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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  May 25, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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roger was the students then college. 22 year-old was carrying three legally purchase semiautomatic handgun that the time. law- enforcement officials began gathering details that several promising locations
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of a convenience store surveillance camera captured theere fired into the building. kerry see people taking the floor to uncover a be will see even one of windows will cooler after bullet struck said. college community and santa barbara coming together to remember the victims of the mass shooting. some distance of your religion and a coke to anything that can't move on financial decries been a very tough 24 hours as you can imagine less like though the first step in the healing process. pain in the face as is evident than in the hearts. the turncoat to place in a kettle of visual into a memory of the 22 year-old. i feel safer here
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snow in some money people care about the events that happened last night. the vigil started at the center of campus then took the streets walking with candles in hand in a lawsuit in faces onto a nearby park where the reflection of the scandal could be seen a lighting up. it showed do our best and tell them research for what happened. intelligence walking by that there's super there's really upset and confused about why this happened. it's also knowing that even though a lot people and now the students the we are still a community and that everybody does care about each other and that this committee does matter or not crazy weekend about each other. with so much sadness and confusion there's also optimism from
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the students out here behind me this say they will continue to try to move on the bus that can is the obvious that it will take some time. >> : will be checking in with scuffed up the news cast. until 10:00 this morning. this all started friday night at 530 there were 12 different crime scenes from the rampage. the timeline of what exactly happened and when. share showed a picture of eliot roger from one of his many to grins about low when and rejected them. also showed four rows of seats and not semiautomatic handguns that were bought in burbank prior to april 30th as welfare check. he did not in the secretariat which is what authorize sending held for a temporary examination. he expressed to
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the pd he is having difficulties with his social life any probably would not returning to school and the next year. all started as a low road apartment where three men stabbed to death. braun said they did not receive a 911 call next stop all story mentioned in his manifesto. several members of this sordid reported hearing a loud and aggressive knocking at the front door which lasted for one to two minutes. fortunately no one open the door. until to and from other areas surreys and injuring a third next up are the deadly march. richard martinez only son was fatally wounded. the offending got rogers tells its of shooting from the window of his but bmw. that drove the wrong way he strange gunfire with the bees on foot and had a slight loss on its way
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toward pedestrians or struck by bullets. be exchanged gunfire hitting roger in the head and had another cyclist dispatched crews front windshield as roger drove off and all barksdale and. when his bmw crashed into a parked car officers polled roger l. handcuffed him and notice a gunshot wound to his head. it would appear as he took his own life at this point. the father he was visibly shaken when he addressed the media were too was blaming the nra and politics for the death of his son. world as an saturday stop when will one of people say stop this madness. we all have to live like this. you'll think it will happen until it does.
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chris was a very good kids ask anyone who knew him. maturity as a just spoken to his son but upcoming trip to london. first family members began after friday night's best shooting free university of california as president releasing the statement on a mass shooting saying she is shopping deeply saddened by this shooting is sending her thoughts and prayers to the victims of this tragedy the families and the entire santa barbara community. order mighty as we keep and follow the latest on yesterday and said barbara. coming up with 730 getting our first look at who the victims are and to insure they were rather. of course no misinformation r kron4- dot-com it also read the entire manifesto post on one side as well. will we live all morning long here on kron 4 news weekend in my reports are up morning from santa barbara. you are shift
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gears and talk about the weekend weather forecaster that erica. >> : today it expected to be the warmest day of the week and all of folks have barbeques out a poll today will see the perfect weather for the wicked and fought for free conditions few high clouds over the course under no as for temperatures to of the cisco 5659 unconquered 58 degrees right now liverwort really not too bad. the wind picks up as a hit in the afternoon we are talking about warmer weather 90s in fairfield and check '90s and livermore. upper 70's for oakland and '70s for downtown san francisco redwood city today checking in with the highway 2 and 85 degrees in sunnyvale. looking ahead tomorrow will bring some pre warm conditions as well few degrees cooler than we anticipated today to adjust take a tumble as we have into tuesday. going back to work and not as got warm as
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loot was again. the telescope what to expect in 15 minutes. 36 and a lot carabao happens today in san francisco. how it will affect you getting around the city this morning explain coming up a live report. also a holiday weekend comes more law enforcement on the street: bay area agency cutting back on a per drivers on the street. >> : speaking as streets ought to such non i to a closing of traffic pattern for some. the progress of the repair work and if the freeway will open on time. >> :
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oil weekend grins the official start of summer also means sometimes the celebrations can the drinking and driving. law- enforcement checking with 700 points with the great
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mall parkway n. milpitas police said the majority of the fences from adolescence a forrestal's say those fair share driving under the influence and its effects. it's late and loss nine months in l.a. was driving her child in the back seat and ran off the roadway and carry road costs of your injuries to both people. this year they're hoping the no. 0. caption says everything is done according a plan a concession to 80 highway has been closed southbound deterrent sentences go and pennsylvania avenue. choosing installing hinges with retrofitting or it into the open 5:00 a.m. tuesday officials said traffic has not been too bad drivers may say otherwise is pretty much what you'd see the normal friday commute. officials recommending that the tick.
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protesters taking us to this is a san francisco making their message heard all to bring awareness to genetically modified food stores coming up next. >> :
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its six annual carnival celebration happening later today and have the cisco is very fine that might posted on upcoming parade and mission. there is no question of the highlight of can't always prided themselves a 930 this morning this will start to attend. of the corner for a first-rate the pri will run right behind me organizers also up metal barricades all set and ready to go karbala the best against here in san francisco can muster in the mission district yesterday
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36 annual car well in san francisco showcase of latin american and caribbean culture this year's theme you did for soccer fans for a celebration of the world cup karbala's fray is of thousands of people dressing up is expected to be brought the best of carmel. to a great colors and lots of pageantry corner of pre forestry and the north and russian teddy spot on the 17th straight loss of the vest. organizers say it's best to take power the public transit down here. carnival is but to bring forth a thousand people spent the street clothes as a special law harrison street and the 28 south bundy closed coming at a downtown at amgen's game 7 and the glut driving into round seven is as good a man. the need an extra
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motivation to come under the pri this morning were some two half-hour's way of the start of the pri already a few people claiming the spot along the route. >> : the sun go to weather folks who got enjoying our role can deal with later on today. today a perfect day for parade talking about the warmest and pictures of the week. san fransico cloudy mystique the last couple days we do have a change in the forecast sunshine and a for a one putting for the parade live look outside from the years to carry shaking our talk about elevated wind speeds but during there's still pretty shallow an increase in those what northwesterly winds mixing their rounds at dealing with that low cloud cover you've been talking of the law school days because plenty clear out there on a course on we will see warmer conditions. nothing will see
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seven is like national weather service is predicting. we may see my daughter '60s if you're heading to the beach today. but the diplomats fought free conditions a few high caught up their. by lunchtime will be pretty mild the '70s and obeys for inland spots entablatures will wrap up as we head into the 3:00 hour breakdown of the afternoon highs today it is c 98 rating and antioch similar conditions stay there feel also max and aren't lending 7 degrees in oakland mid-80s sprinkled throughout the south bay surfaces coated with a high of 70 degrees. shipping up the warmest of the week. all have those kindred been said crews today perret's 6. as we sign up the coastline is a little more local beach at 65 of 62 and half moon bay with
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sensors and beach not too bad with the house and forestry will wrestle forecast or bring numbers down just not as we head into memorial day itself that will really cool down as we head back to work on tuesday sunshine to stay around for the most part will bring a little more cloud cover back in the forecast as we head into next weekend. the people of this is go marching the un plaza saturday bringing attention to generic the modified food are as hoping resurrect a movement to get a food label trade hoping have better luck this year last year the ballot measure was defeated the hoping that this will overcome the huge food lobby against genetically engineered food. not expecting will bring gimmal labeling. for
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whatever reason our government is not see fit to it the the people the eyes as should have less and right. after know what to the food to make intelligent choices will bar further. processes and services are not alone several demonstrations also happening in cities around the world on saturday. fire crews and arizona is still battling so-called soft but wildfire the progress is being made but that the fight is far from over. fires called sled because year's slide brought state park assets been mostly replaced by heavy smoke. their crews working diligently to put up the flames and the canyons officials now worry about the train which will be at hazardous. >> : the flooding ground on this has been destroyed a lot of the fire logs the rocks things up above the
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firefighters can etiquette rule on top of him after breaking loose. so far no homes broken nonfilers 5 percent contained. >> : many americans missing a fear of going broke and retirement. tran abetting current lifestyle to save more for money for the future. according to a new survey this new survey by bankamerica shows 55 percent responded said that not having enough money in retirement more than their fear like losing jobs or gaining weight. national survey looks at a group defined as merging cousin of 50,000 to two hours 50,000 total household investments including cash sitting ira 9 percent responded into cities and the began sitting at an average age of 33. still had the giants continued a truce was happen
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to the a's of all sports highlights coming up after the break. >> :
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turning now to bay area sports giants and a hot streak last night run who was a very strong. to cut seven for the giants did leading the giants to their sixth straight interleague game. they spent to lessen chances by leonel have best record in baseball offense possible cent of all continuing his hot hitting with the off the field home run less light. but the fall to one giants looking for this exception in dog close- up the three games series on a positive note today against the twins. after heading the game today imagery give yourself a little extra time since the close friend of salt onto a will continue until tuesday morning and expect a lot
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more traffic getting to and from the ballpark today. for the aids battle of the division leaders east versus west toronto a starting pitcher starting up the long wall yesterday. at that to a couple errors and to one earned runs the blue jays did enough for to be oakland yesterday five to two a's jumped three narrow the matches long this slump of the season. renaissance and and i live my clocker for the news of full half-hour of watersports needs giants highlights its pilots and one-on-one interview with the men of cupper jr. called the steal of the entire nfl draft. all the coming up the sunday night right after the news. >> : sort of like minds there's wasn't a nice space. hearing from neighbors with
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interactions of the 200 to open fired dec. wrote what they're saying this morning about the gunman that story after the break. >> : agreeing dissentient and military suicide story coming up.
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and newsweek and with top story work of a madman the tostada barbour county sheriff characterizes the mass shooting alice the 22 year-old elliott rogers taking lives of six others ushering campaign rampage the preseason barbara than committing suicide to miss any up this us or anyone else of the delhi gunned down friday night three others stabbed to death at an apartment all told 13 others injured. elliott rogers didn't santa barbara city college also the son of director peter rutter 22 year-old carrying three legally purchased set my
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automatic handguns. also getting a look at three of the six victims and the street and page 22 year-old katie cooper 19 year-old veronica white were killed outside sorry. but never said roger to themselves and never believe that this would escalate to this proportion. reaction from the community. you see as the student and the park which two doors down from the shrewder eliot roger premeditated murder all started here in apartment 7141 page manifesto pledges are identified where he lives and the capri and apartment building on its three road. as for the murders would begin. first with two roommates by riva 130 saturday afternoon the
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corners and ending white trucker in the party opposite behind two sets of metal gates to share its of the specials what brought the server but it begs and the building with an hour- and-a-half. the male victims were apparently stemmed repeatedly was shot on next and is pretty horrific client. tonight and five crewmen were or how they were connected to russia. did state he there are croats prior to the shooting rampage exactly when they died has not been confirmed. park said he did not know his neighbor roger kept to himself and was not family. few times and some around basically like mugs stairs not nothing brilliant and i space. . >> : after investigating or apartments have been boarded up. sort of surprise even
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though he kept to myself i wouldn't really think someone would actually come down to something like this is insane crazy. he did tune here was a continued fall is for the mass shooting in san barbara county be posting latest information on our web site kron4-dot-com it also read the entire manifesto posted on our side as well. we will be broadcasting here live all morning reports from santa barbara thrawn earnings test. turn attention now to a holiday weekend weather hit to do than. ticket this blue skies sunshine it's a live look outside breezy conditions over cathedral or san francisco. we don't have any far we've been dealing with lasko mornings as a result we will see a slightly warmer conditions along the coastline and continuing with the warmup
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for the inland spots. but the temperatures right now to visit 5657 in oakland concord getting pre close to 60 in the '50s of the door on santa rosa and her other story here high pressure building off the coast of california right now and several westerly flow we've been dealing meth and shifting more northwesterly right now. was of the westerly component we will not see '70s along the coast but still warmer in the past couple days warmer conditions and one's talking temperatures pushing the 90 degree mark. and is in the forecast for today temperatures million a bayside successful accord signed center pretty similar. such color in sports as we head into moral than monday. assets exceed recent returns as a hit record on tuesday full details on what to expect the senate forecast coming up its of 45. >> :
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these can run it people and stresses placed on a dozen of the true despite many using concealed camera took up the dresses of an expected when. please say he was arrested with >> : what is it was killed near hillard 68 year-old from santa rosa crashed into the twig but also aboard the men under water when rescuers reached some urgency cruise pronounced dead at the scene officials say it appears the man was speeding when he tried to turn on a curve of control and crashed into a creek and any not yet been released. televisual being held in pittsburgh honoring military veterans and putting spotlight on cosmetics is the disorder and its deadly consequences. bay area nonprofit operation wounded to the everyday 22
7:36 am
military veterans could suicide as a result of more than four people running as it spurred a bart station to light candles and honoring men and women take in their own lives after serving in the military and being an incumbent. specialist at of them went broke wont was an army from 2007 to 2008 there's no way around it or is tough here his attorneys soldiers open up the others to on the back to the daily lives. touches the we don't keep it and don't be embarrassed about it. co- founder of operation wounded lines bus august it saw awarded the medal of honor for protections during operation enduring freedom. his sons serve said sgt also suffer from p.t. as me and the less not only affects
7:37 am
the salt shoat soldier at friends and family as well. 8000 warriors to die here in the nine states did it for posttraumatic stress and a loss 7513 years of war the we just experienced. if elsevier is a lot. i can't go on. i can't let it go on. the canada to the visual and support on sunday monday 15 percent of all sales and it can reduce stores are the bay area will go toward operation wounded mind. still had on kron 4 news weekend scary moments for family on a ball off the coast of san mateo as of the boat collided with a whale. the story coming up next + pope making history and police to the vatican played up hope is in the headlines this morning
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coming up. big day neutral as voters had the polls for loading the new president what the voting insulting place despite the deadly shootings live up and world news from the corral. kns heway arnd ainisr. n ruin hh hes. st ba surmod, rit? u dot kn "aa". because rp imaki ndinthe reerou le, no matter wh youage, a al . go taarprg/psibities to cck o lifreimined
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" france is making news put the body is rarely present present and palestinian presence to a meeting at the vatican the leaders agreeing to attend the meetings set for next month. merging will size of the ongoing conflict to forge peace he calls the fighting unacceptable and both sides need to make sacrifices in order to retreat to countries for the good of their own people. ukraine's choosing presidents than three months after protests drove countries for russia leader from power. long lines boron
7:42 am
belongs to politicians voting will be taking place despite did the fighting in eastern part of the country agree on programs eyes-and bob boxes also blocking access to voting centers martial law maker the to the when the vote he won't run off expected the golan next month. real be right back with much more on kron 4 is weekend but look inside this time see the conditions from disease conditions there partly cloudy skies as well. forecast coming up in just a few minutes.
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did the shooting rampage and santa barbara county police identified the shooter as 22 early elliott broader is the son of movie director peter roger to seven people
7:46 am
including myself finite three people killed in his apartment building others injured in that land rampage through neighbors the lives in that apartment complex at the 22 world possess his client still a lot. i left this you to video the night before the shooting on to take pleasure in manslaughter and all of you. one victim's member speaking out this is the overtured cortines 22 rolls on killed on friday struck out. it discusses them has lost a broken. what we want to turn our attention to weaken forecast what folks tend to spend helicon outdoors usually in the bay area we a little bit of everything to make everybody happy. and now's the time why don't see fog high clouds out there but we don't have the fog lot warmer lacoste some
7:47 am
beaches ok to go to some still critical for warmer air will get to that. differences go down town again for hyde 78 degree temperature change and five degrees warmer in redwood city tended is war in san jose area. oakland now 56 degrees and the offices along the coast. look at satellite imagery. we do have high) all along the coastline of pressure building in over pacific and what that means is the will see warm conditions on a westerly is slow will see northwesterly winds did allow temperatures, play of aids and soft beds said. there are too high ewe 585 in moscow as trade focusing on a spectral sunshine expected today pittsburgh 89191 fairfield 9 lisandro. ententes of cisco looking for seventies and degrees
7:48 am
warmer in a bottle at ocean beach 64 national weather service has a little more because the of the westerly component with went off it will be as warm or not have all the conditions imposed the desert pitchers in the upper 60s was on a strip semi's up their luggage and extended forecast not much change as we head into memorial day itself. the cooler weather certainly on the board here since has dry weather sticking around as we head into next weekend. pay attention to the red card and loan and a white shirt and the the car barefoot might do so she can take a photo and an incredible view is none of the architecture. as a driver in the car and i finish up holding up traffic and proceed on our way. july got your the car just ask a total stranger to
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take a photo of you and your car. the road traffic backing up in fact take time with all day. it's called curtis street world. lumbar street. residents call at a pain in the lombard. because history being crooked a frost in that way since the 1850's to clear case of people behaving badly by people i mean tourists. just a no one's shoes and a gardener. clear up the trash all the waste left by tourists. and so did the united tourist attraction that what everyone including malamud to watter and onto private property. sit aside tis good but as
7:50 am
much ashtray and charged and did intriguing scolded shutters down a dead-end street. discovered in the break are all holding beer industry. order placed before leonard's a loading of 40 also want this won't clara. signs everywhere and i mentioning centriole people ignore them but people are a set off the walls and are the roadways. the other speed is 5 mi. an hour during 20 + can be the normal if traffic doesn't turn to a screeching halt. the new moons ago leaving your home we're getting a where the tourists as hundred dollars plus a mission. i hit want to talk about. there are some money they would get the rail segment. >> :
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our boat collided with a whale of the coast of the five people stiffly that year according to the centel shares office of sheriff found and the call to 4 yesterday after an oral zero crushing in the way of five cells offshore crude most engine disabled enclosure bonus for on board will also appeared to be uninjured. much more ahead on kron 4 news again live look outside this time we have risen divisions there. we have will be a back. we of the kron 4 mobile app is like having our entire tv station in your hands all the resources all are content. is on this to be super easy to use this as a whole skin itches like the newest colleagues and scroll through your quick glance at today's headlines of your learn more out story just touch it a full page article
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appears. the bill more entertained check out the video title he won all the stuff we have. when leon hundred earners kessler announced turning them live inside our mobile at pretty to watch the from wherever you are the featured guests like the love new cast. traffic has been a nightmare was held check out the traffic call before you hit the road. alicea got to move traffic conditions and the bay area. as a got a recovery is seeking to the hour is now going on bay area that might affect you will send out breaking news alerts through our mobile app and turned on a notification sentes.
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alone in a hit on some pressure anti-u.s. had not tested at a foreign ciliate look at some of the wedding photos a couple of two years when at the 16th century for the firm of clauses family members friends and see folks driving saucers that here is john legend and his wife he of course anger at the wedding but the family fare has share felon, according to tim z. and her brother rob got into some of them my argument and landed back in l.a. before canton and even said there i do is another source says he left after he could not fit into any of the volunteer wrote close some over for a free wedding parties. his mother into a trade to a counselor for those of the wedding along with him and there also were without valentino
7:57 am
a uprooting much of a castle theorists' year-old bride 36 year-old. the are not 400,000 this flat. >> : coming up on news weekend news surveillance video capturing moments after gunshots fired and then address street a list of more details on the gunman law enforcement officers try to piece the other what happened. plus the 36 year- old heiress a haping and mission district in san francisco level for coming up. look outside from the sea preclearance about their fifth surfaces of 50 degrees higher 70 looking for. a memorial there again forecast coming up.
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and is manifestly talk about telling his roommates were all the slip. the store following this morning with learning more about the mind of the 22 year-old gunman protect the lives of six others in the drive-by shooting at the campus trade learning more on the identities of the victims also for a jury from against father lending more than just the gun. >> : news weekend starts now. mark work of madmen the sellers sheriff characterize the mass shooting in eyeless the 22 year-old boy roger taking lives of six others in that shooting rampage garry see santa barbara to
8:01 am
understand the essence or dias' one man outside of the delhi monday on friday night. the others stabbed to death and the writer's apartment 13 others injured but rogers as soon as the city college in some director peter roger 200 was carrying three legally purchase semi-automatic handguns trade law enforcement officers getting details of several crimes in locations at locations convenience store surveillance cameras capturing the moment and justified in to the billing the see people paying for ducking for cover even see the notes won the cooler's shattered after a bullet hit. touched manning and santa barbara. coming big other if for this mass shooting will understand you've been talking austen's on coping with this this morning. sony since i hear a
8:02 am
hard time obviously touched some real-estate even the sporting the latest trends on the shoulder to cry on some wider console ourselves and our work through this. let's let the killing visual for some of the recovery process for thousands students. and the faces is evident. thus underparts apparent thousands of students sit account on the visual saturday. this will honor fellow students to gun down to the 22 year-old ellie roger like the people who care of the events that happened last night. they started blossom again faces. the other and in nearby park when reflection of the camel could be seen letting up to some analysts said faces. bill should your best terribly sorry for what
8:03 am
happened in the dark by somebody in tell why that they are upset and wondering why. even though a lot and listen to us so community not and everyone does care right shoulder this committee does portrait were not present care right schiller. >> : a sadness and despair blither not there was optimism on here and saw some of their students say they will move on and will be ok for one to tackle what time. >> : the be checking in with them throughout the morning. on start on friday night at 930 police say their title different kinds and that the rampage all began nesselrode the park and
8:04 am
their two men stabbed to death the >> : to killing spree to tell them a larger 41 pager manifesto. and i vest and his are drug killings roomette wallace up to also talked about lowering the eligible pot as possible into the apartment killing them prior to going out and acting the second three phases of his plans rampage which resulted in. randomly shooting people. rodger then kill the two women at the surrey and injured a third the size adults as for his shot and killed another man to the scene again and shooting from the window black bmw driving the wrong way on the road roger hit a cyclist with his car and
8:05 am
three pedestrians with bullets and police fired roger roger then hit another source assessors for the windshield is on the and the repression of a car. but they told roger out handcuffed him and those of the jets wound to his head police believe he that he took his own life. father the some visible shaking or tears when is the nra and politics for his son's death. when will insanity stop what when enough people say stop this madness would all have to live like this don't think you happen to your child until it does chris was a great kid ask anyone richard had just opened to his
8:06 am
sorrow coming trip to london the first fell member to speak out after friday night's mass shooting. it received all foreign debt, is a statement on yesterday say she is shocked and deeply saddened by shooting sending us pairs to the victims of the tragedy tret the phillies and the tire sector berber computer. to to ensure the continued fall is a with a mass shooting in their recovery plans and what asseveration r r kron4- dot-com also live on news weekend >> : living will go a little bit when talking with the other for long before test what is essentially out there early fog freeze occurs across the entire bay area and justine to that effect aria '60s for crocker livermore 56 of the door and said rosa suddenly
8:07 am
audience of they. as the sun is already less is often an and low 90s in the livermore valley high seventies for san francisco. it weathered the outdoors when there aren't like beach or perhaps to a barbecue planned co will continue as one trend as we head into tomorrow as moscow offered that is a holding hyundai's and read what city and 90 on concord. the sequel rather as the head back on tuesday feluccas said forecast coming up in 15 minutes. combined kron 4 news weekend continuation of the sixth annual carnival festivities. happen in san francisco marcus they explain how a parade celebration as the mover and stethoscope stated road construction on 280 causing
8:08 am
traffic have had for some people. >> : the latest for you on developing store is of the well fire continuing to burn in arizona fire crews as though flaw is far from over.
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8:11 am
fire cruzeiros on battling the slide well fire making progress the fight is far from over. fire causing the sled fired because it's near the slide rock state park and has been mostly replaced by heavy snow slopes pit traps but the flames did in the kenyan officials now worry about this rugged terrain which may be hazardous to firefighters. we live in a very very steep country of 40 on the ground has been destroyed by the fire. cell loss of things above firefighters can at any time break loose and
8:12 am
fall down on top of them. so far no homes destroyed fire only 5 percent contained. and on and live and what others are gorgeous are tears sunday required look up to go fly a map and the temperature will return.
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8:15 am
six, all sep celebration happenings in francisco more on the festival parade. airline carnival festival is underway at 10:00 this morning how late public and certainly is a parade. this is a 930 already there are a handful people and appear to the corner 44 street harrison. new video shop half our rope agencies on the slopes sit in place in today's parade. in total there more than 50 exit
8:16 am
dancing and pageantry. with soccer world cup sticking up next month and resulted this year's team is so version of the world cup. people on the world's will play barefoot across world. this here were honoring all children from our committee to make a conscious decision to be healthy. presser is a net 30 on the corner 44 street and heads west on 24th street commission and as up going east to about southwest did organize a sale its best to take public tradition will bring in more than 400,000 people to the street closures special law harrison street also roberts resells bond closed caught near downtown added a part
8:17 am
this afternoon getting walk runs and francisco de it is a free-lance. if the confessor mutt and just up. >> : now, whether they're expecting. perfect weather route. san fransico has been pre good for us will is spotty conditions for as long course on their virtually for free or sunshine that will last to the arrest the day. such temperatures aside. robert to lunchtime very mild low 60s and mid-80s inland. but this afternoon talking but some of the warmest temperature is for us a week. the test for it does just that will continue warm things up where pushing the
8:18 am
night of the territory allred starting included. bringdown afternoon highs plants near narrowed to a livermore 9074 for a word 88 for one country. publishers of the coastline is it taking a day 860 inspectors. but the coastline here will closer to home to oakland beach state 75 this year heading half moon bay coming in at 63 degrees. to kill again extended forecast much as the head into more let tempers cool as we head back to work on tuesday. caltrans says everything's got a plan with construction on how to a highway as you know has been closed southbound on downtown san francisco and pennsylvania avenue crews busy going tinges and retrofitting. sit
8:19 am
there rubin 5:00 a.m. tuesday this was a traffic has not been to bed stars and some other wars there would consider the see our dough basis officials are recommending taking public transit this again for for the us cities. morally and the official start of summer also sometimes celebrations can lead to drinking and driving bay area law enforcements and full force the end up area. please set up checkpoints on the grit of parkway n. milpitas they say a majority there are for are having a license but a story so see their fair share of driving under the influence and affects. >> : in light driving her job in the backseat ran off the roadway and college road and cause severe injury to our chow themselves. buster
8:20 am
officers arrest of person for dia d y hoping this year is zero. airline pledges of people zephyrs is watching you and paula saturday brain intention good dry caught fire third. clean resurrect movement to get gm all food labels. will have better luck this year because last year the measure defeated. their hope that this overcome huge lobby were tens legally engineered food. they now want new legislation considered as eccrine sobering jamal living labeling. for what reason our government does not see fit the people the assets should have less and right. we have to know us and our food in order to make intelligent choices what our food. services go protestors now on also others and some other cities
8:21 am
on a world on saturday. new efforts to improve the treatment of veterans with outages a falsified records and plays a medical tent attention to our veterans now bogged obtain health- care private hospitals veterans affairs saw terry says that as the facilities are the eight which is facing allegations that veterans have died while waiting for treatment at the centers. but we for food recall for war illness is this the sink so in cases of nikolai or than mutt nationwide. because they could be contaminated with e. coli. the centel will lessen the midwest being recalled to do to mr. area. share chow is recalling thomas for the same reason. for full detail list of what exactly being recalled to and from where law unto kron4-dot-com so bad for
8:22 am
you giants continue to cruise what happened the a's all the sports highlights coming up next.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
a rival strong dose on- site-star 7 and 64 also allowed three hits. all this hoping jens when their sixth straight and silly game this back to last season. the events best record in baseball popple send all continuing his hot hitting with off the field home run. that would make to one danced people to the listed as a tenant for three and against the twins trade journal into the game pitcher give yourself a little extra time up monterey closed until
8:26 am
tuesday morning officials say the content or traffic to and from at&t part. american league battle of division leaders the stresses west is to come with this giving up the long ball. also in two unearned runs and addled final five is to toronto over oakland. they instruct through narrow edges are long that one a slump of the season. when in donovan being mad about being cut off disagrees with the coach that dozens of behind and teammates trade he says his truck at not being named the world cup team and it absolutely deserves to go. told media that he feels that the decision was personal was secretary of splatters the base up for performances
8:27 am
additional employee but so should start. and set alight gutsy player said will all fall isn't often is heading to brazil. what been donovan's for schools, appearance. >> : i can't read after the news full half-hour of watersports needs to dry antheil at today's highlights and one-on-one interview. all that coming up this sunday night right after the news. still at four under is weekend benevolence but 22 year-old gunman past full of family he turned to. none
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
revealed more information saturday discussed the man's family has been heartbroken by the tragedy also been frustrated by past the times to try to help. the troubled son c.j. war has portrayed >> : attorney alan shipman spoke with the media. he said
8:31 am
elliott rogers always had trouble making friends and being treated by multiple for professionals. he did not get more specific. he kept referring to roger as a child. trial diagnosed at earlier age of a being a highly functional as burgers chow. 20 0¢ barbers a college student ever had a history of gun violence but during his you to grant larger is dark side emerged. he for stock demented contact sheriff's deputies to happen leicestershire but the hospital cleaning someone attacked him. i do another or the incident probably a year and a half ago he was thought from balconies are thrown off of
8:32 am
it a victim from my understanding. the wisent believe rogers during concluded her. just past few weeks number of rogers family asked for that use to investigate and check on their son's welfare. after reading the chow and charles home perfectly polite kind wonderful him. palais you manage a fuller one. my attitude here on news lows set to follow the last shooting on will arrive lever port and a half hour. also opposing the latest information on at kron4-dot- com is to read the entire manifesto posted their ad also will be left with the latest updates all morning long. dissension to lower
8:33 am
forecast for holiday weekend here to give us. today will be a beautiful day and set course of the week a lot of folks involved sales doors today. >> : some people saying they're every going to be a beach barbeque planned covering all weather conditions expect in your neighborhood. right now pretty wild son chen out during its the unconquered already in the '60s there for livermore 59 leading the house in san francisco. high pressure continuing the bill off the california coast renown. unsettle western greece and its shift to the northwest sought wasnt support will be as long beach's a pre nice to fuel further south the suckers to bridges and ladies ocean beach only rich in the mid-60s was excessive your cluster happen bay and then there is today and dissipating '90s eighties and said the bay at less it will see very similar conditions as we had tomorrow that self all all pretty great looking forecast full details of the
8:34 am
head next week after its. investigators arrested four suspects for recent burglary and the senate bill area please send a for involved in a burglary last week on these crown royal a gun went off during the struggle well burn worry was and is it because he was the suspect was of all the other board reasoned area. officials have zero or for elderly be on local for new telephone scam dorsal to lead this solan calls claiming to beat a grandchild who is in trouble with lott asks for money to get out of jail than another person claiming to be a police officer will take your phone and ask for prepaid credit card account number and one reason stamp one victim gave some one person every is grandson $3,000 and the stairs as the recent increase in these phone scams targeting the elderly. before this morning phil shooting
8:35 am
overnight one man killed a 130 this morning. so far please make your vest and triggerman's under investigation this morning. some clara county sheriff's office investigating cause of death after body found floating in a creek yesterday. the reset kayakers bonham and body of funny watter mr. boyce was sold for not sought to find him. blue break apart close for nearly seven hours all investigators combed the area there rejected the hero of the discovery the rhino is always quite busy fashioning boating. is pretty busy. suckler cow i share of officials being tight-lipped on whether the as death being treated as a homicide shares offices tell us that will at one
8:36 am
direction or an autopsy is completed on tuesday because the coroner's office closed monday because a moral day holiday. we're boat collided with the well of the saturday afternoon five people safely evacuated grins and until sheriff's office. justin the call to 400 crashed into well but the sum of offshore crude was an urgent killed. the will was not injured. >> : compression and kind tying the knot. >> : new cooking gadget o'clock on the market what it does is crazy and i told you you wouldn't believe me the error log issue spittoon that's coming up and the tech support.
8:37 am
>> :
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8:41 am
giving off. he's from this man invented after several tons of a new device that could help people not to get food poisoning. fought hard to believe that this election were brought beef and chicken that left out for a couple days on a lab but some fresh chicken before arriving. firstly it tested before genu had turned what pillow or to read as spoils. but said the chicken which looks ok small cloth but really not that bad some people would not know this was risky chicken but again it worked to up as spoils. which is checked the new chicken and its escort as fresh. the seams up a pretty handy gadget to keep a year chickenshit kitchen. or when you're shopping traveling or camping. pre order now it comes out this summer. holiday weekend
8:42 am
forecast coming up right after the break we as go take a look at decency camera removing just a little bit trendy conditions there forecast we come back.
8:43 am
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8:45 am
white caught up on the weather forecaster do that >> : what people up or plaza's weekend and talking about some pretty warm temperatures today pot as the of the next seven trade served as the storms things apply degrees in oakland also temperature drum. this is self '90s anticipated inland to pre mile long the% debentures in the '60s. making up and heading up the berkeley high pressure building over the coastline
8:46 am
of the rains will see a shift in wind pattern. settle westerly slope winds coming out of the northwest. temperatures death late warmup in the south bay today. campbell and seven for all and l.a. 84 the folks in front today so what conditions and east bay with '90s the dull thud 94 livermore valley. the law helped the '70s for downtown san francisco. mid-60's for put said. but have ellen's and play dead sea temperatures that warm close to seven cisco ". before the day and one country. 70 degrees in oakland. right receipt much change in the weather as we head into memorial day itself would be cooler conditions begin tuesday we will keep
8:47 am
sunshine around a lot cooler as we had to the worse the press of the workweek. . >> : perfect for graduation party is and father's day coming up a few weeks joining me now stop expert do-it- yourself project as to keep you on budget and in shape. i brought moral day stuff since memorial day as this weekend. it goes for all your summer look grunge parties. or the star of the benjamin because before it was anything you are richer and backyard is updated. these come in a variety of 75 different super easy application the intent of be going about. to make it was talk about the food i got
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
blueberries as it stars ferraro and order fresh fruit instead of using sprinkles in charge gypsums that sort of thing. that's taken go to bed to quit now. finally so people to drink a lot of their calories a think sewed up of pop. they also have coffee and britain but this is set up underneath with icy to brew directly and an ice beverages as well all the touch of a button and bigger size this is brent oil still great to get aboard his current two-party dollar is getting all those extra calories. this is a sense of caution is coffee ice t us
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hit stay at the letter inserted underwrote the telly. giocoso the other photos of the wedding is to see their with kim and her sisters' mother the 33 year- old bride and 36 year-old rapper along with north. ken kahn and also was valentino for pre wedding lunch ec here at the castle. they include bonds at yields images eat and younger brother were robbed her-and who apparently had the movie had issue with the family toward consent to move close the lid of families, of course that's how that would of gone down. " france is making news open fighting
8:56 am
palestinian president a lot of media at the vatican the two leaders agreed to attend those meetings set for next month at the vatican pope urging both sides of the ongoing palestinian conflict to forge peace the cold fighting unacceptable and both sides need to make sacrifices in order to create two countries for the good of their own people. still ahead on kron 4 news weekend reporting live from cinnabar row of the latest developments on them match mass shooting rampage in reaction from college students. + 36 and all crawls its ruling the mr. district about the and so i report there. how weekend coming up with more law enforcement on the streets and bay area agency looking to cut back on the number of impaired drivers on the street. what size is the view from the camera
8:57 am
commercials and little breezy. stay with us 50 degrees the high of 70 closer look at the forecasts in your neighborhood will return.
8:58 am
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top story following this morning we now know more about the mind of the 22 year-old gunman who took lives of six others in the drive-by shooting near u.s. seat be campus. >> : work of a madman to toss them barbara county share of the character as master and the federal elyot taking lives of six others injured in a rampage garry see saddam barbara to women stay outside of surrey one man outside of the deli and gunned down friday night the
9:00 am
other people stabbed to death barge's apartment and roger took his own life. 13 people injured late roger a student at cerus intelligent and son of director peter roger 22 year-old illegally carrying three legally purchase semiautomatic handguns at the time. law enforcement's building the tells several crime scene and locations where those locations convenience store and you see this surveillance video they're capturing the moment the gunshots were fired and to the building people hitting the floor and taking cover it to even see the window to one of the cooler this shattered after bullet hit them. college community and santa barbara coming together this morning to remember the victims of a mass trading. stories reporting live from all of this up. even top concerns with seasons and gathering behind as well. >> : since returning to cope with this the best they can push
9:01 am
for it and trying to move on pit the tell me they want to try and forget the best they can. last night they had a candlelight vigil and tell me that thousands of students of the rare first step in the healing process. payton faces is evident also the hearts of parents thousands of students from uc of be took part and i can visualize my bishop honor their fellow students toward gun down a 22 year-old ellie roger it's really good and not let anything be held inside. some people care about the events that happened last night. the show started in the center of campus then taking to the streets they walked with candles and hand and loss looks and their faces. gathering in nearby park with a reflection of the campbell to be seen letting up so many of those sad faces. will trade or bus and terribly sorry for what happened. intel just walking
9:02 am
by everyone is really upset and confused let this happen. i wish he would roof just taken himself of the equation and left everyone else along no one deserves this. is now selling at below the end of students we are still pretty and our body does care about each other that. as a matter or not crazy we care what each other. a sadness and despair despite all that send it to install it they will move on and he'll that will take a lot time. >> : you ought to blood to other news regarding the shooting a look at the order of the funds. friday night at 930
9:03 am
police say there was 12 different crime scenes from his rampage the killings began seville road apartment with were three men stabbed to death and roger than one on a killing spree those detailed and 141 page manifesto deputies say he had previously dealt with mental health problems. he had been treated for quite some time by mental health care for it professionals prescribe medication and a severe underlying mental illness. he then killed two on an injured a third step the dilatory kill the man. then left the scene and began chanting from the black bmw driving on the wrong side the road or to his list with his car and to pedestrians had bibles. deputies fired roger and hit him in the hip and other
9:04 am
settlers smashed through the windshield. we crash as bmw and to a parked car officers told roger on handcuffed him notice the gunshot wound to head police believe he took his own life. father of victim chris martinez talk to reporters saturday as we shaken are to blame as the nra and politics for his son's death. >> : when police entered stop will of people say stop this madness don't have to live like this. you don't think it will happen to your child until it does. chris was a good kid it as anyone who knew him. richard martinez just spoken to his son about upcoming trip to london martina the first family member to seek out a after friday night's mass shooting. in receipt
9:05 am
releasing the statement on the west shouldn't say she's both shocked and deeply saddened by the shooting and thoughts and prayers will all the the the this tragedy it family and the entire set a barber committee. will continue following is on the shooting and santa barbara also posting the latest information on our website. you can read the entire manifesto put some on-site lab reports and updates to up the morning here on kron 4. what what the weekend forecasters is that. it looks like it's over chilly fog freer on the bay area right now because our san francisco high pressure continues to build over the course on well result in an its normal weather in fact to their will see is an enormous ratings and the next seven days trip livermore men were out of your fill antioch danton's
9:06 am
death francisco 774 in richmond. nice day behind the beach every bar to inland and will continue to hit with this trend very consoling conditions in somewhat of they itself. by tuesday anticipate cool down and wind is certainly picking up especially in higher elevations full details on what to expect full forecast of 50 minutes still had on the news weekend many people gathered in san francisco to have their voices heard concerning food we all eat. details on the protests coming up. fight continues as those well fires and arizona update for you and progress of firefighters are making.
9:07 am
9:08 am
9:09 am
pricking there's the obama went to avgas their surprise to the troops. rv. today in the air base trade
9:10 am
after falling the washington d.c. president a suspected: a few hours and afghanistan a key of the day on that. memorial weekend official start of summer for people. sometimes means typically good drinking driving a area law-enforcement conducting checkpoints from the bay area this year please set up a checkpoint near the mall parkway police say a majority of offenses for not having a license. this still see a fair share of driving under the influence. but some months young lady driving her child in the back seat and off the roadway cause severe injuries to chow and herself. lester officers a restaurant. personal play their their open the the numbers say the zero. caltrans has everything going to plant with construction of highway 280
9:11 am
eleonore is enclosed south and services go pennsylvania avenue. resist telling hinges to help with the size of retrofitting their way to act again on tuesday 5:00 a.m. they say traffic has not been too bad but drivers wholesale price the shall say as much like what you'd see on a normal friday commute. they're recommending they take part to a chance but over the jets again. before had on kron 4 news weekend memorial day weekends forecast coming up meantime wants to live without side view from rv. camp clearing skies over the city forecast we come back. >> :
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
another this time he'd do that erica. the morning of folks have all says the weather death and a leg up for a corporate or tunnel boy was there the week today said francisco already
9:15 am
a 63 unconquered 65 of the livermore said rosa already seem mild warm conditions similar radar few high clouds of the bay area right now high-pressure building in over the pacific what that scan results and is for temperatures. we did see any. in and check to a survey of c 914 today the field and 13878 in oakland and 70 for downtown san francisco. what people have day trips planned if you're heading to the beach today headed up the sector is to check out plenty of sunshine 86 they're setting the sunday moderate. starting all the home is a sense as we 7 degrees in ocean beach half moon bay much aside but still pretty nice up there with a high of 62. in terms of the extended forecast a much changes will happen tomorrow they itself or conditions on tougher tuesday. will enjoy this dry
9:16 am
pattern at the buzzer had been to next weekend. at for just about everything even finding the perfect setting broad. services growth third love a start up the lost mcgraw shopping for an easy and still affordable. hearted the first of all get the sundries store and marketing at oracle boat and fashion branch. what about ross. as for those things that they don't want and don't want to do it the has to be weighed the use technology to solve the problem. we built as the application that helps one could she steps to for the appetite fitting tank top and it naturally tend to let her precise measuring was a real success i imagine taking a photo or soviets
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extremely popular best- seller list a dozen specially colored. women like the pop choruses echelons caught outside. one last question hall off to replace undergarments. between six months to a year depend a and how often you were brought. definitely every year come clean up the monterey shore. >> : check out this application confined on items in it and others.
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marching >> : plaza said britain should try to modify as food. we're bring but the movement rolled of a better look the measure was defeated last year that the movement can overcome the huge food lobby working
9:25 am
against labeling genetically engineered food. actas support legislation in sacramento that would bring the gm labeling. label genetically engineered food for what reason our government doesn't see fit the people in is this should have less and right. in an intelligent choices it labeled july. protestors not alone several demonstrations also taking place and citizen on the world on saturday. fire crews arizona of battling the so-called slept well firepit but is being made for it far from over. started on the west side of this fire basically burned from a few miles down here all the way to hotshots
9:26 am
serve was thus lies in the sky for cruise tombolo building for any fire activity and runs a fire any activity picking up. yesterday in the same spot above oak creek canyon is a heavy flames and air crews working diligently to put them out. cuppas' having far more west to get up under the rim for fire fighters couldn't penetrate say only smoke sign of progress. today's ago where ashley push right of this point for the fire was coming up over now controlling it. the joy of fire that may have other plans were working a very steep country footing in the ground on that is destroyed by water this fire the law rocks up the fire fighters can at any time rolled on top of them. challenge fighters are willing to accept. prepared
9:27 am
winning the battle but as the war's not over yet. to my up on is weekend carnival celebration minutes away beginning in south danton's offenses: mission district of to their lever port meantime what level of seven golden gate bridge beautiful start the day of hope you'll enjoy the holiday weekend will be right back. >> : heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning?
9:28 am
that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
9:29 am
tree and i will list the 22 year-old elliott rogers taking lives of six others in a shooting rampage. see santa barbara and committing suicide. to a man killed since us for the house another man outside delhi gunned down friday night boat sailors stabbed to death and rogers apartment. all told us 13 others injured a lawyer roger student at the college in
9:30 am
some of director peter rogers plan to roll carrying purchased handguns. to six victims in a shooting rampage this is 22 rolls kiddie cooper 19 year olds rock allies killed outside the all fauces sorry to let the dollar traded on attorney for the larger family reveals information saturday about elliott rogers described the man's family as being heartbroken by the tragedy and frustrated by pass attempts to help troubled songs. attorney alan stop with the outside the wooden hills home. elliott roger always had trouble making friends and was being treated by multiple professionals he did not give more specific. how are the attorney could different to him as a chapter in the chow was diagnosed at an earlier age
9:31 am
of being a highly functional asper syndrome child. should a man says the 22 roles, never had a history gun violence but during this be to bread prices start said emerge. the first regiment to contact the sheriff's deputy happened last year he showed up at the hospital clinic someone who attacked him. there was an instant and have no default up or thought portion off the balcony at party probably a victim for my understanding of bullying throughout his life. deputies did not believe rogers story concluded he was the aggressor. in the past few weeks, a member of rogers; asking deputies did investigate and check on
9:32 am
sun's welfare. after interviewing the chow in the child's home there is perfectly polite and kind and wonderful human. palais he managed to fool anyone. keeping here as a continued follow the latest on mass shooting in santa barbara county this information posted on our website kron4- dot-com it can read the entire manifesto posted on one side and will have live coverage and updates on news weekend. the attention now to halt a weather. some are shaking around as a live look at his breezy out third wind picks up as we head into the afternoon with the up and heading out to a virtual frog free conditions. to the desert now like this oakland very mild at 61 party in the '70s and antioch. livermore now 65 to 86 degrees in sunnyvale. local and daly city where we have cloud
9:33 am
cover at 54 degrees. but had won a stay of the week will approached with low 90s and and '70s and '80s and '60s for the post similar conditions right sun that shines as the head and tomorrow they itself. next week anticipating cooling trend to pictures drop by 10 and 15 degrees. investigators have arrested four suspects for recent burglary in the senate bill area before them involved and a burglary that took place last week on a subcommittee or well and we have latest on that. a gun went off serious struggle during the burglary and this year say they were looking and is the end at other burglars area. we're for elderly to be a lookout for new phone scam. ellis works like this one calls claiming to be grand child who's in trouble with the law then
9:34 am
asks for money and to get out of jail than the person claiming to be a police officer takes the form asks for prepaid credit card account number. and one reason scam one victim get someone pretending be a grandson $3,000 in the cedars says the recent increase news phone scams that target the elderly. new this morning please note clinics investigating a shooting overnight one man killed 130 in the morning in the area of nicole avenue in east oakland. so far dolores and shooting remains under investigation. their sixth annual carnival also a celebration happening today in san francisco with the middle or festivities are going on. it's the look for the largest crowd gathered here in their section under way about five macedo a quarter of 24 straight brian 10:00 this morning the make their way along the route.
9:35 am
where are getting treated to a great performance by the first group of the parade all wearing traditional headdress is in very bright colors on giveth 1057 and listen and to the performance. >> : but karbala's taking so weaken on the highlight is a parade with about everyone talk to us as karbala all celebration of latin america and caribbean cultures as the world cup takes place next month and resolve this year's theme celebration of the world cup there are lots of soccer at moments to this morning's parade hundred of thousands of people expected in the mission district today for festival and prayed some of them showed up as early as 6:00 this morning to get a prime spot along the parade route. i watched a parade the bands that participating and all the different floats. and dancers and everything i
9:36 am
love all the excitement and the dancers. once in a cockerels around the flow start making the right along the route they will move to a first-rate and right west 24 street and a mission to 17 straight where they would then head east and south than us. this result alone 30 this morning laundry list of foreclosures specifically on harrison street public transfer station coming down here today watch the parade in right in going out the door and you see the festivities are already underway. sporting life from mission district running call this morning. coming up scary moments for family on a boat off the coast of san mateo that boat collided with a well story coming up. also can ancon at tie the knot who was there to see the ceremony at her reportedly
9:37 am
wasn't. that story coming up as well. >> :
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
such clear-cut a sheriff's office investigating cause of the death after body found floating in a creek yesterday of 46 plants spotted the man is body floating water rescue was sells for miles out and 4 q to find him. the marine park closed for nearly seven hours while investigators combed the area. eris shakti hear about the discovery also say the reno has always quit been quite busy. the present law here. sen clara county sheriff's officials being tight-lipped on whether the man's death being treated as a homicide shares of this tells us well have more information after autopsy completed on tuesday because corners offices closed monday for the holiday watter boat
9:41 am
collided with a well off the coast of pescadero on saturday afternoon at five people safely evacuated grins cemetery's shares office that these received a call to 4 yes afternoon sabo had crashed into a well thought the 10 mi. from shore the boat's engine was disable the conclusion. for surely no one was hurt on board the well also appears to be on on injured. coming up well for forecast only come back and and the mean time to level the outside picture-perfect who are you? [whispering] i'm the breakfast fairy. what are you doing? leaving you a few bucks. that's all you need for my - sourdough breakfast melts, with your choice of ham, egg and cheese, or bacon egg and cheese,
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i'm 44 the sunday morning to check forecast loss sunshine already in san francisco see such as orally this is a little warmer right now where mild form in fact six seasons of the bay close to
9:45 am
watter miles to go inland areas already seen a seventies developed '70s or turned '80s lunchtime and pushing into the afternoon highs expect sliver of across as a result bay 84 places like fremont street to the south bay and few nineties for the warmer spots along the delta. specific with after highs expected for it today or a stay of the we cupertino trillion yen at 8582 mont 28 degrees over in fremont also some eighties for vallejo one luxury. anyone in fairfield on what an answer back 70 in union city looking for 70 in san francisco high of the wine country look for 88 degrees and 78 over oakland. very warm weather perfect for doors doesn't matter if you're in a bar to perhaps serving tatting for the beach snow conditions as we had and tomorrow that self
9:46 am
rowley wind conditions as we head back to work tuesday. >> : pay attention to the red car and a woman in a white shirt about the car barefoot minute so she could take a photo of incredible view is not of the architecture it was a driver in the car. when they told finnish little traffic should respect and proceed up her way. it at the oil get out of the cars simple justice and will stranger did take a photo of some of you in your car. door but traffic backing up affects the time we have all they. it is your world. called curtis street the world is official blame it lamar street. residents call it a pain in the lamar. not because the street been corrected after all is in the voices 1850's clear case
9:47 am
of people behaving badly and by people i mean tourists and just a more one knows what goes on better here than the gardener. firs that come due was clean up the trash the was loved by tourists. these things and bad in the shrubbery near tourist attraction to do what everyone including not limited to wandering onto private property. the city decide these sort of get as an ashtray and kerch cart garbage can. that after getting sold by j saunders found a dead end street. this guy pretended to be a car while holding a beer or industry. a better place is that there is a ticket for the right smack in the middle of lamar st. elmo taking it afloat and just won't cut it. signs everywhere by munching signs to help people ignore them.
9:48 am
but people as to stay off of roadway because even though the status of all our to and 20 + can be the norm if traffic doesn't grant to a screeching halt. but a facility near hall miller just a in the way as tourists were some things they are disneyland by as the hundred dollar plus admission. and go on the top of this book altered driving on lumbar there are so many they will get their very own segment. another example we will be having badly most people go fishing catch the big one officers of literature ever went fishing for cars these are all from the city's main waterway be and when police into the river to see if the channel is clear enough for tankers like their way through the channel officers starting and finding one vehicle that another so far this on to seven teen dumped vehicles and the river each one has to be inspected to
9:49 am
make sure there are no bodies inside. authorities suspect many of the vehicles were involved in crimes treated with a recap of most talked-about couples wedding and who's now the end but invitation at the ceremony. but look inside portion the bay bridge traffic piled up there. a direct >> : and of the mobile app via this more fun it's like having had retired tv station a year hands all the reseat the resources all are content we designed this to be super easy to use the home screen if it's less and less tawdry and scroll through a quick glance at the today's headline to learn more modest origins such that a full page article appears to lobby a little bit more entertained check out the new tile where you can watch all stores will produce from a harness to the fun stuff really not always come during newscasts were outstripping
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dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. mattress discounters' memorial day sale ends monday. for this more racially rampage and santa barbara county please send a fire the shutter 22 year-old elliott roger son of movie director peter rogers right to kill seven people including himself friday night the those those people
9:54 am
killed inside his apartment 13 other injured and rampage. neighbors who live in the cell are complex said the 22 year-old was quiet instead a lot. roger left the to the novella " take great pleasure and sledding everyone. airline richard martina's materials son christopher killed on friday issued out attila's them as a family as being lost and broken. looking for entertainment news is the official can andkanye west tied the knot us today with the fourth tee belvedere effort of clause steadily members friend's sister's and john legend we see here with his wife john saying at the wedding and sorted with
9:55 am
the challenge. since the crash and some younger brother rob getting into some big family fights and landed back in allied for the couple even got a chance to dance to their first song as husband and wife other source same rob left after he could not fit into any of the clothes that were sent over for pre wedding party. you see here with the sisters and her mother did poorly war the same as their baby little girl and northwest. sunday on the day forecast to they will be nice '90s and lend it a '70s and the bay 64 the coast at 2 warm at the beaches here in san francisco bus sector is closer to 90 there is the
9:56 am
break pre similar conditions for the oil itself. with weather like this have to take advantage. ever owner of the ductwork and will see coulomb. that's correct things up for us this for joining and offered at kron 4 news to at 8:00 will see you back here on saturday at 7:00 a.m. sunday as well. leave you with some shots from the mission district and see people and join car of all end par the mr. and 36th annual celebration enjoy have a great weekend to buy.
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discover the champion in you! . . (applause) well, god bless you. it's always a joy to come into your homes. if you're ever in our area please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise you we'll make you feel right at home. but thanks so much for tuning in. thank you again for coming out. i like to start with something funny. i heard about this mom. she had two young boys that were known for their mischievous behavior. any time trouble occurred they were certain to be a part of it. she decided to take them one at a time to see her pastor. the pastor said to the first boy, "son, where is god?" he sat there silently. he asked again, "where is god?" still no reply. the third time the pastor asked the young boy bolted out the door, ran home, said to his brother, "god is missing and


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