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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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latest from morgan hill. >> jeff :the morgan hill community center has been the meeting place for volunteers looking for sierra faithfully for the last three years. thousands gathered and spread out over the vast wilderness surrounding morgan hill. but over time, those numbers dwindled to a little more than a handful. many simply gave up after such a long time of searchingbut, not mary doering and a couple of her friends. they kept coming back week after weekand, it's all because they believe that sierra is out there somewhere and they say she needs to be found. mary says she thinks about sierra all the time. mary is a walking mary doering the ribbon was her color. she liked the pink and the leopard skin. these are the t shirts that were made up for her. and the red converse shoes that people wear were her favorite
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shoes and those are symbols of her. as far as viable search areas are concerned i think things are very subjective in life. and you can get any answer you want it, if you just put the right words in the right person's mouth. and someone decided that we had no more viable search area is. i do not >> jeff :emotions still running high all these years later. the last official search will start here at the community center on march 14th. i'm jeff bush in morgan hill, >> reporter :this evening, marc klaas of the klaas kids foundation -- who helped organize searches for sierra -- joined kron 4 to talk about the case. and answer viewer questions about child safety.
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>>:what types of books or videos can we watch to inform them about abductions with, out scaring the living daylights out of them? how can the arm them with the information they need? >>:i don't think strangers are necessary necessarily the problem. i think the marines are the problem. children are alert for more than one reason or another. most abductions happen from children either going to or from school. armed with technology we should be able to create protocols that can protect children during those times. we can cut abduction by a third interstate's if we just got serious about that one single issue. >> reporter
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>>:breaking news, the girl who ended up brain dead after a dental trip. a malpractice attorney plans to file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the children's hospital. that is going to happen tomorrow on behalf of the girl's family. he is not involved in a malpractice suit, he states he receives no financial benefit from helping out.
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>> reporter :tonight, a stretch of highway 4 has been shut down for east bay drivers. caltrans says the westbound lanes at hillcrest avenue in antioch will be shut down from 11-pm to 3 am starting every night this week because of construction. the eastbound lanes between the on and off-ramps at hillcrest avenue will be closed from midnight until 5-am. detours will be available. this is all part of a 540 million dollar widening project. the man arrested in the livermore double homicide case will face a judge on tuesday. 28-year-old james wears of livermore was arrested on suspicion that he shot and killed two men sunday afternoon. police say an exchange of contraband led to the shooting. friends of the victims told kron 4 that the suspect and the victims were involved in a gun deal gone bad. one of those friends talked about one of the victim's link to guns. >> he grew up hunting with his dadnothing crazy you know what i'm saying i mean you don't walk around with a gun all day it's not that big a part of his life. i know he's been around them but it's not something he lived or died by. police say both victims are in their 20's. kron 4 is not releasing their names - until the coronors
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office makes them public later this week. the deaths are the first homicides in livermore this year. minimum wage is on the rise in oakland tonight. restaurant employers say you might see a slight price hike on the menu -- but it's all worth it. kron-4's dan kerman reports. >> dan :while many restaurants in oakland are considering a slight hike in prices to offset the increase in the minimum wage to 12.25 an hour homestead restaurant is doing something completely different beginning with paying workers more than the new minimum wage. >> it goes anywhere from 16 to $25 an hour for many of our workers. >> dan : homestead owner fred sasson says there are two other parts to the planfirst doing away with tipping all together in fact >> we believe our employees should not have to rely on a tip to deal to pay their rent. >> dan : the third part is increasing prices by 20%, which is what it customers out of pocket cost reallyl is not going up
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>> this is going to benefit the entire staff from the dishwasher is all the way to the managers. everybody is going to get paid well and consistent whether it's a busy night for a slow night. >> dan : it's a work in progress but well worth the try >> everyone needs an east and the we support the minimum wage workers. >> reporter :later in the broadcast: a critical ruling from the state supreme court that's affecting your children and registered sex offenders. we'll explain. also - israel's prime minister comes to america. tonight: what president obama is saying about his controversial speech to congress. and next: a real pet emergency in the south bay. how it's making a nervous wreck of one driver in particular.
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rappedearlier tonight - a car smashed through the front door of a south bay pet clinic. police tweeted these photos of a white sedan that crashed through the glass door of united emergency animal clinic on dell the car actually went through the glass door frame and ended up far into the clinic office. no one was injured. police don't think drugs or alcohol were a factor.and say the car was pulling into the parking lot.when something went wrong. an investigation is underway. still to come tonight: an important court ruling that could affect your children and registered sex offenders. also - why some doctors are saying it's okay to delay your kids' vaccinations. >> gary :michael jordan is now a billionaire will be talking more about the sports later. >> reporter :and we had some showers earlier today now we're
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dealing with clear skies. will have the forecast for your. >> reporter :stay tuned to for the inside edition they're talking about leonardnimoy and wasn't isis get on saturday night live in poor taste?
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>> reporter :a new survey says more parents are delaying vaccinations for their young children -- and most doctors are *letting them* even though they believe it's risky. the study says it's because they want to maintain trust with parents.and don't want them to leave their practice. many parents are worried their children get too many vaccines too soon. doctors recommend vaccinations against 14 diseases for children under 2 years old. this comes as measles is making a dramatic comeback. the study is in the journal "pediatrics". tonight, some parents are on edge after a supreme court ruling which they say exposes their children to danger. "jessica's law" prohibits sex offenders from living near schools. but after today's ruling. that isn't the case anymore. kron 4's emily turner has the story. co emilyet su: since 2006 parents have counted on there being 2000 feet between a sex offenders home and their child's
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school. now, with that barrier gone, parents are worried. these moms are some of them. >> "it puts our kids in a bad situation" and i felt comfortable at all. >> reporter :the california supreme court unanimously ruled the central element of jessica's law unconstitutional today, saying it violates sex offenders' rights. there are about 84 thousand sex offenders in the state, and in densely populated places like san francisco, most housing falls somewhere inside the 2,000 foot boundary of a school. the court also says the law fails to protect children, something madeleine cameron doesn't agree with. >> we would want your children to be in a safe area to play you know and not worry about those things. >> reporter : registered sex offenders do still have to get permission before entering a school or a park. in walnut creek, emily turner, kron 4 news
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>> reporter :tonight, israel's prime minister is preparing to address a joint session of congress. however, benjamin netanyahu remains at odds with president obama over a number of issues -- most notably iran. c-n-n's elise labott has the story. go at least >>:if they do agree to the deal it would be far more effective if in controlling their nuclear power. then any military action we could take and far more effective than sanctions. >> reporter :and he never really gave him a chance golthis was going to result in a run getting $50,000 of relief
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peron would not agreeiran >>:my speech is not intended to show any disrespect to president obama. i have great respect for him. >> reporter :he spoke to a friendly audience to attempt to pit retention. he hopes to warn about the dangers to israel if it deal goes forward. >>:israel and the united states agree that iran should not have nuclear weapons but we disagree on the best way to prevent you run from developing those weapons. >> reporter :he will also push the president obama administration to allow more
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time for negotiations on a tougher deal. the as states put out its ambassador to ensure it every method is taken to protect its front president obama: it is probably still more likely than not that braun doesn't get to us. but i think in fairness to us they have been serious negotiators. the have their own policies in side of peron. it is more likely that we can get a deal now. but there are still some big gaps the need to be filled.
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>> reporter :we had some showers earlier. area's only got a 10th of an inch of rain fall. right now insisting clear skies. by tomorrow we could see a little bit from early in the morning but most of it should start to erode in the morning. then we will be dealing with some sunshine because of some high- pressure sites which will give us some dry conditions. clear skies, very, wins and the temperatures should be above average and comfortable. 51 degrees in oakland. north of the valley, temperatures are
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going to fall into the mid-30s. your planner for tomorrow looks like this. but the lunch hour at mid, '60s. upper '40's to lower 50s to start out your morning. again much of the afternoon around the region we have warmer temperatures. 66 in fremont handful of mid '60s will be dealing with mostly warm temperatures. nappa on the warmer side. ocean beach on a slightly milder side. mid to upper 60s will continue on into the middle of next week by thursday, we should be warming up. it's going to be
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spring and spring like. and daylight savings time it begins. by monday, and early next week, have chances for some showers. perhaps the war years get jack in brooklyn and gary has the news. don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls... ...gets you there in just 60 seconds. go bold with flavors that kick. (humming) oh yeah. (humming) they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle.
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>> gary :warriors/nets final game of the season's longest road trip in brooklyn 1st quarter andrew bogut flying out of nowhere for the ally-oop dunk he had 16 points in the first half but didn't take a shot in the 2nd 2nd quarter 4th quarter warriors come from 10 down draymond green with the block at one end. steph curry nails the 3-pointer at the other 108 105 nets 1:09 left curry the long jumper to tie the game 108-108 tie 3 seconds left former warriors jarrett jack pull-up jumper 110-108 nets final chance for warriors curry has a chance but his shot is too late and misses anyway final: 110-108 nets warriors 3-3 on the road trip
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we keep doing this story and i don't know if anybody cares. but michael jordan is not a billionaire. he joined the forbes list. >> gary :we were down in arizona the other day and chatting about billy. he made a lot of moves last season led and players go
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here and there. we asked him about it. >>:that's the one i think most of our fans have problems with. i don't think he has any intention of trading him. does billy ever surprise you? he had no intent in doing it, and usually i'm very up to speed with everything. i was very surprised when it happened. >> gary :we've got about a month after the spring training talk. some people just love it, they love talking about how this might happen. lot of this stuff when it starts for real. >> reporter :yell lot of people get crazy over this
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>> gary :a lot of them take their shirts off and i've never seen so many topless man. i kept my shirt on. now the sharks ben smith newly acquired from chicago arrives at the shark tank too late to take warmups but just in time to play 1st period smith deflects in marc-edouard vlassic's shot for the goal 1-0 sharks great start for the new guy 1st perdiod/ 1-0 sharks joe pavelski gets his stick on the puck and it kicks off goalie carey price's skate and into the goal 2-0 sharks great defense bty the all-star brent burns who knocks the puck out of the goal just in time alex stalock with the shutout final: 4-0 sharks they snap their 8-game home losing streak the 49ers have signed a rugby
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player to their roster. a rugby player. >> reporter :good night everybody saw, you tomorrow.
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♪[ music ] ♪ william shatner under fire for missing leonard nimoy's funeral. >> here's what i'd like to say. >> what he's telling only "inside edition." then, poor taste? >> the just isis. >> fifty shades star, dakota johnson. did the snl parody go too far. then ebola nurse nina. why she's upset over this video. >> i feel violated. >> then she's guilty. >> murder in the second degree. >> the mommy blogger, convicted of killing her little son with salt. >> didn't just kill her little son. she tortured him. >> and


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