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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> grant :now at 11. a cal berkeley student vanishes from a southern california party.his family and friends desperate to find him. eloi vasquez--who also plays on berkely's soccer team. has been missing for nearly two days now. and tonight his family is offering a big reward for his safe return. kron-4's scott rates tells us where the marin county high school soccer star was last seen. >> scott :family and friends of very upset night. his friend did not want to go on camera but he told me that he was a great soccer player and a great kid all around. he said that everyone is hoping he comes home safely >>:>> "he's just tahere's no
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sign of him anywhere" >> scott :the mother of 19-year- old eloi vasquez is talking about her son who's been missing for nearly two days she drove to l.a from her novato home when she heard the news according to the lapd vasquez went to a party at the university of southern california and has not been heard from since >> we put fires everywhere and there is no contact with him he is not contacting anyone. >> scott : investigators say the uc berkeley soccer player was last seen around 1:30 sat morning in front of the tau kappa epsilon fraternity. his mother says an anonymous donor is offering a 50,000 dollar reward for her son's safe return. vasquez told his friends he wanted to take a walk - left the party and never returned. >> "his cell phone is dead so we have no idea where he could possibly be" >> scott :friends of vasquez say he had no money or identification on him while before he wandered off.
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reporting on the campus, scott rates >> grant :tonight north bay police are searching for a man who they say. stole a car.led police on a vehicle and foot chase and escaped. santa rosa police, a k-9 officer, and the sonoma county sheriff's department helicopter searched the area.but they couldn't find joseph med-rano. police say this is not the first time medrano has been caught in a stolen car. in fact.this is the fifth time in the past two years medrano has been contacted by sonoma county officers in a stolen vehicle. 'spirit in the sky' singer norman greenbaum is in critical condition tonight after being involved in a fatal accident yesterday. the 72-year-old singer was a passenger in a subaru outback when the car crashed into an oncoming motorcyclist near santa rosa. the 20-year-old driver of the motorcycle collided head-on into the right side of the subaru. ihab halaweh was pronounced
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dead at the scene. a passenger on the motorcyle suffered critical injuries and was transported to a local hospital. novato police are investigating a shooting near hamilton elementary school this afternoon. it happened shortly after 4:00 in a field next to the school. police found a man shot twice.and searched the area for two men who were seen running away from the scene. a short time later.police detained two people.but no word on any arrests. police say the man who was shot has non-life threatening injuries. names have not been released. a free spirit -- taken too soon. that's how friends and family in oakland describe daniel "moe" thomas. the 36-year-old artist died in a three-alarm apartment building fire last saturday in west oakland. today, loved one's gathered at classic cars west. a few blocks away from the fire building -- to celebrate his life and admire some of thomas' artwork. his family from southern california made the trip up here to the bay area to share
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memories of thomas with his friends. they're devestated by his death -- but say his life will live on through his work >> "he was a free soul. he liked to just get up and go. you k=never knew what he was gonna do, where he was gonna go um creative, um, always searching for something. i think that helped his art a lot. >> grant :thomas' family tells us that he will be cremated. they plan on taking his ashes back down to southern california and giving them to his father. a second artist -- named davis letona -- was also killed in that fire. his friends and family held a memorial in his honor yesterday. chilling new details concerning the crashed german-wings flight 95-25 tonight. a german tabloid newspaper released a time-line from the downed plane.based on information from the cockpit's voice recorder. when the captain went to use the bathroom, the co-pilot.the man who later crashed the plane.locked him out of the cockpit. the captain is heard saying, "for god's sake, open the
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door!" the plane's right wing then scrapes the mountain top. investigators say screams can be heard another time.and then the recording stops. we're getting wrestling fans rocked levi's stadium today. they were there for the w-w-e's biggest event.wrestlemania!! the sell out crowd at levi's was actually larger than super bowl attendance and the fans came from everywhere. all fifty states and more than 40 countries. it is considered the biggest stage in sports entertainment. last year's event in new orleans brought over 140 million dollars to the local economy. spokespeople for the event
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expect the same or better this year. wrestlemania a well-rehearsed, high-quality production complete with its own cast of characters- the outcome may have been predetermined, but the fans don't seem to care. spokespeople for the event expect the same or better next year runners from around the world cannot for--came out for the rock- n - roll half marathon in san francisco brought in runners from around the world. stretching thirteen miles across the city, the marathon for many is more about rocking than running. he came in first place with a time of just over one hour and six minutes. for the ladies, she took first coming an hour. and
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20 hour very fast for more than 13 mi. up next how and indiana gov. defense has a law which many say allows for discrimination against gays and now the guy that police are calling a hero is finally found a quick thinker who. saved a young child's who ended building tragedy in new york gets worse as bodies are found and the mayor points his finger
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>> grant :new york police recovered two bodies in the rubble of collapsed manhattan apartment buildings. authorities believe the bodies are that of two missing men they had been searching for. more than 20 people were hurt-- four critically after an apparent gas explosion thursday.that sparked to a 7- alarm fire. several buildings were damaged in the the densely populated and trendy east village section of manhattan. mayor bill de blasio says
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investigators are looking into whether a gas line was "inappropriately accessed" at one of the buildings. indiana governor mike pence is heading off criticism over his decision to sign off on a controversial religious freedom bill. supporters say it protects people from government overreach and allows businesses to cite their religious freedom as a legal defense. but critics say the law allows people to discriminate against gay and transgender people. in an interview today.the governor dodged questions about whether the measure legalizes discrimination.but stood behind signing it. pence noted that bill clinton signed a similar law nationally in 1993. and president obama supported a similar measure when he was serving as a state senator in illinois. and next a man under arrest for
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a cold case murder. police tracked him down >> reporter :record heat around the bay area this weekend. we have cooler and windy weather coming up.
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>> grant :52 year-old kenneth
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rasmussun is in customdy saturday according to the pomona police department, the 6-year-old boy rode his bike on july 2, 1981, from his home to go to a fireworks stand in anaheim. officers said the boy was last seen on his bike around 5:30 p.m. near the fireworks stand which was located near imperial and santa ana canyon roads. the victim's parents found his abandoned bike in an alley near the stand several hours later. authorities said two construction workers found the boy?s body near the 30 block of edgebrook drive on the following >>:you know he never got to grow up and fall in love and get married or have children or any of those things >> grant :according to the los angeles county coroner's office the boy died of asphyxia from being strangled. a preliminary investigation revealed dna evidence that connected the victim to kenneth rasmuson, of idaho, who is a registered sex offender. >>:it was such a beautiful day-
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to-day we feel so lucky with all of these nice days in a row. it's going to be little bit cooler to marble we have had a few days with record high temperatures. that ends tomorrow because, the sea breezes going to crank up and will have cooler ocean air into the bay. instead of temperatures in the mid '80s, it will be much cooler tomorrow. well 80s inland--low 80's inland watch for temperatures to drop about 5 to 10 degrees. about five degrees cooler for san francisco down from the '70's to the '60s. still a warm day by march standards. a weather system rolling by ira no. it's going to pick up some wins.
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stronger winds tuesday possibly 40 to 45, and the offshore winds come. it's going to be a plus three week cool readings as we go through monday tuesday and wednesday. tomorrow highs in the mid '70's. low 80s inland, '70's bayside. san francisco just a little bit cooler down to 67 degrees. here is our storm tracker for the forecast. some gusty winds especially by the bay and the coast. tuesday wednesday and thursday with temperatures in the upper 60s lower '70's. it stays dry for most of this week we could see a few showers coming up sunday >> grant
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the hunt started on facebook-- but it wasn't for a bad guy. police in washington hoping to find a good samaritan who stopped a child from running into a busy intersection. mitch pittman has more. mitch > > it's both terrifying and amazing to watch. a little boy running towards busy dash point road, when a good samaritan jumps out and saves him just before he reaches traffic. but, once the boy is safe, the man drives away! >> "it's all on video, and you can even see in slow motion him reaching out to catch the kid it was great." mitch > >federal way police posted the video on facebook - asking for any information to help track down this mystery man. >> "so we're trying to figure out who this guy is, he likely saved this kid's life. we need to find him." mitch > > we stopped by the neighborhood to get video of where it happened, and only a couple blocks away. >> "going to take my boy fishing, just heading out of the neighborhood. lo and behold this
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little boy was running down the street." mitch > > we stumbled across the man everyone was looking for. >> "sean deeds, like dirty deeds, hahaha." mitch > > sean is about as genuine and humble as they make 'em. >> "i don't feel like i did anything special, i was just really thankful to be there at the right time." > >mmitch > > he found out he was a wanted man just before we got there. as the video was racking up hundreds of thousands of views on social media. >> "actually, my son's mom called, said 'you're wanted by the police.'" >> "kind of didn't want to put myself out there and get any credit for anything that i don't think there's really any credit due for." mitvh > > but there was at least one person. >> "it's amazing, that kid's just booking along, run run run. that kid could book." mitch > > who wanted to give him some credit. >> "we wanted to meet you and shake your hand, not only from the police department but from me as a father as well." mitch > > perhaps sean should consider changing the joke about his name
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from dirty good. >> "you would have done the same thing, i'm pretty sure. anyone would have." mitch > > as for the little boy, he is just fine. police talked to his parents and say this appears to be just an unfortunate escape. still ahead. the sharks try and keep their dwindling playoff hopes alive plus. and then their were four. jason has your march madness!!! we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this? enter the sleep number bed. designed to let couples sleep together in individualized comfort. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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>>:welcome back everyone the final four is set to. with less
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than 10 minutes. last t hay a minutes gonzaga battles back duke's lead down to 3. here comes the dagger justice winslow duke wins 66-52. mike ties duke ran away with it late, michigan state was a nail- biter. first half wayne with a 3- pointer louisville is 94-0 when leading at the half with 6 points or more tough finish, and louisville
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ties it on a freethrow he's there for the offensive rebound they win 76-70 next saturday in indianapolis with duke followed by kentucky vs. wisconsin mullen nothing official yet but st. john's has offered him a job. they say he is likely to accept it even though he has never coached before the. he was a great player at st. john's before being drafted by the warriors to. and he's from new york said he would be going home to. press conference could be as early as next week. giants today back in the bay area this week. . there is a friday and.
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--thursday friday, and s aturday no setbacks either the dodgers were up one to nothing bottom of the 67 to 4 giants win he can make the catch as travis witherspoon bounces into the bleachers the giants win their third straight. they are still only 9 and 19 kendell is pitching his way into their starting rotation. 21 innings this spring, he allowed only one run. strikes out carlos gomez
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the a's win seven to nothing. they are 18 to 9 in spring training they are trimming their rosters for opening day. he is still hoping to make the team, catcher andrew the sharks are taking on this team second. he scored on a power play bringing the sharks all the way back from a to goal deficit to tie it at two last chance for the sharks, right off the crossbar. penguins win three to two. the sharks are now six points out of the final playoff spot.
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that's it will see later everyone >> grant :thank you jason we thank you for being here. do me a favor breakdown tomorrow's weather. >>:i have a graphic just. for you just clear skies it still mild out there but we will see some changes tomorrow. the sea breeze is going to round up we've had pretty much offshore wins this weekend. but now this wind is going to russia in with temperatures of about five degrees cooler. not much in the way of cloudiness but it will strengthen the wins perhaps all will--over 40 mi. per hour. it's going to be a gusty blustery, windy weak all throughout thursday. >>:is there a chance for rain ever >>:may be a chance for some
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sprinklers >> grant :we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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the "weekend insider" with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> i'm a lot of woman. >> art imitating life? could reports of "empire" infighting take down fox's number one show? >> just as much drama behind the scenes. >> we take you inside hollywood's spring feuds. as marvin gaye's family reportedly battles each other over their blurred lines millions. >> it's not right period. >> and we're uncovering the cutting knowledge businesses. >> i'm only as good as my team allows me to be. >> the app is the olivia pope of your life. >> and then at home with this motley crew. >> we didn't know much about each other. >> no. >> and the obvious topic of


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