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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 28, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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isla vista. being mourned by u=c students in the bay area. we are live at the memorial just getting under way in berkeley. whoosh >> reporter:only on four. it's disgusting. honestly disgusting yes, and embarassing too, san francisco's leaky pipes, while people are trying to save water. >> reporter:whoosh >> reporter:the mother accused of choking a 12 year old she said bullied her daughter. her lawyer says new evidence shows. >>he's basically a little jerk. whoosh >> reporter:kron four is there as giants right fielder hunter pence is reunited with his stolen scooter. batkid, i very definitely wanted to thank the batkid. whoosh >> reporter:the hidden dangers of changing tables. >> reporter:what the makers may not be telling you about the toxic chemicals in baby furniture whoosh >> reporter:she taught us why a caged bird sings. tonight a look at maya
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angelou's early years in the bay area. this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. happening now at 8-- >> catherine:a memorial is getting underway on the u-c berkeley campus. to mourn the victimsof the shooting and stabbing rampage in isla vista. six students were killed. three of them were from the bay area. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in berkeley with the story. >> catherine:philippe.? catherine. >> reporter:the spring semester ended about a weeked and a half ago here at u-c berleley. so, not as many students are on-campus as usual. still, event orginzers are hoping for a big turnout. the lead organizer of this memorial will open the ceremony with a few words. then read a message from the chancellor. the dean of students will then talk about the mental health resources available on-campus. before opening up the mic to anyone who wishes to say a few words about the victims.
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>> reporter:u-c berkeley is providing some 800 candles for this event. the lead organizer is jo downes. she's a graudate student here at u-c- berkeley, having graduated from u-c santa barbara in 2011. she was in santa barbara last week when the killings took place. she doesn't know any of those killed, but says it was important to hold this memorial. and, remember the innocent lives lost. >>"it is a sister campus, so like as the uc system, as students of the uc system, we need to band together and, um, support each other, but also because it could happen anywhere. like, its just a reminder, like it happened in isla vista, but it could have happened here or it could have happened at any of the uc campuses which is really terrifying and sad." . in all. >> reporter: the vigil is expected to run for about an hour here at the memorial glade on- campus. the surrounding community and ucsb alumni living here in the bay area are welcome to come take part. live at u-c berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> reporter:new at 8. >> reporter:a survivor of the deadly rampage speaks out. patrick eggy of san rafael was in the path of the man who went on a killing spree near the santa barbara campus. but he considers himself fortunate. he was riding his bike. and like his friend and waterpolo team-mate - nick was also hit. his injuries - minor. pachy, as he likes to be called, spoke with me late this afternoon about his experience. >> money will have your test but that is about it mine need. my knee will heal fast bu that is about it.
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.and that's about it. while pachy is recovering from his knee injury, he's clearly still struggling to cope with the tragedy. catherine? >> catherine: classes resumed today at u-c santa barbara. students were back - a day after a memorial was held to honor 6 murdered classmates. >> catherine: the mood was somber on the campus. throughout the u-c system - flags are at half staff. that will be the case through sunday. among tributes - the house of representatives oberved a moment of silence today. >> catherine: some california lawmakers are now proposing tougher state rules on buying guns. the bill would allow temporary restraining orders aimed at stopping potentially violent people from buying guns. >> catherine: it was proposed by berkley assembly member nancy skinner - along with two santa barbara lawmakers, under current state law, people can be banned from buying guns - only if they're involuntarily committed to a mental health facility. >> gary: >> catherine: a three-alarm grass fire is out tonight. after breaking out this afternoon near two highway connector ramps in vallejo.
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>> catherine: it was a traffic mess for awhile. this was the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the fire was near the off- ramp drivers use when heading eastbound 780 to westbound 80. authorities ended up closing those connector ramps between 780 and 80 as they tried to get the fire under control. >> catherine: the blaze started about 3-45 this afternoon. tonight the west bound 780 connector ramps are now open while the east bound ramps are still closed. >> catherine: new tonight at 8 - people in antioch are talking about how to tackle a growing crime problem. a task force made up of city officials and community leaders held a public meeting earlier this evening to come up with ideas. kron 4's charles clifford is live in the east bay with details. charles... >> we have a crime problem in this area that's antioch mayor wade harper and the area he's talking about is here.. along sycamore drive. over the past few years, neighbors here have seen an increase in violence and drug related problems.
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>>i'm really tired of hearing about shootings on a regular basis and we need to do something about it. >> reporter:wednesday evening, a task force made up of city officials and community leaders sat down with neighbors in order to brain storm ways to reduce crime. among the suggestions.. restarting neighborhood watch programs, better lighting along city streets, more after school programs for kids and community outreach. >> reporter:at this point the city doesn't have a specific plan, they just wanted to get input from residents this has to be a partnership with the community. we have to get buy in so we are coming here to ask questions. let's get past the crime >> reporter:fred hoskins was at tonight's meeting. he's lived in antioch his entire life and he feels that the best way to deter crime is to get people involved in their neighborhoods. >> reporter:this community has the resources if individuals will just take some interest in their area. harper feels it will take a combination of ideas in order to turn things around. >>outreach, resources,
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availability of resources.. all of these things together and i think we will come up with a plan to improve this area. >> reporter:a man police say sexually assaulted drunk women and collected trophies to remember them is behind bars tonight. >> catherine: santa cruz police say james sharp would meet his victims at local bars.and target heavily intoxicated women. >> catherine: they say he'd have sex with them while they were blacked out or too intoxicated to consent. sharp was arrested twice for two different sex assault cases.on may 9th and may 24th. this latest time.his bail was raised to 5-million dollars. >> jacqueline: the attorney for a woman accused of choking her child's alleged bully. says she is innocent -- and the attorney says he can >> catherine: the alleged assault happened last week in santa rosa. now -- the defense claims that the bully hurt himself - and then blamed the woman. kron4's j-r stone reports.
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>> reporter: not so fast her attorney says >> reporter: page report conducted close three witnesses can find no evidence of any sort of an assault. when chalices he actually sold the bully joking himself >> is to press both comes together and cortisone she wants to i have a child that would is that and i was not my client that did it. >> reporter: when a system give account and this report have made clear as to what really happened. he choked themselves and lied about it ahead because he did not appreciate her confronting him. he is basically a
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little jerk. >> reporter: the matter is currently under investigation and we did receive some and promotion in any well and some funds to contact contact the sheriff's office. the next court date is june 19th. >>".believe about ourselves." >> reporter: >> catherine: tonight, the world is remembering poet and writer maya angelou. she died today at her north carolina 86. kron4's grant lodes is here with the details. grant? >> reporter:years before the world knew maya angelou as a groundbreaking poet, author, and activist, the bay area knew her as an innovator. >> reporter:she had a
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distinguished career as an author and film director. angelou left her mark on the bay area. at 16 -- she became the first female streetcar conductor in san francisco. >> reporter:those who knew her well. say she used her heart and her words to make the world a better place. >> she did it as a poet and writer and as a person that i call a full human being so full of information and down to earth and intelligent. a great woman. >> " our relationship when that over 30 years and just want of monthly highlights of my life. when i decided to end my broadcast career at the one person and when to be sure what maya angelo
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we talked about friendship and those words will carry me " belva davis. is a former kron 4 anchor and reporter. >> reporter:she says maya angelo valued honesty and truth over flattery. and that she did not realize how big her impact was on people around her. and there's more to come. >> catherine: tonight at 8:30. we will take a look back at the inspirational life of maya angelou. >> catherine: ahead at eight. >> catherine: concern that bay area traffic has reached the crisis stage. one of the reasons drivers are spending more time behind the wheel. also - the search for hidden money has the bay area in a frenzy. >> catherine: where an anonymous millionaire may be headed next. giants star hunter pence has his stolen scooter retunred. >> reporter:why the right fielder will no longer be
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riding it to and from games.despite having his prized posession back.
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new tonight at 8 >> reporter:a tech start=up hoping to expand in the bay area is bringing jobs here. our tech reporter gabe slate joins us. so who's hiring ? >> reporter:the company is called blue apron, like the
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cooking apron they are based in new york but the service they offer is expected to be popular here so they need more workers these are good jobs you don't need any special tech skills for. >> reporter:they have a full=fillment center in richmond right off the 580 they are looking for 400 full time employees. we will tell you about the jobs and how to apply. but first blue apron is a pretty cool idea, it's a neat service. let me tell you what they do >> reporter: blue apron's mission is to make gourmet cooking in your kitchen easy. they deliver to your home everything you need to cook a fancy 5-star restaurant style meal. plans start at $60 a week and go up. >> reporter:that basic plan includes 3 meals for 2 people delivered weekly. you can cancel or change your meal plan anytime. >> reporter:your meal is delivered in a cooled box with all the ingrediants, condiments, whatever is required for the recipe.
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>> reporter:and there are color cards that lay out the directions step by step how to prepare the meal. all you need is a kitchen, cooking untencils, and the will to learn how to cook a high end meal. now let's talk about those jobs >> reporter:the 400 jobs are for the fullment center in richmond this is where they prep the food. pack the food >> reporter:ship out the food jobs start at $12 an hour / you get a free lunch every day. they offer some good benefits these are full time jobs. i posted a direct link to where you can apply for those jobs on my tech page on our website at kron 4 dot com. so catherine what do you think about that service? would you use it ? >> reporter:it's back! >> reporter:giants star hunter pence has been reunited with his scooter - which was stolen over the weekend outside a restaurant along the embarcadero. an unidentified group of people brought it to police today at a-t&t park. pence learned the good news
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>> reporter:a police report was never nobody's going to jail. pence had already ordered a replacement scooert.and he recently tweeted.indicating the would auction the stolen scooter.and give the money to charity. >> reporter:face value of the battery powered scooter is four thousand. pence is pulling in about 16 million this this sounds like one of those deals where everybody wins. >> jacqueline: as we look live from mount tam cam ranh bouncing around through the evening we still have a gusty winds and around the bay area. and the teens and had ample places like half moon bay same thing it was the clear as well were listening mount temperatures
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into the evidence that we do have big changes in the extended forecast will take a look at the the forecasts in the hour. a look back at the life of novelist and poet maya angelou. >> reporter:kron 4's justine waldman tells us what to look for. female narrator: sleep train challenged its manufacturers sleep train challenged its manufacturers to offer even lower prices. but the mattress price wars ends sunday. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off.
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phones ring constantly at the center for environmental health in oakland. we have gotten a lot of calls from parents ever since the law changed asking where i can get safer products? >> reporter:in january of this year, california no longer required some baby products. like changing pads and foam chairs to be doused with a flame retardant. after evidence showed the chemicals didn't do much to make the products safer. judy levin with the ceh tells me if anything the flame retardant has horrible health impacts on children. hormone disruption, obesity ,reduced iq >> reporter:the ceh asked 17 popular baby product companies to complete a survey asking if it now offered products without the toxic chemicals and if it labeled the products as such. almost half had taken the toxins out. but did not attach a new label.
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>> reporter: we think companies have done the right thing by taking the flame retardant out but they shouldn't keep it a secret anymore >> reporter:what to look for? a label like this on a naturepedic product that clearly says no flame retardant chemicals. >> we think that is the gold standard take out the toxins and let your consumers know so they can make informed decisions. >> reporter:to see the results of the survey on which companies have eliminating toxic flame retardants head to our website kron in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news.
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ballstill ahead-- one of the world's biggest tech companies is revealing exactly *who works for them. our viewers weigh in on the surprising results.. also - do you gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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>> catherine: renowned poet and novelist maya angelou died this morning at age 86 at her north carolina home. fredricka whitfield takes a look back at her life. >>"the hells we have lived through.
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and live through still. have sharpened our senses. and toughened our will." >> reporter:celebrated poet and activist maya angelou may have been speaking about herself on that day in 1995. >> reporter:born marguerite annie johnson in saint louis missouri, april 4th, 19-28, the "hells" she "lived through" began at the age of seven, when she was raped by her mother's boyfriend. >> reporter:after she spoke out against him, he was beaten to death by a mob. young marguerite blamed herself. >>"i was seven and a half. and my seven and a half year old logic deduced that my voice had killed him, so i stopped speaking for almost six years." >>"it was during those years of silence. that she discovered poetry and her love of art. "
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>> reporter:her poetry was first "physical." >> reporter:winning a dance and drama scholarship in san francisco, then later touring europe in 1954, in "porgy and bess." >> reporter:but her growing love for the written word took her to egypt and ghana, where she became a newspaper editor. >> reporter:in ghana, she met malcolm x and returned to the u.s. in 1964 to join his fight in the civil rights movement. after malcolm x's assassination, dr. martin luther king asked her to join him. he was killed on her birthday, 1968. the following year, her first memoir was published-- >> reporter:"i know why the caged bird sings." more best-sellers would follow. >> reporter:her books detailed personal struggles: like having a baby as an unwed teenager-- that son later became novelist, guy johnson. >>"cut" >> reporter:blazing trails on the big and small screens. she directed documentaries.
8:33 pm
>> reporter:her screenplay for 1972's "georgia, georgia" was nominated for a pulitzer prize. maya angelou was nominated for a tony award. she won 3 grammies and, in 2011, president obama presented her with "the presidential medal of freedom." >> reporter:she called herself "maya," which was her brother's nickname for her. "angelou" came from her first husband's name, tosh angelos. >> reporter:she had created her own name, just as she'd created poetry. from pieces of herself. >>i am the hope and the dream of the slave. and so, naturally, there i go rising. >> reporter:fredricka whitfield, cnn, atlanta. >> reporter:new at 8-- >> reporter:business owners are targeting tourists in san francisco's fisherman's wharf. but there's *another group
8:34 pm
of people who are also targeting tourists. that's the focus of this next edition. of people behaving badly. >> >> reporter: would appear that he is someone the mike i digress. tight end on our sneakers shriner he only targeted tourists with a dirty rag and white bottle of on a liquid by the way he said he would sue me if i placed them on tv. when people do not give him money for a shine he often uses harsh language. >> reporter: just another unique way to get money from tourists. he bangs the
8:35 pm
bucket on the sidewalk alleged no he was satisfied with it not helping. >> reporter: he had a drink cup brought to him from this mail that umbrella. then of the people out nickname the travelers they bounce from un to sun approves is to san francisco and hugely have a doll. they are the most aggressive on icon to panhandling. >> reporter: on to say is is just another day of paradise. san francisco's then the robbers conference race. kron 4 news
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>> catherine: we are hearing many of them are being allowed to return more holmes might still need to be evacuated. >> reporter: couponing clean in regards to the faces of its company and has always been reluctant to publish numbers about the diversity of its work force. senior vp of people operations as it is hard to address these kinds of challenges if you're not prepared to discuss them openly with the fat. here are some of the numbers 70% of google workforce are composed of men and 30 percent of women 91 percent is white or asian 2% identify themselves as black. >> reporter: hire without
8:37 pm
thinking of race just think of who you feel as qualified. >> reporter: plenty of us with the qualifications that never see the selection process lead along the interview. >> catherine: >> jacqueline: taking a look at current conditions pretty mount along the bay area. we are in for some changes this moments of certainty.
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>> catherine: of cyber crime is on the rise for u.s. businesses and organizations. that's according to a new survey with some chilling numbers the survey covered businesses, law enforcement services, and government agencies. more than 75 percent of them had detected a security breach in the last year. at about a fourth of them said the attackers were insiders including current and former employees. >> catherine: an outbreak of salmonella linked to a california chicken company continues after more than a year. >> catherine: foster farms chicken is still dealing
8:41 pm
with the outbreak. >> catherine: it was first reported over a year ago -- but new cases are still being reported. >> catherine: within the past 2 months - there have been 50 new illnesses. and since march of last year - nearly 600 people have been sickened. >> catherine: the cdc says the new illnesses are mostly in california. >> catherine: so far, there's been no recall. return to index of >> reporter: the incident is not only bad for your brain with your body to time for power powerful positive thinking. being a cynic >> jacqueline: here is a
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look a futurecast temperatures running in the '50s to start the day. as we move into the now and our 70's even 80 system on a share and a screen. the coastline. more a degree readings. of the coast not much has changed. it will be a degrees in redwood city print for east bayshore lines. 76 in oakland. 78 out in fremont. 86 and antioch 84 in concord along the creek. 85 and morgan hill and san jose and finally the
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north that a lot of these tomorrow. , lance a much cooler as he hit into friday and especially saturday we will want back up into next week >> catherine: still ahead while some drivers say there's the driver is a scar the future that could be available sooner than you think plus no gas pedals no bricks in a
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>> reporter:is this the future of driving? google released this video of a prototype of a driverless car. the two-seater vehicle has no gas pedal, no brake pedal -- not even a steering wheel. passengers just get in and tell the car where they want to go. >> reporter:according to tech website c-net, it's part of a project google is developing to create a self- driving car that's *safer than human drivers.
8:46 pm
and it could be coming sooner than you think. c-net says most major automakers expect cars like this to be available by 20- 20. >> >> catherine:apple is acquiring the company "beats electronics." that includes the streaming music service - "beats music". also beats audio equipment. apple will pay 3-billion dollars for the company. it's the most expensive acquisition in apple's history. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:giants/cubs tim lncecum weird outting today top 1st pablo sandoval makes another great diving stop and guns out the runner at first lince cum likes it >> gary:bottom 2nd
8:47 pm
>> gary:5-0 giants >> gary: >> jacqueline: >> gary:very good news! we have good news, ladies and gentlemen.. the scooter has
8:48 pm
been returned! the power of prayer! >> pam: >> catherine: (laughter) the power of praye byr prayer ... why didn't he lock it up for heaven's s ake! >> gary:thanks to all of
8:49 pm
you who gave up your self ish needs to return the scooter to a man who just signed a 90 million dollar contract hong >> gary:vern glenn doing his annual ball-dude appearance can't handle the hard foul the great vern glenn top 5th lincecum strikes out edwin jackson he has not allowed a hit but after walking his 4th batter george kontos is summoned to the pen >> gary:bruce bochy pulled lincecum after the 5th with the no-hittwer intect lincecum: 5 ip, 4 walks, hit a batter
8:50 pm
>> gary:bottom 6th/ scorelss >> gary:sandoval singles up the midle angel pagan scores 1-0 giants >> gary:top 7th/ 1 out >> gary: jeremy affeldt gives up a single to alameda native john baker to break up the no-hitter 8 outs away >> reporter:bottom 7th/ after sandoval was walked intentionally >> gary:hector sanchez makes the cubs pay with this drive into the left-center ally buster posey and sandoval score sanchez is safe at third advancing on the throw home 5-0 giants >> gary: combine for a 2-hit shutout >> gary: after the game bochy lincecum after the 5th with a no-hitter return to index >> gary:hunter's pence's scooter which was stolen sunday in front of a restaurant near the embarcadero was myteriously
8:51 pm
returned to at&t park today by a group of unidentified people who gave it to the police at the park >> gary: scooter to the clubhouse none of the people who returned it are being investigated and the police are treating it as "found property" since pence never reported it stolen pence found out during the game his scooter was returned jim harbaugh and the 49ers hit the field for their first full squad organized team activity of the offseason >> gary:aldon smith who plead no charges and will be sentenced july 25 was back on the field as well and colin kaepernick has to deal with the ongoing investigation of that some reports had him involved in a sexual assault ocurred kaepernick talked today about the ongoing turmoil while his coach offered a unique description of
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>> hit >> reporter: senate and san francisco today san jose few weeks ago no one had heard of atm calling him the cash died. he became something of a sensational on twitter found in san jose the self- described of japan nor in making millions in real estate like to share the wealth credit to our goal each pleaded random acts of kindness do not be set up cenacle hears this in the world in love. >> catherine: kind of sweet. >> i sat there will not only person there. we just
8:56 pm
started running to all of the fire hydrants and there it was hidden cash. >> reporter: is out there but he may have missed out. headed to a 08 against side had to throw him in their voices the had a good attitude serious ice hidden-20 l eight is now exegesis say some slate pieces after a holiday york sit ready for it hit-it's not joking all round and i do not know if there is an alternative mode of. >> catherine: now he's having some fun and why not.
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see you at 11 tonight everyone stay connected
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