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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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a construction worker suffered major injuries on highway 4 the mother of affordable way to fall off the cliff earlier this week is desperately waiting for her son to come out of a coma now at 11. an antioch worker in serious condition tonight after being injured in a machine accident. the man -- is employed on a cal-trans project on highway- 4, just west of hillcrest. earlier tonight. he was airlifted to the trauma center at john muir medical center. that's where kron-4's philippe djegal joins us live. philippe what do we know so far?
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tonight- only on four. the mother of the young boy. who fell off of a cliff near bodega bay. is talking about the ordeal for the first time. her son has a number of broken bones. and has yet to wake up. he is being treated at children's hospital oakland. j-r stone tells us how the boy is doing now. this is for world sebastian johnson pictured here monday before he fell more than 230 ft. off a cliff near the database it's just awful there's no words to express how upset i am i loved my boy he's my only baby boy sebastian was put into a medically induced coma and he is
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taken off the medication and should like any time the doctors thought he would wait on wednesday and this is via a note of being and rested we were hiking back along the trail to the car and sebastian knight decided to throw a couple extra rocks yet know just invoice stuff and we were about 34 feedback on the trail nowhere near the clef and i turned around and he was right there on the edge i tried as 6 in. from grabbing him i was right next to him and he was right there crews were able to get the boy to the hospital where he has been ever since he has a broken leg and a broken arm and several broken bones in his face including a broken jaw but he is alive it's an absolute miracle that is
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still here it's like an angel came and broke his fall straight from heaven god's hands are with him the boy did move his hand on thursday it appears the recovery is slow but happening a south bay janitor is in jail on child pornography charges. following an online investigation. police arrested 40- year old arturo perez this morning in los gatos, at the building where he works. a police task force tracked perez down, after following the traffic on a child pornography web site. when officers encountered perez, they say they found more than 100 pornographic videos with children ranging in age. from toddlers to about 12 -years old. the suspect is being held in the santa clara county jail on $25,000 bail. the san francisco police department marked the 20th anniversary of one of the most horrific shootouts in the
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city's history. more that a hundred patrol officers, joined by mounted police and motorcycle officers, came to honor the memory of james guelff. he was killed in a gun battle with a heavily armed. and armor- clad gunman. that gunman held off more than one- hundred and -twenty police officers. for half an hour before he was killed by a police sniper. it turned out to be a carjacking suspect one thing nobody knew knew that he was carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition after over 25 minutes and hundreds of rounds were exchanged the ceremony was held at pine and franklin streets, the site of the incident where a plaque honoring james guelff is embedded in the sidewalk.
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and we've been out here for about an hour and we're told that the man is still in serious condition having suffered serious and major injuries and a construction accident and right now as we're speaking his and said john muir hospital receiving treatment this is an accident scene this is where happened just off of the hillcrest exit on highway 4 in antioch and the contra county fire department said this worker somehow got lodged into one of the pieces of equipment to draw like machine and from there it took about an hour for emergency personnel to get him out
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by 730 the worker was in a helicopter and taken here to john muir hospital now the fire protection district is not releasing the extent of the person's injuries that this person is still alive coming up at 11. it's been nearly a week since an teenage boy was killed after20 shots were fired at him. an outraged community is calling for change. plus. more seniors. and low income tenants being invicted in san francisco. why the building owner says. he's trying to evict the long- time residents. and next. where police say. this woman was videotaped stealing packages off porches in the north bay.
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download the xfinity tv app today. new details on that deadly police shooting in concord. the officers involved. have now been placed on paid
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administrative leave. the suspected car thief, who was shot and killed by police, has been identified as 26 year- old jose avalos of bay point. the shooting happened after concord police joined sheriff's deputies. in a high-speed chase. police say, avalos dumped the car, and took off on foot. that's when he reportedly carjacked a woman. they then caught up to avalos at the willows shopping center. where he was killed. as the holiday season approaches -- officials recommend you take every precaution in securing deliveries when they arrive at your home. a theft occurred in the 200 - block of turnberry way in vallejo thursday morning. police say. this female suspect followed a u-p-s truck around the neighborhood. she was caught on video. walking up to the victim's front door -- taking the package and walking away. police say. the suspect waited for the driver to deliver the packages before committing this theft. concern about aging trees in san francisco. after several of them fall down during the rainy weather. one
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nearly killing a man. and a grim discovery in the south bay. when a man finds the remains of a baby. at a trailer park. it coming up later in this broadcast hohokam and mvp in the a.l. c s the holiday season is here,
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on select new volkswagen models. a grim discovery at a san jose trailer park. someone found the remains of a baby. beneath a vacant unit. there is still no word on who the baby is, or the whearabouts of the mother. maintenance man, alex reyes says, he was looking for a bed frame in the crawl space. when he found the body of the baby. when i looked at it i see a little box and i didn't know what it is sold in the box and their sweaters on top of the baby so when i take one of the sweaters out i saw little head reyes notified the manager. who called 9=1=1. reyes says he knows of no one there who might have been expecting a baby. and says. the unit where the baby was found, has been vacant for years. its been almost a week since the death of rodney frazier
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junior. his classmates and friends at richmond high set up a memorial dedicated to the 16- year old, as they continue to mourn. it has been confirmed that 20 shots were fired at frazier -- while he was in the front yard of his north richmond home. investigators believe a gang mistook frazier for someone else. jose deleon is the principal at the high school -- he has been helping students cope with the loss. when we hear something like this happening especially from of your house i think it brings back a lot of emotions of how we can make our community better for the second night. hundreds of students and teachers came out to the richmond civic center. demanding an end to the violence. richmond police and contra costa sheriffs department have been investigating. but so far they have not been able to track down those responsible. wet weather led to some major crashes on roads today.
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two in the east bay, another to the south. we'll start in oakland. where one of the crashes still has a lane shut down tonight. a big rig hit an overcrossing. and overturned onto southbound interstate- 880 near 23-rd avenue this afternoon. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. several lanes were closed into the evening commute. one lane will remain closed until two a-m. the c-h-p says, driving too fast in wet weather caused this tow truck to lose control on eastbound highway-24 this morning. the truck's fuel tank ruptured, shutting down the pleasant hill road exit. and in san jose -- a driver was rescued this afternoon after his big rig overturned. this happened on southbound highway-101 near alum rock avenue. the truck was hauling dirt that spilled into the roadway. part of a rain- drenched tree fell on and nearly killed a man in san francisco. it happened this morning at 23rd and potrero. the branch hit several cars. snagged a muni line. and hit the victim on the head.
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he has life-threatening injuries. another ficus tree fell on powell street. no one was hurt there. city officials say ficus trees are a growing problem. they are old and top-heavy. the department of public works is working to figure out if some of them need to be removed. all we did see these amount of rain this morning about a third of an inch of rain in most locations nearly an inch in ben lomond and flooded the satellite radar iran has come to the end we have high clouds coming into the bay area will see a little bit of low and clouds bringing rain u.s. departure clearing tomorrow afternoon with temperatures in the '60s and if we look ahead of
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really dry weekend and a better chance of week and next week patchy fog through the north bay and fog to the east bay will clear by 9:00 and by 11:00 will still see fog in the bay and will take a little while for it to clear and does '60s around the bay area the extended forecast saturday allied chance of rain only in the north bay but it does not look likely most likely will be dry up until tuesday when a chance of rain will come here in san francisco more senior and low-income tenants are being evicted
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the landlord has told the residents that this building is commercial and that they have no business being here and some residents have been there 14 years and have been fighting the eviction at the beit bridge caltrans says they will close the lines of the upper deck of the western stand overnight now that they've come up with the new plan to restart the expansion joint it's to cover parts of the road work which has allowed commuters to a slow and stop some of the chp is using rapid setting concrete so they do not have to use the steel plates
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lighting strikes will increase by some 50- percent by the end of the century. according to a new study. researchers at u-c- berkeley say, the world is getting warmer and wetter. warmer air holds more water vapor, which is fuel for thunderstorms. sparking more lightning. scientists say, the spike in lightning strikes could increase the chance for wildfires and injuries. the warriors host the bricklin max and gary has the highlights in the sport's next cocoa or eggnog? toasty or frosty?
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good evening everybody the warriors played team they should be able to handle the brooklyn mets would you going to do brooklyn that's?? when the warriors are round!! reso may yet lead by stating comes march
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a team like the mets the warriors are just going to handle them at home cfb- -cal at usc jared goff started slow finished strong 4th quarter/ 31-16 usc cody kessler gets out of trouble and hitsrandall telfer for the 16-yard touchdown 38-16 usc less than 2 minutes to play 38- 23 usc goff finds stephen anderson all aone for the 29-yard touchodwn 38-30 usc ensuing onside kick usc recovers game over sonny dykes still one win away from bowl eligibility final: 38-30 usc cal: 5-5 next up is the big game hosting stanford a week from saturday
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stanford and cal are now moving their game up a little bit to make more money on the season the mri of navorro bowman's surgically-repaired left knee was negative after he experienced soreness in it earlier this week. defensive coordinator vic fangio wasn't very optomisitc. however. saying bowman may have to miss the season if the problem persists borland and his teammates will be able to do their thing borland has had 35 tackles in the past two games and he will likely take bowman's bought the rest of the year though stirred during a great job of elevating their game to the standard that navarro has
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set around here they have no choice but to do that and they're doing a great job 9:00 sunday night, will be here and you'll be the guest whenever there's rain it's very jackie and she does so much around here i just >>jacqueline bennett the chief
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all take jackie over britain spears any day when it comes to personality and a sweet spirit about her give me jackie thomas hertl celebrated his 21st birthday yesterday 2nd period/ scoreles joe thornton forces the turnover gets the puck back and scores 1- 0 sharks 2nd period/ 1-0 sharks tyler kennedy gets the puck on the breakaway and scores 2-0 sharks 3rd period lighting on a 5-on-3 power play at columbus on saturday mike trout a.l. mvp mike trout is the youngest unanimous mvp in the history of major league baseball as he won that honor in the american league today at 23 he is the
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>> what happened to fitness guru richard simmons? >> oh, yeah. >> concern for the famous celebrity after he disappears from public view. >> then bono cheats death. >> how the singer survived a door blowing off his plane. >> and national uproar over the pregnant woman begging for money. why is she being driven around in a mercedes benz? then mall shootings. >> called an ambulance half an hour ago. >> they're on their way. >> just released video of the alleged killers. are they stalking for a victim? and first this. now full frontal kim kardashian. plus food truck dangers. food truck mania is sweeping the country. but is there


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