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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 19, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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a young woman -- just 18-years- old -- lost her life tonight. she was hit by a train that she never heard coming. kron 4's jeff bush talked to her mother about the tragedy. he's live at the san leandro train crossing where it happened.jeff? a man is in critical but stable condition after getting hit by a pickup truck tonight. police tell us the 77 year old was j-walking eastbound on 30th street, when the vehicle heading southbound on dolores plowed into him.
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witnesses say the pickup truck had the green light.
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the man was walking with a group of people, who the driver says he saw. but unfortunately, the victim was the last of the group to j- walk and was not seen. sot - drivers aren't looking for pedestrians when they have a green light. they go through the intersection thinking it's clear for them. when people dart out to beat the cars, usually they end up losing. the victim was rushed to sf general hospital and underwent an immediate catscan. we're told he has a fractured leg and possible head injuries. tonight only on four. rat and mice infestations at at least two san francisco walgreens stores. we first broke the news to you friday at one store -- but tonight we have new exclusive details and eyewitness accounts. the witness did not want to appear on camera. and we altered the person's voice. here's kron 4's j.r. stone.
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tomorrow will be a little warmer with isolated storms. a man suspected of a brutal shooting in san francisco last november. is now in custody in florida. with the help of miami police. 24 year old michael green was arrested friday on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. last november. green reportedly shot and killed melquisah warren in a parking lot in a south of market neighborhood after getting into a minor car accident. green is accused of opening fire on warren and her passenger. warren was killed. she was a recent graduate of sacramento state university.
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where she studied criminal justice. police say green will be extradited to san francisco soon. prosecutors are asking for the death penalty -- for the man accused of killing morgan hill cheerleader sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres pleaded not guilty to killing the 15- year-old. she disappeared two years ago. prosecutors say they have d-n-a evidence linking garcia-torres to sierra. what prosecutors *don't* have. is her body. garcia-torres is also facing charges for the attempted kidnappings of three other women. no trial date has been announced yet. it's one of the bay area's biggest tourist attractions. and soon it may be *off-limits -- during the height of tourist season!
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find out why. on the move after being kicked out of their east bay encampment. where former albany 'bulb' residents are now calling home -- and the problems that is causing. commuters in san francisco may soon find fewer seats and more passengers packed in -- "standing room only."
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newly configured light rail cars are running on the n-judah line. many of the double wide seats were removed. and changed to "singles". to allow for more standing room. the change makes room for about 50-more people. if this all works well -- the new design could become permanent. what's san francisco's lombard street without a long line of cars.? some people argue -- it's time to cut down on some of that tourist traffic. and an unusual rescue on 580 in oakland. one that resulted in an adoption. lombard street is a big tourist attraction, but there are
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safety concerns for pedestrians, drivers - and people who live in the area. that's why the san francisco m- t-a will be voting on a proposed pilot program to limit the cars there - during the height of tourist season. kron 4's alecia reid has the story. only on 4.
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concerns for pedestrians,
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drivers - and people who live in the area. that's why the san francisco m- t-a will be voting on a proposed pilot program to limit the cars there - during the height of tourist season. kron 4's alecia reid has the story. we're still seeing a few lightning strikes. piquancy really the track of the storms is to the north . tomorrow in the
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north they there is a slight chance of rain. the city of
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albany paid a group of homeless people to leave an encampment at the "albany bulb" late last month. now. as kron 4's jeff bush reports. many of them have taken up residence under the gilman
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street overpass in berkeley -- and the move is causing problems. the city of albany paid dozens of credit residence $3,000 each to beef--leader--leave
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the santa rosa woman accused of assaulting a child she suspected was bullying her daughter, might have been targeting the wrong boy. that's according to the sonoma county sheriff's office. 30-year-old delia garcia- bratcher was arrested friday -- accused of putting her hands around the neck of a 12-year-old boy at olivet elementary. the boy was pointed out as someone who'd been harassing her daughter. the sheriff's department says it hasn't found any evidence of that. as for the boy -- photos taken at school showed red marks on his neck.
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a relative of the suspect says she has 6 children - and would never hurt a child. "she's got a good heart, she would never do that she says they are making me sound like a monster, she's thrown back" garcia-bratcher's attorney says she acknowledges confronting the boy. and telling him to "knock it off". but denies touching him. you can find the latest developments on this story. at kron4 dot com. a successful rescue operation on 580 in oakland this morning. with the c-h-p tweeting photos as its "freeway service patrol" team got a kitten out of a car's wheel well. the kitten had jumped into it while the car was stopped in traffic on 580 at high street. after officers helped it -- a passing driver decided to adopt the kitten on the spot. big doings for the warriors. their new head coach will be introduced tomorrow. and trying to make a trade for one of the best players in the nba. details ahead. game one of the western conference finals. gary has spurs-thunder!!!! gary has spurs-thunder!!!! moments of certainty.
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warriors - kevin love. timberwolves forward kevin love says he wants out of minnesota and the warriors are reportedly one of the teams interested in his services. love has one year left on his deal in minnesota but says he will walk once his contract is up so it would be wise for t'wolves to trade him
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the lakers are also interested in the 3-time all-star but the warriors have more to offerincluding david lee and klay thompson here's warriors insider ric bucher on sports night live last night sot: ric bucher
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tag: love averaged 26 points, 12.5 rebs per game last year nba charges sterling the nba has begun the process of forcing embattled l.a. clippers owner donald sterling into selling his team by charging him with "damaging the league" with his racist comments. they have set a hearing for june 3 in new yorkand shortly thereafter owners will vote on whether or not he must sell his teamif 75% of the 29 other owners vote him out, then he will forced to sell the clippers of course sterling plans to appealso it could take quite some time california chrome the kentucky derby and preakness winner california chrome will be allowed to wear his nasal strip at the belmont in three weeks. there was controversy because the belmont normally doesn't allow nasal strips without special permissionwhich they granted to california chromesaying it did not give him a competitive advantage. chrome's trainer believe the nasal strip helps his horse breath better. he is looking to become the first triple crown winner since affirmed in 1978 that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning
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johnny weir beat me up. again! >> he attacked me. >> exclusive. what he says the olympic commentator just did to him. >> see that? >> then -- michael jackson at the billboard awards. the hole lo have graphic image everyone -- the holographic image everyone's talking about. >> which one is the real me? me? or him? together we will win. >> senator stalker? >> there is a woman that has been stalk me that is at my home. >> the u.s. senate candidate once accused of stalk her millionaire ex-boyfriend. >> she wandered around the house, upstairs, downstairs. >> then, she was sentenced to life for murder, and the chief witness against her was a dog. >>


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