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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 14, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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now thousands of homes threatened. a nucleap power plant and a cal state campus evacuated >> reporter:now at eight. a live update on the wildfires spreading in southern california. >> reporter:the record heat in the bay to stay hydrated, this is my last hope; >> reporter:relief is on the way. we will tell you when it will arrive. >> reporter:whoosh >> reporter:the warriors get a new head coach. >> reporter: the gila and honest as convinced steve kerr to turn an initial down an offer from the but helped knicks and head west this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news.
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>> pam: developing news tonight-- >> pam: people fleeing from their homes in southern california. as more than half- a- dozen wildfires rage out of contol. >> pam: the most intense fire is in carlsbad -- north of san diego. underway right now. destroyed. kron 4's grant lodes is here now with the latest developments. grant? >> reporter:another fast- moving wildfire is prompting evacuations in santa barbara county. more than 700- acres have burned in the city of lompoc. which is about 50 - miles north of santa barbara. >> reporter: evacuations have been lifted. and tonight the fire is 50- percent contained. there were 12-hundred homes and businesses evacuated tuesday. in this hot, dry area. this fire also moved quickly.
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>> reporter: to more than a hundred and 50 a. have burned. this will really hit home to. been through this past near on house. waging war against mother nature. and this a southwest airlines measure filming this. that is scary. it will be going live at a party. pam
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>> pam: right now. temperatures cooling off tonight. after record - breaking heat live look from menlo park. which was just one are with scorching heat. i'm live in the weather center with our chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett. with a look at the records set today. jacqueline how hot did it get? >> jacqueline: a dozen! in
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the '80s,. 93 and richman 93 downtown oakland 94 in san jose right now looking at the current conditions it were the main pretty warm out there. 79 oakland and 84 and livermore. much cooler weather will follow and to the weekend. more details on the pulldown coming up in just a little but
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>> pam: and san francisco temperatures reached nearly 90 degrees very unusual for the city by the bay kron4 justine waldman is like in san francisco's financial district >> reporter: to the dismay of those dressed for the typical chill >> halfcourt and it's pretty hot and i cannot wear a t- shirt and shorts. i have court >> reporter: >> it is fabulous >> reporter: people at the up side and said: people ate
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outside and sit on iced drinks >> today's of the year with this 600 degree oven it is not easy. >> to a hot. too hot! >> reporter: just as is o'clock in we should still be phillip and she all but before you know what will be tried to stay warm weary hours guards and police, jackets. wearing fleece and jackets
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>> reporter: all of that and more here on kron4 stock, pam? >> pam: tonight the warriors had a new head coach. just hours ago reaching a deal in principle with former nba player steve kerr. and if you believe this scuttlebutt he is a mandate for what it all along. our sports director gary radnich here was how the deal went down. >> i offer three he won it five years the knicks went moved up to four and a warrior swap deal with five years and $25 million. no one knows thoroughly take
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popular opinion category this kind will give a jolt like gum and what he wants. joe lacum what he wants. >> $5 million a year where mark jackson made $2 million a year. f five years >> pam: five years is a nice solid job. >> gary: if you look at his staff is the center younger people they want to get someone that was not set in their ways.
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on paper it looks great. >> pam: we will see you later on what sport. with sports! now at 8-- >> pam: a four-year old girl. attacked with a crowbar inside a san jose walmart. police say, a woman walked into the store on story road tuesday. and hit the child on the head. kron 4's jeff bush is live in san jose tonight. jeff - are police talking about a possible motive in this attack?
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>> reporter: police were still trying to figure out what is going on. held in the county jail right now without bail. we are still trying to find out a little bit more about this story. reporting live in san jose kron 4 news >> pam: ahead tonight at 8:30-- pay up or shut down. councilman is telling a south bay casino. accused of hiding big money. and after the break-- >> pam: contacting 9-1-1. by texting. the federal program launches tomorrow. but is the bay area ready? our tech reporter gabe slate investigates.
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>> reporter: keep the her daughter at home and asking the district to remove the boy from the school. however she said nothing had happened. on tuesday the superintendent who reached out to the mother.
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>> i think the boy was taken off the campus and that he could come back. i am petitioning that amtrak occurred in the district but not at that school. i do not believe that they will protect her over the school year. even though they removed him. >> how to change the policy in the school district for all young children with sexual harassment issues. is not clearly enough in the school loss'. >> reporter: they would not say much to me from the school only that that young boy has been removed. i
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could also tell you that the mother says she will seek legal action if it will help predict the rules change reporting from fremont kron 4 news >> reporter:new tonight at 8. gabe slate tech report starting tomorrow the 4 big wireless carriers will let users text 911. this is something the fcc and the carriers have been working on for years unfortuntly the counties in for text 911. >> reporter:here is an example of what a the computer screen of the 911 operator who handles it. >> reporter:after someone texts 911 with their emergency the operator would text them back with instructions or questions
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>> reporter:it's a great idea often we are in areas with spotty cell phone service >> reporter: through when a call will not it requires just a tiny amount of a signal to go although the carriers have pitcher committed to supporting 911 available everywhere. emergency call centers, bodies in charge of in their areas. these psaps are under the jurisdiction counties, not the fcc, which the fcc has listed out the cities and counties that are ready for text 911 and not does have hess smith's >> reporter:but as you can see here there are lots of other up and running.
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you will get a bounce back telling you to call 911. >> reporter: thought hisso spread the word i'm worried that teens will here about this and think they can text 911 here in the bay area. when they can't. gabe slate kron 4 news. a mountain view police officer is behind bars. on suspicion of possession of child pornography. san jose on tuesday. >> pam: detectives say, they found child pornography on his personal computer. nguyen has been a patrol officer for the past seven years. still a student is recovering after being shot in the leg. kennedy high school in >> pam: this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-7. police say, the 14-year-old was shot at south - 41st boulevard. the school was temporarily placed on lockdown. >> pam: police say, the boy ran to the campus to get help. he was then taken to a hospital and is in stable condition.
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>> pam: oakland has a new police chief. sean whent became the permanent police chief today. after serving as interim for almost a year. he was sworn- in by oakland mayor jean quan. whent has been with the police department for 18- years. new tonight at 8 - a just realesed study suggests, the the san joaquin vally in central california. could actually be putting the state at greater risk of an earthquake. >> pam: today, kron 4's charles clifford visited the u-s-g-s in menlo park. to find out how big of a problem this really is. >> pam: in a new study published in the journal nature, researchers from western washington university claim that over the past one hundred and fifty years, humans have sucked the equivalent of lake tahoe from the ground of the san joaquin valley. they say removed, the earth sinks and that in turn causes the surrounding mountains, including the sierra and the coastal range, to actually lift up. not by much, maybe just a few inches, but the that human activities are
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>> reporter:one of the big concerns from the new study is that all this movement could disturb the san andreas fault and trigger an earthquake. >> reporter: term problem. with the usgs in menlo park. he actually published a similar study 30 years ago and he says that the removal of water from the san joaquin valley is causing shifts in the ground but that it only slightly increases the risk of an earthquake. >> reporter:holzer also says that if years to come, possibly because of the ongoing drought, there's little risk of triggering an earthquake. >> reporter:in menlo park, charles clifford kron 4 news. 10 >> >> jacqueline: we still are
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always have some 90 degree temperatures i hear the much cooler than what it was today starting at the coast look to mid-70s with 75 in downtown san francisco, a down the peninsula, it east bayshore light cooler with a degree temperatures and 82 in richmond. 84 in hayward. mainly low 90s for tomorrow. hayward would would 90 a sonoma and 91 and after all.
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91 and napa of >> jacqueline: sea breeze wan's will not be too strong overnight. tomorrow afternoon in search of sea breeze glance. jean >> reporter: several fires are raging there near san diego. how's that is the hon largest hit stay away founder owned for your own safety. >> reporter: >> pam: new information of about the fbi agent that shot and killed a friend and he has tied to the bay area
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>> pam: we now know the identity of the f-b-i agent who shot and killed a friend of one of the boston bombing brother
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s. >> pam: it turns out 41- year-old aaron mcfarlane is a former oakland police officer. mcfarlane killed 27-year- old last may. the feds hoped the russian native would help their >> pam: mcfarlane is known here for o-p-d "riders" criminal trial. one of his former colleagues at o-p-d says mcfarlane was a stand-up guy. initially reported by the boston globe. the florida prosecutor and bois refusing to comment on the case. coming up on kron 4-- >> pam: a cat comes to the rescue. and it's all caught on video. later in this newscast. hear young owner from a dog attack. plus: one south bay casino under fire. what it is accused of hiding.
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>> pam: world health officials issuing an urgent warning about the spread of the mers. >> pam: and we are following developing news in southern california. as more than half-a dozen wildfires has thousands of homes. ♪ ♪
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now at 8:30. >> pam: people fleeing from their homes in southern california. as more than half- a- dozen wildfires rage out of contol. >> pam: the most intense fire is in carlsbad -- north of san diego.
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underway right now. dozens of homes already destroyed. paul vercammen is live at the scene in carlsbad. paul? >> reporter: look over my left shoulder the most active fighter the san marcus buyer. foreseen the evacuation and they postponed the commencement ceremony that would have taken place this weekend. in all eight fires burning 20 buildings officially week destroyed and others partially damaged. not only that university and that neighborhood lego land part of the military base and businesses and some of the homes cost a lot of people finding themselves on pants and needles. keenan in new
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>> pam: how is that affecting all this? >> healed impact and connected to northern california all of californian and clothing nor california. those are the bone dry spots that it really feared could be trouble spot. gniezno what whensan francisco police raided
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: when not in this to the sound of shares that it was as a set before the politics for removal would that is what exactly was calling on here oakland public works and numerous other businesses have come together to take a stand against the blight this is how it used to look with a little graffiti all the ugliness remote. removed.
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public works on what to test to clean up a wall that was a legally attack. tagged. >> reporter: that started to go to work on the pillars >> reporter: >> hopefully it will attract the dewfall pieces of artwork accurate and useful pieces of artwork >> fun think is we are and painting our own buildings and some one called out obscenities to us for
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painting over the legal graffiti on our building said. now that is people behaving badly. >> pam: san francisco police raided the hell's angels motorcycle club early this morning and arrested on% this is the video of police of the hell's angels clubhouse as early as today from our helicoptered partnership with abc set a new spirit police arrested 32 year old charles nagy for aggravated assault as a " pause in the bulk package neighborhood but the 32 year old was released this afternoon on $175,000 bill. we >> reporter: would do city
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and state taxes for avoid possibly as wall and 1 and using organizations as a front at the meantime to comply >> no the tens of millions of dollars and organizations limit the liability corporations receive $14 million in royalties and repayment and one day and a surge they stop there was no service being provided. or to a shutdown at >> reporter: casino license could be revoked, but it's a game in control that determined if these if these are tran will occur at
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if these reports are true win-win >> reporter: the city will decide if the matrix are tainted by the amount of money in a texas thrift san jose of this year reached crawford list >> pam: man and still to come what could become a pandemic and what would health officials have to say about it. and when >> reporter: >> jacqueline: we will talk more about those in cooler weather when we return coming up.
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>> jacqueline: record- breaking heat out there today in 12 locations. 88 in downtown san francisco with a new record and 93 in downtown oakland and mountain dew a lot of nineties out there today with '80s at the coast line.
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we're not seeing low clouds just yet but sea breeze winds are picking back up and temperatures will be cooling off pretty dumb dramatically. >> jacqueline: debt into the 80s as well as with 84 in hayward and 83 in oakland for the inland valleys or triple digits but may lead low 90s 94 and antioch and pleasanton. will be in the south bay. in sunnyvale 89 and mountain dew. 90 and
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sonoma and 91 in napa as we head into friday thinks will call off the additional of 10 degrees >> jacqueline: here is a look with temperatures back in the '60s and '70s for this weekend with more clout coverage. >> pam: is still ahead on kron4 an amazing video you have to see. hear from the young boy whose cat jumped in to save him from a dog attack. the big news the warrior god out and hired their man!
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dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon. >> reporter:some encouraging news on the deadly mers or "middle east respiratory syndrome." a man from saudi arabia being treated at an orlando hospital - has been has been fever free for 24 hours. >> reporter:also - two
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hospital workers being monitored for symptoms have been declared clear of the virus. >> reporter:but two cases of mers 'have' been confirmed in the u--s -- both patients are health care workers who have been in saudi arabia. florida officials are stressing that there is not a high risk to the general public. >> reporter:global health officials are issuing more urgent sounding warnings. they say mers has been confirmed in 18 different countries now. there have been 571 cases worldwide -- with about a third of those patients dying. >> reporter:how many glasses of wine does it take to see any health benefits? try hundreds. >> reporter:a new study published in the journal jama internal medicine found that the antioxidant resveratrol doesn't really make you live longer when consumed at levels naturally occurring in foods like grapes, red wine and dark chocolate. >> reporter:researchers tracked hundreds of people who survived and who died over a nine-year period. the results? no real benefits in terms of longevity, heart disease or cancer to having higher levels of resveratrol versus lower or moderate levels. >> reporter:again, in the
8:46 pm
study.the resveratrol came only from chocolate, and berries. which provide almost negligible amounts compared to the levels found in supplements. >> reporter:bottom line - a person would have to drink hundreds of see any health benefits. >> reporter:just maybe a healthy - vicki liviakis kron 4 news. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:goodevening! >> reporter: >> gary:he is the most
8:47 pm
accurate 3-point shooter in the nba >> garythe noffering these thoughts ... twitter >> i could tell us something interesting was going on. >> the next one to four years and steve kerr won it five years the same amount that phil jackson received had tennessean lucky had to fight to get before. to get to 4years. >> gary: will staff curry
8:48 pm
feel about this? >> i'm sure he's disappointed that his good friend and confidant mark jackson is gone but i think that he will at least give him a chance >> gary: kerr was the freshest face out there. he never coach but the lakers were interested in the next had an offer on the table yet the golden state warriors won the bidding war for steve kerr. >> gary: and the fifth game was all lebraun 29 points and nine rebounds and five assists it took a reporter by rate alan, he made the one that counted and there it is heat 10th straight
8:49 pm
play with men on the eastern conference final >> gary: starting with four hits three rbis by and is home run tied the atlanta braves. to hits today and two low three giants had to lot of three from atlanta to >> gary: as come up a little short. >> 9 jose everyone will soon find out how good this guy is. three jobs 49ers given a couple of
8:50 pm
bay area players shot to make their tune. every team and have nfl body was still undecided. all over the leak to quarterback from oakland tech slate for harbaugh and san diego will get a shot is one more time at the very least a brand-new stadium 49ers making a mold on every major event. mcclellan will be safe back as the team's head coach releasing a statement
8:51 pm
today gm wilson m mclaughlin are safe. >> pam: coming up we will follow developing those on the wildfires forcing people from their home areas plus to save those little boy from a dog attacking his own driveway? female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm?
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don't let that be you. you know your teeth are important. so don't put it off any longer. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ >> reporter: grant has been following this all day to day what is the update? >> reporter: well fires and the san diego area. that wall of black smoke from the freeway am... 22,000 peopel
8:55 pm
received evacuation papers. >> pam: now we want to lighten things up a bit >> reporter: this is insane. >> pam: it is. >> reporter: is the video with the little boy on his bike >> reporter: the adult no one knows what is wrong with the doll he disclosed after this little boy in drag some of drexel's lake with a that that is the cat >> reporter: the family cat >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: >> reporter: the mommas of
8:56 pm
other quickly helping the boy he will receive 10 stitches in his lake in his leg >> reporter: but look at the cat! runs after him to make sure he's gone! >> i did not know what happened and told after my husband showed me this surveillance video our cat saved our son, you know? >> she is truly our hero >> reporter: neighbor dog has been quarantined.
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>> pam: story of day (laughter) good night everyone!
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