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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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"open the register right now! now!" ".nats of robbery." now at 11. surveillance video catches a violent armed robbery in san jose. the woman behind the counter at the time. talked to kron 4's scott rates. nat it's a frightening site it's even more frightening for this woman she was working the counter at clyde's liquor store in san jose on may 9th when it was robbedshe didn't want to be identified but says the video is still hard to watch sot "it's very scary" nat from the surveillance video you the robber packing a shotgun as he walks into the store, first he hits a customer, and points the gun in their face then his makes a move to toward the employee
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sot "he yelled at us, just open the drawer and get the money" nat sot "i opened the drawer then i tried to get away from the gun" "he yelled at us, just open the drawer now!!!" this store clerk say she is very thankful no one was seriously hurt but hopes police can track this dangerous guy down. before someone much worse happens sot "i hope police can find him so people don't have to live in fear" since the robbery they have installed even more surveillance camerasi did check with police,, they say the robber got away in a newer silver toyoda sedan this dramatic video is being watched by a lot of people on our website. it's front and center on the homepage at kron
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breaking news out of salinas tonight. reports of protesters. rioting in the streets. over a police shooting. the shooting happened yesterday. police reported they shot and killed a man who lunged at them with a pair of gardening shears. then today, people gathered at the intersection where the man was shot. to demonstrate. because they believe the police should not have tried to kill the man. this is one of our top trending stories online. happening now: scientists are trying to figure out what to do with a dead baby whale. close to shore. and attracting a crowd in half moon bay. kron 4's jeff bush shows us the scene at pillar point.
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dozens were on hand at the sea wall just to the south of the piller point harbor to get an up close view of the dead whale. residents noticed the whale earlier in the day on wednesday but didn't know what it was until it got closer to land. as it turns outit's a dead, baby, humpback whaleless than a year old. the whale got the attention of children and adults, alike. i think it's going to explode. it looks like it's upside down and it looks like it's burned. karin gleichman whale watcher a lot of people are down here. it's exciting for them to see a creature like this even though it's dead but you know, to see how big it is. it's just a baby. i think it's like 20,25 feet long? it's a pretty big spectical here in half moon bay. not a lot goes on down here. phil ayala whale watcher it's an exciting event. everyone here has either rv's or have come out to fish and have a good time out here and it's kinda exciting.: and you get a chance to see something you don't get to see very often up
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close.: it's kinda neat to see a whale up close. it's too bad it's dead and it is still just a baby which is kinda sad. i don't know what happened to it, a virus or something. you know. scientists from the marine mammal center in marin county are going to assemble a team to come down here to check out this whale and try to figure out how it died. as far as what will happen with the whale's bodythat part is yet to be determined. i'm jeff bush in half moon bay, kron four news. tempers were in the '70s and '80s around the bay area. in the south bay and we were edging towards the '80s. + of the coastline where more in the low 60s. at half monday and there is
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little befog with a return tonight drop coastline.
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a candlight memorial held in san leandro tonight. for an 18-year- old girl killed by an amtrak train monday night -- while she was walking on some tracks near her home. friends and family think the world of brittney silva. and, a s kron four's philippe djegal reports. a large crowd gathered to remember the popular teen. britnney silva's mother cynthia opened the memorial service by driving home a message she shared with us earlier in the day near the scene of the accident. sot- "i just want everybody to know to teach their kids to take one headphone out when they're walking. don't use both the headphones or do what i used to do to brittney and cut one of the headphones off, because then she would have heard the train coming." cynthia fighting back tears during the service as did many of brittney's classmates and teachers. more then 150 showing up at san leandro high school wednesday night to remember the teen who was preparing for prom and college. sot- "she like everyday just brought life into our theater class and its, i still cant really get over it." sot- "she can be in tears blubbering and she'd still have a smile on her face." most mourners wearing purple to the memorial -- brittney's favorite color. silva's sister melody, singing a song to honor brittney, surrounded by lit candles. brittney's step-sister courtney crist is struggling with that
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happened. sot- "it's hard cuz she was such an amazing person and she was always happy and she was just perfect." sot- "just finished paying for her cap and her gown but instead of her walking the stage they're allowing me to walk the stage for her and get her diploma because she would have wanted that." cynthia silva says the funeral is tentatively scheduled to take place about two weeks from now in union city. she also says she's spoken with a representative from amtrak and she says it appears that that company will help cover some of the costs. in san leandro, philippe djegal, kron four news. coming up: an accused kidnapper under arrest. after the woman he allegedly imprisoned for a decade. is finally discovered. a kron 4 exclusive: new photos showing rodent droppings. at one of the bay area walgreens. at the center of infestation allegations. but first: an east bay politician running for re- election. caught stealing. the video. released to shame her. the video. released to shame heheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm?
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that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. politics intensify in the lead up to the june primary. and leads to the release of surveillance video of an east bay politician shop-lifting at neiman marcus in union square. incumbent state senator mary hayashi is seen holding her *own neiman marcus bag, as she grabs several items and heads into a dressing room. back in 20-11. you can see security keeping an eye on her.
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she pays for *some of the clothing, then leaves. but security goes out to stop her. and that leads to the arrest. hayashi pleaded no contest to misdemeanor grand theft. and received three years probation. the video was released in an attack ad by her primary opponent bob wieckowski. in the run for state senate for the east bay seat which represents san leandro. hayward and other east bay cities. a california kidnapping victim has been found alive. ten- years after she disappeared. police in santa ana say, they have booked this man. on a string of charges, including kidnapping for rape - and false imprisonment. police say, isidro garcia kidnapped a 15-year-old girl a decade ago. and held her hostage. he is accused of forcing the girl. who is now 25. to marry him, and have his child. police say, garcia was dating the girl's mother. and lived with the family in 2004 when the girl was 15. they say, he drugged her. drove her to a house in compton.. and
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locked her in a garage. it was only recently-- when she saw a photograph of her sister on facebook, that she had the courage to finally get away and call for help. new at 11: we talk to a bay area catholic school teacher. taking a moral stand that will cost her. her job. to protest a controversial work contract. and -- cleaning up what the rats left behind at a san francisco walgreens. in a story you'll only see on kron four. new at 11:
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some catholic school teachers in the east bay are quitting because of new language in their contracts. kron four's dan rubin says, the issue is less about enforcing catholic principles at home, and more about enforcing labor laws at work. new photographs showing health concerns at a san francisco
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teachers are not only obligated by contract, to teach in the classroom, and also to be able model. --role model. five teachers and to our high schools have agreed not to sign the contract and chosen not to return. at the and the contract walgreens. including rodent
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droppings it's a story you'll only see on four. in the last two months, mice and rats have been reported at three walgreens locations in san francisco. kron 4's j.r. stone has been investigating all of the cases. and has the new pictures. when the closely and you'll see rodent species. this was taken by an inspector of the department of health. the
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inspectors took the photos before the store was forced to shut down on friday. take a look at how close the feces are to this child that flip-flop. the rodents have made their rounds because in the shaw you conceive pcs on both sides of the shelves--pcs.feces. says the shots have been taken
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the store as had pass control, and on a regular basis--past-- pest. low clouds are returning to the bayshore however visibility isn't too bad at the moment. as we head into the afternoon tomorrow it will be even warmer than it was today. tomorrow morning will seen fog along the coastline and in to the livermore valley. however as we
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move into the nine and 10:00 hour it will start to clear out and move back into the coastline. the warming trend will continue as we head into the next several days. tomorrow
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and friday there wilwant to be o much change. \ an explosive interview with v. stiviano - the woman at the center of the donald sterling controversy. and if you missed doctor phil's exclusive interview with v. stiviano. you can watch it tomorrow morning at 10:00. right after the kron-4 morning news. in sports. injury woes for the giants continue. . and the a's get only one hit. but they made it count. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next
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a's/rays a's under the roof at tropicana field in st. peterberg, florida top 4th/ 2-0 a's brandon moss hits a solo home run off erik bedard 3-0 a's bottom 6th /3-1 a's yunel escobar singles off fernando rodriguez evan longoria scores 3-2 a's
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bottom 8th/ bases loaded fernando abad induces escobar to hit into an inning ending 6- 4-3 double play a's still lead 3-2 bottom 9th/ 1 out logan forsythe pops it up but the a's can't make the catch take another look as the ball hits the ring on the roof the umpires look at it but the rule is if it hits the roof in fair territory it's a fair ball infield single but two batters later sean doolittle appointed the closer only yesterday strikes out wil myers swinging to end th game final: 3-2 a's 11th win in 12 games at 30-16 they still have the best record in baseball adon smith is going to miss some 49er games this season...s
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giants had some players with hamstring problems this pass came. warriors remain sports team of the year. the golden state warriors in 15 categories excellent outstanding achievement. alden smith will messiss some games in the future. there will be a ruling
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later this summer and then what the next court date for his fake bomb threat. one 12th to 77 spurs that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4
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did this doctor perform surgery while he was stoned? >> do you have a drug and alcohol problem, sir? >> what these patients say happened to them during surgery will shock you. he walks with a limp. she lost her voice. >> i'm down to one vocal cord. >> they're in wheelchairs. and have you ever heard a surgeon say this before? >> take the 5th. >> and is he lying? v. stiviano's shocking new interview. >> he's saying that you're having sex with him. >> then, the wedding is off. he's got cold feet. she's publicly humiliated. just two days after the invitations went out j. and overnight accept sayings. >> a lot of positive energy. >> the billionaire's daughter who broke the internet. then, are hand


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