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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 29, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> scott: this is a 19 year-old vasquez, a student for soccer player at cal berkeley and has not been seen since 130 when he went missing. he was last seen at the towel kappa epsilon fraternity house. he told his friends he was going for walker possibly going to the beach and
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no one has heard from them. >> were just so worried. because there's no sign of him anywhere . there fliers ever wearing new stations publicizing him but still no contact at all. we have no idea where he could possibly be. >> scott: another concern for him is that he does not have any idea or money on hand when he went missing. >> grant: novato police are investigating a shooting near
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hamilton school this afternoon. it happened shortly after 4 p-m in a field next to the school. police found a man shot twice.and searched the area for two men who were seen running away from the scene. a short time later.police detained two persons of in the shooting.but no word on any arrests. police say the man who was shot has non-life threatening injuries. three men were injured today in an apparent drive-by shooting in sunnyvale. four men were driving on highway 101 early this morning when somone.or multiple people. shot at their vehicle. the driver suffered three gunshot wounds in the abdomen and is in critical condition. two passengers were also shot.they're in stable condition. another passanger was not hit. the california highway patrol is still investigating the incident. a pedestrian was trying to cross interstate 580 near the border of san leandro and hayward when he was hit and killed by a car. officers found a male pedestrian blocking the eastbound lanes near 150th avenue around midnight. a witness told officers a white
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vehicle hit the man and then took off. the c-h-p is investigating the hit-and-run. three shootings in oakland left one person dead and sent two people to the hospital late last night and early this morning. at around two a-m officers found a man near tenth and washington streets with gunshot wounds. he was transported to the hospital where he died of his injuries. earlier.about 10:30 last night.police responded to another shooting near macarthur boulevard and 68th avenue. where two people where driving when someone shot at them. and even earlier around eight p-m.two people were in a car on the high street exit of 580. when someone in another car fired about 13 shots at them. police are still searching for suspects in each of these shootings. remembering daniel thomas. today, friends and family in the east bay joined together to celebrate the life of the 36- year-old artist -- one of two men killed in a 3-alarm fire in oakland last saturday. kron four's philippe djegal met
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his family -- who describes him as a free spirit -- taken too soon. >> phillipe: just as he would have wanted. >> "i call him danny." >> "and, then one day it was "moe." >> phillipe: surrounded by art at classic cars west in oakland. and, over cups of beer. >> "i was like "moe?" haha -- i just could never call him that. so, i always called him danny." >> phillipe: daniel "moe" thomas' aunt and cousins made the trip up from southern california to celebrate his life with his close friends here in oakland. >> "there's no words to explain how much we appreciate everything that they're doing for us." >> "danny had the greatest friends you could ever imagine -- he was very lucky." >> phillipe: danny and fellow arist davis letona were killed march 20-first. when their apartment building on 24th street caught fire. >> "i never met anyone like him." >> phillipe: his loved one's shared stories about him sunday afternoon -- with pieces of his artwork hanging in the backdrop. >> "its beautiful."
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>> "i knew danny was an artist dabbling i thought in it and when i saw his artwork it took my breath away." >> phillipe: and, his family is at peace -- knowing that danny's ife will be remembered through his passion. >> "you look at his art and it has a certain style to it -- a certain edge to it and i think that's how he lived his life." >> "he was a beautfiul soul. and, i know that his life in gonna impact people for a longtime to come." >> phillipe: in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news. r
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>> reporter: this is the first time russell many has ever been to the bay area. >> its a great place to see people fight and to settle arguments i just think it's really cool
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program >> grant: yet another person.killed by a caltrain. this morning a 20-year-old man was hit and killed by a train in sunnyvale. train number 426 was traveling south near mary avenue where it hit the man. caltrain officials say a preliminary investigation indicates it was a suicide. no one on board was injured. this is the tenth fatality on caltrain tracks this a mountain lion killed a goat in san mateo county.overnight friday into saturday. the goat was killed near its owner's home in pescadero, near pescadero creek and cloverdale roads. earlier this month, there were three reports of dead animals about a mile away from this week's attack. officials tell peopole try to avoid hiking or jogging at dawn and dusk, when the big cats are most active. runners from across the world pounding the pavement in san
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francisco for the rock- n - roll half marathon. the two winners - fernando cabada from fresno and on the women's side - tania mor-imoto from redwood city. kron 4's mike pelton shows us why many call this a unique race and how one runner is overcoming obstacles to live out his dream >> mike: 13 miles across san francisco for many the rock and roll half marathon is more about rocking. than running >> there are runners out there running for a good time and runners running for a good time tie running the golden gate bridge that's what really attracted us being from canada >> mike: but for adrian broca - this is about overcoming an obstacle >> i lost my sight at age 18 >> mike: visually-impaired for 20 years adrian runs with a second person who acts as a guide - in support of the challneged athetes foundation >> i discovered the freedom running gives me so each year i run two or three marathons >> mike: three years running in san francisco. the rock n roll half marathon sees runners from across the world. 49ers great roger craig is the one who brought it here >> san francisco is the spot to
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have this race, you have so much history here >> mike: fernano cabada from fresno made history - he's the winner of the 3rd annual race - a time of just over 1:06 >> tried not to be too stubborn or aggressive at first enjoyed going across the golden gate >> mike: our friend adrian crossed not too long after - another obstacle hes now overcome >> it's a metaphor for life, even if you face challenges at the start, it does get easier later on >> mike: even the san francisco hills can't slow him down. in san francisco mike pelton, kron 4 news >> grant: still to come. a california police officer.shot at in his car. details on his condition.and the search for the gunman. plus.a six year old california boy.strangled to death decades ago.why police think they've just arrested his killer. and.why another north american passenger plane has a landing that injures dozens of people.
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>> brian: temperatures in the '70s and '80s.i'll have your forecast for the week ahead coming up next.
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>> grant: two dozen people were rushed to the hospital, after an air canada plane traveling from toronto crash lands at the halifax stan-field international airport. the accident happened early this morning. kron 4's alecia reid tells us how the 133 passengers and 5 crew members handled the scary landing. >> alecia: on impact, passengers managed to keep it together and not get flustered while bouncing around. >> "when the plane hit initially, it bounced back up in the air and then we slid for a long time, like 30 seconds or so." >> alecia: the plane never made it to the gate. as the pilot tried to land the airbus a-320
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in halifax nova scotia, the hard landing ended in the plane skidding to the end of the runway. there was heavy snow at the time, but it is not clear if that played a role in the accident. air canada's chief operating officer says despite the weather, it was safe to fly. >> " when the approach happened it was the approach minimum so it was appropriate for landing." >> alecia: pictures taken at the scene show severe damage to the nose and wing. passengers say the air canada jetliner was stuck on the runway for about an hour. at least 23 people were taken to the hospital for observation and treatment of minor injuries. >> "it appears we clipped the power line and all hell broke loose, and it looks like the engine snapped off, and we slid for a while, and thankfully, we're all alive." >> alecia: the transportation safety board of canada is investigating the incident. air canada officials are working
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with authorities to figure out the cause of the accident. >> grant: some coastlines in the south pacific are under tsunami watch officials say, after a 7.7 earthquake struck near papua new guinea on monday. the u.s.g.s. says the epicenter was about 30 miles off the coast and was 41 miles deep. waves are possible for coasts within 620 miles of the epicenter according to the pacific tsunami warning center. papua new guinea and the solomon islands could have waves reaching three to ten feet high. kron-4's brian van aken joins us now. brian another day of warm weather.even some record- breaking temperatures? is this trend going to continue into the work week? >> brian: records were broken today all the way back to the '60s. these temperatures are
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some 10 to 20 degrees above average. readings are now our sixties around the bay and the '70s and in one day. we have mostly clear skies over the golden gate bridge like a seat and it will remain out for much of the evening. tomorrow the sea breeze will ramp up up and over 30 mi. an hour temperatures will drop five to 10 degrees. and for much of the week will see strong blustery winds that will start on tuesday. the winds
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might be up to 40 mi. an hour. some showers and thunderstorms or over the seven seeress' today. morning temperatures for tomorrow 4446 in the north bank . and then we have 76 and low way these are round of a. attacked about one week in the way. >> grant: someone in a car shot
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*at* an off-duty l-a-p-d officer in a suburban neighborhood in northern los angeles county. the l-a-p-d says the officer shot back during the encounter in santa clarita today. the officer was not injured, but his pickup truck did have bullet-holes in it. the officer is a 25-year veteran of the department who does undercover work.but was off-duty at the time of the shooting. the gun-man took off and has not been caught. listening in on phone conversations. the new revelation that may impact how the n-s-a operates in the futre. >> stanley: oh this is exciting, i got caught behaving badly i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> jason: talking march madness with the final four, and stephen
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curry is back with and sean livingston with his remarkable story of perseverance.
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plus a $1000 volkswagen credit bonus on 2015 jetta and passat models. >> stanley: talk about excitement this driver tried to hop out of the restricted lane when he saw officer kropp of the california highway patrol now carpool violations are not moving violations its simply a ticket and you move on but there is a way to escalate from a ticket to a felony in 3, 2 , 1 the driver rabbits from the scene and at first the officer gives chase, except why chase and risk lives over a carpool ticket we already have his mug and license on camera
8:21 pm
he even said hello to the camera, you can't make this stuff up hashtag: eastbaysdumbestcriminal 214 drivers were issued tickets for being carpool cheats from what is being touted as the largest carpool crackdown in the bay area officers from newark hayward san leandro, union city, alameda police, alameda county sheriff and the highway patrol, hayward and castro valley chp office isssued tickets to drivers including the driver of this truck who also was missing his seatbelt and drivers license apparently it was a rush deliverly because he was still in his pajamas >> nats: i didn't know it was carpool to tell the truth >> some people calimed they didn't know it was carpool >> i didn't realize i was in the carpool lane >> stanley: and some people could care less >> i work at the veterens administration and i'm trying to get to work as fast as i can did you realize it could be a pretty big fince if you get
8:22 pm
caught in a carpool lane yea i know that you know yea >> stanley: some were only in the lane >> two minuites a second you were there for two minites and you got caught i bet this is thek first time you were you were ever in the carpool lane my first ticket and some are just plain old repeat offenders >> when i stopped him he had no drivers license he tole me he was going to school in santa clara and 45 days ago the car was towed becuyse he had no drivers >> stanley: oh and 6 cars were towed .there will be more crackdowns my advice, stay out the carpool lane. and as for the great cornholio this story is not over yet on interstate 880 in the east bay stanley roberts kron 4 news >> grant: coming up at 8:30. the boy's parents call it a miracle. decades after their little boy was murdered.police say they have the man who did it. and before we go tonight.the inspiring story of a guy born with what could be considered a devastating handicap.who's not
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only oversome it. he's using a 3-d printer to help other people.
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though grant >> grant: still ahead. additional victims.and perspective on what went wrong in that stunning explosion collapse at fire in the heart fo a trendy new york city neighborhood. plus.a chilling sequence of events in that passenger plane crash in the french alps. what happened inside that cock-
8:26 pm
pit.and why many consider the co-pilot a mass murderer. plus.the latest on out big breaking story.the search for a bay area soccer star.missing after leaving a frat party. my name is bret hembree. i am an electric crew foreman out of the cupertino service center. i was born and raised in the cupertino area. it's a fantastic area to work. the new technology that we are installing out in the field is important for the customers because system reliability i believe is number one. pg&e is always trying to plan for the future and we are always trying to build something
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stronger and bigger and more reliable. i love living here and i love the community i serve. nobody wants to be without power. i don't want my family to be without power. it's much more personal to me for that reason. i don't think there's any place i really would rather be.
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>> grant: two of our big stories tonight: that missing u-c berkeley freshman from marin county. 19-year-old vasquez was last seen early yesterday morning.leaving a u-s-c frat party in los angeles. a soccer player at cal.vasquez is from san rafael and went to marin academy. and it's something of a dry run for the super bowl. wrestle-mania's main event is tonight at levi's stadium in santa clara. known as the super bowl of an new attendance record was set at the niners new stadium. more than 76-thousand people
8:29 pm
packed the stands.dressing in w-e-e gear and going nuts.for several hours. hotels were sold out in santa clara.traffic is being watched closely. levi's stadium will host super bowl 50 next february. new york police recovered two bodies in the rubble of collapsed manhattan apartment buildings. authorities believe the bodies are that of two missing men they had been searching for. more than 20 people were hurt-- four critically after an apparent gas explosion thursday. four other buildings were damaged in the explosion. mayor bill de blasio said friday that investigators are looking into whether a gas line was "inappropriately accessed" at one of the buildings. a boston police officer in a medically induced coma is improving tonight after surgery. officer john moynihan was shot in the face friday during a
8:30 pm
routine traffic stop. during surgery. doctors removed a bullet lodged below the officer's ear. boston's police commissioner says the officer is expected to move out of intenstive care within days and make a full recovery. the suspect who shot moynihan was killed by police. indiana mayor mike pence stands behind his controversial religious freedom bill. he says the law will not change, and is slated to take effect in july. kron 4's alecia reid tells us how he defends his stance. >> alecia: governor mike pence says the new state law is not about discrimination. it'san attempt to protect religious freedom. the legistion was signed on thursday. it prohibits indiana laws that substantially burden a person's ability to follow his or her religious beliefs. individuals who say their beliefs have been burdened can now lean on the law to fend off
8:31 pm
lawsuits. although the new law doesn't mention sexual orientation, many believe it could be used to discriminate against people, particularly the lgbtq community. >> indiana "this bill is not about discrimination. and if i thought it legalized discrimination in any way i would have vetoed it." >> "i'm just really at loss for words for what this is doing to our state and to our country." >> just because we are recognizing religious rights of everyone in indiana of every faith we have had an avalanche of criticism " >> alecia: there have been protests against the new law. businesses across indiana showing dissatisfaction, by participating in the "open for service" campaign, letting clientele know they won't be subject to discrimination. angie's list canceled plans for
8:32 pm
a proposed 40 million dollar campus expansion project that was set to break ground in a few days. also, indianapolis' republican mayor says the bill sends the wrong signal. that indy is a diverse city, and they want everyone that lives or visits there to feel comfortable. >> grant: we're getting chilling new details concerning germanwings flight 9525. german tabloid newspaper bild has released what is claims is a summary of the timeline from the downed plane. bild says it is based on information from the plane's cockpit voice recorder. c-n-n cannot independently verify the information. bild cites sources close to the investigation. fred pleitgen has more. >> reporter: well, excerpts from that transcript from the cockpit voice recording have been made public by a german newspaper which is a large tabloid called the bild. in the beginning stages of that transcript, it seems as though this is a very normal flight. however, already at that point the captain of the flight tells the co-pilot-- the man who would later crash the plane-- that he forgot to go to the bathroom before taking off in barcelona.
8:33 pm
now, this is key, of course, because the moment that the captain went to the bathroom was when he was locked out by the co-pilot and that plane then crashed into the mountainside. it appears as though the co- pilot at several times along the early stages of the flight keeps reminding the captain "didn't you want to go to the bathroom? you can go now anytime." and then, at some point, the captain does indeed leave the cockpit. now, what happens after that, frank, is absolutely chilling. according to his transcript-- of course, we can't independently verify, but which was published in this newspaper early this morning-- at 10:29 local time, air traffic radar detects that the plane is beginning to descend. three minutes later, air traffic control tries to make contact with this plane, but gets no response by the man who's in the cockpit. shortly after that, a loud bang is heard on the door. the captain can be heard saying, "for god's sake, open the door!" it's the first time the passengers can be heard screaming. at 10:35, a loud metallic bang can be heard on the door. at this point, the plane is at seven-thousand meters.
8:34 pm
90 seconds later, another alarm goes off saying, "train, pull up." at this point, the plane's at five-thousand meters. the captain can, once again, be heard screaming, "open the door!" at 10:38, the plane is descending very close to the french alps. the co-pilot can be heard breathing normally. the plane's at four-thousand meters at this point. it's already very close to the terrain because, remember, we're in mountainous area. at 10:40, the plane's right wing scrapes the mountain top and then the investigators say that screams can be heard for one more time and then the recording breaks off. so absolutely chilling details we're getting there. >> grant: a spokeswoman for b-e- a-- the french aviation accident investigation bureau-- says the agency is "dismayed" by leaks of the voice-recordings. she tells c-n-n the b-e-a considers this mere "voyeurism." she adds that she doesn't believe the leak came from a b- e-a agent. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expressing new
8:35 pm
worry over peace talks with iran concerning its nuclear program. this comes as the tuesday deadline for an agreement between iran and world leaders. inches ever closer. netanyahu says he made his position known to u-s congressional leaders this week. he pointed to iran's alleged involvement in yemen as more proof that the world should be concerned. >> in parallel to the gathering for this dangerous agreement the proxy at of iran is occupying yemen. and this is to control shipping and supply of oil in the world
8:36 pm
though grant >> grant: netanyahu says that iran is looking for shipping and oil access to other that it can ultimately take over the middle east. "i expressed before them our deepest worry about the agreement that's coming together with iran in the nuclear talks. this agreement as it evolves, is fulfilling our deepest fears and even worse. in parallel to the gathering for this dangerous agreement the proxies of iran and the middle east are carrying out a wide occupation of yemen in an attempt to take control of the bab-el-mandeb straits, the strategic straits that change the balance of shipping and supply of oil in the world. after the beruit damascus, baghdad access, the iranians are carrying out a pincher movement in the south to take over the whole middle east." thousands of christians gathered in vatican city to join in the palm sunday mass led by pope francis. the pontiff began with a procession through saint peter's square to usher in holy week-- the week before easter. for christians, palm sunday commemorates jesus' procession into jerusalem--cheered on by crowds waving palm branches-- days before his death and resurrection.
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>> brian: both days this weekend featuring a record high temperatures. but learned when your weather is coming up and i'll have the details.
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>> grant: according to current and former intelligence officials.the national security agency considered abandoning its secret phone-recording program months before leaker edward snowden revealed the practice. after the leak.n-s-a leaders strongly defended the phone records program to congress and the public.without disclosing the internal debate. the proposal to kill the program was circulating among top managers.but had not yet reached the desk. of the n-s-a director. the behind-the-scenes concerns could be relevant as congress decides whether to renew or modify the collection of phone records. >> brian: it will get when
8:40 pm
you're the next few days so i will feel more like this season as cooler temperatures common come in. you can see high clouds streaming in of this time lapse . these clubs are part of a weather system that will affect our weather coming up this week in directly. we will see some gusty winds develop over the next few days which will bring cooler temperatures. we've had some strong thunderstorms and heavy rain over the southern sierra. " or watching for tonight it are storms coming in from the west that they will stick to the north. mild temperatures for the evening
8:41 pm
with possibly for low clouds for tomorrow morning but moseley's sunshine and scattered clouds and gusty winds. look for the warm as places like livermore unconquered being in the '70s. back down into the 60s for san francisco. the weather system on the pacific as a move is biased to the north it will bring in at gusty winds up and over 40 mi. per hour. wednesday and thursday more gusts. temperatures for tomorrow will be in the '60s and '70s. for
8:42 pm
tuesday with the addition of the wind we can think and expect another five to 10 degrees cooler. though grant >> grant:
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>> grant: more than 30 years later.a man is in custody for the murder of a six year old california boy. six-year-old jeffery vargo was found strangled to death in the early 80s. brittney hopper spoke with the boy's parents, who say it's a miracle. >> at first we thought we'd
8:45 pm
find someone right away but time went on and then more time on. >> reporter: parents found their sons by a few houses down and then a few days later found his body. through dna evidence the suspect was arrested. >> he took away our son and my
8:46 pm
other sons little brother. he never got to grow up and fall in love for get married or have children or any of those things. >> reporter: he is a registered sex offender with a lengthy criminal past. >> i hope that he is convicted and put away for life. >> grant: he was convicted twice of sexual assault. it's a fear in the quest for privacy. what if your car spies on you? a canadian government report suggests this may not be so far- fetched. chris brown with our cnn partnership explains. >> reporter: it's a car fit for a spy. but it may not the spies you have to worry about. it's the car itself.
8:47 pm
>> "it's watching you. it's monitoring you." >> reporter: these days cars are like big driving computers fully wired into the internet, storing all kinds of information about where you're going, where you've been, and how you behave. >> "what if we could identify different drivers with facial recognition?" >> reporter: and, soon, ford is suggesting some of its cars will have cameras inside to possibly detect an unrecognized face of someone stealing it. or to let someone at home monitor where the driver is going. it's potentially great for safety and convenience says this privacy advocate. but there's also the potential for car companies to abuse that information by giving it to insurers, law enforcement, and even other companies. >> "the manufacturer of the car with the camera may have a deal with you know a coffee place. 'mr. brown, you've been driving a long time, you seem to be getting sleepy, you should probably pull over for a minute.'" >> "have a double double." >> reporter: so today, came a warning that canada's existing
8:48 pm
privacy laws must be updated and tailored to fit the world of smart automobiles. >> "the automobile sector, technology and innovation are racing ahead without respect for individual privacy. but it's not too late to change that." >> reporter: the report, called the connected car, makes a plea for ottawa to make privacy just as important as wearing seat belts. a move echoed by consumer groups who argue until now car manufacturers have not taken such concerns seriously. >> "what the automakers say in those cases, is well if you don't want this information shared fine, we'll turn off the whole system. and we don't think that's the real choice for people, because there are a lot of good stuff there." >> reporter: today, ottawa's minister responsible for privacy appeared to suggest, the rules are fine. >> "there is legislation the personal information protection and electronic documents act is the legislation, but there is legislation that all manufacturers including the auto sector have to abide by." >> reporter: the message here today though is that there is room for improvement. and while lots of people have already given up the fight to keep their smart phone and computer surfing
8:49 pm
info private, it's still not too late with your car. chris brown, cbc news, vancouver. >> bip: did >> gabe: you can see the galaxy s six has smooth corners on both sides. the first thing i noticed is that it feels a lot different. to get the samsung co. rebuild the galaxy series with this phone. the s six is in the metal as opposed to a
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>> grant: a u c grad student had says being blind as help them be a better sign test.with the help of a three-d printer, he's teaching complicated principles to others. anjali hemp-hill with our cnn's partnership explains. >> reporter: hoby wedler plans to graduate with his doctoral degree in chemistry next june. he's been honored by the white house for a nonprofit he created to help other blind science students. california davis graduate blind doctor student 3d printer chemistry with every tap of his walking stick, hoby wedler uses sound to navigate his way to his chemistry lab at uc davis. >> "i don't have to see things to really put them in my mind's
8:54 pm
eye. in fact i've never seen things in my eyes. i always visualize things." >> reporter: and with the help of this 3-d printer, he can use his sense of touch to teach himself about molecules. >> "your fingertips i don't think are any more sensitive than mine, just like your hearing isn't more sensitive than mine. i've just been trained to use it more than you have, because you rely on your vision for, studies say about 85 percent to 90 percent of your information input." >> "we've learned a lot from each other and we're hoping to teach a lot to other people through our work." >> reporter: his peers usually can view the diagrams off a computer screen, but wedler can turn the complicated molecular structures into something he can really get his hands on. >> "it's very exciting for me to be able to hold these structures and feel the differences in atom types and molecules and really ponder chemistry at my fingertips." >> reporter: he says he's not much different than his labmates, it just takes him a little longer to learn. >> "just the same way you might think its amazing that i can read braille. i think its pretty cool you guys can read print." >> reporter: and he's never let his inability keep him from his goals. >> "i like to work hard and hold my head high and believe in what i do." >> reporter: he dreams of one day being a college chemistry professor himself. and his 3-d models already help his sighted peers see science in a new way. >> "it's fun when a tool that we build to make things accessible for me, really works to make
8:55 pm
science more accessible for everyone." >> grant: hoby wedler plans to graduate with his doctoral degree in chemistry next june. he's been honored by the white house for a nonprofit he created to help other blind science students. >> jason: we have all your march madness highlights ahead. plus like grant lotus said that we will talk about the warriors. shaun livingston has an amazing story of perseverance. probably shouldn't be in the league that is and he is one of the key players off the bench. and the
8:56 pm
giants and oakland a's lock horns just five days from here. and will talk about that picture was a right and left the. >> grant: can you give us a temperature rundown brian? >> brian: we will have the sea breeze coming in with cooler temperatures giving us a break from the record high temperatures. temperatures will be in the '60s and '70s tomorrow. >> grant: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then.
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>> jason: the final four is set . the warriors may have clinched the west but they're not done yet. >> bear bigger stakes at hand. >> jason: just eight days till baseball's back. but some surprise roster moves by the san francisco giants and oakland a's.


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