phone calls about the her pre >> : house for the lead this morning texas high-school student of his kron day of his dream a houston texas cheerleader trade stood the day are twitter. but how many betwixt the kron proposal as done and find out how big the day when at kron4-dot-com >> : california lottery winner has a ticket has been purchased in the east bay san leandro gas station and find out how much the ticket was worth and the winner has come for by heady over to our website. this civilization was suspect to install car at a late last night in the area of star road. i know what happened at the suspect's stole a car on kron kron4-dot-com also is an all pop stores located on a website kron4-dot-com
9:34 am
to people save and to people in the dogs as a vector bay area coast guard rescue the look of of photo rescue team with and his owners friday night to avoid hulk was hard response to reports of the disabled boat and a team from san francisco was sent out and they're able find the near cd did that on a pond in a fund it conquered airport where they were reunited with the families. city of danville offer $1,000 reward for tracking down the culprit who sprayed threatening iffy m.l. scalare earlier loss what up last week it to tighten security and charlotte moscow back on thursday some parents of adopted the to the kids home to copies cat messages rush partially after that. death threat also found in the boys' bathroom john baldwin elementary school police arrested the boy responsible and live to do the responsible for that and calling a copycat incident hit >> : one man arrested in a shooting in fairfield with
9:35 am
in south carolina terry was arrested on thursday in connection with the shooting and will lay critically injured two people. they are done for the suspect in a deadly should and and lime appeared on abuse also rested just about where for a softer line of building. according to police as sense of cultural history and past friends with please. state fire officials said sunday as they sought clearing brush and creating a declaration plans pre >> : hellfire declared the opening of fire season in the bay area and sacramento on monday it planned to extend the designation to the rest of northern california along with parts of southern california over the next few days. caught fire was also warning of a long and dangerous fire season. >> : so at for use on newsweek and less raw at candlestick park football players and other celebrities to impart when you'll be able to get the tickets for this on game of that for you and also break from high gasoline
9:36 am
prices were low average our city i now find out if there's any release any time soon. from treasure island is still looking to get married at a unique wedding venue in the bay area that was for you. dog: get four years interest-free financing dog: get four years on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection. get a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. don't miss the memorial day sale.
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mother's day for a set plans for mother's day the their gifts is not too late to chamonix care survey done by appointments website my tongue not prompted this in itself is the scope and not even though more than half of men will give to mother's and the lives farther cars. only 16 percent of moms-what does this to the one here to talk to against the most preferred. in hall's family photos. against certificate
9:40 am
that fourth brought this official. if it's for a certificate for salon as it did tub for mother's day it to me is the monster for are taking out of town trip getting to bring espoo taking it easy with household chores were visiting a salon. gas prices were down after people and met at national average here in california of course for a 19 gal. in the bay area of all was silent and services go for $29 down the cents compared to this time last week. in oakland press for a gallon of regular unleaded same thing in san jose. to cut your car makers are recalling some other vehicles for recalling more
9:41 am
than 692,000 skips policies and see max gas electric hybrids recall 80,000 dutch caravan town and country minivan model years of talking but here to attend the 2014 chrysler's problems seems to have our place fall to in the switches. it's a note apologizing and more inclusive after video-game company came under fire after refusing same that >> : the game was originally released in japan just last year the sharia cast of characters nintendo's personalized avatars a real players living on a virtual island appears to live in is
9:42 am
what a season after looking for a unique and relocation of some bus picked up for it will sit what the move after and the break pre >> : forecast as it had
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
is busy in higher elevations. offshore winds right now. clear skies on the entire bay area sunshine audience than temperatures really continuing now 56 days quick warming anticipated by lunch time to look all seven is the start of the one for the north bay delta what haven of a livermore valley a three in the afternoon talking about day phase-in forecast.
9:46 am
witnesses of the high day to send along the east bay shoreline center fell today of 75 and 75 and signed up. as we look ahead to lotus really warm conditions sunday on the day forecast wednesday anticipated the lowest of the week approaching triple digits territory. and continue through this woman trend as we head into next week seabury's kicks in by friday the debentures dropped the a's and land and sundays in the but they paid six is for the i saturday to the rich upper 70's. what is underway will there bridegroom to be in the competition find the perfect wedding location is very steep there too early to start searching for letter of the new with some unconventional but on less stopping places to say i do
9:47 am
on a big hit with this list they really are all over the place as well about it. filling in for the wine country experience anyone go to far from the city on treasure island winery assets some urban winery that means to make the one on-site but also of visited some grow on treasure island. this amazing navy hangar. sprawling space that the crash had a loss for the tasting that and set up to 1500 people a lot friends and family day go >> : to t 60 views of the day some mentioned having a right here is virtually unlimited parking lot toward final bay area also destroys issues to a party really
9:48 am
late. no neighbors or about. really on the middle of the bay there the dollar might cost out of putting could sense about 5000 a wedding terms is not that much >> : this is such a gem in jackson square could u.s. atomic as a national historic landmark it is about it was the floating warehouse blow to president f. pr with his presidential yacht and 04 while after his death sort of israel was using it some private investors central years and $5 million to restore now back to its former presidential glory run on drexel's query continue to work it's just as it was when fdr was supported not.
9:49 am
the double dog sought the dockside weddings and also flaw in winning streak >> : your options did absolutely beautiful for much smaller more intimate dining a guarantee people. as the perfect size and muscle that specialize in. will stand at ease day and moved to berkeley. apart berkeley rose garden. this is such an amazing space created back in the '30's one public projects did not have a 3000 rhode rosebushes and cut 50,000 types. >> : apple theater assault setting up really well set up for a wedding type of event and one of the things we read will save tons of money and flowers there are a people tend to landscape. a string * perfect as of close will be in bloom. >> : it's perfect cook all roses are in bloom and the system
9:50 am
is in view of the day up there. moving down to the south bay we have entirely different experience. >> : for a completely different and then you call our sport san jose as a car lover's dream. it's basically an odd note of the museum. stored space of the release of new cars so badly is ferrari is you name it and are full of them. the dubai it's a huge space >> : have a little secret garden with a built-in bar at the ceremony there little more quaint. then party in the museum with all these beautiful cars around you. it's just a car lowers absolute dream. the sixth such accord tried to drive the cars. a very cool space. did though presley of which might cost shared a lot
9:51 am
about that but open to an event there about a thousand people so they really can accommodate a lot >> : birthday and softly up obviously a provocation of people so the news will be extensive waterfront but of and an open fireplace called studio 333 artillery artist caught. it's just a very good space of his films are as little of the dough and decorating for your event and it is you get a prime location is much more formal between five and 10,004 beds >> : and you'd all-pro guard marriott and the school loft space for your party. >> : of the places to say i do and they'll some great. >> : it makes me wanna play my wedding all over again. banks ought and
9:52 am
>> : will be right back [doorbell rings]
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please investigating the saturday night officer and the san jose. at the less said about 1140 police unsuspected thieves driving a stolen car when officers tried to stop the vehicle driver then struck the patrol cars the someplace officers shot the suspect on the hospital recovering. cut started by for lunch st. louis rams had the first obligate player. >> : is drafted in the seventh round and grubs. for bay area weather expert top ciskei's for mother's day and we can warmup is in the works and you take a video shot yesterday of the warm weather should be about the same to that. >> :
9:56 am
the x 7 they are on the day forecast when will die down will see where temperatures and take a look at next week will have plenty of '90s and the forecast by wednesday it triple digits else in those unpleasant time. the thing is you will serve as the scope will this whole thing is all but the series itself that. see up got a pretty 67 is too warm for may. >> : will be looking for the mexicans did this lot for joining us had mother's state draws extra guzzle the extended a 7:00 to forget kron 4 news to motivate as a signal by let's take a look at kron for your fourth of you and your mom on this mother's state enjoy it. >> :
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discover the champion in you! . . (applause) well, god bless you. it's a joy to come into your homes and if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of the services. these are the finest people in all of houston, texas right here at lakewood so come out when you can. but thanks for tuning in. thank you again for coming out. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this senior citizen. he was driving down the freeway in his brand new corvette with the top down going 80 miles an hour when he saw flashing lights from a state trooper behind him. without thinking about it, he floored it and took off to 100 miles an hour. the trooper flipped on his sirens. the man came to his senses and pulled over. he said, "officer, i am so sorry. i don't know what i


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