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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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breaking news we have been following this morning. severe winter weather is impacting travel across the country. >>mark:this is new video we just got out of kentucky. a sheet of ice coating roads there. >>mark:the latest winter storm stretches from northern texas to southern new england. it could bring up to 10 inches of snow to those regions today. >>mark:temperatures have also been plummeting into the single digits. >>mark:here's a live look at san francisco international airport. >>mark:across the country --- more than 2-thousand flights have been cancelled already - including quite a few in the bay area. >>mark:we sent kron 4's jackie sissel to s-f-o. he joins us live now. >>mark:jackie, how many local flights have been grounded this morning? >>jackie sissel: from inside the terminal and got a look at the board and is lit up like a christmas tree with all of the cancellations the area that is most affected right now is dallas-fort worth essentially every flight into as a folk from
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dallas has been canceled their for cancellations--sfo jfk is heavily affected and in out of it had a chance of the one woman just a couple minutes to go try to get a little rock arkansas and unfortunately she had to go through dallas-fort worth fans cross she says her flight to not affected i can say you the 6:00 a.m. flights to dallas for work has already been canceled every flights coming in to sfo from dallas is already canceled all in all 35 cancellations already it has been a brutal blow to enter this is a we're out here every week or so talking about this the eastern seaboard has been slammed by heavy weather and here comes another round again obviously to protect and before we get here and even if you check and expected there could be changes.
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>>mark: one of the biggest on israel same is how wide an area is covered. let's get the latest on this winter storm with james fletcher. >>james: this tax is so the different warnings and advisers in effect is to conceal from texas all the way across the southern border of the u.s. always up to maine it is pretty incredible as are the will to storm the to richard lyng lightning in freezing rain just about any increment whether you could think of they have been in one form or another. >>james: it will be withdrawn today tomorrow at the shores of to leave that in the entire system continue to track off in that direction.
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>>james: the kids to the one to be when they leave for school there will have three grown up into we chilly by recess lunch and thick of this afternoon there will be watching the has sure some teachers gone mourn the forecast coming up in a moment i leave you a quick look at the storm track four was
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conditioned on the bay area that is cold and north bay 36th and the livermore out in the east bay. >>james: to get what of this any time with the mobile applications free and available for apple and injured devices. >>george: the mr. miyazawa active and it is a chapter started to back up of labor is so flattering to write to the edge of the macarthur maze lifetime trying about 19 minutes currently the san mateo bridge i highly 92 still doing pretty well a reminder that there were some report that traders reporting gravel on the roadway but still has not yet been confirmed by the california house the patrol and had not seen much evidence of the less attractive traffic--it isn't cleared in traffic that was slow on behind is already gone in the south bay we have word of an
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incident here on one 01, alum rock avenue it is on the shoulder we're watching a potential hot spot him to look at the drive times for you around the bay hercules to berkeley to 16 minutes and easy out to my ride. >>george: the south bay ride for 101 northbound could climb from the 19 minutes early at the alum rock accident is in the lines. >>darya:other breaking news we are following this morning. >>darya:an amtrak train crashes into a car stuck on the tracks in newark. >>darya:this is the second time a train in the bay area has struck a >>darya:the other was a caltrain incident. kron 4's mike pelton is in newark. mike, do you know what happened in this accident? >>reporter: the crossing are the come down with cds and action a couple of times already this
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morning despite all the official said the driver of the car tried to be an amtrak train across the tracks for realizing that was not going to happen here the man in the mess left behind a 1997 toyota camry and police say was not a 30 last night the job was heading south about on cedar boulevard here near thornton avenue and tore the tracks when the lights in crossing arms of the people in the car got out safely it is the have the collision the 90 passengers and four staff on board were not injured just temporarily delayed.
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>>mark:happening now. >>mark:c-h-p officers say one suspect may still be on the loose after a shooting on eastbound interstate 580 in oakland. >>mark:this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. >>mark:it happened just before 3:30 p-m yesterday. >>mark:bullets penetrated the passenger side of a sedan, and one man was hit and injured. >>mark:no word on his condition this morning. >>mark:officers say the cars that were involved were traveling at a high rate of speed and ended up facing the wrong way on the freeway. >>mark:officers were investigating for several hours. which led to a nightmare commute. >>mark:it's still unclear what sparked the shooting, and officers don't know if the shooter and victim know each other. one person was detained for questioning. >>darya:still ahead on the kron four morning news. and here's a live look outside. bay bridge
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>>darya:new this morning. conan o-brien took his show where no other late night host has been in more than fifty years. take a look. the late night talk show host aired his special in cuba aired late last night. he said a lot of it was improvised including putting together the set. >>darya:o-brien says most of it was him out and about in havana. >>darya:he admits that he acted like an idiot while filming the show. but that the trip was a big success.
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>>mark: here's a live look from philadelphia the snow is falling 3 to 6 in. of snow to the wind chills five-to-10 below to like this a really big storm system as james fletcher is one
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to show was about the storm and the weather. >>james: travel is the recall of fact at the store with a film of oil to the bay area if the release see the colors were this line is with this diet for the system of law through a second this time by the way it is to the couple of days before filing for a route is pretty impressive second look at the temperatures come in the backside of the front 16 new york is was 28 degrees as well that as a kind what we're expecting and a half of the country if you have any flights the tech in that direction will have you covered will be chatting with a drop of one keep you updated on the delays as a result of the nasty
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weather back east it will we're saved in the bay area of the difference blue skies very clear the sun is coming up on the cool side this morning temperatures will be a bit nippy for you as to get out the door most clear and cool temperatures and therefore will be in the low '40's to mid 40's like three this afternoon sunny and mild a privilege to call that one because we will be warm 77 degrees. >>james: by a to track the sky to be nice a clear light when the air temperature is dropping right back down to low to mid 50's that is a quick synopsis of what will be like in the east bay as the rest of the bay area less take a look what to buttress a little more santa rosa coming in the 38 fed mid- 40s up before it's everywhere else in that will warm to upper sixties to low to mid 70's will see everything from 67 a fairfield and 74 degrees in
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sunnyvale by looking at the man perry to see exactly where we're going to be in your neighborhood and terms of temperatures. >>james: continuing nice warm sunny weather right through saturdays and the next three days will be gorgeous or on the event the potential for maybe the rain dropper to the middle of next week have my ims storm system i'll let you of that developed by the time we get there. >>george: heavier traffic but we're not tracking any hot spots yet the ride to the bay bridge continues to hold or at the edge of the macarthur maze to 2 minute drive times still we have not yet backed solidly on to high with 24 the ride to the san mateo bridge was on 92 of definite changes here as you can see the bright lights coming on even a little earlier than yesterday we're looking at slow conditions now for the golden gate bridge ride still like an easy trip with a northbound or southbound and here at the richmond bridge where tracking
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an easy ride with no delay ejector richmond on 580 westbound does it look as the east bay breath the upper east shore for with the drive times is 18 minutes for your trip headed westbound for interstate 80 from hercules to berkeley tear in the southwest >>mark:new this morning. >>mark:four people are behind bars in connection with three recent murders in vallejo. >>mark:19-year-old lorenzo mateo cortez of vallejo was already in custody, and police say he now faces three counts of suspicion of murder in the killings of lopez reid, luis doctolero perez, and william brown.
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>>mark:reid was shot and killed back in november near maple and georgia streets. >>mark:perez was shot and killed in december in hanns park. >>mark:and brown was shot and killed in january near magazine and del sur streets. >>mark:three others were also arrested tuesday in connection with the killings. >>darya:new this morning. we're getting a closer look at the man suspected of attacking u-s ambassador to south korea mark lippert with a knife. >>darya:this is video of him on a stretcher as he was being taken away by police shortly after the attack. >>darya:he is a member of a korean council looking to strengthen ties between north and south korea. >>darya:before the attack, he was heard shouting for the south korea, u-s military drills that started earlier this week to stop. north korea sees them as a provocation against the country. >>darya:u-s ambassador mark lippert meantime, will likely spend the next several days in the hospital. >>darya:lippert went through more than two hours of surgery. getting 80 stitches on his face alone. >>darya:a bystander recorded video showing the crowd holding the attacker on the ground just before police arrived.
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>>darya:lippert's father says his son still loves the people of south korea despite the attack. >>: he will look again at this time of weakness if he left and are often the ones to do that i think he totally enjoy is the people in south korea. >>darya:the attacker had been sitting at a nearby table at the event where lippert was expected to speak. >>darya:he was preparing for a lecture about prospects for peace on the peninsula when the attack happened. in keeping with world health >>mark: the to the twitter sang " i want the public to see my e- mail i ask them to release them
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if they said their review them and release them as soon as possible >>darya: 1 son of a restaurant is the biggest violator of wage theft is becoming a growing problem of the bay area >>reporter: this is more than just a call is also called an action there is no consequences there was a cultural non compliant for employers it owes the lever commission a one place $6 million in fines none of that money have been paid one senator county to take action against the businesses like the crazy buffet that found guilty of wage test. we want to see licenses and permits suspended until the
6:22 am
employers pay all this is always a to draw awareness to the issue wade stepped was this is also public shaming and all the neon colors and the big signs to help in some way this will encourage credit buffet to pay what they owe their workers. >>: cord like you money if you when you have to find a way to collect the and these workers are not able to collect. >>mark: we're hearing more from the bay area man who had his running blades: to foster the plant is in a huge outpouring of support from the community will have live yesterday morning will have a bit this morning into in a live look tear out of san francisco and the embarcadero at studios here a beautiful morning around the bay and warm up on
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the way we will have details on the four test--4 cash returns.
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>>darya: clear skies open right now is 50 degrees the high a little warmer than it was yesterday at 71 new on the wires the slaughter we are
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learning liberia has released since last ebola patient marking the countdown to the country being ebola free the last patient is a 58 year-old english teacher she was released today from a chinese ebola truman in monrovia and on her way home she said she was one of the have the happiest people or to the issue the other or a tree the system were its 10th they're no confirmed cases of ebola in liberia and the country needs to have no new cases of the disease for 42 days in order to be cleared ebola free. >>mark: star but to give a neighborhood and nice joke between 1997 and 2013 house calls a starbucks in closing work by 96 percent during that time. does well as a to 5% increase rise and all homes saw on the u.s. during that period the new start was the developer is a system level as on the rise and that is because our
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homes rise less than there was a star but with a quarter mile the spot everywhere. >>mark: no more health is the greatest show on earth was a of the big change is coming >>will tran: the search for her and at the three-year mark of the disappearance, are will tell you what happened today in a live report.
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>>mark: after the dow lost a hundred and eight points. >>james: adjutancy the golden gate bridge looks great clear skies above political out there is not bad at three the six local tupperware the with inspect all records of the day- to-day the widespread abutters to mid-40s.
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>>james: temperatures and low 70's bay area why is going to be beautiful and that will make it tricky for you to get the kids ready for school mr. they're in layers to the will to pull them off that is the general of the bay area forecast. >>george: we've already passed the tipping point here at the san mateo bridge is now hot spot the westbound ride the drive time the thing up to 19 minutes not as it tried to get over to the peninsula coming out of the east bay at the bay bridge no surprise were already backed up into the macarthur maze and the 880 ramp is starting to back up taking a look at the east bay ride coming out of antioch this morning on highway 4 in the
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westbound direction no incidents to slow the ride into to 6 minute drive times hitting to convert on highway 4 is fairly to all and no surprise for you trip this for me. >>mark:the 15-year-old disappeared on her way to school. >>mark:and now her family has decided to suspend the search for her so her suspected killer will go to trial. kron4's will tran is live in fremont -- will, we are expecting to get reaction from sierra's family today. >>will tran: that is where she disappeared much of your picture of seral more kissing lay desolate we were out more real and to walk to bus stops she never made issue was conducted
6:33 am
the suspect we have all this according to the police department. not face a day in court yet as far as his trial and does not bring a resolution the search is within days or out there looking for in that brush at first it was every day for weeks if not month's event over the past several years they killed the down to the saturdays there recently made the decision the next saturday will be the last time they search for seral mark because they believe the result of a place for them to search at this time unless the new evidence the lamar is not talk to anyone about the situation on camera out what track down this morning and get his reaction across another large family is still the more obviously very difficult time for he and the rest of his family outside a lot in a bill with them sometime this morning. >>darya:an update to a story we've been news.
6:34 am
>>darya:a local para=lympic hopeful says he is overwhelmed with the amount of support he is getting after his prosthetic running leg was stolen. >>darya: people started to cross swords and get money to replace the specialize late forranjit steiner spent several hours being fitted with a temporary running blade yesterday. >>darya:all, after someone broke into his car this week in san francisco. stealing several items, including his 30 - thousand dollar custom made artificial limb. steiner says he has been flooded with offers of help. from family. friends. and complete strangers. >>darya:a crowdfunding campaign appeared online to help him pay for a replacement. >>: my friend decided to do it
6:35 am
in organizations came along and said will help you raise money and give you a new running late. >>darya:but ranjit says insurance will cover the cost. >>darya:instead he hopes the funds could go towards paying for kids who need prosthetic limbs. >>mark:new this morning. no more elephant acts at the circus. >>mark:the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey circus says the iconic elephant acts will be phased out by 2018. >>mark:this comes after growing public concern about the how the animals are treated. >>mark:the 43 elephants will live at the center for elephant conservation in central florida. >>mark:elephant acts have been showcased by ringling for more than a 100 years. >>mark:the official announcement will be made later today. happening today. >>darya:it's a rare medical procedure that could be a big
6:36 am
game changer for the growing list of people who need kidney transplants. >>darya:over the next two days. 12 patients will undergo surgery at california pacific medical center in san francisco. >>darya:these patients have been paired up in a chain of donations. with their kidney going to someone waiting for a transplant who also has a friend or loved one willing to donate to someone else. >>darya:it goes on and on until six people get kidney transplants. >>mark:the big chinese new year parade francisco.
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>>george: here is a quick check of traffic is in drive times for the east bay for the 29 minute drive of antioch the concord is a pretty good work so the trip heading south of the san ramon valley in 19 minutes from all the creek to delve little slow for the alter my past ride there was an accident at vessel rolled and we did have the stalled bid rick mid the top of the dublin great it is gone now we still have sluggish traffic leaving from livermore out toward dublin get traffic in a tie with the kron 4 global application a free download and a great way to take kron 4 with you news weather and traffic at your fingertips for both apple and android. >>mark:
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breaking news we have been following this morning. >>mark: the hospital saying that goes to black free home test kits to monitor their health. >>darya: 117 months out of college she is 117 years old today staff members and the retirement home says she's slow down today but she still is three big meals a day and she sleeps it hours a night. carlos sushi is what she credits her secrets of longevity dollars vs loss ever lived was 122 years old.
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>>james: we have not only does the bay area and joined with the but the entire state and go to the mattress to quickly will start off with a live look all san francisco international airport if it wanted a quick look at the salk forecast that will part of the bay area that would give the world as temperatures at and what is more in was a clear attempt to the this for a very low for the relevance to start woman up by three this afternoon sun is certainly warmer levied and five degrees in some spots seven in 74 of the average temperature range for the south bay in them by and talk tonight perhaps you the finishing a better at that point in having to bed clear light winds the up and down to lows mid-50s that is what we're expecting to the south but to date in that little focus forecast for you and saw bay area wide at the moment where sensible to the mid-40s in the
6:46 am
south by san jose 45 04 is of the 30's and a little more san ramon valley. >>james: of the third is even a third to the north and about 37 degrees off to chilly their hair was a look at the storm track four afternoon highs forecast we're looking for temperatures in the south of 87374 decreased to a really less 7 1/7730 clear 69 san francisco and in the north bay looking pretty good low seventies across the wine country with clear skies were looking for lots of sunshine today and for that to continue to the next few days to restore track before 7:00 a.m., before test sunny today sunny friday in sunny saturday agree with in the week at work on the low seven from the remainder of the next 72 hours. >>james:
6:47 am
>>george: tracking the house last an attractive center in the five a ride westbound leading tabasco wrote that was the site of an early recovery accident is gone now we are still crowded getting into dublin the disabled be great but did block the right hand lane has been gone for a while with the traffic is still slow here the corridor is not bad south and freeways not horrible idea while one of bounce to a pocket a pretty good drive time that is under 20 minutes of the montague expressway. >>george: the golden gate bridge
6:48 am
also surprised for you because it is the late frank so typically isn't easy ride here for the first few hours and will not be until the id o'clock hour if things followed a normal pattern that we see the rise slowed down think the trip to the richmond bridge is slowing up the toll plaza just beginning to back up at the west and of interstate 5 in the coming out of richmond. >>mark: of course the stars of the show are the slopes that are on the going the final touches right now >>reporter: it is just hours before san francisco's chinese new year parade saturday night and does the flow makers are planning against the clock. we've been working since early december were going on about three months of work and this parade will have about 15 to the people running around their pre skilled people they know their jobs and they are just blowing
6:49 am
through towns and pounds of butter--clinton--glitter >>reporter: as they do every year they're working up to the moment they're supposed to take to the streets on saturday this is a great family parade at pier 54 in san francisco. >>mark: police in san jose sovereign seven home burglaries investigations all the once when police questioned him hit men to have committed such other burglaries and san jose all of which is still ongoing investigations of to recover the property at a second during all seven burglaries and returned to
6:50 am
owners. >>darya: markets westing your son was shot and killed and some of the oakland home that the group then on to the morning police have not released much information about the death of to join your markets but neighbors in the community say they heard four gunshots family members think that the shooter was in a car that shooting death marks the city's 18th this year. >>: pays want to consider another statistic but he was a good dude and he had is like getting back in order and is tied to our family i hope that something changes so with the stock on through this is an like every week someone is losing a child. >>darya: he left behind a 2 month old son. >>mark: and images: hayward to is a lot down while they search for gunmen in connection will raise shooting down the street
6:51 am
beside them on the third 1000 block of carroll avenue a man was driving and shot down carol investigators the poor over to let the speeding charge the past instead police said the car stopped alongside of the truck and the driver opened fire griffin the of the driver with the least one shot is a lot down a little about the 9:00 hour police are unsuccessfully searched a gunman. >>: if some of sesshu is best to keep cool and keep driving and not engage in any argument back and forth. >>mark: what may have said the alleged gunman offer still on clear they do not know of the two drivers had an argument prior to the shooting. >>darya: u.s. court of appeal had upheld a ban on high capacity ammunition and sunnyvale the ninth circuit court upheld the judge's decision to the sunnyvale
6:52 am
residents who wanted to block the plan the measures are a lot about the same voter improve this is a ban in magazines holding more than 10 bullets this at the sunnyvale measure does not place a burden on second amendment rights lawyer from residents fighting the ban said they already planning to appeal. >>mark: dozens of be go puppies are rescued and they're ready for adoption. right now traffic is backed up with a tough ride is sending the everyday on the ridge was about a special on the right-hand side in cupertino and to start the 41 agree should be a beautiful afternoon from high to mid-70s.. whenou ae anhavet slt... you'reot y. leno® prelies pn and helpyou ll ft asep anstayslee weive u a tteright you' a bter u alday.
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>>mark: it will be all warmer after no the right now santa
6:56 am
rosa in the mid '30s and novato and fairfield and livermore valley in the upper 30's will have the silver for presley never met just a few minutes. dozens of beagles rescued in southern california are finding new homes the adoptions are not over the human society near san diego to in several puppies after of reader was overwhelmed the show support out were the 35 beagles will be up for adoption 400 families from the world apply to sick puppies home 10 puppies and lot of adult dogs have already been adopted several other expected dog will deliver even more be called up soon. >>darya: another train crash in the bay area involving a driver stopped on the tracks will have a live report from kron 4 as mike pelton and in various world as the craze is one that you've never seen a baseball and will show you how one superstar
6:57 am
michel he never had a bad hair day. >>stanley roberts: coming up the chp and the ftdsfpd i'll show you who was caught in the next edition of people behaving better.--bad leadbadly
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>>: reporter: this is from ferguson is there with the question on everybody what will the city do to fix these problems that were leaked out and address the other question is how well the city be able to voice the gap between law-


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