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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 27, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> pam:good evening, i'm pam
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moore. >> pam:it has been three days since san jose police officer michael johnson was killed in the line of duty. tonight. we know when the fallen officer will be laid to rest. >> pam:san jose police announced a memorial service for officer johnson. it will take place next thursday april 2nd. at the s-a-p center in san jose. the service is open to the public. and will begin at eleven- in the morning. >> pam:police officers from around the nation are planning to attend the memorial service. >> pam:meanwhile, the tributes have been pouring in all day from people across the bay area. paying their respects to the fallen hero. here are just a few who shared their thoughts outside san jose police headquarters. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam:kron 4's charles clifford is live in san jose tonight where a vigil for the fallen officer is set to being in about 30 minutes.charles? >> reporter: 100 people arrived of the scene where the officer was killed on
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tuesday. speaking for a short time some jakarta was their permit an outpouring of support has not gone on notice by the police department today. speaking to the media and the chief appreciate the support. >> a deep sense all loss not only a human being but a hero who came out for our safety and pay the ultimate sacrifice for what he has done for us. >> reporter: would hear from the chief later on this eating right now that is the latest charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: stay with kron 4 news for continuing coverage on the deadly shooting of officer michael johnson. we will continue to bring you updates on the air. and online at kron 4 dot com.
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>> pam: a big decision today in san francisco in a high- profile gender- discrimination lawsuit against a silicon valley venture capital firm. >> pam: san jose police admit officers then began the compromise. >> and the computers and our cars do not work we go back to our counsel and papers. the mapping system goes down and we have to get a global context of what is galling on in our city is not able to work. >> pam: sometimes the officers have to go into the trunk of their vehicles and reboot the system because they have so many issues. they're hoping to commit this transformation to new computers by the end of the year.
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>> pam: if you like to help we had a link on kron4 that, as part of our special section dedicated to officer johnson. >> pam: to 90 pictures and video of denise haskins the woman was allegedly kidnapped and held for ransom and earlier this week is the case that investigation have since called a host a hoax. kron4 j.r. stone is following the store he don't live off tonight from the deli. from vallejo and the details. >> reporter: still not talking to reporters her attorney has been vocal in her defense.--auntie
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>> we are glad that she is safe and we know that the truth will come out. >> reporter: two days later she two days later she came up. authorities say there was no validity to the claims of kidnapping. >> if anything is mr. quinn and discussed as that owes this community an apology. >> reporter: the attorneys spoke out on thursday stating that their clients told the truth and they were bound by the bad guys. >> they threw it on her and there is no big on this at all. this is a legitimate claim to it >> reporter: now police
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would not comment on this case on friday. it is important to note that sap francisco chronicle reports there has been in recent e- mail of one to the alleged kidnappers were the is august and #4 un #questions answered in this case. >> pam: we have the news conference with the attorneys for haskins boyfriend the haskins the call that haskins make what allegedly kidnapped and more all on kron4 that come. a jury shot down allegations from the l-g-b-t community. >> pam: and local honor
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student is still in the hospital tonight he was brutally attacked at valley fair mall in san jose earlier this month 17 year old christian rescuer had to have brain surgery creek last night at 8 we brought you dripping knows that his alleged attacker was arrested. >> reporter: it is more reckless to see him lay in bed without a word. >> he smiled at you and he recognizes you and smiled right away. >> reporter: all things are looking at his father understands that there is a long road ahead. >> until he is able to get up we will not know the level of damage if any. >> thank the police for
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getting this guy off the streets so quickly creek they say that there are 100 percent sure that they had the right guy. >> reporter: of feisty you have for other parents after and during this experience? >> always been mindful that every day is a gift and telling your loved ones that you love them is a great take away. >> pam: the quest to end perceived and gender discrimination in the venture capital and tat world will have to find another figurehead. she and ms. certificates and silicon valley firm ended in defeat today for one on declining by a spirit kron4 in lee turner has the story. -- emily turner >> reporter: it was a disappointing want from the
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courtroom for ellen p. at all today after a jury sided with her former employer kleiner perkins. >> reporter:pao claimed the venture capital firm did not promote her because she was a woman. and that they fired her when she made that allegation and filed a suit against them. >> reporter: perjury on the other hand did not agree. they came back in favor of kleiner perkins on every killing. --claim. >> reporter: p and o's as she did is disappointed, but let the high profile of this case has raised awareness on the issue of gender bias. >> pam: the following statement can be attribute
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it to the partners of k p c b. today's verdict reaffirms that allen klein has no legal merit we are grateful to the jury for its careful examination of the facts. there is no question gender diversity in the workplace is an important issue kepi see the remains committed to supporting women in venture- capital and technology both inside our firm and within our industry. >> pam: amanda not say she is tremendously relieved and grateful that italy's highest court has accorded her in the number of parliament. --murder of her roomate >> pam: the seattle woman learned late this afternoon that italy's highest court overturned her murder conviction and that upper ex-boyfriend as well as an appeal court in to about 11 cleared not in 2007 murder
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of the british wanted she was ordered released after spending four years in prison but and then in her acquittal was overturned and knox was born in with being sent back to italy today said the decision closed the legal side of for good. -- saga >> pam: coming up and twist and the tragic plane crash and the french alps what investigators uncovered about the co-pilot and deliberately crashed the plane.
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>> reporter: as a result the cooler air sitting behind the cloud will move into the bay area. most of the moisture associated with the system will stay to the north. >> reporter: we will notice
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a few sprinkles in the mountains. here in the bay area and will be nice and dry. the f o g and cloud cover were clear barry quickly into our saturday morning because of the mixing of the lower levels of the atmosphere in the cooling system will be in helping to alleviate what we had earlier today. >> reporter: 55 degrees as we head into downtown, 52 for half moon bay at 53 for san jose and 54 in livermore. >> reporter: elsewhere it will drop a few degrees. 74 in mountain view and sunnyvale. out east, temperatures will be in the
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upper 60s and livermore with 70 separate-7-degrees. 70 >> reporter: it will be breezy to drop the first day. 74 and san rafael creek we are looking at 60 degrees with temperatures bubba up the to the upper 60s for ocean beach and daly city. >> reporter: to verges will start off in the lower 50s if you are going to participate in the marathon. halfway through the race in will start to increase in temperatures with sunny all over the bay area. >> reporter: there will be a storm system trekking north late monday night and into tuesday. it will stay dry as the land route. brennan temperatures progressively
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cooler from monday and tuesday. thursday and friday will bridge back up with an warmer conditions. >> reporter: lucy more rain making its way into the california coastline creek >> pam: just a quick 15 minute trip by helicopter takes you to the snowy slopes of lassen volcanic national park. there, pg&e hydrographers take snow surveys, measuring the snowpack. but in california's current drought, spokesman paul moreno says, the snow levels are down. >> pam: "statewide, the snow pack is moreno said. "meaning, it is only nine percent of the snow it normally would be." >> pam: we are a long way from normal. california is still on the mountains is showing it. >> pam: "the reason why the snowpack is very important is the snowpack acts as an additional reservoir that will release it's water later in the year," explained moreno.
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>> pam: pg&e hydrographers are the people measuring the snow. they are at the lower lassen peak snow course this week, calculating the levels. >> pam: "knowing what the snow levels are for the year are very important because it allows us to forecast how much hydroelectric power we're going to be able to produce this year," said moreno. >> pam: pg&e hydrographers use a snow sampler to measure the depth of snow at any given water equivalent. >>"you drive this tube down grant higginbotham, a pg&e hydrographer. "get the depth. pull it up. record the amount of snow in the tube. weigh the tube on a specialized scale that we have. dump all the snow out. weigh the tube again. and then subtract those two numbers to give you what's called a snow water equivalent. and that can give you an idea of how much water is in the snow up here." >> pam: pg&e records show the maximum snow depth recorded at lassen volcanic national park was 331 inches of snow. the average so far this year is only 77 inches. >>"we certainly have seen at a drier year, with a very low snowpack, we're already taking steps to manage our water resources." >> pam: for pg&e, less snowpack means switching gears. they wind and solar. ultimately, it equals information for better management. >> pam: "the information we have will help us manage better available," said moreno. "already this winter and spring, pg&e has been holding back water in our
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generate more power because >> pam: next month, pg&e will do the fourth and final snow survey for the year. they will then the four months and have a situation will be for the >> pam: in world news. >> pam: german police say, they turned up new evidence that doctor's note, which said. he should not fly for medical reasons, and that he apparently illness from his emplpoyer. >> pam: prosecutors say, the 29 - mountainside, killing allmaterial taken from his notes. nor other clues to his murderous intentions. >> pam: the state of colorado went to court today. in itscolorado attorneys told the u.s. supreme court. that states are free to legalize marijuana. >> pam: the state attorney general's filed by the state of oklahoma. the latest move comes. in response to nebraska and being negatively impacted by colorado's legalization, >> pam: oklahoma argues. that all the new marijuana stores marijuana into its state. and is stretching law >> pam: new ahead: downtown berkeley beating of a homeless >> pam: here it is the
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samsung smartphone. the worlds first with a dual curved edge screen. it hits the market april 10th but i got my hands on >> gary: highlights later in this forecast-broadcasts-. 7
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>> pam: people in the east bay reacted. he has never seen a chemical reaction before occurred but this student is accomplishing something in chemistry that is quite extraordinary grit. >> reporter: skoler evening. we would take a look at the weekend forecast coming
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: any city in california has the legal right to install a dedicated bike lanes and those lines fall under the california bill " that is being spent. dedicated bicycle lanes are the least respected lanes and all of san francisco if you do not believe me all you have to do is hang out of the embarcadero and it is plainly obvious trick (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: like this school ryder utilizing the pipeline pretty much the entire time. >> stanley: this is one kicking it and a bike lane. >> stanley: it appears to be a common practice because here is yet another way the
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motorcycle's uses line to often bypass congestion for it. >> stanley: that being said bicyclist need to remember to stop at red lights and stay out of the crosswalks, crosswalks are for pedestrians and nine bicycles. >> stanley: if you want to pull into traffic not to block the bike lying if at all humanly possible increase a hazard for cyclist and is just plain rude. >> stanley: now watch this driver first she is particularly blocking the bike lane been slowly cruises in the pipeline to find a parking spot. >> stanley: that after finally parking i guess she
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forgot to feeds the meter because here is the car a few minutes later getting a parking ticket. oh well all i can say is respected by klay and avoided ticket. and set francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: up a blind docked or roll student at uc-davis is overcoming obstacles to live his dream and how he is doing it. is really blowing his peers away. >> reporter: whole being wed daughter was born blind but that is not stopping him from wanting to guide future college students through some of the most difficult scientific courses. with every top of his walking stick he can use down to navigate his way to his
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chemistry lab at uc-davis. >> i do now have to see things to really put them in my mind i effect i've never seen things in my eyes i've always visualize things. >> we've learned a lot from each other and are hoping to teach a lot of people with our work. >> reporter: and ahead of this 3 the printer he can use his sense of touch to teach himself about molecules. >> your fingertips i do not think we are more sensitive than mine just like you're hearing is not more sensitive than my i've just been trained to use the more than you have because you rely on your vision for studies say about 85% to 90 percent of your information is input. >> reporter: his peers usually do the diagrams of the computer screen. but he
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can turn these complicated market structures and to something illegal in his hands on.
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>> reporter: 82 degrees cooler upper 50s right now 65 degrees in concord 59 livermore and calmly to the seven degrees and facto rose up here it slightly cloudy however comfortable. as we went up tomorrow morning if you are good chunk of our
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mourning will be cooler for most cars. the exception will be at the coast line. >> reporter: as we head into sunday, things will be a writer and warmer bay area wide of the with the very little bland. --potentially brighter and warm up with some very little wind. >> reporter: as the cold air filters and deceit the popcorn looking cloud pushing into the afternoon hours come tomorrow carry moisture and energy will focus on the pacific west. >> reporter: and the bay area we are looking at a dry weather for the next seven days. >> reporter: at the we will
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see the clouds to break up on route 10 a m on saturday. what additional warming at the coast line and clouds go to through. that is why the bay and and my spots will drop a few degrees. looking like a pitiful we get 3com tomorrow. with temperatures in the mid to low fifties as we get closer to launch time low 70's. farther away from the water. >> reporter: taking a look ahead by sunday if you participate in america some which are looking at a rate of running water. but temperatures on the cooler side as you wake up. upper 70's across the bay toward the end of the marathon. >> reporter: >> pam: dozens gathered
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outside city hall tonight as we learn more about the from our only chance for the fallen hero. and san jose with the latest charles? >> reporter: just wrapping up the visual maybe 200 to 300 people were here. the second of two visuals the first few miles away on center road were maybe 102 on active duty showed up or he was killed this last tuesday. several city councilmen were there. and earlier today we spoke with the chief police who says he is grateful for the outpouring support of the community. >> it is incredible. the support and acknowledgment. i do not have words to
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describe this is just phenomenal. very much appreciated by all. >> reporter:video/audio te chnicals difficulties >> pam: twitter has released a new app. which lets you broadcast live video to the world. >> pam: "periscope" offers a new way for people to share live video. between mobile devices. >> pam: a user can broadcast live video streams. to people who follow them. the live video comes from the phone or tablet's camera. users can also 'view' live video streams from people they follow. >> pam: twitter hopes this will connect people in a more visually intimate way. during big sporting events and breaking news or for
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smaller occasions such as sharing recipes or family moments. >> pam: for now, periscope is available to i-phone and i- i-pad users. >> pam: new ahead: >> pam: the bikini clad mom. who is a viral sensation because of a photograph she posted. a california school bus. catches fire and begins exploding. >> pam: what happened to the students on board. >> i saw my stretch marks right away. i have never seen anyone post that before. >> reporter: 0 las angeles mother says she has worked hard and win her first marathon and seized her stretch marks as a badge of honor beside you carry the child does something to be proud of.
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>> pam: coming up: it's not an optical illusion, there is actually a motors scooter rolling in the bike lane on the >> pam: gary is joined by his lovely wife lucia and they will open up the kron4 mailbag and answer your e- mail. >> pam: gary has the sports next
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>> pam: a school bus went up in flames right outside a
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set by california middle school friday. check out the cell phone video fire engulfed the bus that was just full of students. and then, there were a few explosions. the bus driver is being praised for quickly and, getting 35 seventh and eighth graders of the bus safely. >> of course she is shaken up, you know that this is a big event you know. what unique about this is that what stood out if she did everything right. she would not consider her a hero but she actually has a hero qualities and i'm very proud of our record--proud of power. proud of her. >> gary: the numbers keep getting impressive, and press of for the warriors. with a when secret stuff
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curry and company best of all time for it very straight man. up against a very strong f-15. klay thompson is lighting it up with 28. curry had 03 and 10 assists. >> gary: that is the guy. curry on the break curry on the break! curry it! >> gary: steve kerr all you do is let last. >> gary: in their particular bracket always great during the regular season. fallen
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short in the postseason of late but not tonight they take apart ucla. reaches out since 1999 as we speak duke is being--beating utah. >> gary: once upon a time to head coach of ucla parted company with the st. john's today in the world is the most famous st. john's alumnus is being pursued hall was once upon a time the general manager they cut off police that it was initial harding. it was always a mutual parting. >> gary: when i leave kron it will not be a mutual
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parting is because they wanted me out. i will be the first guy to say that it was the mutual. >> pam: you are not leaving grid you believe people are just pushed out creek >> gary: right out the door. >> gary: how are you going young lady? you just strolling in your career roadie's highlights. >> gary: role these highlights >> gary: there is the body guard kevin ritz he is a basketball coach but this country de la hoya a country that when as a low scoring nilgai your 40-36 division five titles go to low oil --
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lojolla >> gary: hook kevin, one more time. >> i state that to let kevin shine-- i let >> gary: every time he opens his mouth he says something about the departure of harbaugh. >> gary: until the day i die when you are inexperienced and never had your own jat you are not used to this threat he has his parents' money and parents tame. he has done ok, and done a great jump or ok job.
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>> ok angelo shares has set that i have contacted to several times on twitter and you have never responded. are you afraid? >> gary: i am not going to argue with anyone >> gary: angelo is one of these guys that goes on and on all of the time. >> gary: if you are just going to say that you set who has time for that?--you suck >> gary: first of what i think dario is a very good. and the ratings are not good and the show wasn't good it was in all my fault. there is dari at putting on a hat.
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>> gary: everyone down there says the agent is starting pitching was not be wrong for him but if he can't tell you to get people out found no cure it--it continues to get people out, i do not know? >> gary: we cannot get in to go to the restaurant. all of a sudden, one die roll down his one dell and screens out an even outwitted about it they put some rims on that car. police still was a little bit scared. --alicia >> pam: i do not see a lee
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still liking rams. --alicia liking rims >> had the kids with the spirit female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale.
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>> pam: a couple of big stories happening this weekend. résumé at 31 comes to lead by state and this sunday. the undertaker, scenic, and how cold and will be there. san jose
8:57 pm
convention center is holding a fan festival all we can résumé at the bill on is expected to inject tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. and there is a lot of concern about the lord park is the goal to place to soak up the sun on it once and for the fiscal weekend.
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dispatcher: van three, what's your eta? booth: they found the victim in the filtration system. just, you know some bones and nobody knows what to make of them. i mean, look at this-- millions of tax dollars are spent to clean and treat tap water, and yet people spend billions on bottled water. well, it's cleaner. look. comes from a clean mountain stream. yeah. which contains fecal matter from animals. there's no bones in it though, is there? i don't want that in your water. excuse me. uh, do you know how long this is going to take? department wants to know when i can get back online. any way to determine where the body originated? water comes here through pipelines that travel through five different states. that's why i called the feds in. great. how many miles of pipe? about 1,800. okay. i'm going to need a schematic of the entire system as soon as you can. sure. yeah. bones? well, swirl treatment sped the rate of decomp. death was most lik


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