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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 31, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> grant:now at eight >> grant:new developments in the death of a west oakland mother. killed while trying to shield her children during a shootout. a fourth suspect is charged with murder. >>whoosh >> grant:the latest on the violent death of andrew getty the son of san francisco found dead at his mansion in the hollywood hills. shortly after getting a restraining order against his girlfriend, >> grant:tonight we are learning more about their troubled relationship. >>whoosh >> grant:the controversial plan to move the alcatraz ferry. meeting tonight. >>whoosh >> grant:and protecting your child more risk than you are. >>the id theft rate for children is seven to 51 percent times the rate it is for adults.
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>> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >> pam: a west oakland mother was gunned down and killed three appear to be working hard on the case. because they have now charged a fourth suspect with murder. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. he joins us live tonight from police headquarters in oakland. >> pam: j.r.? >> reporter: in west oakland mother killed as she tried to help two of her children to safety earlier this month her death sparked outrage in the community. >> is terrific crime as every parent and citizen worst nightmare. >> cannot find words to express the rage and frustration that you feel.
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>> reporter: this is video from our helicopter partnership abc seven newsprint video that was recorded tralee after the shots rang out. pierce the kids were not hurt but she was in a crossfire of what was it and shoot out. >> reporter: facing the judge tomorrow and at that time he will have a chance to enter a plea. live in oakland j.r. stark, kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> grant:breaking news in the hollywood hills. where one of the heirs to the getty fortune.has been found dead. == >> grant:tms is reporting that 47-year-old andrew getty.son of san francisco billionaire philanthropist gordon getty. was found in a bathroom in his a pool of blood.after a traumatic injury. we've posted the gorey details on
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>> grant:the gossip site also reports that andrew getty recently got a restraining order against his former girlfriend.and that polcie have been called to his home more than 30 times -- mostly for domestic issues. andrew getty's ex-girldriend has been detained.and is being questioned. (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> grant:andrew's parents.gordon and ann getty.are well known in san farncisco. often opening their home on broadway street.part of so- called billionaire's row.for charity events.and to host political figures. >> grant:gordon getty and ann getty are worth more than two billion dollars according to estimates. we'll continue to follow developments out of los angeles. >> grant:singer- songwriter joni mitchell-- who is famous with the woodstock generation.was rushed to a hospital after a 9-1-1 call from her home today. paramedics say the 9-1-1 call was for an unconscious female.but the 71-year-old joni mitchell was alert on her way to hospital. >> grant:she was in intensive care today, and it's unclear what prompted the medical emergency.
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no word yet from joni's representatives. >> pam: tonight a family is working driver crashed into the side of it, sedning their sleeping son flying. the eleven year old boy is okay, and the family is shocked but thankful it wasn't worse. >> pam: when you see the will be, too. kron 4's emily turner has the story >> reporter:the 11 year old whose sleeping body created this gaping hole night, got up and went to school this morning. liam fitzsimmons is tough, but he's also incredibly lucky >> reporter:he was sound asleep when a truck came crashing through his bedroom wall at 4am. his bed was right up against this wall so when the truck hit it, liam went flying through the air, slammed the into the closet and woke up amid crumbled drywall and headlights. in this picture from the scene you can still see them shinig into the
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room. >> reporter: >> i thought that i was looking out the window and it was far away. i was like what the heck! >> reporter:the driver took off, but police found him monday afternoon. they arrested 23 year old timothy bendana and charged him with three felonies. in the meantime the family is staying at a family member's house until the damage can be repaired. although, sleep isn't something that comes easy in the wake of something like this. in sonoma, emily turner, kron 4 news. >> pam: when sonoma police went to arrest the driver, they say. they found 23- year- old timothy bendana was also running a drug operation from his home, two blocks away from the crash. he now also faces drug charges and is in jail on one- hundred- thousand dollars bond.
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>> pam: lufthansa german airlines now admits. the germanwings into the french alps. had reported deep depression. years ago. >> pam: lufthansa says . it knew six- years ago, that andreas lubitz had suffered from a quote - "serious depressive episode". the airline says. that is how lubitz described his condition in emails during his training. >> pam: the airline says, he laterofficials say. lubitz is responsible for causing the germanwings jetline crash. that killed 150 people aboard. among them, three americans. berlin - lufthansa now says that it knew six years ago that andreas lubitz had suffered from a "serious depressive episode." the airline says that's how lubitz described his condition in emails to the lufthansa flight school, when he was resuming his training after an interruption of several months. he wrote that the episode had subsided. the airline says he later passed all medical checks. he's suspected of causing the germanwings jetliner crash that killed all 150 people aboard. >> pam: new at 8: scammers continue for old scams. >> pam: the newark police department is warning residents, fake check scams are becoming more popular. kron 4's alecia reid explains.
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>> reporter: the new york police department is warning residents. the victims are instructed to activate their employment by depositing eight paychecks and told to keep some of the money after that that payment. there have been a vice to purchase cards at mystery shoppers appeared to evaluate the retailer and then nld 14 digit code of those prepaid cards and evaluations. once the bank realizes their fraudulent and bouts the money voted on to the green that car is now gone to read this cameras have their pay check and the dick cole have to repay the bank. remember it is too good to be true. it really is. (male announcer): it's now
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time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> grant:a grim sign that wildifre season is starting in california. look at this outbuilding go up in flames this afternoon. >> grant:several people had to evacuate in the victorville area.about a two hour drivethe fire is now under congtrol.but at least 60 acres have burned. >> grant:a handful of homes had flames scurry up steep feet of the them. the fire started around one was injured. >> grant:the cause is being investigated. >> pam: firefighters extinguished a 3 - alarm fire that tore through a south san francisco warehouse earlier today. crews responded to the 300 -block of swift avenue. just north of san francisco international airport. >> pam: the blaze started just after 2:00-this afternoon. and charred props and scenery inside of a storage unit. it burned almost all of the items inside.
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>> pam: the exterior of the building was not damaged. no injuries have been reported. >> pam: in a series of emails to the san francisco chronicle, not the allege kidnappers demanding an apology from vallejo police for for calling the kidnapping "an orchestrated event, " but it also suggests the alleged kidnapping of denise huskins from her boyfriend's mare island home was not their first criminal enterprise on the former naval shipyard. the chronicle quotes kidnappers as saying they 'ran an elaborate car-theft operation on mare island for months and had burglarized several homes, taking car keys and personal information stored on home computers.'
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>>we are worried because maybe we have criminals around here >> reporter:ron volanos lives across the street from where the alleged kidnapping took place he's knows of one and while he's not sure what to believe about the kidnapping, the emails from the alleged kidnappers have him on edge. >>we are scared the kids going outside, they are walking to school, so we are kind of scared. >> reporter:vallejo police did not apologize nor did they respond to our request for an update on the investigation. in addition the attorney for the alleged victims boyfriend was going to release those emails to the media but at the last minute decided not to for fear it would impact the fbi's cyber investigation. both the victim and her boyfriend maintain the kidnapping really happened and vallejo police got it wrong. in vallejo, dan kerman, kron 4
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news. >> grant:the specific memorial procession route has been released ahead of fallen san johnson's funeral on thursday. several roads will be closed thursday morning.some into the afternoon. >> grant:johnson's body leaves the los gatos mortuary at 10-am. >> grant:the procession heads north on winchester blvd. >> grant:then a right turn on stevens creek the sap center. the public memorial starts at 11-am. >> grant:at roughly 1 pm.the procession leaves the s-a-p center.
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>> grant:heading down monterey cemetary.for a private ceremony and burial. we've posted all the procession specifics on you'd like to pay your respects as it passes. one other note.on thursday.we'll be streaming the memorial live on our website. . >> pam: later in the broadcast: the launching pad for alcatraz may be on the move. >> pam: where it could be headed that has some people so heated. you asked questions, and tonight we have answers. >> pam: what a school district is saying about the closure of preschool. >> pam: also: amazon trying to press all your buttons with a new device that's sure to "wow" you.
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>> pam: new tonight at 8 >> pam: we have an important
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warning tonight for parents. child identity theft is on the rise. >> pam: our tech reporter gabe slate investigating this growing crime. gabe what are you finding out.? gabe slate tech report >> reporter:yeah. >> reporter:thi is a nightmare for families who have to go through this. imagine this >> reporter:your kid turns 18 and applys apartment, or school loan. >> reporter:only to find out that they have bad credit and are thousands of dollars in debt. this is happening. >> reporter:and it's something every parent needs to know about. and take action to protect their kids >>kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission --"it's a big problem. identity theft is a much bigger problem than it is for adults." >> reporter:kenneth is with the federal trade commission, one of the government's lead agencies fighting identity theft. i was shocked when he told me that id theft is growing quicker among children than with adults.
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>>kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission --"recent studies have shown that the i.d. theft rate of children is between 7 and 51 times the rate that it is for adults" >> reporter:id thieves love kids because they have a clean slate. they have no records or credit reports. their identities are easy to steal. >> kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission --" it's not something that people are looking for so criminals can get away with stealing identities for years at a time. " >> reporter:id thieves are stealing social security numbers and personal information about kids from a variety of sources >>kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission --" a lot of them just from school records that are often not as secured as parental records in other situations." >> reporter:anytime you give out your kids information it'sall those forms and waivers you fill out for them. >> reporter:anything medical related after school activities clubs, summer camps, sports. >> reporter:and it's not always a hacker compramising a computer to steal this information. >> reporter:it could be someone your kid knows >> kenneth abbe u.s. federal trade commission-- "in ohio there was a situation where a high schoolerer took the information of a classmate and the student who stole the identity ran up $27,000 in government benefits using this stolen i.d." >>kenneth abbe u.s. federal
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trade commission-- "parents should be looking for signs that their child's identity has been compromised. they should look for things like if they start getting collection calls in the names of their children do not ignore them that means that their identity has been stolen. >>"if the irs is telling you you can't take your child as a deduction that is a warning sign. >>if you've been denied gov. benefits for your child that is another warning sign." >> reporter:there are companies like all monitoring and id theft insurance for kids. but it's pricey. around $20 a month. >> reporter:the ftc recomends all parents and guardians check their child's credit against the three credit bureuas when they turn 16. that way if there is a problem they have two years to get it fixed before they turn 18 and become an adult. . >> reporter:for more information about how this type of identity theft works and for tips on how to keep your kids safe from this look for my tech page on kron 4 dot com. >> reporter: here is the storm trucker for went speak right now. 22 and half moon bay, redwood city as 17 mi. per hour and we are not seen
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as many gust across the entire bay area. right now s f o at 33 compared to 40 mi. per hour a couple of hours ago 26 in nevada. >> reporter: 20 to 30 mi. per hour and dust. the wind will keep you up that night continuing through tomorrow with a sunny and breezy conditions in some patchy fog. >> reporter: we will keep our eye on that tomorrow morning. for the afternoon and precede again. --breezy again. >> reporter: the win was the ground for one more day before we see warmer temperatures. to a
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>> reporter: night, it will cool down in the '50s with the same thing in the evening. we will have glenn to the upper 30's and 40's and deep north bay. we will see how the temperature is talk of derrick--top off. >> reporter: low 50s in downtown san francisco and ties for tomorrow afternoon in los 70's for the east bay area. downtown sampras's " topping off as 65 degrees under sunny conditions. >> reporter: another windy day tomorrow. thursday friday the wind will not be that. to buttress our cooler
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but on sunday it is easter sunday at and tracking slight chance of showers sprit. >> pam: still ahead: >> pam: she says her rent has nearly doubled, and now a bay area woman is afraid she may not be able to provide a roof over her daughter's head. next: a health alert: >> gary: sports later in this broadcast! >> pam: the *whooping cough* warning going out to parents of east bay students.
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>> pam: a health alert for you tonight... >> pam: whooping cough has been reported at two high schools in antioch. the school districts superintendent confirmed one case at deer valley high and the other at antioch high. >> pam: he also said that officials were working to ensure containment of the problem at both schools. whooping cough... also known as pertussis... begins with cold-like symptoms and can progress to severe fits of coughing. >> grant:our newsroom has been flooded with calls from the east bay the past two days. the question on everyone's mind? >> grant:what's wrong with our drinking water? it smells and tastes funky! >> grant: drought is to
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blame. it has tapped in to a differehnt reservoir -- the pardee reservoir -- to get water to your homes. >> grant:have no fear though. the company tells us the water *is* safe to drink new ahead: >> pam: we are at the meeting. about >> pam: the possible relocation of the ferry service to alcatraz island. >> pam: and kron 4 wanted to know. why a highly- acclaimed preschool is being forced to close its doors.
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>> grant: the other option
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is to use it further to the west to route here is the best option for the park service because they already own and operate ford may sense of it have a terminal there for a very long time patrick. >> reporter: >> grant: as is the option that has a lot of people upset because of the traffic and extra cars. holding a public comment meeting in san francisco's the people can get there in their thoughts on how they feel. >> reporter: here at the current location 31 and they have has been here for quite some time to rid the location has moved up and down the embarcadero. at the national park since they went to the sun and a permanent space.
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>> reporter: people come from all parts of the planet to take the torrid. the park service's they want to have a lease in place by time this year. the three locations being considered all have their advantages and disadvantages. winnie >> to reach a conclusion for those discussions because you really need to find a long-term home for our services. >> reporter: the most controversial is the one at fort mason. they oppose that location because of numerous reasons regarding traffic. they are all concerned for people who live near there. >> presenting a very viable option. the alternative to
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fort mason there is now a good reason. >> reporter: the most important thing is to have a long term facility to put down roots and make the facility nicer for visitors. >> if we had the opportunity to make changes to the land site would carry a fort on the--we can carry it for it on the island. >> reporter: we will have to wait and see it will be some time are around the end of the year before that decision is made. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> stanley: the back of- shirt reads all learn
8:34 pm
grow, lead as he crossed very busy south bascom avenue and san jose dance something from his orders rose into the street and he has to >> stanley: take a look at this lady with a child and toll standing the turn lane also on the south of us come ave gas is gearing seeing this going on. --so bascom >> stanley: i'm out in front of valley medical center were medical professionals
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construction workers and just about anyone crosses the seven lines of at the traffic. >> i gonna ask why you not using the cross will also may give no short of time. >> reporter: the fact is is an additional four minutes if they were to cross illegally. the speed limit on district is 35 pacino the speeds are much higher. this reminds me of the problem at kaiser and won a creek accept these workers are forsaking safety for a subway sandwich. there are to cross lodes at each and all you have to do is push the button. >> i was caught behaving badly. >> reporter: if the ticket for jaywalking in about $200. think about that before you cross your it
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>> pam: and san francisco resident is speaking up about what she caused a great tragedy. she says her rent has nearly doubled in the last few months a common complaint recently in much of san francisco. the woman daughter is afraid that they will have no place to go. >> reporter: take a look your at the kitchen. >> reporter: i ring is walking me through her san francisco home showing tiles falling off the wall in her kitchen. and the lack of tiles and the bathroom. the carpet is kind of bed to and there are cracks in the wall. despite all of that this is her home near where she would not like it to
8:37 pm
change. >> i cannot afford this. if there was just my husband and nine van ok, but my daughter to. we got the notice past friday the right is up to $5,900. >> reporter: i reno says all of this started in november last year when the landlord died. = =irene >> reporter: >> first the increase, then sold now new landlords to raise the money. >> reporter: the house biggest gold and the new owners increase the risk even more to 5900 creek i reached up to the attorney
8:38 pm
and a letter and send to irene she told me that the appreciate any calling and had no comment. i ring show me how her daughter has cropped up in the home. she and her husband are giving were given 30 days' notice but does not know where she and her family will reside. ha >> grant: we checked out that less story after viewers reach out to us. if you have a story idea you like to check and us if you had a story idea that you will like us to check and to go to our web site, kron4 deck, and click on my kron4 story tab.
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>> pam: had you ask tough questions we get tough answers. tonight the real person and the real reason a popular east bay preschool may be forced out of this building and later the alleges secret playboy mansion tunnels where they live in well lead to the use them again.
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>> pam: we have a follow up to last night's mike kron4 story on a beloved east bay preschool with 300 students and 35 workers. a school which is set to close its doors corporate kron 4 start rates talk to the district which is planning to shut down the school. he is live tonight and antioch. scott? >> reporter: the school has to find other options because the least will not be renewed corporate >> reporter: kron4 was the
8:46 pm
first to tell you about this and apparent frustration over the fact that the school district will not renew the lease leaving the school future in jeopardy. >> reporter: to find out why the school district made this decision? so i took the parents and staff concerns to the superintendent. >> i can imagine that it is a high level of frustration but from my point of view the district 1 beyond what was necessary to include additional information. we need that location. and we have been working with eggs that could have director of the kids' program this entire year to look for alternate site. >> reporter: district options to not meet the needs of this preschool. >> reporter:
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>> there is a special concern in regard to some measure management of class sizes. >> will be relocating over 100 students for that facility. >> benefits and the district financially. and by mainstreaming them. >> reporter: way that this preschool that is correct and there can share the building? >> there is not enough space. >> we are so concerned about the quality of education of the students and what they are receiving that we want to make sure there is no disruption in services.
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>> nothing should be taking off of the table. >> reporter: a lot of back and forth between the school and the district. this is far from over. we will see how it will play out. >> reporter: reporting live tonight and antioch kron 4 news reported >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: tonight face old dominion jason randall 11. with the all-time leading scorer and had 24. to their
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credit 15 nothing deficit to tie it down the stretch 6750. stanford wins. >> gary: warriors were down double digits now they are down six. curry is currently a huge two to five favorite to win and be a kim vp--nba mvp >> gary:ahrden second at
8:50 pm
2-1. and here on the cover of the magazine. >> gary: the forty-niners looking for a linebacker. with the departure of patrick willis and chris borland every signed linebacker desmond bishop who bay acquired for a one- year contract. >> gary: the 30 year-old bishop who is from fairfield and play that c a l spent his entire career in green bay before coming to san francisco years game in 2010 and 2000 and 11. he will provide death behind
8:51 pm
michael and bowman. niners also looking at former bears all-pro lance the bricks and sacramento native. >> gary: veteran defensive tackle and tony smith was released mother raiders today was somewhat of a surprise given smith has an inside pass rusher and is a leader in the locker room he posted three sacks last season as the situation a pass rusher but he is 33 years old and on the downside of his career. the team saves $4 million against the salary cap with the move. smith was injured in an second year of a $9 million contract. >> gary: former raider matt
8:52 pm
shaw has found in a home he signed a one-year, 3 million deal to back of show fladeboe with the baltimore ravens today. job was bought and by leaders and paid a billion to be the starting qb but lost the job to derrick carr in a preseason play attempting one has an interception against the browns. >> gary: pitcher its tight and played up his knee kid image went next to describe this ideal wife. appearing on show * jim brown showed up clearly did not offend anyone in the studio on its least. >> gary: our united miles... ...for a trip to hawaii.
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>> pam: the public had a pretty good idea of what caused on at the playboy mansion, but you may not believe what went on underneath it. >> pam: plays a magazine reports that has just discovered blueprint and pictures for a network of tunnels beneath the mention supposedly led to the homes of actor jack nicholson warren bailey, james caan, and kirk douglas. the tunnel frequently close off in 1929. none of the four actors' names have commented on the story.
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>> pam: that is if for kron4 and is at stake connected with kron4 and get the latest news of the elements at kron4 dot com or download one of our mobile applications. our newscast is tonight at 11:00 see you then did not accurate
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