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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 5, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PST

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occurrences' afternoon and expect rainy windy weather and women up the mid-60s but rain that will be along and joining but terribly tired bay area stocks sunday airs at the plaza. completely backed up on the 800 across a lot of shuffling for the
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fast-track plan to now. and if he kasper newton kennelly meet sure they like conditions having to macarthur ms.. lifetime 15 minutes from the man is heading to the city to watch show for foggy conditions >> : if there is continued for consensus to richmond district 20 by 20 ft. sinkhole opened up in the middle and jackie is left with an update on this big repair job is now just writing any to see the gaping hole you can see some of the construction material from this area to be working on since wednesday for as it happens >> : video from yesterday when crews were out here working away on the vehicles. the uncertainty is going by right now this happened wednesday when an intense rain storm 8 in. main over
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a hundred years old. an assembly could not handle the water on that it wade. and ultimately caused that simple. originally they the thought they could their parents and pushed back up work done relatively quickly once again in the room and discovered more to be get done and again a little bit more complicated. a to a spokesperson from the puc in talk about what they originally thought and what now have to do >> : original project would of been the set attention and the storm drains to steer types. but there is a connection was somewhat reliable as the current design still upgrading to current design standards and constructing a manhole and having that storm drain and violence to a jury which will allow much more stable connection >> : and as i said crews are just now getting out here start to work and good news is
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everyone on the area still in service. at out of water but it still inconvenienced roadblocks all over the place used to be a whole no one gets too close. we expect to get up at some point today to a find out exactly how much longer they think originally to or through a process now extended out to 45 maybe even six days to big job of work to do it under way this morning >> : continues this morning in san francisco mission district from the storms and i say they're tired of having to deal once the deal from wednesday morning see the water rising and falling on the street eventually going in the homes workers hired by the city to clean up the mess. a c f p c says that the message and the structure that big a deal
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with the problem and get a larger more permanent fix to the flooding. and going to take billions of dollars of distressed for water from the area but from the entire east side seven cisco. >> : little damage year the total water so from businesses and local complex and timber on live about carpeting waterworks still to dubai shops all damaged one to disagree couple days before he's able to reopen for business >> : reminder weather alerts forecast check the raid are more any time with our free kron 4 mobile app. >> : the bill bars station back open now this morning after another night of protest shut down last night as the demonstrators protested against the chokehold death of eric in new york and the shooting death of michael brown and the jury. both also held ominous silence for officer grant who was killed and tradition of our station 2009 after being shot by our police officer
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>> : and protestors, for better police training body cameras changes in a grand jury process >> : another on a process of for tonight's 7:00 and oakland's >> : also demonstrated in san fransico residency here market power street did be rerouted on that area now market street has been clear in traffic back to normal there process differences go oakland will mostly be piece less i >> : rise on wall street this morning sharp rise in number of american unemployment rate dropping. the estimate of three of the 21,000 jobs in november its 90,000 more jobs than expected and unemployment rate seen in the same at 5.8%. with that stocks on the rise to and some points in the dow in clause 18,000 mark 17,00927 mobile right back.
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of combat the kron 4 morning news dry times haven't changed since the 4:00 hour until light is. and for many at the concord highway for. six and a small creek dublin. and selling a 20 minutes from the impassive dublin and slows traffic in downtown livermore. dealing cell nine dozen obama going to
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announce any moment the defense secretary position in expected that ashton carter will be replacing said terry check payable carter nomination expected for days now president hold off the four pentagon official was been completed higgle in place till there's a confirmation what is empty report already waiting for the step in at to happen at any moment when it does will carry it live. >> :
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ peons bracing for catastrophic moment millions of people in that waiting inland. spectacle and fall tomorrow night at expected start north and the city which is devastated last year. in the storm is downgraded from a super typhoon to telephone earlier this morning and still packing potentially devastating winds crude residents in southern california being told the lookout for more this month flash flooding and stars the cause mudslides in riverside county could happen again in the car's air buried in mud. one man action drove into the middle of the mudslide not realizing how deep it was a study of one up there >> : scare's noticed a been taught how his little upset north star >> :
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this mainly up on the upper slopes and then that unable to open up new bonds yesterday. >> : look out snowboarding is any better when redoing >> : ford asserted sunday we at rain today and continue to be rain just too cold and turning to snow but about some of the overnight upbeat in the see snow and rain snow max. about 7,000 ft. should be decent snow on saturday aboard to a foot and up and down the upper 40's low 20s is ahead and the overnight hours sunday. was a cloudy and trying out soon. in terms of lack of snow falling saturday will be the day. and quick look
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coercing or on the bay and some clout to fog rain has an arrive just yet. burlington's fog and adult the fairfield right now the 10th mile visibility. a mile is a little out as about 5 mi. visibility as the rosa and nevada. to solicit outside there is pre were announcing a whole lot of their tesla clouds and low fog. delays at sfo. and more than two are delays now for incoming flights with the consent jose doing just fine to quote what will here seller radar part of the systems center will offshore but as it continues to spend in a counterclockwise direction grabbing some moisture from the clutter and bringing it our way. should have a pretty decent punch the the system then popup thunderstorms from this afternoon on o'clock not to watch some showers to the top of the screen there by 1 to noon to 1:00 showers begin to start arriving and pre-socratic at that point and more widespread as to this afternoon and satellite
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this right to your evening commute as recess for the clock a few more hours to 6 in the evening in looking at scattered showers today and why still appear fairly active well in the over $9 to 11:00 p.m. so some cold showers and hold on to those rights through the first half saturday. and a brief break saturday afternoon of sunday another system ulcers on the night and monday and brings the north bay problem showers >> : through and had over the traffic center >> : where the traffic are driven not dealing with rain and fog is a factor we do have some pettifog thrust bay bridge right now take a look a movement here so seen some pretty good shuffling for fast path plans and not publicly backed up by the a over crossing isn't in the background here. against a sea pre good movement on these short freeway. dried thyme about 15 minutes from the san francisco and which is very typical frankly we generally see a pattern
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developing in december, like summer or we see the period between banks giving eight and news >> : preconditions are on the entire bay area >> : this course in the volume appearance of a cisco but dried thyme still about 2627 minutes coming out of nevada and the san francisco. the consent of the bridge has been backed up you can see all the lanes are open. and you can see past the toll plaza of about 40 m.p.h. pushing iran. over on the traffic now like conditions for highway 24 to the top. and stopping the conditions yourself about 680 right workup attacks with 242 as reseal look 20 mi. per hour. for easy conditions excess free for several invalid and traffic backed up again west 580 over all small pass. that's right at 30 m.p.h. pushing down don't dance, or more >> :
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so since the news this morning pato looking for man expose himself to two elderly women live there now more >> : of a hunting victims told and that 80 is out for a walk chatting avenue are men came up exposed himself and to them to take a look. and it blew the the circus is not connected the fourth known indecent exposure in politics since the october 1st neighbor this morning says she's fed up. >> : the lawyers to go a burglaries' in the neighborhood and the sec's
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motion really understand statistical fiddling here but it and then get a little bit more courage to do >> : it got the ball to pleas for this morning for the closing his door is not a good description on the man only describe as a white man possibly in his late teens asking anybody with the information given a called ninth and they put authorities arrested a sex offender after they say family discovered the man inside their 12 year-old daughter's bedroom. new line burglary charges of molestation charges registered sex offender friend of the girl from texas is >> : now a search for other possible that comes >> : where they wish come true porcelain some christmas gifts for young men battling leukemia appear essentially year-old to a one day contract huge lawyers fan
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of from australia and los anjou broken. diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia 2011 and expected to survive but now he's intermission. long trip oakland's to hang out with a sitter clear if the team and andrew but as fantastic >> : at an all-time hurt his story his outlook and it was given a wartime. obviously still here it's great it's bigger role model than any of us i think >> : the team scored eight points and pulled down 11 rebounds as the lawyers there culkin hundred 1285. tune and all the sports highlights in discussion with the kron 4 sports night live showing every sunday did this and applebaum will be doing
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interview with andrew bowden as a matter of fact also talking 49ers raiders all highlights analysis this tiger woods not o'clock every sunday night >> :
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biologist and former sen jose increase in activity in an area now known as the jungle and this is about six years ago the city simply kept kakemono austria apparently was done >> : well this we have appears to be the nation's largest homeless encampment. more like a landfill >> : to a dripless people living here as those offices of habitat where native camp and wildlife >> : or go to >> : washington d.c. president announcing the secretary >> : last month america's visitors to create more than 300,000 jobs >> : this to testify this year and not seen since 1990's
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and 50.6 5 million jobs and more than in any entire year since 1990's >> : 10.9 million jobs over the past 57 months in a row as the long history private- sector job growth and record. also know the pickup and the pace of job growth has been industries of higher wages overall wages are rising very welcome sign the millions of americans >> : the opportunity keep up this progress of congress is willing to keep government open avoid self-inflicted wounds work together to invest in the same support best job growth then typing jobs and exports and the
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structure streamlining tax code giving minimum wage workers a raise, as a long road to recovery and generations still more to get to do before part for hard working americans and american professor and all other industrialized countries combines >> : and keep at it until every single american life able to work any job in wages lotus support their families. every once in while reflecting on the fact american economy making progress and if we can continue in this trajectory and grow robustly and if you
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make sure those companies who profits go higher anytime loss six years they're also making sure their workers are sharing that growth and then ritual cycle really animated difference and critical component of strengthening national security because it starts with a strong note economy at home airline and some people think an ounce kevin positions on faked accounts this is not the case >> : a year ago when completed tenure secretary of defense bit cemetery hill to the podium and farewell sermon to look at the audience of civilian and military leaders and said no- carabineers of us sitting
7:28 am
here to have benefited from part or friendship from inspiration and leadership and then on to express his gratitude for what-has done for this country continue to do many ways an ascetic better myself. a pleased to announce secretary of defense with trashing carter >> : record of service spanned more than 30 years public- service as adviser scholar ashes rightly regarded as ordinations foremost national security leaders >> : announcing last five years my presidency including two years as deputy secretary the homicide navigating a complex security challenges
7:29 am
there is a your one-year their retirement from public service failed miserably. but deeply grateful willing to go back at it >> : -up brands of strategic and technical know-how and soon history knows the united states as in the most provided security in the world and play a key role in our defense strategy to advance the security. also possess means wealthy people action understands how many are defense systems work >> : that is also answer with a stronger breath and depth and a whole range innovator
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who helped create program dismantle want the evidence of mass destruction on a world for more never been afraid to cancel old in fission weapons and as a part of the fenced inside and out all which means they want to run running also known by allies from the world. both republican democratic secretary's suspected trusted both sides of the aisle with partner with military leaders admired by all years ago as a mentor to some of them another quality often think he gets overlooked his love for men and women in uniform relentless evocation of safety and well-being we cut out dated unneeded
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systems did because seastrand free up money for troops robins and here they needed in quality of life for themselves of families deserve. should sirach afghanistan's ruling against world said bombs move heaven and earth to rush the body armor and vehicles >> : to less americans alive today in part because ashes efforts. forces set down the is giving a dinner far from home when did warriors recovered and hospital fallen heroes returned over- was there. often on his own time but well below but of publicity fanfare and no ash will be there for them now as secretary of defense. this is shortage of challenges security and
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afghanistan as a small have the transition to a new mission of advising assistant and going after remnants of credit corp. at degrading ultimately destroying syria f carters risen partnership and the flexible west africa and continued to strengthen our alliances with nato and continue rebalancing defense posture and asia-pacific. on force is necessary as commander-in-chief making sure we of military service second to none continues to the fighting force and as you the world bolster some new capability severed offenses how we deal with satellite are adapting military investing in new
7:33 am
capability to meet long-term threats in >> : work with congress more responsible approach of defense reforms we need to make the department more efficient and how we preserve readiness and world-class 21 wounded warriors critical to all these efforts and talk about this job how were at the next four choices decisively because the summit challenges out there and will have to squeeze every thing we have are the resources to be as affected as possible and can think of someone who's more qualified to do that in his career confirmed by the size three times but entirely up to my dear friends sitting here a
7:34 am
still happen really quickly cause this kind of guy carlists then and now has had a chance to work-in the attached past. congress pathan we'll miss carl and his one mentioned that >> : will molest critical information may have tipped the scales one and promote action is a big motown fan. classic by the four tops in reaching out there bashing 02 yet been there for us troops also know it's been
7:35 am
there probably wife stephanie sometimes by scott to the traveling but sacrifices he's been willing to make this a team effort to for military families and very grateful she joined-on a lot of those this year troops at the bedside of wounded warriors and knows sacrifices a gone through it and you for your service. we know it can be proud of their debt the that hopefully soon a be a secretary defense 9
7:36 am
mr. president was present in its honor privilege for me to be nominated general along toward to remind mentor eight for being here is another longtime mentor bill perry can't be here today this t chairman many other friends and colleagues pass future coming out. >> : to the presence officer for nominated such a defense because i regard for leadership accepted it because of seriousness of strategic challenges we face also of bright opportunity exists for america if we can come together grapple them
7:37 am
>> : accepted the offer because deep respect abiding love stephanie and i have for men and women in uniform >> : as a together in the past is rather discuss challenges opportunity and need for both to keep america safe to make a better future for children if confirmed in this job i pledge to the most candid strategic advice and click also you will receive equally candid military advice >> : the president's choice a nominee to be the next head of the pentagon secretary defense this assist with flaw experience waiting for defense this assist with flaw experience waiting for senate approval bareback wñwñ
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a look at the other side of the storm tracker watch and wait for the rain to arrive morning fog afternoon rain will start falling in the north bay sometime around noon begins work its way across terrace the bay area's after a rather intense at times merely between three and six semi and for widespread but moderate heavy showers possibility for public and since you're in there tomorrow morning shower stall in the mid wearing hours and then to an afternoon on south for the remainder friday sunday it could see more rate and reports the next week. and keep that in mind your quick look at the satellite radar viewing whether to or no. back a bit with more detail
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of the forecast and up for dead daughter mobile app it's free whether traffic there assignees latest updated and developing changeover next half full days. now in traffic nice then check out all morning long look at this and backing up and hear the bay bridge toll plaza some of the plays in see the end of the backup a much better results and a a over crossing. despite the going on we do see season through making your way into san francisco. time right now some 41 back with boat
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right now making know it's there on earth and talking here live the morning news 45 this morning third times the charge the hitch justin and systems and the sun and flight and heist one of 3,600 mi. right encircling earth twice and texaco 4 1/2 hours should be a splash down after 8:00 our time. and will carry for you live on the kron 4 more news around 830 >> : 3 be right back with according to gary red after the break
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in the resource traffic well just watch for five minutes you'll know but more and >> : usually london are weather and traffic actually think about how important you are aware of whether with traffic and of the president and defense secretary and still have got carried >> : no one's bumping you. psilocin the lawyers whose
7:48 am
beating then no: straight now. and you're looking ahead play in chicago tomorrow saturday did we find out to the system early season the a couple games will test them >> : the great like you always say they showed it night after night the great kids. but for what they did for a roster limit which guy and what they did for the local kids who was killed. and to a basketball game of the rich and chain. it's just a great guys >> : always look for this because of your going to watch put your time and watching it for five months it play with the joy >> : that is with all the things that are awash now all the
7:49 am
different sports in the complex in a good and you'll enjoy that something. talking up some radio and the forty-niners people still of the team things will angeles without the zero have a choice about them. the lawyers to as different wrong to be some guy a lot like the mcdonnell knows what actually happened quite as still a cloud a over the team with these guys wares just questioning >> : and spiegel the niner's lead by a dillon championship game will see a light by stadium tonight or hunt arizona >> : you tell me as a part of the college experience having the crowd going wild in other words why shouldn't the game be in arizona or
7:50 am
again understand why they do this but since has sold >> : or again it is you see you g old model bumper sticker. practically local the line your crowd countered >> : now but i know this is one of the only championship games be featuring two top- 10 teams. 70,000 six-foot stadium was set a bring 20,000 shares of zero bring 20 to may, and steels on neutral settings i always think that stretch hoping i think you lose some of these ducks evans the get when you plan team all season >> :
7:51 am
is another angle your chance to get in the real- estate and get the million dollars in line as a fan you wanted to give any prizes in front. and has taken their with that. zero people try the formula or talking but now when you bring up forty- niners hallway that will be playing in oakland but if the niners and the raiders and now the niners are pushing farther away >> : where wounded country long played in 20 11th nice out there >> : for to the marketplace >> :
7:52 am
some dissent practically judging more for arturs member then to stadium >> : deal voyeur's the odyssey this imaginary football future the movie zesty but even beyond that this is like the war your going to battle it it was it was just like friday target >> : initiative bargains to them will show them other not just the best for their high but less store anywhere >> : three deal that >> : was briefly that this is a target place and he's from
7:53 am
westminster maryland this the targets for the works and and he said i know was watching brief car and 300 want to be fired up enthusiastic we'll done that if this guy for real in a city employee right there >> : see done opposition about the blood from a letter telling is a battle line what you wait a day to >> : close the get me on the door busters >> : publicly on the show for the camera behind the scenes complain but everything >> : the camera >> :
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♪ out now it ready for another run for re >> : they protest stopping pot put transportation wising grover chokehold in new york >> : could friday morning to you >> : last year from weather >> :
8:00 am
mr. see there is a forceful in the summertime star of the north bay in the morning hours did you have fog out there and dealing with that in sit it out there >> : by noontime north iran wants a low 60s than three this afternoon. three a begins to have the entire bay area by three as the kids go up and have widespread like modern heavy rain all on the bay area and traffic been going up to the mid-60s to and how they will play out. and the weather system or watching again commend a 15th hole to the forecast and what you through storm tracker a feature test also said
8:01 am
forecast as well. did a couple problems point out here >> : west on freeway red upholstery it car blocking all forever now chp heading to the scene not take the off ramp >> : certain back up now pass the hoffmann and 25 m.p.h. >> : and have often slip or richardson of the bridge west on 580 at the toll plaza. some locations continue on this spin of the new west on 580 red mainstream. the approaching san quentin. one lane block right now is the traffic barely getting by >> : good news is that bay bridge toll plaza starting to see the end of the backup drive time for 16 minutes from the days in san francisco >> : and clear up continues now said francisco and the mission district from all the damage from the storms and trying to deal with everything a recurrence and how to play catch-up and
8:02 am
lime video sent to us from the folks in st. a on wednesday morning. time lapse sped up so you conceive the goes into the street all the water and eventually goes into homes and sidewalks >> : into them their workers hired to clean up the mess now. and i say the city has a massive infrastructure redesign larger more permanent ways to fix the problems but said billions of dollars >> : out like transporting water from the area entirely satisfied francisco there would be a lot of work to avoid this kind of work which continued after the airline business owners and the north bay and flaw of water in the co complex of to run. another about carpet and such shops one manager says it's critical days before it set the reopened the business >> : under weather alerts forecast check the radar any time you want and con 4
8:03 am
mobile app for free >> : to share garner's daughters now seeing video for the first time putting in the show cold air city police officer gardner is the man who died back in july after this encounter with police and s.i. an essential cold. and that this grand jury decide not to indict the officers involved in the death. and though the practice across the nation is such as black-and-white issue. >> : for what people to come up show how deeply it they were hurt asians from people from different destinations and show the process with all of lava area to a sense of but not the one new line eric c. as that ruling in number of people arrested thousands
8:04 am
gathered in downtown manhattan then march across the broken bridge. and in the bay area to in oakland as back up and now but shot down last night during this demonstration against the choke hold their gardener in new york against the shooting death of michael brown and misery and another moment of silence for oscar grant. and other fruit failed are stationed by our police officer >> : protests calling for better police trading body can and susan granger process >> : is around for a test for tonight at 7:00 in oakland and processing services to yesterday to the market hall street embosses of the be rerouted and this is back open now and 7 cisco any oakland protest peaceful less i >> : entered this morning pinniped tell her police officer who held a national court suit for three times less misconduct of other black suspects. the lawsuits
8:05 am
officer at least four others accused of pulling on the suspect's parents and repeatedly pushing general areas a search drug search pre presidency officer later dropped the lawsuit settled last year >> : to other lawsuits involving similar situation but that officer are pending >> : that new this morning present obama announcing live on our air and cemeteries state. and writes the left of the shop. ashton carter and not only leave the department of defense pentagon the call carter won the nation's foremost national security leaders and as a pen inside and out. and deputy defense secretary from 2011 and taken weapons buying chief. and replacing chuck tickle from the present >> : by now mission control wafer the splashdown of rhine capsule. end test 5 of 45 that at the california live
8:06 am
more news. this is gonna be the calves of bunch carry astronauts from mars. and to us this morning and circling twice at a height of 3,600 mi. above earth 10 times higher than international space station. his animation will look like intestine the reentry of this and not for six astronauts. s/unexpected happened around 828 our time carrying for you live if it does happen and be monitoring the latest commission control the line still ahead here on morning news police investigating a deep exposure case after man splashes to elderly woman in the update. homes buried in some california or mudslides happened today latest events and good news for seat scare's no borders to the snow in the this year forecast i'm on the way. well look to the golden gate fog in the north this morning a few showers around
8:07 am
but more heavy
8:08 am
♪ me d yo.. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪ onlyrom irarlli. we're for an opens you internet for all.sing. we're for creating more innovation and competition.
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we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. injury accident i told about less report was down 580 approaching main right now and we do have that accident chp managed to go off to the right shoulder sunglow conditions around the richmond center felt rich and live camera coming up in the next port. in and
8:10 am
nine nonprofit organization is trying to write down find a thief not and see the man going to the dealer for laptops also got into the other offices in the building not clear anything was taken from those no arrests have been made and tense moment for his wife and let's cover after being held in the country for two years and accusing the death of their a year old adopted daughter nancy grace now in california and worked were cleared of anything wrong doing but that had passports confiscated as a trend leave few hours after the ruling. rep say immigration officials hope a few as a trip aboard a plane made through a family now beckham loss angeles >> : area weather also watching tahoe this other received in
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
happening now philippines bracing for another potentially catastrophic storm millions of people going through a door of back to a higher ground. typhoon expect to make more landfall small night and is going
8:14 am
north of the top of your deficit by last year >> : another storm downgraded from super typhoon to typhoon earlier this morning still packing potentially devastating winds. presence of the california made to look out for this air flash flooding mudslides is a happening right now on riverside county and a mudslide struck people in the cars. so deep one man drove right in the middle of the mudslide live shot their hot happen didn't realize i did was. >> : this year's no borders having the tahoe north is star looks like for the recent storms receiving 41 in. of new snow mainly in the upper slopes of losbells ofe best start in the mix. tell them runs just day and preconditions more so in the tahoe forecast airline and see some activity putting it that way right now. that's a much rain and the bay area
8:15 am
at goes to snow as we take a look at this year forecast and the ring today to an end to some next year and tomorrow and i could be upwards to 50 ft. in higher elevation and a display writer ryan and 7,000 ft. in some of the passes may be impacted and chiron's but a first of for the start to calm down and sunday but the mostly cloudy conditions with no actual rain or snow falling at that point closer to home relatively calm view here in the rain and tx just yet you see the pretense of a mile in fairfield heavy there to tell visibility and a bottle and a mile visibility out sfo life, their shows overcast conditions and because the ceiling is still low and it lets them from snow surprise critical to our delay arriving in place oakland san jose not affected at all
8:16 am
the line lot of men upper 50s right now load mid-60s by later on this afternoon of a small stake in the headlines and afternoon our at bundy the centers of the rain for now will to or no. but arrives sometime early this afternoon with this morning and being with that tropical moisture activity this afternoon. and money to time line here 11:00 a.m. not much buying and one clock looking for the scattered showers appear an investor in the afternoon widespread light moderate heavy rain possible thunderstorms yes could we see taylor the possibility the next place to show that and have that happen in my 6:00 to my fear drive home looking at widespread rain will be rather active and settled for the majority of the day to even the late- night hours a lump him looking for scattered showers with scattered showers stay with us to the beginning of saturday and a
8:17 am
nice break saturday and another lesser storm pushed on through and wednesday third a heavier scenario with heavy rain and very strong system at that point. also talk about keep up-to- date on mobile app related do so download it's free and weather traffic cop to anytime anywhere you are >> : trusted us a better on the bay area really enjoying this friday night it had promised on 580 a man approaching san quentin. wasn't an accident bottom- line but looks like all that has been pushed off the shoulder. certainly better news from the cover still backed up at the toll plaza here richmond center fell bridge a little slow on how the top on the bridge testing another crash keep that in mind and with less intrepid to rent >> : really the only problem run bay area and apply it bay bridge toll plaza out early and back up and you can see
8:18 am
the end of it needing lights are still on will fog across the drive time under 12 minutes from macarthur maize and seven cisco is a new heading the golden gate bridge and its williams up rawlinson's to report yourself on 11. >> : new this morning called the police informant to expose himself to out to elderly women my poem live with more >> : and there's a park and the school year by an oil wont of the kids run this morning and it is concerning especially cuts possible please at this point i have not been an arrest. the recently and had details on this case actually happened tuesday evening around 5:00 and two women in their eighties out for a walk at the intersection of career channing avenue when possibly in his late 20s walked up this was off of both domestic look >> : only after 1 1/3 and chemical please if you did run away fourth indy six voter and her kids they
8:19 am
have and the merits of the cases are less october. this happened back the back-to- back the back of tuesday's case related to those at a different suspect description part of that section tells me that this possibly a copycat obviously there won't know till i find this guy >> : abate when authorities arrested a registered sex offender they say family discovered the man inside the 12 year-old daughter's bedroom. 29 year-old jose soto was the leasing from molestation burly charges and $8 and suspended different from the growth of the text messages now search for other possible victims
8:20 am
and lime but the town of justine/and is the box cutter on school grounds to men approached the principal principal school hours. and student had a principal and a box cutter/him in the face the man away so on a loose to in the hospital of injuries not life-threatening. still looking for a motive live right now waiting for splash down on the test flights for the right capsule six astronauts from mars and unmanned test flight is a look from nasa showing the location on 700 mi. now from the splash down off baja peninsula there >> : and then the capsules eventually carry 46 astronauts but the 2021 in the meantime the spacecraft
8:21 am
with 3,600 mi. of open space for this point possibly manned aircraft firm for years in the awesome >> : watching closely here what from four minutes with a splash down an important test your reentry of waiting for the first glimpse at the arrival >> : (vo) if you live in the san francisco area and you're eligible for medicare, anthem blue cross can help you get a great plan at a great rate! our new medicare advantage plans pay for many of the costs original medicare doesn't. so you can focus on other important decisions. anthem plans help protect you from high medical costs. and, we've built stronger partnerships with trusted local doctors and hospitals, to bring you special benefits like... and vision, prescription drug coverage, plus free memberships at participating gyms. now's the time to switch! if you live in san francisco county, there are new plans with zero-dollar monthly premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care.
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the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting.
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8:24 am
nominations out all whole list for you saw the nominee is that been announced so far. record of the year the key for fancy >> : also for chandelier stems mess stay with me. taylor's left morgan trader >> : 6 obols for pop album called play go stories down loaded i fun when you wanted it my cyrus vance are on kron de list might everything carried very present at sharons all of texas m. smith of mom and lonely our >> : of the same name for a bus top solo performance john legend nominated for all make sense offensive made sailors left should get off.
8:25 am
complete list after it normal set to leave >> : the industrial average ended but have u.s. economy at northridge 21,000 jobs in the month of november 0 some other years and change of 5.8 percent >> : national right now in see the rise spacecraft right now tared as a string beckham pacific ocean and 45 this morning the four rocket with 3000 into orbits around the earth. no one at right now. allegedly carried for the six astronauts and planned trip to mars and the near future >> : main chute deploy on maine's
8:26 am
everything looking good recent the ft reported it on 4,000 ft. your address it interesting >> : time off camera on reentry raising temperatures twice the temperature for of law >> : claribel's miles an hour to a general return back to earth or the 4 hours 20
8:27 am
minutes after takeoff on delta for heavy rocket missed pictures coming to us from a on man drowned sickly high above as part your second critical test of the system as it back to dry board of censors right now. i would disagree next step in the space exploration areas in this a good thing like this is a certain special program back in 1981 in this now the next letter and ask under deep space exploration in the hope is to carry a crew one day to mars. and on and the plot of items on board >> : attorneys robert on board their credit children interested amazing project
8:28 am
nestles first step in the first finance rates craft flew out higher than any mess up the essential spacecraft in four years >> : and rational position with high up there this issue up to the heat to 15 times farther from the surface the international space station take off from cape can never and florida/600 mi. off the coast of baja mexico >> : because of their off the baja edges and get from one man drowned be operated in california over edwards air force base flying out for a different images. and this is by itself for saying other images coming from man drowned any may remember the old polo/done in this narrow here for ocean in colossal
8:29 am
circling the/down and do what they normally do pick up and read all the data but are coming full circle with much higher local >> : and pretty incredible say new era in phase of nasa's direction and a clinical man spacemen tear the space shuttle program these deep space exploration and men land on mars new line a 600 of feet from the surface of the ocean and from up above on the capsule itself in less flesh, confirmed that 10:29 a.m. central time i'm for i'm back on earth and it has a golden spike as across the bridge of a future >> :
8:30 am
will be right back with all very exciting moment in the beginning of the
8:31 am
8:32 am
at 30 level as a contractor watching wayne for today's waiting for the ride. one expected to and 1:00 for so and headlines more fog also since the afternoon rain that and the timing could kron in galumph shows begin the pop-up bay area wide rather quickly molasses to the afternoon in the overnight hours even in the early morning to the stars and the next on
8:33 am
saturday afternoon to see break and it comes up as a ticket next week but more unsettled weather continues system ends monday next wednesday and thursday possibly and friday story weather had leveled from the ritz camera a boise clouds when blowing their see the rain on a satellite picture so to our north tracking and updating and six runs batted 645 at 74845 north st. and full could forecast >> : little worried about the commit an rain coming issues slows traffic down and metering lights on >> : at the over the bay bridge preconditions right now under dry weather live look at the richmond center fell bridges and traffic backed up by the toll plaza due to earlier accident area crashed about 5 80¢ a gallon. all activity off the shoulder forcing delays as a max wade 833 happening now
8:34 am
repairs continued today in severances garden district 20 by 20 ft. hole opened up in the middle of the roadway and jackie is they're taking a look at the repair >> : crews got here an hour and half ago and some working on this to place their actually reenforcing plates as resume out here got a better sense of what looks like and how big this whole as a big and construction site is shore up the son of the ditch their digging and ended it by about 12 ft. this morning. this is the work of a point yesterday out here. this all started wednesday with the tremendous rain storm that blew through basically an and 8-almost a hundred year-old pipeline here basically had that and look at the root itself give away, and the banks and called out. and since then trying to fix what was going on out here and i thought
8:35 am
would be a simple fix to or three days but the revisal's plans and have to change what they're doing and what san francisco puc talk about this change in plans >> : to the project would been to reconnect and reestablish from the storms and sewer pipes. connecting would stop the as reliable as current bystanders but going to this current lime by standard but the second man: and heaven that storm drain line gentlemen: step along for much more stable connection. >> : because of that have increased the size but right now putting let aunt a tunnel work here to do this morning. i hear live live right now. a little longer the good news is that everyone who lives around here sells water still in service. and to me in second
8:36 am
place six straight is close down for a block in both directions as is and have to avoid it for next to the public is >> : an event can some firepower and then the weather center and the expansion was prompted by the storms which knocked out power the 1 million customers as resources than pg&e says help the utility help trucks and crews. and when the severe weather goes through the shorter outages. aren't expecting bay area receive a significant storm possibly next week deal and then watching closely not guilty plea from bay area fire chief suspected of taking tens of thousands of dollars for credit card fraud scheme and then the chief of this is such a county fire department and his wife pr
8:37 am
accused and nearly by $5,000 as still looking for the life of the sheet with the the chief of the country and prosecutors and we love the open credit cards and using fake names but useless credit cards to make purchases and fake business she set up in the three bank accounts. and marcus name he's been placed on leave. and 16 year-old girl outplacing two counts of attempted murder of two police officers on 720 in the morning please respond to 91 call of a suspicious car here long broad marble bar emplace arrive a passenger of the car could run away place, said officer arriving at the scene for assistance and 60 driver of the car sped toward the officer >> : the two went in the struggle could delay and action struck the officer and ran over him >> : in self-defense officers fired at the driver of the
8:38 am
suspects' vehicle injured officers 20 year veteran of the department. in its year- old man was arrested 60 year-old turned herself than >> : to team up for the first of its kind mobile entertainment experience this holiday season and augmented reality all local games or lot of really neat new stuff sit-in that's coming up >> :
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
stockton that strong winds a tree crashed on a home home water heated room and went to investigate and saw that >> : what damages and see the college courses the tree the safety hazard >> : enough problems with it but traffic to care blessed considering the damage were could then at that point will stay in a hotel all the damages cleanup >> : coming of full check of the weather rain just offshore
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
long claws out there today there is a look at some tracker is if we are dealing with and cloud cover. in some fog no rain of yet. a and c way up there right now all but drained the horse racing here the next couple of hours for less pushing on through. and then taught a course in terms of that fog. -approved muscle
8:45 am
morning 0 3 t of a mile. this is building a better there than in nevada 05 santa rosa assets of about 9 mi. visibility at the service level of the you conceive thick clouds well enough anyway beckett's causing delays of their tenants and not expecting any problems as dealing the this morning. a quick look at where we are in terms of the temperatures right now mid-50s agency promotes the bay 65 conquered a little warmer san francisco 58 their 59 san jose may '50s and the north bay by walter and the mid-60s by later on this afternoon as it watches temperatures increase also green approach there is on a wide decelerate are ever ran toward north and pacific what the system crashing quite a bit of moisture in
8:46 am
the cluster address their the bottom of your screen all the heading our way as soon as perhaps >> : >> : to test and at that point not seen much. new o'clock this see scattered showers of into intense just yet but one and three tickets that the two are. bring a bay area wide and has a really jobs be ready for it an evening commute but like and no matter which direction heading in this is in the overnight our teams to break up to the max for those first but a saturday should do all right saturday afternoon sunday and monday run to bounce resettle for thursday friday next week and that one should be pretty much over this or other life changes over the next week stay updated on all of them with the mobile app it's free enjoyed apple doesn't matter what humbles devices live report and to
8:47 am
of the tracking stars as the move around the bay >> : and later on some nights later on expected in the heart of the evening commute home. the mornings just find a single hot spotaccess and an early end of the bay bridge toll plaza. and although all was going on right now still lamenting in the maze san francisco. for the golden gate bridge. lots of space between cars now more than 38 mets has high won a one and 37 connecting with that we did see some slight traffic as been pretty easy moving down the golden gate bridge. and did have an earlier accident sent and west on 580 but malayan slacks and has been up and take over the
8:48 am
traffic maps 22 minutes right now is to drive them from hercules berkeley and shore freeway will sluggish right now highway 24 poughkeepsie who san ramon valley and on a roadway from altman passed. >> : and i do a target have seemed got to offer when high-tech shopping experience. the new technology that of a dual develops a project to go to align its new breed of phones interact with the environment around them >> : people go in protecting a tableau as a walk and the splays interactive 3 d winter wonderland as a walk from the start. intel has every angeles storm and dort gps data the centimeter. and as a rock the house the target is to the tabla
8:49 am
virtual world that is the real one. and then give us of all the various characters run across icicles and if you get the >> : and igloo that you they get low enough to the grounds use these snowmen us marshal by fire. allied the battle a giant dinosaur. have taken place this " wearing the cart is teens and adults are on like this seems odd. dissected walking or about people colliding in the online what everyone walking around with their face glued to a scream. the trove retail this intersection of our visible source pretesting of experience really looking for descanting how works out >> : bottle on retail is online shopping than did experiences to lure you in the the store. slaughter this kind of thing in the near future as a brick and mortar reinvent itself.
8:50 am
>> : and target google props for being innovative research try something new as a cool thing but for every game played hard and it will build it says agents research hospital. and you can try out the tanks pre is now through sunday at the subtle targets it's free to play. >> : the ever wondered what it's like to be an employee they are ready for the shoppers of black friday. i'm using chess tournament play at merrill and getting in a big speech come here with our and other heads a fire in august. and we'll show them we're not just the sort of neighborhood of the sabah store anywhere in the here more than just a start. and this is a team this is a family >> : of his moment of glory as
8:51 am
name was mr. maryland and does that meant the but had time, fire everyone up and how about the real warriors pulled state laws. it continues a win over norland less night down 6 they of the first quarter run away with this 11284 that it after 11 straight win and has a franchise record warriors 16 wins and two losses in the best record of the nba. off to chicago face the loss on saturday >> : of the lesson that a lawyer's help make a wish come true for young man battling leukemia. besides one-year-old on the left
8:52 am
there when they contract huge warriors fan and a huge and shoe fan. and then he ought to meet his favorite player diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia was supposed to provide but now at making that long trip and oakland hang with his team >> : to let the check out the very latest of your favorite bay area teams see it all on sports night live every sunday night here on kron 4 jason burnett talking warriors 40 daughters raiders ought not o'clock right after the news >> : (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting.
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new video show you the extra rental receipt by march delivery surveillance
8:56 am
footage, this cover plan holiday rush is a hurry not excuse the supervisor personally apologize there has been nothing in the package that was breakable >> : beginning to look a lot like christmas and his people gathering yesterday to from the bench and a 12. with all the green and red. add to thousand mile journey >> : halt all holiday needs all kinds of gift ideas. more kron 4 >> : x clean up sora the bay area and the hearing and the
8:57 am
next storm is ahead of for more rain in this evening highlighting the timing for you on exactly where the heaviest rain is expected nation's largest homeless encampment and the nation's richest city
8:58 am
8:59 am
respect to work at the cynical of the storm the illustrious staff francisco. live report on what's going on coming up more and on the way and timing of today's storm in a moment >> : was an error and near city >> :
9:00 am
more rain not completing >> : his looks like right now as contractors showers will to or no. i infecting the bay area just tx for flights bring those near santa rosa letter on many new niche to 1:00 we see those trains begin to spread very wide >> : and is a fallen modestly seen that by noontime by noon and 3 we see the system really begin to campus' the entire bay area rain when possibility of thunderstorms may be even sahel any next is the elsie 67 degrees or so for inland valleys and haven't seen any impressive rain this want to document was in a neighborhood clara quick picture but news and will cover the brain and really get a look at what it's like all on a debate this
9:01 am
afternoon >> : by view outside a little winded and the news is on a sesame seeds to the view of north creek watching it in full second 15 minutes knee- length also weekend run the bay area led very few incidents only barely saw any backups are as see the bay bridge back up to macarthur constantly see the end of it. going to just kind of mets' hitting in san francisco a look at the other bay area and the next report >> : in this morning is from 10 countries huge tree going on and belmont. will travel on the same >> : and have a rain fall behind us a cousin of, the damage. this the check came down and belmont 550 in the morning. fortunately no cars below surrounded by trees in this
9:02 am
place is very nervous with all the rain fall below saw couple days ago joining now we live right next to the street. tellus what you saw there to give it to the store and dogs are barking woke up and sold a crushing and immediately sells black flight lightning at all with the kids for crosstree >> : look out the entire neighborhood. then within a few minutes plus 50 showed up and these were here looking at the scene, was not an entire area >> : was it just crashing sound and-it had the ground. were you nervous with all the rain fall >> : out think this in some parts causing some to include any
9:03 am
way we thought as i go first and then expect a very healthy dream this entire area was very soft to >> : the yet they tell you when a car mother's words expected sometime after noon >> : that he so much hesitancy top talkers immediately the process of cutting with a tree. and hauling it away the good news as industry and say a few more hours before power was restored >> : to paris continuance of francisco richmond district 20 by 20 ft. sinkhole and the middle of the roadway. tracking on entering the repair going on right now. >> : and its work done before the nine crews out here and play areas and seven this
9:04 am
morning trade in here really for the last three days and the conceive workers the video shop as a little bit earlier crews working out here in the corner of sixth and lane essentially all started out wednesday huge amount of rain and short on time causing a range of 100 girls has failed and ultimately caught that some call in the middle of the intersection. since then working to repair a national thought there and get in there and fix the broken pipe. ultimately got and checked out and the puck was aware hundred years old and to reevaluate the chance to talk to a spokesperson yesterday and took up his plans. >> : what been reconnected it established a connection from a storm drain to a sore point under the street but connection not yet reliable and upgrading to our current
9:05 am
design standards in constructing a new manhole having that storm drain line test level instead of life for much more close the rain coming and assault ago was sought tracings steel plates reinforced in continue work out here. no one's out of water in the neighborhood but bad news as lots of states that are locked down but each direction try to avoid the area initially the get this done in two or three days. so like right now for possibly even five days >> : and mission district after the storms residents say tired of having to deal with flooding >> : is the get said to us by business under on fog and street wednesday morning as they sped up you conceive the water rising free- flowing down the street. essentially the water
9:06 am
reaches the sidewalk and spells in the homestead on workers hired by the city to clean up the mess and s&p says that the city needs a massive infrastructure redesign and at more permanent fix for the problem. and that is one to take billions of dollars set transfer water from the area and jet from the entire east of san francisco >> : businesses and the north bay cleanup and also on the coke complex and timber on. and for about carpet at five shops all damage in a manner so couple days before the country opens >> : reminder all weather alerts and check the radar any time smoke-free kron 4 mobile app >> : and carefree life as a mom announces secretary of defense nominated-and carter department at the pentagon. the bank calls carter won the nation's foremost national security leaders as they got inside and out. car do it was the
9:07 am
deputy defense secretary from 20112013 and previously at the pentagon's weapons by chief >> : he lowered this to kevin from the set who resigned last month >> : still had kron for more news in getting the indy six or case that has to elderly women coming up >> : was buried in mud southern california possibility of more mud slide exists today update >> : to your supporters as a lot driscoll said forecast had >> :
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
a writer on the bay area hotspot free on this friday morning traffic lights are the golden gate bridge drive time slow traffic cell phone 1 01 approaching look is valid trip them right now 35 minutes from a bottle and watching wall street industrial average and people are hitting record high right now doubt hitting 18,000 mark. his 200970 now monthly drop but the of the november 3rd to 1000 jobs added for the month of november most in three years although unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.8% the drive another sharp
9:11 am
rise with us of compete >> : on morning news checking whether rain out there pushing the bay area talk with the timing coming up in just a moment >> :
9:12 am
9:13 am
to the recent storms 30 in. and is commonly on the upper slopes. lorraine up for the cold and then that enabled them for underruns
9:14 am
yesterday. several drops down to 7000 see maple below that. this is a mercy on the satellite perspective rain falling right now on the western slopes of the sierra now snow yet at the light itself and to tomorrow morning. and just enough to assert csfb in the fall all day saturday nice rain snow makes 7000 up to a flood of snow on at the resorts and driving back that day mostly cloudy days and then drying out looks like a pretty good stomacher heading up toward this year of. >> : closer look are on the bay. right now no rain at the moment but we do have fog rolling back in the fairfield last update and visibility now down the third morceau de fog impacting and a half mile visibility and 0.8 in the
9:15 am
bottle heavy fog in the north bay and sodas look too bad as you and numbers is billy ok at kron level but local is above that have across the airport on the little toward late arriving flights a share oakland san jose pitcher is right now and upper 50s should warmup little bit more and the '60s mid-60's this afternoon. but the weather will be him and us a focus center and system right night and see that what some of those showers tracking the bay area the plot watter and as part of a long stream across oyster her way up for that and began are impacting our on noontimes and will be a socialist and no. but noon to 1 scattered showers began to pop up by about three timeout widespread rain and intends to be leading up to a moderate and heavy rain level of portions of the bay area in years alicea the rest of the afternoon and 6:00 p.m. booking for scattered showers and break
9:16 am
up as a hit in the overnight and see all these dots of grain so scattered showers and a forecast of the night tonight and to the first and a saturday it should be ok saturday afternoon sunshine coming in and sunday and monday around 2 looks like a middle of next kron 3 coming and i should be pretty good. and backfill weather losses talk about lost change lots of changes the track. keep the rest of it all with the mobile app con 4 mobile app is free available for apple enjoyed devices the tools to use as an allotted of all this year to keep an eye on including traffic >> : we haven't really seen any traffic and the traffic send us a house up this morning and we are dealing with holiday like conditions generally have this pattern in december at the ins contends new year's. the bay bridge toll plaza and the back up the most part back up at 730 >> : 80 or crossing what's about
9:17 am
all the tall man's head and the san francisco. in golden gate bridge also other slow traffic north of the camera shots. it goes down 30 mi. an hour drive * 32 minutes out of nevada san francisco >> : did see significant delays here richmond center fell bridge's 8:00 hour due to injury accident on the span of the bridge. until clause 0 of a good top speed be working away and ran county and over on the traffic map 11 approaching to 37 i car on a few with a hefty 5 mi. per hour. and completely problem and free their and 85 in cupertino struck down to about 40 mi. per hour and then on the persian on view in sunnyvale. >> : happening tonight caltrans have response and that's from 10:00 p.m. till 4 in the morning saturday and
9:18 am
said it settled the close of require full closure of the tunnel tonight and partial closure of the cult on calls happen on december 12th. and to grandeur is failing police officer the death of an unarmed black man in a york thousands of marchers spending half a mile trip down streets demanding justice dog's hair field reports new line are regressing protestors and toss across york and london and walked 11 and the deficit and hours of marching >> : please cracking down thousands of protesters gathered first taconite. >> : standoff but no serious hot or care across the country >> : nationwide outrage when the daughter says she appreciates the line is not a black-and-white issue this as a national crisis >> : and chicago >> : the clash with place of the shooting on major the >> :
9:19 am
nbc's protestors had the horse from a loss >> : to inclined officer and chuckle death of officer 43 rolled your obviously it wasn't what the whole world lodging >> : department of justice to americans feel greywackes the gap between profess
9:20 am
ideals and how laws are applied i did a day-to-day basis a year clare has plugged bill that retraining the 5000 officer how officers talked with residents of the city changing how listen attorney-general calling for reform. real practical country measures taken for several royal rights leaders needed nationwide and insurance spotlight on the crow justice system and just let on a street of people. in cleveland ohio and the justice department fun what they found an excessive force by police. caused by insufficient accountability and adequate training and effective policies the art ended and sheriff's department investigating this is text messages
9:21 am
allegedly exchanged by several deputies parts of the text are allowed and what have people living: >> : when again second in a narrow the bart station reopened this morning after trip on protesters demonstrators avid chuckle death of eric and shooting death of michael brown in a moment silence crossing gramm in 2009 after being shot by bar officer >> : calling for better police training body cameras exchanges a grand jury process and their kron protests across tonight in oakland's >> : and seen in san francisco demonstrators say and protests paul street. emma said the rerouted. >> : latest protests in san
9:22 am
francisco oakland for mostly peaceful. raw cry for a lot of people upset about what's going on and may raise even more questions, often made to feel less excessive to person to police or even the might be illegal. officers had every six a partner of the country patrol cameras and present 60,000 offices across the country will see attachment no. nation's reason cities next line of the next addition of people behaving badly done
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
those innate biologist told san jose there is increased
9:26 am
and, as activity in the area now known as the jungle. this is how it looked six years ago. and if nothing was done there have bigger problems >> : and is what the have appears to the nation's largest homeless encampment. and the sensitive habitat where the plants wildlife flourish. part of the coyote creek on old car tires pre also departing creek so much trash piled up source waist high keep people waiting in acquiring the site has sewage contact should be avoided >> : this be begun fairly like a real gun found an orderly kamins. and while lower story about. beer kegs tons of copper wire tubing. i really caught my attention was the sheer amount of lead to parts and all the parts
9:27 am
>> : yes the bumpers this was less of a motorcycle, like his front his body and led now taxpayers have the boat have the bill for the cleanup that should cost more than half million dollars removing not one but to order homes >> : they now share houses taking all these different things to a landfill. also a series of man-made canals now filled with trash >> : of sitting, and erica an catalexis lost it and with linda this area come and you'll that >> : sells its cities yet with people like this tell people sang messages about helping is a chance to put your sang messages about helping is a chance to put your money we office and light
9:28 am
i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
9:29 am
9:30 am
a 931 looks like right now snow storm tracker clubs may be a few lights bring those up near setter rosa nothing much just yet the main event arrive later on in the early afternoon on a quick look at the headlines morning fog afternoon rain that will last the evening hours to the overnight hours and hacked at least the first half of saturday and okay for saturday afternoon sunshine then. and look beyond that to next week more unsettled weather in the forecast to nine stay tuned here less to discuss over the next seven days. and again check their rejection of a comeback than 45 full set of forecast that featured guests for the timing of that range: allow saddam's. >> : not a traffic light and coming up people or leave work early rate on away whenever we have rain the sheer size of the cube. this one is reading lights greece
9:31 am
slowly and across the bay bridge toll plaza. and light conditions will let up on the back appearance of and it's 12 minutes from the into the city >> : and 30 right now i knew this morning called the police and from man its lessons of the two elderly women of their section of a career embarcadero mike helm as leverage now. >> : call to police stepping up patrols in this neighborhood in just on the street all morning long talk to parents is a they're very concerned special with police yet to make an arrest and police as recently released information and to place to stay the clock. 621 and weighs in as section of greer channing and a man came up and exposed himself invited them to take a look and let that man did runaway and were notified to more than an hour. this plot so for incidents of indecent exposure appearance in this
9:32 am
neighborhood plan take action this morning >> : but much as teachers see how they're managing and and how we can educate arcades and discussing happen around them >> : one of two sketches released but stories by the october 1st called the police have three news exposure cases also a place in the month possibly all those cases connected yet to make an arrest. and the monopoly tuesday's case mess description was different as a club called please describe them as a white man as late teens and because the victims case denied a good at what the guest is like those in alecto replace the sporting tell me at this point that will put out a sketch. glenn and bay area authorities arrested six of them discovered a man in
9:33 am
said total daughter's bedroom. 29 year-old san jose this and tell us station burglary charges registered sex offender employed police say it befriended the girl to a text messages a search for other possible becomes >> : a stories their principal and elementary school in central valley town of dusty must slash in the face with the box cutter on elementary school campuses >> : to men approached the principle during school are less about a student when the man distracted all the other pole letterbox carter/this is >> : an radwaste still on the list principles at the hospital of injuries and considered life-threatening implicit transfigure automotive >> : not guilty plea from bay area fire chief suspected of taking tens of thousands of dollars in credit-card fraud scheme with his wife are lettuce chief of central county fire department said retail accounts see his life pit accused of a scheme i got the nearly $35,000 >> :
9:34 am
places and for her and fled the country >> : 2011 credit-card so do the a fake name used as credit cards to make purchases at fake businesses. and then money put into bank accounts under mark gladyses name and place a wave >> : to people ross said a police officer is recovering after the officer runover patrols clifford has latest round thursday morrison manager please pardon responding to 91 called suspicious vehicle longer but more boulevard when the first officer arrived on scene at a passenger of the car which was a white nissan maxima tried to flee on foot. officer pursued and fend the person against a nearby vehicle. moments later second officer arrived as he tried to help the first officer cover of the max c. scott accelerated toward some >> : the first officer and a struggle with the present trend away actually struck
9:35 am
the sec officer ran over him. in self-defense the officer fired a driver of the suspects' vehicle and the maxima them left the seen heading north toward oakland injured officer 80 year veteran of the department of transport of the hospital with serious but nonlife non-life turning in trees is a maximum of abandoned few hours later in oakland's >> : 6 year-old female and herself and missing two counts of attempted murder and discourtesy 19 year-old male also facing two counts of attempted murder even though he wasn't driving the car. >> : simple fact he is actively involved during this entire incident and participated in the cover getting away action red over and not in san francisco did on the hunt to find three men connected to the brutal beating death of a disabled
9:36 am
man presented out fliers of montgomery boat workstation for the deadly attack happened last month. 67 year-old thai lab who was killed on under a blanket >> : police believe these but that nightline heavy wind and power outages now pg&e expanding their weather center and the expansion prompted by storms 2008 which knocked out power more than a million customers alleged in the race horses utility for weeks to let out that some forecasters it serve utility trucks and shoe is to respond quickly. and should result in shorter outages piccinni meteorologist a loud boom sought all this damage pretty large tree and
9:37 am
had problems with it but will try but the county to walk down were ok considering the damage were recorded been at that point. the couple stayed in a hotel all damages been cleaned up and let back here is a morning news continues level outside here public for a little sunshine may be next month a line in ♪ ♪ it's a marshmallow world in the winter. ♪
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♪ ♪ traffic earlier average the center felt rich pretty like conditions with pope was the it's the at 940 as we head toward the to o'clock
9:41 am
show you new video for the kron for the next driver in tennessee obviously a rush look at how it delivers a package check at the tiller effect in a boom as the door of the family said what's here but that and sought pot package was delivered trevor says he didn't kazoos and russian politics of that excess that's no excuse to a browser called a family and personally apologized and phyllis says there is happy that nothing ripples in the package >> : and beginning a lot like christmas at the well as hundreds of people gather disarray for national christmas tree lighting ceremony. the obama first family was drawn by tom hanks patti labelle mother's celebrities and the tree of blue spruce met 2,000 mi. journey from minnesota >> : and checkout our website for all holidays and special holiday section of gift ideas and more on kron 49941 back with more on a couple minutes live look outside right now check out
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and i just here in southern california residents here without for flash flooding in this morning brought them at riverside county. the truck and i car as many as those vehicles submerged in the thick mud a man drove right in the middle of the mudslide not realizing in london than in the north bay lot of businesses still cleaning up from the storm getting ready for the next round of rain and scott rates couldn't reports in to run. >> : and this behind a one of the hardest hit shots in this complex and to ron. the cult complex and tell you several shots suffers lot of water damage from the showroom and
9:46 am
tell the story of the list on a showers cost cause major flooding. >> : and when everything was in the center of the show room this business cycle than is in our samples so obviously a lot of flood overnight >> : and this review idea the damages see the walls completely ripped apart after the flood water came gushing and then show you this of course here ec's curtains the shower room people come and attack look at things kern's hanging up here at the bottom and see the water line for water that was here for good. time >> : the process right now estimating the damage and study on repairs >> : and other shops had her out carpeting five others
9:47 am
suffered major damage. now lopez house at this shower room reopened by the middle of next week >> : won't be long before see more in coming away inside beginning to see this little bit here us from tracker phyllis dexedrine their aunt or alongside high increases in the force of the afternoon as for right now fog so if a dense fog in the delta of to visibility registered now 5 mi. visibility and shot 10 mi. visibility at kron level to take a look at the petrillo clouds the picture for that reason has delays and yet >> : achieve for oakland's motion for san jose temperatures swarming out and right now is a good but the bay area a
9:48 am
few on that >> : only below 6 is mid-60's this afternoon and the cloud cover right to see much heating those clouds bring us the rain but that right now the satellite and use its offshore were were gonna get to the south and that's the way that it's moving in that south and north easily direction cut across the bay area does reconditions come later on and light rain with it to a course next couple of days. and system arriving tonight affecting us to tomorrow time one of the here the worker with to the day about one and light scattered showers by three widespread and that even moderate by heavy flooding to the area and has a good and for your address, scattered showers struck today is ahead in the overnight hours and breakable little bit 9 stays within the forms of these public showers not again that's why we keep a forecast for release first half of saturday afternoon
9:49 am
we should be fine on tepals a little late thursday is see some heavy rain >> : but forget step also with con 4 mobile app it's free and should apple device does not matter you can use it on both and the radar is a great tool lots of developments here on and keep it to and following whether traffic for your life will look at this the backup is back at the bay bridge. and really come on the meeting flights of looks like we'll have anything but there. the second wave of commuters. but such traffic is turned back a bit on a deal across as for the most part at that the backup and backtracked users >> : : the bridge dried looks good drive time back under three minutes had a on of the bottle in the san francisco. to bridge from center fall earlier problems from 33 west on
9:50 am
trip. over on our traffic maps which approved the four northbound 11 just a little sluggish at 25 m.p.h. approaching 87 interchange and also getting up at the guadalupe up parklike that's where we see things really start to slow. no. on to a problem free on the clear with phase in the grain 50 mi. an hour or above and take a look a westbound to 37 but said no incidents reported and is making grants from the >> : tech reporter gapes like google target teamed up to offer new high-tech shopping experience. the first time the public and get their hands on a technology google has been developing project tango. new breed of funds tablets and sensors cameras offer the user new way to interact with the environment on them. people given project to go tablet as a walk and which shall have the interactive 3 d and
9:51 am
mr. wonderlands of the opera storting the tablet every angeles are matched the in- store gps down to the centimeter. as to up the aisles of target we see a virtual world that mirrors the real one. these things pop up around from corners it gives us snowballs of various characters across bicycles they play music as he hit them in this sports equipment while kids discover figure loan of the credit to be their head and see a snowman rose in march followed by fire one i'll come to the giant belgian industrial its idea having kids play this all writing in the car one thing teens and adults walk not like this seems odd distracted walking or about people crowding causes of future of shopping experience everyone walking around this clue to the screen future of retailing as and the the digital physical stores to sit as extremists and really looking for to see how works out. bottom-line retail whizzing on my shopping who
9:52 am
traces to a real and the start of this kind of thing in the near future but mortar reinvents itself and lime lesser try something new and this is cool and to send it to some of the target it's free play. >> : where's have the first quarter and then the red away 11285 alt this marks of it straight win ties franchise record and the warriors 16 wins to losses on the season incredible records it seemed to best record in nba no off the chicago invisibles on saturday at the game last night the lawyers may push come true for our young and battling looking unsigned
9:53 am
one-year-old french to go one day contract and a huge voyeur's fan and they sure that in common. to diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia 27 decibels to survive here he is in remission back along trip to oakland to to hang with the team. then they delivered. >> : and watch all your favorite teams sports not live every sunday here on kron 4 and said jason have an interview with andrew and talk about forty-niners raiders highlights for the game at 9:00 after the news >> :
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and hopes for winning females for your company traditionally gives cards for 100 people for the grand opening of a new store card good for fried chicken store tries drink once a week for year >> : speaking of guests not all good things because small packages and undercut this pitiful 13 lb. baby brother originally sometimes big surprise grow treated for respiratory problems but doing fine now to for this morning sendero the bay that rain rolling and tonight >> : (vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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