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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 12, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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off ramp, all have to cross over the bridge. this change would into effect this morning and there have already been a lot of problems. some drivers are still trying to make it quick reich who backed up traffic almost one minute which making a fool you turn having officers your aldon keeping spaulding. caltran has also added about 100 ft. concrete way barriers to keep people from tried to make the turn. so if they miss the new off ramp you have to keep going st. straight >> reporter: these new changes to the planes are necessary. due to the ongoing work of the new presidio parkway linking san francisco to the bridge.
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caltran says the configuration is temporary and it will be that way for about one month charles clifford kron 4 news. >> catherine: you would i think that caltran would cause such a huge mass reaction that has an week that the video to prove it. here's a closer look as she gets out of her as you peak ignoring a line of traffic behind her. she's got her blinkers on as angry drivers tried to maneuver around her. she pays no attention. the woman simply picks up the traffic cones and get them out of their way. when she finally did back in her car she touched off several other drivers and goes on her wide. it is the kind of thing that driving caltran crazy. and there was this exited to damage one was treated at the scene and
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there he is on the left taken on a stretcher to the hospital. the guinness seemed to be a result of some confusion over the lane change. then there was a huge tour bus. >> an example of another drivers of the stops in the traffic when confronted with a line change someone seems to be playing with the door and you can see the cohns getting stuck. again all of this happening and is the act of traffic. but to haul our own stanley roberts says he thought even crazier stuff. at he would show you tonight on kron4 at 8. >> >> pam: not a live look at the golden gate bridge in here is the current traffic map heading north out of the city. a reminder, you can
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track bay area conditions any time with kron 4 news at. >> pam: the bay area is in store for a string of hot days this is a live look from our camera on mount tamalpais is sunny and warm all over today. more of the state is ahead i am in the kron for weather center with our chief neurologist jacqueline been that it is early in this year for temperatures to be this warm. >> jacqueline: on the map it will get even hotter and especially in to wednesday right now with 88 in antioch and livermore. 84 in san jose and 75 in downtown san francisco. it was the heat wave for the next couple of days for the entire bay area temperatures in the 80s
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or 90s the breeze when will be a really weak and confined mainly to the coast. small hindi are around the bay and not able to push around current and he of pfizer a coming up in just a bit. heat advisory >> pam: equality officials have declared this parody their day in the bay area today and tomorrow this because of the high temperatures affecting air quality. here is video from today, you can see the haze hanging in that year. there quality officials say the heat and all winds can contribute to unhealthy smog
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levels. people are encouraged to take public transportation or car pool and not to burn wood. >> pam: state fire officials are morning that california is in for a ferocious wild fire season. to date hellfire declared the opening of fire season in the bay area and in sacramento and plan to extend the destination to the rest of the northern california next week. fire season and never ended in southern california. officials say this year start of the fire season is about a month ahead of schedule and is a reflection of the severe drought conditions the state faces. so far this year kal phytochromes have responded to more than 1200 wahl fire statewide. that is questioning fire as usual. >> reporter: some residents
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of san francisco mission district are on edge and that after a series of suspicious fires. kron4 maureen kelly shows us the damage. >> reporter: it is >> it is a little bit scary. >> reporter: this partially bart sigh walked green space is one of the reason people who live near florida and 25th street is a little spooked. the launch and some of the remaining plants and garden stakes are charged people who live next door to hear and smell the fire burning. but the sentences of fire departments as they get a 911 all last night about a small brush fire just before 9:00 p.m. sunday night and said they believe the person said the fire and ran away those who live there say garden was full of green living class not easily i nabil brush. and
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then a few minutes later there responded to a trash fire one block north. this florida street residences she talked to the fire crews on the scene who says there have been a few small fires in the area. >> they did not say fire but they didn't say arsonist. >> reporter: another said a floor street neighbors blue sock recycling bins without the flanges about two weeks ago. san francisco police say they are investigating a few small fires in mission district but they say have no evidence that the fires connected or the work of a serial arsonist goes to live in the area just hope they are not anymore. >> reporter: >> pam: today authorities are saying that the landfill fire in san jose on sunday was likely an accident. the blaze burned dozens of piles
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of wood chips at the same or road landfill. fire crews and landfill staff work together to put the fire out. officials say it was an extinguished by the 11:00 last night. >> pam: there were no rest ages are now try to trace the smugglers through evidence collected from the vehicle and felt no estimate of the value of the marijuana was available but they homeland's security officials say it had intercepted some $50 million worth of trucks headed for american markets. >> pam: coming up at 515 a newly discovered symptoms of pregnancy. and you would want to know about it before getting behind the wheel. the end of >> i've heard so many people. so many innocent people and i've heard myself.
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>> reporter: at 530 >> pam: a heartfelt apology or self preservation? you decide. we have the first in the duke of alva a clippers owner donald sterling. since his races rent and lifetime ban from the nba. and next the profane way to help yourself longer. d i g dr.chols maagin d l wo inses. they absb thshocof wking omy . feelnerged! get drscho's msagi gel rk iolest waart. i'a beever
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100% more possible. join us at and thrive. >> reporter: nummi great
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news for all you potty mouth spirit and new study that swearing is actually good for you. heck yeah! x this woman driver from be people behaving badly segment. >> reporter: stick this up your bleeping grow straight up! >> gary: >> reporter: thank stanley brothers for that oakland. according to british researchers cursing like this is a harmless creative emotional release beckham make you feel stronger. of course that did not work too well for the basketball player was ejected from the game for cursing after a bad call psychologists say the more emotional become the more we want to use taboo words and the argued that profanity like the ones were bleeping out for you here
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medicines like formoterol increase the sk of death from asthma probms. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infectis, osteoporis, and some eye probls. tell your docto if you have a heart conditi or high blood pressure before takinit. [ man ] now symbicort significantly impves my lung function, starting within 5 minute and that makes a difference in my breathg. today, i'm hanginout with my best frnd. talk to your dtor about symbicor i got my first prescription ree. call or go online to learn me. [ male announcer ] if you can afford your medicion, astrazeneca may be able toelp. >> pam: a woman's risk of kidney and a serious car crash rises if they are
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pregnant. new research suggests canadian researchers analyzed more than half a million expected mothers over the course of six years. and foul pregnant women were 42 percent more likely to be involved in a series car crash. second trimester accidents were the most common researchers say this doesn't mean women should drive last or leave the driving to a male partner same young man have hire crash race then when the, pregnant or not. the rather researchers suggest women in the pregnancy should exercise more caution when they are on the road. >> jacqueline: , temperatures will be on the rise with a couple of dishes out there. by wednesday night the 8:00 fremont 91
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gilroy getting into the triple digits. through the the heat advisory in effect right now. vermeil this winning free
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>> pam: all grossness fremont boulevard and casino padre parkway in fremont are now open. that is after a multi car accident and bobby and union city police car this morning kron 4 will tran has the details about what caused the collision. >> >> reporter: this is fremont it is on her of 4 million city police officers to cut through fremont to get on the other side of the 80 and reconnect at track at
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the town was a clear-cut case bogged and no one died from this collision. >> pam: happening now prosecutors make opening statements today in the trial of two oakland gained members accused of killing three year old carlos now of back in 200011. prosecutors told drivers that the little boy it was an innocent bystander and a gate war. they say, the two suspects shot and killed now in a drive-by shooting out in front of a grocery store on international boulevard in oakland. prosecutors say the suspect for a be at a rival gang member when the child and his family were going shopping. the intended
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targets were wounded but not killed >> catherine: a terrorist leader in nigeria says he wants to make a deal. he will swap nearly 300 kidnapped girl schoolgirl's for members of both all wrong who are under arrest. it is not much of the choice but the nigerian government is reportedly considered. >> catherine: the video shows rows of young girls some looking friday from a tent. this setup together we're in great muslim veils. members of the terror group of local arms of the girls were christian have not converted to is on. the leader of nigeria's vocal home from says deducted schoolgirls will not be seen
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again until the government frees his detained fighters. a nigerian officials said monday that all options are on the table and of the words that are not ruling out the offer. meantime security analysts are studying the video to make sure that these are and at the same moral spirit who were adopted nearly 300 girls were kidnapped about 100 are seen here. this is the first video from the boarding school where it happened showing some of the damage from the raid. she refuses to describe the man or say much because she still very frightened police sifted the three girls managed to escape into hundred and 76 remain missing. 276 remain missing >> catherine: won a new report claims nigeria's government had heard about the rate on the school for hours before it happened but still to get chewed to
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>> reporter: the next time teston nagging by spouse is much more than just annoying. a can kill you. a new danish study shows that excessive demands from partners, family or those living nearby can more than double the risk of death middle researchers say stress caused by arguments or general worry can lead to heart disease and also lower the new system leading to the other health problems. and then-of facts appeared to be far greater in man because i like women they do
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scjohnn. aamilcompy. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> i'm not a racist and have never been a racist. >> pam: l.a. clippers owner donald sure would donald sterling speaking on camera for the first time since the release of the damaging audio tapes made by his supposed girlfriend creek his own record comments are at odds with those recordings that earned him a lifetime ban from the nba catherine heenan is here with sherds of want with explanation of what critics have called his plantation mentality
5:30 pm
>> catherine: we have heard donald sterling describe are heated closed in house the black players on his team how he objected to his companion in secaucus those with african americans tonight to be able to see him as he tried to explain those comments on seating and anderson cooper >> i fence heard so many people i've heard many people so many innocent people and i've heard myself. , i do not even know how i can say words like that i'm so sorry i'm so apologetic cooper: will what are you so so what are you sorry
5:31 pm
about? sterling: well i am sorry that so the people are hurt i never dreamed that this could happen... it's terrible terrible nightmare. cooper: why wait so long to apologize? it has been a couple of weeks you could have come out. sterling: it is hard for me, very hard for me is that i am wrong because the problem i do not know how to correct it. cooper: you are saying you were set up? sterling: well, yes i was basic. cooper: do you think she did it? sterling: i do not know, and
5:32 pm
a the romance kind of foolish and a kind of foolish i thought she let me and really cared for me ideas being peculiar is older than her i was deluding myself. >> reporter: on the audio tapes starling is heard telling steve young will to stop posting pictures of herself with black athletes like minded johnson, and that he does not want her to bring black gas to clipper games starling said he talked to john since licensed recordings came out did to apologize to him? if i sit anything wrong of stories of the person on me wouldn't want to say he has has he done everything he can to help minorities i don't think so bossy and he's a great bottle think he's a good example for the children of los angeles. >> catherine: johnson has not responded to star wars, as he has previously said he did not leave croatia retain ownership of the team
5:33 pm
>> the st. louis rams like michael sam defense of and treasury. defensive end, missouri >> reporter: it was a tremendous amount of choice for and ask al draft pick michael sam, that quickly became the center of an on- line fire storm. just moments after sam received the news over the phone said the first openly gay player drafted by the yen as el kissed his boyfriend sparking some hair too weak to rid >>"omg!" ... tweet miami
5:34 pm
dolphin don jones he later added horrible the twi since deleted. >> reporter: the giant derrick ward on fine with it being in the day and age there for him to do that on national tv is disgusting gate or not man you got lucky is looking at the draft i can't believe any as he even allowed that to happen. the social media backlash every action that samsung is he expected. are there want to beat idiot out there who say some stupid stuff? yes i am not worried about that. i am worried about the guy next to me, the guy in front me. >> pam: overnight the dauphin suspended jones and slapping him with a fine job is not apologizing for what he calls inappropriate comments out continue to
5:35 pm
speak my mind because is my god-given right and suppose we didn't do it without the frog pond here in america for sale as ever is all about the game >> reporter: many people send their support to san including the white house and indeed a great magic johnson did michael sam now has to prove bran's organization that he is an outstanding football player no more, no less. >> catherine: capt. now there's been some wild weather across the country with a lot of communities and an up-to-date and in some places bracing for more you are looking at a huge wall cloud in grafton, nebraska where a string of storms wrong with your son that set the kind of clout is often associated tournedos and that this was the scene not far away as
5:36 pm
people guy hit wasn't the worst weather they have ever seen in decades is one of the trials this with across northeast nebraska damaging many homes appears there were only minor injuries and no deaths the homes and barns were totaled. the storms ripped off roofs crumble metal and shattered and colorado a treacherous snowstorm and flooding in may broke conditions on mother's day in nightmare rescuers pulled the driver of district the safety and was hospitalized district slipped off the highway into a fast-moving creek and other town colorado blaze bring snow was covered highways began today. >> pam: developing a strong texas and what fighter brett and an entire town outside our morale is now 75 percent contained andrew spencer has the story. >> reporter: plans driven by strong shifting winds ripped
5:37 pm
through the bush in the texas panhandle thick black smoke-out rose on the area as it blocked the sun. huntington has county emergency management reported winds gusting up to 50 mi. per hour cruise came to help fight the fire from department all over the area. only later would officially understand the extent of the damage to the fire is started late sunday afternoon has destroyed is spending 100 homes before midnight. officials and french system fire covers hundreds of acres of put their entire town and risk of fire threatens more than 1000 homes. seven to 800 people evacuated seen taking shelter at a church and at the gym at a local high school. >> pam: coming up at 545 the one morning about cervical cancer for certain women. and next developing those a political rival of klay i can aken has died will we
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>> catherine: a shocker tonight in net carolina. the candid locked in and to close to call race against lake aken in the democratic congressional primary has died. this is 71 year old jockey chris cole died at home today after the accident the and the textile entrepreneurs are apparently failed the there are many details yet. there are fewer than 400 bulls
5:42 pm
according critical of former mayor pat donald singer klay i can collection officials had seen
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i thought and authorities don't one >> pam: server will cancer may affect more women in the u.s. than previously thought. cervical cancer but-especially those who are african-american or between the ages of 65 in 69 previous studies estimated the cervical cancer rate was about 12 cases per 100,000 women, with the highest rate the amount would enter or
5:46 pm
leave for the spirit but new research from the and the anniversary of maryland found women who had hysterectomies were being counted and should not have been. one is the servant is removed a woman cannot give cervical cancer. to the actual risk is much higher at nearly 19 cases per 100,000 women in the new findings are published in the journal cancer. >> jacqueline: as we move into the 3:00 hour we will see more of the 90 degree temperatures down to the south bay. at the close like it will be a little bit of an influence of the sea breeze at 70 al 80 degree temperatures derrick war there, but nine days down the peninsula at east bay shoreline. the 90 in union
5:47 pm
city and fremont. 87 in san leandro. 95 in redwood city , 92 in concord in 95 and plaza tent south bay will be quite warm as well 96 doubt in morgan hill and up to the north bay and mix of '80s and a couple of '90s. 92 in san rafael as we look ahead it will be even more see the triple digits 92 degrees in downtown san francisco. 95 in hayward and 98 in sunnyvale. >> jacqueline: and extended
5:48 pm
look at the forecast thursday we will have seabury's went back and the temperatures will cool down significantly woodward with temperatures will drop. >> reporter: spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep employees. we have already lost toyota motor and petroleum to texas is a three-pronged approach another part of this is an income-tax credit for our customers tell at company said at a center of spirit is good i still think we will spread snow at
5:49 pm
the taxes. but sales tax is lower in just honestly a millionaire california is not a millionaire and texas. >> reporter: not that big of a story. the basically converted differ tesla if you throw batteries away for a few years there kind of friendly spirit reflecting the competition tesla is coming out with the sports utility hybrid cross over and so we will see. when >> reporter: airlines are making billions on the species. >> you can get an airline credit-card and let you hear back fly free. would they
5:50 pm
are all in this process for the numbers and they're not collect the evening the east. all the truth of the matter of fact is, are making it up from the credit card and they do not have to legally disclose how much they make the credit card. >> reporter: dwindle >> pam: coming up just how far would you go to keep from paying one when one $7. ? extradition of people behaving that way tonight at 8 >> reporter: coming up at kron 4 on my tech support a very unique service to help avoid trips to the that correct vet!
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(foreign language) (foreign language) (foreign language) >> reporter: willis avenue the trouble of taking your pet into that to occur at >> jack >> reporter: since seems pretty chill as to look at him. >> are always happy to see us getting bally scratches one they are on their back just plain like to have a visitor at their home. >> reporter: not to leave the home. in-to a stranger in your time and maybe a
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little bit more expensive to 3 >> set pricing for $99 for an exam and 199 for vaccines and lower anything that the dog will need. >> reporter: 128 pet smart to see what they thought about this serve district >> a little cheaper space to bring the man. a little cheaper to bring your pat hand. pet in the store. >> you may walk out paying at least 300 more at a regular that because of the vaccinations >> is nice for them to come to your home because it's convenient. >> safety on your gas
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because you can have that come to your home. save >> reporter: of gabe slate kron 4 news. >> pam: the battle of an historic book store supporters are not giving up even though about warner's have been ordered to move out. it will have a lot more news ahead owners [doorbell rings]
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. and with what >> pam: has six directors
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adding heat wave is expected to scorch the bay area this week. people outside tried to stick to to that. along with hutton ditchers hellfire is bracing for the start of the 2014 fire season in the bay area. fire officials are warning a lot of the long and dangerous fire season officials expect the high temperatures as low winds create and helping small and poor air quality. in seconds there the air date has been issued for tuesday. >> pam: and the weather center was kron4's chief meteorologist jack london that she is tracking the heat wave jacqueline how is it hot is it going to get? >> jacqueline: remains rather warm with a warm
6:00 pm
evening out there. and he invited three has it issued serve much of the bay area. the in the coastline is not included in the heat advisory. we are sworn to be seen 80s and 90s out there. with a triple digits possibly in one wednesday will be the day it looks like most record high spirit was up more about that and take a look at the numbers as a clue back down. >> pam: the national weather service has issued an excessive heat watch for most of the bay area on tuesday. continuing our team coverage kron 4 con z10 madyun reports some these bay where the temperatures are already heating up.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: tolars plea in the water fountain workers on a brett sitting in the shade under the tall trees, this debate doing some think here in the stroller they're all trying to beat the heat here at the san ramon central park in committee sinner with temperatures expected to reach triple digits over the next two days folks here say the fountain is a great way to keep the peace school. kiddies cool. >> the river and the river >> reporter: let the water getting all over you >>"uhuh"
6:02 pm
>> which turned into our swimsuit spirit >> keep it running most of the time. >> reporter: offered it to cool off your furry friends when the temperature rises upon >> bomb went tossed her in the pool and she does not like it that much but she likes the cold water on her. >> i is moved up here from sacramento >> reporter: although the forecast looks pretty much unbearable during daylight hours over the next today's temperatures are expected to cool down at night as a result sentinels to the leaders say they will not initiate we said center sought ever residents are encouraged these parks, library and other public facilities as wasteful of true there hours of operation in san ramon house to continue
6:03 pm
>> reporter: normally drivers can just like a quick right rainier and get off at 101 but caltran has changed at the testiculate and animation so i can show you what i am talking about. >> reporter: right now if you wanted to exit 101 at the toll plaza, you actually have to take this and all four of which is about 1,000 yds before the actual exit. anyone who misses the off ramp will have to cross over the bridge. this change would into effect this morning and there has been a lot of problems, including at least one accident because people do not know the new configuration yet and some drivers are still trying to make that quick to turn right turn off with a
6:04 pm
one the highway patrol has had officers here or they try to keep things moving now the change was necessary as part of the up for work to finish the presidio parkway and the good news is that the light changes are to cover. temporary >> pam: alter the style were the 1,000 lbs. of marijuana on board and of deadbolt want to start their real estate because the 30 ft. vessel to carry more than 3000 bales of pot. and as kron4 rob fladeboe reports that part this is a cse odf
6:05 pm
drug smuggling >> reporter: url d at the load of mexican marijuana and that did not quite make it to the market 42 bales of neatly packaged pot that was bound for american streets after smugglers halted up to the california coast in this boat, out of bed here at the paris the real stake beach prescadero state beach >> reporter: homeless
6:06 pm
saturday to say the shabby serve their suburban with more than 1,000 lbs. of pot and that became stuck in the sand and that the smugglers the up day and the duke and let carol or rent to the agent said this book or traveling father all the time to update the trials of separate california beaches. >> pam: coming up calling for action on alcohol- related deaths the date is trent wrong in america blaise a child's cry for help the mother's fight the eastern borders are brick as school and a heated controversy to fight over hot summers a factory
6:07 pm
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>> pam: the maker of the popular hot sauce should rock just as he does not plan on moving his embattled factory out of the supper california area. however, owner of david tram and two texas lawmakers visiting the factory in arundel might
6:10 pm
consider expanding the hot sauce operation to texas. defector has been fighting the upper window city council the city council tentatively cleared the plant a public knew what the plant the other cities and states are urging the factory to relocate the business and jobs to another location as well. >> catherine: alcohol kills one person every 10 seconds according to a new report. a shocking number but the world health organization says alcohol consumption lead to 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012. and it adds up. >> catherine: the report says although problem tracking by one it is increasing men are still more likely to die from
6:11 pm
complications. of heavy drinking. the reports is worldwide in 2010 people aged 15 and older track more than 6 l of pure alcohol per it and perhaps more dangerous 16% of tractors and gazed in binge drinking the health consequences of alcohol are described as far reaching. alcohol is faster and more than 200 different diseases including cirrhosis of the liver, cancer and alcohol dependence.
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>> pam: in santa rosa police are searching for a missing would 7 year old. and 17 year old war and warned her family reported her missing sunday at the turn cannot find her on saturday. officials say her phone, wallet and other blunt these were left in her house carried him the police say she was testing a friend and
6:16 pm
nine on friday then this is hispanic and just over five and a half feet tall and a student at un valley high school in sebastopol will call wooden wall >> pam: hawthorne 1 and california rights and to san jose tomorrow this is video of second stage of african tour from hall also the third stage of their eighth stage for a run the state will kick off an excellent lake cunningham regional park from their the cyclists will ride through livermore he ditched his danville. and hit dan weville
6:17 pm
>> pam: when some san sextuples the alaska are planning to challenge the state that auntie marriage with a federal lawsuit. five couples are expected to file the lawsuit against the state today the suit will say that in last the day and the price same-sex couples of the process and equal protection under the law. in 1998 state residents voted to defy mayors as being between a man and a woman. but over the past year's federal court had struck down state bans on de marriage. four of the couples are already married to other states. the >> catherine: hommel health officials or from a that a second person in the u.s. is sick with the dangers respiratory virus known as murders mers
6:18 pm
mers >> catherine: the most recent case here will mers stands for middle east respiratory syndrome and it has made hundreds of people sick in the middle east. the most recent case here a man from saudi or radio who was visiting florida he was diagnosed last night and is doing well in the orlando hospital. from earlier this month, a man and indiana was tunnels with a potentially deadly virus and letter release from the hospital. part of why this is writing the cdc scientists as they do not know how exactly how it will spread but they do know when they do not lead murders can spread from casual contact between people will separate
6:19 pm
1 >> jacqueline: and from the palace let eighties and low 90s unwanted it will be 85 in alameda, 86 in oakland and inland valleys also hitting the '90s tomorrow as well with 95 the broward and concord. 96 in livermore will be 96 in morgan hill and 93 in san jose and the 94 in sunnyvale widespread 93 in that but when creek >> jacqueline: died thursday things will cool down into friday significantly cooler the trend will continue into the weekend as the sea >> catherine: and will
6:20 pm
go will >> catherine: a terrorist leader in nigeria says he wants to make a deal. he was not he will swap nearly 300 kidnapped schoolgirl's for members of both: ron who are under our rest of the islamic extremist meet their demands in this new video accurate it shows about 100 of the 300 girls huddled together wearing muslim veils and chanting prayers it is the first video evidence of the girls since the war affected nearly a month ago he derrick and nigerian government officials say they might consider negotiating with the terror group but when you ask congress this as he does not support that option. when one >> catherine: international
6:21 pm
after to rescue the missing girls is gaining traction in addition to u.s., britain, france and china are all involved in the search. wouldn't marathon will >> pam: still to can't believe allegations video goes pyro the clang sparked a debate after to school children make a plea for action and ricky silence. supporters of the historic african american bookstore raise their voice to help keep the store opened in san francisco.
6:22 pm
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and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. >> pam: store closed after the building was sold to another company but the owners will not give up
6:25 pm
their air oakland that they can generate enough support to buy back the hope that the city will step in and help even if that means a loan. >> along would be what we are looking for... we been asking for creek we are not asking for a grant and i say that in all truth we are willing to pay back what ever received in the form of monetary assistance >> pam: new photos of the new bay bridge troll has surfaced accurate the bay bridge spokesperson's this control was bolted down on may 9th on. key to and officials are not expecting to move it at this time. the troll is in 18 in. tall and made out of steel and
6:26 pm
created by our workers. ist the up unofficial mascot of the bay bridge. >> reporter: >> tell us how to make you feel? and they >> to me feel scared and i do not like it. >> reporter: touching the school did not the only one dealing with bullying problems the crow was sent home with scratches and mean kids are on the school grounds or sand that the little girl looked die. would die.
6:27 pm
>> pam: still ahead at 630 the man at the center of the racist lance speaks out. clippers owner donald sterling six further forgiveness while slamming magic johnson. plus a family feud called on-camera of rap star j.c. untacked. plus a bay area officer on duty star j.c. untacked. plus a bay area officer on duty hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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welcoheyback. really? kiss your abs goodbye. cardiologist to check stand 1. crystal geyser alpine spring water? toucé. crystal geyser. always bottled right at the mountain source. >> reporter: it had been around a thirty in the morning he had its lights on and a complete stop at the intersection then he moved across the intersection and a driver of a comptroller did not see the lights and slanted to the police officer and loss control and slammed into a minivan. fortunately no one
6:31 pm
died. >> reporter: long is too long for a dead animal to be on the public sidewalk? said antonio neighborhood tells you what date is to want because the problem this debt pit bull has been here for more than a week. none of the has happened after of many attempts and calls to animal control. here >> reporter: in sampras's coach drivers on 11 headed to the golden gate bridge are adjusting to a new travel configuration. caltran changed lanes to the exit here at the toll plaza at some drivers are trying to make a right-hand turn when they cannot. which is causing major problems. in san francisco charles
6:32 pm
clifford kron 4 news >> reporter: people who live here and in the mission district are concerned because of recent suspicious fires here you see the remains of one of two fires from sunday night. a sidewalk agree partially blackened. then a fire department responded to another buyer a few miles down. so far no evidence to connect the fires >> reporter: san ramon central park in community center some folks say they will be here tried to beat the heat. >> soon as it did warm we changed. tries >> to stay cool. trying to
6:33 pm
stay cool >> reporter: >> pam: >> jacqueline: temperatures will be on the rise up there tomorrow 80s and 90s throughout much of the bay area and this is corn to pretty much of that every location except for the immediate coast to spare their day has been issued. we will possibly see a record breaking temperatures within the next few days. 86 in oakland, at 92 up in castro valley and 91 in fremont also in the '90s are the inland valleys 95 in pleasanton and 96 in
6:34 pm
livermore with the south bay running into the '90s as well with 92 and all peaches and sunnyvale with 96 in morgan hill. warm temperatures tomorrow and wednesday to thursday these two starkly down by then in store for the weekend seabury's when asphalt returns to rid seaabreeze winds as fog returns >> pam: tel 8 clippers owner donald sterling is breaking his silence. he said that anderson cooper antsy and and for his first interview since the racist land scandal broke last month.
6:35 pm
polo said the fall has a look at stalin's apology. >> i have heard so many people. so many innocent people and i have heard myself spirit. hurt >> reporter: is down lusterless side of the story up until now we have heard from the billionaire clippers owner were those faceless recordings. >> you think that i and a racist? you think i have anything in the world below offered anybody. >> reporter: now sisterly is on the record and on camera. he is asking his team and the nba for a second chance.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: >> the people were courts to decide my state, i think are not in the media not the players' union but the nba >> reporter: starling flat out rejected the notion they he is a racist >> i am not a racist i have never been a racist >> reporter: why wait so long to apologize? >> i just i'm just so emotional distraught and the reason it's hard for me very hard for me is that i am wrong i caused the problem i do not know how to correct it. >> reporter: westerly told cnn anderson cooper that he was said of his estranged wife was also speaking out and interview with abc's barbara walters jellies are listed she plans to hold onto her share of the l.a. clippers.
6:37 pm
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>> pam: the follow up film to the man of steel is set to start shooting in detroit soon directors zack snyder has started to tease the right what arrival of the cake consider with his tweet he says could be time to pull the tart tomorrow with a black-and-white picture of what the opium tentatively titled batman vs. to burnett said to open in kidder's may of 2006 tank snyder also directed 300 watch it as the upper punch. watchmen, sucker punch and 300
6:41 pm
>> reporter: j.c. may have a 99 problems and his sister- in-law is a lot of them. checkup this surveillance video released by t dmz appears to show so launched knowles wildly swinging at the nike ad j.c. inside an alligator. clastic a closer look you can see a man tried to hold her back in well beyoncé stands off to decide not getting involved salon's and visibly angry continues to kick j.c. the tries to grab her foot and stopper the argument happened at the standard hotel in new york city last week after a dense mat of dallas-based j.c. and gas leasing your girl here at the vet looked happy as i walked in the red carpet that is still unclear what triggers the altercation on.
6:42 pm
beyonce and jay z
6:43 pm
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6:46 pm
>> gary: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary:g butood one watson and is a good evening everyone >> died just do not think that he is a good example for the children of los angeles he >> gary: 1 on to say that johnson's lead with every one that in the country every city and state of the country he kept iowans >> gary: 1 the starling story broke johnson stated that he would never attend a
6:47 pm
clickers gained last august he was still the owner of the clippers. however he was there sunday with low pay the wife of the owner of abc. >> gary: when will the clippers be sold after it was? >> i have a belief in my personal belief was that the league will prevail which means there'll be an ownership change is a personal belief based on having not only looked at the dot but one day so that it to see the determination >> gary: just the man on the fray and quite frankly stolons wife has no interest on selling the team is that if she gets her way she let her husband portion if she
6:48 pm
divorced by california law she will receive 50% of california at clippers or l.a. clippers. when >> at the end of the day will be launched litigation when it comes to that he will not just give the team up in a day so we understand it but we will also like what is to be right no one in his family should be able to own 18. own a team >> gary: #one they are both say that they do not want to get up the team which says the want to taint it will cost you a lot more than what you thought and they will not just hand it to anyone. but on the flip side he may have something on a couple of the owners if you take this to court you
6:49 pm
do not know how they acquired the wealth. midway you know what i mean? he could hold that over there hits you want to drag me to court i will talk about this owner and what he did and what that one did. >> pam: yes that could happen. he has been there the longest so he may know where skeletons are buried. >> gary: sad to watch and the biggest mistake he may extend for the obvious one you did not take on magic johnson >> pam: that does not make
6:50 pm
any sense i have no idea why he why he would even go there? >> gary: everyone is looking at him as its east peace old man and dementia and 1 but he would not get much support when you talked against magic johnson. >> pam: no support all. 11 >> gary: reigniting was still jackson. when one when one of phil jackson... a terribly he could be the next in line at the white howard ran him out of orlando then he was the coach in miami and i would never forget the story. he
6:51 pm
was yelling to should kill all kneel to say that you have to get over there on the pick and roll you have to jump out and should kill all neal says if pat riley tells me to jump out i will but not this guy. but a few weeks later pat riley was the president a week later and and moved out there. want >> gary: would work so far it does not look so hot again. >> gary: 2 years for nothing with five-year contract with cleveland and a fired after one year and will not affect their for four years so mike brown will make six years for attack for not coaching. 60 million left up on a deal in
6:52 pm
cleveland and another eight in las angeles so pretty good job if you do not mind getting fired a $24 million he will place and the state for not coaching. iowa the place in the bank >> gary: canal, edwin >> gary:g bartood reaction! when was good reaction however, people are having issues with him being openly
6:53 pm
gay. >> gary: as he was fired as suspended by the team for his comments made on twitter. said on national television that it was disgusting and you have little kids looking at the draft and i cannot believe the in at al approves that.
6:54 pm
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: 29 struck around
6:57 pm
and do a lot of interviews. >> pam: we will be back at all what it [doorbell rings]
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>> the insider with perspective and today's top trending story. >> what caused this physical altercation between jay-z and beyonce's sister in an elevator? >> inside sherry shephard's nasty divorce. >> we're hoping to be married for 61 years. >> her husband confronted after demanding full custody of their unborn baby. >> hugh jack man on his second cancer scare. >> j l.a.'s date night with her man. >> howie's mother's day. >> and backlash over michael sam's televised draft kiss, his boyfriend and sponsorship. >> judge me what i did on the field. >> music legend paul anka on the release of his music five years after his death.
7:00 pm
>> what would he think of this recording? >> now the latest news delivered to you 24/7, it's "the insider". >> the victim, allegedly jay-z, it's the knowles versus the carters that took place last week for fashion week. >> this isn't the only celebrity feud but the messy sherry shephard divorce, this feud with jay-z is the most violent. we go behind the red carpet to find jay-z on the ropes and knowles in full attack mode. >> that's jay-z walking into the elevator and beyoncbeyonce's si gets in his face. she attacks him in this video, pufrnling him and kicking him nearly ten seconds. he tries to fight her off.


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