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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  May 26, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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rejected by women. 13 others injured. he drove in his black bmw. they were concerned about photos he posted. the wellness check did not reveal anything alarming police said. investigators were unaware of the videos a family friend is calling that wellness check a missed opportunity. all of his victims attended uc santa barbara. he killed himself and 3 hand gun and 300 rounds of ammunition were found. >> 20-year-old david wang, 19-
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year-old george chen were among those killed. continuing our team coveraged. we spoke to friends and family of david wang who was quick to help others. >> it is very sad moment in our life activity. >> reporter: he talked about his friend and neighbor david wang. >> he would play with my kids. >> reporter: david was one of 3 people fatally stabbed by his roommates near uc
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they describe him as a very smart, happy person. >> he had a good -- he made his parents happy. >> reporter: he was studying to be a computer engineer. most remember david as a shy kid but never failed to say hello and are saddened by his death. >> it is a sad moment in our life activity. when you hear kids going around shooting. i know it must feel like -- you just go on a rampage killing innocent people is very disheartening.
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knowing that they had wounds. >> 19-year-old george chen was the other student sharing the same apartment with elliot rodger. they were stabbed in the apartment. to get more answers from police and identify their son's body, a family friend said they are all trying to make sense of this tragedy. >> it's happened already. we have to deal with it. we are a mix. >> the family said chen was a good boy and a camp counselor for the ymca. there will be grief counselors at the school. >> reporter: 20-year-old
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christopher michael is an only child. katie was weeks away from graduating. another student from thousand oaks. vernonvernonica's family had a response. >> i feel for his family raising a child with this illness. >> the father of christopher has been sharing his grief in a public way. he wants to make sure his son's death means something. >> have we learned nothing? we have to --
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>> richard martinez has been pouring his heart out. he calls his only son christopher a terrific kid. have we learned nothing from sandy hook. >> those parents lost little kids. i lost my 20-year-old. that's all i had. those people lost their children at 6 years old. how do you think they feel? who is doing anything for them how? >> reporter: his father adored him. martinez wants him to know him. >> people who died to make it real for them. >> reporter: his grief hard to
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watch including the moment he collapsed to his knees. christopher's father said he will never have another child. legislation after sandy hook banned assault weapons failed to clear the senate. they strongly oppose those measures. >> the mother of the one of those injuries in isla vista, the 19-year-old alamo resident was in a bike lane riding a skateboard when elliot hit him. he was returning from a dinner date when the incident occurred.
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we will follow the developments on on line and you can read the manifesto posted on our website police arrest a man accused of stabbing 2 people. a homeless man stabbed two people after they tried to get him to stop urinating. he claims he stabbed them in self defense. one was transported to san francisco general in serious condition. the bay area and the nation pause to honor the military. new details about the gunman who killed 6 people in isla
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>> police in fremont arrest a man in suspicion of killing his
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wife near royal palm and flamingo drive. family members discovered his wife's body. there was physical and digital evidence tying him to her death. he will be arraigned tuesday. one of 2 people shot in walnut creek sunday night is in critical condition at oak grove road. a masked man got out of his car and opened car hitting a male and female passenger. >> the neighborhood is nice and quiet. >> maybe they are coming from other areas. >> the two victims attended a concert prior to being shot.
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the 23-year-old female was treated for her injuries. investigators are checking to see if the shooting was recorded by surveillance video. caught on camera a truck hit by a speeding train carrying military equipment. tributes marking memorial day next.
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[ taps ] people all across the bay area with services celebrating. special attention was paid to those who served in vietnam. this year marks 50 years.
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a helicopter fly over was made. those who organized the event wanted to give the vet nap vietnam vietnam vets a welcome home. >> they were not welcomed home. they were treated poorly. it is about time. >> this was the 46th annual held. those also paid respects at the national cemetery in san bruno at the graves there. we spoke to one man who drove
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up to visit his father who served in world war ii. >> ii. >> today is a special day. we forget about the soldiers of yesterday. it was very special. today is my day to honor him. >> people will gather for a vigil at the la fayette memorial. resresidents started putting crosses up. >> reporter: honoring service men and women the president laid a wreath. how the v.a.
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is treating wounded vets, the president said more needs to be done to treat the problem. >> reporter: for this widow it is about more. >> he was asking why can't daddy come home from heaven? is he hurting? >> reporter: why he will never come home. >> he was a great man. >> reporter: similar moments as the nation takes a collective pause to honor the fallen. at arlington national cemetery the president paid his respects. >> they have made a sacrifice in our name. >> reporter: treating sick and dying veterans, the president
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promised to do more. >> we want to make sure they get the care and benefits they earned and deserve. >> reporter: the defense secretary said the problem needs to be fixed now. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. it is clear the responsibility we have as a country and a people to take care of these men and women. >> reporter: a significant reminder of that sacrifice. >> the vice president was at the ride to recovery giving a send off to 200 cyclists. they asked for a photo and he obliged. [ cheering and applause ]
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the group loved it. he couldn't fit everyone in the photo. he ran posing in different locations so everyone was included. they will ride 6 days 350 miles from washington to virginia beach. >> reporter: on this holiday monday we are looking live from the golden gate bridge and our mountain cam where you can see down on can san francisco cam. more the coastline we have low clouds lingering offshore. conditions have been warm.
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in the upper 80s were the north bay. south bay 84 in sunnyvale and fog making it cooler. it has been breezy. we have seen winds in the teens. right now we have winds at 23 miles per hour. wind gusts in the 20s. we will see stronger winds out there tomorrow. overnight we will have brief fog. temperatures running in the 40s. 52 in san francisco. 50 in sunnyvale. 50 in livermore. it will be cooler than what we saw today. we will have a cooling trend heading into the weekend. extended forecast coming up.
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take a look at this. this is video of an 18 wheeler stuck on tracks sunday. a driver in a nearby car realized the train was coming. you will hear the train horn blaring and the sharp reaction of the man with the camera. >> holy [ beep beep ] holy [ beep ] >> the driver was not in the truck. he was out on the tracks. there he is in the video
5:26 pm
earlier waving. the train could not stop. the union pacific train had no choice but to barrel into it. the driver had the perfect vanitage point. they were able to move forward as scheduled. >> the 280 closure. live with the latest on how the work is coming along and when it will reopen. new details on the isla vista ram page. h,z/
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that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. a surveillance video of saturday's shooting in isla vista, customers duck for cover. one man died on the sidewalk outside. one man blaming politicians for not toughening gun laws. tomorrow uc santa barbara is having a ceremony. the latest on the
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investigation. >> reporter: cnn learned his father was racing from l.a. to santa barbara to see his son. >> we have a dark-colored bmw with a male in a white shirt. >> reporter: his son was on a shooting rampage. the student was shooting at will, a revenge he was planning for a year. >> you deserve it. >> reporter: before killing 6 people and injuring 13 others. >> i wanted a girlfriend. i've wanted sex, love, affection, adoration. you think that's a crime.
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>> reporter: the manifesto obtained by keyt. he sent his diatribe to several people including his parents. thursday police searched his home. a pivotal moment was missed. there was a well check in april documenting his loneliness and misery. the officers found nothing. the night of the chance to exact revenge. i can't imagine a hell darker than that. >> one of the people named in the manifesto was his friend
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lucky radly. >> he was a really quiet guy. he never said any words. he was just really there. he didn't say much. i didn't remember him saying anything. he spoke when spoken to. it wasn't normal how quiet he was. when you speak to him the words he would say he was soft spoken. he would say one word answers, never start a conversation. >> reporter: in the wake of that hateful rant against women, within hours of his war
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on women, hashtag yes, all women. women were sharing stories of domestic violence tweeting things like i can't believe there are people who think murder is justified or men who are afraid women will laugh at them and men will kill them. his plans for women not dating them and then he acted on it. we will post the latest information on line. the entire manifesto is on >> reporter: temperatures were in the 90s away from the bay. in antioch and livermore it was 93. 91 in napa and 90 in fairfield.
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temperatures were in the 80s. we were in the 70s at the coastline. at the golden gate bridge, fog was ready to move in. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. it is also breezy out there especially at sfo. we have gusts in san carlos. fairfield 27. the golden gate bridge 28-mile an our gusts. 50s tomorrows. by 3:00 it will be cooler than today. crews are working to finish up the work on southbound 280 in san francisco. they are replacing hinges on
5:35 pm
that roadway. word on the progress workers are making and when it will reopen. scott. >> reporter: pam, i just got off the phone with the spokesperson for caltrans. it is expected to be completed by 5:00 a.m. you can see workers working frantically on this portion of the bridge, the skyway. they are preparing a bridge hinge that will allow for easier contraction helping for an earthquake. out in front of at&t park i can see some confused drivers. some getting the feel that the 280 is closed. here is what they had to say.
5:36 pm
>> mildly annoying. >> it's hard. really hard to go around. i will be late. >> reporter: it you know they would close the exit? >> they have signs on the streets. >> reporter: caltrans crediting the fact that during the game they made announcements that it would be closed. people getting the idea. i will check with caltrans to make sure the work is going to plan. any changes we will let you know. scott rates, kron4news. people missing after a mud slide in colorado. plus slithering snakes. some in the feel philippines
5:37 pm
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. would you allow a python to give you a massage? a duck crossing, look at this. >> reporter: look at these pythons giving massages in the philippines. they bring out 4 bermese pythons. they feed the snakes before hand. firefighters were called to a home to get a black bear out of a tree in oklahoma. firefighters went up to get him down. help screaming to release the bear. a houston highway brought to a help by 11 ducklings.
5:41 pm
they have been taken to a rescue center. traffic got back to normal. kron4news. coming up next people missing after a massive colorado mud slide. the search is under way. details next. >> reporter: outside from the mount cam, it is clear, breezy. we will talk more about the winds and cooler weather ahead coming up. >> we are with dr. sonia. she is a determine tholing. dermatologist. >> there is side effects and down time and people don't have
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we are monitoring a developing story in colorado after multiple mud slides. men were checking on damage. they were swept up in a larger second slide. you can see the area right there. that is part of it. the search for them continues
5:45 pm
in mesa county where a ridge collapsed. the search has been hampered. only a third of the slide is stable. >> it is an under statement to say it is massive. it is half a milewide or more. it is incredibly deep and full of debris. >> no reports of damage to structures. the sheriff says everyone on the mountain is praying for a miracle. pope francis is wrapping up his trip in the west bank with a symbolic embrace. >> the solution for two states should become a reality and not remain just a dream. >> he has invited israeli and
5:46 pm
palestinian leaders. it is less clear what the israeli president will do. the pope says he will finally meet with sex abuse victims in june declaring zero tolerance. some say they believe it when they see it. priests have rarely faced prison. >> reporter: we have wind gusts all around the bay area. right now at sfo gusts in san carlos. the cam continues to bounce around. it is quite breezy. temperatures will be in the 40s
5:47 pm
and 50s tomorrow to start the day. cooler weather ahead for the arrest rest of the work week. tomorrow morning also the computer model showing the extent of it. it will clear at the coastline along the north bay coastline. we will have strong winds out of the north. that's what happened. the north clears then the san mateo coastline. low 60s. we will have low 70s. for the east bay shore line dipping in the 60s in hayward. the cooling will occur in the valleys. low 80s. brentwood will be 85 though. cooler than what we saw today.
5:48 pm
76 in san jose. a few 80s remain. for the north bay 10 degrees cooler in santa rosa and napa both in the 90s. 70s up highway 101. the forecast will be cooler and breezy. temperatures level off. they continue their downward trend in friday and saturday. we will warm into early next week. new video in kron4news room a fire in san rafael. they just tweets this picture. it broke out behind the home depot on shore line drive. we have a reporter on scene talking to firefighters gathering images. they say they have it under control. we will stay on scene and keep
5:49 pm
you posted. seaworld has been under seige. graphgraffiti artists have written see world suck seaworld sucks. >> high tech devices, when we don't use them correctly, we may get aches and pains. >> reporter: pat has traveled to 87 continents. she was left with a nagging
5:50 pm
neck pain. >> the pain was that severe. >> reporter: the culprit her e reader. >> there is tablet neck or mouse tendonitis. >> reporter: getting her body in proper alignment. >> you want to be just below eye level. you want your shoulders relaxed. okay. elbows close to your body. you want your thighs parallel to the floor. you want your knee and ankles at 90-degree angels.
5:51 pm
coming up. >> we came with fire wood. 12 new fire rings. this isn't one of them. people behaving badly. >> wow, the old yearbook is changing. a bay area high school has a high tech yearbook. i wish they had this when i was in high school. coming up in the tech report. ♪
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♪ finally, i have a manly chocolatey snack ♪ ♪ and fiber so my wife won't give me any more flack ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ technology has worked its way into every facet of our life even the old classic yearbook. benicia high school has digital reality. they will have the kids download a free app to their
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phone or tablet bringing the book to live. scattered throughout the yearbook is a play symbol. it has a 50-second video. >> week people can look at pictures and stills and hear some of it. they can recall memories they remember or look and say that looks like it was fun for them or what they enjoyed themselves. they can get a big picture of what went on in the school this year and how it affected everybody. >> a couple examples a sporting event in the yearbook that comes to life. you can hear your cheer our song. there were pictures of the plays that were put o you could see actual video of the
5:56 pm
performance. it is a virtual reality. >> everybody is using it. it is very user friendly. >> from a yearbook standpoint everybody wants to get as many people featured. when we heard about videos why capture 3 or 4 when you can video and capture 20. new tonight at 6:00 the hunt for this scooter. it may not look like a big heist but it is to a giants player. there reward. a ceremony on a bay area hill side. learn why this tempiary memorial might become permanent.
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tonight at 6:00 we learn about the families about the victims in isla vista. police say each one stabbed and killed by 22-year-old elliot rodger. the 3 men killed in their apartment. the third person killed was a 20-year-old sophomore from fremont. he grew up in this town house with his parents. the neighbors describe him as trying to help out. they say wang was good with
6:00 pm
computers and tutored their children in math and science. >> just going on a rampage and killing people is very hard. coming home and knowing they have wounds. >> david graduated from fremont christian. he enjoyed basketball and computers. he wanted to please his parents who are devastated by his death. reeling from grief george chen shared his apartment with rodgers. the family struggling with the traged . >> reporter: the family will
6:01 pm
leave to go to santa barbara to see their son's body and the scene. george graduated a few miles from this location in 2012. there will be grief counselors there. a family. >> we just mixed. >> reporter: when was the last time you saw george? >> for a while. for a while. he went to college. >> reporter: good boy.
6:02 pm
>> good boy. >> reporter: have they said anything about elliot rodger? >> privacy issue. i am not able to say. >> reporter: he leaves behind his mom and his dad and his brother is around 10. >> another bay area man who crossed paths with elliot rodger. >> >> reporter: on monday nicolas is a student athlete on the water polo team. his son is reportized recovering from major injuries after being hit by a car by the
6:03 pm
shooting rampage suspect. he just arrived in isla vista and had dinner with friends. he was in a bike lane riding his skateboard. another friend righting right -- riding a bike when they noticed the car rammed them. he was slammed into the wind shield before hitting the ground. he his multiple fractures on face, chest, arms and two broken legs. cheeks is his twitter handle full of messages of support. in nicolas underwent surgery
6:04 pm
and will have a physical therapy routine. she hopes to bring him home this week. kron4news. 3 other victims were killed. uc santa barbara students. christopher michael martinez, katie cooper weeks away from graduating, vernonica white. it has been christopher's father who is the most public about sharing his grief and anger. >> he is our only child. he died friday. i am 61 years old now. i will never have another child. he is gone.
6:05 pm
the reason i am doing this right now is to try to see if we can do anything to make my son's death mean something. >> he talked to his son 45 minutes before he was shot and killed. richard martinez blaming the nra saying they have learned nothing. >> reporter: elliot had been planning this rampage for a year. his twisted world manifesto, he wrote about a friend who was an object of extreme hatred. the quiet loner down the street. >> i was shocked. i literally didn't believe it
6:06 pm
was coming from. when i heard everything. i am still shocked. i couldn't believe it. i still can't believe it. >> reporter: we know elliot's family was concerned about his instability from an early age. one neighbor said he saw therapist when he was 8. he was treated by 2 of them. tens of thousands of people honoring the men and women serving in the armed services. a large memorial celebration is at the san francisco presidio. this year there was special attention to vietnam vet rans.
6:07 pm
>> reporter: it was full of pomp. the respect for tradition evident. those who served seen in every gesture. today special tribute to veterans. >> stand at this time and be recognized. >> reporter: this year is the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. they wanted to make sure those drafted were given the thanks they didn't get then. the coast guard flew over in tribute to the 60,000 americans who dieed in that conflict. the appreciation felt good. >> it is nice to have a welcome home. the recognition we deserve. >> when i got off the plane 40
6:08 pm
years ago. they warned us there was a man who would spit on us in a uniform. i took it up in the men's room, put on civilian clothe and never mentioned my experiences. it brings closure even though it is 40 years later. coming up two workers stabbed at a construction site . what they said to a hopeless man triggering the attack. we will show you how people in the pay area honor the troops. challenges for people missing after a mud slide. it was warm today. we are in for a big cool down. more on that coming up.
6:09 pm
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rescue workers are working to rescue. they never returned home. mesa county sheriff officials say the area is very unstable, making it difficult for them to continue the search. so far there have been no reports of damage to structures
6:12 pm
there. here at home, crews continue work repairing interstate 280. coming up a live report on when that roadway will reopen and a double stabbing in san francisco after two workers confront a homeless man. what they told him that triggered the attack. entertainment tonight, inside kim and kanye's wedding. et has it covered. introducing the new mr. and mrs. west.
6:13 pm
after 50 years, the area will be demolished for parents. what... could... be... better... than... slice... after... slice... of... america's... best... sharp... cheddar? nothing. tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better.
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this just into the kron 4 news room. three people have been shot in san francisco's bayview district. it appears to be the result of a drive-by shooting happening here. police say at about 5:15 tonight, they found two gunshot victims. a third person was driven to san francisco general by a witness. police say this is an active and ongoing investigation. we'll bring you updates as we get them. a homeless man stabbed two people after they tried to get him to stop urinating on a truck at a construction site in the tenderloin neighborhood. you're looking at video of the suspect. he claimed he stabbed the men in self-defense.
6:16 pm
witnesses described what they saw. all i could say was holy crap. what the heck is going on. white guy had the black guy in a head lock, and the black guy reached into his pocket and pulled it out and started stabbing the guy. the black guy reached into his pocket, was reaching like this, stabbing the guy. >> police say one of the victims had to be transported to san francisco general hospital. that victim is in serious condition. happening now, crews working to finish up the work on southbound interstate 280. they're replacing hinges on the roadway. live in san francisco with the details on when the road will reopen. scott? >> well, pam, right now i checked with cal transit. i can tell you everything is on schedule. that's good news. they expect to have the road reopened tomorrow morning by 5:00 a.m., just in time for the rush hour commute.
6:17 pm
take a look at video here, this is the time lapse shot. you can see how busy they were out there doing all kinds of different work. they're repairing a hinge on that bridge. it's a southbound side of the skyway where all this work is happening. once they're complete, it will allow expansion and contraction on each side of the bridge. that, of course, will help in the event of an earthquake. very important work they're doing here. out here at at&t park, when the giants game let out, there was a lot of traffic. everybody pretty much figured out what they needed to do. nobody struggled too hard. they had to go around. you saw some cars trying to go in either plane -- lane. i talked to drivers coming out of the ballpark. >> they have to do what they have to do. >> yeah? >> it's inconvenient, though? >> it's for the better. >> mildly annoyings. >> did you know that were going to be closing the ramp.
6:18 pm
>> they have signs on the streets. >> yeah. >> so everybody out there pretty much figured out what they needed to do. so i'm going to continue to trek with cal trans. they said if anything changes, they will let me know, and, of course, we'll let you know. right now the good news is everything should reopen along 280 by 5:00 in time for the rush hour commute. san francisco, kron 4 news. >> sunny skies and warm temperatures this afternoon. it is windy out there right now. we're running in the 60s, 70s and 80s. antioch just fell back into the 80s. we were in the 90s all afternoon. at the coastline. 50s and 60s. the fog is lingering just offshore. if we take a look at the current wind gusts, it's been pretty windy. we've seen wind gusts in the 25 miles per hour range off and on pretty much everywhere. 35-mile-an-hour gust there is.
6:19 pm
san mateo, 29. 25 mile-per-hour gusts in san francisco as well. as we look ahad tonight, the fog will return to the coastline. the winds will be calm tonight. they're going to pick up tomorrow. we'll see temperatures drop significantly tomorrow as well. as we look ahead to the week, it will be cooler all week long and into the weekend. here's a look at the futurecast. you see the fog filling in along the coastline. portions of the shoreline, this is going to be the extent of it. then it's going to start to clear. the coastline, we'll see the fog clear. temperatures tomorrow, significantly cooler in the south bay. 77 in cooper tin know. we were in the 80s herement widespread this afternoon. we were in the 90s through the inland valleys. tormorrow, just in the 80s. 82 in concord and livermore. at the coast, not much change there. up in the north today, temperatures will be dropping about 10-15 degrees over what
6:20 pm
we saw today. quick look at your extended forecast. cooler weather the next several days and especially as we head into friday and saturday, we'll start to trend back up into early next week. >> in less than an hour, a vigil is set to begin at the crosses of lafayette. the crosses that sit in full view of highway 24 and bart were erected back in 2006 as a protest against the wars in iraq and afghanistan. with those conflicts coming to an end, the fate of the display is in question. charles clifford is live tonight with details. >> the annual memorial day vigil will be held her at 7:00 at the crosses of lafayette. they went up in 2006, and there's one cross for every service man and woman who has died in those conflicts. right now the sign reads 6,837. in the years since this display wept up, it's gained a lot of support w. the war in afghanistan, expected to end by the end of 2014, people are
6:21 pm
wondering what will happen to the display. more than likely the crosses won't stay up because they're made of wood and hard to maintain. they're exposed to the elements. pretty much everyone involved, the organizers and people from lafayette want to put things up here. whether that's a small statue or park. coming up at 8:00 tonight. we'll have more from the vigil. you will hear from the organizers of this memorial on what he thinks will eventually happen it to. in lafayette, charles clifford. coming up next, nigerian officials make progress in the search for nearly 200 kidnapped girls. the new information that could lead to their rescue. >> a baseball player's scooter. the reward being offered for the prized possession.
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
6:24 pm
a sliver of good news out of nigeria today where nearly 300 schoolgirls were kidnapped six
6:25 pm
weeks ago by this islamic extremist group known as boko haram. they say the girls have been located but won't say where they are, and he says an attack to rescue them could result in the girls being killed. people have been demonstrating there and around the world urging nigeria's leaders to free the girls. american planes are part of the international collision -- coalition that has been searching for the girls. >> still ahead a wildfire in alaska still raging as crews work to get the upper hand. and the isle la vista shooting.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
here in alamo there's support for the speedy recovery of a teen who was one of the victims of the isla vista rampage. both of his legs were broken after being hit by a car allegedly driven by the shooting suspect elliott rodger. the hashtag pray for cheek was created. family, friends, and neighbors of one of the victims of friday's deadly attack at uc santa barbara continue to mourn the young man. >> he lives next door to this man, 20-year-old david wang who was fatally stabbed by his
6:30 pm
roommate on saturday. he's described as a shy, smart young man who was always willing to help. >> he helped the kids do their homework. >> a graduate of freemont christian high school, he's an only child and dedicated to pleasing his parents. in freemont, kron 4 news. police have arrested a man who allegedly strangled his wife to death in their fremont home on sunday. they found him and arrested him on sunday night. they say physical and digital evidence as well as witness statements led to the arrest and that the suspect confessed to the crime. he'll be arraigned on tuesday. i'm justin aldman, kron 4 news. in san francisco one person is in serious condition after a
6:31 pm
double stabbing in the tenderloin district. police say a homeless man was urinating on a truck on a construction site. there was a confrontation and that's when the homeless man stabbed two people. white guy had the black guy in a head lock. the black guy reached in his pocket and pulled out and knife and just started reaching behind him, stabbing the guy. >> jr stone, kron 4 news. in san francisco, one of the nation's largest memorial day ceremonies is held here. this is the 146th annual celebration here. because this year marks the 50- year anniversary of the war, special tributes were made to those who fought in the conflict. the coast guard threw over the crowd in their honor and a special wreath was laid in honor of the people who died in that conflict. they wanted to make sure they
6:32 pm
got the thanks they didn't get when they returned home. crews working on the closed section of 280 expect to have that section of 280 reopened in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour commute. they hope to have it reopened by 5:00 in the morning. this afternoon, you can see a lot of cars coming out of at&t park right after that giant's game and pretty much there was very little confusion for the most part. i spoke to a few drivers out here. they were able to get around the construction area just fine. so everything pretty smooth out here. now, i will continue to check with cal tran to make sure everything is on schedule. of course if anything changes, you can count on us to bring it to you first. reporting live in san francisco, kron 4 news. >> update to the store rewe hold you about a short time ago. three people shot in san francisco's bayview district. we just learned one of the victims has died at san francisco general. homicide verdicters are now in route. they will be in charge of this investigation. police say it appears this may
6:33 pm
have been a drive-by shooting here at keith street. the saying at about 5:00 p.m. tonight they found two gunshot victims, a third person was driven to the hospital by a witness. that person has died. more updates as we get them. kron 4 news. our big weather story tonight, cooler weather as we head into the next several days. temperatures will drop significantly tomorrow. we'll wake up with fog at the coastline. that's going to clear pretty quickly as winds pick up in the afternoon. it's going to be cooler tomorrow through the rest of the week. here's a look at the futurecast. you can see the fog filling in tomorrow morning. also fog along the valley in the east bayshore line. this is the extent of it that's going to clear into the later morning hours. and then from the san mateo coastline. wins coming out of the north. it's going to be a lot cooler and breezy. we're going to see wind gusts
6:34 pm
stronger than today. 70s inside the bay. ten degrees cooler than what we saw out there today. temperatures will remain about the same into wednesday and thursday. we're going to cool even more by friday and saturday. we'll start to warm back up into early next week. >> for the past few weeks, it has been brutal for drivers trying to get into san francisco. and, of course, those same driver also have to leave. it's creating many problems. they share with us this edition of people behaving badly. >> okay. i've reached this conclusion. more people are going to have to start carpooling or using public transportation. the reason, i'm at second and brian street. to be frank, it is, as my mother used to say, the traffic here is a total mess. there's a stronger word for gridlock, but the fcc would fine me so much money and i would have to take up a new
6:35 pm
profession in canada. as long as drivers are going to ignore the signs you're going to have this problem. the first sign being ignored, do not block intersection. by the way, that is not a suggestion. for some reason we're rushing absolutely nowhere fast. guess what, we don't go anywhere fast. now, this red car is stuck in the intersection. anyone behind it with common sense should know they need to wait. but not the driver of this bus. he blocks all lanes of traffic. where he sits for a full 15 seconds before moving. when driving, 15 seconds stuck in an intersection seems like a lifetime to most people. it took an entire light cycle before the bus cleared the intersection. the same thing for this truck pulling a trailer. the driver was stuck in an intersection for a full 26 seconds. what's also not
6:36 pm
helping the problem, inconsiderate drivers making illegal left-hand turns. ignoring the signs that read no left turn from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day expect weekends. this type of behavior prevents bus drivers from getting to their popular destination in a timely manner. and it upsets everyone else, hashtag road rage. plus, it makes it rather difficult for pedestrians to cross the street. tossing bicycles and you have the perfect storm. people often ask where it's going on. trust me, if the police were here, there would be a lot more law abiding citizens. by the way, there was an officer past the intersection, but he had his hands full. that story coming up in the near future. san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> truth in afghanistan, get a
6:37 pm
surprise visit for the commander in chief. the message president obama delivered that has the soldiers cheering. h,z/ heat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning?
6:38 pm
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troops in afghanistan got a big surprise this memorial day weekend. president barack obama making an unannounced stop at if they promised america's longest war will close at the end of the year. he said the war is at a pivotal moment with afghan forces taking over the security of their own country, but he did make it clear again that the u.s. will probably maintain a limited role there even after its combat mission ends this year. pam? the river fire as now burned more than 140,000 acres in alaska. it has been raging for nearly a
6:41 pm
week south of anchorage. officials have asked people to evacuate near the wildlife refuge. at last check, fire was only 20% contained. the cause human. still under investigation. arizona officials say progress is being made on the blaze called the slide fire. that fire broke out on tuesday and more than 14,000-acres are scorched. about 1200 firefighters are on the scene. the fire the about 25% contained. the cause is yet to be confirmed. the giants put the best record in baseball up against the worst as they take on the cubs at at&t park while the as send a loud and clear message on the top two teams in the american league. we have the highlights in all the sports next.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
all right. welcome back, everyone. memorial day, always a big day for baseball. more than 77,000 fans packed ballparks in both san francisco
6:45 pm
and oakland this afternoon. 35,000 plus at the coliseum to see the as break a losing streak and beat up on the tigers. bob melvin and the gang, bottom of the 7th, scoreless. brandon moss hits one to center. it bounces out of austin jackson's glove. almost a great catch. no. goes over the fence for a home run. it's 1-0. that was moss' 12th of the season. still bottom of the second. the recently acquired first baseman. that's his first home run as an a. it's 2-0. tommie malone, he gets in the act. strikes out jackson looking. six and two-thirds. no runs, six strikeouts for malone. he follows up donaldson's shot of her own.
6:46 pm
it's 4-0as. all solo home runs. bottom of the 8th, bases loaded, and derrick norris, this is not a solo home run. a grand slam, his first career grand slam. 10-0as. that's the final. snap as four-game losing streak. they now have the best record in baseball. detroit has the third best record in baseball. so both the giants and as just rolling. on paper, this looked like a mismatch. giants with the best record in baseball. cubs have the worst record. that's why they play the game. 42,000 plus at at&t park taking in the pregame festivities. in honor of our service men and women. the former giant and he waits to come back to at&t park.
6:47 pm
1-1 tie. . best era era in baseball. had not won a game. fifth homer in 8 games. he was also a wide receiver. bonifacio hits one to right. smart scores, and it's 4-3. the cubs are leading. double to left. , jr. lake comes home to score. 7-3. he did not pitch well in this game. they win, 8-4. giants 32-19
6:48 pm
still the best record in all of baseball. now, manny ramirez is back in baseball as a player coach with the cubs triple a affiliate in iowa. it's a move that's drawing all sorts of criticism in chicago, bringing back a player who twice failed tests for performance enhancing drugs but cubs general manager, he was the manager during manny's heyday. they hope he's shed his high maintenance ways. so we'll see how that experiment turns out in chicago. now, a little damper put on josh beckett's no hitter. first dodger no hitter in 18 years, shutting down the phillies, but catcher aj ellis sprained his right ankle. you always see the celebrations and wonder if someone gets hurt n. this case, someone did.
6:49 pm
aj ellis rolled his ankle pretty good. landed him on the 15-day disabled list. he ran out of the dugout to join the mosh pit on the pitcher's monday. as for beckett, it's the first no hitter in the majors this year and the 21st in dodger history. the stanford baseball team, headed to the ncaa tournament as the third seed in the bloomington bloomington, indiana regional. on to the french open, first major upset. no, not nadal, not federer, but stan warinka is out. who won the open, that would be warinka. but too many unforced errors and bowing out, losing to 61st 61st ranked garcia lopez of spain in four sets. djokovic
6:50 pm
had fun. he says come over and get under my umbrella. so the kid comes over, offers him a drink. have a little toast. djokovic is not only one of the best tennis players in the world, but he has one of the best personalities on the tour. candlestick park tomorrow night for an international soccer friendly. one of the final matches before heading off in the world cup. some folks are scratching their head at why landon donovan was left off the team. well, landon sent a message to -- scoring twice yesterday and with those two goals, donovan also became the all-time leading goal scorer in major league soccer history with 136 goals. that passes jeff cunningham as
6:51 pm
the scoring king. champion crowned today. baltimore, maryland the sight as power house duke took on notre dame as part of the third lacrosse title in five years. miles jones, nice skip pass. scores 8-2. duke with less than 30 seconds to go. 9-8 duke. notre s goalie like in hockey. duke scores the empty netter. 11-9. duke wins. it's their second straight ncaa lacrosse title. third in five years, pam. so they're a lacrosse juggernaut. >> all right. jason. well, two of the biggest celebrities in the nation get married in italy. details coming in from the nuptials. good morning nelly! woah.
6:52 pm
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hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand?
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[ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. giant star hunter pence wants his scooter back. he parked it outside the roast
6:55 pm
house along the embark kerrro unlocked and the scooter was stolen. the team including it with his bobblehead. now he's offering a signed bobblehead to somebody if they return it. the gross house is offering dinner for two if it's returned undamaged. the right fielder rides it to and from the bark for every game game. bruce bochy said there was a sad face this morning. he said bochy has never said that. he said hoe's not mad at the d said he's not mad at the city but the scooter, which he loves, is an extension of him. from sad face to happy face, kim and kanye finally did it. they got married over the weekend. like everything, the affair had an air of unreality to it. they tied the knot saturday in florence, italy. the venue, get this, a fortress
6:56 pm
which reportedly cost $400,000 just to rent it out. people magazine reporting that kim's mom and bruce jenner attended and bruce even walked kim down the aisle to the sounds of andre bocelli. this is kim's third marriage and kanye's first. they have a little baby together. north. you may remember the couple got engaged in 2013 at an overthe top party held on the giant's ball field at at&t park in san francisco. well, if you win the lotto, you can have their winning like theirs. >> the f you haven't checked your super lotto ticket, you may want to check it now. a ticket was bought at safeway. the jackpot is $70 million. the safeway store will receive 350,000 from the lottery. here's a look at the winning numbers. 13, 11, 27, 29, and the mega number is 10. >> unfortunately i did not win.
6:57 pm
>> neither did i. we'll be back tonight at 8:00. see you soon. what the killer's neighbors knew. a reality tv special with of "of "du
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
dynasty." >> the "insider" is next. a and dynasty." >> the "insider" is next. nt andk dynasty." >> the "insider" is next. the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. after the vigil of santa barbara shooting victims. >> tomorrow is a day of retribution. >> we talked to the neighbor. >> i tried reaching out to him every chance i could do. >> how social media influenced the mind of a madman. >> he's got a lot of paranoia. >> plus his dad's "hunger games" connection. the real housewives stepmom. kimye wedding no show as kim's brother bailed. >> rumor has it he got into a fight with kim in paris. >> instagram out and paparazzi bound. >> wedding ceremony, $50,000. >> one of our specials on the veterans of reality tv. >> out of my face. >> let's talk about the slap heard around the world.
7:00 pm
>> dance drill sergeant abby miller inside the catfight and a $5 million lawsuit. >> i didn't sign up for this. >> first time i experienced racism i will never forget. >> tia and tamera on their personal struggles with racism. >> i never experienced that much hate in my life. >> "duck dynasty." >> he drank moonshine. >> with the women telling all. >> the good, bad, and ugly. >> delivered to you 24/7, the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> hi, everyone. thea anderson. michael here with me. >> a special on reality veterans. first a big story we're following. a community in mourning. shell shocked over the horrific weekend massacre at the university of california santa barbara, california, that left seven people dead. a nightmare triggered by the ranting of a lonely and disturbed social outcast. >> tomorrow is a day of


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