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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 16, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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. homes are being robbed in the east pay and police say the rising heat is to blame. we'll tell you why temperatures are said to be bringing out fees this week and a near disaster in midair. we're going to hear from a the terrified passengers who thought they were about to lose their lives. and donald sterling says he will not pay the fine the nba
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is demanding for making racest comments. and something else he won't accept.
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. 4:08 is the tile. a woman was stabbed to death in the neighborhood on the hills just on the edge of san jose. the accident happened on canyon ridge last night. there was a woman found with one stab wound. she was pronounced dead at the hospital. they've taken one suspect in custody. that suspect made the original 911 call. that suspect remained on the scene after the incident waiting for police. police at one point says the suspect may have lived there, but isn't considered a resident. what led up to that stabbing is still under investigation. >> any time you have a situation like this where you have a male and a female
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whether they're known to each other we're going to entertain the possibility that domestic violence was the motive. there's connection between the hot weather and home invasion in north and east oakland, they invade saided three homes while doors were left inside trying to beat the heat. >> the last several cases reported is that the home was unlocked. >> we're in warm weather right now. we're asking and reminding our community that during warm weather times, you can still have that window open, but you may want to secure it, that would deter an intruder from gaining entry. >> investigators says no one has been hurt during these home invasions, they're taking electronics cash and jewelry, police patrols have been stepped up in those areas where
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the crimes have occurred. the state senate president is calling on california officials to spend more on transit and housing. gerald steinburg wants a strategy to be improved. they want permits to buy discharging emissions. it will include fuel suppliers. it's estimated that 3 to $5 billion will be generated annually by 2020. the heat waive behind us, we're looking for cooler temperatures and even some fog. you can see cloud cover as we take a look from mt. tamalpais. all of it is coming up in just a few minutes. >> did you know that thyroid disease affects 40% of the
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people in the us and 80% of them are women. thank you for joining me. tell our viewers, what are some of the symptoms of thyroid disorders. >> some of the symptoms are fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, depression, loss of hair, inability to lose weight, that's a big thing. >> that's a big thing. why do people feel these symptoms when their blood tests say hey, you're normal. >> because they're not identifying the underlying causes of the problem because there's more tests that are needed to be done. >> what is your approach. >> we have to analyze what's wrong with the thyroid. we have to find the underlying cause of the problem. there's more tests that have to be done. the stool test, the adrenals, you have to find the cause of
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the problem. >> they need to get deeper, you need to find the real problem? >> yes. >> what do you sees a typical results when you do these extra tests. >> we'll be able to lose weight naturally, they have more energy and they're enjoying life, and they have the life back. >> you can see them come in with the symptoms and you love it when they leave and they're happy. >> yes, of course. >> you have to enjoy life. >> you have to help those people. >> that is excellent information, now, if you want your free copy of his thyroid report and also a video, all you have to do is call dr. dewong, that number is on your screen. great information. >> thank you. >> >> thank you. 4:12 is the time. we want to get to the weather center. it's been awfully hot. >> we've seen temperatures in
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the 90s. that's not the story any more. temperatures are backing off. we'll see upper 80s inland. the sea breeze made its return. we saw cloud cover and fog along the beaches right now. cool conditions, right santa rosa dropped down to 49 degrees, 57 out the door in concord so better sleeping weather around the bay area. take a look, mostly 60s dominate the board here. as we push into lunchtime, it's slow warming. we'll see 70s for places like oakland and livermore. that includes napa and those of you in fairfield. putting the clock into motion you'll see not much change into the 3:00 hour. we're not looking at record breaking, temperatures will be closer to where they should be this time of the year. right now, we're seeing 40s and 50s, 58 in fairfield, 57 out the door in livermore.
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now, in terms of your extended forecast we'll drop perhaps another 10 degrees as we head into tomorrow. it looks like we'll continue with this cool down even as we head back to work on monday. monday is shaping up to be the coolest day of the week, we wouldn't be surprised if the highs wouldn't make their way to the upper 60s, numbers rebound as we need the middle of next week, police department of sunshine and by thursday -- pleasant plenty of sunshine and by thursday, it will roll over. we're not monitoring anything that will slow you down whatsoever. it's great time to leave your house. we're crossing our fingers for a lighter commute. if you're heading to the san mateo bridge expect cloud cover even low lying fog at foster city at the 192 interchange. if you're headed to the golden gate bridge we're seeing lots of space between cars and over
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at our traffic maps look at the south bay, the top speed is 50 miles per hour, that's from the 101 up to san jose. interstate 80 and i85. people are dancing in the streets in india. there he is a major change for the government. they've kicked out india's congress party. this means india needs a new prime minister. it's the first time in 30 years that a single party has won an by an outright majority. in some places the water is so high and they're seeking the second floor for refuge on the roofs of their homes. it's the worst in history.
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200 land slides have buried houses and it's accessible by helicopter. this happened 100 miles up in the air. it was carrying equipment up and the engines were cut off and because it was so far out into space all the pieces falling back to be earth including that satellite burned up in the atmosphere. while this was not the same kind of rockets that carry astronauts to the spacetation, it's raising questions about the technology. they are working on a replacement to the space shuttle program. more on that to come. 282 people are dead in the turkey mining disaster. he hopes that the drop in the
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level of noxious fumes will allow them to get in there. this is the worst mining disaster for turkey in history. an indianapolis apartment injured six people. a building roof was blown off because of that explosion last night. two of the injured suffered serious injuries while the rest are in fair condition, about 2 dozen people have been displaced as a result of that explosion. a steel mill explosion in tennessee has injured six people. the blast happened while scrap metal was turned into rebarb, one of the injured has burns to 80% of his body while the others were considered nonlife- threatening. the explosion could be heard from several blocks away. well, 4:17, we're learning
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about a scary close call in midair. two jets came dangerously close to one another. terrifying moults, moments, thousands of feet above the pacific. they were cruising at 33,000 feet april 25th. the collision alert system goes off. flight 1205 in danger of colliding with an u.s. airways jet. the plane plunged 300 feet in 60 seconds without warning for passengers like kevin townsend. people are screaming and there are noises of things unsecured falling around. >> it comes down to pilot or controller error, but disaster is almost always avoided thanks
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to collision avoidance technology and controllers. >> unfortunately nothing is perfect, that's not a comforting answer but the system worked. >> last year three planes were on a collision course at reagan international in washington, d.c. and in 2012 a radar tape shows that a japan plane almost slammed into a cargo jet. a new controller blamed for the mistake was sent for retraining. they want to make sure near collisions are thoroughly investigated. >> i don't think there is an epidemic of near accidents occurring, but it was an experience dodging another plane. >> they're reviewing this most recent incident. at had:19 we're one step closer to fast lanes on the
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internet. they voted thursday, the federal communications commission, to charge companies like amazon and netflix for prioritized access to consumers. the proposal could be up for a vote, it could be changed before it's up for a final vote. a lot of companies are bit early opposing it. internet traffic speed should be equal across the board no matter the size of the company. >> you'll see protestors picketing, they say the vote favors the wealthy and putting those types of limits on the internet ruins its purpose. it's stirring up a lot of debate. the latest in the sterling controversy, plus your sports highlights, all of that will straight ahead. >> our toll camera shows an easy ride here. it's westbound 80, it's making its way through the toll gates,
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so far so good. we'll be right back.
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. look at that. matt cain's win less drought is over. he's still struggling with some of his mechanics. he got a double part of a 3-run fifth inning and san francisco beat miami 6 had 4 last night. there was a shaky play out there. he gave up two home runs and allowed the marlins to score before settling down to pitch in the eighth. postseason of turmoil has come to an end for the clippers on the court anyway. they advance to the western conference finals. russell westbrook overcame and the thunder reached the conference finals closing out
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los angeles with two straight wins. chris paul had 11 assists and the clippers postseason ended in disappointment. speaking of the clippers a new twist in the donald sterling controversy. sterling has sent a letter to the basketball association saying he will not pay that 2.5 million fine and he rejects the lifetime ban imposed on him. in a recent interview he denies that he is not a racist despite those comments that were recorded and made public. the sports team will have the latest on this controversy and the warriors and their new head coach and the rest of the bay area teams right after the kron news 4 news at 8.
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the senior photo is unacceptable and her classmates are standing up in protest. we'll tell you what she was wearing. we'll tell you what changes at sfo might affect your travel plans. here's a look at the roof camera this morning as we take a look at san francisco, your weekend weather forecast coming up in a minute.
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. here's some of the stories we're following this morning. they're working on the south california wildfires found a burned body. it seems to be the first fatality in the fires. the fire has destroyed 8 homes and a 18-unit apartment complex along with two businesses. arsons will be among the possibilities that investigators will be looking into as they try to determine these nine fires that have
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broken out during a two-day heat wave. these fires have caused $22 million in damage so far. they are still growing. walnut creek police and contra costa may have an arsonist on their hands. five small vegetation fires have broken out. the police who made the last report says he saw two teenagers in the area where that fire broke out. so, they're looking into that. concord police officer shot and killed a woman armed with a handgun last night. 57-year-old reported that valleyery hawkins said she was suicidal and she raised her weapon and that's when they shot and killed her. relief finally today way out in the east bay. >> you probably slept better.
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it wasn't as hot inside. you have ac and i don't. it was worse off in the last couple of days. cloud cover, we have patchy dense fog along the coastline. we have cooler conditions for the rest of the day. inlands highs will be approaching the 70s, so definitely a much different picture compared to what we've been experiencing for the past couple of days. the numbers will rebound as we head into next week. plenty of sunshine and temperatures are back in the 80s, more on that when i show you around the bay forecast. let's take it over to your satellite picture. take a look at the clouds not only around the bay area, but really the entire northern part of the state. the sea breeze returns that onshore push not only bringing the cloud cover back to us, but ushering cooler marine air and regulate our numbers. napa 85, 77 degrees expected in
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oakland, 87 out in livermore, still warm especially along the dealt at that. freemont today a high of 79 and will be upper 60s along the coast. today a warm day for spots, temperatures could drop another 10 degrees as we head into tomorrow. expect morning fog, sunshine into the afternoon as we head into saturday and sunday. monday is shaping up to be the coolest day of the week. temperatures start to rebound. in fact, by next week wednesday and thursday, will be back in the 80s for the warmest inland spots. right now quickly taking a look at some of your bridges. although we're seeing a few cards out there compared to a few minutes ago we're not seeing any wait at the pay gates. nothing to show you down at the san ma at that toy owe bring --
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san mateo bridge. lots of space between cars and a drive time, 24 minutes into the city. parks and public spaces may be a little cleaner. a $7.3 million budget proposal to clean up those areas. they're going to double the size of the park patrol restoring clean and landscaping staff. right now there are 16 park patrols for san francisco's 200 park properties. he's trying to level the playing field a little bit. a berkeley student accused of filming students in their showers with his cellphone. he was arrested in connection with these two incidents. this is back in march when this
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happened. someone held a cellphone above her stall. she screamed and there are multiple victims, now, involved in this case. the classmates of a san francisco teenager is coming to her defense. she's being discriminated against for what she wanted to wear for her senior photograph. she decided to wear a tuxedo in her portrait at sacred heart prep. it's being pulled from the yearbook and graduation. her friends are planning to wear ties to school as a sign of support for her and act of protest for the school. a man accused of attacking a 4-year-old girl made her way into court, she could face a life sentence if convicted on
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these charges which include attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. they're calling the attack a hate crime. >> she came into wal-mart, she targeted the family because they were asian, she attacked them this is a premeditated and willful act on her part. >> that little girl and her father are recovering at home. the court records show when the suspect was 18 she was arrested for hitting her mother over the head with a hammer at her home in san jose. crews removed a big rig yesterday after it crashed into a san francisco funeral home, we brought you this story live during our broadcast yesterday morning. the big rig lost control of the truck and crashed it into a funeral home. that went into fire and it caused damage to the building. both the driver and passenger of the cab of the big rig escaped that crash and were
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taken to the hospital. >> i was very concerned, i didn't know if there was anybody in the cab. i didn't know if the whole thing was going to blow or what was going to happen. >> officials say both the driver and the passengers were able to walk away from that. they were taken to the hospital. the truck driver later released after being treated for his injuries. at 4:34, an update on the bay bridge, another span of the bay bridge, that stems from a part that's critical to the bring's stability. the anchor rods are apparently off center. to fix the problem, those rods will have to be pushed into place, or the holes they go into will have to be enlarged. work to fix the issue is started and could last into the fall. the cost to fix it may be added to the bill for other fixes, it's unknown how much it will
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cost, but it's another thing they have to deal with it. sfo plans to close two runways to work on improvements. they've finished work on two runways. the other two runways are in the final phase of the construction project. the project is set to start the 17th of this month and it will last until september. a newly police commissioner won't take back the racial slur he used against obama. is it beneficial to bully people, that's what one study claims. >> i have one of the world's largest online retailers is opening up a distribution center here and that means a lot of jobs. i'll tell you what lucky city is getting that company and how
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to apply for a job. >> and here's an easy ride on 101. we'll be right back.
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s. good morning, i got big news, amazon is opening a distribution center in the bay area. that means a ton of jobs. the lucky city who is getting the distribution is newark. i spoke with the mayor and he's thrilled. >> this is an exciting time for newark. we've, all of our communities have been in the doldrums in the recession for so long, we're all starting to climb out of that. it's a positive thing for our community. >> this is the warehouse they built for the distribution center, it is massive. it's 575,000 square feet. it's bigger than 10 football fields. it's expected to create 500 new jobs when it opens in august. don't wait to apply.
4:39 am
amazon is hiring now. this job posting is now, they're seeking fulfillment associates and it comes at $15 an hour and it comes with benefits. one guy told me he's going to apply for a job. >> i reached out to amazon to confirm this and they've not returned my e-mails or calls but the mayor says they told me it's official. >> they've recognized the central occasion of newark and california. we're on the east side of the bay. we have 880 freeway, and highway 84, it goes across the bell martin bridge. this is an ideal location to do that to get information to their customers faster. >> when you have the mobile app
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on your smartphone or tablet it's like having all the resources and we designed this to be supereasy to use. if you select the news, you can get a glance of today's headlines. if you want to learn more of a story, touch it and a full page article appears. you can watch all the stories we produce from the hard news to the fun stuff. we know you're not home during our newscasts, we're streaming them live in our mobile app. you can watch them wherever you are. you can select the live newscast tile. >> traffic has been a nightmare in the bay area lately. >> it let's you view up to the minute traffic conditions in the bay area. >> should you pack this or this. >> we've got weather covered, you can view the five-day forecast. if there's something in the bay
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area we'll let you know. we send out breaking news alerts through our mobile app. you will find the three crown 4 mobile app in all the major app stores. we'll take a break here at 4:41, still ahead on the morning news, a police commissioner sayses he has no regrets about calling the president a racial slur. we'll have that coming up. the commute is so fine so far. we're off to a nice cool start. today we get some relief for our inland valleys. more on that to come.
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. we're at 4:43, happening today driers who need to use the 880 at davis street in san leandro need to find another exit. they're putting in a new bridge bring. that ramp is. also happening,
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they're throwing another pitch, cane will be tossing out the first paint brush at 12:30 to celebrate the infusion center. that room was to help those dealing with chemotherapy. an emotional dedication ceremony at the university of san francisco yesterday. a 2010 graduate of the school of nursing at usf, captain jennifer marine owe was killed in afghanistan. she was honored with a plaque at the university. >> we think about what she did that day, a lot of us would not make that same decision, we would not have the courage or the selflessness to do that. and that's what is great about the memory of captain jennifer
4:45 am
marino. >> her plaque hangs on the cal hall school of nursing. time for weather, time now 4:45. cooler temperatures bay areawide. everyone needed relief. it was easier to sleep overnight. we didn't have stuffy houses to deal with. right now, it's mild, we're heading out to 40s and 50s around the bay area. we have patchy fog, you may encounter that north bay as well. it's going to be slower to warm. temperatures are reaching the low 50s along the coast. we could see it by three this afternoon. you'll notice we'll stay clear of the 90s today. it will be a cooler afternoon, that onshore push returning to the bay area. santa rosa 49 degrees. it's 66 in pleasanton, and 56
4:46 am
at san jose. futurecast predicts by 9:00 temperatures by the 60s, lunchtime we'll see 07 for places like vallejo and liver poor. we'll pick up the 80s by lunch time. we'll see more 80s trickle in. we're talking about cooler conditions today. 85 degrees in pleasanton, 86 degrees in fairfield. 69 in daily city. in terms of the extended forecast, temperatures will drop another 10 degrees, expect morning fog, sunshine and monday to be the coolest day of the week. right now, talking traffic, not monitoring any hot spots, but we're starting to see a lot of the cars slow down at the pay gates. other than that your drive time holding study at 11 minutes. over at the san mateo bridge, no problems going to the
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bridge, but you're going to encounter it at the certain end. the drive time will take you 23 minutes out of nevajado over to the city. a smooth ride over to coyote valley. the chp is not attending to any accidents. thank you. it's 4:47, a police commissioner in a predominantly white town will not apologize for using a racial slur for president obama. >> this is a public office, there's absolutely no room for this anywhere in a public office. >> i think his statements are reprehensible. >> one after the other, wolfeboro residents voiced their anger that he made about
4:48 am
president obama, robert copeland made about president obama, janet heard it and she was outraged. >> it was not like i was eavesdropping, he was very loud. >> he was silent during thursday night's meeting, when asked to resign, he said nothing. he said plenty in a letter to jane when she wrote to her bosses about that racial slur towards president obama. >> the letter took the wind out of my sales actually. >> in that letter he used the n word, he meets and exceeds my criteria for such. >> it was an open omission of being racial. >> because they didn't get an answer inside, they demanded answers after the meeting is over. >> it's hurtful. >> they confronted copeland as he went to his car where he made no apologies about what he
4:49 am
said. >> i admitted what i did. i made no bones about it. >> but he was very clear he did not want us to record this conversation in the parking lot. >> if you want to talk further when this knowsy individual is not. >> i'm a reporter doing my job. >> i know what you are. you're a skunk. >> okay. and why is that? >> well, more on that story to come, i'm sure. here's some interesting information about bullying as we switch gears here. a new study finds that bullying may make the bully healthier. those who bully saw a health boost that lasted long into adulthood while people who were bullied show lower levels of c reactive protein which is inflammation, and it shows the
4:50 am
powerful status the bullying can have on a child. a new survey by urban shows that the price depends on where you see. the national hourly rate of 1 hour of baby-sitting is $14.59 and the most expensive city is new york city, the least expensive for parents denver, colorado. sitters there earn $10.47. wow, the price has gone up. 4:50 is the time. coming up, the controversial elevator fight between jay z and solange. she's being addressed by beyonce. we'll tell you what they have to say coming up. our camera is showing us a little cloud cover, and fog over san francisco and the bay bridge. we'll be right back.
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. well, 4:53, the central figures in that elevator fight has addressed the incident everyone is talking about, one key question is unanswered how i met your mother has come at an end. there's another high profile road. that and more in today's hollywood minute. a statement has been
4:54 am
released on behalf of wife beyonce moles and solange that was caught on video. >> apologies have been made for the quote for an unfortunate incident. everyone has moved on after stepping out earlier this morning. what they didn't know, is justin beiber, and the sinner said the truth will set you free. he included a tmz report where an eyewitness indicated he was incident. he'll end the show and take over the late show when david letterman retires this year. the actor told howard stern he had a sit down with cbs executives, but decided he wasn't the right guy for the job. however, harris did say he
4:55 am
would enjoy doing a weekly variety type program, maybe it would be legend, wait for it derry. >> he found some people behaving badly. >> when you think of national parks, trash isn't the first thing that comes to mind, however on certain days, that's exactly what he finds if you visit ocean beach. i once spoke to a beach goer and told him about finding broken glass on the beach. he said he's never had that experience. here i am again standing next to broken glass where walking barefoot is the norm. it shouldn't be part of the occasion. . this is the instructions on how to did to the plastic jews
4:56 am
bottles, it's to. every time they experience warm weather, they flock to the beach and they bring food, drinks, and all in an attempt to beat the heat, when they leave it's someone else's job to clean up the trash. the sad part some of the trash makes it to the ocean and sea life mistakes it for food. this plastic bag may look like jelly fish or squid to some sea life. and these plastic cups, it's painfully obvious that many people don't care. this is an used diaper. make two dirty diapers. are you angry yet? the national park service also asks visitors to use fire rigs, another request that is being ignored as you can tell from this area from burnt wood and
4:57 am
ashes, the beach has trash cans and it becomes a dump site. this is the use of fireworks, i don't think they've been legal on the beach. tossed and vandalized signs, and you have one of the most disrespected parks, i'm sorry beaches in the national park system. and we tell tourists to head to this destination. . >> it's 4:57, coming up at 5:00, the latest on the deadly wildfires and we'll update you on fire fighting efforts there, take lunesta might put you to sleep. what happens the morning after. we'll have the health effects we'll know about. will it stay warm into your weekend, full forecast coming up. [bl ris]
4:58 am
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. thanks for joining us on this friday may 16th. >> the fires burning in san diego county are our top story. the police arrested two people for setting the fires. they say that may be the work of the arsonist. they found it not on the homeless cap camp. >> it burned 8 homes and 18 apartments in an apartment complex and two businesses. let's go to carlsbad, and go for the latest on the raging wildfires. >> reporter: this fire has burned 10,000 acres so far. you can see the flames kicking up behind me. those holt spots are the big concern for firefighters going into today. there are some relief today, the temperatures are expected to go a lot cooler.
5:01 am
>> it may be a long wildfire season fueled by conditions and strong gusts. it's scorching more than 10,000 acres. at least one person has been killed. 20 homes destroyed, more than 15,000 residents evacuated. the fire chief calls it a moving target. >> they started going yesterday, there's an east, and west wind on it and it's blowing east. >> neighbors say these conditions are the worst they've seen. >> it was terrifying, i was thinking about my dogs at home, i was worried about my neighbors, how to get home and all the families down here. it was really bad. >> bob pain was 40 minutes away from his home when a fire swept down the hillside and engulfed it in flames. >> the house was being burned and friends saw it on tv.
5:02 am
>> we came here as soon as we can and it was gone, it was too late by then. >> there's good news for firefighters. it calls for cooler temperatures and light winds. >> two teens were arrested overnight. we're starting to see a small brushfire, they're connected to the larger wildfires in any way. reporting live. we'll have there are crews from san mateo fire annal made county fire and crews from the north bay. stay with cron all morning long. we'll have the latest details as they come in. we'll check back with the reporter live with a question and answer session coming up in
5:03 am
15 minutes. we'll get more information from san diego county. >> let's do team coverage and talk about the weather in the southland this morning. we've been talking about the high winds, how about today? >> the winds will be a factor. the temperatures are going to come down. they had been into the mid- to upper 90s for a good portion of the day. today it's in the 80s. you see the cloud cover approaching the top half of northern california. we've got from monterrey up enjoying that cooler weather. it will take another day for this to finally reach down to the area around san diego and santa barbra and the like. they'll return tomorrow and getting drizzle monday or tuesday. we'll get more moisture in the air. that may help them out slightly. they'll get temperatures down today. that's something as they try to battle that fire as they continue to rage out of control. we're looking at clear
5:04 am
conditions this morning. it's nice and cool as we head out the door. it will be cool this afternoon too in comparison to what we saw this week. some fog, we're seeing that already in the cameras around san francisco. by noontime, we'll get temperatures to 72 by the bay, 80 inland, and 87 degrees, it may look warm to folks outside of the bay area, but for folks, that is a nice cool down. temperatures will continue to cool as we head into the weekend. more on that with your full look at the local forecast in a moment. let's head over to the traffic. james, a quiet start over here for this friday morning, we're not tracking any hot spots, not seeing any delays and the chp is not without major incidents that will slow your ride. here's a check with the bay bridge toll plaza. a little slowing for interstate
5:05 am
5:80, but lighter than usual through the altamont pass and no slowing for antioch highway 4. the freeways all look great. 5:04 right now, a san francisco teenager is saying they're discriminated because of what she decided to wear for a senior photo. her classmates are coming to her defense. where is this teenager from. >> reporter: she's from san francisco, she decided to take her senior portrait wearing a tuxedo. she thought everything was okay. this jessica, it blew up on facebook and twitter. the students are coming to her support and the reason why is because the school decided guess what jessica, that's a nice tuxedo, but it won't be shown in the yearbook, it goes
5:06 am
against the dress code. the students are upset about this, this is a little later, they plan to show their support for jessica by wearing ties. that forced the school to issue a statement late last night. it's vague, let me read it to you. let me draw your attention to the screen. we're deeply proud of our students, it's a special time of year as we honor our students for their accomplishments. it's always regretful when a student portrait is omitted. as and community we try to include all the students. we want to insure the community that all graduating students are represented in the commencement program. so, it sounds like they're backtracking just a bit but you don't hear the word regret or some of the other things that jessica or the family would like to hear. they backtrack we'll include the picture in the yearbook as well as the graduating ceremony. we'll try to clarify that as the morning progresses, they'll
5:07 am
get ahold of administrators, it sounds look from what they read, it looks like they're stepping back a little bit and re-evaluating the situation, nonetheless the wheels are rolling and we expect many students to show up this morning, female students wearing ties. >> thanks a lot. breaking news we brought you last night at 11. police officers shot and killed a woman armed in concord. this was shortly after 5:30 last night. valerie hawkins called 911. she said someone was trying to kill her. she said she was suicidal. she raised a gun towards them and so they shot and killed her. no one was injured. a new loophole may make it legal for people under age to taste alcohol. we'll explain coming up. a look out now, we're watching conditions around the
5:08 am
bay and a little fog trying to watching conditions around the bay and a little fog trying to return asth's aanldown is tervwingor.aob. e onwho ems ke hs alrey gothe job 'cau he udieall e rit ursefromhe g-go. d th's aaccotant a mo a unersi of oeni sclarsp repient, who ed o unie --ratcthat awese caer-pnnintool and at's stunt, rkinlate th aay j, tang crseslign th t industry 's aing be . rey touildn edatio arnd t carr at y wan les geto wk. ♪ let'try a n coat. e th covs beer, las loer and prectss fr theelents sidend o. t's to e ple wi the be pai. ta it me f les th, ro andoll. les dohe o thi at cnges everhing les dohis. more sing.ore ing. that theowerf e ho dep. hr pmiumlus tra teri
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we know what it means to serv . welcome back to kron 4 news. we're not tracking any delays or problems, each train out of the central valley caltrain and all of them are rolling on time. traveling is a little more hectic flying out of sfo as they close two runways to make an improvement. they've finished the work on the two major runways. the other two runways are in the final phase of the construction project. this final phase it plans to start on the 17th tomorrow and last it is until september. state senator smallwell is discussing surveillance and a lack of security today. it's because of the teenager
5:12 am
that stowed away in a wheel well. they'll present and give demos of their products so they can secure better. the fog is back at the coast this morning and cooler temperatures are expected to finally filter all the way in into the interior valleys. we'll have more on your forecast in just a minute. the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard from the makers of frontline® plus it's the only chew that kills both fleas and american dog ticks. vets recommend it, and dogs, well they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin,
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abouyournsurce,bauseatwh youon' you arte n hu you and at pkingear streatwh youon' e fit mp ders ieveith [annncercall-800arme,u ansee w mu yououldave.
5:15 am
. welcome back to the cron 4 4 news. >> this does a good job of showing us this fog. it's hard to make out. this is a bay bridge leading off to san francisco, alcatraz barely there. you can see the marine layer there, it's covering up the shot for us. it's back, it's making its way to the inland valleys.
5:16 am
we'll experience the benefits of that later on this afternoon. temperatures are on the cool side. 54 in san francisco, a couple of degrees warmer in oakland. we're seeing mid-50s out in the east bay with san jose coming in at 57 degrees. we'll expect widespread 60s, you'll see it on the map, a nice pleasant 60, 70-degree mix. there are cooler conditions on the coast, widespread 70s everywhere else. 3 this afternoon 80s will fill in. let's look at the numbers specifically. 86 to 88 degrees potentially. it's on out into the delta, we'll look for 84 degrees in san jose. cooler today, low 70s expected in downtown san francisco, and in the north bay look for a low, and it's really medical owing out. bay areawide, it's because of the high pressure we've been enjoying for the last 3 or 4
5:17 am
days breaking down and as a result we've got more cloud cover coming in and we've got the ocean breeze returning and we'll feel the valley benefits as well. i'll have the extended forecast coming up at 5:45. we'll head over to the traffic center, georgia? >> there's not much to keep track of. we're not looking at hot spots or major incidents. light traffic around the bay area, perhaps with cooler temperatures we'll catch a break-in the traffic department as well. no delays through the maze getting through the bay bridge, a 11 minute drive time. we're problem homicide free across the upper deck. looking at your ride to the san mate toe owe bring, an easiest -- san mateo bridge, it's easy there. by way of the golden gate bridge no problems there.
5:18 am
you can see the headlights coming towards us are pretty light and no problems on the northbound side either. let's head over to the east bay and update drive timings for you. with the east shore freeway, 12 minutes from hercules to berkeley, and so is the ride to san ramon valley. northbound 101 a 12-minute drive time from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway and it looks good in march republican county 1011 and it's -- marin county 101. they're looking for a man who shot, the victim is in critical condition. the palms was locked down for a time but it has since reopened. now, a new twist in the donald sterling controversy, sources say that sterling has sent a letter to the nba telling the league he's not going to pay his $2.5 million
5:19 am
fine and he rejects his lifetime ban. he threatens the nba lawsuit for his punishment for those racist remarks is not rescinded. in an recent interview he denies that he is a racist. >> and the the president has cancelled a trip. a visit, it's better late than never, people are outraged at the failure to rescue these girls. jonathan has told them he will not consider any exchange of prisoners. he's traveling to paris this summer to discuss at a summit
5:20 am
the boko haram terrorist group. 284 people are dead in a turkey mining disaster. the country's energy minister is hoping that a drop of the level of dangerous fumes inside that coal mine will reach the miners that are trapped inside. anyone found to be negligent about safety at the mine should expect harsh punishment and it's the worst mining decision in the nation's history. they're lining up for world cup matches in brazil. demonstrations were made and you can see those demonstrators out. they were calling for improved public services. chaos erupted in brazilian cities. they fired tear gas and it
5:21 am
turned violent. wide spreads, the valleys were smaller than protestorses that were last year. and it ended last night. it should be legal for underage college students who are aspiring to become wine makers in the future, they are trying to remove age restrictions to those programs. it allows people studying brewery science and wine making, and other states have similar laws in place. a surprising fine after buying this old lumpy couch from a thrift store. they found $40,000 stashed in the sofa that they got in early march and they found a woman's name on the deposit slip on
5:22 am
that stack of money. they did what was right, they contacted the 91-year-old widow who had put the money in her couch. they returned it to the next day. it turns out she had been keeping her life savings this that couch. she became ill and her family bought her a bed. that seems right. >> how nice of them to return that money. >> i'm looking at the story that's trending all over the web this morning. remember the cat that saved and boy from an attack by a dog. she'll be throwing out the first pitch. there's the cat saving her 4- year-old owner from a vicious malling. the video has been seen by millions of people. and the cat is a huge internet
5:23 am
sensation. how is the cat going to throw out the first pitch? is the owner going to do it or is the cat going to bat the ball around it. >> or is the owner going to throw the cat, the cat that's holding the ball. the cat will pitch the ball, and the owner will pitch the cat. >> oh, gosh. >> good for that cat. we love that cat. >> still ahead, a huge break through in cancer treatment. how a woman is cancer free from her once incurable blood cancer. >> taking a look at sun almost over the east bay. the sky is brightening early. traffic moving smoothly at the bay bridge. oakland at 57, what a beautiful and with a high in the upper 70s later today.
5:24 am
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diover brookde, richdarkhocolate coveng st ceersiting mbinion tastes. flaved with it's cholatand uit flavors ke y' never periced before. . welcome back keeping our
5:27 am
eyes on wall street, the trading continues on the negative side. it's down 18 points. wall street trying to shake off the dow losing streak. it dropped 16 yesterday, the nasdaq down 31 and the s&p down 1. we saw a real move in the bonds yesterday. that pushed the yield on the 10 year treasury below 2.5% that should send mortgage rates lower. lunesta may help you sleep. they're cutting the dosage by a half. the starting dose is 1 milligram instead of two. are you listening. >> yes. >> a person may be less alert the day after taking lunesta so cut your dosage in half, not
5:28 am
much more concerns for that night, but concerns for the morning after. >> as a sleep expert taking all kinds of different things to wake up at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, you have to leave a lot of sleeping time. >> how about the fight against cancer. we have news on that. mayio clinic said they've wiped out a blood cancer by an experimental procedure where they've injected her with the measles virus. viruses can kill cancers, they never did it with humans until now. nee knew it with animals. they hope to get f.d.a. approval for treatment in four years. still ahead, we have the latest from san diego with the wildfires continuing to rage. it's coming into kron4 as they try to save homes in the area. we're hearing from the alleged
5:29 am
sun. >> his father is the zodiac killer. hey the food, the air- conditioning is coming through the golden gate this morning and the cooldown continues. []
5:30 am
ur iuran,becse wt yo dot kn canurt u. e at clisis wi wilife e ro mayot bcoved? and at y cou be ableor y acdenton yr prerty thmoreou kw,thbett youcaplanor . e ro mayot bcoved?
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it coming off for all international park and it's a beach. but when it's hot outside a becomes an oceanfront garbage can read about a just how bad it is in the next edition of, of the people behaving badly. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
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welcome back. for nearly 50 years the zodiac killer has remained a mystery. in letters the zodiac killer claimed he killed 37 people throughout the bay area. the restore clancy's the son of the zodiac killer. it is not his case and in no book " the most dangerous at all: searching for my father and finding the zodiac killer. " stored was abandoned and undaunted adopted as a child says it all started when he went about tracking down his biological parents treat he found his mother, he learned his father early-earl van best junior disease and he got a picture of him. later
5:42 am
he was watching a anny when things clicked the soviet killers police sketch looked just like his father. --d eceased. watching a &e. he told his son know that's actually his father. police and said they weren't aware of the book for its claim to read his answers as a police spokesman says is open and active case of your homicide investigators will take a look at it. >>: some beginning to come up. we're 15 minutes from sunrise. wonderful heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
5:43 am
5:44 am
are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually.
5:45 am
this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you in stanley roberts of thousand people behind that and. >>stanley: when you think of national parks trash isn't the first thing that comes to mind, however, on certain days that is exactly what you'll find if you visit ocean beach. i once thought to be to store and told him about finding broken glass
5:46 am
on the beach. he told me i must be the luckiest person ever because he's never had that experience. but yet, here i am again standing next a broken glass and an area where what your foot is the norm. at any beach broken glass should never be part of the equation. in fact, out all in glass containers are not permitted on the beach ever this is a manual on how to assemble a barbecue grill. these are plastic to spot a scattered around the beach in this very and the san yet another class model. every time the bay area experiences warm weather people flock to the beach. they bring number was a drinks and food, all in an attempt to beat the heat 34 when they leave, if someone else's job to clean up all this trash. then, when the national park service declares tighter restrictions and find, people yell into a police state or is a rabid revenue generator. the sad part, some of this trash makes it into the ocean and sea life mistakes it for food. the plastic bag may look like a
5:47 am
jellyfish or switch to something like three what all these plastic cups for it is painfully obvious that many of the people that visit ocean beach really don't care. these are boxes from little caesars pizza left abandoned on the beach and this is the use diaper treatment that too dirty diapers. are you angry at? the national park service also asks the visitors to use fire rings. another request that is being ignored as you can tell from the areas of wood and ashes grief the beach as trash cans but it appears they became more like an illegal dump site the for a trash can this is a box of fireworks. i don't think they have never been legal on this beach. toss in the vandalized signed, more and then it should be allowed and you have one of the most is respected parks. i'm sorry beach and the national park system. and just think, we tell our taurus ahead to his destination. at ocean beach, stanley roberts, kron4 news 3 it's >>: looks like the beach
5:48 am
weather is actually kind of on scene to chilly out there. >>james: he and i think as the meet's only about 69 degrees and a will be that notion of breeze coming and tariffs and as you quickly down quite a bit in time to enjoy some of the serve three faces a live look from several camera. in the distance is blowing the rain layer as well. our mount tam cam russia as earlier all the fog that assured of a dream streaming across my 9:00 we're looking at winds for a 60 degree weather. that would be nice unpleasantries with noontime are going to take life outside. in the view of all
5:49 am
sides. her mind at this point looks to be the closing date of the near future it with conditions in the upper 60's and one for
5:50 am
high temperature through the mid-60s by the bay. and now on to traffic. george keeping an eye on the commute. james good morning. things are unfolding or why except tier of the bay bridge toll plaza. fasten your seat belts could be another bumpy ride carried it into the san mateo bridge was a good amount ha 580
5:51 am
lighter than usual even for the asomugha pass this morning. and adding missing any rig on any roadways sensors. self the freeways with great. heading out to the west valley and the coyote valley. we've all seen the video of solano sister of beyoncé viciously attacked and the jasey where there not carter knows family is releasing the statement of the incidents saying " as a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from monday may 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident thrifts but the most important thing is that our family has worked through it read the budget
5:52 am
as a launch of each assume their responsibility for them of have apologized to each other and and we will move forward as a united family. ---solange an knowles and jay-z. evans our resolve i think? the >>: i guess so. on the baseball. of matt cain and order is altogether. but buster posy off off fog is
5:53 am
is his [bl ris]
5:54 am
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ur iuran,becse wt yo dot kn canurt u. [pro bur] atarme,we at clisis wi wilife e ro mayot bcoved? and at y cou be ableor y acdenton yr prerty thmoreou kw,thbett youcaplanor . e ro mayot bcoved? of who have but fifth this
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