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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> the scene on foot, and subsequently several good the suspect. >> reporter: officers were going every every little bit of evidence to make sure they didn't miss anything. the passenger was taken to the hospital in critical condition. i'm jeff bush, reporting live in bollea. the brief area got another low. the storm is expected to pick
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up saturday. this is the golden gate bridge. wet where's is on the way. jeff is standing by. tell us what is going to happen. >> reporter: it's going to impact saturday morning, and that's it a couple of afternoon for the south bay. the rain to the north of us, it's been slow in the southward progression. we have been seeing showers through lake tahoe. you can see heavier rain poaching right now, and the rain has been the hour over the past couple of showers. this is sweeping down to the pay area, really impacting us the last 30 minutes or so. now into the early afternoon, the south bay places up to an
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inch. and the gusty winds accompanying a front. we will time it out on future cast coming up. some of the tahoe skill resorts have allowed them to play snow. four trails at north star are open. their excitement was about getting out on the flow. >> i'm upper excited. i have been skiing since april. >> are you pretty proud? >> yes. >> are you the fastest one out there? >> yes! >> know doubt ability it? >> reporter: the resort operators expect 6 more inches of snow tonight and not storm. pc;
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it's free to download, and jack will be back with the full weekend weather outlook. a window washer falls 11 story from a building and survives. san francisco police say the workers with century window clean ere fell off building in san francisco. a passing par broke miss call fall. he suffered life-threatening conditions, and he's in stable county tonight. it hit the back of the car, and he rolled off. >> he was sleeping from his ears, and his eyes were in the back of his head.
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the company was cited in 2008 for safety violations. the safety of the company was not injured. most of the roof of his car caved cave -- car was caved 234 from where he was lieding. >> the aim ever imact is really hard. i wasn't sure what it service. i thought another car hit me. but it doesn't the car, it was the driver. >> the driver's wife said they are both praying for the window washer and his family. a number of women have been groped by this suspected since august. the man walked up to the women in the nobody hill area and groped them from behind.
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he is between 25 and 32 years old. 6'0", with loose curl the, and a bark brown beard. police are investigating an attempted assault gay 150-year- old. more opt dramatic moments where a man allegedlied chased and tried to grab a child. police say it's an accountive case, and workers are working very hard to create a composite sketch, and they are hoping they have it available to the public in the coming days. >> let's go inside the neighborhood where this alleged scary neighborhoods counted. a man approached the child, a man the child didn't know. the child ran away, dropped the process in the period of doing
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so, and jumped over a fence. the police say the man tried unsuccessfully to grab the child's leg. the man ran off after going through the backpack. police a vague prescription of the backpack, but they hope to have no more ongoing. coming up mystery charges made to a danville credit card after a couple claims it'ser in bullpen swiped in the store. : chest from being exposed. a -- how much will your b.a.r.t. ride cost, starting storm.
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new ride to the airport will be officially open tomorrow morning. riders can ride one of four trains to the coliseum or oakland international station. still ahead tonight, internet sensation, grumpy cat makes an internet appearance, all to help other animals find a home this season. a couple says fraudulent charges were made to their target credit card. they say it may have been a breech within target's data system. ♪
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new tonight at 11, a danville couple says they found fraudulent charges on their target credit card, but the mystery continues to how the charges were made. the couple claims they have never swiped their card at the store, and they believe it may have been a breech within target's own data system. >> i'm terry, and this is my kron story. >> reporter: terry got a surprise when his wife was checking their target card and had four charges for over $1,000. >> last year it was wrong, and the card.
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we do not take it out. it was not swiped. we didn't take it from here. it leads me to believe it was a breech within their own data system. >> reporter: terry says the major security change this time last year made him more hesitant to use credit cards. >> i am leery of using any card at target because there's been so many compromises there, and we don't have evidence about what future. is. >> reporter: kron4 reach out for comment "we take the protection of our guest's information seriously. they should promptly report any suspicious activity with the number on the back of the card." at the time of this z+
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terry has not heard back from anyone at target after being hold he would hear back from a supervisor in an hour. a stockton gym teacher is facing charges tonight, accused of trying to drag a student into a school swimming pool it happened back in august. cell phone video appears to show the teacher grabbing the girl and pulling her towards the pool. the girl didn't want to go to the cool because she recently had her hair styled. >> no means no. stop means to stop. it's not a situation where she is attacking the teacher. when a woman says no, and a 14- year-old girl says no, it means no! >> the teacher is facing
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corporal injury to a child. inside decision met with the students, and you can see that tonight. students at uc berkeley are staging a protest in wheeler hall. classes were held in the building as the protesters maintained a presence there. u c berkeley is not sure how long the protests will continue. no snow expected out of this the tail send of the storm here, you can see moderate rain to the northern california area. we can expect the same it will move really quickly. rain fall totals will not be all that great. overnight tonight, that's when the rain will move in and spread south. mainly affecting us tomorrow
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morning, lingering into the afternoon for the zit pay. and we will see gusty winds, especially over 1,000 feet. 35-mile an hour gusts, and a look ahead. drier weather on sunday, warmer into your holiday week. >> here's the future cast. you can see pinpointing the rain to the north of us, and that's what we are seeing now. move sog into the north bay, still coming down through the north bay from 4 to 7, and sagging into san francisco and east by a a little later. south bay by 9:00, and we will south bay and to the south of gilroy, and also by noon, rapid clearing behind the 9pñ?ñ?front no threat of thunderstorms once the storm exits and we can see clear skies. rain fall totals again, not all that impressive, although the north of the hills could have
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an inch of rain. the same thing in clifton. a third of an inch or less of rain in the south bay. temperatures warm up over tomorrow. added sunshine into the afternoon. low to mid-60s for the most part, and a couple of upper 630s like in livermore. no levels will be really high in this area, and wind gusts at the peaks and passes could get up to 100 miles an hour. we will see obviously a little hour. areas impacted by the strong winds. the greater lake to -- tahoe area will expire tomorrow at 4:00. drier, warmer weather expected
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through the holiday week with the temperaturings reaching 710 in some spots. internet celebrity grumpy cat helped to kick off macy's window display. to large crowds gathered to get a close look at grumpy cat and all the animals under adoption. over the last 9 years, this display helped the san francisco aspca find homes for 23,000 pets it will be up until january the 4th. coming up in sports, an offer is on the table from pablo sandoval, it's not from the giants. the warriors take on the jazz. sports coming up next.
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made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good night, everybody. the ñj the boston globe reporting that sandoval has been suffered a 5 year, $95 million contract and the giants offered him 90 million over 5 years,s same contract they gave hunter pence a couple of years ago. $19million a year from the red sox, and again according to the postton globe, the san diego
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padres will reportedly make an offer tomorrow. bobby evans said yesterday they expect a decision from sandoval early next week. when you get the early 12-0 lead, you know will be a good night. that's the warriors did tonight. steff curry didn't have to shoot a lot to open the game. a lost season a year ago, and they didn't like coming off the bench. curry to bogus. six warriors in double figures. 108-88, the warriors off to the 10-2 start playing at okc on sunday. cal was undefeated when
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they marched into madison square garden tonight to play texas, quanzo martin say they preaches defense and everything that goes with it. unlike the syracuse game, the bears couldn't close, and it was all texas winning, and i will walk away tonight as california wins or excuse me, the record is 3-1. a win over syracuse, and a lot tonight to texas. johnny hawkins, they are playing something known as the coaches classic, in honor of jim valvono tonight. 18 points for stanford, and anthony brown with 18. shooting a come pined of 10 for 150 from 3-point range. >> very interesting. duke will play. the first time johnny was an all american, and he will face
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his old mentor, 89-60. the 49ers will be hosting sunday without patrick lewis. he tweeted out a photo of the operating room. his left big toe was repaired today. he is feeling great. thank you for the tweet. jason applebaum goes one-on-one on sunday night. san jose state, utah state, ron kerrigan. it's been a tough year. meyers running 60 yards for the score. 92yards rushing, and san jose is going to lose 41-7. jojo taking the run in, and san jose
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state finishing 3-8, finishing the season at san diego state. that's sports as i see it at this hour. >> good night, everybody.
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bill cosby, you won't believe what he said last night. >> you're an evil old man. >> and a former actress comes forward claiming cosby assaulted her back stage at "the tonight show." >> did you feel like no one would believe you if you came forward? then, the teen dragged by her teacher, he wants her in that pool. exclusive. what the student is saying today. >> makes me want to cry. and how to avoid a heart attack when you're shoveling snow. >> i don't believe i've ever seen this many deaths attributed to possible cardiac arrest. plus, the mom who doesn't recognize her own twins. >> how old are you? >> i'm 43. then, the woman in red, you won't believe where we found her toy,


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