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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 19, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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the morning it is may 19, 2014 things for training us this morning wind advisories in effect because of high winds. if it is a look at the bay bridge 3 even see traffic is very light at this hour especially for folks heading into the city. drive time from oakland into interstate 80 is 11 minutes.
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the high winds and that the bay bridge. also the san mateo bridge or caulking as and of arts and bridges as well. here's a look at this time until bridge and you can see traffic very light tear as well. the drive time from hayward antisemitism is right around 60 minutes paris since then his let's look at the polls is cliffside israelites peripheries a couple cars coming through. if you're headed northbound of course is that a lot of accidents to keep that in mind if you're going to be going to the golden gate. does it is slow and be safe. >>: at 4 04. a body has been found in grizzly peak in the berkeley hills. we have a map showing where the body was discovered. the body of a hiker as we understand it. the body found yesterday afternoon at a base of for 100 ft. cliff. police are working to identify the man who they say is only in his mid-20s, perhaps. authorities believe the death was intentional because there was no sign of foul play. witnesses were
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present in had a pretty good idea of what happened. of >>: in santa rosa mother is out on bail for all occasions that she is often a boy and her children's elementary school. kron4's philippe djegal explains what had led up to that conversation and what charges that mother cannot face grid and a 30 year-old and daily and garcia could face felony charges following allegations from the sonoma county sheriff's department which says she grabbed a 12 year-old boy's neck and her children's school in santa rosa 3 and made threats during lunchtime on friday what are scene of pressure was off school grounds are trying to get a third child enrolled insurers often said garcia walked out of the school office and had her son when bible winning out over zero boy who she believes has been bullying her daughter three witnesses including multiple children school staff and parents and zero sons to the church office that she grabbed the boy by
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the throat and told him to stop bullying her daughter or else. >>: the boy told the teacher about what happened and the shares office said photos taken by school staff of the boy's neck show remarks with a hand print. on a facebook account registered to garcia award rob director if a post says i was arrested for it in private demands net three these allies and aid the truth will be told. i'm writing a letter to dr. felder did not play because thises this is terrible. i want a lie- detector test on him and me. point blank. then she posted bail. the district attorney's office is expected to review the case on monday. in the meantime the sheriff's office says that a judge has signed off on an emergency protective order limiting their access to the school and preventing
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her from making contact with the victim. in santa rosa philippe djegal kron4 news fifth >>: and mannesmann said tonight after wandering out of his care facility in san jose trio of justice which was missing for one believe in his care thomas f. and thrift, q joseph was spotted san jose police but unharmed. he apparently wandered out of hollister, went looking for coffee 3 >>: i always like coffee. i can't help from a dickens and coffee. let good samaritan get some food and clothing during the time that he was away. joseph previously suffered a brain injury and has the mental capacity of it tafoya. >>: coming up on the kron4 morning news a heroic bay to breakers race has now come to an end to what about the massive garbage that was left behind. we'll show you the extent of the cleanup efforts done by volunteers 3
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+ and san diego county roaring fires are finally coming under control of fire riders are still facing " margare. hist or close to what and
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ha assorted star liner is in place across did have san francisco's st. louis from the bay to breakers and elevated breakers race. household bay to breakers is
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a race like another. since this is what's great about san francisco thrift so many people come mouse and are happy from walking from one end of town to the other end of town just and dress however they want to be to reach the seven and a half mile race begins at howard st in the embarcadero and then that ocean beach st. semis and was a little debt more tamed this year. since a lot less public. since then to do as part to a 20% increase in security bridge, >>: all police recruits respond to enroll in party spirit seemed 35 people were arrested for public intoxication. to of the cleanup effort was swift street when street cleaning trucks ran and got crews move as the runners up passed by a rich race organizers and bridges and said it was a success. betty, here you have a good time you meet people you barbeque. secure out there with everybody. his mature
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on here in the public and a 10 nice things street in san francisco johnson oleo kron4 news 3 several was out of san jose police are a lending their residents of an increase in telephone scams report of the cause and are closed so is excellent and they owed back taxes and they needed to make an immediate repayments through wire transfer pre lotic credit card. police are seeing a one-half cent of victims' if to call investigators here in the vent to present damaged when a person smashed the windows are a car break-in thrift if the couple is as soon as a decent happened with friday in the area of highway 123 to the back window of their eyes. the couple did file a report in but no word yet on what was stolen during those break-in's three of the new this morning in illegal camping might have started for the vegetation fire is ever so 3 investigators on camping equipment and the fire started and the fire was reported runs sunday the
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firefighters arrived and found a fire burning it to me that there were able to quickly put that fire also did not spread to nearby hills. >>: it looks take a look at the weather 3 it's that yes we have 90 conditions out there. it's on to degusted drought the afternoon to read your is a look at chairman speeds we're seeing a wind gusts over 30 mi. per hour and as the fault half moon bay also reported very gusty conditions for more details on the wins and a chance for some response some impact in the bay area and on the kron4 morning news continues after the break. h,z/
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live update on some of the wild fires we've been following three evacuation orders are now listed in southern california to rid the blaze has been raging through the san diego area since last week. almost 50 homes have been destroyed causing over $20 million worth of damage as of this
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morning the san marcos fire is 87 percent contained three and one woman recounts not her fears and relief that her home was feared. >>: such a release. i felt so bad for the ones lost everything. >>: this whole area that was nothing the fire and smoke and and i knew my husband was up here in my son-in- law. and umbrella what i thought the dividend. becalming wins and cooling temperatures have helped fire grows in the upper hand. it's closer to or containment. gov. brown says this may be the start of the worst fire season ever. for 60 let's find out about our forecast year on the bay area. if not necessarily fire whether it is it
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doesn't seem so as a factor in the possible lightning thrift off our >>: good morning it yes we are concerned about the chance for thunderstorms. right now checking the wind gusts were in excess of 33 mi. per hour half moon bay 16th here's a look at the sustained winds. for the entire bay area. 40 mi. in oakland. sam redwood city. this breezy out there temperatures are generally in the '50s. of 54 and san francisco the morning to you in oakland three your coming in at 57 degrees. secure is your futurecast 43 of this kind of gives you an idea of what we are expecting over today and tomorrow. you can see over a 10:00 so looking at some light rain and some showers and that has a little farther south designed and and as. and if those charged chances
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continued the evening hours to reach and then that you could basically see overnighted and pushed the clock into motion or and pushes forward and you can see it tuesday those of the activity leaves further out to the east trips today primarily them are today and tomorrow the entire bay area to take chances may be some wet weather. skies for today you can see a little cooler than yesterday. still breezy but partly cloudy conditions 70 is a high and san jose. those are going to this enormous numbers thrift 63 and half moon bay. roy then the north bay you have a chance for maybe a shower or tub as of today. again i am trying light rain,. high of 70,, 66 in
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concord bridge are actually in all countries concord looking at 07 d street and and also runs seven to degrees thrift is your kron 47 day around the bay forecast centers for the amount of the next couple of days. despite tuesday her the chance for showers and thunderstorms impacting the entire bay area. again not everyone is going to see it. it's not a big actives list of its we just watch for the possibility of dry lightning. it is a quick check of your traffic on this monday morning i do
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want to mention a we have a high winds. the bay bridge in san mateo martinez and dumbarton bridges three keep that in mind is a heading out the door this morning. and what >>: and world news south korea plans to disband its coastguard after the ferry disaster which killed hundreds of people. if the country's president made that announcement today st. final responsibility lies with her. cnn's andrew spencer reports carried them out with tears running down her face if the president of south korea apologizes for the disaster that killed close to 300 people last month. >>: i again pay for those who passed away during the incident and express my deep condolences to the family periods of the ferry ballistic capsized and sank through most of the people on board or to do is make the field trip to reach rescuers held to save 174 passengers and crew members that date but officials of
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sins and confirmed 286 people dead and the bodies of 18 others is still missing. the ship's captain was among those brought rescue. he along with four other are facing murder charges. it was for around the world of the chinese navy ship has now been enlisted in the search for that assimilation
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airliner. authorities said the ship will survey the ocean floor on wednesday. some officials believe that it planned-to weeks slow the waters have receded as of locations in the balkans where rains triggered hundred thousand landslides' up for the tens of thousands of people were forced from their homes. helicopters rescued many families from their rooftops before those waters swallowed up their homes. if that also just and same-sex couples cannot or again to be
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that is steve scott lundy a day race with a final time was 28 hours into a two- minute stretch and 5¢ and real wages whether race into the state to a time trial when he took over for her first day later. from the tour covered offer 700 mi. of the status in the tour de france set with legs that included from right here in the bay area. who call off that was cut off home. it's the same francisco giants decided it's payback time resident of the miami marlins chris did your ride of paul tsongas is a half five hits and a shutout innings as it did they beat four-one. send off guard for the first time in more than
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a month. if this
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cause i think after that we
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will start to see, conditions and then it temperatures will be a back on the rise. temperatures not on the rise for today. in fact a lot of us a lot cooler compared to yesterday and also to the jurors will be below average. 68 in fremont. the peninsula of mid to upper 60s 3 it's 66 and san mateo. here's on your next seven days are kicking up. we have a chance for some north bay showers and maybe some thunderstorms. otherwise the rest of us should be pretty nice. on the close of accurate the entire bay area wednesday, we are storm
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free but we are looking at morning conditions. to the middle of the week until we get to it were talking a lot 90s inland '80s for the day in the coast even warming up here's a quick check of your traffic on this monday morning. the bridges all have high wind advisories were talking bay bridge latinas and the cortines and also the son of tell dumbarton bridges. since the is a reporting injuries and no light rain at the right lane is a blocked strict time now is 434 was go back to james the rich and heavy winds hitting much of the bay area over night to read and it is talked about that overnight and when we have a wins gusting. kron4's jack
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cheese and salt in the marine haviland's was more on conditions. of >>: good morning is a beautiful morning out there three and the wind is starting to pick up of their periods and talked about in that forecast but we are respecting high winds summer and the 20 to 35 mi. an hour range. right now and also those thunderstorms that and he talked about that dry lightning obviously less to get we have those dry conditions that drive everything called. " and in the evidence obviously everyone is going to be watching as disclose ties stifling conditions. this week into the cool winds that are blowing and
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announced it also appears that thunderstorms may be on the way. and something to keep we're also making the they have to their signs morning people of the dangers of tier among these has disclosed. this is the spot where it happened. in concede just talk steep it isn't just how quickly this area dropped off. we're told that a man's and that's when the man went down after his dog, sfpd was called reef
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just after 330 and that's and then discovered that. rescue crews had to quickly figure out how they're going to get that man up back up to this base area. the fire chief tells me that was injured a meticulous process fifth off if if fax 54 breakfast for half a had a chat with a plentiful says that the rescue was a complete success. fog and poke fun than and his dog are going to be just 53 reporting in san francisco scott rates kron4 if that it was until man missing since friday has been found safe this morning. police said 31 year-old jason adams has been found in reno. of the family members reported him missing when he never returned home from a work
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and if his eye and ear if adams went to the private side in san ramon 9:00 friday morning before he headed to a nearby hardware store and vanished but again he has been found alive and well. then a man is missing in the jailhouse for allegedly it slashing his red face with a razor blade. police said happened in watsonville for its cut is said to be life-threatening. police found matthew when the far turn on main street. and then arrested him. hamas are still ahead a you know what a you areas. what we better learn as that is of the newest entry will have all the details on that. fog and a deadly gang shooting in stock and leads to a fire three wouldn't say how that
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got pizza can and decision- if it is a new york to read than just a hopeless affair- and she is thrilled is it ought are carried for leave to and all of the candidates have been a recession for so long at all started to climb on that it's a very positive thing for our community paris this is a warehouse they've built for the division center. it is massive. its 575,000 square feet. it's bigger than to have football field to read
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is expected to greet 500 melt jobs. but don't wait till then not to apply. >>: amazon as hiring now. sports not just the mayor is excited to i couldn't find anyone to talk to me but several people told me they're very excited when this is a great tank. average down to has not come from this but they have not returned my e-mail or calls print the mayor says there's three international airports east and west. whiffs for amazon purposes of trying to get the goods for their customers faster with this is an ideal
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location to do that. it slate kron4 knows.
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work is slated to begin on the seventh phase of the owner ran a principal water district restore. the programs to restore the
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natural habitats at of unofficial trails and improve visitors' 83 to this morning's work will focus on the area of louganis lakes 3 wahl 4453 developing story. police in a deadly game action as was sparked a house fire a bullet riddled crime scene is what they are having to sit through ysabel atoll has a to have and there are dozens. after this sense. for the house itself. sops discuss according to a stock that spokesperson from one of these but to hit in these homes and it's like what started the fire. the people they're cleaning up today did not want to comment on the should end. police say the man who was
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killed and not live here. according to neighbors the people do live here if it hasn't been here long. but stockton safety deke scoffed. you can see all of these little blue circles of were shelled our patient police have no idea it is the man with shelters sunday was the shooters target with as much firepower as blasting blind or through the doors and wall street if anyone could have been hit. but what the investigators to work and now a description of the government. what happened at of the story for you thrift also keeping an eye on the weather. the winds or also is any way but all have planned or and for all the bay bridge is. the bay
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bridge this out to help rich and of our time. the golden gate is not included a definitely a windy morning out there. here's a look trips is a look at her and us right now. the straw or when it comes out as a fall in the design plans fairfield pretty breezy for you. no surprise there. told in hayward 3 49:00. wrigglers city 30 mi. per hour is all breezy out there. temperatures are on the cool side. 55 in downtown san francisco. san jose the morning till you're 56. asked if it is also for oakland 50s for why napa. office, from the land or also tracking the possibility for some thunderstorms or it was the talk into motion for today. it has given the afternoon of the grain here at north bay has a chance for some light showers a pretty small
4:49 am
chance and then that ought to answer the concern with the storm's and when you factor in the land that is not a good situation for fire fighters as tomorrow. if you can see off of lake tahoe and is here and getting an office of these of and even the blue indicating some very late spring times now. highs for today. said it will continue to cool down. a little cooler compared to yesterday, it will be below average aware oakland they're going to be a high of 66 degrees 70 as an jose when the mid-60s of zante all low 70's and napa richmond all 63. fairfield is a top out at about 72 degrees. , kron47 day around the bay forecast to read again the chance for some showers and some thunderstorms will be into
4:50 am
the north bay today. but it also will be seeing a partly cloudy and breezy conditions. taro the entire bay area gets and on the chance of maybe some showers 3/8 cents again the main concern when and an alarming trend began on wednesday continues through the end of the workweek white and when talk on 90s and land even the calls get into the lower '70s here's a check of their traffic on this monday morning. i am tracking a traffic accident along interstate 680 north and land is ave. " we're basically the atlanta are blocked her and unveiled his heir apparent effort to include a check of your bridges you can see traffic is light at this hour. it a little bit of back up. we do have is not where it on the
4:51 am
advisory asset white for the bay bridge. a man tries of breezy conditions as your hand across grid of this is the traffic and to the city. you concede there are no problems here as well but there are higher lands. another, thrift and here's another look at the golden gate bridge. if the guns are as subtle as really not an issue at all. you can see we have some trucks going through all his own construction signs there is basically telling cars heading north bound. this is the reverse commute to and in north bound and to the far right lane. but again there has been a lot of the incidents ever since they changed the exit to measure heading out of the city. and then to the rivers connect up to all major impact. ultimately allows begin of trafficking know the phrase click it or ticket right. the chp has tried to keep in there and campaigned simple and easy to remember off his guard and today they're going to be cracking down on those who aren't all bad. a police state where in your cboe should it be 60
4:52 am
has released a get pops off a may hear the radio address that california drivers will be happy to hear that gas prices have been steadily driving. analysts this applies to this are meeting demand and prices will likely continue to drop tariffs or is it what the bay area prices. we have san jose 415 a gallon. oakland attorney or a 416. and for
4:53 am
53 will take a quick break will be back with our news and eminent 3 here's another live look outside kron town council and was when the conditions from the bay is using the camera should get around. santa rosa 56 degrees. if this afternoon low or multiple 70 s and rose a lot of the spots that
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heat shields are compromised. weare those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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this morning on the kron 4 morning news. we're watching the weather as big changes compared to last week are coming. now there is a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast a santa rosa mom could be
5:03 am
facing felony charges-- after she assaulted a young boy for bullying her daughter. convertand the wildfires burning in san diego county are almost we'll have an update. at room behind and advisers and delays are a number of a deliberate gesture and also for interstate 580 through the house, has the bay bridge was of the five bridges and our other allies restrict if caltran tells me that they may actually cans of the advisory here at the bay bridge but it is an effect on the cortines bridge this am still brisk and all are to reach for did as well as the earlier this morning and the bay bridge and as we mentioned in the on top pass us interstate 580 under a wind advisory as well. for in terms of heavy traffic or incidents and a
5:04 am
few minor problems here and there but also in yet to find any bay area freeways have except of course on interstate 580 after the called shot past terisa california fire officials and at least 39 homes were destroyed. another eight homes were destroyed with a different fire. author these are still assessing the damage of the wild fires so far losses have reached at least $40 million. 5 1/4 right now. a same-sex marriages could start as soon as this afternoon and or again it judges on to make his ruling about noon
5:05 am
today are a constitutional challenge it to oregon's gay marriage after it off and said they're unconstitutional they also said that they discriminate against and six couples and excluded from a fundamental right to the county officials and our get are blind to the issue in marriage licenses immediately if the judge's ruling today a lot. and in north bay rum and facing charges for allegedly grabbing a 12 or old boy by the throat. under the settlement was confronting the boy about bullying her hot water. she can't in santa rosa elementary school on friday run on time to find her daughter's alleged tormentor and when this is including the woman's arms on crabs and the war by the throat and said don't bother. toward hills.
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raft is recalling several brands of cottage cheese. this is because of improper storage of that could lead to a food borne illness 3- the brand being recalled are new senate race out simply craft and daily shaft cottage cheese. the packages affected have a date of them between may 9th and july 23rd craft says that they were not stored at the proper temperature as their california manufacturing facility. that could lead to early if you have won a deeds. returning to base a
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new topping for in mcdonald's burger. we will explain ahead. if am watching bay area weather this morning on the lookout for a possible storm or to predict changes in the weather forecast ahead. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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come back to the kron4 morning news. we are focusing on the weather. it is looking at how wendy it is. in fact in this map shows you the land of us have been recorded here in the last hour and a strong this one is out at sfo 25 mi. an hour when a will tell you overnight we have to be the stronger ones at the airport but also out of the optima past is in livermore and tracy that one was shooting upwards of 45 mi. an hour. if it is awful it went up there. these a with a sustained winds look alike. we a 50 mi. an hour winds. there is a breeze out
5:16 am
there. and at times it could gus up on you. keep that in mind. symantec we have some bay area bridges. temperatures right now runs at all like a street scene a lot of made when the is low to mid 50's and the north bay rain and that's associated with this particular system and the oregon border. it probably won't see this just in north bay. the rest of the bay area stand a chance come tomorrow. i talk about that, tomorrow at about 4545 bridge right now temperatures in the afternoon will ban the upper
5:17 am
60s. same story for the south bay as the north bay as well. 70 for now but 62 in downtown san francisco with mid-60s and oakland 3 here's a 7 day around the bay forecast and again today and tomorrow we stand a chance of sins of light rain spread was an impossibility of a thunderstorm. tough
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said the cans film festival yesterday that is the message that's been circulating around the world. first lady michelle lobov also spread the word at recently. cigar's including sylvester stallone will give said arnold schwarzenegger and in tokyo and then there is. same sex marriages could start as soon this afternoon in oregon. a judge will make his ruling around noon on a constitutional challenge to the state's gay marriage ban. four gay and lesbian couples brought suit arguing oregon's marriage laws unconstitutionally. they also says it discriminates against same-
5:21 am
sex couples and exclude them from a fundamental right. county officials say they will be issuing marriage licenses immediately if the rulings allows. a woman is facing charges for allegedly grabbing a 12-year-old boy by the throat. authorities say the woman was confronting the boy about bullying her daughter. delia garcia-bratcher came to a santa rosa elementary school around lunchtime on friday to find her daughter's alleged tormenter. witnesses, including the woman's own son, say she grabbed the boy by the throat and told him to stop bullying her daughter -- or else. the boy told a teacher what happened and photos taken by school staff show red marks with a handprint on the why
5:22 am
on facebook, an account registered to garcia- bratcher, had a post on saturday that reads "i was arrested for a kid saying i grabbed his neck. it's lies and the truth will be told." fifthgarcia bratcher was arrested friday and booked on suspicion of inflicting injury on a child. the district attorney's office is expected to review the case today. in the meantime, a judge has granted an emergency fish protective order limiting garcia-bratcher's access to house the school. heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures.
5:23 am
are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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at t m lergs, evy daof maln for ntinus rief. at t m lergs, 28ays conni
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to watch street stocks are trading at record highs during the friday stock start with gains reversed course and turned back up with a minor gain to the dow up 44. a d f for, the dow closing up friday in the s&p
5:26 am
500 closed seven. right now of futures down 72 at of the opening bell to the big business is at&t has agreed to buy direct tv for 48 and half billion dollars thrift from the proposed combination could include interests include at&t internet service or. his current deal is expected to face tough scrutiny from the fcc and antitrust regulators at the department of justice. a body has been found near grizzly peak in the berkeley hills. this is a map showing where a hiker discovered the body. faugh
5:27 am
hoss ofthe body was found yesterday afternoon at the base of a 100-foot cliff. hit police are working to identify the man they say is in his 20's. ofauthorities believe the death was unintentional and say there is no sign of foul play.
5:28 am
they added that a person died near the same location they added that a person yourducaon ibuilto location he movyourareeforwd. re'sow: we work th ldingmplors lea whayou ed tlear solass impt yo carr. while heing sureredi you' alrdy ened y of anwe he caer pnnintool to kp yoon tck evy st of e wa plus thereshn fieen, n't ally r and gruati, it'sust e bennin becauswe bld ecati arou whe youant go. , yoknowyou n gethe b yowant read let geto wo.
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a pleasant hill man missing since friday has been found safe this morning. police say 31-year-old jason adams has been found in reno. family members reported him missing when he never returned home from work at a construction site. adams went to the project site in san ramon around 9 friday morning before heading to a nearby hardware store. a man is home safe this morning after wandering out of his care facility in san jose. joseph twitchell was missing for 1 day, leaving his ahead ahead caretakers
5:32 am
in panic. as he the caretakers received a call from police on sunday. joseph was spotted. san jose police dropped off unharmed. and haven't he apparently ventured out of holly's care home, and went looking for coffee. at least two dozen people assists were arrested during the bay to breakers over the weekend.
5:33 am
police say most of them were arrested for public is intoxication during yesterday's race. and there were two felony drug arrests. the city's department of fattal hall public works reported that crews have
5:34 am
collected almost 11 tons of trash from the race. police are expected to release final tallies today of arrests, injuries, and is runners who were stopped
5:35 am
due ahead to nudity. and our stanley roberts was at the bay to breakers race finding plenty of people behaving badly. he'll showcase some of them coming up at 5:45. still ahead on kron 4.
5:36 am
another selfie going viral. what these firefighters were doing while snapping this picture. coming up. has efforts are underway to help central american farmers ossified fight a devastating coffee disease.and hold down the price of your morning cup. taught nota fungus called coffee rust get has caused more than 1 pays billion dollars in damage across latin america. the fungus is especially it deadly to arabica coffee. that's the bean that makes if up most high-end,
5:37 am
specialty coffees. it's already affecting the price of some of those coffees in the united states. the u.s. agency for international development plans to announce a partnership with texas a&m university's world coffee research center to try to eliminate the fungus. five people now face negligence charges over the fire in the mine that killed more than 300 people. published reports seized by
5:38 am
prosecutors show that sensors detected high gas levels inside the mine as early as two days before the incident. most of the miners died from toxic gases released by the fire. gehenna some miners also claim their supervisors ignored rising gas levels and failed to take precautionary measures.
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a tearful apology today from if he and a south korea's president for last month's deadly ferry disaster. today, president park geun- hye says she's pushing to during rescue operations. ifpark says the coast guard's the police while
5:42 am
she body. ♪ummer daysriftg away touh o those sumr nits
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sam roberts to found people behaving badly >>: well into 2014 if you don't know what time that is out what these servers give you is light tan to. fahey. yet it's a place of real need a sign to tell people no public urination and security to confiscate all the open containers. now there's a reason why they don't like alcohol and a to breakers people use it as other people's houses to relieve themselves. at one.
5:46 am
and this guy argued fan reason no. 2 public drunkenness. this girl was so drawn up stanford's is the place had to answer her to sobriety test. then there was this man who was also also drawn of the he somehow stumbled into the driveway. then he finally got up and made his way inside the gate of hong where he kicked in for a while. when that didn't work out the decided to go home " except this wasn't his home. after getting kicked away from his they can't he some nominated to the kron4's words as you did preplanned it a game. and officials here. bay to breakers and never lets me down. and you
5:47 am
might not want to set by the trees lawyer out there. the bay to breakers stanley roberts kron4 else when white right now sustained
5:48 am
winds around to miles an hour and half monday. night at oakland 15 and share fell to a 12 mi. an hour sustained winds in redwood city. the gus are picking up in fact we have sfo recorded us livermore earlier had registered when a gust of 45 small one hour to really windy that may very well and had to your morning to milk temperatures on the mild sizing allows mid-50s. 57 and local 57 in concord the cat as did the ministry of the satellite
5:49 am
fan where there still wind
5:50 am
advisories in effect for the dumbarton bridge and the san mateo bridge and the cartoon as bridge as well as for the off to my past. i assure you that in a moment. it looks as over minutes away from seeming very light activity here at the bay bridge. the
5:51 am
oakland a's continue their winning ways brenda moss and three rbis and the a's completed a three game not sleep with a 13-3 when of the cleveland indians 3
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some cpani usertifial inedies but re achobani, we thk moth nate isweetnoug troding obansimp 100.
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free,
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all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood.
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